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I Am Legend: Episode 12
by | September 12, 2010 | 33 Comments

After the epic-ness that was the MoaE vs. Seol Hee face-off, I felt that this episode was on the boring side. There were too much Seung Hye, MoaE, and law-jingo that I was craving for more performances and more music. And yes – I am nearly bald after all the hair pulling. There was only one highlight though, which is also the song of the day:

I Am Legend OST – “You” Duet by Lee Joon Hyuk and Kim Jung Eun [download]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The appearance of MoaE merits a meeting at a cafe. MoaE rightly observes that the family must have been burdensome for Seol Hee, since her personality is back in full force. Ha! No kidding. She gets right to the point: Seol Hee needs to back off from the case, especially if she’s trying to use the market lawsuit as a way of revenge. *Sigh – there appears the Dratted Excuse again.

MoaE warns Seol Hee that she can never win, especially since with this case she will be going up against the entire Cha family. But Seol Hee isn’t interested in winning: “A long time ago you told me to behave like a member of a family involved in law, right? If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to cheat money from poor people because it’s embarrassing.”

Oooh – MoaE gets up to slap her, but stops midway. Seol Hee stands right back up, and it’s a stare-down. I love that Seol Hee even leans forward just a bit, as though daring MoaE to slap her. It doesn’t help MoaE that Seol Hee is also taller than her…

Seol Hee wins – sort of – and leaves first.

Back to the band! The girls go out for a round of drinks and celebrate the success of their first performance. But wait – what is Ah Reum doing there when she’s supposed to be practicing with Red Punch? What if she gets kicked out? With much bravado, Ah Reum says it’ll just be their loss. Wooh! A round of cheers and Soo In wonders why Tae Hyun isn’t at the bar yet.

Just then, Seol Hee gets a call from Professor Jo’s daughter, and she rushes out to meet her. As she gets into a cab, Tae Hyun drives up to the bar and sees her leave. So Tae Hyun – will you stay at the bar or will you go see what your lady is up to?

Seol Hee reaches the deserted marketplace and sees the daughter – Jo Eun Ji – waiting for her. But just before they can make any headway in their conversation, they are interrupted by three hooligans in suits. Even though they want to “talk,” they move in threateningly on Seol Hee.

She wraps her mini-dress’s train around her arm, and when they lunge, she attacks! She punches and kicks – in heels! – and starts to drag Eun Ji to run away. A hooligan grabs her hair and she head butts him! Now free, she runs for the exit with Eun Ji – and Tae Hyun flies right past her to sock a punch into those guys. Huh – what is up with musicians and fighting skills? Plus, he is definitely not one to stand by the sidelines.

He tells Seol Hee to run for it, but she spies a stick and starts helping Tae Hyun beat the guys back. The watchman arrives with one of the market ladies and the hooligans run for it. During this whole time, Eun Ji has run away.

Seol Hee tries to call her back, but the girl hangs up on her right away and shuts off her phone. With much concern, Tae Hyun tells her she should stop worrying about others, since she still has to take care of herself. But Seol Hee states that there are a lot of people who depend on her, and she seems quite proud at the fact that she is needed and wanted.

Not willing to back off, she goes to find Eun Ji as the girl gets off from school. Eun Ji doesn’t want to talk anymore, and Professor Jo appears to grab his daughter and tell Seol Hee to butt out. It’s mighty suspicious, so she goes to Jin Bae. They notice that Professor Jo received $500 more in moving expenses, but it’s not significant enough to make him sell out the other merchants. Jin Bae wants Seol Hee to find out if any of the other merchants were threatened by some force, and he hands her car keys so that she can get around more easily.

Woohoo! Sun roof time!

Accolades flow in through the uploaded video of the Comeback Madonna Band singing at the festival. Some people start wondering if there’s a recorded version of it, and Kwang Yul suggests that they make an official version at a recording studio. Yay! But what about Ah Reum?

Ah Reum’s manager is NOT HAPPY that she appeared in a performance with a bunch of ahjummas without telling her first. One more roguish act like that and Ah Reum will be cut from the contract and have to pay the contractual fee. But when Ah Reum gets word that the girls need a guitarist, off she goes!

They go to the guitar store that Min Kyu now works at to pick out their instruments. Min Kyu stops Ah Reum to find out what’s going on – isn’t she playing hooky with Red Punch? – but Ah Reum just shrugs him off. Looks like she wants to cancel her contract.

What follows is a nicely cut montage as the girls sing “We Will Comeback” in the guitar store and the recording studio (with Tae Hyun watching behind the glass window). The recording is a success and Tae Hyun gives the gals a thumbs-up each.

Now in regards to the case… Ji Wook expresses his wish to wrap up the market case ASAP, which shocks Seung Hye. If it’s supposed to be a family matter, he should be working harder at it to win, rather than wanting to get it over with. Seung Hye suspects that Seol Hee’s involvement is the reason why he’s making less of an effort, but Ji Wook shuts her up with, “Let’s not talk about that.”

To up the stakes, MoaE visits Ji Wook and tells him that she’s personally involved in the case. I assume that means that if the case gets to court, MoaE will be under investigation as well. The family will be under great scrutiny because the uncle did make some shady deals, and for a family that aspires to get into politics, this will be quite a stain on their reputation.

Ji Wook stresses – and I actually feel bad for him. He doesn’t want to face his ex-wife, who is stubbornly going to go through with the case, but he has to go through with the case. His and his family’s reputations are on the line.

However, MoaE has a backup plan. She calls Seung Hye out for a meeting and frankly tells her that she wants Seung Hye to take over the case and make sure it never reaches court. With an unapologetic sneer and the added compliment, “I feel like you could do anything,” MoaE pretty much forces Seung Hye to take the case. Of course she would take the case, since she needs to impress MoaE so that she can become a worthy daughter in law, but also because she doesn’t like the fact that Ji Wook is getting swayed by Seol Hee.

Back at the market, Seol Hee finds out that there was a fire a few months ago that affected 5 stalls. It was reported to the police, but not much came out of it. At the same time Seung Hye approaches the director of the market and the protesters, and offers 5x the moving expenses to each of the stall owners. That’s a hefty amount, even though Seung Hye reiterates that the construction company will not be paying back the premiums since they are not obligated to do so.

The director bravely says that he will not take a cent, so Seung Hye adds another layer of threat: do they all realize that even if they win the case, the money that each of them will receive won’t be as much as their premiums, or even what she’s offering? The protesters do a collective round of “EH!?!?” They thought the lawsuit was going to make them richer than before.

Seol Hee bursts in just in time and tells them not to accept Seung Hye’s terms. She pleads them to come to their senses – they need the marketplace so that they can continue with their livelihood; even if they receive the compensation money, it will be difficult for them to start over from scratch. But the protesters and stall owners care about one thing: how much money will Seol Hee and Jin Bae get them if they go to court? (Aish you money hungry people!!!)

And then the annoying *itch named Seung Hye says, “Why are you leaving all your trust to the office assistant of a small law firm…and to the ex-wife of the lawyer of this side? Jun Seol Hee just recently got a divorce after a scam marriage… What Seol Hee wants to receive through all this isn’t your success, but revenge for not getting a cent of alimony.”

Oh no you didn’t girlfriend. You just made me lose that little ounce of sympathy I had for you for being the new neglected woman by playing dirty like that.

Unfortunately, Seol Hee cannot protest, because it’s pretty much true (except for the revenge part). The market owners all start talking crap about her and no longer trust her. She tries to explain, but they don’t let her. (Argh! Why can’t people listen to each other first before jumping to conclusions!?!?) She goes back to Jin Bae with the bad news, but he tells her to perk up – she should act more like the go-getter she is instead of resigning herself to the fact that she can’t help them anymore.

On the other hand, Seung Hye goes back to Ji Wook with good news: because she dropped the teensy-weensy fact that Seol Hee was Ji Wook’s ex-wife, the market owners will now sway to their side. Ji Wook is actually pissed that she did that.

Ji Wook: What do you think you are doing?
Seung Hye: What do you mean? Don’t you realize that this is all for your own good?
Ji Wook: You call that an excuse?
Seung Hye: You getting upset – isn’t that weirder? No, how about we become more honest? After the trial, I knew that you were moved by Seol Hee. I let it go because I thought it was sympathy. I am being really patient right now, but there is a limit. Don’t test me any longer.

Ji Wook calls Seol Hee, but she ignores his call. She gets a text message – from Tae Hyun. He’s got the finished copy of the recording and will meet her at the practice studio.

Seol Hee gets their first, and she starts playing on her piano, softly singing “You” – which Tae Hyun had sung in a cafe before. Her singing is clearly not as strong with this song, but her version is far more sweet and mournful than his version, which sounds like a power ballad.

Tae Hyun comes upon her and asks how she even knew this song. Are you really asking your number one fan that question? He wants her to continue, so – since the star is asking – she obeys. He can’t keep the smile off his face as he listens to her sing. Seol Hee gets him to sing the second verse, and we have a duet!!

AND she misses Ji Wook’s call.

Ji Wook waits for her outside her apartment to apologize about the market case. Seol Hee sarcastically remarks, “I must have lived a while to hear an apology come out of your mouth.” She doesn’t want to hear anymore excuses, to which Ji Wook replies that if she continues pursuing the case aggressively, he can no longer sit back. He will fight back with equal intensity, if not more. Hmph – tell the girl something she doesn’t already know.

As for Hwa Ja – Duk Soo can tell that Hwa Ja has something to share just by the look in her eyes. She whips out the CD and asks him to listen. Her excitement quickly dissipates when Duk Soo realizes that she’s been playing with the band behind his back the whole time and lying to him the whole time. But with this couple – a little lovin’ is all they need to smooth things over. (And again – Hwa Ja throws Duk Soo onto the bed and he goes a-flyin’ – whooosh!)

Seol Hee returns to the marketplace but gets no headway. All the stall owners are unwilling to talk to her. Eun Ji witnesses this, and that evening she’s finally ready to spill. Seol Hee records the conversation.

A few months ago, her father came home with a lot of money – enough to pay for her surgery. After the surgery, she found out that her father had received $50,000 from the construction company, Mujeong Development. At first she didn’t know how he got that money, but she figured out that he had sold out all the stall owners to pay for her surgery. Eun Ji had grown up at the marketplace, so everyone there is like her family. She feels awful and guilty knowing that she had ruined these people’s lives with her surgery.

The next day, Seol Hee approaches Professor Jo and lets him know that she knows the truth – Eun Ji told her. But Professor Jo is in denial to the end – he berates Seol Hee for sticking her nose into his business (oh like the people who offered you the surgery money weren’t doing that either?). He yells at Eun Ji for trusting Seol Hee, since he too believes that Seol Hee is only using the market owners for her own selfish intentions. Look who’s talking, dude – you were on the side of the people who were using you for their own evil plans too.

Ji Wook and Seung Hye visit the director again and give him the new contracts. He just has to have all the stall owners sign the documents and they can all get $15,000 for the moving expenses. But Seol Hee bursts in, grabs the documents and cries, “If you quit like this, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life! Mujeong Development is fooling all of you!”

And then she glares at Ji Wook and says, “How could you do this to get your stomach full and look down upon the market people like this? Were you always this cowardly and this much of a cheat?”


Most anti-climactic end for an episode. I really couldn’t care less that it ended on that note. But on to other things…

I was so completely shocked and pissed off that Seung Hye had to mention the divorce. My first reaction was, “Really? We’re back to THAT again?” But in some hindsight, it’s kind of interesting that Seung Hye’s only ace card is that divorce card. Sure, she has money to convince the market sellers to give up the place, but Seol Hee can appeal to their pride. To fully defeat Seol Hee, she needs to use the divorce card – which is so cheap. (Then again – Seung Hye’s tactics are all about cheap moves.) It’s kinda sad that Seung Hye’s lawyer-skills are reduced to just cheap tactics. Plus, after the divorce card, what else will Seung Hye do? Is her argument going to go from “We are not obligated by law to pay” to “It’s all Seol Hee’s evil machinations so this lawsuit is another scam.” Oh I would love it if the judge presiding over the divorce case presided over this one too.

I hope this is just a small slump in the drama and that it will pick up right away again. It’s getting tiresome to see Seung Hye and MoaE plot Seol Hee’s downfall based on assumptions that honestly make them look pathetic. And if Ji Wook is going to be presented with an opportunity to redeem himself, he better take that chance fast before the other two women in his life bring him down.

Also – love really makes Tae Hyun go all mushy doesn’t it? I know the band has definitely earned his respect, but his biting remarks on how badly they play is completely gone. I just noticed it in this episode, but everything that comes out of him is just so supportive. Even Hwang Tae Kyung was still a tad condescending towards Go Mi Nam after he fell for her. Heh. Tae Hyun – you’re too cute.


33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. last_thread

    wonderful recap is wonderful, as per usual. i’d write more, but it’s getting late and i’ve put off doing homework for too long now ;__;

  2. hannahber

    And yes – I am nearly bald after all the hair pulling.
    > you’re funny πŸ™‚ Thanks for the recap….

  3. Kim

    I love the scene between Hwa Ja and her husband. She’s so strong the shove seemed like it pushed him unconscious. Could not stop laughing and replaying.

  4. staples

    @Kim: haha. agree with Kim! it was so funny the way she treats her hubby!

    I agree that the episode was pretty anti-climatic and slightly boring. The only thing that kept me going through the episode was waiting for some TH SL chemistry! The song was so beautiful! It brought a lump into my throat

    What surprised me was Ah Reum’s decision to go with the recording. I mean, I understand it and all, but the manager threatened to make her pay the breaking contract fee if something were to come up again, and I don’t think a waitressing mother can do that. Plus, Ah Reum was like “if they make a fuss about it, I’ll just quit.” Has she or has she not yet signed the contract?

  5. ilikehim

    I love all the Hwang Tae Kyung-Go Mi Nam reference(s) you do.
    Heh. <3

  6. jusash

    >>> love really makes Tae Hyun go all mushy doesn’t it? == > but his biting remarks on how badly they play is completely gone. ==> everything that comes out of him is just so supportive

    Yupz totally! I find his unconditional quiet support really sweet. And he never has any rules, unlike Ji-wook.

    Though I really wish the writers would cut down on the too convenient coincidences. Enough already – it distracts from credibility.

    Hero saving damsel in distress at exactly the right times. They repeated this tactic twice already … first time at marketplace was sweet, the second time it started feeling quite contrived.

    Ok, nevermind TH is always popping up at the right place at exactly the right time.

    That fight scene … holy cow.
    Of all the silly dresses to fight in, and Seol-hee actually managed??? With heels and irritating sash? C’mon.

    And I am also left wondering why does Seol-hee always need rescuing? This is about her being independent and self-reliant ain’t it? You start or want something, you bail yourself out.
    What if TH hadn’t appeared to help?

    THANKS as always, for recaps. And for that beautiful duet – enjoying it! πŸ™‚

    Loved that special moment … wish they would go one teeny step further with their special moments together. Those always lead nowhere! While I am totally for the slow and easy pace … it makes realistic sense, given where they’re both coming from. But at least give us some indication of response and anticipation (or where its heading!)

    • 6.1 h311ybean

      I think TH popped up at the right time in this case because he was stalking Seol-hee :-p but I mean that in a cute, shippy way and not creepy at all.

      And while it didn’t happen, I have faith that she could have taken care of herself until one the market vendors and security arrived. Maybe the kid she was with would have grown a pair and helped her with the attackers.

  7. h311ybean

    Yes, overall a meh episode. I did feel bad for Seol-hee when Seung-hye discredited her to the market vendors, and I want to slap the Red Punch manager big-time for being so mean to Ah-reum, but yes… meh. I guess I should be glad that Hwa-ja finally came clean to her DOH (Dear Old Hubby), but I wish they had a nice on-screen discussion about it instead of cutting straight to the bedroom where everything’s lovey-dovey again. Oh well.

    However, I also thought it was hilarious that Seol-hee tucked her cellphone into her top to keep it safe while she’s fighting off the goons. And then she pulls it out in front of Tae-hyun. I wonder if it was a ploy by the show’s writers to draw his attention to that area :-p

    • 7.1 wits


      hehe… I know… this scene was too funny! Especially when Tae Hyun just had to avert his eyes in embarrasment, lol.

      fighting the goons in that dress with the long train,,, ooohhh, sooooo sexy!!!

      • 7.1.1 h311ybean

        Since I am firmly shipping Seol-hee and Tae-hyun, I am going to assume that he looked away not because he was embarrassed, but because he didn’t want to get caught looking at her chest πŸ˜‰

        (But you know she’s a kick-ass girl if she can fight off bad guys while dressed to the nines, LOL – reminds me of her karaoke bar brawl earlier in the series, but better because the guy was by her side this time!)

  8. Ani

    Loved the fight scene in this because all I was doing hile watching it was “THIS! This is THE Seol-hee I fell in love with”. And when Tae-hyun swooped in with his fists I couldn’t help but think “Dude, I love you. Marry me and have my babies…. as long as your ‘stache/beardlikethingythatcouldbeagoatie doesn’t get thicker than watch you’ve got on right now.”

    I’m glad FaJa’s husband came around. I understand that he wanted to be the man in the family and was embarrassed because his family kept talking to him about the Elevator Video, but I felt as if he was forcing himself to be mad (or some force, like a scriptwriter was making him do it), and I thought it was random considering he let her do it all this time. Then again, he also said he thought it was just a hobby at first. Glad he’s back on the boa though.

    And the Lawyer Lady needs to tell MoaE to shove it.

    And the market people? Well, I can understand their doubts, but they should have given Seol-hee the chance to explain the situation, or plead her case. X/

    Thanks for the subs. Until next time. Teehee!

  9. lain

    Thank you for the recap, kaedejun.

    Yay for the duet, though it’s not an intense romantic development πŸ™ Honestly, I don’t really pay attention to the case. What I care the most is TH-SH. I instantly searched if there were Tae-hyun and Seol-hee’s name in the same sentence in your recap lol

    @h311ybean: I agree with you. Tae-hyun most likely was stalking Seol-hee ^^ or at least he kept watch of Seol-hee’s activities so he could fly to her immediately when she’s in trouble.

  10. 10 Lemon

    Thanks kaedejun for this recap!

    May not be the best episode, but I’m loving that Ji wook is totally falling for Seol Hee again, and someone’s getting mighty jealous…:)

  11. 11 paperdolls

    Really love your recaps Kaedejun! Makes me want to review the episode after reading each recap.
    Loving the drama so much! Great plot and effective role players.

  12. 12 Joon

    Finally, the song I was waiting for! The duet version of “You”! I wasn’t so into the plot development either. I felt that it spent too much time on a lot of things (MoAE & Seung Hye versus Seol Hee) and too little on certain things (the band and its members in particular).

    I don’t like how it sometimes seems more like a “drama about law” rather than a “drama about music”.

    But in any case, the duet made me ignore everything else. I like how it was different from the usual duets where the female does all the heavy belting and the guy just does the bass. It was wonderful listening to Seol Hee give a sensitive and tender touch to the song while Tae Hyun did a powerful and explosive feeling to it.

    The only other thing I didn’t tune out was Seol Hee in that long dress and heels fighting goons!!!

  13. 13 Elena

    Oh, thanks for this, since the subbed episodes have been unavailable, I have wondered what’s happening. Thanks so much.

    I’ve found that reading your recaps, I am able to go without seeing the drama w/subs until it’s available.

  14. 14 missy

    i want the ex-husband and Seol-hee back

    i want them back together!!!

    • 14.1 mskololia

      It looks like it is going in that direction….They will have to date again and he WILL have to “win” her back though.

      • 14.1.1 mskololia

        OOPS, THANK YOU kaedejun!

  15. 15 dordorMM

    TH really is the angel of SH, seeing and being supportive to her quietly at the side….

    ps. i have watched tonight’s ep and seems begin to understand the way the writer portrays this couple…

    • 15.1 dordorMM

      btw, kaedejun, thanks for your recaps!

  16. 16 Opal

    \I think this drama is slightly out of focus of don’t know which plot is the main focus. SH as the band leader that gain acknowledgment and fan or SH as the humanitarian lawyer or SH and TH development. In everything is lacking icing on the cake.

    Only 4 episodes to go right? not sure if TH and SH can have more intense scene. So PD/Writer, please do something you can’t kill 2 birds in one stone as who know the birds will fly away before even the stone is there.

  17. 17 Opal

    I think this drama is slightly out of focus of don’t know which plot is the main focus. SH as the band leader that gain acknowledgment and fan or SH as the humanitarian lawyer or SH and TH development. In everything is lacking icing on the cake.

    Only 4 episodes to go right? not sure if TH and SH can have more intense scene. So PD/Writer, please do something you can’t kill 2 birds in one stone as who know the birds will fly away before even the stone is there.

    • 17.1 staples

      I agree. It’s like two or three different plots going on at the same time: there’s the lawyer thread, the band thread (which includes the personal lives of all the other members), and the TH-SH thread. The lawyer and band threads _barely_ transition nicely, but sometimes I feel like TaeHyun has nothing to do with anything, you know? Sometimes it’s like they just tacked him on there for the romance.

  18. 18 dordorMM

    agree that the writer should have done better, i think the drama has a lot good materials to use but unfortunately it turns out not….the actors/actresses are good though…i really like the band story much more than the case story, and of course SH/TH’s love story!….Why the PD put the focus on the case which is kind of dry and boring…still have 3 eps to go….hope for the best!

  19. 19 cecee

    They need to end this law case arc period. We already had enough of the divorce arc and now this? Come on writers! This law stuff is super boring since this drama is SUPPOSED to be about SHee and the band! Move it along already!

    Other than that, great recaps as always!!! Thank you!

  20. 20 wits

    There are two scenes that absolutely saved this episode for me – (1) Seol Hee fighting off the goons in that sexy dress, then Tae Hyun flying past her to punch the bad men who dared! harass his lady (teehee); and (2) the duet!!! yes, swoon.. swoon, their voices just blend so well – Seol Hee’s sweet, mournful voice and Tae Hyun’s strong, husky one. And again, omo, the way Tae Hyun gazes at her while they sang! I had to repeat that whole scene over and over. Thanks, as always, kaedejun for the great recap and for the song clip.

  21. 21 chi.pham

    can we just have Seo In Woo as a lawyer back? pretty please.

    he can make In Wook or even that bitchy lawyer-who i don’t even care to learn the name- go into corners and cry their eyes out.

    • 21.1 aberdeen_angus

      Yes, please! Crazy law lessons by In-woo were extremely funny!

  22. 22 Hooray!

    Thank you Kaedejun for keeping up with the great recaps!
    Thanks for posting the duet too!
    I agree with previous posts about the “unfocuseness” of the drama. I too wish they would focus more on the band and its way to stardom (I hope), and less on the other stuff…but I guess it’s the only way to get JW involved, too bad the writers couldn’t do this the other way around, with JW somehow getting involved with the band stuff instead…oh well…
    As for TH, I wish he was more “active”…I think it’s great that he is supportive and there to save the day, but what’s going on for him? We see him being affectionate, falling in love, but where is his career going? What is his place except for being by SH’s side? I wish we could also see him develop, apart from the Comeback Madonna band.
    But one thing this drama really shows is how great a performer KJE is! I never really liked her before, but I have a newfound respect for her as a performer and actress. She really knows how to perform and interpret the songs…I love her version of You, and wish there was a version with just her singing…TH is good too, but I just don’t think it goes well together…although it’s a good representation of where they are in their characters, SH is as you said “sweet…and mournful”…while TH is just falling in love, belting out his feelings…
    Ahh, love…

  23. 23 woollythesheep

    Eun Ji looks a litttle like Jun Yoo Mi…

  24. 24 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap, Kaedejun (and for the ep 11 recap, which I may not have thanked you for). I can’t believe it’s episode 12 already. I sort of feel like there is a lot more to be told. With the lawyer stuff cutting into the music stuff, I feel like the series should be around 20 episodes. I love how Seol Hee stands up to the MoAE! Too many downtrodden (ex/potential)-daughter-in-laws in kdrama!

  25. 25 Anonymous

    Loved the Duet! thanks so much for the download.
    This is a drama I look forward to. I will admit that some items need to be brief…but I sure hope that lawyer chick and mom gets it good!

    Ji Wook ah well…you know whats said you never miss the water til the well runs dry. You blew it dude.

    Bring on TH!!

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