Okay, so when my Maknae sister was 10 she gave me a band-aid and “For your pain!” she said, she had written that in English on the band-aid herself and had drawn a little heart next to it. I thought it was the cutest thing ever so I kept it in my bag and never used it.

Last year, on one of my first dates with SNG (fourth actually!) I accidently hurt his hand and got him a cut in between his thumb and index finger (I went for a handshake, I don’t know why I did that, he was surprised because he wasn’t expecting me to do that and I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting me to do that either. It got very awkward and my head went: “Make it quick, shake his hand and pull your hand fast!”, so I went to do exactly that and my index finger dug into his hand, it bled so much that I was mortified and I wished me dead). I always carry a little emergency kit with me in my bag but that day I had changed into a smaller bag in which my emergency kit didn’t fit. I kept apologizing to him and he kept saying that it was okay and that it didn’t even hurt (Liar! It left a scar, he has it till today!).

For the rest of that day I felt so guilty about it and I couldn’t stop staring at his hand. I did have my sister’s band-aid with me but it was too precious to give to some guy I barely knew (hehe!). At the end of the day, he walked me to my car and caught me staring at his hand so he told me again that it was okay and that I should forget about it. I hesitated A LOT but my guilt won and I gave him that band-aid and told him to put it himself because, yeah, I wasn’t going to touch him after what I did, he laughed but said thank you.

Today SNG asked me to get him something from his wallet and I have a rule of not touching people’s wallets (Yes, even his! He thinks it’s hilarious that I look away when he pays for things.. but I feel like I shouldn’t look 😅), so I asked him if he’s giving me full permission to do that and he laughed at “full permission” but “Yes! Just go!”, so I did and guess what I found? YES! THAT BAND-AID!!!

I literally ran to him with it and went: “YOU KEPT THIS!” and he laughed. He laughed so much and then got so embarrassed like I just saw something I shouldn’t have (see, that’s why I don’t touch wallets!).

– Give me that!
– Why didn’t you use it?
– [Still all red and embarrassed]: I don’t know.. give me!
– You kept it!
– I did.. [in a tiny voice]: it was the first thing you gave me! [Then]: I gave you chocolates and sweets.. and flowers you didn’t take, and you gave me a cut and a band-aid!

He’s forever holding a grudge against me for those flowers!