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Are You Human Too? | Ep. 5: Without @veeee‘s live cap of the show, I would not have had a clue that Dramafever streamed a different version of show. They streamed an edited version of the closing โ€œengagementโ€ scene. Missing from the streamed version:
โ€”Ji Young Hoonโ€™s hand signal indicating that Nam Shin III must refuse Ye-Na
โ€”Nam Shin III scanning the internet for break-up tips (including scenes from K-dramas)
โ€”NSIII seeing So-bongโ€™s heat signature through the door and deciding she was a good candidate because she knows the truth and is still willing to help him.

Earlier this year, in March, I asked Kocowa why they showed a episode without a โ€œmorning afterโ€ scene in Should We Kiss. They explained that the the Korea Communications Standards Commission has the final say on the final streamed version, regardless of the broadcast version. Illegal streaming sites donโ€™t follow this rule.

I donโ€™t get it. Thereโ€™s nothing sexual here other than the K-drama kiss scenes NSIII saw online. Editing the scene so severely completely removes NSIIIโ€™s thought process leading up to his shocking kiss.


Baby Baby will always remain a favourite.
And OT5 performing it live is just goosebump-inducing!
@sicarius I wonder if you have seen this performance? It starts with Nammie..
Also @manohira that rabbit plan is coming along too slowly n I am unable to find a perfect time to do that rn, so till then check this out ๐Ÿ™‚

@raonah, tagging u just in case..


@raonah I need a link to this APAD fanfiction thread stat. *yeah I\’m late to the party so sue me hahaha*


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๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ Cop out!


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Pffffft. Oh well, I'll try to just enjoy this drama for what it is, even if the way you just described the changes makes me crack up, lol. It could still be an interesting show. Then again, About Time also could have been "interesting" but instead it's just perplexing. Hopefully the writer will find a way to keep the complexity of the original. My love has definitely cooled for this PD, even with my enduring love for MnD, but I'm interested to see him take on a premise that's more inspired again, since he does do better with those.

That said, I'm really not excited about Ahn Jae-hyun as the lead in this kind of drama. Now this would be a role I'd love for Yeon Woo-jin, even if his recent drama with this PD didn't go well. Really though, just anyone skilled at grounding a romance in genuine emotion would be preferable.


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Also! The book was ALSO made into a movie (English), and then there's ALSO going to be an American remake of the Korean movie. Now I really feel like making a drama out of this sort of worn out concept is a little extra.


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