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Pre-revenge happy days in store for Big Man
by | April 22, 2014 | 28 Comments

I’m a little surprised that the teasers for Big Man keep showing us funny scenes, but maybe this melodrama is less revengey than your average bear. Either that, or someone figured out that Kang Ji-hwan was wasted being dark and broody when he could be silly; imagine that. The trailer below is a lot like the last one, showing a funny quirky hero who goes from happy and poor to sudden chaebol in danger of losing his heart (the vital organ, not his feelings) when Daniel Choi enters the picture.

The new KBS Monday-Tuesday drama stars Kang Ji-hwan as an orphan with a checkered past whose shamelessly brazen attitude has always kept him afloat. He has modest dreams of running his own stand at the market, and is known for punching first and thinking later. According to producers, Kang Ji-hwan picked out his own ugly tracksuit outfits (like the one pictured below), and has been planning every detail of the character’s physical traits, from head to toe. You mean, I only have Kang Ji-hwan to blame for that hair? Good to know.

Daniel Choi plays the chaebol son with the charmed life — he’s got everything he could want, a conglomerate to run, and the perfect girlfriend (Lee Da-hee) at his side. Despite all his riches he can’t procure the heart transplant that he needs, but it’s nothing that an involuntary heart-swap with an unconscious plebian won’t fix, right? Don’t ask me how they even manage to pull it off (a car accident and suspension of disbelief are involved), but in any case, the hero gets his heart stolen.

Part of the con is faking a birth secret to make Kang Ji-hwan think he’s Daniel Choi and Jung So-min’s older brother, and I think this will likely be the focus of the drama, because most of what I’m seeing makes the drama look like a Cinderella-gone-dark sort of tale, all about the rags-to-riches transformation from mismatched tracksuits to sleek tailored business suits. Naturally the heroine falls for Kang Ji-hwan, which fuels rivalry and revenge on both sides of the faux-brotherly divide. I think I’ll soak up the happy moments while I can.

Big Man premieres next Monday, April 28.

Via enews24, KBS


28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. A

    Yessss I’m honestly pretty excited for this drama. The cast looks amazing and I’m just glad that Kang Ji Hwan is back on my screen.

    Hopefully the drama exceeds my expectations c:

  2. Orion

    These promos are all over the place. Slapstick and funny sound effects before going straight to darkness and melodrama. Decide, series and decide, KBS.

    There are ways to combine genres, but pure comedy and pure melodrama? Two conflicting tones? In a medium which can barely handle one genre and one type of cliche plot at a time? This has disaster written all over it.

    I wish Kang Ji Hwan can land a proper darker role, to show the man is not just about the laughs, which he isn’t, but I won’t hold my breath thinking this is it.

  3. Sophia

    Daniel Choi as evil chaebol? I’m in!

    Him and Kang Ji Hwan both look great in these pics (with the exception of the tracksuits on KJH)

    • 3.1 dearly

      I saw him in “Traffickers” and was blown away by his performance. [SPOILER DELETED] *Gasp* I was shocked at his character and Daniel did a fantastic delivering of his character.

      Lee Da-hee looks lovely in the promo, like always. Glad she got a leading role. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 3.1.1 marie

        After HK2 and Cyrano agency I found it’s hard to picture Choi Daniel in non-romcom projects. “Traffickers” for me was a rediscovery of Choi Daniel. I half-guessed the big twist at the end but still shocked at his charactor.

  4. SongSong

    With this kind of ridiculous premise, I wouldn’t be surprised if after their heart being swapped, KJH and Daniel Choi eventually behave exactly like the original heart owner.
    Anyway, writers could write anything they want right ? As long they could keep the ratings.

  5. snow

    I’m going to watch it only for the cast ๐Ÿ™‚
    Because the plot is so weird and unclear….

  6. liz

    LDH sure have a powerful company or sponsor because she was from not known to leading girl in just one year, wow then again it also happens with young flower boys so maybe I’m being unfair or those young boys have sponsors too.

    • 6.1 The Real CZ

      Lee Da Hee was the second lead in two very popular dramas last year. Sooner or later she was going to get her first crack at a lead role.

      And if her ‘sponsor’ was so powerful, why was she a nugu for over ten years in the industry?

      • 6.1.1 liz

        imo saying sponsor is the wrong word, but I’m sure she has connections now, also recently she started to date the ceo of her company, had lots of rumors about this, maybe he is really helping her.

        There is lots of good supporting actors in successful dramas that never got the lead, this doesn’t mean anything.

        Look Yoo In Na, she has been in hit dramas, and yet no leading cast as lead in public station plus she has been acting for more than 10 years too. And she comes from a powerful company.

        • mary

          Well, LDH played a likeable character in IHYV, so that could also contribute to her likeability.

          I love YIN too but sadly, her YFAS role became a stock, meddling lead in the middle. She also didn’t get the same awesome frenemy arc with Song Yi as LDH and LBY had in IHYV. ๐Ÿ™

          As for agencies, sometimes powerful agencies aren’t a sure thing. Especially if your agency has so many other more “popular” actresses which they choose to promote over their talents.

          You also seem to have answered your question yourself: “There is lots of good supporting actors in successful dramas that never got the lead, this doesnโ€™t mean anything.”

          So YIN not getting a lead in a drama in a major network despite being 2nd lead for a long time doesn’t mean anything bad or good. Just luck or timing in the industry, I guess…

        • megumi

          Yeah, I think as soon as her dating the CEO of her company became public people automatically started saying all her castings were made possible because of him, it might have been true because truth be told you do need connections and sponsors to break into the industry, even if it’s not true it will be hard to convince people that it is not.

        • kojo

          you are talking as if LDH cant act. oh please. this girl has so much talent in acting better than the actresses who gets a lead role easily just bc they are fckng popular. yes im talking about Kim Tae Hee, Han Ga In etc. need i say more?

          who cares if she has sponsors? or if her “CEO boyfriend” is helping her out. he is the ceo for a reason.
          and why not if it’s one of the way she’ll get more recognition.

          ps. im really happy that she finally gets a lead! she deserves it.

          • AAAA

            She has a certain screen presence that belies her age. Not even 30, she displays a maturity beyond her years. I’ve seen her portray cold, reserved characters. Now I’d like to see more of her range- how far can she go. Can she also reveal a sweet, warm, and funny side? Because most female leads have those qualities, if I’m not mistaken. She is perfect for prosecutor/lawyer/legal/girl-with-a-past-type roles, but what about other kinds? I’d like to see her challenge herself and try something totally different. If she doesn’t, and sticks to the tried and true, she can still be successful, but it would be cool to be more well rounded.

  7. Lilly

    I kindda hoped Choi Daniel to be the lead here ๐Ÿ™ anyways i’m gonna watch it only cuz of Daniel <3 <3 <3

    • 7.1 imot

      Same here … too bad Daniel Choi is the shaddy 2nd lead huhu “sobsob”.. i can’t imagine him being bad. I know he can potrays it really well but there’s no way i’m going to hate him even if he’s stealing other people heart for himself. Maybe i’ll be rooting for the 2nd. lead here haha…

  8. Fab

    As much as I adore this cast, I am still shaking my head at this ridiculous premise. How heartless can you be to trick an innocent guy into all this to literally rip his heart out in the end? If you’re that powerful and rich I can tell you hundred ways to get your heart without much of a fuss and drama…
    (pun intended…)

    And if you make me watch this KJH, then you better be the real chaebul son after all! Muaha

  9. Nonsense

    “in any case, the hero gets his heart stolen”

    So … how will he live to revenge?”

    I might be interested because of Daniel Choi… the story not so much.

  10. 10 Aly

    “yoo yoo yoo” lmaooo made me lol. and omg me smexy man daniel choi continues to steal my heart since school 2013! i need to watch him in a different role so looking forward to this. he would up the sexiness ten folds is he just ditched the glasses though.

    • 10.1 agentsawse

      Have you seen Baby Faced Beauty? It’s not incredible, but there is Daniel Choi cuteness abounds.

  11. 11 Rushie

    Daniel Choi and Lee Da-hee look ridiculously cute together though, with KJH though, not so much.

    • 11.1 megumi

      Of course they would look cute as they are taking a cute picture smiling and all whereas KJH in all the pictures has a serious look on his face, anyway lot of people criticising endlessly even before the drama has started, i hope it becomes a hit because i always like it when dramas prove doubters wrong like what ‘Secret Love’ did.

    • 11.2 Fab

      Yeah well obviously she prefers them ‘big’ after all.

  12. 12 RioLee

    Lee Da hee is the the most tall in real life, and in the posters is the most short xddd

  13. 13 Z

    I’m so confused? So do they actually manage to go through with the heart transplant? Does that mean that they switched hearts? This makes no sense.

  14. 14 exquisitemelody

    I….give up. I have no idea what this drama is about.

  15. 15 Kim Yoonmi

    Another orphan I’m out. It’s not likely that the portrayal will be that good, especially if it’s slated to be a melodrama. I wish Korean dramas would get adoption and orphans right. They want to increase adoption rates in Korea, right? So, then portray adoption/orphans well in the media they produce. I feel like we go forward and 2 steps back with this.

  16. 16 sam

    even if Daniel plays the shady character, i’d rather he keep the girl, or at least be apologetic to her in the end. If Daniel has this role cuz he wants to expand his acting chops, then I hope he does well as the bad guy, but is redeemable in the end. That would be nice. Yet the plot is too convoluted to know how it’s going to end. How KJH is going to convince us that he deserves the girl.

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