The Witch is Alive: Episode 7 (Drama Hangout)

Behold, your weekly Drama Hangout! We might not be covering this drama, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a place to talk about it, whether that’s squealing with excitement or piling on the analysis.

This thread is exclusively for this week’s episodes and anything prior, so let’s try to keep it as a place to chat about what’s aired — not spoil future plot points for unsuspecting eyes.


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The fight scene in the church was fine but I was bothered by the underlying diss to Christianity by having a minister not forcefully disavow the adulterous wedding sacrament when Ma-Ri declared she was his wife.

Woo Bin is such an idiot. Clearly his friend is running a ponzi scheme. Jin-A’s fortune will be lost. Nothing breaks up a couple faster than financial problems.

Baby Doc likes his patient/friend Hee-Soo which puts a sour tone in their professional relationship. He is looking for a good mother for his daughter since his ex-wife was not at the kindergarten show. The plot point about whose infertility is the cause of Hee-Soo’s woes seems to add another layer of confusion or dilution. The questioning of her pregnancy as real or imaged is troublesome. Why is her husband so tired he wants to run away when Hee-Soo did all the heavy lifting in their relationship? Her husband is such a jerk, just let him go.

Just when Ma-Ri is having dreamy reservations about killing her husband, the face palm of the episode is Nak Gu moving in his girlfriend into the marital apartment. How stupid and silly. Of course we all knew their daughter would come home to this hot mess.

We really have three different dramas orbiting the same series. We have madcap crazy Ma-Ri's comedy situation. We have Jin-A's up-and-down, self-destructing financial relationship drama. We have Hee-Soo's sad and somber pregnancy melodrama.

The story keeps flipping the end game for each character. This week's scorecard:
Murder: Jin-A, money over love
Divorce: Hee-Soo, get rid of him before he runs away
Pregnancy: TBD.


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