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Oh My Lady: Episode 15
by | May 14, 2010 | 54 Comments

Oh My Lady has really stepped it up in its last stretch of episodes, which makes me happy but also a little sad that it hasn’t been this strong the whole way through. If I had to choose one or another, I suppose I’d rather a drama start off weaker and then end high (as this drama is doing), rather than starting strong and ending weak, but I like to be demanding and ask for both.


Maronie Girl – “나쁜 남자 길들이기” (Taming a Bad Guy) [ Download ]

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The adults split up and scour the department store for Ye-eun. Kae-hwa is overcome with guilt and blames herself for losing the girl, and Min-woo finds her losing her composure in the middle of the store.

She cries that she should never have let Ye-eun go in the first place and worries about not finding her. Min-woo draws her close and assures Kae-hwa that they’ll find her.

This is the sight witnessed by both Shi-joon and Yura, who are rather startled to see Min-woo cradling Kae-hwa so gently, which furthers the suspicions that both have been harboring for a while now.

Ye-eun finally emerges out of wherever she was (likely the bathroom), and when Min-woo walks by, he looks down to see the little girl looking up at a cardboard cutout of himself, HOLDING HIS HAND. Oh my god, that is so cute.

Min-woo calls her name, and Ye-eun smiles up at him. Smiling back, he gathers her to him, saying, “Come here, my daughter.” Bystanders grab their cameras and take pictures, among them Reporter Han, but he doesn’t pay them any attention.

I love that his cradling of Ye-eun is an echo of the way he held Kae-hwa, given that his affection for one is inextricably linked with the other. This is also reflected in the way his growing feelings for Kae-hwa coincide with his acceptance of Ye-eun.

They bring Ye-eun back to Min-woo’s apartment for the night, and Min-woo tucks her into bed. Out in the living room, Kae-hwa sees the box of Ye-eun’s baby things, clueing in to the cause of his change.

Kae-hwa leaves for the night, saying she’ll take Ye-eun back after tonight. On her way out of the building, she thinks back to how kindly Min-woo comforted her in the department store, which perhaps gives us our very first hint that she may be feeling something more toward him.

Min-woo cooks breakfast for Ye-eun (who seems to know that Dad’s cooking isn’t quite up to Kae-hwa’s standard, ha), then gets her ready for school. He dotes on her and pays them both a compliment by saying, “Good looks come from the genes, don’t they?” To which Ye-eun lets out a little “Uhn,” which is equivalent to saying, “Yeah.” This is the very first time he has heard her make a noise, so Min-woo excitedly confirms, “You just responded, didn’t you?”

(I am vastly amused that of all things, THIS is what Ye-eun chose to first say to her father. No grand moments, no hugely significant utterings of “Daddy,” no fanfare. Just a simple agreement to his “Yeah, we’re pretty” sentiment.)

He sends her off to school affectionately, and upon his return home, he’s again accosted by reporters in the lobby. Inside his place, Yoon-seok waits in agitation while fielding calls cancelling Min-woo’s various meetings. He’s so furious that he throws the phone at Min-woo (or near him), which crashes into the bookcase and smashes something.

Yoon-seok tells him that he’s being held liable not only for cancellation fees but compensation for damages to a tune of 3 billion won, which is about $2.5 million. Min-woo tells him calmly to take it out of his own account. Yoon-seok is not impressed with the gesture — so he’ll give up all his money and be left with nothing? That means he’ll have to move out of his luxury digs, and Yoon-seok tells him to get ready to do just that.

More potential problems are on the horizon, as The Show Company’s big investor is a very strait-laced type and may no longer approve Min-woo’s participation in the musical. Jae-hee snaps at Kae-hwa for hiding such big news, but Jin-ho is more fair, reminding them that it’s because of Min-woo that they got their production going in the first place. In any case, they assume that Shi-joon will take stern measures.

Kae-hwa hesitantly asks Shi-joon if it’s true that Min-woo won’t be allowed to perform in the musical. Shi-joon has to talk to the investor to know for sure, so Kae-hwa suggests that if Shi-joon is very forceful, he may be able to get them to agree to Min-woo. But Shi-joon asks very matter-of-factly, “Is there a reason I should do that?”

She starts to explain how Min-woo has been working really hard… but Shi-joon cuts her off and says that she’s pushing it — she may have brought Min-woo here, but she has no say in casting. She should remember to keep the personal and professional separate. His response is gentle (as in, he’s not being a cold-hearted ass about it), but it chastens Kae-hwa, who apologizes.

Min-woo requests a meeting with Shi-joon and gets straight to the point: “What happens with me now?” In the past, his projects tended to get cancelled whenever scandals arose, so he wants to know where he stands. Shi-joon answers that he doesn’t know yet — he’ll decide after seeing the producers’ and investors’ reactions. Min-woo takes this news maturely, thanking Shi-joon politely for taking the time to see him.

Shi-joon asks about Min-woo’s intentions, interested in how Min-woo plans to handle this. He hands over the keys to the dance studio, telling him that nobody will be around in the evenings; he can rehearse there. Min-woo is greatly encouraged by this gesture — however small, it’s a sign that Shi-joon isn’t giving up on him.

Min-woo is the hot topic du jour, as Kae-hwa can see for herself when looking online. The netizen comments are harsh, most of them telling him to retire or cursing his character in general.

Min-woo finds more crowds of people hanging out in front of his apartment building, so he drives to Kae-hwa’s place instead. He comes bearing snacks and looks around the empty room, smiling at Ye-eun’s drawings of the family (this one shows Kae-hwa, Min-ji, and herself). He flips back a page to see the one she drew of them at the zoo together.

Kae-hwa and the girls arrive home, where Min-ji sees the snacks on the counter, which tips Kae-hwa off that Min-woo had come by. She manages to avoid running into bystanders when she sneaks into Min-woo’s lobby to ask if the security guard whether he has come home yet, but gets back a negative.

He finally calls her later that night, and that brings her to the studio where he’s practicing his big solo (which happens to be one of the main theme songs of the drama). She smiles as she watches.

Kae-hwa joins Min-woo in the studio and they sit side by side, the latter in a quiet, pensive mood. He tells her about getting the package and letter from Yeon-hee, which asked him not to look for her, and explains that Yeon-hee was just one of the girls he’d dated, of whom he has no special memories. During their relationship, he had thought he loved her, but after they broke up she just became someone in his past.

He says, “I didn’t know Ye-eun was born, and the fact that she was born out of that kind of relationship makes me feel really sorry to her. I feel really bad for her, to have such a foolish mother and father.”

Kae-hwa has faith that he can do well, and tells him so. He’s not so sure, and he’s scared — can a guy like him raise Ye-eun properly? Now that he has lost all his money and reputation, “Can I be a good father? I don’t know.”

He’s a little teary, and Kae-hwa holds him sympathetically, encouraging him. “You can do it. The Min-woo I’ve seen till now is capable of doing well.” She tells him not to be scared and to be strong.

Shi-joon is able to find Jung-ah by recalling a place she liked in the past, which appears to be a sort of resort/hotel. As they sit down together, he wonders where they first went wrong. Jung-ah marvels that he’s talking like this, since the very fact that he bothered to look for her and speak openly is a big change from his norm.

He tells her that in the past, he hadn’t wanted to talk about losing their baby — it happened because he was struggling professionally and she’d taken on too much to help him. As a man, he felt he failed her, so he didn’t want to bring it up. Jung-ah, on the other hand, says that she considered it her failing.

Shi-joon presents a new actor profile to his staff, announcing that they will be using a new star in the lead. He has managed to secure a popular musical actor who is one of the industry’s most prominent stars. While Jae-hee and Jin-ho aren’t too surprised — they know Shi-joon’s the type to make cool business decisions — Kae-hwa can’t help feeling sorry on Min-woo’s behalf for being pushed out.

Shi-joon notices her upset reaction, and she admits that she agrees with his decision for the company’s sake. It’s just that she wishes he could have considered Min-woo, who does have potential — she can tell from all the effort he’s been pouring into the role. Even the very look in his eye has changed, now full of purpose.

Shi-joon notes that her answer is telling of their closeness, if she knows Min-woo well enough to read his gaze. Kae-hwa answers simply, “I trust Min-woo.” She isn’t pressuring Shi-joon to change his mind — that’s a losing proposition — and agrees that his decision as the CEO trumps all. She’s just expressing her thoughts.

Yoon-seok shows Min-woo the latest articles reporting that he has been replaced. He says “I told you so” — they should have quit while he was ahead — and presents him with a drama script. It’s not the lead role, just the second lead, but it’s as much as he can hope for now.

Min-woo answers simply, “I’m not working with you anymore.” Yoon-seok asks if he’s confident he can manage without him, and Min-woo answers honestly, “No, I’m not.” He won’t have someone to smooth things over if he loses his temper, or support him. “But I want to try being on my own.”

Yoon-seok is annoyed and tries to impress upon him that things could get even worse. What is he thinking? But Min-woo is unperturbed — peaceful, even. He agrees that Yoon-seok has a point, “But if I keep living like this, I think I’ll be too ashamed later on. I want to try living differently now.”

Min-woo calls Shi-joon for a meeting at the place they’d first met, and that similarity drives home how much everything else has changed since then. Back then he’d chosen this spot to highlight how much more “above” Shi-joon he had risen, to make a little dig at his pride. Min-woo admits that back then, he hadn’t even intended to meet him seriously — he just wanted to show up the teacher who used to look down on him. “But now, I really want to do it. I want to stand there not as a star, but as an actor.”

Shi-joon asks if he feels confident he can pull it off, and Min-woo answers that he wants to try regardless. He repeats Shi-joon’s own words, saying that somebody once told him that people don’t try things because they’re confident, but that they develop the confidence after they’ve done them.

He also reminds him of one more thing Shi-joon had said — that whether he’s a star or a nobody, he’d wait till the last rehearsal to make his decision. “Please keep your promise. Please give me a chance.” He isn’t asking for an answer now — either way, he’s going to keep working.

Yura apologizes for causing the whole fuss, feeling incredibly sorry at the fallout that has come of her misplacing Ye-eun. She had honestly just wanted to bond with the girl. Min-woo doesn’t hold it against her, and answers that it’s okay — they found Ye-eun, and that’s the important thing.

That isn’t enough to dispel Yura’s guilt and she reminds him of all his cancelled work, saying it’s her fault. He answers that she shouldn’t feel bad, since Ye-eun’s existence had to come out at some point — it was his mistake for hiding it. He apologizes for lying to her, too.

Yura says, “You must really love Ye-eun. I thought you’d think children were really annoying and unlikable, but it seems like you’ve changed. You seem like you’ve grown up.”

Now that she’s assured that Min-woo doesn’t hate her, Yura hesitantly asks one question to sate her own curiosity: What is his relationship with Kae-hwa? Is he just feeling pity for the single mom? It’s nothing, right? She asks these questions hopefully, as though she can lead him to the answer she wants to hear.

Min-woo answers, “No.” Not clear which question he’s responding to, Yura asks what he means.

He tells her with a little smile, “I don’t think it’s just nothing.”

An interview hits the internet and creates a new ripple in the Min-woo scandal, supposedly an exclusive interview from the mother of Min-woo’s child that paints herself as a victim of Min-woo’s negligence. Kae-hwa doesn’t believe it for a second, knowing that it must be a lie. Jae-hee says it doesn’t matter, because it’s the image that’s important.

After finding out who the reporter is, Kae-hwa storms off like a woman on a mission. And she is. Wearing her game face, she approaches the group of reporters camping out in Min-woo’s lobby, carrying two buckets. Stopping in front of Reporter Han, she throws water all over him in a grand gesture of indignation. Twice.

Kae-hwa accuses him of faking the interview, then turns her censure to the crowd, charging them with perverting people’s real characters — Min-woo and the mother are not the strange people they are portraying them to be. Min-woo’s working so hard to raise his child. If the pain they’re stirring up for sensationalist headlines ends up spilling over to the girl, who will bear the responsibility for that?

The reporters start to look a little abashed, which strikes me as terribly simplistic — hey, I’ve seen TMZ — and they shrink a little at her tirade. Oh well, this whole drama is an ajumma fantasy, and yelling at a group of errant adults buoyed by righteous fury is probably one of the top items on an ajumma’s fantasy wish list, no?

Her impassioned defense of Min-woo impresses them a bit, and the reporters then turn their cameras on her. If she knows these people so well, then she must have juicy insights, and they clamor for information.

Oops — the situation is starting to spiral out of Kae-hwa’s control, so she turns away to escape their prying. Running outside, she sees Min-woo pulling up to the curb in his car, and jumps in hurriedly and urges him to drive off, pronto.

Thinking that Min-woo is discouraged from all his recent setbacks, she urges him not to let things get him down. He should rest up so he can build up the strength to do a good job. Min-woo’s actually impressed with her reporter-threatening gesture, and since he has been handling the career setbacks with maturity, he’s not as depressed as she believes. He tells her he won’t let them demoralize him.

Now she worries about her outburst causing gossip to worsen. But then her mama cat protectiveness comes out and she growls that they’d better not write anything bad about Ye-eun, or she’ll really let ’em have it.
She worries that he’ll have a hard time going home tonight, but Min-woo smiles and says, “Well, then you’ll have to take responsibility for me.”

Ha! Now that he has decided/realized how he feels about Kae-hwa, he’s not running from his feelings. Quite the contrary.

I enjoy that Min-ji calls him “ajusshi” — at 28, he’s probably on the cusp of the age where he’d get called ajusshi by young kids instead of oppa. But as a star, he’d generally get called oppa for a lot longer than the average dude, so being called ajusshi normalizes him. He’s just a guy to Min-ji (and potential boyfriend to her mom).

Seeing how Min-woo dotes on Ye-eun, Min-ji even concedes, “You seem like a really good dad.” I’m sure she means it, but I laughed out loud to see that it’s actually a shrewd tactic to gain his agreement for something — the apple doesn’t fall far from the manipulating tree, indeed.

But just like with Mom, Min-ji’s manipulation is used merely for harmless situations, as she requests that Min-woo play a game with her and Ye-eun. Thus the three of them play a game with blocks (like Jenga), and he participates with full enthusiasm, even bearing the flicks on the forehead (his “punishment” for losing) with good humor. Kae-hwa sees how much fun they’re having and delights in it as well.

Yura drinks, trying to figure out the secret to Kae-hwa’s mystique. Tae-gu likewise doesn’t understand how Min-woo could have fallen for her — not with Yura around, as she is smarter, younger, and prettier than Kae-hwa. He decides Min-woo must have lost his mind to prefer the single-mother divorcee… but doesn’t that just confirm he’s in love? After all, love makes us do crazy things.

Despite being bypassed for the role, Min-woo continues practicing as he had promised to do, while the company continues planning the musical.

The days pass by until finally, it’s time for the press conference leading up to the premiere. While Kae-hwa sets the table and prepares the stage, she casts a sad look at the new actor’s seat, his name placard there where Min-woo’s ought to be. And then, Min-woo gets the final word from Shi-joon.

The cast is introduced in turn, and after the lead actor takes his bow, Jin-ho proceeds to the next item on the agenda. Or at least, he tries to, but notices an additional note on his paper and looks questioningly at Shi-joon before reading one more name: Sung Min-woo.

To everyone’s shock, Min-woo comes out from backstage and takes the last seat at the table, which hadn’t been marked by a nametag. Shi-joon reveals that the role will actually be double-cast, which means that the two actors will be alternating performances.

Shi-joon had been playing this one close to the vest, and playing this card now is his way of pulling off a big surprise, stirring up interest, and solving the casting problem in one fell swoop. Even Byung-hak gives Shi-joon some props for handling this cleverly.

Kae-hwa is just plain thrilled, both with Min-woo for getting this chance to prove himself and with Shi-joon for having enough faith in Min-woo to give him the chance.

And then, the musical premieres. The performance goes well, and a particular highlight is the midpoint scene indicated by Shi-joon as a pivotal point for Min-woo. It starts with Min-woo delivering an emotional monologue, told to an empty stage: “Hyung, I wanted to be cooler than you. Smarter, better, more impressive than you.”

This leads into his solo, which is Choi Siwon’s rendition of the OST song “못났죠” (Aren’t I a fool). (I previously posted the original version in the Episode 3 recap.) [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I’m so foolish
I didn’t see you in pain
Why did I see you so late
I held you and saw you every day,
but my spirit has grown tired
If I come closer, we get more hurt

I cry without a sound
I laugh without a care
From behind you, I swallow the words
“Don’t go, don’t go”

You’re so beautiful
I loved you so much
Saying I’ve forgotten
is all a lie

Please don’t go, don’t go
Come back, come back

The song has the desired effect, and the audience is enraptured. The rest of the performance goes off smoothly, and Min-woo takes his bow at the end, at which point Kae-hwa goes up to give him a bouquet (on behalf of the company) and a big thumbs-up.

And he pulls her close for a hug.

The crowd loves it and cheers even more loudly, but this makes her feel self-conscious and she runs off feeling bashful.

Min-woo finds her on the empty stage a little later, after the theater has cleared out. She views the stage with contentment, feeling that rush of satisfaction in a job well done, especially since their production weathered so many tribulations to get to this point.

Kae-hwa tells Min-woo he was really great today, and wonders what the papers will say about him tomorrow. But what’s wonderful to see about Min-woo in this episode is that he’s achieved a sort of zen state of acceptance about everything, and no longer is burdened by his petty worries. Oh, he still has worries, for sure — but he has taken on a calm, philosophical approach to his problems, as we saw in the scene when he told Yoon-seok he’d strike out on his own.

Now Min-woo tells her, “It won’t matter what other people say.” He feels confident he can continue to do a good job. She believes him, and he asks, as though thinking hard about what comes after he answer, “Do you really have that much faith in me?”

Kae-hwa readily answers yes, and while she means it, she’s not in as serious a mood as Min-woo. She doesn’t see the solemn expression on his face as he turns to look at her to say, “Kae-hwa sshi. Do you want to move back into my place?”

This statement doesn’t immediately strike her as significant, as she just assumes that he’s suggesting they resume their old maid-landlord dynamic. But Min-woo continues, earnestly, “Please be Ye-eun’s mother. Her real mother.”


Although Min-woo has been feeling these budding emotions for Kae-hwa for a while, I don’t think those feelings crystallized into conscious realization until now. He probably got an inkling in recent episodes, but I don’t think he was mentally ready to accept his feelings until after he had accepted Ye-eun, as I mentioned briefly above.

He has been busy struggling to maintain his status quo all drama long, afraid of losing what he had spent the past decade building up. I actually think this is the mark of a person who doesn’t have much in his life — not things of value — because he clings to the wrong things, afraid of having them taken away. And with Ye-eun and Kae-hwa showing him slowly that there are more important things to life, he is seeing that the world may be bigger than he had thought, and the prospect of NOT being a star is no longer quite the horror it used to be. I’m sure he’d like to keep his career and he admits to Yoon-seok that he’s scared, but that’s a normal, intellectual fear of the unknown — emotionally, he seems at peace, prepared to accept whatever comes his way.

It’s like holding a tiny trinket in your fist, deathly afraid of dropping it, not seeing that there’s a huge trove of real treasures right in front of you, if only you stepped closer. But you can’t accept those treasures with your hand balled up tightly on itself, and it’s only now that Min-woo is ready to unfurl his grasp and accept the greater things in store for him. And if he loses his trinket — well, maybe that’s not the end of life.


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    Yeah! It’s up! Thanks for recap!

  2. YoYoYo

    Seems like a cute drama! will be getting to this soon!

  3. Carinne

    Like I’ve said in my initial post on ep.01, I thought I heard Siwon’s voice very suitable for this “못났죠” (Aren’t I a fool) track. I’m glad it came to be. He did good.

    I was touched at the part YeEun lost in the shopping center and faithfully sticks by MinWoo’s poster board no matter how many people surround her trying to pry YeEun away from a woodchip’s grip. (If only other kids her age were this awesome. Shhhheez!)

    All the father and daughter moments in this ep.15 are truly adorable.

  4. Sobia

    What a beautiful recap, JB! “It’s like holding a tiny trinket in your fist, deathly afraid of dropping it, not seeing that there’s a huge trove of real treasures right in front of you, if only you stepped closer.” So beautiful and true. And, on a shallower level, can I just say, enlightened Minwoo is incredibly hot. CSW is always a good looking guy, but with the zen attitude in place, Minwoo becomes irresistible.

  5. animedork101

    You know… I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. maybe it’s Ye-eun “speaking” to Min-woo. Or the bucket-dumping scene. Could even be the Min-ji “manipulation” of Min-woo. Whatever the matter, I’m going to miss this series. Lighthearted and good-natured,it was fun to follow. *Sigh* What to do with Monday and Tuesday nights now…. Can’t wait for the final recap!

  6. eiko

    This has got to be one of the neatest dramas out after Catch A Falling Star! What a heart warming and good feeling drama!

    Choi Si-won you ROCK!!!!!

    Thanks JB….always love the recaps!

  7. sajor

    thanks for this recap, it was beautifully done..same as my general feeling in the drama, this recap is written with and exudes calmness..

    i lol’ed at your ahjumma fantasy comment!

    but this one really caught my attention: “his (Min Woo) affection for one (Kae Hwa) is inextricably linked with the other (Yeu-un)” , this is incisive, and so true..but with this kind of affection for KH, i think what MW feels for her is not the romantic kind that one would really wish for and see often in this kind of drama (the passionate, i-can’t-live-without-you kind of love)..I’m not saying that MW’s love for KH is not as big as most other romcom couples have, I believe he does, and I believe he does feel some sort of romantic love for her, but romantically speaking, his love is as intense as most other couples are portrayed. Rather, I see MW’s love for KH, or for that matter, KH’s probable love for MW, as the you-are-my-family-and-thus-a-part-of-me type, the for companionship kind of love, in that they perfectly suit each other. Oh, I’m not saying romantic love is better than the other kind.. Ah, I’m not good with words, and perhaps i did not explain well…but with this, a together-happy-ending for them is really possible and believable.

  8. mimi

    I liked this episode. But I wish he had said something more romantic than, “Please be Ye-eun’s mother” when he “proposed” to her.
    We love it when a guy pours out his emotions and bares it all!

  9. Melync

    JB. Thanks, this is an adorable rom-com, so gentle, cutzie, lots of giggles, fangirling ( for Siwon–who else!!) lots of just calm enjoyment wthout much angst and conflicts… The romance was really drawn out which is quite understandble as Min Woo had to grow up, accept his little girl before moving to Gae Hwa–our ajumma, she is not to me ever …. During this whole drama, she never looked ajummaish to me at all.

    The scene at the store, tears just fell when the helpless Gae Hwa broke down and Min Woo took her into his arms as well as when Yee Eun held the hand of the lifesize poster of her father. Min Woo finally calls out to his daughter. Sob….

    The slow change in Minwoo is acceptable to me. Many fans were demanding why was the romance drawn out and even questions whether there was going to be one between Min Woo and Gae Hwa. Now, let the romancing begin….

    Thanks so much JB, for recapping the whole series, one more episode. Let’s see if Min Woo will lead Ga Hwa to the land of happily ever after.

  10. 10 epyc

    Dear JB – my heartfelt thanks for this beautiful recap of a very beautiful episode! This is my favorite episode of the whole drama. And, I second and third of your observation:

    “It’s like holding a tiny trinket in your fist, deathly afraid of dropping it, not seeing that there’s a huge trove of real treasures right in front of you, if only you stepped closer. But you can’t accept those treasures with your hand balled up tightly on itself, and it’s only now that Min-woo is ready to unfurl his grasp and accept the greater things in store for him. And if he loses his trinket — well, maybe that’s not the end of life.”

    When I began this drama, I didn’t expect it would move me the way it did as the ep-16 curtain fell. It started like a cliche-hybrid of Full House, Last Scandal and Speedy Scandal, By its end, OML has a story of its own – an account of the growing up of Sung Min-woo, a self-fulfilling journey that we have travelled with him under the tutledge of Yoon Kae-hwa. I am glad that the sum is greater than its parts. It is not a perfect drama but one I truly enjoy to the extent that it is the only drama among those I’ve watched this year that now leaves me with serious withdrawal. What to do: a re-watch from Ep 1 this weekend!!

    Thanks, JB, and everyone has a great weekend.

  11. 11 Ace

    Thank you for the recap!!!

    LOL’d @ the ajumma fantasy comment as well…hahaha

    I will miss this series. Not much angst, but it’s not so fluffy or brainless either. I think it was just right and I did enjoy it very much. I didn’t get the hot kiss I was expecting after ep 6, but the kiss on the last episode was not a disappointment either. SMW & YKW’s romance was not as passionate or dramatic as other kdrama couples, but their quiet love & trust with each other really suits them both. It’s not showy, rather it has a quiet intensity that the other characters can feel or sense when they’re together. And I feel Min-woo has matured enough and feels a strong sense of responsibility that would help him be a great father to the two girls (& maybe a child with KH?!! hihihi) and a great husband to Kae-hwa. He won’t be a doormat to KH’s strong, take-charge character. And you know, in real life, this kind of love often lasts longer…

  12. 12 lili

    @11 Ace
    “And you know, in real life, this kind of love often lasts longer…” – so true!

    JB – thank you for the recap! You always get the best screen caps of Yee Eun! Your trinket in fist analogy is so fitting! Thanks a bunch!

    I only regret not seeing cutie Yee Eun talk more, but there’s cute interaction between the little girl and Shiwon in a special interview (downloadable at Cocorust: http://co2r.wordpress.com/category/completed-dramas/oh-my-lady/) – we get to see little “Yee-Eun” (don’t know her real name) in Shiwon’s arms chatting away and laughing. SO CUTE!!

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    If only we can all be brave enough to let go of what we perceive is important (i.e., wealth, fame, status, popularity) and for a more fulfilling and meaningful existence. Ok, that was REALLY sappy, but I guess that I’m in a contemplative mood today.

    thx again for the recap JB

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    I first watched this drama because of Chae Rim (I am such a big fan!) but I also became a huge fan to Choi Si Won and what’s-the-kid’s-name?

    I will definitely miss this drama…and to echo what animedork101 said: what will I do with my Tuesdays and Wednesdays now? (I wait for the subs that come out on these days)


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    Ah, it’s so bad that OML has ended. I want to see more Min Woo and Ye Eun’s interactions!

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    I am so glad that the writers keep the romantic part a low key, not full on honey/sugar love affair, the reason being is that even tough it looks like Min-woo was the center of attention the reality is that the drama was about him growing up emotionally enough to be able to take care not only of his daughter, but also of Min-ji and Kae-hwa, it was not about falling in love for the first time and such feelings but about the fact that he fell in love with a Grown up woman and that kind of love indeed is different than falling for a single person.
    He needed to count the cost of loving a divorcee Lady with one kid, as for Kae-hwa she was not looking for a one night stand but for a man that can truly be a proper husband and a father.
    At the end they did not needed the sugary romantic high but a feeling base in the reality of their situation, and for once I feel that the writers did accomplish their goal.
    Thank you again for your hard work!!! : O }

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    For all the “Oh MY Lady”
    Fans who can play music here is the “Chord Chart” That I made of Choi Siwon’s rendition of the OST song “못났죠” (Aren’t I a fool).

    Jo Seung Wook (조성욱) – 못났죠

    Intro Fmaj7 Emin7 add2

    Fmaj7 / Emin7 add2

    Fmaj7 / Emin 7 add2

    Dmin 7 / G

    Cmaj 7 / C#/C7 ( or A7)

    Fmaj7 / Dmin7 / Gsus / G7

    C2 / Fmaj / Dmin7 / Gsus G7

    Bb/C7 / A7 / Dmin7/ Fmin7

    Dmin7 / G / C2 / A7

    Dmin7 / G / C2.
    Jo Seung Wook (조성욱) – 못났죠

    cham motnan sarami nayo

    apeun geudael motbwatjyo

    dwineutge geudael aljyo..wae nan

    haruharu geudael ango algo saratjiman

    mami manhi jichyeonnayo

    hanbal dagagamyeon deo datyeoganeun uri

    na sorieobsi uljyo..

    na nunchieobsi utjyo..

    geudaedwieseo gajima gajima

    geu mareul samkyeonaejyo..

    cham geudaen areumdapjyo..

    cham geudael saranghaetjyo..

    ichyeojindangeon geojitmal geojitmal

    geojitmal ineyo..

    jebal gajima gajima

    dorawa dol..awa..

    enjoy. If you guys have any questions concerning the chords please let me know!!!! : O }
    P.S This is the short Version!!!

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    I probably sound like a broken radio on how much I love this drama… so I shall not… but I am very suprise and happy with the drama…

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    I was expecting OML to be a slightly different drama, but what it turned out to be is way better than what I anticipated. This is really Min Woo’s story, about how he grows up, and learns the lesson you articulated so beautifully. I was extremely doubtful about how the writers would bring in the romantic storyline and whether it would be rushed, but I ended up loving it. Looking back, I think Min Woo and Kae Hwa were moving towards love even in the early episodes; it’s just that they were sliding and not falling. I And I think that even though it’s not a super-romantic love that’s full of fire and passion, both of them have loved like that before and know that kind of love doesn’t always last, and what really matters is the way they feel about each other. As someone else mentioned: that this person is my family, and I need them.

    This drama may not be super deep, and it has its flaws, but it’s my favourite of all the recently airing dramas. I agree with you, I’d rather a drama end well even if it starts slow – I’ve been disappointed too many times by shows that started out amazing and left me with a disappointed feeling… which is what you remember later, after all. What I’m going to remember about this drama is Min Woo’s goofy expressions and his smile; Ye Eun holding her cardboard daddy’s and waiting for her real daddy to come get her; Kae Hwa’s kickass adjumma-ness; and the way our two leads hold each other, like they can’t see anyone else.

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    Agreed with Ace too with this statement:

    SMW & YKW’s romance was not as passionate or dramatic as other kdrama couples, but their quiet love & trust with each other really suits them both. And you know, in real life, this kind of love often lasts longer…

    Thanks JB for the recap, I also love your trinket statement. 🙂

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    Javabeans, i don’t know if i can convey this image properly, but your trinket vs. treasure trove analogy can be, in a sense, leveled up to a thought about finding your own space in this world. metaphorically, the hand that’s clasped contains a space all to himself, but it is closed and limited. the hand may be scared to let this tiny selfish space go, failing to remember that a hand that’s open essentially touches the entirety of the space around it.

    thank you for the reminder. 🙂

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    i seriously am missing OML and had not felt this way in awhile.. there were times in the beginning when i was feeling slightly bewildered at the pace the writers choose to present the story but now that i have sen it till the end, i have to say that though it was slow, the ending perfectly made up for it.. and there was coherence and a sense that all loose ends were tied up.. that in the end, the story was something that was both magical and believable..

    though the love story of the two leads was not as sugary sweet and romantically explosive as others, it was really the kind of steady, dependable love that we know would last forever.. its really like when you find someone and your life would not be complete without that other person.. and i guess the reason why we all love this drama is that in a sense, this is the type of love we wishes for in real life.. not just a burst of emotion from someone that may immediately fizzle out but rather, a love that will stay with us until our old age.. i am happy that this story presented a love like that to us.. its such a refreshing change from all the angst ridden love ive seen in dramas recently..

    to Choi Siwon and Chaerim and the rest of the OML cast (especially gaehwa’s bestfriend, who is one of my fave characters).. good luck.. may you find more acting opportunities soon.. i will be looking forward to your next dramas.. especially dear Siwon who really exceeded all my expectations.. i really wish to see him acting again soon.. he is indeed the one person who stood out in this drama..

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    Thank you for the recap, javabeans!

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    Amg1: Thanks for writing out the lyrics… I have the song on my “doing the dishes” playlist and since I don’t speak Korean just kind of mumble along with the words, picking out the one or two that come through clearly… so this is a great help. Love the song.

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    BTW, LOL re the ajumma fantasy comments. Just cos I am one. An ajumma, that is. And won’t I LOVE CSW/SMW in MY fantasy?!?!!! LMAO.

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    my heart and would leave an quiet-yet-contented memory.

    Enjoy your recap so much JB, and pretty much enjoy
    all of OML fans’ comments here. Your words are so right,
    I couldn’t have cited it better. Thank you. 🙂

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    It is true! I love how the love is a quiet sort of love. 😀

    Tsk. I have to move on to another drama now. But OML, with all its sweetness and firm foundation of love…will always be in my heart. XD

    Your recaps helped me to grasp some parts more clearly. Like how Ye Eun just agrees to both of them being good looking. LOL. Epic win. Like father like daughter!

    But I truly loved the part where Min Woo held Kae Hwa tenderly in his arms, not berating her, or anything, but being very calm and tender. Kae Hwa has finally met the One! WOOTS~

    Love this drama. It's flawed, it's not strongly written, but it sure has its punch.

    And I'm glad that Shi Joon is not painted as the 3rd leg of the relationship (so much so that it sticks out like a sore thumb) but that he finds through knowing Kae Hwa, he's able to learn to reconcile with the wife. And I think that is one of the best outcome of a supporting story (in terms of these type of stories).

  45. 45 Christine

    @33, 34 and 40

    Fully agree with all your comments. I also found Ye Eun holding the hand of Minwoo’s standee very touching – no words needed. Similarly, the way he just gathered her in his hands.

    Yes, we all need to be reminded of the closed hand syndrome. It reminds me of a saying that bringing up children is like holding sand in your hand. If you hold it too tightly, some of it will find a way to slip through the crack of your fingers.

    Yes, not all love need to be kissy-kissy and starry. The type of love MW and KW have will last long after the fire has gone out – which brings me to another saying. “Love should not be the microwave type which heats up fast but also cools fast; it should be like the charcoal fire where the warmth remains long after the fire dies out”.

    Thanks again JB for the wonderful recap. Your insights will remain in my memory long after the drama ends.

  46. 46 sam

    hey, thanks for the great review. does anyone know the name of that score that’s playing during the scene where they’re all searching for Ye-eun and also the scene where they find her?

  47. 47 Michele Diliberti

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    Si-won put up such a great performance in this drama. 3 cheers to him !!!! I’m having serious withdrawal syndrome after watching the final episode yesterday 🙁

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    Loved how MW hugged KW in the store to comfort her, tenderly, oblivious to curious onlookers, with his hand gently on the back of her head. That hand on the back of the head thing…gets me every time. He did the same with YE upon finding her. And YE found holding her cardboard cutout daddy’s hand? Genius! So sweet. Enjoyed seeing KW thinking seriously about MW in an intimate way…it’s about time! That’s right, hun, ponder hard!

    I liked how KW held MW when it was her time to comfort him in the studio. She wrapped her arms around him practically, head on his neck/shoulders…no stiff hug like I’ve seen in other dramas. That’s not her style anyway. One thing about that scene — it seems if there were a time he would cry it would be then, though it didn’t show him crying. Made me wonder if maybe he (the actor) was supposed to but couldn’t naturally pull it off (“tears on demand”), so rather than use fake tears (which often I can tell and would’ve felt somewhat weird about), he chose (or it was decided) that he bury his head in his arms at that point. Whatever may have been the case, I liked how it was done.

    Thanks for the translation of that song, “Aren’t I a Fool?”, and thanks, Amg1, for the chords and Korean words. I shall have to try it on my guitar and ukulele. Anxiously awaiting the final episode recap!

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