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Bloody knives and violent crimes in Defendant’s new teaser
by | January 10, 2017 | 24 Comments

Ooooh, I’m getting strong Memento crossed with The Count of Monte Cristo vibes from the second teaser of SBS’s upcoming Defendant. In this new revenge-thriller drama, an amnesiac Ji Sung (Entertainer) stars as a top prosecutor-turned-felon, whose wife is murdered and whose daughter disappears. Eom Ki-joon (Masked Prosecutor) plays a set of twins — one evil and one good — who conspires to put Ji Sung behind bars under false pretenses. The only person on his side is a determined public defender, played by SNSD’s Yuri (Gogh’s Starry Night).

It all seems to start with the death of one of the twins, Cha Min-ho, who slumps to the ground after someone violently strikes his head — all that’s seen is a fast blur. Who killed him is a mystery, but somehow Ji Sung earns the enmity of the living twin, Cha Sun-ho, and is subsequently dragged into prison to await his sentence on death row. Ji Sung rages against his captors in an interrogation room, but flashbacks of holding a knife and watching his daughter smile through a camera have him reeling with uncertainty.

Then Oh Chang-seok (My Heart Twinkle Twinkle) grabs him by the collar, asking if his memory loss is real. Tears streak down his face because he really doesn’t remember anything. The words “One case, two truths” appear onscreen as Yuri asks Ji Sung, “If there’s another truth, you have to reveal it to prevent the death penalty. Don’t you?” But he just stalks away from her, angry. At the very end of the teaser, Ji Sung resolutely vows to escape while scratching a wooden surface with his fingernail.

I love it when promos raise interesting questions, revealing just enough of the plot to make me hungry for more. So let’s talk conspiracy theories:

    A) Eom Ki-joon manufactured the death of his twin and is framing Ji Sung.
    B) Eom Ki-joon thinks Ji Sung is responsible for his twin’s death and is seeking revenge.
    C) Another mysterious mastermind is behind the murders and is toying with both Ji Sung and Eom Ki-joon.
    D) Ji Sung did it and is actually faking his amnesia.
    E) None of the above.

What do you think? Despite my initial reservations, I’m definitely curious now to find out how Ji Sung will achieve his prison break and whether he’ll finally get the answers he’s searching for as a fugitive on the run. Monday-Tuesday drama Defendant premieres in two weeks on January 23, after Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim finishes its run.

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24 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Miky

    I’ll go with A…More likely the good twin confronted the evil one with some things he found out and this one channeled his Nam Gyu Man and hit him with that whisky bottle killing him and put the blame on Jinsung

  2. Zitless

    ooohh…i can’t wait. Going to be sitting on pins till this airs.

  3. BA

    I say None of above. Evil twin kiiled good one and now posing good twin!

    • 3.1 mel

      ohhhh, I like this theory! But that doesn’t explain who killed Jisung’s wife…. maybe evil twin killed Jisung’s wife and Jisung killed good twin by mistake thinking he was the evil twin and now evil twin is posing as good twin to blame Jisung for both murders?

      • 3.1.1 Miky

        From the trailer at least, it looks like evil twin hit his brother with the bottle,the one in white is him

      • 3.1.2 KDramaWatcher2609

        Maybe evil twin killed his brother n in the midst of it, Ji Sung’s wife saw it n she also got silenced off then then the evil twin framed Ji Sung for it. Btw this plot sounds similar to Two Weeks (framed for murder then jailbreak)….

    • 3.2 salt n' pepper

      I have the same theory. Haha!

  4. julius

    Gosh, I don’t know how I notice these things but… The music they used in this teaser, the beginning part and end part, is the same they partially used in the Beautiful Mind trailer…


    And… Was that Linkin Park? Like, really?

    • 4.1 Sakura

      LMAO yeah I noticed both teasers used Linkin Park’s songs. I like the song from the first teaser better though

    • 4.2 honeyJ

      I hardly give a comment on DB. But I’m writing one because you mentioned Linkin Park.

      Putting Linkin Park’s Breaking the Habit in the teaser got me super excited though. Haha. Yes, I’m a LP’s trash.

  5. blo

    I like Ji Sung, but I’m still waiting for a drama of his I can love. Maybe this is it? Looks good. And I am in need for a good thriller.

    • 5.1 gala

      Have you seen New Heart? If you have, you didn’t love him in it? It still is for me his best drama, since it has all components I like in dramas – medical, good mentor, good love interest/romance, comeuppance on the “villains”, comedy with drama!

      • 5.1.1 blo

        I have not, but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Sakura

    At first I thought, maybe C? I have this gut feeling that Oh Chang Suk (so called best friend/fellow prosecutor of Ji Sung’s character) could be behind the murders and is actually the mastermind. He seems fishy to me. He calls himself a best friend, but it seems like the only one Ji Sung can rely on is Yuri? Why not the best friend too? He doesn’t look like he believes in Ji Sung, which could mean he was planning to let him go to jail while secretly convincing everyone he knows that he’s not all that innocent. Ji Sung’s family (at least his wife’s side of the family) looks like they don’t believe him either.

    But then again, in the first teaser it really looked like Cha Sunho was nuts and creeping up towards that closet playing hide and seek, looking like he murdered someone. Ji Sung’s a top prosecutor so he’s bound to have probay more than one enemy. (I call dibs Oh Chang Seok is the true evil one, he smells like a traitor)

    Also, I’m curious why Park Jung Woo was angry at Seo Eun Hye coz well…she’s the only one he can rely on after all. I don’t see a loveline happening coz of Jung Woo’s situation (wife dead, daughter missing) but I hope these two will develop a strong, touching camaraderie in the future from their initial tense relationship (they definitely fought in court before).

    I wanna know how much time does he have left before his death sentence. Also, I know this is a dark thriller, but I have a feeling we’ll see some comical bromance between Park Jung Woo and his cellmates haha

    • 6.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Amazing what one can mine from just a teaser!!

      Beanies are an intelligent lot.

  7. Hana

    I’m so excited yoo I haven’t been this excited for a drama in a while coz like, this drama has all my fave genres and all the characters are really appealing to me!

    Ji sung, yuri, uhm ki joon and the rest fighting!!

  8. cje

    if D actually is the truth then all of us will likely be trolled 🙂

    • 8.1 Kendi

      Option D reminded me of that one movie where a lawyer defended a church boy.

  9. Mey

    Haha , i dont know about those theories coz I also too thought of those, it would be awesome if its something we didnt think would happen …. i’ve read an article that says the twin murdered the other twin to be with his wife so, it should be maybe the evil twin killed the good…. Im sooo looking forward to this drama 👍

  10. 10 houstontwin

    Eom Ki-joon has great acting chops. I hope that they give him something significant to chew on!

  11. 11 Cocoboo

    Any of those conspiracy theories sound plausible.

    I really love me a good thriller and this drama looks crazy intense. I feel like I need to give it a shot, at least for Ji Sung. xD

    I’m gonna watch OCN’s Voice, which premieres this weekend. I wonder if I’ll mix up these two dramas or compare them too much. x3

  12. 12 MissUnicorn

    This child actress sure is busy haha. One drama after another. Not complaining tho. She’s really adorable. Love her in marriage contract.

  13. 13 Gem

    D is primal fear but It’d be a hell of a good twist if they can pull it off.

  14. 14 KDramaWatcher2609

    Maybe Ji Sung did all the murders but he can’t rmb cos his another split personality came back. Hahaha (Kill me heal me joke…..)

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