I used to annoy my elder sister all the time. Always interrupting her studies, mimicking her and basically never let her have a moment of peace 😁.

Then it was time for her to prepare for her college entrance exam. She went away briefly for coaching. When she came back, she had got a very cute doll for me. My mother named him delta. And I loved it so much. I nuzzled it so hard that it’s nose fell off and my mom had to stitch it back. (No I’m not embarrassed). It’s nose is still black from it.

Then it was time for my sister to leave for college. I understood objectively that she was going to leave for a long period of time. But I guess I didn’t grasp the magnitude of it then.

Then we had to shift because of my dad’s job. All our stuff were packed in boxes, delta included. Our first few days in the new place, we were staying in a guest house because we were slowly unpacking and our home was not ready yet. I fell sick and couldn’t eat or sleep. It was a small town. It was night. It was raining heavily. My mom was worried. But she took me to our house and unpacked delta. I took it and slept peacefully that night.

Next day, my fever reduced.