Odds and Ends: Idols and more idols
by | March 15, 2014 | 210 Comments

javabeans: Odds and Ends time! This week we have an event to talk about, since we went to KPOPCON at UC Berkeley last weekend and talked about idols who are bad in dramas.

girlfriday: That’s redundant.

javabeans: Okay, fine, we also talked about idols who are good in dramas. That was a much shorter conversation.

girlfriday: Let’s just say, we prepared a list of good actors and bad actors, and I ran out of space in one of those columns.

javabeans: Before the panel, I actually thought we had prepared a nice and thought-out list of idols who had made the acting transition well, but based on the number of times we had to fall back on “Uh, Yoochun’s pretty good,” maybe that list should have been longer.

girlfriday: Also, we cheated and counted Kim Kang-woo as an idol.

javabeans: And Jo Hyun-jae! Don’t believe me? I’ll give you a minute to peel yourselves off the floor from the hysterical laughing. You can join Kim Kang-woo, who had to peel himself from the ground in mortification.

girlfriday: I think I should make that song my ringtone. And then every day I can be reminded that there are things to laugh about. What that video proves though, is that any actor can overcome an idol past.

javabeans: …if they’re good enough, of course. The “but they work so haaaaaard” argument really should have nothing to do with the “but they’re so baaaaaad anyway” one.

girlfriday: Yeah we don’t give As for effort around here.

javabeans: Yes, effort is good for maybe a C- baseline. Wait I take that back. I’m remembering Yunho from Poseidon, where his bad acting actually contradicted the text of the scene in really confusing ways.

girlfriday: Yeah we got a lot of gasps from the audience every time we talked about Yunho and Changmin that day.

javabeans: I suppose maybe it was harsh of me to admit that they were our gold standards for bad acting. I mean, not that it’s not true. But I could have been nicer?

girlfriday: You mean lie?

javabeans: Maybe this is what god invented little white lies for.

girlfriday: But if what KPOPCON wanted was the milquetoast answer, surely they wouldn’t have asked US to be their panelists, right?

javabeans: True. Sometimes you just need to hear the cold hard truth. Like how Taec, despite his visual splendor, is terrible. I’m sorry, 2PM fans.

girlfriday: This is pretty much what we did all day. We did a lot of apologizing.

javabeans: I do fear for the day Exo starts acting, though. We may just have to avoid those projects wholesale. I’m scared.

girlfriday: We’d have to start writing recaps with blacked-out portions, like the CIA.

javabeans: “This scene would have been improved by [REDACTED] if only the character were [REDACTED].”

girlfriday: Like Mad Libs, but different.

javabeans: I was thinking a libel lawsuit, but you know, potayto potahto.

girlfriday: Now I want to play Mad Libs with an existing recap just to see how it turns out.

javabeans: That could put an entirely new spin on City Hunter. Or Gaksital. “He beats his captive with an adorable bullwhip and then shuts them into the glittery box of nails.”

girlfriday: A bestseller, I tell you.

javabeans: I did enjoy the question of what idols we would cast in our own drama, though (once we got past the initial answer of not casting any and then being made to revise that to “If you HAD to cast an idol…”). My first thought was to cast over-the-hill former idols to be our a-dols (Ajusshi Idols), which by the way still has to happen. ONE DAY.

girlfriday: Dude, Rain’s out of army and everything. It can happen!

javabeans: But I think our choice to go with Yoochun and Seung-gi (admittedly he’s a stretch as an idol, but we’re working with what we’ve got here!) was pretty golden. UEE and IU could play their girlfriends or sisters, and they could be in love.

girlfriday: Yes, with each other. Brokeback Idol. That’s our final answer.

javabeans: DRAMA CONTRACT, PLZ. *grabby hands*

girlfriday: After the panel, we got treated to dinner by gracious beanies hjkomo and cherkell (thanks!) and had brunch with Soompi and Viki the next day.

javabeans: Well, the people, not the websites. We’re not into that kind of thing, you know.

girlfriday: Dirty!

javabeans: It probably sounds all official to say that Dramabeans, Soompi, and Viki met together when really we were just cracking idol jokes the whole time and talking about the ending of You From Another Star.

girlfriday: And drinking bloody marys. Er, okay, so WE were drinking bloody marys and they were drinking coffee like normal people do at eleven in the morning.

javabeans: And then we wrote posts in the airport Starbucks and recapped on the plane, of course.

girlfriday: Of course. I consider it a huge success that we didn’t work after the panel, though that might have something to do with the wine.

javabeans: Look, if the hotel vending machines didn’t want to sell us water, what else were we supposed to drink, huh??

girlfriday: See, we tried. The universe just didn’t want it that way.

javabeans: It really would be nice not to work on our trips though, which is one of the reasons we wanted to bring on more recappers, so that we could offload some of the day-to-day recapping duties. Once we’re done with boot camp, that is, which is its own beast. I’m contemplating not taking my computer to our Harvard trip next month, but I do honestly think that might give me the shakes.

girlfriday: You’re going to leave your desk and not bring a computer?? Does not compute.

javabeans: …of course it doesn’t, without a computer. Badum-ching! (That bad pun was all yours.)

girlfriday: Your fault for taking the bait.

javabeans: Oh, so blame the victim, huh? That is serial killer logic. Murderer!

girlfriday: Some puns don’t deserve to live.


210 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Peeps

    With EXO, when the day comes, I think it’s best not to make a peep.

    But lol. Are you sure that there are no more good idol-turned-actors other than YooChun and SeungGi (He’s technically a triple threat and not and idol but I’ll give you this one.)? What about Baby V.O.X.’s Yoon EunHye and SES’s Eugene. I thought Jung EunJi did well enough too. *shrugs*

    I bet all the fan girls were clutching their pearls that day.

    • 1.1 javabeans

      To be more complete, those on our decent-to-good list: Yoochun, Seung-gi, Jung Ryeo-won, Yoon Eun-hye, Eugene, Yoon Kye-sang, Eric, Jo Hyun-jae, Kim Kang-woo, Rain

      Those with potential: UEE, IU, Im Shi-wan, Im Seulong, Siwon, Jung Eun-ji, Seo In-gook, Min Hyo-rin

      • 1.1.1 Abbie

        Everyone on your lest of potentials I like. I think they’re good, though a little rough around the edges.

        But I’ve only seen Rain in his Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin, which was terrible, and I thought he wasn’t that good in it.

        What about Lee Joon of MBLAQ? He looks pretty creepy in those Gap-dong promos and posters. He does an effective job of sending chills down my spine. I’d like to hear your thoughts on him.

        • Hipployta

          Joon was in Ninja Assassin too…”You Shouldn’t Do That!”

          • DDuk

            OMFG yesterday I said “you shouldn’t do that to my sister” and I ended up rolling on the floor laughing so hard because it reminded me of that line…. love it

        • Chandler

          I don’t know about his US releases, but Rain is an awesome actor. I loved him in Sang Do, Let’s go to School and that was his debut project I believe. His acting has made me watch dramas that I probably would have dropped otherwise.

        • mirin

          Rain also did an awesome job in Fugitive Plan B, though I guess that’s one of his lesser known dramas. I couldn’t even tell that he came from an idol/singer background (this was before I really knew any of the major players in the Korean entertainment industry).

        • pogo

          Rain is fantastic in his Korean projects – Sang-doo, Let’s Go To School and A Love to Kill are two of his standouts, back in the early-mid 2000s.

          • Kiara

            That vomit kiss with Shin Min-ah totally ruined any chance of me ever watching ALTK again. So gross ….

        • FY Tapri

          u haven’t watched “Full House”? O.M.G that was the drama that solidified his acting career…

      • 1.1.2 Hipployta

        I need Heechul and Kangin on the possible list…and Siwon…because of King of Dramas LOL

        • Chandler

          haha yeah I would put Siwon on there. His comedic delivery is golden.

      • 1.1.3 trotwood

        What about Yoon Doo Joon? I just finished watching Let’s Eat, and I thought he was really good in it. I did not even know he was in a group (BEAST) until my daughter mentioned it.

        • EB

          Yoon Doo Joon was adorable. In fact that whole drama was adorable and the food…makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Too bad it hasn’t gotten as much recognition.

        • dfwkimchi

          Agreed. I was looking for his name on Potential list too. First time for me to see Doo Joon in drama but he sure added to the fun in Let’s Eat. A fun series all around n the food porn was awesome!

          • GL

            same here, after watching Let’s eat got to know DooJoon is a member of Beast and ‘troublemaker’ is there song 🙂 DooJoon has great potential he killed the role in Let’s eat and I totally liked his stunt scenes in IRIS2.

        • Dorotka

          Same for me. I have just finished the drama and when I looked up Yoon Doo Joon to see his other project I was really surprised to find out that he is a BEAST member…
          Though the BEAST music doesn’t tell me anything (sorry BEAST’s fans), he was definitely good in his role in Let’s Eat, loved his food-lectures :–)

      • 1.1.4 panshel

        Im Si Wan is the best actor in ZE:A, but Park Hyung Shik and Kim Dong Jun are good, too. Hwang Kwang Hee should just never act again.

        • pogo

          oh yeah, Do-joon was good in Girl K.

          Totally agree that Kwang-hee should never act again, though. I’ve seen Vampire Idol, and he was bad enough in that, though not Yunho/Taecyeon levels of bad.

          • TS

            In Vampire Idol, it didn’t matter. Kwang Hee just had to Diva-up.

      • 1.1.5 pogo

        re: potential, what about Sooyoung and Yoona (SNSD), Eunjung (T-ara), Park Hyung-shik (Nine, Heirs), and BoA (that Expect To Date drama special)? Also Han Groo (Girl K, Can We Get Married – though she is now an ex-idol).

        There’s also a bunch of idols floating around doing small pars in dramas – not leads yet – who have been decent enough in those parts, like Hyoyoung from School 2013/Best Love (cute tomboy in one, bitchy idol princess in the other) and Minah from, I think, Girls’ Day? (she was in Vampire Idol as the ditzy maknae and then in Master’s Sun as a mean girl, and did all right).

        But you’re a braver woman than I, telling a roomful of k-ent fans, however gently, that their oppa is a terrible actor.

        • pogo

          oh, and to add to the list – what about the kids from Monstar? Junhyung was perfect as Seol-chan, it takes talent to make me root for him when Kang Haneul is the alternative love interest lol.

          • Chamewon

            In Monstar, there were 2 idols. While Yong Jun Hyung was praised for his acting, how about Dahee? She was the member of GLAM, the one who portrayed Kim Nana. Was she decent there?

        • ilikemangos

          Totally agree on sooyoung; she’s probably my favorite in terms of potential idol-actresses.
          Eunjung is another one that not many people think of, but she put in a better performance in Dream High over suzy, and it didn’t look like she had trouble with those crying scenes, so i wouldn’t mind if she came back to dramaland after the failed five fingers in a secondary/side character or something.
          Junhyung was perfect as seol-chan, but it was a carbon copy of his idol persona to an extent so he nailed it.
          Still has potential.

          • pogo

            Eunjung actually started out as a child actress, pre-idol days – she played a younger version of Shin Mina in a movie. And she is a good actress, at the very least she can deliver what is needed in a scene. Shame the bullying scandal put an end to her prospects as lead for a while, though – what was done to her with Five Fingers was unfair.

          • TS

            And JYP in Dream High 2. He wasn’t any good though.
            Park Kahi acted as well, but pretty much as I would expect her to act as leader of After School and all-around queen bee at Pledis.

        • rearwindow

          OMG, I had no idea that Han Groo was in Can We Get Married! I might have to give that a try since I’m such a fangirl of hers from Girl K. I remember being disappointed at the time that I couldn’t watch her in anything else. Glad to hear she’s getting work.

          • birdscout

            She was also in Warm Hearted Words recently. Her character was a bit bratty, but I haven’t finished watching the drama yet so not sure if she’s *good* in it.

          • pogo

            omg you should watch Can We Get Married! It’s a great drama, it really is.

            The mothers will drive you up the wall, but it does a great job of running parallel stories about four very different relationships, and Han Groo really impressed me (no mean feat, considering the rest of the cast).

      • 1.1.6 DMJ

        How about T.O.P and Lee John? are they considered as idol-turned-actors category?

        I really enjoy watching T.o.p’s acting in Commitment (albeit the un-compelling storyline). I like his acting best in 71: into the fire though..

      • 1.1.7 Rene


        Joo Won was once an idol too. He was in a group Freeze or Freese that debut at the same time with Big Bang but did not go well and he then seriously started his musical.

        Surprise.. Surprise 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Khaada

          How can we forget hwang jung eum. She is awesome.

      • 1.1.8 Aigoooo

        I think Min Doo Hee has potential. I like IU but she needs to work on her facial expressions more. Too many of that frozen look while crying. Lee Hong Ki’s doing good work over at Bride of the Century.

      • 1.1.9 Savannah

        What about Kim Hyun Joong? I think he’s got potential right? He’s improved a lot over the past couple of years

        • emma

          i think dramabeans list is fair n quite accurate.

          cant believe someone suggest kim hyun joong.someone shd just send him to acting school for a while.

          and yep,i wouldnt touch exo with a ten foot pole.

      • 1.1.10 plumseed

        Out of curiosity, who were some of the idols that were on your other list?

      • 1.1.11 petmink

        What about the girls from the reply series. Aren’t they idols too?

      • 1.1.12 Annnsow

        I would put Eunji in the good list, she’s 10x better than 70% of the actresses of her age out there tbh.
        K I’ve seen her only in Answer me but I totally fell in love lol.

      • 1.1.13 Minitwin

        I think it’s really weird that people aren’t mentioning Han Seung Yeon from Kara. She’s staring in a mini-drama right now and she played one of the people in prison in secret.

      • 1.1.14 informantxgirl

        I’d add Infinite’s Hoya to that list because goodness, he knocked it out of the park on his first try with Reply 1997, but he hasn’t had a drama since then…makes me wonder. I love L, seriously, but uh, why does that dude have 5 dramas under his belt when he (said with love) couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag? I mean, even Sunggyu has 2 dramas on his resume (cameos, true, but still), and he couldn’t act his way out a room with six dozen open windows. Just sayin’. (He’s my bias, but I would not cast him a drama. Not unless he was playing a rock. And even then…) Why doesn’t the guy with the decent debut get another crack at it?

      • 1.1.15 nabi

        what about Big bang Top? is he not decent? i hope he can wow you and make to the list … ^__^

      • 1.1.16 jinrakfan

        my fav on the list!! yeayyyy!!! yoochun, eugene. yes, i agree, they are good. ^^

        i do agree, IU has a potential to be good… i like her on drama pretty man with jang geun seok.

        i think siwon is not idol turned actor. he is an actor before become an idol. i saw him on drama: 18 vs 29, played as young male lead that very famous at high school.

      • 1.1.17 Kiara

        Kim Kang-woo and Jung Ryeo-won are my fav from the decent to good list.

        Love Siwon from the potential list. I just wish he’d do more sageuks or He’s got this infectious smile that lights up the screen.
        I think Jung Eun-ji has a lot of potential to be great. She’s natural for a noobie.

      • 1.1.18 capricorn

        I think Lee Hong Ki (Jeremy You Are Beautiful) has a lot potential …by the 4th episode he won me over…he does a good job with his character and a complete contrast of Jeremy as Kang Ju in Bride of the Century

      • 1.1.19 Dam

        Jung ryeo won, love her acting!

    • 1.2 yoyoyo

      this is quite random but remember jang nara???
      is/was she an idol?

      • 1.2.1 neyrie

        she was an idol… I love her!
        but I can never put her in good maybe she can be in the potential to be good…

  2. topper

    I would watch Brokeback Idol. Yes, with Yoochun and Seunggi.

    • 2.1 topper

      And I left out, what about a list of model turn actors?
      Lee Soo Hyuk comes to mind for bad, he’s terrible so far.

      • 2.1.1 Chandler

        There’s also Sung Joon and Lee Min Ki and they’re awesome. Also Kim Woo Bin I believe…

      • 2.1.2 Joy

        Oooh there are a lot of model turned actors. Lee Min Ho, Sung Joon, Woo Bin, Jong Suk, Song Yi’s little brother, Lee Kwang Soo, etc.

        And I don’t think Lee Soo Hyuk was that bad. I saw him in Shark. He was ok.

      • 2.1.3 pogo

        Lee Soo-hyuk’s actually not bad, he’s at least tolerable to watch and listen to unlike some idols (my standards for how bad acting has to be for me to consider it ‘bad’ involve selected members of 2PM, DBSK and Miss A). He does lack the spark of Kim Woo-bin and Sung Joon, but I don’t mind if he keeps acting in an effort to improve.

      • 2.1.4 kooriyuki

        Dearies, please not forget Song Jae Rim in this list. He’s awesome, do we all not agree? =p

        • Aigoooo

          The best model turned actor.. Cha Seung Won

          • pogo

            oooh if we’re talking 35+, there’s also So Ji-sub.

  3. Kelinci biru

    Aaah, here I am thinking that the only idol that were acceptable was IU and Jung Eunji. I don’t think Yoochun even average. *ducks

    Yeah, I am still wishing that somehow they change Taec in Wonderful Days. I kinda like him in Cinderella Sister when he was just adorable. His character in Wonderful Days tried to show more layer, but yeah, he was not there yet.

    • 3.1 Chandler

      No I agree with most of them although I agree that Yoochun is probably farther down on my list. I still think he has a lot of potential though.

    • 3.2 mysticmalady

      Totally agree about Taec in Wonderful Days, he seems to be the weakest link in that awesome drama. I get what he is trying to portray, but it looks as though he thinks that furrowed eyebrows = looking cool/angry/disappointed/sad/any other negative emotion.

      There. I said it. *hides*

      That doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to idols…just please cast those that can act or show potential! I would add FT Island’s Lee Hongki and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon to the list of people with potential, but I’m struggling to think of other idols…

      • 3.2.1 pogo

        most of the other idols with potential seem to be off working smaller supporting roles to build up experience (or alternatively, don’t have agencies keen to shove them into a lead role asap no matter how bad they suck at acting *coughJYPcough*)

        • mysticmalady

          oh yes, if the idols wanted to act, I would much rather they start with bit roles in daily dramas so that they can learn to act.

          They should also make it a rule that the idols pass the audition for the part just like all the other actors/actresses, rather than relying on the power of their big agencies to push them into dramas…

        • Alisonn

          Why is it that everytime there is a mention of Taecyeon all you do is choose to bring him down? You really need to stop, or at least do your research before you start bad mouthing people. Who Are You didn’t flop. Just because you don’t know about cable ratings, doesn’t mean a show doesn’t do well. If you’re over 1% for cable ratings it’s considered a decent drama. Most of Who Are You was over 1% and it’s average is also definitely over. It’s not just Taec’s fault the drama wasn’t a hit considering the storyline was mediocre and most of the characters were borderline to extremely bland.
          Also Taec’s first drama role was because he was casted. So it wasn’t the power of the company….

        • pogo

          @Alison – short answer – because he is quite possibly the worst actor I’ve ever seen in anything k-ent related. And contrary to what you claim, ratings falling below 1 percent for the final episode, even for cable, indicate the audience is not as into him as his agency would like to think.

          As long as he continues to suck at acting, I’m damn well going to keep calling out his lack of talent and undeserved opportunities. There is no shortage of young actors and even idols in South Korea with genuine acting ability, that he has to keep getting roles. If you don’t like it, go find the nearest Taecyeon fansite and whine and blame other people for his terrible performances there.

      • 3.2.2 kelinci biru

        About Taec: Me too. I know what he’s trying to act but unfortunately not by his acting, mostly by the surrounding and me thinking.

      • 3.2.3 Ann

        Poor Taec has too many scenes with Lee Seo Jin to ever get credit for better acting in Wonderful Days. I am still loving the drama, though.

    • 3.3 pogo

      all I can think when taecyeon pops up in Wonderful Days is, this role would have been SO MUCH BETTER in the hands of an actor whose eyes are not perpetually blank.

      • 3.3.1 ilikemangos

        It’s a shame, because his character is one that I find really interesting and complex.
        In the hands of another actor, he could’ve really elevated the character.

        • pogo

          I just wonder who JYP is bribing to get him roles in these dramas, it’s not like Lee Kyung-hee isn’t a ratings hit in her own right. And his last drama flopped (ratings under 1 percent for the finale are bad, even for cable)

          Choosing Taecyeon for a role in a drama like Wondeful Season when they could have had literally any half-decent young actor in Korea is kind of the acting-world equivalent of sending a moldy rag down the runway at a couture show.

          • liz

            maybe they casted him not because the drama wouldn’t do good on korea but to sell overseas, popular idols help a lot.

          • pogo

            @liz – I would really like to see the receipts on this mythical ‘overseas’ money that completely talentless idols reportedly attract by being cast in dramas where they look like they’re struggling to remember the PD’s instructions. I get it with maybe Yoona or Yoochun, but Taecyeon?

            I strongly doubt that the Japanese (or whichever nation they’re selling overseas rights to) are stupid enough to keep falling for it.

          • Sunny

            @liz There’s no way that the drama would NOT be popular in South Korea.

            Ojakgyo Brothers, My Daughter Seo Young, Wang’s Family, You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin (which did poorly by KBS’ standards).

            What do all of these dramas have in common?

            The same broadcast station, timeslot, and very good ratings.

            Considering who the writer is, nothing could make this drama flop. Not even a supporting actress who did drugs in the past.

          • skelly

            pogo, I have been wondering the same thing about Taecyeon and how he keeps getting these parts – what does JYP have on these directors? Does he know about their secret male lovers/ second family in Pago Pago/ties to the mob?
            No one says he is a good actor except for fangirls with pecs dancing before their eyes – so how does he keep getting these gigs?
            Actually, I would love to know the negotiations that go on to get any of these idols in a show, but especially the ones with a proven track record of sucktastity. Do they have some sort of Marketing data that shows that x number of fangirls + y number of site hits = z ratings percentage points? Do they promise that the actor’s band will take part in promos or otherwise shill for the show and engage in other sorts of PPL? (Drink this swill! My bandmate on this show is drinking this swill, and he just loves it!) Since talent doesn’t seem to have much to do with it, my imagination can go wild as to how casting actually works.

        • Khaada

          Watching episode 3 now and was thinking that if they had a ‘proper’ actor there could be so much more added emotion to the drama. I definitely agree that taecyeon’s character is a very interesting character, but what can we do lets hope he gets better.

      • 3.3.2 dfwkimchi

        Afer watching 7 episodes of the drama – i agree. Someone wrote on this site a fesw weeks ago thst Taec’s ears were distracting – i found that to be soooo true! but when his scenes arde cringe worthy i just look at his ears!

        hopefully his sunbaes on the show came coach him further on his scenes.

      • 3.3.3 Kelinci Biru

        Everytime he’s in a scene, I keep thinking all Yoon Jae’s (Seo In Guk, reply 1997) expression. Its similar role, IMO, immature and quick tempered. Taec maybe a little bit more than Yoon Jae, but all necessary expression is there.

  4. Kdrama addict from Holland

    Yay! Its odds and ends time! I love this segment every week, it always makes me laugh and i’m looking forward to it. Keep up the good work…

  5. lemondoodle

    You know.

    I wasn’t expecting this when I opened this link. Not that I’m complaining. I think I kind of ship it even. I never knew I wanted this, but now I’m not sure my life will be complete until it happens.

  6. NaidRem

    Bad idol “actors” was the reason i stopped watching Japanese dramas a few years ago. Out of all the million Johnny’s Entertainment idols they put in dramas, maybe one or two are decent actors.

    I hope this doesn’t happen to k-dramas as well. 🙁

    • 6.1 topper

      There are so many jdoramas with so many channels from different locales, I have no problem finding those without johnny idols taking lead roles.

    • 6.2 Gala

      Hmm… They release one or two (three the most) dramas in one season with a Johnny. Unfortunately, sometimes excellent Japanese dramas, especially recent ones, don’t get subbed quickly. But tbh, I can list more than five good actors from Johnny. But hey, my standard might be different from yours.

  7. JoAnne

    I am sitting in the laundromat peering over the top of my trifocals laughing like a LOON and everyone is staring at me and I can’t even explain it to them because these are not KDrama people.

  8. klir

    Yoochun and Top are only male idols i consider solid actors , they are not great but they can hold their own. I don`t consider Lee Seunggi an idol.

    From female actors i guess i like Uee, Yoona and Eunji. IU is kinda annoying but she is not a bad actress and i didn`t like Sooyoungs character in CDA, but she was ok.

    Other than that i can`t think of anybody else i would watch.TVXQ guys, Taecyeon,Yongwha ,Suzy, Kim Hyun Jung etc. i`m sorry i tried, i gave them more than one chance , it`s just not working.

    • 8.1 Windsun33

      The first time I saw Yoona and IU in a drama, I was thinking WTF, but the last shows with them were actually fairly decent acting.

      On the other end, I have yet to think of an actress worse than Suzy.

      • 8.1.1 Joy

        Well Yuri and Jessica were pretty bad in Fashion King and Wild Romance (sones pls dont hurt me).

      • 8.1.2 DMJ

        I agree with Suzy. I cannot finished Dream High 1 because I cringe every time I watch her poor acting. But I must admit that I just skip the scene to Kim Soo Hyun.. lol.

    • 8.2 Anvesha

      Yoona.. I feel her acting is so bland.
      Taec.. awful in Who Are You. I braved through it for ghosty.
      Suzy, omg no.. After the last drama, I’ll avoid anything she’s in.

      Usually idol actors here and there don’t bother me since they are just.. there. But if they have a main role, they should at least be decent.

    • 8.3 DMJ

      I have to add Kristal from f(x) because she made a decent job in Heirs. I like her character and she seems quite natural with her acting.. She has long way to prove it though..

    • 8.4 DeeDee315

      Agree, T.O.P. has been pretty good.

    • 8.5 Gg

      Yes, sooyoung was pretty good in CDA. As someone who is not interested in Kpop, I didn’t know who she was at first and was surprised to find out that she’s a member of SNSD.

      • 8.5.1 beybay

        The same happened to me! I watched CDA because I liked the Flower Boy dramas and ended up becoming a Sooyoung fan. I think she’s a natural. I’d like to see her in more dramas so I can tell if I’m crazy or not.

  9. rofl

    yes for brokeback-dol with seung gi and yoochun

    but korea wont like . their textbook perfect nations boy who’s in love with his Ideal girl will flip tables too see him being all brokebacky with a fellow male idol

  10. 10 Giegie

    My first time commenting here but I’ve been reading your O&E post for a few weeks now and it always makes me laugh and smile, the post above is by far the funniest for me. And I couldn’t agree more with you about Yuchoon & Seung Gi. ^^ and so yes to Brokeback Idol idea.😉 Off to read again. ^^

  11. 11 jomo

    They DID invite you to add a little realism salt to the discussions. The people who planned it know you website, and have read your opinions.

    Love the idea of having KPOPCON-safe redacted recaps. Made me LOL.

    YKS, in my opinion, is the least idol like, meaning I see very little stiffness or “acting” from him – even back in WAY days. I can’t count KKW as an idol. It just isn’t possible.

    Oh MY mortification. I would say Poor Kim Kang Woo if I thought his acting skills equaled his rapping skills. But OMG OMG he was soooooo embarrassed.
    The worst (or best) part was the absolute JOY Han Hye Jin had torturing KKW. The second she brought it up, his eyes went UT-OH! Her lead in lasted long enough for him to squirm in fear, and then, BAM, hit him with the video.
    His binocular hands didn’t prevent us from seeing it, did they?

    How beautiful is that man, anyway? I must be totally in love because I believe the sun shines out of his orifices when I look at him. ** sigh **

    Kim Soo Hyun isn’t technically an idol, but he trained as one, didn’t he? And chose the acting track instead.

    • 11.1 topper

      I think Kim Soo Hyun is in danger of becoming an actor turn idol. Being idolize as a sex symbol and becoming the next Won Bin.

      • 11.1.1 pogo

        considering how beloved Won Bin is in SK, that might not be a bad thing.

    • 11.2 ilikemangos

      From what information i was able to gather, KSH mother recommended and gave KSH the push to go into acting from the onset, due to his shyness. He did some school plays and musicals in the earlier day and then went into acting because that was his ultimate dream.
      The whole idol training for 3(?) months was in preparation for his role in Dream High. He does some singing, but his heart lies within acting.

      • 11.2.1 jomo

        Ahh..Thanks for clearing that up.

    • 11.3 pogo

      speaking of actors who trained as idols but opted out, Lee Jong-seok spent 3 months training with SM when he was younger but they kicked him out because he couldn’t dance, lol.

      • 11.3.1 koko

        I just LOVE that noona killer, Jong-Seok! He also can’t sing. He said that though he tried to sing for his part in Secret Garden, they had to dub in someone else’s voice. No probs…. he just has to stand there (preferable next to Kim Woo Bin) and look good!

  12. 12 risa

    Loving the Odds and Ends posts! I hope boot camp pays off soon and that you’re able to discover that work-free travel is really a thing.

    I’d seen the Jo Hyun Jae clip before, but not the Kim Kang Woon one– it cracked me up was how Han Hye Jin’s cheeks turned red from second-hand embarrassment.

    Mad-lib recaps is a genius idea– when do we get to play?

  13. 13 Abbie

    When the boys of Exo start acting, I will be very worried, although isn’t D.O. supposed to be in a drama soon? I want to believe SOME of them will be good, but others I can just tell won’t be, like *ducks behind chair in terror* Sehun. His face is always so bland and emotionless in real life, I can’t imagine what he’d be like if trying to act. Sorry, Sehun fans, just my opinion. I do like him!

    But D.O. I think would be good. He’s quiet, sure, but when he opens his mouth to sing I’m always blown away. I know being a good singer doesn’t compute to being a good actor, but I have faith in my Kyung-soo. I HOPE he’s good and gets better. EXO (and D.O.) fighting!

    • 13.1 Alex

      the members actually say that out of the 12, sehun is one of the better actors…

      i mean, his neutral face is definitely cold and bland, but when he speaks and interacts with the other members he actually makes the weirdest of facial expressions xD

  14. 14 Waiting

    Javabeans and GirlFriday…podcast request!

    Please, oh pretty please…can you do a drunken podcast with mad libs?

    “girlfriday: Like Mad Libs, but different.

    javabeans: I was thinking a libel lawsuit, but you know, potayto potahto.

    girlfriday: Now I want to play Mad Libs with an existing recap just to see how it turns out.

    javabeans: That could put an entirely new spin on City Hunter. Or Gaksital. “He beats his captive with an adorable bullwhip and then shuts them into the glittery box of nails.””

    That would so make my day! Or you can ask us suggestions for words and then post the results. Not that you all have a lot to do already but this could be a new standard post like the Oh Snap!

  15. 15 neyrie

    As for me here is my list

    good idol-turned-actors/actresses:
    Yoon Kye Sang, Jung rye Won, Lee seungGi, Eric, Eugene,Yoon Eun Hye, YooChun, Hwang Jung Eum, Uhm JungHwa, Jo Hyun-jae, Kim Kang-woo, Rain in the list

    Has potential:
    TOP, UEE, IU, Son HoJun, Im Siwan, Im SeuLong, Min Hyorin, Seo In Guk, Lee Joon, Lee Hongki, Yoon DooJoon, Sohn Hojun, Siwon, EunJung, JinYoung

    Improving but still in a very turtle pace that I am so getting bored and this close to putting in the bad list:
    Sooyoung, HyunJoong, Yoona

    Bad, just bad:
    YunHo, Taecyeon, Changmin, Sandara, Yuri, Jessica, Krystal, Thunder, YongHwa, Seungyeon, Hara, Suzy, Nam Gyuri, Kang Min Kyung, L

    Special Mention:
    Eun Jiwon – I just love him as Hakchan!
    Yong JunHyung – he was just made to be SeolChan
    Jung Eunji – i love her as shiwon but i keep feeling her as shiwon even in TWTWB
    JYP – can he be considered as an idol? cause even if he isn’t I just want to add him here cause He wins points for being memorable in dream high…

    and the others… well I just don’t remember them….

    • 15.1 Chandler

      I like the ones you added to the good list and the has potential list. Doo Joon was very enjoyable in Let’s Eat and I am liking Hongki right now (and will forever love him as Jeremy).

      I could probably put YongHwa in the improving list if only because he doesn’t annoy me like some of the others in the bad list. Maybe there should be a list for idols that are bad and yet oddly still rather enjoyable.

      I’d also still put Eunji in the has potential list. I just thought about it, and I’m not sure where to put Go Ara…I liked her in Answer Me, but I’m not sure if I can put her in the potential list yet.

      • 15.1.1 Waiting

        I’ll second Yoon Doo Joon. He did a nice job on Let’s Eat.

      • 15.1.2 DeeDee315

        If they don’t bring him along too fast and give him time, Kang Min Hyuk is going to be the acting talent from CNBlue. YongHwa just plays the same character over and over.

        • dfwkimchi

          yeah forgot about Ming Hyuk. He actually did a decent job in My Husband Got a Family/Unexpected You. only saw him in Heirs for a couple of episodes before i dropped the series.

        • panshel

          I think everyone agrees Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin are the acting talents from CN Blue. Jung Yong Hwa is improving, but his popularity, not acting skills, is what gets him lead roles.

          • coby

            Yonghwa will be perfect in a variety but not in a drama. Or maybe if he gets a character that is closest to his character he will be better… but but.. its not acting at all!

        • mysticmalady

          I like FNC’s strategy to put Min Hyuk and Jung Shin in daily dramas as minor characters to help them develop their acting skills.

          For Yong Hwa, I have a feeling that they are banking on his popularity of You’re Beautiful to get him into lead roles when he honestly doesn’t have the acting chops yet to carry a drama. That said, he did seem to improve in Mirae’s choice (the mess of a script is a different story…)

          As for Jong Hyun….I cringed watching AGD. He might be my fave member but please stick to singing and composing for everyone’s sake!

        • koko

          Thanks for saying it. I just don’t get it with YongHwa.

          • skelly

            I think it is the nice factor. Idols like Yonghwa and Suzy, they have this reputation (I refuse to say it is real, I think that just about all idol personalities are manufactured) as nice people, so no one wants to criticize them because it would be like kicking a puppy or crushing a butterfly.

            Being a mean old lady, though, I see no correlation between their putative personalities and their acting abilities, so I have no problem talking about how terrible they are.

      • 15.1.3 neyrie

        I was actually debating with myself whether to add Yonghwa at improving or bad list…. he did improve but bad points goes to me hating Mirae’s choice… so there is that!!!

        Is Go Ara an idol, hmmnn, I’ve always thought idols are the ones that start as singer idols that turned to drama afterwards but that is not Ara. She did train and was supposed to be a member of SNSD but she primarily debuted as an actress, before doing some ear-scratching songs… so I don’t really call her an idol… but if she is in the idol category… She was really Ggggggoooodddd in answer me 1994 but her past projects were really not outstanding, so she has potential!

        I think I can make that one, bad yet still enjoyable”
        Sun Woong (TOUCH) just because I love her/him *haha* in Ma Boy
        Kikwang, enjoyable yet still urghhh…
        Jiyeon, i t-ara has so many hater but i just enjoy watching her especially in Jungle Fish 2

      • 15.1.4 j2hr

        is Go Ara idol? she is from SM, but i think she and Lee Yeon Hee are labeled as actress from the beginning

    • 15.2 Windsun33

      I actually thought that Yoona did pretty good in Prime Minister and I. I pretty much agree with the rest of your list (of those I have seen and paid attention to, which is not all of them).

    • 15.3 pogo

      I actually think Sooyoung and Yoona (especially Sooyoung) belong in the good list now, Sooyoung’s quite a natural at acting even if her drama was forgettable, and Yoona improved hugely between projects.

      And Krystal belongs in the good list too, at least she’s somewhat expressive and has good comic timing and delivery. She may not have a whole lot to do, but what she does, she does effectively and she held her own against the cast of Heirs – she’s not deserving of being compared to Suzy or even her own sister for acting ability (because those two suck)

      • 15.3.1 gia

        Oh! I liked Krystal in The Heirs! I would have found her character annoying [on paper] but she actually made Bo Na quite likeable! 😀

        • pogo

          yeah, she was the most fun of all the Heirs female characters, for me. I thought she was good in High Kick, but she nailed every scene she had in Heirs plus had adorable chemistry with her costars (not just Kang Min-hyuk, though they were that drama’s best OTP)

          she’s got real potential, as long as SM realizes it and gives her more chances at acting instead of relentlessly promoting her group’s ‘visual’, Sullli, as the actress.

          • megumi

            i don’t get what the big deal about krystal is, maybe it’s because i hated Heirs and hated every character within that drama, there is not much difference between Krystal and Suzy to be honest, maybe Krystal is teeny bit better than Suzy, when i first came upon Krystal in High Kick, i didn’t know beforehand that she was an idol but as soon as i saw her act i could tell she was an idol just by her way of acting, later when i checked her name i found out she was indeed an idol, i suspected her to be an idol because her acting was very similar to Suzy’s acting.

    • 15.4 koko

      I like the Special Mention list. It points out how good casting can make both the character and actor endearing. Noticed there’s no mention of MinHo and Sulli. Those two, along with YunHo and ChangMin should just stop acting. I love watching MinHo… but he should stick to variety shows.

  16. 16 tinkersay

    wait I don’t think lee seung gi is an idol.

    or is there any difference between solo singer and idol. aren’t idol means those who belong to group band i am confused.??

    I admit i first came to know about seung gi by his dramas thought he was an actor ,then surprisingly found out oh he’s ballad singer too. and then again Oh he can host and does variety too. LOL

    anyway park yoochun +seung gi = drama heaven ., count me in. 🙂

    • 16.1 dfwkimchi

      If single singer is considered, then Lee Ji Hoon is on the good list. He was wasted in Lee Soon Shin You’re the Best drama but he is pretty good.

    • 16.2 crazyahjumma fan

      Seunggi is technically NOT an idol, but I think GF and JB put his name down cos they were desperate – couldn’t find many genuine idols to put down in the ‘decent to good’ list.

  17. 17 Hipployta

    LOL…EXO’s DO or rather Do Kyungsoo has a drama and a movie coming up…I would say you can avoid but it’s the Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung drama…LOL

    Personally I can repeatedly watch EXO’s Duizhang Kris being confused and cute in the SNSD tour video LOL

  18. 18 panshel

    Were the first generation idols on your nice list? Yoon Eun Hye, Sung Yuri, Eugene, and my personal favorite Yoon Kye Sang have all grown from their idol past and are mainly known as actors now.

    My favorite current acting-dol is Jung EunJi.

  19. 19 Laura

    sbs should plan a seung gi cameo in 3days to kinda introduce you’re all surrounded, I mean they’re all cops

    • 19.1 crazyahjumma fan

      Good idea! It would also be a smooth transition to YAAS.

  20. 20 Joy

    I feel like a lot of idols are one hit wonders in dramas. Like Suzy was great in DH but really bad in GFB. Baro was adorable in R1994 but really awkward in 14 Days. L in SUFBB and then in Master’s Sun (/cringe/).
    Idk. I really think they should just stop casting idols in dramas unless they have a superb talent for acting. There are so many other rookie actors with potential and yet they give it away to these privileged idols.

    • 20.1 Rushie

      I’m enjoying L as the awesome voice of reason secretary in Cunning, Single Lady so is it safe to say his acting has improved? I didn’t really notice his acting that much in Master’s Sun, didn’t really enjoy the drama anyway so there was that.

      • 20.1.1 pogo

        L’s best performance ever was in Shut Up Flower Boy Bad – his line delivery is cringeworthy sometimes, in Sly and Single again, but he does have the expressions down even if he just looks like a cocky teenager sometimes.

        SUFBB actually worked really well with that aspect of him, and is the drama that makes me hope he’ll get better.

    • 20.2 dmohican14

      I think Suzy’s always been bad, it was just the Dream High writers knew how to write around it.

      • 20.2.1 ilikemangos

        They did poke fun of hye-mi’s robotic line delivery which many of us found endearing. Like they weren’t trying to sell that suzy could act.

      • 20.2.2 pogo

        yeah, the writers of her projects are very careful not to give her anything she can’t do, acting-wise (which is most things aside from basically playing herself). And even then she can’t sell it.

    • 20.3 Kdramas

      I think Baro is decent in GG. Sure he hasn’t had much to do but he’s not OTT or cringe-worthy. His portrayal reminds me of a bit of RSR in Miracle in cell #7 (at least his voice).

      • 20.3.1 ilikemangos

        Baro is decent and inoffensive to me in GG. I see nothing wrong. It’s only when they over-act that i cringe.
        Playing a character with a mental disability is always a sensitive topic and people become uncomfortable with that prospect, be it someone experienced in acting or not.

    • 20.4 Yammy

      I agree, as much as I like infinite and their songs, L was horrible on Master’s Sun. I keep wishing someone else played JJW’s young self role…like Yoo seung Ho(!) since he looks a lot like So jisub AND can act. But that was probably a fool’s dream, especially with YSH gone in the army by the time of the drama…

  21. 21 Rushie

    See, I’m not really a Kpop gal, but since I’m just coming off the Protect the Boss train, I would like to add that Jaejoong is pretty good at acting. And I think Lee Hong-ki is fabulous too. Loved him in YAB all his adorable energizer bunnyness and loving him in BotC. I never understood the point of the original Brokeback Mountain probably because I was never able to finish watching so I really don’t understand what the appeal of Brokeback Idol would be.

    • 21.1 pogo

      yeah, Lee Hong-ki is doing excellently now, and showed real promise in You’re Beautiful – I still remember his half-crying, half-singing scene on the bus. I wish his agency promoted him a little more as an actor, though I’m happy to see him in a lead role now.

      • 21.1.1 DeeDee315

        Does Hong-ki count? He was a child actor, way before he was an idol.

        • Abbie

          Gyuri of Kara was a child actress too. And she’s a terrible actress. I count her as an idol-singer because, even though she acted as a child, she’s an idol now. So, I count Hong-ki as an idol-actor, too, though he’s way better than Gyuri is at acting. And I think he’s improving a lot and just getting better and better.

        • capricorn

          good point…i forgot about that

      • 21.1.2 coby

        i love it when Hong-ki cries…

    • 21.2 Niki

      No to Jaejoong. But i give props to Hong Ki as he’s wonderful in Bride of the Century. He’s good in emotional scenes.

      Jaejoong though, was horrible when i last saw him in Dr. Jin and Codename Jackal. I love seeing him on variety shows though (always spot on with the comeback, jokes deliveries and game for image suicide. I get that he’s a heodang like seunggi though this boy can cook but seunggi cant. Lol.) and follow him on Insta but acting….no. Just no.

      • 21.2.1 Gala

        In his defence, acting just became necessary since he can’t appear in varieties to promote hi self/jyj. Major props to him for saying he’ll never strive for the main lead territory.

        I really hope jaejoong just focuses on live performing. I’ve attended his solo concerts and he seems very comfortable being alone on stage now. That’s really his niche, live rock performances. Yoochun is the actor in the group, while Junsu is the musical actor.

  22. 22 August

    New to and still learning about KPOP and Korean Idols…

    Yoon Eun-Hye, Park Yoo-Chun, and Lee Seung-Gi are also high on my list of idols (singers) turned actors.

    I was pleased with the acting of BEAST’s Yong Joon-Hyung as the character Yoon Sul-Chan in Monstar.

    I thought BEAST’s Yoon Doo-Joon did a much better job with his acting in Let’s Eat as the character Koo Dae-Young than he did in IRIS 2 as the character Seo Hyun-Woo.

    In Bel Ami (aka Pretty Boy) IU really sold me on her transformation into the character Kim Bo-Tong. It seems like she eased seemlessly into the characters quirky and wacky tendencies. She was decent in You’re The Best Lee Soon-Shin.

    I think Jang Keun-Suk is a decent enough idol turned actor from what I have seen of him in You’re Beautiful and Bel Ami.

    Right now, I am really enjoying FT Island’s Lee Hong-Ki acting in Bride of the Century. He is really selling his current character Choi Kang-Joo.

    The acting of CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-Hwa is definitely improving with each project that he takes on. His acting in Marry Him If You Dare was better than his previous acting in Heartstrings and You’re Beautiful.

    I currently have 2PM’s TaecYeon and Suzy on my list of the worst idols turned actors.

    • 22.1 August

      Oh I forgot to mention…

      Super Junior’s Siwon was really good in King of Dramas and I liked him in Oh! My Lady as well.

      • 22.1.1 Thursdaynexxt

        Loooved Siwon’s perfect comedic timing in KoD – he played it so well – he’ll always be Kang Hyun-min to me!

    • 22.2 whilethemusiclasts

      Jang Geun-suk isn’t an idol though. He started as an actor before he eventually ventured into music.

  23. 23 space kablooie

    I propose a survey the first time you enter drama beans. “Tell us your favorite idol groups!” And then adjust content accordingly.

    For real though, ‘They tried really hard’ is not a valid justification to excuse them from criticism. Nor is saying they’re getting experience. There are plenty of places to learn to act: acting school, small time theater, bit parts, acting school. If you’re a professional- ie. Getting paid to do it, it is quite reasonable to have a standard of-at minimum- competence. There is no legitimate reason, other than for producers to make money off their popularity, for bad actor idols to take big roles in dramas.

    • 23.1 pogo

      Your second para should be made into a standard template response for every time some deluded fangirl acts aggrieved because we think her oppa is shit at acting, and say so. We do get quite a few of those around these parts…

    • 23.2 amber

      Hmm…can’t help comparing to the olden days of 90s to 2000s for the HK/Taiwan idols/actors. Sooo many were cringeworthy actors, eg Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Nicky Wu. All kept getting work cos of looks, n of course much smaller pool of stars back then. Andy especially was bashed for bad acting and singing but always praised for strong work ethic. It took him decades to get good enough and be award winning. Guess what I’m saying is that hard work n resilience can pay off but no longer in this age when there are so many other good looking n competent actors out there.

      • 23.2.1 marie

        awwww andy lau used to be soooo cringworthy and terrible in the 90s XD

        it’s weird that he had some good perfomances in the late 80s — ” boat people” ” unwritten law” “as tears go by“ ” days of being wild”– maybe it all depends on the scriptwriter and directors.

    • 23.3 Windsun33

      I don’t really care much for any idol singing groups. Despite being a k-drama fanatic, there are very few k-pop groups or songs or musical style that I care much for. Perhaps that is because there is so much sameness about most of them, like they all are just coming off of an assembly line.

      I was really struck by this a few days ago when I was cruising YouTube and ran across a couple of videos with the current top 25 or so male and female pop groups. In about 20 of the 25, the only real distinguishing thing about them was the costumes (and I wonder when a couple of the girl groups will just go ahead and start getting totally nekkid instead of 97%). It struck me as all style (increasingly incongruous dance moves for example) and not all that much talent – or if there was talent, it was hidden in the sameness of most of the groups.

      There are some solo artists I like (some who also happen to be or were part of a group, and a couple of groups, but most of them just leave me “meh”. For some reason I just love Lee Hi, maybe because she has a great voice but is totally inept at doing the dance thing 🙂

      This clip is the latest top 30 – it is better than many of the videos because it includes a lot of the solo and indie singers BTW that clip also shows that at least 3 songs from YFAS are still in the top 30.

      But search YouTube k-pop top songs and some of the videos that show only groups get boring really fast.

      • 23.3.1 anubic

        people aren’t into kpop for the music, they’re into it because the idols are cute and pretty and fun and they like to watch them be dumb together. liking their music is just a bonus. yeah, they’re robotic a lot of the time…… but what’re ya gonna do.

  24. 24 whilethemusiclasts

    Know that I’m sitting here, looking at those Yoochun-Seunggi photos, and imagining all the glorious possibilities.

  25. 25 denwanai

    Eric Mun? Shinwha? are you an idol if it was decades ago? Loved him in QSS

    • 25.1 whilethemusiclasts

      Same. I still think that was Eric’s best project to date.

  26. 26 Far

    I think many of the older idols can hold their own as actors. Eg. Shinhwa’s Eric (I thought he was brilliant in Que Sera Sera) and Kim Dong Wan (loved his performance in The Peak and Cheer Up Mr Kim), and god’s Yoon Kye Sang (he set off my second lead syndrome in Best Love ).

    As for the actresses, I think Yoon Eun Hye’s a decent contender. Also, I find Uhm Jung Hwa absolutely fantastic as an actress (love so many of her works!). She would be considered a former idol, no?

  27. 27 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    javabeans – I need a “save this date” for the Harvard trip. I want to make a weekend in Boston out of it, so need a firm date before making hotel reservations.

  28. 28 dmohican14

    I think Ji-yeon from T-ara is pretty decent, I can’t remember the name of the drama she did with Yoo Seung-ho a couple of years ago, but she wasn’t bad.

    • 28.1 panshel

      God of Study. All the teen actors in that drama were excellent.

    • 28.2 mel

      she was the saving grace of Dream High 2. i like her acting and singing far more better in that drama as compared to Kang Sora

  29. 29 Jennipoh

    My favorite idol-turned-actor of all time is Eugene. Watching her, I would’ve never fathom the thought that she used to be part of a popular girlband!

  30. 30 moon

    So who were in your Bad idols-turned-actors list?

  31. 31 soomp

    kim kang woo the idol – my life is complete. BTW I heard that his movie “Tabloid Truth” is very interesting and “does a good job of giving people an idea of what really goes behind the scenes and the connections between politics and the entertainment industry” – according to one of our editors who is pushing to make it required watching for all our writers.

  32. 32 Miky

    From the idols i really like EunJi,Park Hyun Shik,loved him in Sirius,those who didn’t see it must,for me that was his best performace to date and not to rate him based on Heirs,i think he is better than Im Shi Hwan acting wise,at least for me…I liked Doo Joon in Let’s Eat quite a good improvment and Jun Hyung was good in Monstar,i also like IU,i’ll add Seo In Guk as well even if i don’t know if he is a proper idol just like Seung Gi…

  33. 33 Mandy

    LOL that was such a hoot of a post.

    Regarding Yoochun – when I first saw him 4 years ago in SS, I thought he was the worst of the lot. SJK was hilarious and adorable, YAI was angsty in this super intense and romantic way – and he was just… righteous and bland. Then as I kept watching and I ended up liking him eventually. Then he took up some awesome projects with all kinds of different roles, and I could literally see the improvement in every project. I miss you was oh-so-bad, but he was really good in that, I thought. He’s definitely the best in the idol-turned-actor bunch.

    I read some people pulling up JGS’s name – that guy is definitely not an idol-turned-actor; its the other way around. But if he were, he’d be miles ahead. He may pick the worst of worst projects, but he moves me unlike any other person in his generation. I know that IF(major ? there) he picks something good and different, he’ll be one of those who deserves the Baeksang Actor award. That’s just an opinion, so no one has to really agree.

    Regarding Seung-gi – I don’t count him as an idol, but yea… he’s way ahead of a lot of actors in his generations, let alone idol. But I’d do what-not to see him and Yoochun together! 😛

    • 33.1 Aigoooo

      Seunggi is like Mr. Jack of all Trades. You can’t really categorize him coz he does everything equally well.

      • 33.1.1 ilikemangos

        apt description.

      • 33.1.2 crazyahjumma fan

        Lee Seunggi is in a category of his own!

      • 33.1.3 Kiara

        Not sure I like him in sageuks but that’s just me.

    • 33.2 crazyahjumma fan

      See them together in a drama? Yes, but not brokeback style!

  34. 34 Thursdaynexxt

    What about Alex Chu of Clazziquai?

    He’s been in stuff like Pasta, Medical Top Team and I Need Romance (cameo). He hasn’t had any lead roles, but I always like seeing him in any cast 🙂

    • 34.1 liz

      imo he is boring (watched the dramas he were in btw)

      • 34.1.1 Thursdaynexxt

        fair enough, that’s probably quite a common opinion, given his lack of leading guy roles, but he’s a solid supporting cast – and his character in MTT was pretty funny, I thought.

        Apart from his acting, love his songs on OSTs!

  35. 35 lalala

    Of course, a lot of idols has potential but regarding to Yoochun & Seung Gi, for me the reason why both of them are the best idol-actor is not only of their decent acting but roles & genre chosen..Yoochun & Seung Gi both of them played as the main lead and all their projects are worth to watch..
    errr..those YC+SG pics, okay..trying to imagine if they have to act together..

    About Yoochun’s acting, try watching 3 Days guys..he’s excellent portraying Han Tae Kyung..From emotional to badass, he nailed it..

  36. 36 liz

    I think male idols tend to get more acceptance than the girls turned actor…

    Also, lets not forget: Model turned actors. Some suck just as much the idols turned actors however get more love from everyone and an OK pass. I don’t get it.

    I shall not metion those model turned actors or else I might get bashed here since I know they are really loved in this website (there are young ones that just made one or two supportive roles and everyone here starts to scream when he is going to get his leading role and I can’t.)

    As for idol turned actors:

    Lee Seungi: thought he couldn’t play anything more than the jerk brat but after king 2 hearts, I think he can be good when he wants and I really loved him there.

    Yoochun: I think he plays rude/pissed off characters well, but I still want to see if he can play anything more than it…

    Siwan: He was stiff on moon sun but he improved on Equator man and is improving more and more.


    Females idols:

    I think Dohee (reply 1994) can be good with some training.

    Eunji – I also think the same, however I still wonder if she was so good into her role because it was like she is in real life… but I see a natural screen presence.

    Uee: I think Uee is doing fine to be honest, she still bug her eyes too much but if she stops it, she isn’t bad.


    Idols that are lacking but I still don’t mind watching them:

    I know Suzy acting is bad, but I don’t mind watching her, and it is a plus that she can have chemistry with all her co-stars! Idk you but chemistry is one of factor that make me enjoy a kdrama, I can get bad acting if there is good chemistry between leads.

    Sun-Hwa (from secret) she is in god gift 14 days and imo she is harmless.

    Baro: He is also harmless


    Idols I just can’t watch:

    Changmin – he was terrible in paradise ranch and is still bad in Mimi. No. He just doesn’t have screen presence and thinks is shooting a mv.

    Yunho – not only his acting skills lack, his voice is annoying – like his singing voice though XD and he off screen.

    YONG HWA: people say he improved but even if he did I still think he is just bland and lack screen presence, he is boring to watch imo.

    • 36.1 pogo

      I agree that Eun-ji has a very natural screen presence, and for someone who’s literally only done two acting jobs in her life and had such a good debut, she’s quite all right on the acting front. I’m glad she took the supporting role in TWTWB, it’s better for her to gain experience working alongside more experienced costars like JIS, SHK and Kim Bum than go straight into a network lead show if she can’t carry it.

      As for Suzy, she spent all of Gu Family Book looking like Lee Seung-gi’s dongsaeng, they had no romantic chemistry at all. If she has to make JYP money, I wish he’d just book her in for more CFs instead of forcing her down our throats in dramas.

      uee is fine and can be really endearing (now that girl has GREAT chemistry with all her costars except maybe Cha Tae-hyun) but needs to work on her expressions more. I liked her as the bitchy idol in You’re Beautiful, and also in Okakkyo Brothers, but she’s playing Golden Rainbow a little too close to her OB performance, and not as well.

      Yunho….thank god he didn’t do You From Another Star, as threatened. You know the guy is terrible at acting when even his own fans don’t want him to do it, lol.

    • 36.2 Windsun33

      Paradise Ranch was so bad I cannot distinguish whether it was the actors or the show itself 🙂 I never finished it.

  37. 37 blergh

    OK, I’ve been trying to watch Changmin in “Mimi” while reading this post….but great googly moogly, it’s (he’s) soooo bad.

    • 37.1 John

      Mimi was full of WTF-ery, not sure it’s all his fault. What a convoluted storyline. I’d like those 4 hours back please. It didn’t “get better”.

      • 37.1.1 blergh

        You’re right, it was definitely not all his fault. Not much can make up for a drama that’s approximately 50% flashbacks (and some of those were REPEATED flashbacks).

        • John

          Yes the flashbacks had flashbacks. His character was on some sort of medication and it showed. His emotions ran from wooden to mannequin. Zzzz.

  38. 38 Jenn

    I loved all 3 Beast idols in their dramas…Let’s Eat, Monstar, and 20’s (which was such a cute story!)!

    • 38.1 coby

      come to think of it… I enjoyed all acts of idols from Beast.. and I realized that’s when I started liking them and their music.. yay!

      • 38.1.1 whilethemusiclasts

        I agree. I’ve enjoyed the Beast actors in most of their projects. Lee Kikwang was amazing in both “My Friend Is Still Alive” and “20’s”.

  39. 39 mel

    people forgetting Hwang Jung Eum. she was previously a member of girl group ‘Sugar’. HJE was awesome in Secret

    • 39.1 John

      Hwang Jung Eum will always be Mi-joo (role in Giant) to me. I mean that in a good way.

  40. 40 Shaynanigans

    Seo In-guk started out as a singer. Although I love his voice, I way prefer him as an actor

  41. 41 Nij

    I always say the “but they tried really hard” line when I see SHINee’s Minho in a drama- maybe it’s the inner fan girl in me? He’s line delivery is sometimes oh so very cringeworthy but he’s sooo adorable and good looking that I just bear with it and smile at his pretty face…
    I can at least say he’s improving?! *im sorry Minho, your still my bias*

    • 41.1 dyod.o.

      Im was a shinee fan that has Minho as my biased at a point of time and I couldn’t watch any series he was in.

  42. 42 hmhpyc

    i really don’t understand why people are saying that Yoochun’s acting is under average. i know my comment is biased but i find him an amazing actor. his performance in rooftop prince was amazing and he is just so cute LOL

    • 42.1 JooW

      The is so good in comedy (like rtp) but I don’t like his serious characters much although he is good at crying.

    • 42.2 blu

      I agree. Yoochun is way beyond just an average actor. He has successfully portrayed various roles. He can do drama, romance, comedy, action… He played all of his characters well and connects with his audience. When he’s acting, I can feel that he’s not Park Yoochun but instead, the character that he’s playing. I feel the emotions that he wants to convey in his different roles, that’s why I can say that he is a very good actor coz he’s effective in what he does. 🙂

      • 42.2.1 bluesky

        I agree especially after saw his acting in 3 days..I know it still early to judge since it’s only 4 eps so far but wow, his improvement is really amazing. It is scary to see him as Han Tae Kyung coz he is so good and makes me forget that he is Park Yoochun, the dorky namja of JYJ. I remember when he chose a melodrama [I Miss You], I feel a bit worried at that time but bammm he prove it to us once again. Now I really can’t wait to see him as a seaman in Sea Fog..

    • 42.3 mira

      maybe because he chooses to play safe and likeable leading characters people aren’t seen anything special . but then again that’s what most actors would be doing to get popular and be on demand .
      his band mate Jaejoong took the 2nd lead in both good &bad guy role and even went with messing up his idol image in that moive Jackal is Coming , but it did nothing for his acting career .( dramabeans girls don’t even care to mention him here ) .

  43. 43 JooW

    Now I want a bromance drama with Yoochun and Seung-gi

    • 43.1 An

      one day
      maybe they can be in a movie together with an awesome mentor like kim yun seok as part of an ensemble cast.


  44. 44 MO

    Uhm, I think there is someone quite forgotten in Monstar. Dahee is a member of GLAM, and since I haven’t watch Monstar, how was she? Some said she was okay, but I think that’s because of her character.

    And yeah, L. I think he is fine in Cunning Single Lady, good in SUFBB, but haven’t seen him in MS. Quite hilarious and endearing, except he is a bit bland at times and the fact that he broke the stereotype secertary in K-Dramas. Man, how come that kid can still play and watch TV? Where can I get that job?

    Yeah, that aside, some idols can’t really act. Dunno about EXO, but if anyone had seen the video drama about wolves, you might cringe and bawl over. It’s just plain terrible. And yeah, I’m not really afraid of EXOtics. Suho (cameo in PMAI) is okay, and I haven’t seen D.O yet.

    Others, I think I wandered a bit about Jung Jinwoon of 2AM. I didn’t watch DH2 because it was awful, but is he okay there?

  45. 45 mira

    the gold standards for bad acting deserves its own book .

  46. 46 Ela

    Up until the start of last year, I actively stayed away from dramas with idol leads (exc. the older ones like Eugene, Yoon Eun Hye, Rain etc..). But, that all changed after watching ‘I Miss You’ and subsequently, going back through Yoochun’s filmography. Without realising, until reading this post, I now actually really like a lot of them.

  47. 47 Laden

    After watching quite a number of kdramas I can’t even tell when an actor is really terrible especially when the actor or actress is good looking(forgive my shallowness)I just keep watching as long as he’s good looking at this stage I can only tell when an actor or actress is exceptionally good or portrays his character well
    As for idols I guess I can watch pretty much any idol even suzy and taecyeon’s drama.I absolutely love jung eun ji
    I might get crucified for this but I don’t get the Lee seung gi’s hype I mean he’s good playing the immature guy and all but I just don’t get the hype I mean I’ve nt even finished K2H though I loved him in noona over flowers
    I watched this ‘ultimate audition’ drama(has any1 else seen it?) I’m guessing the male/female are idols and the acting was just bad but for some weird reason I finished the drama. And the girl kept on reminding me of geum jan di

  48. 48 Kristy

    Seung Gi an idol????Okay.You can take that as an excuse for naming him.

    Seung-gi and Yoochun in brokeback idol???
    Break the peoples heart.But am all in!!!

  49. 49 buldut

    I agree for Lee Seung Gi. His first performance that I watched is King 2 Hearts, back in the 2012. He brought Lee Jae Ha into life. I love the progression of Jae Ha’s character, and Seung Gi did a good job of portraying that. At first, I thought it was going to be another bratty man, but apparently not. In GFB, he was just the only reason that I didn’t drop the drama. He did well as Kang Chi, but I hope in You’re All Surrounded, he will get an interesting character again.

    For the honourable mentions for idols-turn-actors (2013-2014), I love Yong Jun Hyung as Yoon Seol Chan (Monstar) and Yoon Doo Joon as Goo Dae Young (Let’s Eat). Probably, based on dramas that I watched recently, Beast has the most successful rate for their members in dramas. However, their dramas are not in the major stations, so people not really watch them. Well, they are not in the same level with LSG yet, though.

    I haven’t watched any Yoochun drama, so I cannot make any comment on him. Siwon was wonderful as Kang Hyung-Min, in King of Dramas. On T.O.P, I feel his characters are the same (action-based and army-based). I love Eunji, but still I need to see more further projects on her.

    On the bad side, it’s a bit contemplating for me, because these are my favourite idol groups. First, Yong-hwa, sorry I cannot finish any of your dramas (I cheated on YAB, from episode 10 to 16; I watched the first ep of Heartstrings and didn’t continue; I didn’t watch Mirae at all- I heard that he was actually improve here). Second, Choi Minho from SHINee, (to the beautiful you, remember people?). I love SHINee, but I think they are way better for variety and their own reality shows, not dramas. However, Taemin was okay in Cyrano (but it’s only cameo and I don’t hope SM will give another drama for him). For female idol, Suzy, I just felt that she could not catch up with LSG in GFB. I did not get anything during the romantic moments in that series. Sorry.

    • 49.1 sulthanah

      agree with you about Lee Sung Gi. He was ROCK as LJH in tk2h

  50. 50 PR Jacky

    Changmin needs to stay tfo of dramas and stick to singing. Lord, that boy can not act at all (even if his life depended on it). I made the huge mistake of watching Paradise Ranch, ugh. Only good thing out of that drama was discovering Joo Sang-wook. I love me some manly man actors, and he is one FINE namja!

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