Odds & Ends: Pop culture freeze
by | March 22, 2014 | 112 Comments

javabeans: Well, I must have had a boring week since I keep thinking of things to say for this Odds & Ends post and rejecting them because they’re incredibly boring. You didn’t come here to hear me ramble about my grocery shopping trips or laundry episodes.

girlfriday: Only if you turned all your socks pink. I know I’ve lived on my own (as in, away from parents, in semi-adulthood) for a long time now, but I still can’t seem to stop hating basic errands like laundry and grocery shopping.

javabeans: Especially with recapping-heavy schedules, when you get into a groove (or more likely, are coming up on your deadline) and just can’t spare the trip away from your desk. Which probably explains all the ramyun dinners at 11 pm.

girlfriday: It’s a glamorous life we lead, folks.

javabeans: It used to be that watching people eat in dramas made me crave ramyun all the time, and it was my favorite junk food guilty pleasure. You know it’s bad when you watch dramas with characters eating instant ramyun now and your reaction is actually “Ugh, that stuff again. I just want real food. [cries into noodles]” On a related note, Chun Song-yi’s upside-down leg shake? Kinda works actually.

girlfriday: Don’t tell me that! It’s basically like a green light to eat ramyun at three in the morning.

javabeans: But 3 am to you is like 9 pm to normal people. This is what happens when you’re halfway across the world from your subject material and you live your life on Seoul time. THE RECAPS WAIT FOR NO ONE.

girlfriday: Wait, shouldn’t that be the other way around? Clearly we have some issues prioritizing things.

javabeans: Isn’t this like trying on too-small clothing and automatically assuming this means your body is too big, rather than the clothes are too small? We’ve become dysfunctional slaves to our recaps. The things we do for you.

girlfriday: Though it probably needs to be said that we were dysfunctional long before that.

javabeans: Maybe the truth is more that we found the one job that worked with our dysfunctions. Or maybe enhanced our dysfunctions is what I mean. Like, for instance, being so mired in Korean pop culture news that you lose all touch of the pop culture around you. It’s bad when you hear about major Hollywood news from the Korean media, like Philip Seymour Hoffman dying or ScarJo being pregnant.

girlfriday: This is totally how I get all my news now. It’s ass-backwards.

javabeans: I may have had to ask somebody what this “Frozen” was that everyone kept talking about. That person may have looked at me like I was a crazy person. Them: “You know, that animated movie?” Me: *blank face* Them: “That Disney sensation?” Me: *blank face* Them: “It’s incredibly huge right now and has been for months?” Me: “Has it? Then why don’t I know what it is?”

girlfriday: Sadly this is not a foreign concept to me.

javabeans: Hey, I knew it by its KOREAN title! It’s Winter Kingdom! I’ve seen it in all the Korean headlines! I just… maybe didn’t realize it was a really big Hollywood production until the Oscars rolled around. I must have heard that damn song on the radio a zillion times before I realized what it was actually from.

girlfriday: It’s a little bit like we went on a Hollywood-news detox, even though it was unintentional.

javabeans: But we could rattle off the Top 10 Korean Box Office Hits and cite their relative ticket sales off the top of our heads.

girlfriday: Or the last five hairstyles that Jang Geun-seok went through? I guess it’s just the nature of being laser-focused on one industry.

javabeans: My forest is a tree, basically.

girlfriday: God, have we become those adults who see the entire world through their jobs?

javabeans: Until you give me a cubicle-mate who looks like Lee Min-ho, I’m gonna say no. I can’t actually tell if that would be a good or a bad thing.

girlfriday: I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.


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  1. Caroline

    That picture of the grandpas and Seojinnie cracks me up. 🙂

  2. aweebit

    Uhhhm…ScarJo is pregnant? Basically you guys give me all my pop culture news. So thanks for that. Because of you guys I am at least getting some form of culture.
    Thanks for all your hard work, but please at least put some veggies in your ramen. We want you gals healthy and job obsessed!

    • 2.1 Cranechick

      I was thinking the same thing… Scar Jo is pregnant? I live in the middle of LA celebrity land, and I can’t tell you what’s on TMZ anymore. But I can tell you that the promised concert on April 12 probably isn’t happening because tickets haven’t been released.
      Life has changed since I became a kpop beanie. Your tree has become our forests.

    • 2.2 Z.

      So i’m not the only one that heard ScarJo is preggers! I did know what Frozen is, so points for that! But I totally have the same thing…

    • 2.3 Deeno

      I totally missed that one too. I still have no idea who this Hoffman guy is, but I did know he died. This is what happens when your only American celebrity gossip you get is the 15 minute ride to work. I also switch the radio whenever I realize I’ve heard a DJ talking for more than a minute.

      • 2.3.1 petmink

        Yea, I haven’t kept abreast with any of the American pop culture. Whenever someone mentions an actor that came up within the last 5 five years, I am always saying Who?? Where have I seen him/her?

        Btw, Hoffman played the game manager in the Hunger Games 2. He is also in a whole bunch of other stuff that I can’t recall.

        On my way to work, I listen to Kpop.

        • cheekbones

          I’m exactly like you. I won’t know relatively new western actors and western musicians/singers.

          But I did know and liked Philip Seymour Hoffman’s works (rest in peace).

          Granted, I’m not American and don’t live in America. But I used to look into the West for my entertainment. Not so much anymore.

          • Kiara

            Hoffman was a fantastic actor. Too bad I was looking forward to seeing him again in next Hunger Games.

      • 2.3.2 Min

        Deeeno how can you not know PSH is? and no not Park Shi Hoo. or Park Shin Hye! Hoffman was Capote in the film by that name- it’s actually my favourite of his… more recently he was in the Hunger Games as Plutarch. 😛

    • 2.4 Kiara

      awcoconuts mentioned the pregnant Scarlet before on this thread.

      • 2.4.1 Fab

        OMG Scarjo is Scarlet Johansson?? Since when…oh since I care less and less about Hollywood. Duh.

    • 2.5 anicheung

      lol My main source of western pop culture is usually in the form of people at work asking my questions like: “Have you heard about the Miley Cyrus thing?” weeks after it happened… whatever it was, cause I never bothered to care enough to look it up. I also get bits and pieces of it from book news, like if a movie is being made from a book and if there’s also behind-the-scenes news I care to click on.

      I’m pretty sure I know more about Asian pop culture than American pop culture even though I’ve got friends, co-workers and television all around me telling me about the stuff in snippets. It even took me a few moments to realize that ScarJo is Scarlett Johansen (the pregnancy thing is news to me too).

      This has actually been my life for the past twenty+ years.

    • 2.6 bradk

      This is the only site, other than the newspaper which I read. We really do appreciate the hard work girls

  3. LollyPip

    So true, about knowing all the Korean news but missing out on US pop culture. For example, I just learned that Scarlett Johansson is pregnant from reading THIS ARTICLE RIGHT NOW. And every time I see my mother, she spends 30 minutes catching me up on all the Hollywood news. I used to be the one who knew all that stuff!

    • 3.1 DayDreamer

      Same here. I’m not into pop culture as well and what I do know, I learn from Dramabeans or the few times I login to Facebook and see what my friends are watching/reading, haha. Didn’t know about Frozen until about two weeks ago. I don’t even know who Scarjoe is and I live in the US.

      • 3.1.1 LollyPip

        I never watched TMZ, but I’m a former actor so I used to be up on all the Hollywood news. Since I found Korean dramas/music, and dropped Facebook for about a zillion reasons, that’s all out the window! Not that I’m all that interested anymore anyway…

    • 3.2 Katie

      Same. I still have no idea what Frozen is. I just know it’s animated and super popular.

      My life revolves around Korean music/dramas, singers/actors, and the British reality shows I watch (Made In Chelseaaaa) and the Mindy Project. I don’t have time for anything else haha.

      • 3.2.1 petmink

        I had heard about Frozen during the oscars and I looked up that it was based on the snow queen and I immediately connected it to the Hyun Bin drama. That is where I had first heard of the story. My life revolves around Kdramas now.

        • karecity

          LOL me too! Snow Queen is my first korean drama and it holds a special place in my heart, even though i spent every episode crying my eyes out.

    • 3.3 Anduril

      I was thinking who is this ScarJo and why does anybody care she is preggers. Then I read you comment, and suddenly I am on the same train as everyone else. Really? She is? First I’m hearing about it.

      Do I get extra points for not recognizing her nickname?

  4. namedx

    Lol I had to stop and comment after I read the bit about Frozen and how out of touch you were with all things outside the realm of Kpop culture. Sadly, I can totally relate. I first heard about Frozen from the kids I teach at school, not realising just how big a hit it was. To say they were disappointed is an understatement, they pretty much told me I need to get a life! Sheesh.

    Awesome post as always ladies – love the casual wit!

  5. DayDreamer

    ROFL. Yet another funny and insightful Odds and Ends post. Thanks so much for sharing these tidbits of your lives. It’s amazing how much you guys do. I was rather surprised that you work as per Seoul time. I mean, it makes sense…but still. A lot of times the recaps come out after the dramas are mostly subbed so I didn’t think you guys were working per Seoul time. Anyways, hopefully post-minion boot camp, you guys can get your much needed breather. Please get good rest. 🙂 And thank you for sharing that Chun Song-yi’s upside-down leg shake actually works. I will give it a try as well.

  6. aida

    Yeah i’m totally there…i’m 100% a newbie but after getting caught up in kpop culture i kinda, sorta, lost track of hollywood althought i used to be the one that had all the news now my friends talk about an actor/singer and i have to filter through my brain to remember them but mention a korean name and i can recite all the latest news on that person which kinda makes my bro aand sis look at me like i’m crazy….but frozen is the one thing i kept up with since i’m in love with disney, and ScarJo is pregnant?! Aigoo i really am behind

  7. owl

    The first time I heard “Let It Go” was when Hyolyn sang it on Global Request: A Song for You (with Jo Kwon as MC; the show ran for 16 episodes and was cancelled). I thought she made it famous, and had NO idea it was from “Frozen.” I’m pretty sure I was eating ramyun while watching at a midnight hour. Thanks for being such worthy dysfunctional role models, you are my inspiration!

    • 7.1 Anna

      Somebody in the same boat! That’s true. Even I first heard the Korean version of the song, then I looked up the english version and finally I read the wiki article on Frozen.

      Glad to know everyone’s same as me here!

    • 7.2 Thursdaynexxt


      Yay to wonderful dysfunctional role models – the world needs more of you! 🙂

  8. alexis

    Add me to the list of people who hate grocery shopping and errands with a passion. Especially car related errands like getting the oil changed. Grrrrr.

    Lee min ho is very handsome, but I miss his chiseled look in BOF. Now, his face looks “softer,” for lack of a better word.

    • 8.1 Rushie

      I agree, he seems to have really let himself go.

      • 8.1.1 KDaddict

        Let himself go??

      • 8.1.2 pogo

        I don’t think he let himself go at all, he’s thinner than ever!

        But it does look like he had something done to make his jawline softer, which is a shame because his strong jawline was one of his best and most distinctive features.

  9. JoJo

    I’m laughing after reading this. At least I knew about Frozen aka Winter Kingdom, because Heechul loves Anna.

    • 9.1 Kiara

      Funny thing is, he is not the only idol that loves Anna lol.

    • 9.2 Min

      hahaha I was laughing so hard… he’s such a kid. During his time in the military he had a pillow that people were telling him to stop hugging and instead get a real life girlfriend instead of claiming that Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion was his girlfriend… I guess he broke up with her to get Anna. 😛 His WGM wifey Puff Guo will be upset.

  10. 10 John

    I got rid of cable Tv 2 years ago so I ‘m way out of touch as far as American pop culture goes.

    I had no idea who Jennifer Lawrence was. I did hear about Frozen and Ms. Scarlett this week.

    I did spend an hour watching Jung Eun-Ji videos on Youtube this afternoon though.

    • 10.1 aly

      awww. well i guess i’m not the only one who does that. bangtan boys are the ones i have been watching for a while.

    • 10.2 skelly

      We pulled the plug on our television way back in 1996. I watch a handful of shows on netflix or amazon, but I really don’t miss it. I like kdramas much more.

      • 10.2.1 Jessica

        I love kdramas and also c and j dramas too. Basically TV series that have a set end point.

        I really can’t spend my life watching years of a tv show that’s going to go downhill because the writers are always trying to get higher ratings. Worse is some of my favorite American shows never got an ending since the networks were so quick to cancel them.

        So no more. Only Asian (and some European) shows for me.

        • pogo

          Worse is some of my favorite American shows never got an ending since the networks were so quick to cancel them.

          Tell me about it, I will be forever bitter about Firefly.

          • John

            pogo ~

            Pushing Daisies. *SOB*

            You maniacs! Shakes fist and curses..

        • newgirl

          And Sports Night! 🙁

  11. 11 boholanna

    I’m sure your readers appreciate all your hard work. I know I do! Drama watching hasn’t been the same since I started reading recaps afterwards. I get twice the satisfaction of a good episode or show.

    It’s great you are doing what you love. Can’t say the same for most of us drones.

    • 11.1 petmink

      I agree on twice the satisfaction.

  12. 12 aly

    wow this was really eerie to read because i used to be so on top of celeb news. and then i got into kpop and k dramas and korean movies and never looked back. i just found out about the scar jo pregnancy by chance a few days ago. i’m so out of the loop now that it’s kind of scary. like i don’t watch hollywood dramas and movies at all. i remember leaving game of thrones, scandal, the walking dead and Spartacus one day and never looking back. these were shows that i was so attached to. man, i feel like i’m brainwashed or something. and lols, i dream about eating ramyun because they make it look so yummy in the dramas. it’s kinda hard to come by here.

  13. 13 Carole McDonnell

    MAde me crack up –> “girlfriday: It’s a glamorous life we lead, folks.”

    I had thought I was weirding out, weaning myself from Hollywood gossip to Korean media gossip. Glad it’s just a part of the whole kdrama obsession.

    Love the pic of Seojinnie. After reading the recaps for Gramps over flowers, I have this super wellspring of goodwill for him in Wonderful Days.

    Thanks for the odds and ends.

  14. 14 needaname

    Wow…I feel like this is KAA, Korean Addiction Anonymous.

    Hi, my name is needaname, yes I need a posting name, I don’t even have that! I keep changing names related to whatever drama I am into at the moment, but thought I should really stick to one name so I can become part of the crowd. Anyway, me too, I am totally disconnected with a lot of what’s going on outside the Kdrama world. I stopped watching TV years ago, was my last sitcom Friends??? Or 90210, the original?! Ok, I am old too! Only watched one Twilight installment, don’t even remember the name, had no idea who Robert Pattinson was until the cheating scandal was all over the news…did watch the first Hunger Games so I do know who Jennifer Lawrence is but not any of the other actors…yes, pretty sad, but at the same, there is no interest…ok, maybe sadder.

    And now, I am just getting into Kpop too! Totally discovering 2ne1 and G Dragon! I love him, and CL, and yes, I could probably be their mom, well, almost, if I’d had them in my early teens! But they are so exciting and interesting! And pretty sad when I don’t even know their own idols like Pharell Williams, gotta google and Youtube all the time. I guess I could just listen to the radio, don’t do that either.

    Ok, I really need a life…Help me JB and GF, or maybe I need to stay away from this site, and the internet as a whole…Nooooo! But isn’t that the beauty of the virtual world/reality? Ok, going to watch Come Back Home again…

    Oh, wait, I do know Frozen! Been watching it everyday with my niece, she is 3 and likes to sing along Let It Go! Ah, there is hope for me yet!

    Ok, thank you, and thanks for having me here KAA! i mean JB and GF!

  15. 15 acloudofwrinkles

    It’s been a good three years since I willingly listened to anything Western or read any news about Hollywood peeps. I only knew what Frozen is last month when B.A.P’s Jongup was asked to greet his American fan in some show and instead of saying hi of hello he said “Do you want to build a snowman?” And then somewhere else he said that Anna is his ideal type. Oh and around the same time AOA’s ChoA and Yuna cosplayed Elsa and Anna (they looked amazing), and that’s pretty much all I know about Frozen.
    Who’s JoScar?

    • 15.1 Min

      it’s actually ScarJo as in Scarlett Johanssen 😛

  16. 16 bjharm

    I normally use to check out what what and it a simple matter of finding an add on for your browers to translate to english. of course it mainly korean internet news sites and they like most such news sites just tend to copy and paste, so you never quite sure if your reading ‘news’ or just gossip/rumor.
    Lastest at lest for me Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara May Reunite for “Fated to Love You” Drama Remake
    MBC again so sound like they liked the buzz they getting with the My Girl rematch and seeing if they can get the same again with this pair, Bright Girl was a 40% + drama after all and Fated was a huge Taiwanese drama.

    • 16.1 Fab

      Ohhh the reunion of Jang & Jang would be awesome! Granted Bright Girl was mostly dreadful but they were a lovely couple. (:

      • 16.1.1 bjharm

        🙂 bright girl still got a 42% veiwer rating, for a little comdey/romance way back early 2000’s that pretty amazing as back then the only dramas that got that sort of numbers where the weekend melodramas. The thing is Fated got like 70% in its home county when it aired, so there by quite of bit of expertations on a remake. From what I read it seem it going to be made with or without the twin Jangs, though of course it would be best with!

  17. 17 trisha

    Jang Geun-seok… you guys mentioned him made my day .. oh and I’m sure you hv checked him in Marie Claire Korea April Edition by now. Wishing it would be the next Oh Snap! topic.

    • 17.1 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

      Omo 😍😍😍 Really I love……… well obviously look at my name LOL now I’m looking this up see you made my Day 😃 (FYI guys ScarJo is Scarlett Johansson lol (I think ……..))

  18. 18 soprection

    Lol, you two are so cute. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this blog! Your recaps/comments are always SO insightful. I actually get a bit bummed out if you’re not recapping a show I’m watching because I can’t get your thoughts (or those of the other beanies). This is a great community for drama fans and all thanks to you guys. But please be sure to take care of yourselves too.

    Don’t worry – it’s not just you! When I was super into K-pop fandom, I knew all about K-celeb news but was totally out of the loop on Hollywood celebrities/films/tv or the pop culture in my own country. And I didn’t even care that I was out of it. I still don’t, tbh. I don’t really care about any of those people. Now I no longer keep abreast of K-celeb news too (outside of what I hear about here). I also rarely listen to new English songs either (unless they’re by an artist I used to really like) but I listen to new Korean music almost every day and not just songs by artists I’m familiar with. It’s a strange life we all lead, ha.

  19. 19 Fens

    Does anyone know what drama the first pic is from?
    Thanks in advance!

  20. 20 risa

    Maybe you can’t see the forest for the Lees? (Lee Min Ho, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Beom Soo, etc.)

    • 20.1 KDaddict

      Good one. Heeheehee.
      And there are also:
      Lee Sang Woo, Lee Byun Hyun, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Min Ki, Lee Joon…..

  21. 21 KDaddict

    I don’t watch tv, unless it’s Korean. I don’t know any American celebs who rose to fame in the past 10-12 years, which is how long I’ve been hooked on Hallyu. Winter Sonata started it for me.

    I have zero interest in entertainment if it isn’t Korean. I don’t feel apologetic, nor do I miss anything. So there.

  22. 22 ilikemangos

    lol! Love everyone’s stories about how they came about frozen.
    I admit to being one of those enamored frozen fans..It wasn’t an immediate hit in the box office but due to word of mouth, people flocked to see the animation. After i watched it the first time(i may or may not have seen it twice in theatres), i had the soundtracks on repeat..(give it a try if you have time. ITS ADORABLE. i might like it better than tangled, for the unique twist at the end).

    Let it go spawned so many covers/renditions on youtube, including hyorin’s/ailee. Lee Yoo Bi also performs that song.
    My two favorite idol singers atm (ailee and hyorin) singin’ let it go:

    Perhaps not hearing about Frozen until recently is not so bad — i didn’t hear about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on news, magazines, or friends and family. I found out on soompi forums (which i admit i have been stalking due to YFAS withdrawals).

    I have recently returned to my part time job in which the only way to pass time (no wifi) is to read a bunch of celebrity gossip mags like Us Weekly, People.. Keeping in touch with american cinema/hollywood via Entertainment Weekly.

    • 22.1 ilikemangos

      And ellen degeneres, of course.

    • 22.2 Kiara

      I love movies but I’m not really into the Hollywood gossip. I always hear about it though mostly from my own family and friends. If I’m at my doctor/dentist’s office I’d read their year supply of Us and People mags lol.

      Frozen was a breath of fresh air. After the domestic failures called Chicken Little, Winnie the Pooh, Princess Frog, and Tangled, I thought Pixar was Disney’s only hope as far as animation goes. Fortunately, Frozen broke some of the old Disney princess traditions. It was more about Elsa and Anna’s sisterly love than the usual prince and princess romance. Frozen is a domestic success on a Pixar level and it made over 1 billion world wide.

      • 22.2.1 colors

        Haven’t watched Princess Frog, but Tangled was awesome. I also really liked Frozen.

        I came to know about Frozen when my friends kept talking about the song weeks before the awards.

    • 22.3 pogo

      Lee Yubi is how I found out about Frozen too, ha. Side effects of being a fan 🙂

  23. 23 ananke23

    Like good friends, it’s not the depth or import of content, but just their familiar voices that we enjoy hearing so much.

    Though most of us would agree that you two could make your grocery trips and laundry undertakings pretty damn funny anyway.

  24. 24 petmink

    I get all my pop culture news from either here or the onion.

  25. 25 kanz

    Years ago, I only watched Hollywood or my country movies. I listened to western songs and became a fan of Leo di Caprio and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. But now I only watch Korean dramas and movies, listen to kpop/drama osts and watch Korean variety show. of course I also lurk at dramabeans everyday to catch up the news. My life revolves around Korea basically

  26. 26 windsun33

    I must be the only one here that could care less about the antics and ongoing trivia about celebrities or idols, Korean or American. It just bores me to tears.

  27. 27 Ace

    I heard about Frozen because my brother’s gf’s niece was crazy about it. It’s one of the few animated films that I refused to watch and really I. Hate. That. Song. Idina Menzel’s talented but she’s a bit too shouty and shrill IMO plus it was unfair that that song got nominated at the Oscars but The Hobbit’s I See Fire wasn’t (rant over. sorry.)

    Heard about Scarlett’s pregnancy from news about The Avengers. As long as it doesn’t affect her character there, I don’t really care. 😉 [Plus, politics affect who I watch from Hollywood so SJ’s role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the only role I’m willing to watch her in]

    • 27.1 pogo

      Ace – same here re: Scarjo! I am a big Joss Whedon fan and Scarjo really did justice to her role, and I think she’s pretty great, but that Sodastream debacle really did lower my respect for her.

      • 27.1.1 Shiku

        I have zero respect for ScarJo now after her defence of Woody Allen and Sodastream. I can’t believe she threw the charity she was involved with for 9 tears just for Sodastream.

        • pogo

          In all fairness, I don’t think it was a choice on her part – Oxfam quite rightly asked her to step down, and she had to. The endorsement money she was paid for the Sodastream commercials likely prevents her from cutting herself loose from them without major legal trouble, so it’s Oxfam that goes.

          At least she did admit that she was in over her head in that situation, so (small) points for that I guess?

    • 27.2 Kiara

      Yea sadly “I see Fire” was not even nominated. I like “Let it Go” but it felt like it won based more on popularity.
      I think Idina did a good job at the Oscar considering John Travolta totally flubbed her name (Adele Dazeem lol).
      Anyway, I’d take Idina’s version over Demi Lovato any day.

  28. 28 bluesky

    I have never bothered about “Frozen” though I often heard from twitter etc..etc.. until I watched Entertainment Weekly says about Hyorin covers “Let It Go” from “Frozen” film and realized it’s an animation film which I love it a long time ago..eeekkk! oh my Korean life really has affected me this much~~~

  29. 29 glitzmadrb

    I totally feel for you guys. There was a time in my life when I’m immersed in Korean everything, that I don’t even know the local news or songs, I only knew Korean.
    I kind of realized that and actually made extra effort to still keep in touch with other stuff besides Korean. It’s a good thing there’s a website like Dramabeans which is an easy go to source for Korean pop culture, so thanks for your good work!

    The “Frozen” thing cracked me up. I initially like it very much – I found out about it a little late than other people around me, but we found out about it earlier than Korea (I guess because of the translation thing). I totally knew it was also going to be a hit in Korea! When they were showing Korean news and cracking up jokes in Gag Concert about it, it just blew my mind. Cool.

  30. 30 coby

    I totally can relate, although when it was screened here my friend told me that its an “ok” film and didn’t know that it will be that popular.

    Its funny because just last week my friend sent an email with this line “Once in a while its healthy to talk about Hollywood”.


  31. 31 Arhazivory

    I’ve heard of Frozen. Guess it’s time I go look it up.

  32. 32 dewaanifordrama

    Wait, she’s pregnant? Seriously, I am not sure how this all happened that I have a better idea of Korean pop-culture news than western. I’m also trying to figure out how not to sleep on Seoul time. It’s a real problem seeing as I’m like 16 hours behind it…

  33. 33 korfan

    I turn on the radio, find myself going through each and every station and I conclude nothing’s really good and I can’t identify what’s being played. …… But I know all these kpop tunes, who sings what and I find myself liking more than a few at this point.

    I turn on the tv and none of the shows from the last couple of seasons have captured my interest and I have no idea who’s in what or what day they’re on. ….. But I know which dramas are being broadcast currently and what channel they’re on.

    Completely disconnected from all the Hollywood antics yet I live in the area.

    I found out about Frozen/Disney from a Korean music video show. Heh.

    So, jb and gf, I can relate to the sentiments expressed in your post! ……. Once again, thank you for sharing and for all you do!

  34. 34 saranga

    i’ve been visiting this site for five years now (omg FIVE). i think i became a regular when boys over flowers aired, and i was directed here by google to the recaps. i’d stumbled upon this site a handful of times before that, but those recaps were what really made me become aware of the site.

    and in my memory, you guys have NEVER missed a single day in posting. at least 3-4 posts a day and i don’t know how you do it, since i’m sure you have day jobs as well. i think you guys are superbloggers 🙂

  35. 35 LaLa

    Heh, reading this post and the comments was almost like a breath of fresh air. I’m so out of touch with American pop culture that it’s got some people raising eyebrows. I don’t even watch Western movies/TV shows anymore. I guess I should check out Frozen though.

  36. 36 ck1Oz

    I only heard about Frozen because my K drama emailed me a clip about it.

    After I read this post, going to Google Frozen and see if it’s in DVD or what? Or even anything.

  37. 37 pogo

    I may have had to ask somebody what this “Frozen” was that everyone kept talking about.

    I only heard of it because Lee Yubi sang a song from it for her debut as Inkigayo host. I think I’m officially a lost cause….

    As for Scarjo being preggers, I heard of that one via non-Korean media, but that was only because I am totally an Avengers fan and a fan of her. Same with that lovely young ingenue who won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Oscars this year, Lupita Nyong’o.

    • 37.1 ilikemangos

      Lupita Nyong’o is such a joy to watch and listen to. She’s gonna be big in the coming years. She’s already so big now.

  38. 38 hanhan

    hahaha me too!! i don’t really follow my country’s and international pop culture. first time know about that Frozen movie because Sistar’s Hyorin sang it.

    i even know K-actors/actress more than my own country’s actors/actress, even the famous one. I only know comedians and news anchors.

  39. 39 Jen

    Lol! Jb and gf, you are hilarious. But, just out of curiosity, do you still remember the last Hollywood movie/ tv series that you were hooked on?

  40. 40 snow

    Well…in my initial drama watching days (2011), I was like this….but now the things have balanced and I pay equal attention to Kdramaland as well as my Hollywood films and TV serials… and yes, reading!

    • 40.1 StupidCupid

      Please share your secret. I’m heavily leaning towards K-Dramas it’s not even funny. I really need that balancing act.

      • 40.1.1 snow

        For starters, I have limited my watching hours with only live dramas as marathons take many hours of the day with clicking next episode after next episode…haha…but live dramas restrict us to only spending an hour or two each day….that leaves time for other things 🙂

  41. 41 Kiara

    Lol @ Chun Song-yi’s upside-down leg shake. I tried it once when no one was looking.

  42. 42 blo

    I actually don’t dislike American television. I know there are some really good shows out there…some with way better writing than kdramas. And I would still be watching them if I weren’t so turned off by Hollywood celebrities. Yes…I’ve just generalized them. It’s the celebrity culture here in the States. I hope that Korea doesn’t head more and more in that direction…..

    • 42.1 Caitlyn

      I dunno, I think celebrity culture is bad in every country. At least Western actresses don’t get started on the plastic surgery quite so young.

      I watch both Western and Asian dramas, but I don’t seem to follow much hollywood gossip anymore. If i learn anything, it’s from Facebook or Twitter. I had no idea ScarJo was pregnant, when did that news come out!?

  43. 43 emma

    yeah its wierd, I am from Singapore and I dont watch local dramas starring Singaporean actors (I am eternally apologetic to them) and I dont know what is on prime time tv locally.

    But yep, I know what magazine Jeon Ji Hyun has done photoshoot right now and all the dramas airing on primetime korean tv.

    Totally wierd all because of this thing call Internet!

  44. 44 Meh

    I really don’t know anyone past 2005, so whenever people around me talk about some actor, singer or whatever who is really big now I go like “Who…?” They judge me real hard.

  45. 45 Mjw

    We are totally outside the norms for your commenters — two 55+ Americans who are in Korea for only 2 years on a military assignment. Totally love Korean dramas and hang on your every recommendation of which ones to watch. Our perspective might be different on a couple of them but we’ve lived long enough in this world the appreciate a well-written script and good character development. There are occasional holes in the story but we’ve come to accept them as part of the ride. Can’t imagine life without our Kdramas now that they have come into our world.

  46. 46 Z

    So are you ladies doing Dramabeans full time now?

  47. 47 SH

    ONTD and Buzzfeed keep me informed on all pop culture news 😉

    I take it you guys haven’t heard of Kimye on the cover of Vogue yet? Lol.

    JB, if your cubicle mate looked like your LMH, that would definitely not be a good thing for us because you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on recaps and running this site and everything.

    • 47.1 Shiku

      I also get my pop culture news from ONTD, lol. Its very handy as it aggregates news from alot of sources.

  48. 48 Lilian

    When I watch Korean dramas, I get the urge to visit again, although I may have just visited recently. for the food, for the scenery, and just to experience the four seasons!

  49. 49 Dorotka

    You are so funny :–)

    And definitely not alone in the k-drama black hole.
    I fell into it 6yrs ago… and there is no way back ;–)
    Hunger Games, Gravity… phiiii… pass unnoticed and I even don’t bother to wave…

    And grocery shopping and laundrary get in way of my k-drama watching… grrr…

    Anyway, good luck with your blogging and hopefully some LMH drops by with a healthy dinner ;–)
    Or better Goo Dae Young… and you can eat it all while he is giving his lecture :–)

  50. 50 Shiku

    I used to be super obsessed with k-drama and news that it made me out if touch with news here in the US and in my native country. Then I made a conscious decision to keep myself informed of the daily happenings occurring e.g. Crimea and missing Malaysian flight.

    Even though I don’t have cable, I still watch my TV serials, k-dramas, read books, catch up with news & pop culture (Huffingtonpost, NYTimes, ONTD), play video games and listen to some kpop (OMTD, Soompi, Seoulbeats). I prefer to keep everything balanced now than when I used to be in the bubble.

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