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Missing 9: Episode 3
by | January 26, 2017 | 79 Comments

When your very life is on the line, the lines between right and wrong can become very blurry, and things you would never consider doing under normal circumstances suddenly become your only hope for survival. What do you do when your life literally depends on the actions of others? Do you band together and do what’s needed for the good of the group? Or do you strike out and hope you can hold out alone?


Bong-hee tells Investigator Oh (from the special investigation commission) that she, Joon-oh, and Yeol saw the light from a cell phone and found the person who owned it. Though we see that it was actress Ji-ah, Bong-hee can’t remember who that person was.

All hell breaks loose as Investigator Oh realizes that the press have found the location where they’ve been interviewing and filming Bong-hee, and they rush her out of the building with her coat over her head. Chairwoman Jo tells Bong-hee that they’re sending her into hiding, so she’s driven away, cringing from the reporters as they scream questions at her.

Prosecutor Tae-young reels after identifying the body of his sister So-hee, one of the actresses from the plane crash whose body recently washed up in China. He thinks back to the last time he saw So-hee, when he’d given her a beautiful necklace in the shape of an infinity symbol and had shown her his matching ring.

Tae-young was told that, though So-hee’s body was found on the beach, they suspect she was murdered. As he waits for his car, he sees a man in the hospital hallway, and recognizes him as the Now-CEO of Legend Entertainment. Tae-young thinks it strange that CEO Jang would be in a hospital in China, and follows him to a private room.

He sees CEO Jang talking to someone in a hospital bed, telling them that people will be shocked when they hear the person is alive. Tae-young asks Prosecutor Jo to find out the name of the patient in that room.

We go back to where we left our castaways, stranded on the deserted island. This time we see that Joon-oh’s manager Ki-joon also survived the crash, and is currently attempting to trap a rabbit in a salvaged suitcase. The first rabbit he lures gets away (and the chase is hysterical), but he manages to catch the second.

He sits with his prize, and notices that the fluffy little bunny is awfully cute. He tries to set it free, but the darn thing won’t leave, and just hangs out with Ki-joon as he weakly threatens to eat it.

Not too far away, former Legend CEO Hwang and his assistant Ho-hang bicker as they attempt to catch fish. Ki-joon brings them the results of his successful hunt — a suitcase full of coconuts. Awww, he couldn’t do it. The others are disappointed despite his talking up the coconuts (“They’re locally grown!”), and he promises to catch some actual meat tomorrow.

Ho-hang wonders if they’re really the only survivors, and CEO Hwang suddenly perks up as he catches a whiff of grilled meat. They follow their noses to a rock outcropping, and peek over it to see top star Tae-ho grilling up some fish.

Back in the present, Tae-young and Prosecutor Jo fly back home, and Prosecutor Jo asks if it’s true that one of the missing is former idol Seo Joon-oh of Dreamers. He mentions that Joon-oh was investigated after songwriter Jae-hyun committed suicide, and Tae-young remembers seeing him in the police station after it happened.

Tae-young tells him not to bother looking into it, but Prosecutor Jo muses that if someone killed his sister So-hee, it has to have have been another survivor. Tae-young sort of blows him off, but Prosecutor Jo looks troubled at the fact that he’s smiling.

Chairwoman Jo speaks to a man, apologizing sweetly for her team treating him roughly. The man says that he heard that Bong-hee lost her memory, and asks if they’re keeping her in hiding out of fear of criticism from the citizens. He threatens to reveal everything, and Chairwoman Jo drops her nice act.

She asks his name, and he says he’s Seo Dong-min. She says she’s head of this commission, whose aim is not to discover the truth of the mystery, but to make people forget about the celebrities’ deaths so they can go back to their lives.

Seo Dong-min looks nervous, and Chairwoman Jo says that she’s not here to entertain him. She asks if he has any idea who he’s dealing with, and if he thinks he can handle her.

Bong-hee undergoes medical tests to determine the severity of her memory loss. The doctor tells Investigator Oh that she’s improving and should have regained her memories by now. Investigator Oh wonders if she could be faking.

In the hallway, Bong-hee is approached by a woman who says she’s actress Ji-ah’s mother. The woman asks if Ji-ah is alive or dead, and grows agitated when Bong-hee says she doesn’t remember. She grabs onto Bong-hee, frantic for answers, and she says something strange — that if Ji-ah doesn’t come back, their family will starve.

Investigator Oh asks the doctor not to tell Chairwoman Jo about the test results, then hears the noise in the hall. He frees Bong-hee from the woman’s clutches and pulls her away as Ji-ah’s mother screams that she’ll find her daughter herself.

Later, Bong-hee stands on an outcropping looking over the ocean. Two men in suits approach her and call her name, but we don’t hear what else they say.

We’re taken back in time to the island, where So-hee rests in Joon-oh and Bong-hee’s makeshift shelter. She remembers the night that songwriter Jae-hyun died — she’d gone to the roof to find him clinging to the railing, and he’d calmly told her not to trust anyone, because they’ll betray her like they did him. He’d given her the saddest smile, then let go.

So-hee had looked at Joon-oh as he’d registered that the man who just jumped to his death was Dreamers’ songwriter. She noticed that his expression changed just a little, to something that almost looked like a sinister smile. (Wait, how does she see his face that well from the roof?)

Back to the island, where Joon-oh brings Ji-ah some soup made over the fire. She asks if they’re the only survivors, worried about her boyfriend, Tae-ho. Joon-oh says sweetly that he’s sure Tae-ho is still alive, and she agrees, grumbling that she thought Joon-oh was dead, too.

Joon-oh smudges her cheek and teases her for her bad attitude, and she jokes that her fans ask her to swear because it’s sexy. Joon-oh tells her not to get hurt or Ki-joon will worry, and the mood drops with the mention of Ki-joon’s name. Ji-ah asks if Joon-oh thinks he’s alive, seeming more unsettled by the prospect that he may not be than she was about Tae-ho.

Joon-oh thinks he’s fine, and tells Ji-ah to take care of herself in any case, since she doesn’t have her medicine. They’re interrupted by So-hee, who’s angry that they’re smiling when they could all starve to death. She accuses Joon-oh of forgetting about Jae-hyun, and Ji-ah jumps up to defend him.

Joon-oh stops her and tells So-hee that he hasn’t forgotten. So-hee snaps that he shouldn’t since he’s the one who killed him, and says that he could even get away with killing someone again, considering that they’re on a deserted island. She tells them both that it’s easy to smile and joke now, but asks what happens when their food and supplies run out — people can kill when times are desperate.

So-hee says that she saw everything, and Joon-oh angrily asks what she saw. So-hee remembers running and tripping in the woods, and seeing what looked like one man crouched over another, smothering him. She’d heard him whispering to himself, “He’ll die anyway,” and she looks at Joon-oh and says that she knows he’s already killed once.

Joon-oh recalls another time when So-hee was this angry with him… he’d been bowing at Jae-hyun’s funeral, while So-hee had beaten him with a bouquet of flowers. Yeol and Ji-ah had removed her from the room, and Joon-oh had stayed on his knees until long after everyone else left.

Joon-oh asks Bong-hee if they can find something else to eat now that there are more people to feed, but she gives him the hairy eyeball, and he’s all, Fish is fine. Everyone watches as So-hee slowly walks down the beach and into the water, and after a minute they realize she’s not stopping. They rush to grab her just as her head slips under the surface, and she fights them as they drag her back to shore.

On the other side of the island, CEO Hwang cries in bliss at the taste of the fish Tae-ho cooked. He yells at Tae-ho for being good at everything — singing, acting, cooking — and Tae-ho grins at him. Ki-joon doesn’t eat much, and says that they should go look for more survivors.

So-hee struggles and screams that she wants to die, but Joon-oh refuses to let her go. So-hee wails that they’ll all be killed anyway, and Joon-oh asks who is going to kill her. Bong-hee chastises him for yelling, and promises So-hee that they’ll all be rescued.

Shaking and afraid, So-hee says that she saw it already, that they’ll kill each other to save themselves. Joon-oh asks what she saw, and she flashes back to seeing a man smothering another man (the pilot?).

They see Yeol leading a stumbling Ji-ah towards them, and he shows them that she slashed her right thigh wide open on some sharp coral. The wound looks bad and is bleeding profusely, but Joon-oh startles all of them when he yells at Ji-ah.

He asks where her medicine is, and Bong-hee remembers seeing Ki-joon give her a bottle of pills on the plane. Ji-ah says that she lost her medicine in the crash, and Yeol notices that the wound won’t stop bleeding. Joon-oh grows pretty frantic and starts looking for something to bind the wound.

Over in their camp, Tae-ho thinks they should stay in one place and wait for rescue, especially since they don’t even know if anyone else is alive. Ki-joon argues that if the four of them survived then so could the others, and asks if Tae-ho isn’t worried about Ji-ah.

When Ki-joon asks if Tae-ho even loves Ji-ah, Tae-ho says that dating doesn’t equal love, and Ki-joon asks if Tae-ho knows she’s sick. Ki-joon suddenly realizes that Ji-ah doesn’t have her medicine and grows agitated. He says that she won’t survive without it, so he runs off to look for her.

Bong-hee bandages Ji-ah’s leg and fusses at her for hiding her illness. Yeol tells Joon-oh that his grandmother used to use a wild-growing plant to stop wounds from bleeding, and they decide to search the island in case it grows here.

Bong-hee wants to join them, so before they go, Joon-oh tells So-hee that she needs to take care of Ji-ah. So-hee refuses to acknowledge him other than glaring, and he yells that he’s a victim here, too. He says that Ji-ah got hurt trying to save So-hee, which makes So-hee responsible.

Bong-hee steps in and tells So-hee that they have to search for a way to help Ji-ah, and asks her to please take care of her. She agrees with So-hee that they could all die here, but urges her to try to survive in case they’re rescued. So-hee asks if Bong-hee trusts people, and Bong-hee says that she has to.

So-hee says for Bong-hee to go, but stops her to tell her that her brother gave her a necklace, but she lost it in the woods. She asks Bong-hee to bring it back if she finds it.

In the present, Bong-hee is driven to a secluded location, and she’s joined in the car by So-hee’s brother, Tae-young. He introduces himself, and tells Bong-hee that So-hee was murdered on that island.

He says that he gave So-hee the infinity necklace that Bong-hee is wearing now, and guesses they were close. He asks if Bong-hee knows who killed his sister, and adds that he’s sure it’s hard for Bong-hee to remember. But he asks her to trust him, and promises that he’ll help her.

Yeol describes the medicinal plant they’re looking for to Joon-oh and Bong-hee, at the same time as Ki-joon, CEO Hwang, and Ho-hang decide to search for more survivors. Back at camp, Ji-ah is growing worse as her wound continues to bleed, and So-hee worries as a storm begins to brew.

Yeol draws a picture of the medicinal plant in the dirt, and they split up to cover more ground. Ki-joon also splits from his companions, who decide to go back to their camp. The storm worsens, and So-hee panics — she takes an armful of fish and some water and runs off, leaving Ji-ah unconscious and alone.

Ki-joon just about dies of fright when he’s startled by a family of bunnies, HA. He yells at them and threatens to come back tomorrow to hunt them before going on his way.

Yeol finally finds some of the medicinal plant, which looks like aloe vera. He calls out to Joon-oh and Bong-hee, then excitedly runs towards the plant. But he suddenly drops through the ground, into some sort of pit trap.

Joon-oh also finds some aloe vera, and starts towards it. He hears a click and freezes, then leans down to see what he stepped on. He pushes mud away from his shoe, and finds a flat piece of metal with the word “mine” printed on it. You have got to be kidding me.

When Bong-hee runs up a moment later, a confused Joon-oh calmly tells her that he found the plant but stepped on a landmine. Bong-hee misunderstands and thinks he stepped on a centipede, and he screams, “I stepped on a landmine!” OMG, this is so funny — how is this so funny?

CEO Hwang and Ho-hang stop to bicker over whether they’re going in the right direction. CEO Hwang freezes in horror as a snake slithers towards Ho-hang from above, then stammers, “S-s-snake!” Ho-hang’s eyes widen and he turns to look, just as the snake bites him on the chest.

Joon-oh points out the plant to Bong-hee and tells her to take it and help Ji-ah. He’s surprisingly heroic until it’s time for Bong-hee to leave him, since he repeatedly yells at her to go while yanking her back, ha. When she finally does go, Joon-oh rages at Fate for putting him in this position.

Ki-joon continues looking for survivors, walking right past the hole where Yeol lies, unconscious and injured.

Bong-hee runs back towards the beach, and she stops when she unexpectedly comes across CEO Hwang attempting to suck the venom from Ho-hang’s snake bite. She recognizes them from the plane, though they don’t recognize her. They get excited for a minute, thinking she lives on the island and can save them, until she introduces herself.

Joon-oh is distracted from his plight by the call of nature, and he wonders how to accomplish it while keeping his foot on the landmine. As he’s bent over digging a little pit, Ki-joon suddenly spots him.

Before Joon-oh can warn him, Ki-joon screams happily and leaps on him, while Joon-oh tries to warn him of the danger. He very nearly shoves Joon-oh off the mine several times, until Joon-oh finally tells him what’s going on, and Ki-joon grows instantly serious. HAHA, when Joon-oh mentions he needs a bathroom, Ki-joon is more worried there might be poop nearby than he is about the mine.

Bong-hee helps CEO Hwang and Ho-hang back to the camp, explaining that they can cut open the snakebite, drain it, and cauterize it with their fire. Ho-hang doesn’t seem too keen on the idea, and tells them to go on without him. CEO Hwang refuses, and realizes that Ho-hang seems pretty okay, considering the snake bit him near his heart.

After looking closely at the landmine, Ki-joon says it’s probably more than eighty years old. Since he was a medical officer in the military, he thinks it may not explode and tells Joon-oh to lift his foot, and they argue back and forth over whether it’s a good idea. As Ki-joon crouches by his feet, Joon-oh notices something in his backpack, and pulls out Ji-ah’s bottle of medicine.

Joon-oh drags Ki-joon to his feet and tells him that he shouldn’t be here. He barely even points towards the camp before Ki-joon understands what he’s saying and takes off running at top speed.

The storm is worsening, and the shelter breaks apart while Ji-ah lies helpless, with So-hee having taken off on her own. The wall shakes, then starts to fall… and suddenly So-hee is there, blocking it with her body. She buckles under the weight, but just as she’s about to collapse, Bong-hee arrives to help.

CEO Hwang dumps Ho-hang unceremoniously in the sand when he sees Ji-ah lying unconscious in what’s left of the shelter. He helps pull her further into the cave, then goes back for Ho-hang (who tries the whole “Go on without me” routine until CEO Hwang whaps him upside the head).

A bolt of lightning strikes a tree in Ki-joon’s path, and the flaming tree falls and traps his leg. The bottle of medicine is in danger from the fire, and Ki-joon struggles to reach it. Another tree falls, narrowly missing Ki-joon, but luckily the fire is put out by the rain and Ki-joon grabs the medicine. He’s still stuck under the tree, but Tae-ho shows up in the nick of time and helps pull him free.

Bong-hee works quickly to cut up the medicinal plant and pack Ji-ah’s wound. A flying branch hits So-hee and she falls unconscious, so she’s also pulled into the cave. Ki-joon and Tae-ho reach the shelter, and Ki-joon runs to Ji-ah’s side.

When So-hee sees Tae-ho, she stops and stares at him. We see the entirety of what she saw in the woods — a man, leaning over the pilot, who’d had a piece of shrapnel protruding from his stomach. The man had held his hand over the pilot’s nose and mouth until he stopped breathing, repeating over and over, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” When he’d leaned back, So-hee had clearly seen Tae-ho’s face.

Ki-joon pulls a syringe from his pack, and injects something into Ji-ah’s arm. He pulls out her pill bottle and gives her one of the pills inside.

Once things are a bit calmer, Bong-hee thinks back on how Joon-oh pulled her from the sinkhole and saved her life. She runs back out into the storm, determined to return the favor. Meanwhile, Joon-oh stands in the rain, resigning himself to his fate.

In the present, Bong-hee dreams of the castaways standing on the island and smiling at her. Almost everyone is there, even her mother, though So-hee is missing. Suddenly a bloody hand touches Bong-hee, and she turns to see So-hee standing before her, covered in blood.

Bong-hee jerks awake to find Investigator Oh beside her. He puts a hand on her shoulder and tells her, “They’ve found the island you were on.”


This show just moves so fast, my head is spinning. Just as I wasn’t expecting one of the dead to be revealed so soon last week, I certainly wasn’t expecting the island to be found this quickly. I always appreciate a fast-moving plot, because it usually means that there’s a lot of story to cover, rather than dragging out one issue for weeks on end. It makes me excited that we’ve just begun to learn everything that happened on that island.

I just can’t get over how funny this show is, which is absolutely not something I expected going into it. The current events are all pretty dark and serious, but the mood lightens noticeably when we join the castaways on the island, and I find myself laughing way more often than you’d think, considering that these people are in mortal danger. Humor is infused into the strangest moments, like in every scene with Joon-oh standing on that landmine — and the weirdest part is that it shouldn’t work, but it totally does. Somehow the funny moments don’t take away from the suspense and feeling of impending danger in any way whatsoever. I still found myself worrying for Yeol down in that hole, let out a little shriek when the wall nearly fell on Ji-ah, and begged So-hee not to go into the ocean. Maybe it’s the sheer surprise of the humor in scenes that would normally be presented with utter seriousness that makes the funny moments so good. Whatever it is, it works, and I’m loving it.

That said, I’m noticing some inconsistencies in the storytelling, and I’m unsure whether they’re intentional or whether they’re accidents. Mostly little things like timeline issues on the island, which I mostly chalk up to Bong-hee being an unreliable narrator. But there’s a glaring problem in this episode in regards to So-hee, and it’s such a huge disparity (when the show has otherwise been pretty tight, plot-wise) that I’m wondering if it’s not intentional. Previously we were shown that on the night songwriter Jae-hyun died, So-hee was in the parking lot with the others when he threw himself off the Legend building (in fact, she was only a few feet from the car he landed on). But in today’s episode, she was on the roof with him when he fell. Obviously both can’t be true, so is this an editing issue and someone just dropped the ball badly, or is there some other reason we’ve been shown two different scenarios? Because she also sees Joon-oh’s face change as he sees the body, and she couldn’t possibly have seen such a tiny shift in expression from the top of the building.

After learning more about So-hee, I’m even sadder to know that she never makes it off the island alive. She’s suicidal and out of hope, and it breaks my heart that all of Bong-hee’s promises that she’ll be rescued turn out to be untrue. Yet, even though I know So-hee dies, I still want her to find her optimism before that happens — it will be even more devastating if she dies having never felt that there was any point in fighting to live. It’s another sign of excellent character-building, when your audience knows a character is doomed yet still holds out hope for them, even if it’s only to hope that their soul is healed before they go. But I don’t blame her for being afraid for her life, especially after seeing Tae-ho kill a man with her bare hands. Of course, it looks to us as if the pilot was mortally injured and Tae-ho was putting him out of his misery, but that’s of little comfort when you’re a young girl, stranded on a deserted island with a man you know for a fact is capable of killing a person.

I like how the show weaves past and present together while telling Bong-hee’s story, though I do find the scenes on the island much more interesting. I want to know all the answers now, though I’m sure we’ve only scratched the surface of the questions that will be raised as Bong-hee recovers her memory. The biggest mystery for me right now is the evidence that this island isn’t entirely deserted, or at least wasn’t at one time. Pit traps/underground bunkers, land mines, and at least one abandoned human being (whose shelter, I noticed, seemed to be made of old military equipment) raise a lot of concerns about the island and its history. What happened there in the past, and does it have any bearing on what will happen to the castaways in the next four months?


79 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ET

    It has been guessed that everyone appears in beige colors whenever it’s a recollection, right?

    I haven’t been following recaps or comments here but I just noticed that in this ep, when So Hee was remembering Jae-Hyun’s suicide, he was also wearing the same beige toned clothes.

  2. Sandy

    I think the inconsistencies that we were shown with So-hee’s viewpoint were deliberate…either they’re trying to signify that her memory is inconsistent as in she is misunderstanding things or she was somewhat hallucinating/delusional…

    One part I couldnt get over is when Bong-hee, Joon-oh and Yeol decided they were all going to find the plant leaving So-hee to look after Jiah… this happens shortly after So-hee tries to drawn herself….
    I just kept screaming at my screen don’t leave her she’s suicidal!!! she cant be trusted to look after anyone or left by herself…
    I couldnt understand why the 3 of them had to go and why one of them couldnt stay with the two ladies

    • 2.1 Kbas

      Agree that So hee has suffered a psychological break and her thought processes are unreliable. I think she was emotionally affected by the songwriter’s suicide, though we don’t know the extent of their connection or prior interaction. In everyday pursuit of her career, she was probably able to compartamentalize until the sheer terror of the crash shattered her grip on rational thinking. Her fears have overtaken her and her mind is manifesting those fears as false memories. I wonder if guilt is a factor and the perception of karmic retribution. Who brings up a co-worker’s suicide that happened months or years ago when any rational person would be totally focused on survival in the immediate dire situation?

    • 2.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      me too…I was thinking, just let the two guys go look for that plant and leave Bong Hee to look after the two gals…how one can ill gal looked after another injured one?? I believe Soo Hee has some type of mental illness (depression + ???) which made her hullunicate so her memories are not accurate, as we see the inaccuracy of her memory when (her bf ??) the songwriter committed suicide…I mean she was tgt with the rest of the team , how could she be at the rooftop with her bf too when he committed suicide ??

  3. Holli

    At the end of watching this episode, first words out of my mouth was “bizarre”. And had me asking where is this story going, especially with them all dressed in white at the end, including the Bong-hee’s mom. Guess I’m hooked!

    In regards to the clothing color theories, i.e. Is it only how Bong-here sees them, etc. I noticed the new entertainment CEO, while in the Chinese hospital, was wearing the same beige/brown monochromatic color suit. And that was not part of Bong-hee’s memory. So who knows. 🤔

    • 3.1 ET

      I think the CEO’s suit was different. The jacket was beige but his vest and tie added more colors or tone. Moreover, almost everyone else was in dark suits in the hospital.

    • 3.2 Ane

      Also their falshbacks opposes the color theory. Their clothing years ago are still all-beige, loke when they are shown listening the song of their friends, when that friend killed himself, etc. except the funeral, they were all beige even in the years-ago flashbacks.

      • 3.2.1 Ane

        Also, heroine’s clothes look so uncomfortable to wear in her situation. Like, her pants has this suspender things, that never slide down from her shoulder. If it was me, I would tear them off. She runs, swims, dives, sleeps, do everything in them. I think the stylist of this show did not do a good job.

        Another note, male lead’s hair is too orange for my liking. And it does not go well with the beige colors that he always wear. Maybe it is just me.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          I agree. Her outfit looked a bit restricting to have to do all those manual n ‘labour’ work on that island n getting their food from the sea. We are glad that she’s a diver n have survivor skills. And the lead guy’s hair is too orange too. Even Chief Kim’s (another new drama) hair is so orange. Both hair colour are not so nice.

      • 3.2.2 Ane

        I have noticed typos but cannot fix it. Sorry about that.

      • 3.2.3 Chocopie

        Cmiiw but only those who are in direct contact with bonghee at the present seem to be wearing colors? Other than that, be it flashbacks or scenes that happen without bonghee, they all wear beige.
        I would rly like to trust this writer has something coming up their sleeve. For a plot twist genius of agent 38, im really expecting more here too ><

  4. Chi

    I die laughing at the landmine scene. I didnt know who Jung Kyung Ho was but damn he is effortless funny. Everything he does is funny without trying to hard. Its not easy to do comedy and not be over dramatic.

    There is a girl in hospital when the guy said people shoudnt know that shes alive. There are lots of mysterious but I really like the directing, it mix of comic, desperate, thrilling, we just dont know what to expect.

    I like the music too, the instrument works really well.

    • 4.1 Chi

      Just a shame the rating is too low. Without tough competion now, the rating wont increase anytime soon. MBC is on track of low rating lately.

      • 4.1.1 *tealort*

        Kinda wish they gave the drama to tvN

        • gishgish

          Kinda thought it was a tvN drama for a hot minute.

    • 4.2 Kellia

      Honestly? The landmine scene is where this show lost me. I mean, really. Slapstick. with a LANDMINE.

      Because nothing says funny like the potential of blowing off limbs and slow, gruesome death…

      • 4.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        When Ki Joon told him what will happen if the landmine go off (“you will feel pain and …….”) I was literally lol-ing cos he is telling him the obvious. He is not a 3 year old kid.

      • 4.2.2 JustaCritic

        I think the problem with this show is that they don’t really know what genre they want this to be. They don’t want it to be too dark even though a show like this kinda needs to be especially if the survival of the other survivors of the plane crash is still in question. And also I really think that some people are giving too much credit to the writers with some of the inconsistencies in the show…

    • 4.3 KDramaWatcher2609

      We are not sure whether it is a female or male at that Chinese hospital.

    • 4.4 KDramaWatcher2609

      I recommend you to watch Heartless City and Falling for Innocence. He was the lead guy there and he did it awesomely!! 👍👍

  5. Floating Castles

    I’m confused, when we first saw the songwriter jump from the roof and hit the car, Soo-hee was on the ground with everyone else. So is she mis-remembering due to the stress on the island or is the show being deliberately misleading?

    • 5.1 paramount

      i was confused by this also! i think they’re trying to show us that her memories are unreliable? proven to us a second time with her thinking joon oh killed someone & then realizing it was tae ho? hopefully that will be revisited later…

      • 5.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        I’m not buying her story too much for now cos she is mentally unstable n what she has said or think what has happen might not be true afterall. I presumed that she is mentally unstable after the songwriter’s suicide (her bf right?? cos she was so sad on his demise).

    • 5.2 Sooyi

      I think So-hee’s memories of the songwriter, Jae-hyun, attempting suicide and of Tae-ho killing one of the pilots have got blended together.
      I guess that she is blaming Joon-oh for “killing” the songwriter like how she saw Tae-ho killing, because Joon-oh shouted at Jae-hyun to die before his suicide. If I remembered well, Joon-oh’s breathy, maniac laugh at the songwriter’s death was nearly identical to Tae-oh’s laugh after he suffocated the pilot to death.

      But then again, we didn’t see So-hee when Joon-oh and Jae-hyun argued over the latter’s departure from his job.

  6. jenm

    the people on the plane as taeyoung were also wearing beige.

    • 6.1 Heol

      Amost everyone wears beige, present and past lol i seriously dont understand

  7. TS

    What is Ji Ah’s illness?

    • 7.1 Floating Castles

      An early character description said it was Hemolytic anemia, but their description of the illness sounded more Hemophilia

      So erm…one of the two. Maybe.

      • 7.1.1 Laura

        Haemophilia is extremely rare in females. It’s a X-linked recessive gene. More likely to be hemolytic anaemia.

    • 7.2 Chocopie

      One where blood wont clot? hemophilia i guess

    • 7.3 KDramaWatcher2609

      At first when I saw Ki Joon passing her the bottle of pills on the plane I initially thought that it maybe some illegal drugs cos he told her to also not to take too much of them. Haha.

      • 7.3.1 potatochips

        same!! haha

  8. serpent

    Another great episode. I really want to know what happens next. Hahahaha Joon Oh is killing me this guy is too much:
    -The landmine
    -Pulling Bong Hee back when he tells her to go
    -His little intervention
    -His dramatic poses

    And than the scene between the president en Bong Hee. When the president thought that Bong Hee lived on the island and tried to explain in english what happend: Snakuh Ssssnakuh Snakuh Posion and his buddy constantly telling him to go without him hahaahahahaha legit dead.

    Through all the survival and serious moments the comedy is still on point. Mostly because the actors are doing a great job they can switch well between those moments. Oh and yeah I really like Bong Hee, definitely the one I would pick when I get stranded on an island.

    • 8.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Joon Ho and Ki-joon reuniting…when I see them are so happy and dancing for joy (on the damn landmind), I was thinking….oh pls I think the landmine is not working … it would have gone off a long ago if it is …. 😛

  9. JN

    I thought rather than it being a flashback, So Hee was dreaming about Jae Hyun and Joon Oh. More like, what she’s imagining what would have been Jae Hyun’s last words. It looks like she’s always blamed Joon Oh for the suicide and harbors long time resentment, so she probably believes it to be true anyway.

    • 9.1 Ana

      Same here! I thought it was a dream, and the bit about not trusting anyone is some leftover feeling she had back then which has been amplified by what she witnessed after the crash.

    • 9.2 KDramaWatcher2609

      Not only So Hee, even Tae Oh who seemed to be a more shady guy (for now) also resent Joon Oh a great deal over the songwriter’s suicide…

  10. 10 CatoCat

    Twisting the present is the expertise of this scriptwriter. That’s why you can feel the thrill and suspense. Even comedy is good but mistimed?

    I mean have shouting matches where characters shout to signify that situation demands urgency but then comedy scenes start to play and1 after the another ridiculous scenes come into motion. That Yeol guys fell into old makeshift and Joon-Oh is doing drama there and then we have manager facing dire situations in comical manner. What about snake crush. I found it more illogical than real.

    Also we are watching the story play through Bong Hee perspective and then it goes neutral and we start to see story as omnipresent entities.

    Story does feel Inconsistent at a few times but overall i’m enjoying it. Best one among all the new shows.

    Colour Story is strong- In one of memories of Bong Hee – Ji Ah fell from the cliff and had the same clothes Bong Hee remembered in last 1 minute. All having shinny white clothes.

    These made up or altered memories have created a fairy world.

    • 10.1 Zane Araki

      Ji Ah fell from the cliff? Wasn’t it So Hee?

      • 10.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        The face of that person who fell from the cliff is not shown right ?? But we presumed it is Bong Hee since her body is now found ??

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          I mean So Hee.

  11. 11 lunatic4kd

    After the absurdity of this episode I think I’ll just read Beanie comments from now on until the end. This drama is so silly it’s not even funny – especially when it’s trying to be. There’s too much that makes me yell at my computer – so I’ll be quiet now.

    • 11.1 lunatic4kd

      Allow me to amend this a bit. I adore shows that are deliberately farcical…when you can tell it’s meant to be wacky, bizarre, off-kilter, laugh-out-loud ridiculous. Modern Farmer comes to mind, as does Beautiful Gong Shim and certainly parts of the wonderful Shopping King Louis and practically perfect Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, but when things in a drama are so out-of-whack that it seems like carelessness on the part of the writer, director and production designer, I just cringe. The story itself is quite interesting and promising but the execution is just …meh….Watching this reminds me of my two minutes of terror when the Subway dream happened in The K2. Any minute now I’m expecting a helicopter to drop a bag full of Subway sandwiches onto the island. Now, THAT would be funny – and would let me know that the production itself is begging not to be taken seriously. All I want to know is if my baby Chanyeol gets out of that hole safely!

      • 11.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Maybe they should show that they found a suitcase full of Subway sndwiches in episode 4.

  12. 12 gadis

    This show does dark humor like nobody’s business. I was both laughing and worrying about their predicament all along. It’s a great way of showing just how absurd their situation must felt like for them, that sometimes you don’t know whether you want to wail, laugh, scream, or cry. But as their situation grew more dire, everyone started to reveal who they are deep down and that was a never ending source of conflict. I’m afraid imagining just how horrifying it would be when survival become much harder, when their situation just get bleaker, and when there is seemingly no hope on the horizon for them.

  13. 13 vera

    This episode seemed very messy. I hope all weirdness ties in later.
    I really like Kijoon and Sohee so far.
    I like main characters too and I know they will become more awesome

    • 13.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      It is not messy for me except on So Hee thinking OR dreaming about the songwriter’s suicide….the scenes transit between the present and the past 4 months but it’s easy to know which is which….

  14. 14 blighttown

    the bromances in this drama are killing me. jung oh and his manager, and the president and his secretary. they’re so fun to watch

  15. 15 Peridot

    Hello, everyone.

    I just wanted to know if anyone here has been experiencing difficulties watching any show on drama sites like dramalove and dramacool. I noticed on the comment sections of those sites that other people were unable to watch shows as well. For example, episodes on dramacool keep defaulting to the openload server, which is extremely slow and doesn’t really work.

    Any suggestions? Thank you 🙂

    • 15.1 heol

      you can try dramafire, i think it works

      • 15.1.1 Peridot

        Thanks for the suggestion:) I was actually able to watch episode 4 on my usual website. It must have been a temporary technical glitch.

  16. 16 Goblin'sBride🖤

    I don’t know how I feel about Tae Oh being the killer…. I mean he did kill the pilot(?) but the pilot was dying a painful death and they had no medically trained people around to remove the shrapnel and pretty much perform surgery. So maybe Tae Oh was trying to “help” the pilot by putting him out of his misery(?) Or maybe I’m not used to the killer being revealed so early in the drama….

    • 16.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      same thinking here…But I stilll think that Tae Ho is quite shady and he is selfish, he don’t care about the rest and not even his gf (Ji Ah), didn’t he said that dating doesn’t equel to love ?? what a bastard….

      • 16.1.1 gadis

        Shady, yes.
        Capable of killing someone, I’m not sure. Especially since So-hee is such an unreliable narrator.

        Regarding Ji-ah, I think mostly Tae-ho date her for popularity and ego boost since she is apparently the ‘it girl’ in the entertainment industry now. I’m just glad that Ji-ah seemed to be well aware of that fact, so that his lack of concern didn’t hurt her much.

    • 16.2 unie

      maybe the pilot had asked tae oh to help him ? so he didnt feel the pain 😦

      • 16.2.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Well we do not know exactly for now…but I dislike the fact that he is so indifferent to his gf Ji Ah….and he seemed to be more attentive to So Hee. When the shelter nearly collapsed on Ji Ah and most of them are there trying to help, he didn’t seem very concerned about his own gf Ji Ah, who is bleeding and unconscious but went to ask how So Hee is instead)….and also this : “When Ki-joon asks if Tae-ho even loves Ji-ah, Tae-ho says that dating doesn’t equal love”….

  17. 17 wany

    I see that Koreans loves toilet humor very much. I think the landmine scene was already funny but then they mentioned poop and I was like ewww. This happened in Hwarang too with Hwagong (Sung Dong Il’s character). Also in Gangnam Style video and in 1 Night 2 Days variety show (usually associated with Junho). I know, different people, different taste of humor. I just find it fascinating because in my country poop jokes is the lowest jokes someone can make.

    Now with the show, I think the island portion is more entertaining than the modern ones, so more flashblack please! And I like how funny this show is, because that set itself apart from other ‘survive on a deserted island’ shows. Not a Lost rip-off anymore, yay!

  18. 18 KDramaWatcher2609

    This episode have me lol several times, I like it that this drama is a mysterious and dark theme yet they can inject all the humor in it and it looks good (I love this episode!!) ….so far, I’m not really buy by Soo Hee’s memories, I suspect that she have some kind depression or such that she might have some misunderstanding over the lead guy. Her memories might be inaccurate. As for Tae Ho, I don’t like him from the beginning, he appeared to be a selfish and shady guy, so it won’t be surprising if he is the antongonist actually…. The CEO is really funny, I’m wonder how does he do his job without knowing anything about his celebrities in his company… his assistant is funny too…I think he wasn’t bitten by a poisonous snake…haha….I wonder who is the one at the hospital in China that the (new CEO?) visited….I hope it’s the lead guy who is there….

    • 18.1 Zane Araki

      I have a feeling that the patient in the hospital ward room is Ki Joon
      but I don’t know, there are too many possibilities.

      • 18.1.1 gadis

        Or maybe Tae-ho since the new CEO seemed really concerned about that patient’s well-being. I don’t think he would care that much if it’s not one of his celebrities.

      • 18.1.2 TheProducer

        My money is on Joon Oh.

        He and Bong Hee seem to be the OTP. They both have good survival instincts.

        • KDramaWatcher2609

          I hope that it is Joon Oh too. I’m shipping he and Bong Hee so hard. Lol. There will be more chemistry of them in episode 4 !

    • 18.2 Welp

      I think it’s Joon-oh

  19. 19 UmbrellaMan

    I suspect the island was used during WWII, which explains the old landmine and military gear.

    I had to laugh at the bunny rabbits. It is so random to see them running wild on the island. I don’t know if I would be able to kill Peter Cottontail either.

    It seems that the dark humor is off putting to some. I quite like black humor so this episode had me cracking up during certain scenes – the absurdity of it all.

    • 19.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      Ki-joon is so funny while catching the wild bunnies, I won’t eat them too if I were him,they are all so adorable (and big)….I lol-ed again when the family of bunnies scare him out…maybe they got to like him now…hahaha…..and I think he have a crush on Ji Ah, he is very concerned about her…..and btw grilled coconuts!??! I don’t have to taste them to know that they would taste weird !!

    • 19.2 redfox

      the dark humor is normal, right? I think it is a stance thing, if you are used to it, you dont even think it can feel weird to some, but if you never encountered it and in a kdrama, I guess being used to the usual kdrama it can be weird. plus humor is a basic survival strategy. I read all those stories of baltic refugees last year and was surprised to find many dramatic and gorey descriptions presented through very bright lense and sinister comparisons being drawn. it felt off at first, but later I realized it was the only tone with which they were able to spill their experiences at all. so in this series, the dark humor might emphasize their strong will to overcome the hardships and survive.

    • 19.3 jomo

      The bunnies!! How cute is Ki-joon with them?
      Maybe he’s vegan? He wouldn’t eat the fish, either…

      The dark humor is awesome. I think it must be a natural reaction to having outlandish things happen to us.
      Everything they are experiencing is absurd.
      Who steps on land mines? It is incongruous and makes us laugh. What the hell else can happen, we wonder, and BOOM, something worse DOES.

      The mix of the mundane with the crazy also is ridiculous.
      He has to poop, which is normal, but he can’t because he might die if he does, or he doesn’t want to soil himself, despite the fact that HE MIGHT DIE! At that point, you have to ask yourself – Who cares?

  20. 20 sea3po

    Ive been wondering what happened to the girl group. Do we assume theyre dead?

    • 20.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      yes, that’s another question that still puzzle us a lot….the title is “Missing 9” but we have seen more than 9 ppl on board the plane including the 2 pilots and a few gals from the gal group…..Maths gone the wrong way ?? 😛

  21. 21 Martin J Simwaba

    I can’t understand this show. It seems like they’re trying to confuse us.
    If you think about it, there are some vibes deep in the show that reminds me of the American series “LOST”.

  22. 22 KDramaWatcher2609

    Ommo.. I’m done with episode 4 n more (shocking) secrets are being revealed there !! Waiting for its recaps in DB !! 😉

  23. 23 Yoojin

    This episode I think was the starting point of the romance between Joon oh and Bong hee (well because of the mine scene). I feel butterflies whenever I see them together. I ship them. <3 haha

    • 23.1 KDramaWatcher2609

      I’m shipping them too. Hope that Joon Oh survive.

  24. 24 potatochips

    btw the man whom sohee saw killing another man,wasn’t it Taeho..?

    • 24.1 potatochips

      nvm yes it is lol

  25. 25 Cocoboo

    This show is balancing the comedic and serious scenes well. The dark humor works for me. Ki Joon and the rabbits cracked me up. The random funny scenes like the bunnies and the landmine gave us a glimpse of some of the characters’ personalities. The castaways have been there a week. They haven’t been living on the island for months and months so maybe they are still reacting to situations like they normally would. They’re not facing each situation with seriousness or hopelessness.

  26. 26 Jiminieanae

    Ok did anyone else get CW50’s “Arrow” feels when the landmine situation occurred? It reminds me of how oliver queen was found on the Chinese island of Lian yu and that island wasn’t so deserted as everyone thought either. Im loving this show so far!

  27. 27 low yijin

    Does it make sense that the suicidal one actually runs away with the food and drinks, leaving Ji-ah alone, when she realizes that hell is going to rain on them?

  28. 28 olive

    “Bong-hee helps CEO Hwang and Ho-hang back to the camp, explaining that they can cut open the snakebite, drain it, and cauterize it with their fire”

    i suddenly remembered a scene from Heartless City (Jung Kyung Ho is the hero!!!) when he cauterize his stab wound. neomu shekshihada <3

    but seriously, u guys need to see Heartless City

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