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It’s over. GOT7 successfully completed their first US national TV appearance. I was so nervous the whole time, especially when they started doing a brand new ENGLISH version of Eclipse! I’ll post the full thing once it’s up on Youtube 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚


The Secret Life of My Secretary ended neatly and sweetly. Though I wish the ruse didn’t drag on as long as it was, I was still entertained. I love all the characters down to the quirky blind brother.


My school is really pretty though!


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Cheers to intelligent (and some not so intelligent) debates. Thank you for dragging me into SHINee and Shawol Kingdom and helping me discover my surprisingly enthusiastic inner fangirl.


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Not sure of your location, but where I live the Subway generally offers fresh baked breads, fresh vegetables, tomatoes, olives, cheeses and other choices. It would be hard to consider it disgusting when all the ingredients are fresh and chosen by the customer. Oh, and a variety of differently prepared meats. Although, I must admit, I haven't been to a Subway in a few years and it easily could have changed the menu since then. So it "could" be disgusting, but the last I knew of Subway, it was far more fresh and natural than almost all other fast foods around town. There didn't seem to be any "processing" going on that turned the natural foods into something not recognized as food. So I'm a little curious that you say that. Maybe I should check out the Subway these days and see what's going on.


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See... see @crysta, I could talk about how sweet this write-up is, and how happy I am that you found this wonderful community that will squee and debate and rant with you, or talk about how glad I am that youโ€™re a part of this community...

But I think Iโ€™ll just cough a lot at your โ€œtalent and charismaโ€.


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