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Will Kim So-eun Walk the Night with Lee Jun-ki?
by | April 8, 2015 | 140 Comments

Yes, please, can we make this happen? We’ve gone through a lot of casting possibilities for Scholar Who Walks the Night, but if ever I wanted one to stick, it would be this one: Kim So-eun is the latest leading lady in contention, and is “positively considering” the sageuk fantasy romance set in the Joseon era about a vampire scholar who falls in love with a young woman who dresses as a man in order to sell books.

Lee Jun-ki recently signed on to play Mr. Vampire, and while I would’ve loved for him to act alongside previous heroine contender Han Groo (…though not so much the most recent contender, Jin Se-yeon), if we can’t have Han I would be happy with Kim So-eun. She’s got a great bubbly charm and has the ability to take characters with frustrating traits and make them relatable onscreen, which is a pretty crucial skill when dramaland is so littered with underdeveloped (or badly developed) heroines. She did that with the wide-eyed and overly trusting heroine of Liar Game, for instance, plus she’s also got sageuk experience under her belt (Horse Healer, Iron Empress). I’m down to see how she matches up against Lee Jun-ki.

Kim’s reps have confirmed that she is working out the final details with the producers — which, while not a confirmation, sounds like it’s farther along in the process than the others got. If I cross my fingers extra hard, will that help?

Scholar Who Walks the Night will be a Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama premiering in July.

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140 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. SD

    Based on previous reports, she may be up for a supporting role. Can someone enlighten me?

    • 1.1 Vis

      Yeah I also read somewhere that it was for a supporting role… I sure hope I’m wrong though! It doesn’t feel like she would consider a supporting role… Not after liar game and experiencing a resurge in popularity, right? RIGHT?! >.<

      • 1.1.1 mathoooh

        I read in article (3 days ago) that she one of raising popularity actor this year ~*

    • 1.2 SilentSquee

      Supporting role?! *panics* Please tell me it’s for the lead role…

    • 1.3 SD

      I’m getting more confused because of this potential line-up: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CCDvtufXIAA1g1a.jpg

      • 1.3.1 Elvira

        *panic after seeing the pic*

        So, the female lead was confirmed?

    • 1.4 Capricorn

      I hope it’s a supporting role. Don’t like her as much anymore after the WGM fiasco. I wish Shin Mina or Yoon Eun Hye would do this drama.

      • 1.4.1 carolies

        Me too. How I wish Shin Min Ah e Jun Ki oppa together again… Can we make a petition in the channel site? Korean seems always listen to netziens

        • mathoooh

          well she’s not the one who make WGM fiasco !! + that not related to her acting skills !!!

          K-netizens are really supporting her project (( especially this one)) and the articles full with positive comments .. most of them wish she take the main lead tho ~

    • 1.5 Anna

      She’s most likely the second lead and based on articles about the story, her character will be a dynamic antagonist. Kim So Eun is gonna be a hot vamp. JSY can take the damsel in distress cross-dresser role and try her damnedest to prove that she has grown as an actress. She had plenty of experience in the female lead department. She better not ruin this for LJK.

    • 1.6 Viki

      WHAT? Her supporting and Jin Se Yeon may be leading? I’m done with this drama! They better cast her as the lead!

    • 1.7 whitewire

      If Kim So-eun is for a supporting role UNDER Jin Se-yeon, THIS WORLD has no meaning. Korean dramaland, pls save humanity. Casting Jin Se-yeon alone means WRECK for a potentially promising drama. (Shucks I am so evil. I repent. Pls don’t hate me.)

  2. sweetgirl17

    yes yes yes 😀 !! Please ditch that train-wreck aka Jin Se-yeon already.

    • 2.1 Leila

      As much as we want to, I have never heard of Jin Se Yeon rejecting a drama role before so if the reports saying that Kim So Eun is only the second lead.. most likely JSY is confirmed to this drama.. which is frustrating for many of us.

      She really have a strong backing for getting lead roles, even though korean netizens don’t like her and with the kind of acting skills she had.

      • 2.1.1 redfox

        Yeah, ditto. She is dim she never rejects a role even though she is criticized before stepping in and more after it. It is like “I don´t care if I suck, you MUST have me!”

        I don´t like to be force-actressfed, thank you.

        • jinqq

          Can’t blame the girl for accepting roles that she’s offered. The onus is on casting directors as well. They need some serious regrouping to be done. Casting isn’t good these days.

          • anon

            Exactly. How is that force-actressfred? -_-
            Are you expecting her to go like, oh people don’t like me, I might as well not take the role. Yeah, like that attitude would get anyone anywhere.

          • redfox

            actually, that is exactly what she does.

      • 2.1.2 mathoooh

        well, about korean netizens .. they don’t hate her as an actor
        go look to the korean netizens web, they 85% prefer her to get the main role .. !! ( I was shocked )

        in fact she’s getting more support right now, most of netizens forget what happened (the rumor), but of course they still same hater but not as much as who support her

        • pogo

          nah, that was Kim So Eun they were supportive of. All the highest voted article comments were in favour of her casting.

          • Mathoooh

            that’s what I’m saying !!
            K-fans are supporting Kim so eun
            And want her to be the lead

      • 2.1.3 Capricorn

        Actually Koreans don’t hate her like the people here on dramabeans. that’s why I predict she will be castes and hopefully she makes us eat our words by giving a good performance.

        • Capricorn

          I mean casted …. Jin Se Yeon. Actually a lot of people are pissed at So Eun because of WGM.

          • mathoooh

            that’s not true .. you can check K-netizens comments by yourself, they support her (kim so eun) and prefer her to take the lead

            and the WGM problem doesn’t affect her as an actor
            in fact they prefer to see her on drama not on variety shows

            and mostly they are forget that rumor !!

        • anon

          I agree. I don’t think Koreans necessarily LIKE her, but I don’t think the hate is that strong like it is with overseas fans. I don’t get it. People need to chill out.

  3. Jenna

    Yes, I also heard she is in talks as a supporting role, second female lead. What’s wrong with this? I’m okay if she will be female lead. She is better than JSY so far. Love her

  4. SilentSquee

    Omg, yes please! Let her be the female lead, drama gods! Please do this for us and get Jin Se-yeon out of this drama!!

    • 4.1 era

      honestly, i really like jin se yeon as an actress, though her characters (writing) not so much. i dont understand all this “Not HER!” attitude towards her. i even hear comments like “she must have a sponsor to get drama offers”, that’s kinda bullying. probably she gets offers because she’s good?! not every heroine HAS to be played by han groo (though she’s pretty awesome)

      • 4.1.1 glowry

        “Probably she’s good”?
        My 2 cents, i think this is why ppl think she got a backup because it so apparent that she’s pretty bad in acting.. But she keep on getting lead character, worse when much much much more talented actress getting seconded by her, i think ppl cant help but questioning..
        I think JSY maybe ok in light or bright character (Kkot-nim), but when given such layered, heavy and complicated one, sighhhhhhhhh…

        • era

          “Probably BECAUSE (in my humble opinion) she’s good”. except for her role/s in Doctor Stranger (again, crazy writing) i liked her acting in almost everything else, gaksital, age of feeling. i would choose her before KSE for one. about the han groo thing, i’m sorry for her too :/

          • Capricorn

            I think Jin Se Yeon is fine too. But Han Groo totally overrated by the people on dramabeans

        • noNama

          I always feel like she’s sort of like Emi Takei. Both not really good in acting, but Takei thrives when she’s given darker roles while JSY’s better in lighter ones.

        • pogo

          even in those lighter roles, she’s one-note at best. Definitely NOT lead material, she’d be less offensive to watch if she played the hero’s younger sister or something.

          (well actually no, I’ve seen It’s Ok Daddy’s Girl where that was pretty much what she played, and she was painful to watch)

      • 4.1.2 Jon G.

        Han Groo got exactly one lead role in a mini-series drama so far and, as you noticed, she was awesome.
        The reason she has been talked about so much is not because she always gets lead roles, but because she doesn’t get any roles at all right now.

  5. ayla

    Yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim So Eun is 1000 time better than JSY……….

    • 5.1 ayla


      • 5.1.1 CLINTON CARTER


        • ayla


  6. Hendley

    I love her so much in liar game. She really deserves a female lead. Please No JSY! But, the reports said she is for a supporting role.
    If she will be female lead, I’m in. If JSY, I’m out.

  7. J

    Hoping for the report regarding her being the second lead is a false one.
    Han Groo is still the best contender . She also could do action well. Too bad MBC choose to follow netizen’s comment to not cast her as the lead urgh
    Kim So Eun is not perfect, could be hit or miss depending in the script. She is natural in acting and has pleasant aura. Praying that the offer to JSY has been truly a April Joke.
    I heard our favourite vampire oppa Lee Soo Hyuk positively consider to join . Yay
    Lee Jun Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk <3

    • 7.1 redfox

      I just read on Soompi that the Alien Elf might join too, ahh even though I would prefer him to not be typecast, I liked him as the quiet realistic Carpenter Kim, but cmon, I wont say no either! except that will be too much…. dont they compete each other too much in hotness? but I guess Soo Hyuk is not as ninja as Jun Ki

      • 7.1.1 sojuboy

        Who the hell are you talking about… Alien Elf ?

    • 7.2 Kiara

      Kim So-eun is best in sageuks. I haven’t seen Han Groo in one to make a fair judgement.
      So-eun was fantastic in “The Iron Empress” and that was her first. “Horse Healer” was boring as hell but she made it watchable. So even with a bad script she still managed to make her character interesting.

      I’m hoping that she would be Lee Jun-ki’s leading lady. She has more experience in sageuks than any of these potential leading ladies and she looks gorgeous in hanboks.

      • 7.2.1 bd5

        At the same time, liked KSE in “The Man Who Can’t Marry” and “Liar Game” (both much better than the typical K-drama) so she can do both w/ aplomb.

      • 7.2.2 Soeunnie

        tbh, i watched the iron empress and horse healer just because of KSE 😀

  8. Min

    Lets pray KSE is the female lead.

  9. Violet

    Oh it’s a good news. She never got a decent role. Please give her chance to shine. I know she can act. She is much better than JSY who doesn’t know how to act at all. Please Kim So Eun


    Lee Soo Hyuk definitely looks like a vampire or an anime character

    • 10.1 glossy

      Lmao yes

    • 10.2 glowry

      Couldnt agree more.. When i first know about Blood, Lee Soo Hyuk is the first person come to my mind as the vampire..

  11. 11 Miky

    More eager to have the confirmation for Lee Soo Hyuk for the antagonist,first time hearing the rumors i thought about the evil role aka the vampire in the Palace,perfect for him,suits as he can suit the vampire role 100% and a new challange for him in a evil role…hope they say YES for his role…never been anticipating a confirmation more aside from Lee JunKi

    • 11.1 Sumi

      Aaaaaaaaaaaah ottoke Lee soo hyuk is possibly going to play the antagonist in this drama, which makes me want to watch it if he ends up playing it. But all the recent casting drama just makes me wants to skip it…. aigoo. I don’t get why theses casting have been so complicated, at least from an outsider perspective aigoo…

  12. 12 goodytwoshoes

    I will pick a crippled kim Seo Eun over Jin Se Yeon a thousand and one times. If its Jin Se Yeon as female lead, I am out. Adios Muchacha

  13. 13 cupkate

    oh god..i feel like im being tortured waiting for the confirmation of the female lead..please no to jsy.nooo..let it be kse for the love of lee jun ki please..

    • 13.1 Soeunnie

      the recent news stated that JSY turned down the offer. but KSE will still be the second lead if she accepts… but there is still hope!

  14. 14 lila

    Poor Jong Ki , he deserves a veteran actress sigh

    • 14.1 Mel

      Yes he does!

  15. 15 Ehra2008

    Kim So Eun has done lead roles already and I hope her agency and her is not that stupid to accept supporting roles from this drama…Better give it to someone else

    • 15.1 bd5

      But hey, sometimes the better/juicier role is not the lead.

      • 15.1.1 bd5

        And KSE probably doesn’t have the time/energy to be the lead in a TV series as she is currently doing a film.

  16. 16 Sandra

    Why it seems so difficult for them to get better female lead? It’s Lee Jun Ki we’re tailing about…huffttt

    • 16.1 min


  17. 17 Sparia

    OMG KIM SO EUN!! YES PLS!! Even if this means that Liar Game S2 wont be happening any soon. 🙁

    Please just add and confirm Kim So Eun and Lee Soo Hyuk already and I’ll try not to care and just forget that Jin Se Yeon and Changmin is in this!!

  18. 18 prettybomb2008

    I prefer Kim So Eun to be the lead star in this with Jun Ki…If she will be doing supporting roles I rather drop this drama and not watch it

  19. 19 junnie55

    Please let me be wrong cuz I read in somewhere (hmmm……soompi) she will cast as supporting roles and Jin Seyeon confirmed as a lead roles. I mean seriously how can JSY better than KSE in term of acting.

  20. 20 matinsoleil

    If JSY is in: I’m out.
    If KSO is in: I’m in.
    God knows how much I love Lee Jun Ki, so fingers crossed she confirmes asap!

  21. 21 Deane

    Ive read the manga and wishing KSE as female lead if not then I rather not watch it and stick with the manga

    • 21.1 misswerte

      Hi @Deane 🙂 i have wanted to read the manga for so long but can’t find anything.. 🙁 have you read it in korean? How i wish there’s an english translation of it.

      My vote is for Kim So Eun! Kim so eun for the lead! Please please please drama gods. Make her the lead female, pretty please.

    • 21.2 SD

      Based on what you’ve read, who are the other female characters in it apart from the cross-dressing female lead?

  22. 22 Deane

    I do hope that this whole thing bout KSE accepting a supporting role is just a joke so I can move on now and anticipate her movie with Aaron Yan…I do really like Lee Jun Ki but KSE as supporting role is a BIG NO for me

  23. 23 rockmelon

    JSY being lead over KSE just does not make sense

    • 23.1 noNama

      If they must have JSY in, I’m hoping it would be the opposite (KSE as lead over JSY’s supporting role).

  24. 24 Iven

    She’s too bland for me but I hope she signs on to change my perception.

  25. 25 pigsnout

    Please let her be the female lead and not second lead, if Jin Se Yeon becomes the lead ahead of her it’s completely ridiculous and an insult to any actress who can act.

    (Please let KSE be the lead, I hope you’re right about that and reporting correctly)

  26. 26 coby

    Yes please! and LSY please!

  27. 27 misswerte

    I don’t know why everyone don’t like jin se yeon. I haven’t watched any drama of her. i only saw her in running man but can’t really remember what she did there.lol.
    but just like what everyone says, i would be so glad if So Eunnie takes over the leading lady role..

    • 27.1 noNama

      You’ve just answered your own question. The lady got no aura (and lack acting skills) to be a lead actress.

  28. 28 m92

    yeahhh… kim so eun is more sunbae compare to jin se yeon who just came out of nowhere with no acting talent and just got all the leading roles. I wonder who is big supporter for JSY. She always being the last minute heroin substitute and i wonder who sugggest her nameeee??! I admit she got improved in DS but it nowhere same level with another rising actress who still never got leading role yet such as kim ji won and lee yoo bi. But still, i hope han groo still being the 1st contender for the heroin but kim so eun is quiet good.

  29. 29 Name

    Ahh I’m so conflicted. On one hand we have Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Jun K who look exactly like vampires so good job casting people, but on the other hand we have Ji Se Yeon. Ottoke???

  30. 30 Alex

    If KSE is in, so am i.
    Caught Entanglement the other day and KSE broke my heart with her portrayal. I just love the way she instills a touch of vulnerability in her characters.

    I think it’s a good strategy to play second lead in KSE’s case. She could turn out to be the dark horse that everyone roots for.

    Whether it’s leading lady or secondary, i’m sure she’ll do really well.

  31. 31 tara97

    That’s superb , I like her alot !! However , she might declines since she’s just started shooting her next movie ” Flying lantern ” alongside Aaron yan *Eyyyyy super excited*

  32. 32 browncoat_78

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saved from the brink of death (aka Jin Se Yeon). WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!

    • 32.1 pogo


      I really hope JB isn’t mistaken about the offer to KSE being for the actual female lead role and giving us false hope. This after breaking that first, horrible announcement on April 1…..is really cruel 🙁

      • 32.1.1 August

        Yeah 7 days later & so many of us are still reeling from the news breaking on April 1st about JSY possibly being cast again as the lead in yet another drama with one of our favorite actors/Oppas’…….:(

  33. 33 Violet

    Why JSY is so lucky??? I read the news she confirmed for female lead and KSE is for second lead. I watched DS because of LJS. KSR got more success than JSY. This time also I have to watch it because of LJK. I know KSE can act much more better and is more famous than JSY. These two dramas sound the same because LJS and LJK, KSR and KSE.

  34. 34 Katherine

    I will scream bloody murder if Kim So Eun ends up with a supporting role and Jin Seyeon gets the lead.
    I’m really hoping she’s up for the lead cause it’s about time she moved up the ladder, she’s got the talent and repertoire to do this role and I think she’d look great opposite Lee Jun Ki.

    • 34.1 Gina

      Yes, she deserves better than to be Kang Sora’d.

      (being Kang Sora’d i.e. being 1000x more talented, beautiful, with more public recognition……and still having to play second lead to someone who is unfit to be an actress at all)

      • 34.1.1 Jon G.

        I really find this unfair.
        Yes, I’ve pulled myself through Doctor Stranger too, but, really, Jin Se-yeon wasn’t the main problem of that show.

        Kang So-ra isn’t some acting genius, she has her own limitations. Her public recognition back then mostly came from a variety show and one supporting role in a very successful movie. And whether she is more or less beautiful than Jin Se-yeon, well, I hear that opinions are mixed on that account (I don’t go for the Korean beauty type at all, I find both of them boring).

        Doctor Stranger was a classic example what happens when the writers try to be funny and have a second lead role that is much better designed and developed than the first lead and is much more appropriately cast. And then the writers went on a trolling spree when they decided that their show would suck anyway and they could at least make it memorable for a major naval battle …

        I have no idea how Jin Se-yeon, with her extremely limited acting skills, keeps getting major roles, but Doctor Stranger is really not her fault.

        • pogo

          Dr Stranger was a mess but the other three leads – Lee Jong-seok, Park Hae-jin, and even Kang Sora – managed to perform their roles competently despite having the same PD and writer as Jin Se-yeon.

          I’m not in the mood to see a second drama where she looks constipated all the time while a much more skilled actress gets stuck in second lead and acts rings around her.

  35. 35 redfox

    In the thread where we were wailing about Jin Se Yeon, I asked way back: “what about Kim So Eun?” oh, do you hear me perhaps, drama lords?

    and btw Lee Soo Hyuk is in talks too

    OMG THAT I CANNOT HANDLE Ninja Teacher AND the beautiful alien elf, I can´t too much too much wheef I will melt

  36. 36 Cocoboo

    Oh, I adore Kim So Eun. She was great in Liar Game. I really hope she is the female lead in this instead of the supporting role!!

  37. 37 gammiron

    It’s weird that other people here found news about KSE being the second lead, because when I saw this news here on DB I checked out the sources being put here and also went to search through other articles, and quite a lot of them talks about the possibility of KSE being the main lead. Anyway I also can’t tell which report is true, what we can do now is pray for the best outcome for this drama. (silently praying it won’t be JSY or any other bad actresses as the female lead)

    • 37.1 pigsnout

      I will join you in prayer, let’s make a prayer circle that Kim So Eun really was offered the main female lead role.

      it’s too cruel to give us hope like this and then take it away by making her second lead and cardboard the first lead….

    • 37.2 pogo

      I really hope you’re right and she is indeed in consideration for the role of the crossdressing bookseller who is the female lead, and not a supporting role.

      **joins prayer circle**

    • 37.3 Name

      Soompi says she’s second lead and soompi doesn’t post anything until they’re 100% sure.

      • 37.3.1 gammiron

        Oh yes, I saw that, and apparently allkpop posted the same thing too. Already saw the original article where it’s coming from… but that’s like the only article that says she’s considered for the supporting role that I found so far. (Yeah I’m hopeful lol) But the reports that are out so far keep contradicting each other, which makes everything pretty confusing… Still I’d rather have KSE as the lead than JSY.

      • 37.3.2 pogo

        supposedly initial reports (on which I guess soompi based their report) said KSE was offered a supporting role but later reports mentioned a lead role or didn’t specify.

        I just want someone competent in the lead role, and would have loved it if Kim So-eun saved this drama from sucking.

  38. 38 visesten

    Seriously, this is literally torture. I hope the whole cast is confirmed soon so that I can make up my mind whether to anticipate this drama or not (if JSY is in I’m out, despite my love for LJK)

  39. 39 deandra

    Kim so eun’s better than JSY but still, KSE’s acting is not that great. Not surprised all these years, she always get the supporting role for MOST of her dramas. Whole bunch of actresses can act better than her.

    • 39.1 kpoplovers2015

      deandra do you know what your talking about?? …Kim So Eun has won acting awards way back 2009 for 3 dramas respectively (Boys Over Flower, The Man Who Can Get Married and Empress Chun Chu. Then in 2012 she won an acting award in horse doctor ….

      • 39.1.1 Erin


        LOL, you are seriously over-rating KSE. She won “best rookie actress” but they are NOT major awards at all. Kim So Eun is NOT one of the best…and in Korea, she is NOT considered an A-list actress. She cannot compete with the Top male actors and actresses.

        • bd5

          At the same time, I’ve never had an issue w/ KSE’s acting (she just hasn’t been the lead in a major hit), unlike numerous other actresses who constantly get lead roles in major projects.

      • 39.1.2 SD

        I agree with Erin. I do think she’s better than JSY, but I don’t exactly find her previous performances mind-blowing. And winning rookie actress twice doesn’t show an uptick.

        Besides, to each her own. If you think she’s as great as you make her out to be, then that’s your prerogative, but there is no need to call someone out just because their opinions differ from yours.

    • 39.2 kpoplovers2015

      And fyi Kim So Eun is the lead star in TVN drama Liar Game opposite LEE Sang Yoon

  40. 40 jannie

    JSY is known as one of the worst actresses. Kim so Eun is better than her (at least).

  41. 41 kpoplovers2015

    I am not against Lee Jun Ki or the male cast coz they are really suit for the drama but KSE as supporting cast for a newbie like JSY is a big NO for me .. I am not against her but if she will play the lead it is much better if KSE will just do other things besides she is busy with WGM and movie for Aaron Yan why would she settle doing a supporting role when she is busy at the moment????

  42. 42 Daisy

    Kim so eun = lead I’m in
    Jin Se Yeon = lead I’m out

    If KSE leads, JSY second lead = I’m in again.

  43. 43 crazedlu

    Omdud, PLEASE!

  44. 44 tweetpandora

    Reading the comments, I am no better informed as to who is in this drama or not 😀 😀

  45. 45 Roxy

    Nooooo but Kim So Eun should do Liar Game 2??? Whatever happened to the possibility of a second season? If she takes this there will be less chance of that happening, hoping this year, or if ever at all.

  46. 46 SD


    “On April 8, MBC announced that Kim So Eun is a strong candidate for a role in the series though she will likely not be playing the lead. ”


    If this is the case, they better cast a capable actress for the female lead.

    • 46.1 redfox

      well they are really dumb if they only cast her as second lead. She has so much more kick than Jin Se Yawn.

  47. 47 goodytwoshoes

    Okay, if dramgods won’t give me Kim Seo Eun, can I have Yoo Eun Hye then… I just want anyone that isn’t JSY.

    • 47.1 SD

      Yes, Yoon Eun Hye-Lee Jun Ki pairing would be daebak.

      If not, can we at least have an actress with decent skills? She need not be a big shot, but even someone the likes of Baek Jin Hee or Jung So Min will do.

      • 47.1.1 goodytwoshoes

        DEABAK indeed. Yoo Eun Hye does this on-screen romance with her co-stars that melts my motheboard. And if there is going to be any Joseon romance in this drama, I want Yoo Eun Hye all over it. Hehehehehehe

      • 47.1.2 goodytwoshoes

        DEABAK indeed. Yoo Eun Hye does this on-screen romance with her co-stars that melts my motherboard. And if there is going to be any Joseon romance in this drama, I want Yoo Eun Hye all over it. Hehehehehehe

    • 47.2 August

      Once news broke that Lee Jun-Ki had officially signed on to Scholar Who Walks the Night, I immediately thought of Yoon Eun-Hye too. She’s already proven that she’s able to pull it off convincingly. It’s been 8 years since she played Ko Eun-Chan in Coffee Prince and 9 years since she played Shin Chae-Kyung in Goong.

      Like others here, if given a choice between JSY & KSE then my preference is to see Kim Seo-Eun as the lead. In view of the fact Kim Seo-Eun has been acting in dramas for at least 10 years; it would be good to see first lead opportunities appear & materialize for KSE as often as they have for JSY.

      Drama Fairies please hear & see our dramatic pleas for:
      Jin Se-Yeon (-)
      Lee Jun-Ki (+)
      Lee Soo-Hyuk (+)
      Kim Seo-Eun (+)
      Yoon Eun-Hye (+)

  48. 48 mathoooh

    I really prefer kim so eun for the main role

    but she’s busy with WGM & china movie =(

    anyway, even if she get the support role .. I’ll support her

  49. 49 cafe

    TBH, I like Jin Se Yeon better, so, I hope that she will be the main lady. I’m crossing my fingers for this 😀

  50. 50 pogo

    Anyone but Jin Se-yeon, drama gods are you listening please? Do you have a grudge against people with talent who manage their schedules properly, or something?

    • 50.1 redfox

      I need that magic dice that always gives a positive answer when you desperately want something.
      or maybe it is best to go see an oracle.

      gte a tarot reading ?

      • 50.1.1 redfox

        aaaaaah no:

        you try. it has to be a smarter question

        • karen

          I got yes!!

        • gammiron

          LOL I got yes and surprisingly it has now became reality. JSY already turned down the role and apparently MBC is still searching for the female lead all over again… well KSE may be good for the role but if they can cast someone better than her I’m in. Oh how much I want to watch this drama without worrying about the acting in it…

          • SD

            Yup, she just did. Apparently, KSE is indeed up for the second role who is an orphan adopted by LJK’s character. If I got it right, LSH’s character will eventually transform her into a vampire.

          • SD

            *second female lead role

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