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Prime Minister and I: Episode 10
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We’re crossing into dangerous waters as weaknesses are exposed and threaten the status quo. But at least there’s enough cute to buoy us through the hour despite the hints that something ominous lies ahead in the horizon. But until then, I’m just going to enjoy how a wardrobe change and hair can make an already attractive man look years younger.


Jeollamhwe (Exhibition) – “하늘높이 (Up to the Sky)” [ Download ]

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We backtrack a few minutes in the hotel room with a furious Madam Na and her galpals, who are convinced that the secretary booked the room for Joon-ki and Hye-joo. At the sound of the door, they hurriedly hide in the closet.

So naturally neither Yul nor Da-jung are aware that they have an audience as he pulls her into a hug. Yul tells her that it isn’t her fault and that he isn’t angry with her either. “I’m just angry with myself.”

He apologizes for putting her in such a precarious situation, and then notices a bit of fabric disappear into the closet. His attempts to silence Da-jung get trumped by her insistence to heap on his praises, so he kisses her to shut her up.

She’s left wide-eyed in surprise, and Yul tells her in a slightly exasperated voice, “You talk too much.”

Then Yul walks over to open the closet door, and the trio come spilling out. They quickly scramble for an excuse before scurrying out in embarrassment.

Once they’re alone, Da-jung asks hesitantly whether Yul had kissed her because he knew they had company. He says he did, but then shifts uncomfortably when she points out that he could have easily covered her mouth with his hand instead. Yes, but that’s just not as fun for you or for anyone else.

She asks if his words of comfort and the hug were for show too, and is peeved at his answer that he had no choice. Yul gets defensive when she calls the sudden kiss a breach of contract, pointing out that she violated the terms first with the lip-smacking incident.

He tries to downplay the kiss, which only annoys Da-jung further, and she counters that Yul was the one who said they shouldn’t cross the line. Dang, she has a point there.

Meanwhile In-ho beelines for a restaurant and fights past the guards to angry burst into the ministers meeting to find Joon-ki. The two men relocate to chat, and In-ho reminds him that his target was Yul alone.

Joon-ki asks why he should listen to In-ho, and is shocked to hear a recorded snippet of their previous conversation. All of their correspondences have been recorded and Joon-ki has more to lose in this situation, In-ho threatens.

In-ho cuts off their ties now, leaving Joon-ki seething in his wake. Joon-ki then orders a background check on In-ho, which, er, if you were gonna do that, shouldn’t you have done so earlier?

Yul and Da-jung sit separately in the car, and they both snap at the driver when he hilariously tries to cut the tense air with moody music. Still annoyed, Da-jung demands that they stop the car and storms out on foot.

Yul chases after her and grabs her arm, but Da-jung wrenches herself out of his grip and slips into the nearest nightclub. Yul and his bodyguards try to follow, but are barred entry because of their age and wardrobe.

Next thing we know, Yul appears in the club wearing a leather jacket and jeans, topped off with an edgier hairstyle. HA. I love a man in a crisp suit, but this makeover instantly makes him looks years younger.

Yul immediately deals with the douchey clubgoer harassing Da-jung, announcing himself as her husband. She’s not as impressed with his efforts and plans to stick around longer, but that’s when the guards pick her up and escort her back to the estate.

She’s surprised when Yul admits that he’s wrong and apologizes to her. That melts her peevish mood, but she gripes that just saying sorry isn’t enough, and she really wants to punch him, to his shock.

But Yul adorably allows it, even sticking his jaw forward to give her a clear shot. He urges her to give it a go, but Da-jung hesitates and drops her fist, and they both break into a smile. They’re so cute.

The children gape in shock to see Dad dressed so casually when he walks in the door. Yul tells his kids to hurry to bed and takes refuge in the bathroom, where he laughs at his wardrobe.

The music turns ominous when Yul sits down at his desk and calls Joon-ki. Hm.

Reporter Byun yells up a storm at the Scandal News office, only to get cut down by Hee-chul, who sternly scolds the reporter for stooping so low until Reporter Byun finally cries out that he’s sorry. But Editor Go has overheard their conversation and asks what’s going on.

In-ho hands over the snowball fight photos to Yul, and it’s as if he’s trying to read Yul’s reactions as he explains that he was framed while trying to confront Joon-ki about the photos.

But Yul says that it’s his own fault because Joon-ki is trying to target him. To that, In-ho asks if Yul isn’t curious about how these photos came about or what kind of relationship he has with Da-jung.

He supposes that Yul’s lack of reaction is probably because the marriage isn’t real—he’d probably feel differently if they were of his real wife with another man. Those words remind Yul of the photos of his first wife taken with another man, and In-ho adds pointedly that he wouldn’t be idling around if it were him.

Yul asks in a deflated voice, “What’s the use? Her heart already lies somewhere else.”

In-ho runs into Da-jung outside and he apologizes for yesterday’s incident. She insists that she’s fine, to which In-ho asks if she’s really okay or merely pretending to be.

He knows that Da-jung is trying her best in this contract marriage for her father’s sake, but given recent events, this setup may not be the best for her.

Da-jung: “Then… what should I do?” She came in knowing that her days wouldn’t always be rosy, though, she hadn’t accounted for last night’s ordeal either. Still, she’d like to focus on the happier notes: to make her father happy, to play out her part, and she likes being here.

She invites him to join them for breakfast, but In-ho declines to keep their professional boundaries in place. He vows never to put Da-jung in another difficult situation again, because that’s as much as he can do for her.

Before he leaves, Da-jung asks if they can’t go back to being on friendly terms like before, but In-ho doesn’t answer.

Madam Na carefully tries to appeal to her husband again, only to be rebuffed yet again. Worried that Joon-ki might find out about her run-in with the prime minister, she and her gossipy friends sit down with Da-jung at a cafe.

Da-jung assures them that the prime minister is tight-lipped as they come, and then asks why they were at the hotel in the first place. One of the women blabs about how they thought Hye-joo had gone to see Joon-ki, to everyone’s alarm.

Da-jung finds that hard to believe since Hye-joo is too pretty and smart to chase after a married man, and Madam Na takes offense: “Are you saying that my husband isn’t attractive?”

In his office, Yul thinks back to his conversation with Joon-ki, who had scoffed at the warning not to mess with Da-jung. He wonders why there are so many people out there worried for her welfare, which prompts Yul ask what he means by that.

Now that he knows Da-jung is Yul’s weakness, Joon-ki plans to do what he can to use that against Yul. Those words weigh on Yul’s mind as Hye-joo walks in with a possible solution. She suggests that Yul officially register his marriage to Da-jung now, since Joon-ki will likely use that against him.

It’s a bold step for Hye-joo, who tells herself outside that she’s doing this for Yul’s sake. She’s called out to see Da-jung just then, and all but rolls her eyes to hear that she’s still suspected of being involved with Joon-ki.

Hye-joo firmly refutes that idea, saying that she plans to return the favor to Madam Na in kind. She asks if Da-jung came all the way here just to warn her, and then drops the hint that Yul is out of the office.

Yul returns home later that evening to see Da-jung carrying a sleeping Man-se on her back out in the patio. The sight brings a smile to his face and they both tuck the little one into bed.

He looks around at the pile of completed frog dolls and notices that their legs and arms are different. Da-jung panics, but they both sit down to fix the dolls before the morning, and it cracks me up that Yul is the better sewer between them.

She thanks him for helping her, and he says he’s only helping because it bothers him, an answer that only amuses her. Then Da-jung asks if his assignment is going well.

Yul nods, saying that he found a solution. She’s glad to hear it, and then asks if Joon-ki was his assignment. At the question of whether they’ll ever be able to reconcile, Yul says it would be nice but it’d be difficult.

He in turn asks if Da-jung isn’t afraid of this situation, to which she cheerily answers that she isn’t because Yul is here and she’s not one to take things standing down. She compliments him on his improv skills, impressed that he’d mention such a romantic occasion on the spot.

Da-jung asks if he knows if their real 100th day since their wedding is this Saturday. Yul scoffs at that and gruffly leaves her to finish on her own. He turns back to call out to her again, and she asks if he has something to say. He says he will later.

Da-jung is all set to sell her frog dolls at the bazaar, and she thanks Hee-chul for his help for saving her skin before. She confirms that In-ho is merely someone who helps her out, and Hee-chul warns her to be especially careful around the gossipy politicians’ wives.

She puts on a smile for Madam Na and her crew, who drop off their completed dolls (they outsourced the work, of course. Heh) and giggle at the ridiculous idea that they have to actually work at the bazaar.

They aren’t scared when Da-jung pulls out the president card, but when she says that she’ll just have to call the prime minister over, they agree to help out. Hehe.

But Da-jung runs into another problem later as Yul hears that she hasn’t sold any yet. He reminds her that she’s not one to give up that easily, and asks if she’s hoping that he’d help her sell them. He promises to treat her out if she sells them all, and Da-jung brightens.

Unfortunately, she fails to sell a single doll, and it’s cute how Hee-chul gets so upset for her. Editor Go does little to uplift her downtrodden spirits, and Da-jung sighs deeply at the mountain in front of her.

Turns out that Madam Na had instructed the other rich wives not to buy the dolls. Feeling smug, she purposely knocks into Da-jung so that the bag of dolls falls to the ground.

She and her friends take turns to make barbs at Da-jung, who thanks them for their efforts and apologizes that this event wasn’t at par with their standard. But Madam Na corrects her, saying that it’s Da-jung who doesn’t fit in with them.

After a few more jabs, one woman kicks the bag into the pouring rain. Da-jung stuffs the dolls back in, which is how In-ho finds her. He packs in the rest for her.

At the same time, Yul is busy at his office… looking up fancy restaurants and scouring the internet on romantic places for a 100th day of marriage. Aw.

In-ho takes Da-jung out to gorge on Subway sandwiches to lift her spirits. He does his best to keep his voice light, asking himself why he confessed his feelings when they could have just remained friends.

Da-jung asks if they really can’t do that now, and In-ho tells her in a more serious voice that he neither wants to be her friend nor guardian angel. But he laughs and says that he’s joking. He offers to be whatever is most comfortable for Da-jung until this contract marriage is over.

They joke back and forth about how she’ll be a divorcee then, and how he’s not even sure if his feelings will change in the future. She asks if she’s being too shameless about all this, and In-ho smiles that that’s part of her charm.

And then Da-jung gets the good news that someone has bought all the dolls. Aw, it’s Yul isn’t it?

It is. That’s adorable. Yul smiles to hear that the buyer will remain anonymous and tells his driver to keep it a secret from Da-jung.

Then the family (sans Woo-ri) eats more Subway sandwiches, and Yul picks up on Da-jung’s good mood with a knowing smile. You can see how proud Yul is of himself as Da-jung wonders about who her kind and warm-hearted donor might be, unlike someone else she knows.

Yul laughs in response and says they should go out to dinner that weekend to fulfill his promise to take her out, and he has something important to say. Da-jung lights up at that and says it has to be somewhere delicious and expensive. Hahaha.

Hye-joo tenses at the standoff with the international harbor project, but slaps on a friendly face for Joon-ki. Her sudden amiable mood towards him pings his suspicion radar, and he shifts uncomfortably when she scoots a chair next to him and brings up old memories.

She asks if his offer about giving up on his revenge if she comes to his side is still good. Joon-ki isn’t easily fooled however, and he asks if she’s doing this to protect Yul.

But Hye-joo leans in to brush off Joon-ki’s jacket, which is when Madam Na walks in to see the two appear rather cozy. She’s understandably upset over this situation and is borderline hysterical when her husband stops her from clawing at Hye-joo.

With that, Hye-joo takes her leave and Joon-ki chases her down to the hallway. He asks if she set this situation up on purpose, and Hye-joo counters that it was nothing compared to what he orchestrated at the hotel to ultimately ruin Yul.

He should be thankful that she didn’t do the same for him, Hye-joo continues, and then turns to leave. Then Madam Na rounds the corner and slaps her husband across the face.

Da-jung sits at home imagining what important thing Yul might have to say to her. She dismisses the possibilities that he’d thank her for being so good to his family (“No, he’s not the type to say that”) or nagging her for her messy habits.

Then she giggles at the thought of Yul giving a romantic confession, complete with roses and an Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender” score.

She spots Woo-ri leaving the house and Na-ra hops over to tell her that oppa’s been acting weird lately, claiming that he’s been going to church. So they both follow him, and when Da-jung asks why she tagged along, Na-ra says she wanted to blackmail him, but methinks she’s just warming up to Da-jung.

They’re surprised to see him actually enter a church, where we see him singing on the upper level. Na-ra’s eyes fall upon the pianist (EXO’s Suho) and aw, is that a crush a-brewin’?

The opposition to the government’s reevaluation into the international harbor center project is growing, and Yul advises Hye-joo to keep an eye on the public opinion for now. Hye-joo asks about his evening plans and frowns to hear that he’s reached a decision that involves Da-jung.

He asks if Hye-joo will be able to understand him whatever that decision may be since they’ve known each other for such a long time. She assures him that she will, but we don’t get to hear exactly what that decision is.

Back at the estate, Da-jung praises Woo-ri on his wonderful singing voice, to which Na-ra gripes that the piano oppa is tons better and wants to know everything about him. Plus, he looks like EXO’s Suho. Ha.

Da-jung gets a reminder call about tonight’s dinner and she hurries to get ready. Meanwhile, In-ho shares dinner with Dad at the hospital and explains that both of his parents died early, so mainly his hyung raised him.

He adds that Da-jung won’t be able to visit tonight, and Dad replies that he already heard that the married couple planned to go out to celebrate their 100th day together.

In-ho deflates at that, but he has more pressing matters to attend to as he returns to his hyung’s room only to find him missing. A nurse explains that a man took him out for a walk, and In-ho scours the grounds in search.

He finally finds his hyung…. with Joon-ki. Oh, crap. Joon-ki demands to know if the reason why In-ho is working under Yul is because of his hyung Soo. Awwwwww, crap.

Yul and Da-jung arrive at the restaurant and Da-jung happily skips ahead, saying that no one will recognize him in his tweed jacket. It’s one of those super romantic places where lovey-dovey gestures are a norm, and Yul says that the driver made the reservation. You mean the one always trying to get you two together?

So you can imagine his surprise when the MC announces that the prime minister is up next to sing to his wife tonight. Lee Beom-soo singing? Yes, please!

The longer he stalls awkwardly, the more they call out for “Kwon Chong-ri” like it’s his name (Chong-ri also means prime minister) until he finally takes the microphone. He tells the audience that he promised his father-in-law that although he couldn’t promise to make his wife happy, he would make sure she would never cry because of him.

“But… I’ve made her cry a lot,” Yul confesses. “But she’s someone whose smile suits her better. For my wife who has both cried and laughed often because of me, I will sing this song for you.”

Then Yul sings “Up to the Sky” (originally by Jeollamhwe) to Da-jung as a montage captures the highlights of their relationship from first meeting to their wedding and beyond. I think I’ll let the lyrics do the talking:

I think of you when I’m having a hard time
As I walk down the street drinking coffee
Before I knew it, I had grown tired
of a life that’s always the same

Even if we can’t meet again
You became an unknowable source of strength
Your memory has always been a warm comfort to me

The night you left, I wanted to fly so badly
towards the starry sky
There’s nobody, there’s no sound
Soaring high far into the sky
To a place I can never return from


Oh, swoooon. I’ll have Lee Beom-soo’s voice to serenade me to sleep any day of the week. Who knew that this man had such a wonderful singing voice? *drinks in the feels* To be honest, while I thoroughly enjoyed the sweet romantic gesture, I can’t help but be anxious. It’s like the calm before the storm with that unnerving feeling that the waves are going to hit and send everything topsy-turvy. And with the show hitting all of its marks in a classic romantic comedy timeline, it’s about time the angsty wave will come rolling in.

So then the question is what Yul will have to say to Da-jung, and there’s that unsettled feeling that none of Da-jung’s imagined scenarios might come true. There’s no doubt that Yul cares for Da-jung and wants to protect her, but neither does he want to bog her down to an actual marriage. Officially registering for a marriage is the key element here (since you can still hold a wedding without going through the legal documents in Korea), and while I wouldn’t put it past him to ask her in a romance-filled environment about signing a piece of paper, doing so crosses the boundary where their previous arrangement becomes something real and tangible.

His reaction (or lack thereof) to the snowball fight photos is telling, as In-ho reads him like a litmus test of any feelings for Da-jung. Then Yul’s statement that “her heart lies/gone elsewhere” makes me question how the happy marriage fell apart in the latter stages. Did Yul already presume that his first wife then loved someone else? Or was that too, a misunderstanding? And now Joon-ki knows of both Yul and In-ho’s weaknesses, which, grahh. But then again, I suppose he’s not that clever of a villain if he leaves a paper trail that his wife can find, and we all know she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Still, it’s the words that Yul will say next and Da-jung’s reaction to them that will threaten and shake up the picturesque reality that they’ve built for themselves and the children. I know I have to brace myself for whatever comes next, so it’s time to cling to my frog doll and chomp down on Subway sandwiches.


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  1. tebz10

    The PM looks HOT in his club outfit. I wish they stayed longer in the club.

  2. zzyx

    I am currently watching History of the Salaryman while waiting for new episodes of PM&I, and when Kwon Yul came out with the new wardrobe, I thought “Yoo Bang??!” haha! He looks years younger with the change of hair style..

    • 2.1 tebz10

      Same here! I immediately thought, ‘It’s Versailles Yoo!’.

  3. ziggystardust

    All I could think when they walked into the club in those clothes was “I’m too young for a heart attack.” followed by a squeaking noise akin to air escaping a balloon.

    • 3.1 RamyunIsTheName

      Are you my soul mate??!?! ctfuuu I had the same exact thought I was like “i’m gonna die from a heart attack and gigging fits i’m too young to die!!”

  4. tokkioncrack

    I knew when I saw the preview last week that the “be my woman” confession was probably imagined but still this is so much more better.

    Can’t wait for monday

    • 4.1 angel101

      Loved that Nam Da Jung’s imagination goes haywire imagining all kinds of things about the dinner, but still she knows Kwon Yul enough to know what he would and would not do.

      And what Kwon Yul ended up doing, serenading her with a song, is so MUCH better than any of Nam Da Jung’s imaginations! Although, to be fair… it is all Driver Shim’s doing. LOL

      • 4.1.1 Orion

        Bless him and his shipper heart. At least Yool has people around who know how to romance women. He might need some help when they become a proper couple. 😛

    • 4.2 barbara black fox

      I loved when her imagined romantic dinner had the “badump badump” background music. : )

    • 4.3 WeWe

      Why Monday?
      Ep 11 is on Tuesday 😉

      Next Monday would be ep 12

  5. binbon

    He loooked so absolutely hot!!! Great job for a middle aged man, invoking such lust..
    I have NEVER been enthralled in a drama this long ever…they either bored me by Episode 8 or didn’t make sense by Episode 10. And i just watched to know what the ending was…
    But this one just keeps getting better and better…
    Cant wait to see more happy lovey dovey moments from this guy especially when he smiles *melts*..hopefully he realises soon enough that he’s in love with her!!

  6. JWspazz

    hahaha. his hair was really cool in the club. and it reminds me with his character on IRIS2. I love it when Lee Bumsoo’s doing stunt action on IRIS..!

    wish he use that hairstyle a lot on the future. haa.

  7. sm

    Thanks for the recap. 🙂

  8. Kristy

    That club scene was sooooo out of the box kind….

    And I Kind of like his old hairstyle….

    • 8.1 ryoko

      I also prefer his old hairstyle.

  9. Appelsin

    Awwww, loved the episode and definitely want more.

    The only thing I missed is more “sexual tension” between our OTP, the kiss was forgotten so quickly! XD
    This episode was a lot about Yul doing things for NaJung without noticing he’s already falling head-over-heels for her…but I missed a lot these cute accidents they usually got involved and that build tension between them. I want to see them closer!! and it is a waste with his new HOT hairstyle, haha!!

    Btw, nice to see EXO’s Suho as NaRa’s crush, it’s so cute 🙂

    • 9.1 Gidget

      NaRa…that little actress is doing such a good job. The onset of her crush was palpable.

      • 9.1.1 tebz10

        Kwon Nara is so. darn. cute! I was re-watching Speedy Scandal (starring Cha Tae-hyun) and realized that the little girl that his grandson had a crush on was NaRa!

  10. 10 chicken

    amen to new do’s and random kisses. i know it’s too much to hope for, but what if their world doesnt find out its a contract marriage(just a few, madam na??). we know they have a thing for each other, but they dont. every episode i scream to yul, IN-HO IS NOT A THREAT. NOT TO YOUR WIFE, YOUR LIFE. and joon-ki beat him to in-ho’s background check……….. really. incompetence on someones part. period.

  11. 11 coby

    darn why this office blocks where I can download the last 2 episodes..

    Its indeed calm before the storm… I have a part in my heart already reserve for that storm. hehe

    thanks for the recap!

    @gummimochi, its nice to see that you guys went for a vacay!

    • 11.1 gummimochi

      Thanks! It was a fun weekend 🙂 Now it’s time to catch up! *types furiously*

  12. 12 tata


    • 12.1 angel101

      I know! Is it Monday yet?!

  13. 13 angel101

    love this episode!

    LOL at Nam Da Jung being indignant about the kissing you to shut you up kiss. But then again, what she said made sense… Her hands were held by Kwon Yul before, so she had no choice. But what is Kwon Yul’s excuse?! It does not help that the comforting hug and words were also dragged into the ‘doing it because of no choice’ excuse!

  14. 14 Mommai

    I was surprised by them not registering the marriage already. I can see how they want to use that as a plot point, but I had figured that with how thorough they (the prime minister’s office) were being about everything else, and how seriously they all were taking it, it would have been done “properly”. Maybe I was just taking it too seriously! 😉

    Also, Hye-Joo and Joon Ki’s interaction in this episode was rough! Ouch! Poor Madame Na!

    • 14.1 Gidget

      @Madam Na. Her situation leaves me feeling conflicted. She does such jerky things…so why do I want her to have her day in the sun with her husband?

      The only character I’m starting to not care for is HJ. In her efforts to get what she wants, she doesn’t care what collateral damage she causes. Must say, I wouldn’t mind seeing the drama take that character on a nice long trip to noble-idiot-land.

  15. 15 fionnula

    “It cracks me up that Yul is the better sewer between them.”

    Did anyone read this just as sewer, as in tunnels carrying sewage? So weird, but as I was reading it I was so amused.

  16. 16 angel101

    Oh, Seo Hye Joo is awesome! Her payback to Park Joon Ki is *speeechless*

  17. 17 Carole McDonnell

    Ah the characters in this drama! It’s interesting how the whole 1001 Nights betrayed King subtext is used to showcase restraint, waiting to make a judgment, and short-sightedness. Some of these characters — Madame Na, Secretary Seo– just up and do stuff thinking they’ll have the upper hand only to have their adversary counter-attack. It’s as if they haven’t fully thought out their scheming. Whereas In-Ho works so slowly and carefully to make his revenge sure that we don’t know what the heck the revenge will be.

    All the stuff done to keep the OTP apart feels silly and although momentarily successful…still…futile. And we viewers know it’s futile so there’s no real tension there about the PM and his contract wife.

    All that said, I’m just so wanting to see what it is In-Ho plans for his revenge…and if he’ll do it, then REGRET his actions and try to stop his own revenge. Also… my mouth (heart) is hankering for the discovery of In-Ho’s secret. Joon-ki’s discovery of it, PM’s discovery of it, heroine’s discovery of it and how betrayed she will feel when she discovers it.

    Not sure if the focus/major thing that is keeping me glued to a rom-com should be the thoughts, intents, and deeds of a secondary character.

    Thanks so much for the recap!

    • 17.1 Gidget

      And as a very shallow counterpart to your thoughtful comment…didn’t YSY look hot? Loved his styling in the scenes where they’ve let his hair be a bit messy and have left his lips a more natural (paler) color.

      His scenes were rough-and-tumble enough to make you think, ooh, he’s not a boy, he’s a man!

  18. 18 Kaybee


  19. 19 Robin

    Ahh… Lee Bum Soo singing!!! One of my favorite scenes in On Air is when his agent/manager with a heart of gold sings his heart out when the cast and crew of the drama are having a nighttime campfire during an outing. (The drama is one directed by the late Park Yong Ha’s character and acted in by the actress being “managed by LBS’s character). When he stands up, microphone of a spoon in a bottle in hand and serenades the group I swooned and fell in love with him forever.

    But it’s astonishing how much a simple change of hairstyle and a relaxing of tense facial muscles can transform him – it was stunning, really.

    And while I’m on the topic of appreciation, I never thought that Yoona would be up to the challenge of making their relationship work but I’ll say it now: I was wrong. I’m sorry. And I’ll hope that an apology will work here. 😉

    • 19.1 Orion

      I’m not personally apologizing for disliking the idea of Yoona’s casting before this aired, since the worries over idol actors are legitimate, with many horrible ones being constantly cast for money.

      However, my fears were proven wrong in this case, right away and I now love her to bits. She is doing great, she is learning well from Lee and she is just delightful. I absolutely adore her.

      And while the song in ‘On Air’ didn’t do it for me, since I was not invested in the romance or series much, this one just sent my feels packing. Lovely scene and I loved the addition of the bodyguards swooning in the background.

  20. 20 timeturner

    I like the reversal of the situation here, Prime Minister kissing Da Jung to shut her up.

    I was gawking at Kwon Yul when he was wearing the clubbing outfit. It looks good on him. (As if I need another reason to love PM.) I’m loving the kids & ahjumma’s reaction seeing him wearing casual clothes especially Man Se saying, “Dad? Are you really our Dad?” hahaha

    Loving the interactions between the OTP. They bring the best in each other and their personality compliments each other.

    I feel somewhat triumphant when Madam Na slapped Minister Park. He deserved it!

    Who knows Lee Beom-Soo can sing? I was just smiling like an idot the whole time he’s singing. Anticipating the next episode!!!

  21. 21 docster6

    There was a long wait between Episodes 9 and 10 so I had a lot of time to contemplate about Yul and Da Jung’s relationship. I am in love with the Nam Da Jung character because she has no needs for the better and extravagant life, that is, she is not high maintenance. She just dived right in and sacrificed to make things better for her new family. She was right when Yul suggested if she wanted a Cinderella Fairy Tale, she asked what fairy tale princess would have such a mean prince and everyone against her. It is true that her life is much better than a lot of poor wives in other dramas, but her efforts needs to be appreciated by her husband. I am glad there are very nice side characters to support her, like Hee Chul, the body guards and the driver. I think everyone is warming to her but Yul needs to make a turn soon. It is frustrating for me to watch because Da Jung deserves better. What does it take for a widower to realize how lucky it is for him to find a fresh, young and gorgeous wife like that. He even told In Ho if Da Jung’s father isn’t so sick he wouldn’t have approved of the wedding.

    • 21.1 angel101

      Nam Da Jung is my fave character too!

      It is frustrating to watch Kwon Yul doing the pushing pulling thing since forever. Unfortunately, nothing much would probably change until he resolves his issues (primarily the issue about the first wife).

      • 21.1.1 docster6

        This is completely silly of me: I will go and buy some Subway sandwiches this week because Nam Da Jung likes them. In Orange County of Southern California, there are so many Vietnamese sandwich shops with incredible prices. But for Da Jung, I will buy from Subway.

        • tebz10

          Will you be buying the ginormous one? 😀

          • docster6

            Good idea, since I am a father of 9 and a grandfather of 6 (soon), I will definitely consider getting a couple of those for my 65th birthday next year. That is assuming my Da Jung will have a happy ending in three weeks.

      • 21.1.2 Gidget

        @Angel101. Although I’d like things to move along, I’m kind of liking what they’re doing with Yul’s character. It’s a slice of life.

        Unlike what most KDramas would suggest, when a man is hurting or troubled, MOST don’t sit around teary eyed, pining to ‘talk things over’. They pull away to think, they bury themselves in work or do something to have fun. So I like that this is what Yul is doing.

        What I wish they’d do is give us a more transparent view of what he’s thinking. This is such a refreshingly straightforward drama. Like old-school storytelling, there’s nothing pretentious about it. It telegraphs it’s intentions transparently; and hasn’t focused so much on building suspense over WHAT will happen, as much as giving an enjoyable ride seeing HOW things happen.

        My two cents (and worth every penny) is that I don’t think it’d ruin any enjoyment for them to just say what KY’s struggling with, what IH’s plan is, why JK is so cold and bitter…etc… and trust that the audience would like simply watching them go through the process of working it out, for better or worse. And in the grand tradition of simple storytelling, seeing everyone (particurlarily both of the broken families) find their happily ever after by mending and reconciling. I can’t see any harm in letting there be a timeless Cinderella aspect of this story.

        • angel101

          I don’t really have a problem with the phase of the story. Each new episode of Prime Minister and I becomes my new favorite episode, episode 10 and 11 included. Reading discussions about this drama in the Soompi thread is quite interesting too.

          But more than anything else, I still think that the greatest strenghts of this drama is the Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung couple as well as their interactions with Nam Da Jung’s father and Kwon Yul’s children. So drama production should definitely focus more on that.

          • Gidget

            I’d love to see mostly that too!

            My comment was more aimed at the other plot lines that they’re weaving in. The personality of this drama isn’t angsty or suspenseful. So to me it just seems like a disconnect when they try to hold something back.

          • angel101

            Maybe what the drama is not telling directly to the viewers is a culture difference thing? Perhaps knowing the Korean culture would make one automatically know what the characters are struggling with?

            Watching the drama – there are enough conversations and enough hints in scenes. So they are definitely saying something. It’s just probably the international watchers that is having a hard time with what exactly the drama is trying to convey.

            Most netizen comments in Korean articles don’t really have the discussions the drama generates in the international community such as in the soompi drama thread.

            I for one enjoy watching the drama raw, but watching it with english subtitles is so much better. A lot of the nuances of the Korean drama might have been lost in the translations.

      • 21.1.3 Gidget

        Reading too much into it, or is the drama’s repeated use of frogs symbolic? In real life, frogs are an indicator species. (Deformities are a sign of an unhealthy environment.)

        Man Se didnt know how to make paper frogs. He lacked involved parenting. The frog he made for his uncle showed the underlying reason for that family’s dysfunction. The frog that he made ‘disappear’ was the marriage contract. The frog dolls that DJ and Yul made had ‘deformities’. They needed to be pulled apart so they could be put back together rightly.

        Heh, if this is on track, I’m hoping that Scandal News finds some deformed frogs down at the environmental site…and in the process is transformed into an ethical source of worthwhile news.

      • 21.1.4 Maude

        Wonderful to see that Subway’s intrusive purchase of “product placement” ads had such an amazing effect on you. It had just the opposite effect on me. The last thing I want in a drama is an in-your-face advertisement written into the script.

    • 21.2 Gidget

      @Docster6 Love your comment.

  22. 22 Hana

    I know this is a drama and all, but really, if the Prime Minister of my country would appear in a club or singing a song in a restaurant for the First Lady, everybody would recognize him. I mean come on, it is the Prime Minister!

    • 22.1 docster6

      I get it, I get it, especially if his name is Kwon Choong Ri (Kwon Prime Minister). But we just have laugh and enjoy it.

    • 22.2 tebz10

      Not to mention that he brought his FOUR bodyguards with him!

    • 22.3 angel101

      The Prime Minister using the subway is surprising; but the Prime Minister in the under 30s club or singing in a restaurant is definitely unexpected. Especially if factoring in what one knows about their Prime Minister (what Nam Da Jung said about Kwon Yul in a conference for the media).

      Also his staff may have something to do with the lack of news. They were able to prevent the photo of Nam Da Jung with an idol going ring shopping from being released after all.

  23. 23 misch

    thanks for the recap!
    absolutely adoring this couple!
    and LBS sings well *swoon*

  24. 24 Nora

    Thanks for the recap, can’t wait for the next episode, anyw I have a request. Can you make a longer recap with so many photos inside, so it feels like I really watch the drama. Love it :*

  25. 25 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    PM&I makes me laugh out loud, feel fizzy, and smile at remembrances later. It makes me feel good in a way I know will make it an all time favorite I will visit over and over again.

    • 25.1 docster6

      You are right about this series. I already watched the early episodes again several times. It makes me feel good and I want more of that for the future. Another drama that had me feeling good was “My Princess,” I will revisit it soon, especially Episode 1, it was so fun.

    • 25.2 angel101

      I know! My rule in watching dramas is to never rewatch anything, even favorites. Just use the time to watch other stuff since way too many dramas and way too little time.

      Prime Minister and I is making me break that rule! LOL Watching it live streaming, watching it raw, watching it with english subtitles from viki, then watching it again with english subtitles from dramafever. And this does not include the numerous times I am rewatching just because. LOL

      • 25.2.1 warmhand

        Same with me, this drama just make me too addicted >_<

  26. 26 kanz

    I’m shipping Inho and Hyejoo. Noona romance FTW! Park Junki continue to be ass this ep.
    And yeah, our PM Kwon Yul looks like rocker when he enter under 30s club. He’s so swoon-worthy!

  27. 27 sweetness

    This ep is light and fun. i just like it bec it cracks me up. i am done with tear jerking dramas. Anyways, hope the PM and DJ will have more lovey dovey moments.

  28. 28 Nanny

    I cannot put into words how much I LOVE the fact that the leads recognise their mistakes and apologise for them, wilingly. I really like how undramatic their relationship is despite the circumstances and that the incidents that might cause problems between them are instead used to develop the secondary characters.

  29. 29 erika

    thanks for the recap now I know why its late, it’s nice to have vacation, me want too.
    this episode and the next and next week episode had me worried because of the angst, and I say not much DJ cute act make me a bit lost with PMI vibe so far. but I know that they can not always put the cute and must put some angst it just that I’m not ready yet. DJ always confront and be true to her heart but I’m waiting for KY to take the step and embrace her and just kiss her like no tomorrow. man se and na ra way to cute and they already on Dj’s team.more people dive to DJ’s team and that left only PM himself..

  30. 30 tiredpanda

    My mom and I both love this show to the point where we watch the episodes without each other as soon as they come out. It’s kind of like an affair. We watch and then pretend that we don’t know anything when we watch together.
    I really liked this episode because it shows more of how much his feelings have developed. When he went into the club my mom and I were like OMG OMG and then wow he’s pretty good looking…
    When KY had to go up and sing, I was like oh god… in the end I watched that part like 2-3 times. He sings good! Can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

    • 30.1 Gidget

      “It’s kind of like an affair. We watch and then pretend that we don’t know anything when we watch together.”

      Laughed so hard when I read this. 🙂

  31. 31 Zzyx

    I like the part in the club wherein Kwon Yul grabbed the guy’s hand and announced that he’s the husband but then Da Jung did not swoon over it and even left.. In other dramas, the lady would have swoon over and conflict is done.. The reconciliation on their part was better and feels “normal” and natural..

    Whenever Yul smiles, i can’t stop but smile as well, is it just me or his smile is just swoon worthy? 🙂

  32. 32 opio

    These episodes were extremely intense and romantic at the same time! Episode 10-11 had more development in character and relationships. Cutely, Nara has found her love! It’s so adorable that it’s Suho too! ♥

    Kwon Yul is hesitating over his true relationship with Da Jung and In Ho’s true form/intentions are going to be soon enough. I just feel sorry for his love for Da Jung.

    The fact I don’t like is that Chief Seo is acting extremely non-professional and non-rational. In the preview of episode 11,

    But this shouldn’t happen
    because as a professional she shouldn’t mix her personal feelings with work.

    In ho’s character is extremely interesting and his good/bad intentions balance well; we never know if he wants to help or wants to take revenge and I think he’s hesitant over that fact too.

    I wish Da Jung was a bit more aware of the situation with her ‘husband’ and try to support/help him more even if he’s avoiding her and treating her not as ideally all the time.

    Things are getting awfully complicated, but I think it’s for the good. Seems like more is going to be revealed next episode, so I can’t wait for what they’re going to reveal.

    • 32.1 Orion

      The previews have often trolled us. I think Hye Joo is leaving mainly because he got injured. She is probably trying to go undercover and keep Joon Ki and his side from harming Yool and his family again.

      She has not shown such pettiness so far. Remember, she stayed with Yool through a marriage and three children. If she would have turned bad, she would have done so much earlier in their lives together.

      I think and hope they will keep twisting tropes around as they have been so far.

    • 32.2 angel101

      Regarding Nam Da Jung, her hesitancy in recent episodes is quite understandable IMO.

      First Seo Hye Joo tells her that Kwon Yul will never get over his first wife. And when Nam Da Jung asked him directly, Kwon Yul did not say anything. The same thing sort of happened again when Nam Da Jung overheard something, and Kwon Yul still did not say anything. Add the fact the Kwon Yul says stuff directly to Nam Da Jung that are quite unsettling.

  33. 33 jademwong

    LOVED the new hair and the wardrobe during the club scene. It’s amazing what hair and clothes can do for a person. Absolutely do not like what I saw in the previews for the next ep. I really like the storyline so far and where it’s going, and I really hope the writers don’t do any crazy plot twists to try to raise ratings or something sigh…

    Thanks for the recaps gummi! 🙂

  34. 34 Dons

    Love this series.. Though i am fretting about the next episode.. I wish the storm would pass quickly for them.. I cant wait for Yul to finally admit to Dajung that he loves her and needs her in his life.. Because he so obviuosly does..

  35. 35 Dita

    Just look at KY’s eyes, we can see that he lovessssss his lady… 😀

  36. 36 keanchai chye

    can someone tell me the last song at part 4…. is it also by kim dong ryul ???

  37. 37 yaya sachinko

    Hello guys!!
    I am so totally into PMAI!
    I would like to share with those who’ve been asking about the song in this episode, which our PM Kwon Yul sang!!!!
    Yay!! After been searching for a week (googling the net 24hrs) I’ve finally found it!
    The title is : Sky high
    singer : Kim Dong Ryul
    After listening it on YouTube, I’d still prefer Lee Beom Soo version. His voice awesome!!

  38. 38 nining

    anybody knows about the song when pm enters the club?

  39. 39 silit1988

    what is the bgm of prime minister and i in ep 10 around 53:54?

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