Dramabeans Podcast #32
by | April 5, 2016 | 135 Comments

Here I’d thought we’d done a good job of recording a new podcast without letting too much time slip by… and then I saw the list of all the shows we had to talk about and cursed our past selves for not being more on top of things. We’ll never learn! I should just accept this about us already and embrace it.

So here’s what we’ve got going in this edition:

Podcast #32

Running time: 1:26:32

Topics and dramas discussed:

  • Cheese in the Trap: A post-mortem on how the drama wrapped up
  • Moorim School: Really only a tiny mention to talk about hair (12:16)
  • One More Happy Ending: A discussion of the show’s cutenesses (13:28)
  • Madam Antoine: Just a short mention to discuss its setup and ethics (18:38)
  • Signal: The intricate storytelling, the performances, the direction (21:15)
  • Neighborhood Hero: What’s fun about it, and what’s flawed (29:11)
  • Descended From the Sun: The plot, the writing, the beautiful beautiful picture…(34:37)
  • Come Back, Ajusshi: Its humor and sense of fun, and also its problem (45:58)
  • Marriage Contract: The setup, the cute central goal/relationship (52:40)
  • Mrs. Cop 2: How it stacks up to the first season (57:48)
  • Goodbye Mr. Black: What we find entertaining, amidst the mess of what we don’t (1:02:44)
  • Memory: A short first impression (1:13:39)
  • Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki: Another first impression (1:14:46)
  • Vampire Detective: Really, we only have first impressions right now (1:17:02)
  • Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho: Thoughts of the first week (1:20:13)
  • Jackpot: And one last first impression (1:23:00)

Names mentioned:
Seo Kang-joon, Taecyeon, Park Hae-jin, Kim Go-eun, Soonkki, Lee Hyun-woo, Lee Jun-ki, Jang Nara, Jung Kyung-ho, Yoo Inna, Sung Joon, Han Ye-seul, Jo Jin-woong, Lee Je-hoon, Kim Hye-soo, Jeon Do-yeon, Park Shi-hoo, Lee Jun-ki, Joo Sang-wook, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kim Eun-sook, Song Joong-ki, Jin Gu, Song Hye-gyo, Kim Ji-won, Rain, Ra Mi-ran, Oh Yeon-seo, Kim Su-ro, Lee Min-jung, Lee Seo-jin, UEE, Kim Min-jong, Kim Hee-ae, Kim Sung-ryung, Im Seul-ong, Sohn Dam-bi, Kim Bum, Namgoong Min, Park Ki-woong, Han Hee, Lee Jin-wook, Moon Chae-won, Kim Kang-woo, Song Jae-rim, Lee Sung-min, Yoon Sang-hyun, Lee Yo-won, Lee Joon, Oh Jung-se, Park Shin-yang, Kang So-ra, Choi Min-soo, Yoon Jin-seo, Yeo Jin-gu

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“Naturally Curly” by Tearliner from the Cheese in the Trap OST
“Always For You” by Angels from the One More Happy Ending OST
“떠나야 할 그 사람” (The person who must leave) by Inky from the Signal OST
“여전히” (As always) by Lee Gun (Madtown) from the Neighborhood Hero OST
“말해! 뭐해?” (Speak! What are you doing?) by K.Will from the Descended From the Sun OST
“Feel Alive” by Topp Dogg from the Come Back, Ajusshi OST
“그렇게 안녕” (Goodbye like that) by Baek Ji-young from the Goodbye Mr. Black OST
“Love Begins” Hong Dae-kwang from the One More Happy Ending OST


135 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. glopopo

    this is my first podcast i’m listening to and it’s really soothing (i’m multitasking with studying) thanks so much for all the recaps too. These podcasts are super fun 🙂

  2. alua

    <Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho

    This show started out really well but…..

    I got really annoyed with this show in ep. 3. I wasn't put off by JDH's homelessness in eps 1 and 2 (though it definitely didn't make sense – I was also like, 'Uh, so now he has money to get a haircut and suit and clean himself up???'), but then ep. 3 threw in the USB twist which is just not credible anymore. It's like in every drama ever and it also means it's really lazily written because basically the second half of ep. 3 and however much that case will take up of ep 4 (or more?) is reliant on a lawyer who made no backup and didn't keep the USB on him (for one night!) either. Everyone knows you need to back up (esp. when this is a LIFE-CHANGING piece of evidence). We have also already entered the era of automatic cloud backup. I just can't buy a lawyer being this stupid anymore. [Plus, why doesn't he at least try pursuing the ex-detective that gave him the USB in the first place? That guy didn't keep a backup either? No, the only option is to find an old woman with dementia…]

    /end rant

    I think I'm going to stick to watching only Ms. Temper again, because at least there we have an intelligent bad-ass character that makes total sense.

    • 2.1 alua

      Agree with a lot of what you say about Dots… really sorry you’re getting nasty emails from people because of this show though! I think that’s awful.

      • 2.1.1 Red

        I know, it’s horrible that they get hate emails like that. But have to agree completely about Dots. I watch the show on fast forward. But so glad Kim Ji Won got her big break, looking forward to seeing her in lead roles.

    • 2.2 Saner

      Hear hear! I started it out of curiousity but don’t think I can continue on with it. Why leave it in your unattended office?? How is that safer than on yourself????

      Also, the tone is somewhat…strange…such as during Kim Il Goo’s incident…despite knowing what was going to happen (Hello? No-one can joyfully eat ice lollies that early in a drama over the age of 10 – NO-ONE) – the way it was shot seemed almost…comedic? It made me feel a bit uncomfortable and now every time they flash back to it, I feel a little distanced.

  3. Ashauk

    can’t believe you guys don’t loooooove DoTS 🙁
    Was looking forward to you ladies’ views on it.
    p.s. agreed with the Heir’s reviews btw 🙂

  4. blo

    yay! But do I want to think back on CITT? How much things have changed. Before the previous podcast, Cheese is the reason I was looking forward to the next podcast. Wish there was SFD. A lot of dramas I haven’t seen.

    • 4.1 blo

      Started listening to the podcast and I have to say that I’m so glad that you two understand how we felt about CITT. Before, I admit I was sad, but only because I look up to both of you. Well, regardless of what you would’ve thought, I would still love you guys. Thank you for all the hard work.

      Also thank you for putting to rest the rumors against PHJ. Of course speculating, I agree. PHJ was probably the only one who really cared about the webtoon. That is sad, but it also makes me admire him even more for him being protective of it. I need to read it too.

      • 4.1.1 Petra hates Traps

        Agree, thanks for comments on podcast there. But didn’t KGE say she was a fan of the webtoon when it first came out and had read it? Not disagreeing but just still don’t know what to make of it. As they said, that’s probably why conspiracy theories took off. I’ve had to move on without resolution and it left a bitter taste indeed.

        Ultimately, CITT gave me trust issues, haha. I have trouble watching shows which aren’t completed now. But hey, better than the people who have walked away from Kdramas (or taking a break) completely. Yeah, it was THAT disappointing but also yes that that’s because it started out with so much promise. It was pretty bad how that show treated people with mental health conditions/issues. And the amount of hate it engendered for already marginalized populations was alarming, to say the least.

        I feel if they had had made the male lead of Liar Game unintelligent, this is also how I would feel. As in, wth? The premise doesn’t work if he can’t out-think and strategize O.o (Btw, totally stoked about news of Liar Game 2…to end on a positive note)

        +1 re: thanks for all the recaps and etc 🙂

        Moving on…boy, there’s a lot of todo about DOTS. I personally gave it up after ep 4 but not sure why there’s a controversy if ppl like it and if ppl don’t. Everyone’s tastes differ. That is all.

        • pogo

          same here, re: post-Cheese bitter taste. It’s like we were promised a ripe, smelly-but-delicious Camembert but after we ate half and found it delicious, we ended up with a putrefying smelly mess that bore virtually no resemblance to the cheese we started out eating.

          And now I’m reluctant to get attached to any unfinished dramas too. Sadly, it looks like jb and gf’s comments about Park Hae-jin are probably right.

          (and boy, was the treatment of mental health issues bad)

          • dkaoru

            I like your Cheese analogy, so appropriate

        • Dramalava

          I feel you on the trust issues. These days dramas are so pretty but a great story is not garanteed. After all these years as a drama watcher, I’m finding my self getting less emotionally invested in the shows 😕

      • 4.1.2 pogo is Cheesed off

        honestly I’m not even a webtoon reader, and even I could sense that Cheese was getting wildly skewed in ways that made no sense. It wasn’t just Park Hae-jin who got screwed over, Kim Go-eun’s character also suffered by having the focus shift entirely and reduce her to an object to be pined over instead of the heroine of her own story…. if I were her, I’d be really disappointed.

        But I can definitely see the vibe that jb and gf describe, being played out on the set.

        • agree

          You should know something is off ,when you show inho shit for 4 episodes and jung cleaning it in 4 min….?
          After cheese betrayal a trustworthy plot, which is totally predictable like marriage contract is soothing…

          One more happy ending,oh my Venus,she was pretty and so on dramas have plot till episode 8 and are so pretty they make it till 16..
          Tight plot like signal are oasis…
          Pied piper is fun to watch(DB missed it)
          Mrs cop2 is entertaining, totally on spot with chebol vilan trend…

          The new vampire and the new born baby of jackpot were killed couple of times in just two episodes…& are still alive??

          Neighbourhood hero: lee so hyuk is hilarious while picking up the drinks from people he was suppose to follow.. that to with a blank look..lol

          As for the main three Wed-thru leads
          Totally agree with DOTs, droped it after 6..
          CBA is fun ….
          GMB I dropped the thought to watch after hearing about director…

          Love podcasts…. Thank you DB…

  5. Connie

    Was just thinking it was time for a podcast can’t wait to listen.

  6. Seo

    Loved listening to this! Your podcasts make me feel like you guys are my girlfriends.

  7. kym

    Can’t wait to read the fifty essays people are going to write about you all not being totally and completely crazy in love with DOTS, why it’s the greatest thing to have ever happened to dramas.

    Also, that shady comment about TOP and IRIS was hilarious.

  8. Sera

    I understand your feelings about Descended. I am sad because I personally love it (and that’s only because if I really love a drama, I’m pretty good at ignoring the flaws), but I do know it’s far from perfect and you guys are always great on judging dramas fairly, IMO.

    That said, I don’t get why people are getting angry over the drama… People are free to love it or hate it, but when people from both sides start calling each other stupid and ignorant… arghhh. We all have different tastes so it’s not at all wrong if someone thinks Descended is the best drama ever or an overrated mess.

    We all have opinions, guys. Let’s respect them, yeah?

    • 8.1 Sera

      And thanks for another podcast, ladies~ I always look forward to these no matter how long the wait is lol.

    • 8.2 Petra hates Traps


    • 8.3 xcmk

      I agree! I had no idea people would go out of the way to hate on you two but that is definitely not the most of us! I hope you guys know that there are more beanies for every one angsty one. Also we don’t send you love emails because we know how flooded your inboxes already are but you guys are very much appreciated for your work and it’s ok if you don’t love the drama<3

      I have definitely been ignoring its flaws too since the actors are so good together and those few scenes make me giddy enough to hang onto it. It seems to be that most blown up dramas are like this now. (you from another star, moon that embraces the sun) I also feel like the drama is more crisis to crisis formatted that makes you thinks its live or dead at the moment, but there isn't an arch in the story really. Tbh its more about KMY and YSJ working out their relationship than anything else and I think that there is growth left in song joong ki's character since the flaw right now in their relationship is his lies. That aside I do wish there was more to it like maybe a dark past that spurred him to join the army but no his sunbae's death seems to be the only thing and we aren't even given an explanation for why Argus turned bad either. But he is pretty and swoony, what can I do if he makes me forgive everything ahahaha

    • 8.4 rawblue

      Totally agree! Knowing that DB is receiving hate emails is just really distasteful. I like DotS for different reasons, to the point where I can say I’m emotionally invested in it (the characters, really) but how devoted must you be to have such hateful reactions?? It’s mind-boggling.

      As you said, it is double-sided though. I feel like some people hate on DotS just because it’s popular…or compare it to other dramas just prove that the plot may be lacking. That’s unnecessary.

      On both sides, people are using their energy to put down others. I don’t understand at all why they even put in the effort to do so :/

  9. Lunatic4KD

    Oh, rats! Javabeans and GirlFriday you caught me on the road in New Orleans without a Korean shop in immediate range for the purchase of Soju to accompany my listening to all your podcasts. And, of course, I couldn’t wait!! So glad there is someone out there sharing my impression of DoTS. I mean, I love the pretty but the glaring inconsistencies and military/medical/location inaccuracies have diverted my hungry heart to just focusing on the love stories….to keep myself from screaming. But I can understand all those who want to rave that DoTS is the best EVER. I was one of those same lunatics over Healer – ready to defend it to the core!
    Signal and Marriage Contract and Six Flying Dragons are my favorites so far this year. Thanks for your great work!

    • 9.1 lunatic4kd

      Footnote…..I just wish you girls had seen episodes 9 and 10 of Marriage Contract before recording this podcast because then we could talk about how the story has become so awesome and that KISSING SCENE!!!!!!!OMG – I wanted to hear you both squealing with the rest of us.

      • 9.1.1 earthna

        Exactly! I was like “omg, are they going to talk about the kiss now?!” and realized they might have recorded this before episodes 9 and 10 happened.

  10. 10 blo

    Oh great. This doesn’t make me want to finish Descendants. I’ve been trying hard to love this. Trying to watch it in different ways. Trying to find some sort of special meaning (is there or am I just making it up?)…. But should anyone have to work this hard? My thought for this drama is the same one that I have for a lot of dramas, so it’s funny that you guys mention it here. It feels like it’s a bunch of cute moments surrounded by a lot of nothing. Well, I’m still happy that it’s doing so well. I just wish I was loving it too.

    As for Ahjussi, Oh Yeon-seo was my favorite part of the drama. Unfortunately, I had to drop it because of lack of time, but the first 3 eps were a fun watch. Actually, I wasn’t even planning on watching this so I’m surprised how interesting it turned out to be.

    I’m saying Goodbye to Mr. Black… Goodbye to Kim Kang-woo. I wanted you to be the perfect villain like you were in A Man’s Story. Honestly, I was worried after watching the teasers. And then when I saw that the writer had written Missing You. Oh well. Moving on.

    • 10.1 kpp

      really she wrote Missing You? That explains so much. And now i kind of just gagged thinking about that drama again.

      • 10.1.1 blo

        That drama made me dislike kdramas for a while. I hated it that much. Somehow, I finished it. But because of it, I drop dramas all over the place.

        • earthna

          I watched it and raved to my friend how good it was (I was at episode 3 or 4 at the time) but I dropped it. She’s the type of person who finishes a drama no matter what and she was so angry for the recommendation. HAHA

    • 10.2 pogo

      GMB has a cast I really like, and a premise I’m normally into (revenge) but the production values are SO SLOPPY.

      Like what is the point of blowing money on all those expensive location shoots and action sequences in Thailand if your editor seems to be a beginner on Adobe Movie Maker and your film stock looks like it’s from 2008?

  11. 11 cupkate

    Signal! And LJH,JJW and KHS. Btw it would be awesome if Heads will do a guest podcast and gush about SFD. Just my wish!

    • 11.1 lunatic4kd

      Agree 1000% on this. I’d love to hear Heads’ voice talking about SFD. It was so easy to tell how much she loved recapping it.

      • 11.1.1 kpp

        didnt even watch it, but i ditto this considering i heard so much good stuff about that drama but because its a sageuk and it was looong, it didnt get as much buzz. you guys should a do a special for it and for the fans.

        • Kaylie

          So sad that the length scares some people away, because every single episode was good, fast-paced and essential to the story. That’s rare for a long sageuk.

          • cupkate

            Oh it did scare me a bit but when I started marathoning it I just couldn’t stop watching and when I was at the 40EP mark I thought “I don’t want this to end!”

      • 11.1.2 Kaylie

        I agree!!! I Heads’ recaps for SFD and I miss discussing about SFD with the old SFD crowd!

      • 11.1.3 Jeanie

        Agree also with this!!!! It would be fun.. and I wonder how long it would take to discuss the epic SFD?! Haha!!! I soo wouldn’t mind listening to it the entire day 🙂

      • 11.1.4 lunatic4kd

        Six Flying Dragons was SO amazing and wonderful in every way. I fell in love with the whole production. Every episode was great…20 and 25 and Moo Hyul and those battle scenes – WOW!!! I loved all the super intelligent discussions going on and the couple of Beanies among us, like Kiara, who knew so much real history of the time and kept us on track. I learned so much – on top of knowing a lot from Tree With Deep Roots – it felt like we were all students with an amazing instructor (Heads) and none of us every fell asleep in class!

        • cupkate

          I regretted not watching it as it was airing because of how daunting it seemed back then due to the number of episodes. I wish I was able to join in on the discussion. Sigh.

    • 11.2 earthna

      I really need a sort of SFD dose, something, anything!

      • 11.2.1 azzo

        Yes, please!

      • 11.2.2 caramelts

        Yeah! anything will do.

    • 11.3 cupkate

      So who are we gonna beg for this to happen? Please hear us lol

    • 11.4 melts

      can we have a podcast specifically for SFD ? Like the one they created with healer haha. I really want to read JB & GF (and other recappers?) about it~

  12. 12 klm

    I hope you continue to watch Ms. Temper. I think it finds its footing about the fourth episode. I wouldn’t call it a rom-com per se but it does have a strong voice concerning small businesses being oppressed by corporate giants.

    • 12.1 alua

      I had the same thought – I’m not seeing Ms. Temper as a rom-com, but as a workplace drama that happens to have a love line. I do expect that particularly in later episodes we’ll get more of the love line as the work struggles get resolved, but for now it’s about WORK not ROMANCE.

      I don’t think it’s an amazing drama, but the heroine is awesome (just because we don’t get female characters with that kind of strength very often) enough to keep me watching.

    • 12.2 paroles

      +1. Ms. Temper is definitely worth the watch.

    • 12.3 sea

      +1 The first 2 episodes weren’t that great, but it gets better and better.

  13. 13 michelle

    And I really agree with girlfriday’s views on CITT re: webtoon Inho/drama Inho. It wasn’t really that Inho was different (maybe a little bit though haha) that was the problem but that it was done at the expense of Jung’s character. T___T
    Also, +1 on the PHJ speculation. I really do think that’s the most likely explanation for what happened. Anyway moving on, it’s in the past, it’s in the pastttt. I’m just gonna look forward to webtoon updates now.

    re: DOTS
    Gah, it sucks that you guys get so much hatemail / comments about how you probably hate it T___T people, come on.

    “It’s almost like she build the plot around those moments” Honestly I see this as well… these moments are really grand and swoony and huge, and I really do enjoy them, but when we’re not there yet, I’m still confused about the overall arc (if and when I am not distracted by the prettiness).

    Also the criticsm regarding David Lee Mcinnis… I agree.. though, it just seems that it’s difficult for dramas to find fluent english speaking foreigners that are also good at acting? Struggles.

    Thanks for the podcast!

  14. 14 Angie

    I totally agree with your comments on DOTS especially the part that KES builds the whole hour only around the romantic moments.

    I remember I’ve commented on one of the first recaps that the scene when Si Jin pulled Mo Yeon’s leg and told her she’s stepped on a land mine which ended in her laying on top of him, totally feels as if KES has just stick a note with “FIRST SKINSHIP IN URUK” on her storyboard, that’s it. How we’re getting there is trivial as long as the content of the post-it is accomplished. Lol

    But unlike you I never had too high expectations (ok, let’s be real, I had none after watching The Heirs and Secret Garden of this writer XD ) and just took it as a fluffy pretty drama from the get go.
    And truthfully, I’m just glad that at least here all the main and second leads are likeable characters (i.e. no jerky chaebol who force-kisses the heroine no matter how much she despises him and then falls in love with him because……yeah ummm….whatever lol) because if Si Jin were anything like Kim Tan et al. I don’t think I could sit through this no matter how much I adore SJK.
    So at the end I’m happy that I can turn my brain off with a clear conscience and switch on the swooning squealing fangirl mode while wishing for shirtless jogging soldiers every episode. Kekeke

    • 14.1 kpp

      “KES has just stick a note with “FIRST SKINSHIP IN URUK” on her storyboard” i actually lol reading this.

    • 14.2 Kaylie

      “FIRST SKINSHIP IN URUK” LOL THAT’S TOTALLY TRUE. I feel that I don’t even swoon over the swoon-worthy romance moments because I know they are trying so hard. It’s just like in tearjerker movies they insert specific characters and deliberately manipulate scenes just for the purpose of milking your tears and you feel extremely cheated? That’s what I feel about it. I feel happy that Song Joong-ki’s comeback is so well-received but at the same time I feel sad that this role doesn’t do him justice.

    • 14.3 rawblue

      Sameeee. After Secret Garden and Heirs, I didn’t have high expectations of DotS. I decided to check it out for Song Hye-kyo and of course, Song Joong-ki. Kim Won-suk’s participation also had me intrigued since I adored The Queen’s Classroom. But from episode 1, it was obvious that Kim Eun-sook’s style hadn’t changed.

      Thank the heavens though that Yoo Si-jin is NOTHING like Kim Tan. While Yoo Si-jin does have his cheesy lines lol it’s not off-putting and I think it’s amazing how Song Joong-ki can take those lines and bring substance to it. Cause Yoo Si-jin really does comes across as sincere and not pretentious.

  15. 15 crazedlu

    Guhhhh. Love the pretty new sound. ~

  16. 16 tata

    I’m having fuuuun. Haha love you javabeans & girlfriday! And you guys sound lovely!!!

  17. 17 earthna

    Okay. I’m in the 20min. mark and “The person who must leave” started playing and I’m just tearing up here, overwhelmed with feels. I guess you just never completely get over Signal.

    • 17.1 lunatic4kd

      You got that right, Earthna, I know I will never get over Signal. It was that good!

    • 17.2 falalalala


    • 17.3 Sam

      You’re not the only one!!! T.T

    • 17.4 neener

      Reason why I did not place the OSTs in my iPod or else I might watch the 16th episodes again Hahahaha

  18. 18 Yep

    For dramas like DOTS, girls are living in a fairtytail about men and relationships.

    • 18.1 lc

      Oh stop it. Girls can distinguish between reality and fantasy fairytales very well.

      Descendants is a welcome drama to allow me to switch off my brain for some harmless entertainment each week.

    • 18.2 kpp

      dude im not even a huge lover of DOTs but that comment was just ignorant. the best thing DOTs has going for it is trying to be semi-realistic about complicated relationships with military. at least MY struggled with it and was rational and open before dating SJ. thats ALLLLOOOT more than most kdramas show. so yes i like the pretty, but no i’m not fantasizing about any white knight in a helicopter.

    • 18.3 Lea

      seriously?? what a rude comment.

    • 18.4 Chin

      DOTS is cheesy as hell that’s for sure. The action was contrived, the English speaking scenes were cringy and everything was so shiny and glittery it felt like an idol drama. When I stopped they were still teasing about the central conflict and it just won’t get there. To me the main “crisis” was always, “how to acquire the next kiss”. It’s really just a boring romance drama with an unnecessary military setting and huge production budget.

    • 18.5 Chin

      I really liked Lee Jin Wook in Nine so I was happy that there’s a new revenge drama with him in it. GMB is not doing it for me though. I want Swan to be teamed with Black, not because I’m exactly rooting for them to be together, but because I want Black to have more screentime. I felt the reporter scenes were so unnecessary, and it seemed mostly there for Black to rescue-the-damsel. It feels like there are too many characters, or at least, too many different teams.

      We haven’t had much time for Black to emote about his dad’s death, sister’s loss, his best friend’s betrayal and his fiancee not waiting for him. That’s a whole collection of complex emotions that I have no doubt LJW can pull off. But the show is not having it. We also haven’t had very many scenes of Black DOING anything post time skip. It’s mostly other characters talking about Black, acting for Black, working against Black. It almost feels like he’s only a plot device.

      I feel LJW’s style of acting doesn’t really work for this show. He was intentionally distant in Nine for good reason, but the story tells you what he’s probably feeling. He was enigmatic in Three Musketeers, because the story needed it, but still gave enough hints to pull you along. Here, I can’t help but not really care about his character. There’s something missing. I also think it’s the fault of the writing and production team for not using their actors properly.

      I remember being so bored at Ep 1, but was really impressed watching Kim Kang Woo’s character being confronted by his foster(?) dad. When the camera focuses on his face as he transitions from desperate pleading to frustrated anger. That hooked me again, so I was waiting for LJW’s turn to emote, but it never really came. There was that one scene when Black called KKW at the hotel, then watched Killer report to him, but that’s about it. I think that’s the problem. KKW seemed to get more notable emoting scenes than LJW.

      • 18.5.1 Chin

        Not sure why this comment got here. But was not meant to reply to this thread.

    • 18.6 snailshell

      Wow, is this a new fixture? Every post that mentions DOTS must have that one obnoxiously sexist comment?

      If the fairytale is that men can be decent and thoughtful, I choose the fairytale over the sexist BS.

      tl;dr: ugh this comment makes me angry

  19. 19 Ellie

    Where’s Pied Piper D: I wanted to see your thoughts on it. Been hearing it’s great (liar game team and all)

    • 19.1 Issy

      Yeah, I totally agree! Please talk a little bit about Pied Piper!

    • 19.2 NoIdeaName

      +1 liar game is one of my favorites and I’m 4 episodes into pied piper and already loving it, wanted to know jb and gf’s opinion on it

  20. 20 Mindy

    This podcast came at the PERFECT time, I’ve been so stressed out so thank you two so much for brightening my week even just a little bit. Just hearing you two talk about dramas for an hour and a half puts my mind at ease for some reason.

    I love you, javabeans and girlfriday!

  21. 21 Julzevias

    Yay, someone who understands my take on Descended from the Sun! I was able to get through the first 5 episodes before I became unmotivated to watch any more, and you just described PERFECTLY why I think this drama lacks…a substance, or a core.

    Honestly, I can get why people like it so much, but it just never struck a chord with me because it seemed so superficial under that mask of war and separation.

    On the other hand, I have to disagree with your take on Marriage Contract. I think it would’ve been nice if the characters, who are both fundamentally flawed, are described more. They are not as black and white, like Girlfriday painted them to be. And, this show contains a certain darkness and realism that most shows, not to mention all family shows, lack. I think there was a lot of depth to this drama and I am a little upset that it was shown in such a superficial light.

    That said, I want to make clear that I’m not dissing anyone who likes Descended From the Sun or anyone who didn’t like Marriage Contract. Simply statin’ my opinion here.

    Javabeans, you should really watch Marriage Contract!

    • 21.1 lunatic4kd

      To be fair, the first 3-4 episodes of Marriage Contract were a bit tough to watch but I started really loving it by episode 5 and then fell in love with it once the intricate depth and vulnerability of the characters started showing though. JB and GF recorded this a couple of weeks ago, it seems, and I think both of them would love Marriage Contract. It is so deep and realistic. I love how insecure and flawed they all are. Love is saving all of these characters in the most magnificent way. It’s a delightful surprise.

  22. 22 Van

    Yayayayayay!!! Thanks, ladies! Listening now. ❤️❤️❤️

  23. 23 Fayt890

    Thanks you guys for another wonderful podcast. The sound sounds great! Keep up the good work 🙂

  24. 24 Sivibi

    I agree with you about DOTS!!! I couldn’t bear to watch the first episode. I did not like the Heirs as well. hahahahaha I am not the only alien here lol.
    I love signal as well. I totally agree with you if signal was produced by the big three, there will be a love triangle and more strangle lol.

  25. 25 Hwari

    Taecyeon? He don’t do drama at this moment… Anyway, can’t JB cover about Chunsa Film Art Award that was held yesterday?

  26. 26 Jeanie

    Thanks JB and GF for this new podcast! Although we don’t agree on everything, I love hearing your take on dramas. It is always a trip! 🙂

    CitT – “Life is pointless” Lol! The crack drama that could’ve been, sigh. I am still recovering. I find your take on the Park Hae Jin interesting. It just might be true.

    Signal – Was it just me who got teary eyed the moment the OST started playing? Haha! Maybe It’s just me. I love this drama!!! But lol at Jo Jin Woong all squished and on a diet the entire drama. It didn’t bother me actually, hehe.

    DotS – Wow at the offensive emails!! So sorry to hear about it. People should really learn to respect preferences. And I agree with you guys, it would be better if a recapper is really interested/in love with the show she’s recapping. It would be a better experience for everyone.. I am also curious if the Korean army is supporting this drama, lol! I am still loving this show mainly for the lead characters and their relationships with each other.

    Goodbye Mr Black – hahaha!!! You guys are funny but yea, thanks, will put this on hold. I am such a fan of the Count of Monte Cristo book and yaiks, this show is not it I guess?

    • 26.1 earthna

      Oh dear, tell me about it. I had to pause and wipe my tears before continuing. Signal is still so fresh in my mind and heart. I just can’t let go yet.

    • 26.2 Sam

      Lol! You’re not the only one!
      I’m still listening to SIGNAL’S ost’s even until now (everyday)..
      Just to get the feel of the drama eventhough I’ve already rewatched it many times after it ended..

  27. 27 Sancheezy

    DoTS has similar build up with cop procedural drama in western series. They main story is the relationship and new problem arise every week but also resolve in the same week with pieces information for another arc at the end. That’s why it feels like nothing happen.

    A drama I like to watch when aired but not drama I’ll buy. The motivation to watch actually pretty weak for me, it just after watching it, I felt good,

    I started watching elemantary S4 and as much as I love the case, I more enjoyed sherlock and watson relationshiop, the inside joke, the family/friend related case.
    It’s like watching Supernatural, after 10 season, nothing extremely new, they chase demon and kill them every ep, or there’s some part left but the case in the town can be closed while hint the big arc at the end season episodes.

    I find DoTS follow the same formula when Kdrama tends to brought the big problem/arc as premise and then follow step by step into it, like cimbing a stair with one door at the top only, and some place to relax in the middle.
    While it’s the opposite for DoTS, the step direct the cause for the next with some bread crumb they accumulate in the way, there will be a door and relax space in exact count of stair and that relax door also connected to another stair , or just a flat path to find another door until we reach the end.

    this is maybe too much observation, I still enjoying DoTS, but the feels reminds me so much of this kind of show, also Jdrama detective/episode series, DoTS just not that subtle in presented another case.

    • 27.1 Sancheezy

      too many typo,
      what I feel after watching DoTS is somehow reminds me of Elementary and Supernatural because of the weekly/episodic event that only last 1-2 episode.

  28. 28 Kaylie

    I agree with your comment about the English-speaking scenes in DOTS! I kept cringing when I was watching it and it’s so distracting. Basically it’s understandable if a Korean actor speaks with an accent in English, as long as it’s evident that they understand what they’re saying (pace, pause at the right places, tone etc), but it’s not alright if a native English-speaker in the show speaks like a robot. And same problem for Chinese lines in dramas. For example Judy (No, Zhu Di) in Six Flying Dragons. He’s a Ming emperor, surely you can find a Korean actor who is more fluent in Chinese..?

    • 28.1 Sancheezy

      ooh right, I never really find Saeguk that speak good Mandarin or Japanese either, almost all them sounds bad, it wasn’t even close to the language, and almost all scene is in small part. Somehow I hope they dubbed it with language teacher, just to make it understandable.

    • 28.2 earthna

      hihihihihi Judy

    • 28.3 Chin

      I have to turn off the volume when I hear the supposed Chinese characters in 6FD speak Chinese. I don’t get why they don’t find a Chinese actor and make him learn Korean, or a Chinese actor who can speak passable Korean. That would make more sense than a supposed native Chinese character who is more fluent in Korean than Chinese.

      I remember being so impressed in Three Musketeers when they got a Chinese extra to report the happenings in China in legit Chinese to Lee Jin Wook’s character (which he would understand because he’s a prince and was keen on diplomacy). It’s something so obvious and yet so few dramas do it.

  29. 29 earthna

    The ratio thing in Signal didn’t really bother me at all. I actually wouldn’t even notice if gummi didn’t mention on her recap. I was just so concerned about Jo Jin Woong losing so much weight but it was actually the screen ratio. lol.

    The only omg you’re so awesome episode of OMHE for me is episode 1. It started out so good! Jang Nara and Jung Kyeonho have oozing chemistry when they’re together but the drama decided to not put them beside each other as much as possible. I liked Dajung’s arc coz it actually cured me of my trauma from Kim Taehoon (when he was in Angry Mom). I dropped the show midway coz I lost interest on the drama as a whole.

    Same thing for CBM. Whenever Lee Minjung is on screen, it just gets unnecessarily depressing. I kept wanting to skip to Oh Yeon Seo and Honey Lee’s scenes. I’m behind on this but comments on recent episodes make me feel like not continuing.

    It’s already April and the only dramas I’ve finished watching are Signal and Dragons. I hope Marriage Contract would be the third.

    Thanks for the podcast, ladies!!

    • 29.1 Kaylie

      I want to love Signal but the first episode was already too depressing so I don’t dare to move forward.

  30. 30 Plop

    Ack! I’m so sorry you are getting hate for Descended (Descendants? Either one). Hopefully you can just filter those emails out because boo on all those complainers.

    I mean, I love Descended in that crack-tastic way such dramas are, but it really has zero plot/conflict/believable villains/etc. It’s a drama of pretty, and while pretty is enough for some people (me) to enjoy completely, it’s not for others. Plus, your commentary on it overall is spot on.

    But really, just boo at all those offensive emails. I’ve been reading this blog for at least 6 years now (7? 8? Time is so difficult…) and even when I disagreed with views, I’ve always enjoyed everyone’s recaps and analyses. Which is why I feel bad for not (positively) commenting because I’ve been benefiting from all your hard work! Hopefully all of that rudeness stops soon!

    • 30.1 earthna

      It amazes me how people actually put effort on actively hating on someone (sending emails at that!). Even when I don’t like something, I try to be polite or not post at all. One word can make a lot of difference, good or bad.

    • 30.2 kpp

      I’ve been reading this blog for 6ish years too! I think it all started with dream high. LMAO

    • 30.3 pogo

      yeah, I’ve always found db recaps pretty fair in their assessments of a drama, the idea that even this website gets hate mail is so disappointing. I hope you don’t feel too down about it, jb/gf!

    • 30.4 Lola

      Absolutely agreed. And DB and GF are right, there’s nothing I enjoy less than reading recaps of a show I enjoy, written by someone who hates it. I find it hard to read AVClub.com reviews for that very reason. Though when people are upset about the same things I am (hello CiTT, what happened to that plot there, eh?) – that just feels like vindication. Haha.

      • 30.4.1 Flightey Gazelles

        OMG! I agree about av club sometimes. That and The Gaurdian newspaper movie reviews. So Damn PRETENSIOUS! (and thats coming from someone who hates that word).

    • 30.5 moony

      lol I think it’s a running statement to say there’s no plot to Descended. That’s not quite accurate to say since there IS a plot, just a lackluster one.

      It’s funny cause SJK said that the script really appealed to him? Like that’s what he looks at foremost and that he really liked Descended’s script. On paper, a drama set in a sort of war/disaster zone does seem intriguing, with military and medical aspects, add some characters and romance, then you’re set. Now that the drama’s been airing, all the elements of the plot didn’t really follow through. If SJK was speaking in terms of the characters and their interactions though, I can agree that the script is attractive. Since, the the characters are actually pretty great and their interactions are fun.

      In any case, the drama was heralded as a romance drama and personally that’s what I think we all should have expected knowing that KES is the writer. The main conflict definitely continues to be about the relationships of the characters. And the characters continue to be the strength of the drama.

  31. 31 yaya

    Yay! Podcast! Thank you, ladies 👏👏

  32. 32 azzo

    A podcast YAY! I was waiting for this.

    Cheese in the trap, AGH, I’m still not over it, being an avid webtoon reader I just can’t help feeling disappointed with how the drama ended! my love for Park Hae-Jin is what kept me watching it till the end, and my love for him is what makes me go back and watch it again sometimes, first 8 episodes, the back hug scene, episodes 11 and 12 and then some cute moments of Jung-Seol from the last 4 episodes!

    Descendants of the sun, I feel exactly how you guys feel, I mean, I like it, I like watching it for all the cute and romantic moments it has, I’m enjoying it but then I don’t know what is it exactly about!

    I do understand that people love it, but come on, they don’t have to attack you guys for not being the ones recapping it, I mean it is being recapped here, you guys are giving them a space where they can talk about their love for the drama and Song Joong-ki (He is really cute) they should be thankful!

    Come back ajusshi, I still don’t know what I feel about it! it’s funny, it really is laugh out loud funny but then it feels all over the place! I’m watching it just for the laughs!

    Mrs. cop 2, I like it, I didn’t watch Mrs. cop 1 and not really planning to but I’m enjoying season 2, it’s funny and Kim Sung Ryung is killing the Ajumma cop role!

    Thanks for the podcast!

  33. 33 uyen_ah

    I love listening to these podcasts and getting snippets about dramas I did not watch and hearing plots and your impression of them. These podcasts always make me chuckle because your opinions can be so true it’s scary. I may not always agree or like your’s or someones opinion of a drama (rare) but I like that you guys are fair in your assessments where even if I do not think so and so was horrible or whatever I can still see the other side.

    The only drama’s I am watching right now are DOTS and GMB. For the longest time though, there was something about DOTS that was not making me addicted and I thought it was weird. Every time I did get around to watching the latest episode, I thought it was really good, but not to the point where I was like OMG is it next week yet. I mean if the show was already completed, I think I would have binged it nonetheless. GMB though has that addicting factor where I want to know what is going to happen next week, but at the same time, it is frustrating cause what I want to happen is not happening. But through this podcast I have come to understand why I have been feeling this way about both dramas.

    Oh and as a side note, for the next podcast, don’t forget page turner!

  34. 34 anotheraddict

    Oh, JB, I do hope you’ll eventually watch Marriage Contract. Even though there’s nothing original about the set-up, and LSJ’s character is very LSJish, there’s something very special about this drama that isn’t necessarily apparent right off the bat. I think the writer and director must have a lot of emotional intelligence. There was a rather large chorus of Beanies singing its praises when MC first started to be recapped, and many of us commented on how surprised we were to have become so invested in these characters’ lives.

    A few reasons to watch: 1) UEE is so good in this– it’s by far her best performance yet; 2) After the first few eps, you can’t help but fall in love with little Eun-sung (played by the amazingly talented Shin Rin-ah)– it’s a delight to watch her melt the ice around “Ajusshi’s” heart; 3) It has one of the best kiss scenes EVER; 4) Despite the makjangy set-up, the main characters and their emotions feel surprisingly real, and it makes you root so hard for this found-family of wounded souls to be able to come together and heal one another through the power of lurve.

    I didn’t think I’d fall in love with another drama so soon after Signal, but this gem has won my 💖. I just hope it doesn’t leave me with a 💔.

  35. 35 risa

    Thanks to you, I just found out that in Korea, I’d be considered “glamorous”! That’s a good one!

  36. 36 Den in the Trap

    Cheese in the Trap: I agree with all the points you’ve made though it didn’t affect my love for it as a whole (finale, bts drama and all). Still my fave drama this year. Sorry, but CITT had my heart. 😉 I’m all for a movie, hoping that both PHJ and Soonkki would agree. I’d love it if Kim Go-eun would be cast as Seol though. I have trust issues with the PD not the writer (unlike a previous tvN drama writer *cougham88cough*).

    Moorim School: dropped after the first 10 mins
    One More Happy Ending: yet to finish
    Madam Antoine: yet to finish

    Signal: Awesome. I didn’t like the finale much though for some reason. But I’m looking forward to a season 2.

    Neighborhood Hero: discontinued after E02

    Descended From the Sun: No. Just no. Can’t make me watch this.

    Come Back, Ajusshi: yet to finish
    Marriage Contract: intrigued but don’t have time

    Mrs. Cop 2: ongoing; at E03

    Goodbye Mr. Black: would like to start but I’ve been hearing negative things about its execution.

    Memory: Waiting for it to finish before starting.
    Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki: ongoing; at E05
    Vampire Detective: will watch E01 this weekend
    Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho: will watch E01 this weekend
    Jackpot: will watch E01 this weekend

    • 36.1 Den in the Trap

      I was actually waiting for you to include Pied Piper but I guess you’re not watching it? I like it a lot (except for Jo Yoon-hee’s character sometimes).

  37. 37 Bushra

    New podcast! Yippie!! Thanks JB and GF!
    Just listened to the first minute and OMG JB sounded like a completely different person for a second… lol.. congrats on the new equipment, you guys sound great! 🙂 *rushes off to listen to the rest*

  38. 38 Bubbeez

    Sound was great for this podcast — stick with it ! Also loved the topics too…

  39. 39 Crysta

    The only good actor whose first language is English I have seen was actually in To the Beautiful You. The main girl’s brother was actually a good actor who even spoke some Korean not badly (though I don’t speak it, but it didn’t sound bad to me).
    There was this one girl who was like the token American friend in a number of k-dramas who was soooo bad. I always wondered how she kept getting jobs.

    • 39.1 Pearl~ai88

      Do you mean that really blond chick who popped up as some waitress in BoF (and I recall had a rather offensive interaction with Kim Bum’s character LOL)? I see her every once in a while, but only as short cameos. She is indeed really horrible.

      I’m watching Jejoongwon right now and there is actually a surprising number of very decent English speaking actors. They needed Anglophone actors for several main characters that would be on screen for quite a while, so I’m sure they took more care than usual with the casting. It’s just that it’s a little bit older and it’s a weekend historical so I didn’t expect it, but obviously I’m glad they did it right or the show would be unwatchable.

      DOTS guy is pretty bad, but unfortunately I’ve seen worse so he doesn’t bother me too much.

  40. 40 coby

    I also noticed re: English speakers in Kdramas that they deliver their lines a little bit slower. As if paying attention to diction and pronunciation.

    Enjoying Marriage Contract and Come Back Ajusshi. I’m watching DOTS to see shirtless soldiers jog and SJK of course. And so that my friends will not curse me for not watching. Hehe

    Thanks for the podcast! I enjoyed listening to it (as always).

  41. 41 falalalala

    yayy! podcast! I really agree about DoTS. I’ve TRIED to watch DoTS and I really want to love it especially since it’s SJK’s comeback drama, but I just can’t. I guess you’re right about how the writing is written from Z to A, not the other way around. it’s really just a romantic squeal worthy drama but it can’t get me hooked or even keep watching.
    And yes, SOME hardcore DoTS fans play part on why I can’t love the show too. but well really glad for Song Joongki and the popularity he got now, he deserves it.

    • 41.1 summerskin

      Yess! ugh….hardcore fans…reminds me of Healer because the fan reaction was SO great for that drama. It’s cool when a drama gets attention, but the downside is that fans can get pretty immersed in it. As a result they become defensive and obnoxious when others don’t agree with their tastes. It’s ironic for me too because while I liked Healer, the fans made me not want to watch it or like it because they seemed so over-enthused? lol it’s strange

      • 41.1.1 Den in the Trap

        Oh, boy! Healer… I liked that show too but the fervor and spazzing was so over the top that it made me like it less than I probably would have if the fans were a tad less enthusiastic about it.

        • Stardust

          The thing is healer was great
          But DOTS – i like it but don’t love it. And the latest episode I could press the pause and do laundry and stuff, that’s never a good sign. The dramas I love- I watch even if the world is crumbling around me.

          It’s the plot – the LACK OF
          And also the the super cheesy lines – it was cute at first but now?
          Why put a car on remote and kiss while driving!!! It’s so unsafe and bizarre!!!

          • namedx

            “Why put a car on remote and kiss while driving!!! It’s so unsafe and bizarre!!!”

            LOL that really was a strange moment!! Couldn’t stop thinking about how bizarre and damn crazy it was even after the ep had ended. Way to promote danger!?

  42. 42 Sam

    haha..The aspect ratio thing in Signal didn’t really bother me at all..

    But yeah..I was questioning at first why didn’t they just use black and white for the past timeline..

    But the color for the past timeline they used worked for me after some time..It felt nostalgic and almost uncanny especially with the added soundtrack..

    • 42.1 Pearl~ai88

      Me neither, I didn’t even know about it until I listened to this podcast. I’m usually pretty dense about directorial things like that…

  43. 43 Mary D

    Yaay! I just started listening, and had to pause a second to give love to the new sound system!! What a difference!

    Thank you.

  44. 44 Dramalava

    Ooohhhhhh mmmyyyyyyy gooooosshhhhh PODCAST!!! Yay! My Wednesday morning just got better!!! Yasssss 🙌🏾💃🏾😍

  45. 45 fan

    Thanks for the podcast! Enjoyed it a lot. It also gave me a chance to reflect on the dramas I have watched/ am watching. I watch/watched them all mentioned. The one I liked the least was Madam Antoine. The one I liked the best? Signal. No crack drama currently.
    Cheese in the Trap: Really enjoyed (Best was Kim Go-eun/Seul) except the last 4 episodes.
    Moorim School: Enjoyed later episodes. Reveal at the end was disappointing though.
    One More Happy Ending: Enjoyed first few episodes-so funny and cute.
    Madam Antoine: So disappointed but liked Han Ye-seol.
    Signal: Awesome.
    Neighborhood Hero: Enjoyed later episodes. Loved Lee Soo-hyuk, detective and male lead’s hair style.
    Descended From the Sun: Enjoying some cheezy lines and scenery.
    Come Back, Ajusshi: Love funny scenes. Even serious characters became less-depressing now.
    Marriage Contract: Extremely cliche (I can even tell what will be next line many times), but Enjoying it(Loved ep 9 fighting INR writer!)
    Mrs. Cop 2: It is ok, Enjoying more than first season.
    Goodbye Mr. Black: Enjoying scenery and plot is never boring, even though it does not make sense.
    Memory: Lee Sung-min is killing it, but story is dark and not pulling.
    Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki: Enjoying it so far and Lee Yoo-won is great for her role.
    Vampire Detective: I like bromance.
    Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho: It is ok, but don’t know why show is loved this much.
    Jackpot: It is ok, but acting is not balanced(Some are very good, others are very bad)

    I also watch –
    Monster which got interesting and I am amazed the show has so many veteran actors.
    Pied Piper: Some episodes are really good.

  46. 46 Alessar

    Small technical note! The sound quality is very clear but the actual volume is quite low. I had to max my PC’s sound (which meant pings from other things in the background were louuuuud). I think about 35% more loudness would be ideal.

    • 46.1 paroles

      Same here.

    • 46.2 Pearl~ai88


    • 46.3 kpp

      thought it was just me. but had to max the volume to hear talking and then the music would play it burst through my computer. awkward when you’re listening to it late at night. glad i wasnt wear headphones, else i blast an eardrum.

  47. 47 Pearl~ai88

    Yay! Thanks for the podcast! The sound quality is indeed a lot better ^^ I kinda wish you (or someone) just did a whole podcast on Signal though. There’s SO much more you could have talked about!

    • 47.1 Sam

      Wahaha..I can talk about Signal FOREVER..haha..

      Even after it aired, every time I see scenes where the male lead says “I’ll be right back” to the female lead, I feel scared that he won’t come back to her and not keep his promise..hahaha..Of course it’s just me..

      • 47.1.1 Appy

        Please do a SIGNAL special podcast, a much deserved one!

  48. 48 melts

    LOL at your “…the irony is that I actually quite like it (dots), but because people are assuming that I hate it, it makes me to not want to like it” JB! (something along that line). I can relate with this one because I experienced similar thing in a different case. Anyway, I hope the offensive emails will stop flooding your inbox.

    The sound of this podcast is much clearer than the previous ones (Since I’m not a native English speaker) it feels easier to listen to. Thanks. and Love your podcast!

  49. 49 Aria

    I don’t know why but is it hard for them to look for good foreign casts who can act well?

    If you have enough budget for a good quality drama, might as well take your time and make some effort in finding good foreign casts. It ruins the viewing experience if we, as bilingual/multilingual viewers know for a fact that they know the language but they act awkwardly as if they don’t understand the situation.

  50. 50 Alessar

    Small technical note! The sound quality is very clear but the actual volume is quite low. I had the on page volume at max and still had to turn my PC’s sound way up (about 85% of max). I think you should amp yourselves about 35% next time.

    • 50.1 Carinne

      I didn’t mind the low volume, until… Come Back, Ajusshi OST kicks in and I jumped… it was way louder than the previous. LOLOLOLOL!

    • 50.2 Carinne

      Maybe it was because Rain is in it, these ladies get more outspoken. Hahaha.

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