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437 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. chriskk

    omigod…….feeling the backlash from the ending of MGIG…..can’t wait for Mary Stayed out all Night to replace my lost feelings

    • 1.1 xiaoSxin


      I am excited for Mary Stayed Out All Night! Although the story is cliched (2 contract marriages?!) I am hoping the characters are fun and fresh. Heck just with the cast alone I am definitely watching this drama on november!!

      Jang Geun Seok + Moon Geun Young + Kim Jae Wook = uber awesome trendy drama!

      MSOAN.. fighting!

      • 1.1.1 chriskk

        yup! this will be the first drama where i love both the male leads…..usually i would just support the lead male. But I love both JGS & KJW!!!!!

        Can’t wait!!!!!!

      • 1.1.2 rayray

        When is mary Stayed Out All Night starting? πŸ˜€

  2. Ida

    Migraines are horrible.

    • 2.1 last_thread

      agreed. feel better, love♥(:

    • 2.2 cille

      totally agree.. hope you feel better soon though

    • 2.3 lessaofpern

      HUG πŸ˜€ Feel better soon. Close you eyes and imagine you favorite Korean hero taking care of you at this moment. Hope that made you smile. πŸ˜€

      • 2.3.1 Ida

        It didn’t make me smile. It made me laugh, lol. I’m having a hard time picking my favorite hero. There are just too many. >_<. — (My brother has been taking care of me since he got home- so I feel a lot better than this morning.)

        Thank you all so much for the love and comfort. Its been the best medicine. πŸ™‚

        • lessaofpern

          Glad you are feeling better. So, you had a multitude of hot Korean guys taking care of you. (the best medicine :P) No wonder you are feeling great πŸ˜€ Have a great weekend!

  3. jent24

    agreed. will there be anything worthy of replacing MGIG?… i doubt it. there’s nothing like a DW/Miho pairing out there.

    is runaway going to be recapped?

    btw, happy FRIDAY!!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. drama girl

    Hey JB,just wondering as to if I need special software to see your rotating headers or something?
    Cause’ I can’t see them anymore. Thanks! Sorry if this was the wrong place to ask.

    • 4.1 rimiheun

      you have to use internet explorer to see them I think~ coz when i’m using firefox i don’t see them =)

  5. cingdoc

    Happy Friday,everyone…
    October sure came fast…

  6. choslyn

    I confess. I was anti-girlfriday. But after her recaps on MGIAG, I’m in love with her. FO SHO. ;D

    • 6.1 viola

      Why ever would you be anti- Girlfriday to begin with?!

      • 6.1.1 xiaoSxin

        because she love JB so much.. she only wants JB to rule the dramabeans land..

        nomu nomu nomu nomu jowa~

        hoi hoi!

    • 6.2 staples

      I think she just means that she preferred javabeans’ recaps. Each recapper has a different style, so the first time I read a girlfriday recap I was like “hold up…something isn’t kosher…” and it wasn’t. it was halal! Which for me is even better πŸ™‚

      Anyway, I love how girlfriday will insert the funniest opinions on things.

  7. Spookmsom

    I haven’t watched MGIAG but I love the recaps!

    I love Playful Kiss more every week! It just gets better and better, a bit more angsty than I expected this week but overall just a cute little series.

    Sungkywan Scandal (sp) is really good as well. Those are the only two dramas I am watching at the moment but I have Mary Stayed Out All Night in my mental to watch list. Love all the actors in it!

  8. brookeeve

    It’s Friday!!!!

    Just watched Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea. Yay for Big Bang, and most especially T.O.P. He’s so dreamy. Well worth the 30 minutes it took to watch it.

    • 8.1 viola

      I am madly trying to resist finding out anything more about TOP. I don’t need a new love. I swear, before Kdramas I thought I was the most faithfully monogamous person EVER! But my heart is wavering more than jello after I discovered K pop culture! So.Many. Pretty.Boys! plus they are interesting to boot! gah!

      • 8.1.1 brookeeve

        Don’t bother trying to resist the TOP. He’s so gosh-be-darned cute that it is a futile experience. I mean, he’s practically a baby, but I have to lub him anyway. Even the peoples around me who don’t get into KPop and KCulture like TOP… he’s got the most unforgettable voice I’ve ever heard.

        • viola

          Ummm… how young is he actually? ‘Cause I have had a seveer experience already when I found out that the boy from Koishite Akuma is 17.

          • cille

            hmm, i think he was born 1987? so that makes him legal age. lol

            i didn’t think too much of him either (look wise) until i first heard his voice.. arghhh! that’s what endeared me to him. lol

          • brookeeve


          • brookeeve

            I’m a complete and total sucker for voices.

            You got a pretty face? That’s nice.

            Washboard abs? Wow, you must work out.

            Wait… could you say that again? Just… recite the Preamble for me… Now I’m in love!!!

          • viola

            whew! I don’t have to feel bad now. 7 months difference is nothing right? Unless they fudged his age… doesn’t Korea have a different way of recording age?

        • Lahlita

          I’m a complete sucker for voices! If a man has a good voice, I will listen to him read the phone book. That unfortunately is why I found myself side-eyeing SHINee’s almost-nineteen-years-old Choi Minho. Sure, he’s tall. Whatever, I’m tall. Sure, he’s incredibly beautiful. Whatever, I’m incredibly beautiful. πŸ˜€ Then he opened his mouth, and I died. That boy’s voice is so deep and so smooth, damn. And that was it. From what I can see, aside from his ferocious competitive streak and flaming charisma (what does that even mean?), he’s actually really caring, sensitive, gentle, and altogether precious. But that voice is what got me.

          • brookeeve

            (Note to self: do not, under any circumstances, look up Choi Minho. He is much too young for a woman of my age to be looking up because you have heard he has a nice voice. Wait a year…)

          • brookeeve

            DANG IT! My brain just remembered who he is! He does have a nice voice! He’s 19? GOD HELP ME I’m a perv!

          • Lahlita

            No, Unni, we’ve had this discussion. You’re not a perv. You just appreciate a good voice when you hear one. Seriously, no one in the world should have a voice like that. Mmmm. And besides, Choi Minho is legal. But I don’t want you to feel mental anguish, so whatever you do, do NOT imagine Minho and his tall, beautiful self leaning over you and whispering sweet, deep nothings in your ear. πŸ™‚

            I’ll have to YouTube T.O.P. when I get home so I can hear him speak. I know nothing about Big Bang.

          • brookeeve

            On most of his speaking videos, you instantly get the idea that TOP is a complete and total dork. He pokes fun at himself a lot, so you get the feeling that he knows this. The boy can’t dance, which is kind of difficult for being a member of a boy band, but the rest of the band covers for him. He just looks like this really tall, strangely put together guy until he opens his mouth. His voice is seriously unbelievable.

            And quit with the naughty thoughts! I mean, I just got to the point where it was okay with TOP, but no way with Choi Minho. Uh-uh.

          • Lahlita

            Oh, no? Well, fine, no naughty thoughts, but my friend sent me this:
            Minho is seriously smooth, wow (ignore the incredibly annoying DJ girl). And while YouTube is a commentary cesspool, the unabashed flailing over Minho’s voice amuses me to no end. Then his band mate tries the same lines that Minho uses, and hilarious fail ensues.

          • brookeeve

            I mean, really? Did you have to do that? Is there a demon that sits on your shoulder and just whispers, “Hey! I have an idea!” And then you respond, “Wow! That’s great! Let’s do that right now!”

            Bad Lahlita!

          • Lahlita

            This shouldn’t surprise you anymore, Unni. You named me TEGA for a reason. There’s a devil on my left shoulder, and a demon on my right. Evil is Life! 8)
            Love, Tega.

          • viola

            Hey, do you and Brookeve know each other in real life? What does TEGA stand for? πŸ™‚

          • brookeeve

            No, we met on this site, but it feels like we know each other! TEGA is a nickname that I gave her (That Evil Girl) because she makes me think bad thoughts! I swear, she gives my priest a heart attack every Saturday (if I were a Catholic who went to Confession, this would be so terribly true).

            It might be that we both live in the South and we’re soulmates… but it’s more likely just a case of I stalk her as much as possible.

          • viola

            I second Brookeeve’s sentiment: Bad Lahlita!

            I just got home from work, and was finally able to click on the your link….. daaamn… I feel like I am drowning, first TOP and now Min Ho? Bad Lahlita indeed! πŸ™‚

          • giddygirl108

            Totally agree with you on the voice thing! I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had a lot experience with music and learned a great deal about it, but the timbre of a man’s voice is the ultimate turn-on. That deep, soulful voice that can ring in your ears as a strong presence or lightly float around your ears from a gentle whisper. That’s hott.

        • staples

          I, too, am a sucker for voices! Of course, looks is always important too…

    • 8.2 Laica

      I watched it a couple of days ago. It was so pretty (on many levels). I agree, definitely worth the watch.

      • 8.2.1 brookeeve

        It’s just a tourism video, right? It accomplished said task: I want to go visit Korea now… even more than I had before.

        • Leonardswench

          Yeah, I want to go visit TOP, too, I mean, Korea. πŸ™‚ I’m no help, sister, I’m a sucker for any man/boy or manboy with a deep voice. Kim Joon, Sam Elliott, TOP, Richard Armitage, I’m not even partial to a nationality. I’ve thought about getting a ringtone with all of them saying sweet DEEP nothings, but then I’d never answer the dam* phone.

          • brookeeve

            Sigh. TOP is so dreamy. (I gotta super cheese grin on my mug right now.)

          • lessaofpern

            One of the main reasons I married my husband was the voice. (fans herself) πŸ˜€
            He’s a good shower singer too. (he refuses to sing in public, but he is very good)

          • brookeeve

            I just got this giggle because I was picturing your husband down on one knee in the shower serenading you. I don’t know why it was funny, but it made me giggle.

          • lessaofpern

            Dang! Now I’m picturing him doing that. ROTFL.
            I’ll have to tell him about this. But maybe not, he might ban me from DB’s. (you all are a bad influence) πŸ˜›

  9. brookeeve

    It’s Friday!!!!

    Just watched Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea. Yay for Big Bang, and most especially T.O.P. He’s so dreamy. Well worth the 30 minutes it took to watch it.

    And my Intarwebs just did something crazy, so at the chance of double posting, I’m gonna hit Submit Comment again…

    • 9.1 viola

      *glomp* πŸ™‚

      • 9.1.1 brookeeve

        SIGH. Just my luck. I’m catching up on MGIAG, but since I’ve already read all the recaps there aren’t too many things I don’t know about it.

        How have you been, little sister?

        • viola

          Unnie I have been well, you? How are your marigolds? πŸ™‚ How is step nephew doing?

          I just had the commute from hell this morning, we had such a storm, the subway near my work was flooded. To come above ground again, I had to wade though ankle deep water. God knows what was in it.*shudder*

          • brookeeve

            UCKY!!! We’re in the midst of an official drought now. I had to stop watering the marigolds, and they are sad. You might want to take some penicillin, if you had to wade through subway water. Or eat a lot of vitamins. Or take a hot shower as soon as possible.

            Step-son is still beautiful. When we got custody he wasn’t really well taken care of, but now he’s filling out (shoulders of a football player, I swear) and his skin is getting all pretty, if a bit freckled. He told me a girl told him he smelled nice this week, and he was so proud! Soon, I will have to arm myself with a baseball bat when I take him out.

          • Lahlita

            Didi, sorry to hear about the flooding! That’s pretty disgusting. Make sure you boil your feet.

            Unni, step-nephew too precious! So, let me get this straight. 13 years old, 5’11”, gorgeous, red hair, Korean eyes, freckles, shoulders of a football player, and a sensitive, sweet disposition? OK, step-nephew (Imma call him Yeppeo-goon) is sounding too precious to be true. At some point we’re going to have to finalize the betrothal of your boy to my niece. I’ll start gathering the dowry. And you tell that little hussy that is smelling on my nephew that she needs to back off. The hell is she smellin’ him for? I don’t want to have to come to Tennessee with a tire iron.

          • brookeeve

            I’m ridiculously proud of my baby. He’s really all that and a slice of pie. I guess I should just strap a sign to his shirt with a “Trespassers will be hit with a tire iron” warning?

            We started talking about modeling as a way to pay his college bills (he wants to do AI). I have a few friends who have done it, and they say that he would be good at it. We’re waiting for him to gain a little more weight, ’cause he’s still too skinny.

            I’ll try e-mailing you pictures again. πŸ™‚

          • lessaofpern

            Viola, I have a ring I can send him. It has the initials N. A. on it for Not Available. We need to let the world know that he has already been reserved πŸ˜€

            Brookeeve, I glad he had a great week πŸ˜€

          • Lahlita

            Brookeeve, I am guilty of shallowness. I understand that beauty comes from within, but now that I’ve seen Yeppeo-goon, all I have to say is, external beauty for the win! Hahaha. He would be an amazing model, because he really is all that and a slice of pie! Two slices! Don’t let anyone else see him, otherwise chaos will erupt in on this site from every mother fighting to claim your son for their daughter. Hmm, viola should write a script for a teen-drama and have you son act in it. She likes to write.

          • Leonardswench

            Brookeeve, my daughters and son model as a way to afford college. One of my middle daughter’s campaigns was enough to sock six figures away, so …. you know, it doesn’t have to be their whole life, just a means to an end, and we were selective about what they agreed to. I will say, for the most part, that the average job just puts away 4 figures, but every bit helps.

          • brookeeve

            My husband is afraid that his son’ll get too big a head and his shoulders won’t be able to hold it up, but I don’t think he would (‘course, if he shot someone I’d be yelling at the other person for gettin’ in the way of the bullet, so I’m not exactly a good judge when it comes to him). Did your kids have that problem? How did you handle it?

          • Leonardswench

            Well ….

            let’s start with, when people say to them, “You’re cute,” or “you’re pretty” or “you’re beautiful”, they all say, “Thank you, I know.” I cringe a little, but honestly, they’ve been told from birth by everybody how pretty/cute/beautiful they were. I’ve told them time and again, just say ‘thank you’ and I see some improvement in that.

            My oldest won a modeling contest at the mall when she was 2 months old, no joke, that’s how we got started (free baby stroller and two outfits, so YEAH!).

            We do talk about two things to the kids:

            1. not everyone gets the kind of positive reinforcement that they do (and I make darn sure they single out the loners in all groups and befriend them — have to keep them grounded in reality and realize that genetics blessed them, not anything they’ve done to earn their “looks”)


            2. this is temporary and NOT real life (especially brought up when someone outside the family mentions changes to my children’s appearances, including plastic surgery to ‘straighten’ or ‘improve’ this or that), and that REAL people have little and big ‘imperfections’ that are really what makes them wonderful and unique (use the pic of the girl with Orion’s belt moles on her arm as an example)

            I think it is all in how real you keep it. As it stands now, oldest daughter almost never takes modeling jobs now, she’s earned enough, for one, and for another, she’s now a teen and the pressure to be perfect and anoxeric are ridiculous and I won’t have her go under the knife even for a minor procedure or starving herself while she’s growing. In addition, she’s added more lessons and dance companies to her schedule, so she’s really too busy for most jobs. We still do a family catalogue shoot every year, where they use the four siblings together in jammie shots, for instance.

            Of the other two, my son (who is a little too beautiful for a boy, honestly) gets more jobs and more attention, he’s sweet and usually energetic for jobs, which makes him a good model for his age. However, I can see over time that he could and will lose some of the sweetness if this goes too far. Got to keep it real.

            Now, that makes it sound like my kids model a lot, but honestly, we only accept a few jobs a year for each and 100% of the money goes into their educational funds.

            There has been a lot of pressure for them to work more, from their agent, but I think he knows I won’t budge. Also, I or their aunt have to be with them 100% of the time, and some shoots just won’t allow it. That narrows it down, too, for me.

            Best wishes with it all!

          • Viola

            Hey unni, If the baseball bat and the tire iron doesn’t work I can always get my dragon slaying sword …. maybe I will have some trouble bringing it through customs but whatever!

            sis, thank you for volunteering my writing skills. It warms my heart that you think I am good enough writer to write a script for your nephew by marriage. Wish I shared your confidence. Also, what are you planning for the dowry? πŸ™‚

          • Lahlita

            @Leonardswench Your children have an agent? My Lord, what the heck kind of beautiful people are posting on this site? But it’s awesome that your family is so grounded.

            @Brookeeve The boy I first heard about two Open Threads ago isn’t going to get a big head. He hasn’t had people telling him his whole life how beautiful he is. In fact, he seems a bit self-conscious and doubts his own attractiveness for various reasons (including jealous a-hole friends). This could be great for his confidence. He’ll be fine as long as you or a trusted adult is always with him. And it does seem like a good way to make money toward college. If you can talk your husband around, I say go for it. He really is that lovely, and I was able to see that from a picture taken three years ago.

          • Leonardswench

            Average beautiful, I promise, my husband’s grandmother was a 30’s pin-up girl for a Cleveland gas station, and they get their looks from that side of the family (trust me on this! although, my mom is beautiful, I look my dad’s dad!!!). My mother-in-law is beautiful, and I married her second-best looking son … it’s genetics, nothing more.

            As for the agent, they are in the same talent agency as my agent. So, you know, it just helps them get jobs and earns him a bit of ‘side’ money. My middle daughter is going to try voice work for the first time, we’ll see how that goes in November. Also, good money for that.

          • staples

            now I’m uber curious to see what your stepson looks like haha.

  10. 10 pinkpaperclip

    So I was checking back on Chinese dramas to see if there was anything new, and guess what?? They are coming out with their own Iljimae series!!! Aw I want to watch it so bad, but usually these don’t get subbed unless they are really popular like ROCH 2008 (?)

    Check out the trailers

    Back to K-ent, I’m really excited for “Flames of Desire,” it’s out tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see SeoWoo on scene again :]

    • 10.1 pinkpaperclip

      Ooohh forgot to mention who are in the Chinese Iljimae. It is called “Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei” and Wallace Huo (*screams* <333), Ma Tianyu (a singer), and Liu Shi Shi (eh, don't like her acting too much). Anything that has Wallace in it makes me wanna watch it ^_^

      • 10.1.1 llama

        WALLACE HUOOOOOO :DDDD i haven’t heard anything about him in ages

  11. 11 reglest

    Don’t watch MGIG yet, but exciting to wait the original DVD!

    List me Yaiyyy!! Thanks for your recaps, at least I won’t disappointed (hahaha)

  12. 12 decoderblue

    Thanks a million for recapping My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!! It’s gonna be hard to find a better drama. I bet most of us are suffering from withdrawal symptoms right now!

  13. 13 SKKSfan

    i cannot watch SKKS at viikii πŸ™
    it ruined my week
    am really really sad by now
    wanna cry

    • 13.1 viola

      *pat* I want to cry too. I want my Yummy. I watched ep 10 raw though… but it just isn’t the same. I swear I am going to learn Korean!

      • 13.1.1 Phoebe

        the Scandalous Team in viikii just released the soft subs though. They’re so generous! I’m watching ep 10 with subs now. Hahaha.

        • Anonymous

          Omo really? Thank you for telling me!

          • viola

            that was me

        • brookeeve

          I couldn’t find Ep. 10… and it kind of sounds like they’re irritated with people whining about wanting to watch it. Am I typing the wrong thing into the search engine?

        • viola

          Would you mind telling me how to find it? I am kind of coming up blank. Thanks.

          • brookeeve

            Maybe she is watching now. ::glares at Phoebe in jealousy:: πŸ™‚

          • anon

            In the channel for sungkyunkwan scandal, just search for the topic softsubs. You’ll find them there. πŸ™‚

          • seasea

            go to skks page on viikii, then go to the “softsubs” discussion; there will be link for you download sub for ep 10. There are subs for other eps too. Download the raw for ep 10 from mehanata site (if you havent already, it has to be from Mehanata for the timing of the sub to match). Make sure the filenames of the raw video and the sub are the same. Then you can enjoy :D. Hope that helps. I’ve been rewatching ep 10 with subs so many times already. I’ve never been so addicted to a drama before. Errr.

          • viola

            Thank you anon. Thank you too seasca, especially for mentioning about mehanata. You were very helpful. To thank you, I will share with you some of the very special chocolate covered Song Jong Ki smile! enjoy πŸ™‚

          • katz

            Thanks for sharing that! I had to resort to watching it with Mandarin subs and my Mandarin is so bad, I can’t read the subs fast enough. Gosh, I sound pathetic.

          • Phoebe

            whoops, sorry I didn’t check back the comments again. But I hope you’ve been enjoying skks ep 10 now. hehee..:)
            Also, thanks to seasea for mentioning abt mehanata too! I didn’t know that we can download the raws from there. hehee.. I’ve downloaded them from aja-aja before.

    • 13.2 SKKSfan

      thank you so much anon and seasea! πŸ™‚ you guys made my friday errr saturday midnight
      and to viola thanks for the pat

    • 13.3 SKKSfan

      alas! the files are temporarily unavailable. anyway, still thanks πŸ™‚

      • 13.3.1 seasea

        i’m pretty sure all the links except for the megaupload one are working fine. In case you still have problem, I uploaded the sub for ep 10 on mediafile:
        And for those who have troubles with finding the right raw, here is the link:
        Hope that helps those SKKS addicts like me who’s been going crazy since the licensing issue on viikii :).

        • Viola

          You are officially AWESOME
          I just made this up, but on behalf of the Yummy faction I would like to present you with the Pink Heart. The highest honor available, given only to those chosen few, who have demonstrated matchless courage, dedication and utter selflessness in sharing the love of Yummy.

          • seasea

            Awww thanks Viola; just trying to save people from the frustration of not being able to satisfy SKKS addiction. I went through that when I had to roam around the Internet like a headless chicken in order to find some hints of the translation for ep 10, it was not a good feeling. My keyboard suffered a lot cause all of the banging πŸ™‚ oh well a pink heart and chocolate covered song jong ki would totally be worth the frustration! Yummmm!!

          • viola

        • viola

          I am watching episode 10 now. The sub’s timing also works with the raw I had already downloaded. So, I don’t need to download the raw again.Yay!

          Seasea, thank you! If you were here right now, I would hug you. πŸ™‚

        • yl

          oh my goodness! i actually had no idea that you could get subs from viikii.. was trying to wait patiently for other sites to upload them =/ thank you so much!!!

          but just wondering, on the viikii channel there were no links for ep 5-7 subs.. did you guys have the same problem too and just skipped ahead to watch the other ones with subs? =D

          thank you again!

    • 13.4 lessaofpern

      Just type (scandal) in the search box

      • 13.4.1 lessaofpern

        Dang! It won’t work for me either. :C

    • 13.5 WaitingSKKSfan

      It’s pathetic, but since there are no hardsubs for Sungkyunkwan Scandal and since I never download videos via torrent (too dangerous here in Germany) I’ve just watched episode 10 raw through online streaming while reading the soft subs in an editor-file, which I had opened next to the video.
      Hmm, did you understand, what I mean?
      Exhausting, but for me the only possibility to watch that drama.

      • 13.5.1 Viola

        I did understand what you said and all i can say in return is hats off to your dedication. If you so choose, you will be welcomed to the ranks of the YUMMY decorated with honor. πŸ™‚

    • 13.6 Ace

      While waiting for the recap of episodes 9 & 10, here at viikii, you might want to see those recaps at another blog:

      • 13.6.1 Ace

        @ here at viikii – it’s supposed to be here at dramabeans…sorry!

    • 13.7 sansukini

      Yay! I finally watched SKKS ep 10 with subs. Thanx to scandalous team for providing softsubs. I hope they do this for future episodes as well.

      I used VLC player to make it work. Really enjoyed watching it the 2nd time. I can’t wait till Monday!

  14. 14 Ladymoonstone143

    I am so sad that MGIAG is over and it is the same feeling I get when a good drama come to an end. Thanks Javabeans and Girlfriday for those awesome recaps.

    At least there is still PK that keeps me going and looking forward to Mary Stayed Out…

    Happy Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend.

  15. 15 Rovi

    Hi peeps!!

    I missed lounging here in OT…sorry for not arriving here sooner, matters of urgency had to keep me from doing & enjoying what I want to do best…

    So…any Yummy-dang members out there? Let’s have a drink…(then remembers (suddenly shifting into 3rd-person mode) 이 μ‚¬λžŒμ€ hadn’t yet tasted even a drop of liquor…) <- ultimately fail…

    So, for recent dramas…
    -I Am Legend – such a waste & disappointment…they really had to make this promising drama a content of divorce cases & market stall takeovers…tsk!tsk!tsk!
    -Playful Kiss – tho really resembling the anime (as I've said, never was a fan of ISWAK…), I still enjoy this…love JSM (Oh Ha-ni), & KHJ's new hairstyle (BTW), he needs to deviate from the fail image that was Yoon Ji-hoo…
    -Gumiho Girlfriend – so sad it had to end, but the Heavens (plus Samshin Granny) granted the viewers (US!!!) our deepest wishes…
    -Seonggyungwan Scandal – PURE PURE DAEBAK!!! So loving this! Moony (sorry, was never a fan of the coalition, pls. don’t throw stones (or red leaflets) at me), Yummy, Hubby (for the Garang peoples), & Hot Shots!!!

    To watch out for…
    -Mary Broke Curfew (MBC; to shorten that ridiculously long title <- IMO, really) I WANNA WATCH!!!
    -Flames of Ambition -> I really have to check my prev. comment there, I wanna know some answers…

    (I notice that I keep saying DAEBAK ever since yesterday…must be the effect of witnessing the return of MinKhun/KhunHo…or having Jay Park in the Philippines(!)…γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹…)

    Currently addicted to: Abracadabra
    (no thanks to Jo Kwon (the sexy king of kkap-ness), & the Dirty Eyed Girls)

    • 15.1 Rovi


      I intended this (see below) to read as:

      To watch out for…
      -Mary Broke Curfew (MBC; to shorten that ridiculously long title <- IMO, really) <- even the acronyme spells of FAIL
      -Haru -> I WANNA WATCH!!!
      -Flames of Ambition -> I really have to check my prev. comment there, I wanna know some answers…

      must be blabbing too much…

      • 15.1.1 xiaoSxin



        • Rovi

          well, that’s what I saw in another website, so I basically humored it a bit (where I basically fail, lolz…)

          (good news is, I can already see my comment…)

  16. 16 charlene

    just wonderin’, will anyone from you guys gonna do the recap for Runaway-fugitive-Plan B?…. please?

    i’m sure a lot are waiting for this.
    if so, thanks.

  17. 17 viola

    Hello everyone! I can not believe how fast this week went!
    I am still reeling from the MGIAG finale. I am glad they resolved everything logically, ’cause after episode 15 I was going bonkers. I was thinking that Mi Ho taking out the bead, and choosing to die when it won’t save Dae-Woong, was tantamount to suicide. She was literally choosing to die of a broken heart, because a guy was a jerk. But the finale made up for it – in spades! πŸ™‚

  18. 18 diadda

    This was my vid for episode 14 MGiAG. and I am uploading episode 15 vid right now.

    As for the episode 15 one, if someone who speaks korean and visits my channel can tell me if it is ok, That one has quasimodo for the song. It should be up in… 444 min!?(what the heck YT?) Nevermind! I’ll post again when 15 finally gets in gear with the same request. Sheesh!


    Also working on edits for PK again. I think it’s cause I want it to do something else.

    Spoilers ahead.

    This week I saw both episodes of PK and now I am curious as to where they are planning the second kiss. They skipped the hospital (a la Taiwan) and we have passed the tree point in the anime and manga. If all we get is a back hug until they decide to marry, ewww.

    I do like there take on the sleep over hence the vid that will be coming out. I also like the Tennis captain. The mom as with all other versions steals the show when she is on camera or off. Still not sold on it. I might keep watching, might not. I have Giant penciled in this weekend, so most likely not.

    • 18.1 CapitalScandalRocks

      I have a feeling that second kiss will happen in next episode…when OHN is still sleeping and BSJ (tough exterior, struggling with his emotions internally)being sleepless whole night will do that ………….early morning kiss…………..squeal………….

    • 18.2 diadda

      Ok here is Episode 16 vid for MGiAG

      This is the one that uses Quasimodo. Man my sleep needs to be checked too. The link above is for episode 15. Anyway you guys will figure it out. I still need a native K-speaker to look this one over for sense values.

  19. 19 Rovi

    how can this site say I’ve double comment when I haven’t seen my 2nd comment up there?!!!

    can someone explain? I’m getting pissed! And I’m not exactly a patience keeper when I’m f***ing mad!

  20. 20 starlight

    I was just wondering, with the finale of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, in conjunction with the guest recappers critique, do you mind adding in your own?

    just like an overview of the series, your favourite moments, what you thought they could of improved and how you found the finale?

    I love the recappers, but I’m always curious as to what your take on dramas is, and I’m super addicted to SKKS, so I’d really like to hear what you have to say about it, if you have time πŸ™‚

  21. 21 junaly

    there is this weird thing that happens sometimes when i comment. there will be a name and email filled out in the blanks that belong to another commenter. i dont understand…?

    anyways, happy friday!! congrats to a good MGIAG ending and rating, congrats to PK’s top rating, and congrats to the beginning of runaway! still waiting for mary~

    thank you GF and JB for wonderful recaps and updates!!

  22. 22 Sumee

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal = pure love ………….AWESOMENESS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 22.1 brookeeve

      Amen, Preach it sister, and to quote Rain, “Hallelujah!”

      • 22.1.1 diadda


        • Sumee

          ke ke ke (^.^)
          PS I cannot wait wait for Mary stayed out all night ..Jang geun suk ..Fangirl !!!!!!!!!!!! screaming

        • viola

          While Amen and hallelujah’s are the appropriate reaction to S Scandal, some of the scenes in there, with a helpful nudge from Diadda’s editing skillz induce an entirely different kind of religious response.
          something along the line of “Forgive me father for I have sinned……..”
          And more than likely will again and in fact I don’t think I want to stop….. πŸ˜‰

          • splgt001

            “forgive me father for I have sinned..” indeed!!

            I have seen Ep 10 (raw) and oh boy does that ever apply. Poor Garang! What is the boy to do now? So glad it is 20 eps long

          • lessaofpern

            LOL Laughed so much last week. My daughter sent the link to her best friend. We are spreading the sinfulness. BAD GIRLS πŸ˜›
            Diadda you bad influence on teenage girls. You videos need to be banned. The cause too many LUSTFUL thoughts, that we will be spending hours repenting for, instead of watching more Kdramas. πŸ˜›
            Please don’t stop (a semi repentant sinner) I’m working on it, SLOWLY. πŸ˜›

          • Leonardswench

            Since confession and repentance are good for the soul, isn’t necessary that a sin should take place first to make the confession and repentance required????

            Seeeeeeeeeee …. there’s always a way to logic your way into watching Diadda’s vids. Or you could just throw yourself headlong under the bus without a care!!!!! πŸ™‚

          • Sumee

            forgive me father for I have sinned…..I can’t agree any more ! πŸ˜‰

    • 22.2 CPW

      OMG!!!! I know!!! I am so hooked!!!!
      I don’t know how I am going to make it to EP 20!!!!
      Waiting for the next one is already killing me!!! 0)

  23. 23 cheonsa

    Happy Friday!..though my Friday has already ended…sob.

    I’m so in love with SSK right now! Sun Jun is so dorky and so swoon-worthy! I also love the adorable chemistry between the foursome.

    Just finished both Dr. Champ and Runaway. I will definitely be following Champ but not so sure about Runaway. Seemed to be all glitz and not much substance, kinda feel like it is trying too hard. I love Kim So Yeon. She is such a talented actress – first all stoic and emo as the North Korean agent, then all ditzy and dressy as the prosecutor princess and now as the principled and socially awkward doctor. And not forgetting to mention Uhm Tae-woong and his Dr. Housesque quirks. Should be an interesting watch.

    • 23.1 leslie

      I watched Runaway last night and i am def going to continue for now. It was surprisingly funny! πŸ™‚ the scene on the boat in the bedroom, in which rain makes a mad dash for the bed…i rewatched it like 5 times! hahahahaha+

  24. 24 Portia

    I’m kind of glad Runaway started, because I really am going to need something to replace MGIG…

    My life right now is behaving strangely like a k-drama – found myself cringing while watching Playful Kiss last night because some things hit too close to home. Yikes. Enjoyed the latest eps though – although if they don’t give Duckie his due pretty soon I’m going to be ticked!

    Happy Friday, everybody – hope the weather is as nice where you are as it is where I am (Missouri, USA)!!

    • 24.1 viola

      I hope the universe listens to you and sends some of that lovely weather to the east coast.
      Hang in there -’cause fabulous, gender-bending Shakespearean heroines like us always gets the guy!
      I am really hearting your name right now. πŸ™‚

  25. 25 Robyn

    Yummy and Moony faction girls here? XD I’m having withdrawal symptoms from them.
    I need the cute of them back. Cause MGIAG made me cry like a little bitch. Though, it did bring back the adorable at the end, it still doesn’t make up for all the bawling I did.

    Hope you guys are all recovering well from the crying most of us just did. I’m now off to sleep as I have work tomorrow. =[

    • 25.1 viola


      • 25.1.1 Robyn

        Woo! XD

    • 25.2 brookeeve

      I am here!

    • 25.3 Kaitlyn

      you mentioned crying… my eyes are still raw and red πŸ™ and i am going out later…

      • 25.3.1 katz

        Me too! Eyes are still puffy and red.. I do need to get to bed soon and if I sleep with my eyes like that, they are going to be so much worse tomorrow morning.

    • 25.4 Rovi


      • 25.4.1 Rovi

        I just represent Yummy-dang, okeh?

        My superlatively-restricted mind is so closed for a Moony-Yummy coalition (just like the bickerings of the Noron-Soron…)

        sorry, guys, na-da for only Yummy-dang
        …but hey, who wants to join me in murdering Headmaster Choi for violating urideul-i Yummy-shin? (…our Yummy God?)
        I’m still in KILL!!! KILL!!! KILL!!! mode… }:D

        • viola

          Omo Rovi! I have unleashed a monster! πŸ˜‰
          I take back all the mad rhetoric about “a day of reckoning” and the “price paid in flowing blood.” I have calmed down now, and melted my sharpened pitchfork into plowshares.
          Granted, the chancellor laid unclean hands on the Proud Posterior of Yummy but let’s forgive him now. I think we already taught him his lesson! It’s your kill chant that did it. It is very intimidating! πŸ™‚

          • Rovi

            LOL at your (concern(?)) comment…

            I tend to kkap, even in situations…

            …but hey, we’re just upholding our the inspiration of our Faction, ryt? To protect our Yummy God in the best way we can, alji?

    • 25.5 dannaluk


  26. 26 tuyettu

    Look like no one here but me is waiting for Daemul. ^_^

    Cha In Pyo is my eternal love. And Go Hyun Jung is just wonderful.
    So no matter how much I dislike Kwon Sang Woo (run & hide), this drama is a must watch. ^_^

    Beside I’m also in the mood for somethings serious. πŸ™‚

    • 26.1 momosan

      Sorry, because of SKKS, I will be unable to do anything but giggle madly whenever anyone says or writes Daemul.

      • 26.1.1 viola

        You too?! I know that drama is supposed to be super serious but I just keep hearing Garang saying “daemul” like he did the first time. Tee Hee πŸ™‚

    • 26.2 supah

      Hear, hear! I’m super-pumped, too.
      I have nothing but mad love for Go Hyun-jung and Park Geun-hyung (hope his role here will be substantial, dude’s legendary).
      Kwon Sang-woo; don;t particularly like the guy but don’t hate him either so I’m fine with that and will keep an open mind about him. My eyes will be trained on Cha In-pyo. He’s GORGEOUS!
      But then guess what? I was just finishing off Love Stories (a set of short stories penned by Song Ji-na who also wrote Sandglass, Eyes of Dawn etc) and I’ve just discovered Kim Tae-woo in one of the shorts and can’t stop squeeing over him… he’s an older… Onew!
      And he’s in Daemul too, as GHJ’s ex. (Like seriously, an things get any better?)

      Since Yoo Dong-yoon has definitely been roped back into the project I’m an even happier camper.

  27. 27 Sarangf

    Loving Pk more and more each week.and enjoy Skk very much too.why can’t it be Monday,tues,we’d,thurs and Monday… again. Happy weekend everyone and happy watching whatever u watching as for me another round of Pk and ski ep 9,10 and dr Champ.

  28. 28 joyyyeo

    Friday is almost over at my part of the world (GMT +8 so it’s like 2330 now) but still Happy Friday!

    I’m totally in love with Sungkyunkwan Scandal such that I am rewatching every episode while waiting for the coming week. And even though I’m supposed to be buried in the hills of readings and term papers, I find myself strangely drawn to my computer to fulfill my craving everyday. I am not a DBSK fan, nor will I be, but how cute can the four of them be??!! Soong Joong Ki… I’m so glad to see him being such a playboy hurhur

    And MGIAG…. as much as I never caught on the viewing bug, I have been faithfully keeping to the recpaps… so just want to say thank you so much for satisfying my curiosity for the drama =))

    HAPPY WEEKEND, my fellow kdrama fanatics!

    • 28.1 budsdiana

      Same here !!!!

      “I’m totally in love with Sungkyunkwan Scandal..”

      “not a DBSK fan, nor will I be…”

      “Soong Joong Ki… I’m so glad to see him being such a playboy hurhur…”

      SJK is the best dressed “metrosexual” during the Joseon Era, his hanbok in SKKS are sooo exquisite, the color combinations the intricate embroidery and other embellishment….did I mention the color combinations. I particularly like the one that is colored lilac.


  29. 29 Aya

    This korean drama news is just exploading all over the net and spreading like wildfire, even american websites are reporting the controversy:


    • 29.1 Rovi

      yes, I saw that thing too…well, South Korea is not that liberal (in dramas) as compared to other countries…

      …and we should remember that LIB is a family drama, meaning kids (with parental guidance) are more likely to watch the drama, so the ahjumma-deul are just concerned for the family (and not for the institution of no-gays-no-entry-allowed)…

      • 29.1.1 Aya

        I really hope you’re being sarcastic with your comment… a national newspaper in Korea with an ad like this? How is this even possible?
        This ad is so disgusting, ignorant, discriminating, stupid and hateful…. and I can’t believe anyone would like to rationalize the “morals & reasons” of the people behind it.

        And then people go and love to watch all the gender-bender dramas of the last years (Coffee Prince, You’re beautiful, SKKS, etc.) and the 1268743 idols trying hard to look&act androgyn and feminine on TV shows, just so viewers can laugh and have a good time (like a freak show)…

        • Rovi

          no, no; no sarcasm noted…
          may I just ask, where was the sarcasm in my statement? (honestly, please? O.O)

          because I have a tendency to just blab out the truth while being blunt at the same time, w/c I admit is one of my many not-so-nice facets in the presonality that is moi…

          I mean what I really said, those mothers are just concerened for the family, and they don’t want their kids’ minds getting corrupted by something so gay in their tellies at such a young age… (but you just wait, you ahjummas, when your brats get older…)

          well, gender-bending dramas have a girl-going-for-the-man-side-due-to-circumstances-only-the-heroine-should-know, so there’s no harm in that (we have to see a drama going for the reverse; a guy disguising as a girl…:P)
          …and male idols going for the members in quite a squelly-gay-moment are quite fanservicey, so there…
          …but actual gay people (even in a family drama) in a relationship is something even in the modern times (21st century, of all dates) narrow-minded people still frown upon…

          Actually, I’m quite a liberal when it comes to sexuality issues, since what’s the point of arguing which gender/sexuality/orientation should be shot down, since all of us are HUMAN BEINGS trodding down the earth and inhaling in the same oxygen and wanting some love…ryt?

    • 29.2 Janna

      Hong Seok Cheon is a very articulate guy.

      You stay classy, crazy moms full of hate. (snickers) I really do pity them when there are actual problems in the world they could take head-on with their impressive collection of rage.

    • 29.3 dannaluk

      wtf here tooo…im pissed…cant believe take responsibilty for their sons being gay??!!…thats soo messed..i love this drama to death and the first one to actually show gay relationships in such a realisitc light in any korean shows i’ve seen

  30. 30 Lahlita

    Yesterday, while waiting for ViiKii to finish subbing MGIAG, I decided to watch something else. About fifteen seconds in, I started to worry because the subs weren’t working. How would I know what was going on??? I went out of the menu and restarted the program TWICE. Stupid subs weren’t there!!! What kind of crap was that??? I was upset. I was even more upset when I realized in another few seconds why there weren’t any subs. I was watching an English-language program. Le sigh Nine months of Kdrama watching, and I’ve gotten so used to gathering language information visually as opposed to aurally that my first inclination is to scan the bottom of the screen for text. Then I was most upset when I looked to my right and found Mr. Lahlita bent over, desperately trying — and failing — to hold in his laughter. That fool listened to me freak out about the subs being gone, and let me exit the Netflix menu in a growing panic and restart my show. TWICE. Tool.

    Le sigh. And speaking of what Kdramas have done to me, I was waiting for some takeout the other day and was sitting across from this Korean ahjumma and her young-adult daughter. They were getting their Hangul on, talking about some guy the daughter liked who didn’t seem to be calling her back, and I was quite surprised to find that I could follow a bit of what they were saying. Then the daughter says something about calling him again (I don’t remember what), and I said, “Mwoh? Shiroh! Andwae!” Oops. You wanna know what comedy is? Comedy is the open-mouthed, shell-shocked look they both gave me. Like, what the hell is this non-Korean, non-Asian chick who is listening to us and speaking in Korean? I didn’t even know I’d spoken out loud, y’all. I immediately realized my faux-pas, and I actually leaned forward and bowed to the ahjumma, all humble-like. “Chesohamnida.” More open-mouth staring. Yeah, I got my takeout and GTFO.


    • 30.1 Portia

      LOL! And…now I can’t stop laughing at both your stories. Thanks for making my day!

      Also – I’ve done the subtitle-freakout, too – only in my case I didn’t have a significant other sitting there cracking up at me. I hope you whacked him. Hahaha!

      • 30.1.1 Lahlita

        Oh, I whacked him! I grabbed two throw pillows and started whaling on him ninja-style, but that just made him lose it. He was laughing so hard that he ended up crumbling to the floor because he couldn’t stand anymore.
        Hmm, I’m not very good at this whole punishment thing.

    • 30.2 brookeeve

      OH Little Sister, I was dying laughing. I can’t even type right now ’cause you gave me the giggles so bad!

    • 30.3 viola

      Oh dear god Lahlita! *hugs* you just won the prize of all time K addict! I knew there was a reason I loved you. πŸ™‚

      • 30.3.1 Lahlita

        Hah, NO. I followed that Kdrama contest Javabeans and Girlfriday had going on, and alert definitely deserved to win. I mean, seriously. Rats? RATS??? Oh, hell no! I’ll just say I’m an enthused consumer of Kdramas.

    • 30.4 viola

      I can totally relate about the lack of subtitles. For some reason, it just doesn’t look RIGHT. I turn the close caption on, makes me feel ever so much better. πŸ˜‰

      Well I haven’t done anything as crazy as you regarding to Korean ( who really can πŸ˜‰ ) but I made the finger heart, and told my lab partner after she totally helped me pass that class, “saranghae unnie.” She was one surprised Korean girl! Also a very amused one, she was bent double with laughter. πŸ™‚

    • 30.5 splgt001

      Lahlita, hahahahahaha. You and your daily (CRAZY) adventures. LOL. LOVE!!!

      I was on the subway last night with couple of my friends (also non-Korean) and we heard these 2 girls talking in Korean. AND what did we do? We so inconspicuously tried to get near the girls to see how much of there conversation we are able to understand. Yep, not creepy at all.

      Then we started practicing our basic Korean language skills on each other. How was that supposed to help us? Shouldn’t we practicing with Koreans?

      One improvement now – is that we can at least order in Korean and be Understood… hahaha…

    • 30.6 pohonphee

      I thought I’m just the one that did eavesdropping some Korean speak Hangul. I thought i was insane that time.

      When I was waiting my flight at Bali airport, some Korean tourists was sitting near to me. My earphone was on (yeah, I listened Korean songs) and I had been reading my fave novel to kill the time. At time I realized tourists next to me were Korean & chatting in Korean, I put my earphone off, closed my novel, listened to them carefully and tried to guess what they are talking about. When they moved their sits, I did that too, in purpose to hear clearly. When their flight was coming, I was sad and started searching for more Korean tourists to eavesdropping. Insane…

    • 30.7 Leonardswench

      LMAO! All of you have turned into stalkers for anything/all things Korean!

      I would never do anything like that …. I really need an icon to hide behind, like that cute couch thingie.

      • 30.7.1 Lahlita

        Leonardswench, it was not my fault. It was THEIR fault for speaking in Korean where anyone could hear them. What, did they think they were special ’cause they were speaking some foreign language? Pffft! They wanna keep their conversations private? Then they need to speak in Aramaic or Old Icelandic! Oh, what’s that, they don’t know Aramaic or Old Icelandic? Touch cookies! All I’m sayin’ is, if you show up to the party with your friend “Hangul,” Imma bring “Shiroh” and “Andwae.” Is all I’m sayin’. 8)

      • 30.7.2 splgt001

        Agreed. It is not my fault for being a stalker (totally normal behavior – for me anyways)….

        The funniest part of my commute back and forth (to and from work) everyday is that all things spoken in English is total background noise. On the other hand if I hear a sentence of Hangul I am interested all of a sudden and trying to understand the conversation. (Sad, but very true)… not sure if I would actually start responding in Lahlita fashion and be like “Andwae”… hehe

        @pohonphee – don’t worry you are not alone.

        What would be an even more hilarious situation – if I ran into someone like Lahlita on the subway and hear her busting out “Shiroh” and “Andwae” and I add my two cents of “Choldae Andwae”.. freak the Korean ahjumma and her daughter…

        Time to go home … yay!! Bring on the weekend. What do I feel like marathoning this weekend (if I have time)…. hmm….. like I mentioned on Ockoala’s blog – Black & White. Pi Zi!!!!!!

        • viola

          Well I am not as bad as you and Lahlita but I do perk up my ear whenever Koean is being spoken around me. I hope you enjoy your weekend aunty πŸ™‚ I never really heard about Black and White, is it any good?

          • splgt001

            Black and White is my fave TW dramas of all time.
            Bromance – Check
            Tough (strong) Women – Check
            Story – check
            Awesome 2nd leads – Check
            Politics/ Intrigue/ mystery/ didn’t see that coming – Check
            Love that made me weep – Check
            You should totally check it out. I would write more…but typing on my BlackBerry standing on the train is requiring skills I don’t possess.

            I will probably come back to the thread when I get home and spazz out more about PI ZI and my eternal love for him.

        • Lahlita

          @ splgt001-auntie

          That would be AWESOME. It’ll be like our own Improv Everywhere. One day in the future all of the Dramabeans denizens shall be in one place. Then we’ll just sit on a subway, pretend we don’t know each other, and wait for some Korean people. When they talk to each other, one by one we’ll just start throwing “Andwae” and “Mwoh rago?” and “Shiroh!” in their conversation. They would freak out, wondering what kind of hell-dimension they were in, where suddenly an entire subway car of random multi-ethnic strangers began speaking in Korean.

          • viola

            You know this scenario will make a really good episode of the twilight zone!
            ROFL Lahlita! I think you just drove your better angel off in tears and you aren’t even sorry. You and the little demon on your shoulder is doing a victory dance and high fiving each other! πŸ™‚

          • brookeeve

            TEGA has no better angel. She must have you fooled.

          • splgt001

            My dear, that would be awesome. It would be so much FUN. Do you think if we put our minds to it we can actually make it happen? I am giddy just imaging the scenario and laughing out loud (once again freaking out my fellow commuters).

            I spoke in Hangul (well broken Hangul) to the lady at the Museum of Modern Art buying my tickets for Woochi. Haha. She did a double take.

          • viola

            Woochi @ MoMA……Auntie, you live in NYC too?! Well then, count me in for the ride: “Train of Hangul Horror!” Since, it’s nearing Halloween we can make some money off it too!

          • splgt001

            Viola – unfortunately I do not live in NYC. But was there last weekend meeting a friend of mine. Mwahaha, didn’t take much in talking him to go see Woochi at MoMA. He refused to go to the next movie on my list – Sisters on the Road.

            (as a punishement for making it into my own Korean getaway in NYC – he made me walk the entire (well almost entire) Central Park. This was last weekend and it was HOT and Humid).

            I wouldn’t mind driving South if it means ‘Train of Hangul Horror’ comes to Life. HEHE.

            But it makes me happy knowing that my OT family lives nearby! You are attending University in NYC?

            Maybe we can set up a weekend Korean Movie/Drama Marathon when you get a break.

            Random side note – Long time ago (well 3 years ago) I hosted this University Student from South Africa/ Botswana. He was back in Canada and asked if he could come visit. Aww. Well, I couldn’t say No. Heheh.. so invited him for dinner and made him curry. He is now done University and you can tell he has grown a lot since. I still remember when he first came over – he refused to do (even try) so many things and would always say ‘back in my country we don’t do this’ etc… He has come a long way since..

      • 30.7.3 viola

        Yep, I go to college in NYC. Thank you auntie, a weekend drama marathon sounds absolutely amazing! It warms my heart to know that at least one member of my cyber family live on the other side of the country! *hugs*

        • viola

          *doesn’t live on the other side of the country* I should go to bed now. Soo tired.

    • 30.8 budsdiana


      In my case, here in our country videos are shown in buses (helps during long commute specially during traffic, which is like ALWAYS!!).

      English movies are subbed in English so that even if the audio is off, you can understand it. But if you are sitted near the driver you can hear the audio. Even so I still read the subtitles even though I can understand the dialogue, force of habit, IDK!!! I try to ignore the subs but still finds myself reading it, its hopeless. Better not to sit near the driver then so you don’t have a choice but to read the subs so you can understand the movie, right!

      • 30.8.1 viola

        Where do you live that they have entertainment in public transports?! The MTA can learn a thing or two from you guys! πŸ™‚

  31. 31 Sumee

    is anyone watching Dr.Champ ….I managed to catch the first 2 EPS..I must say ..good start Kim So Yeon is fabulous in the drama !

  32. 32 lovenyc52


    Looking forward to watching the last 2 eps of MGiaG.

    Haven’t started SKK yet, but have heard such positive things that i’ll probably marathon it when it’s done πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait for this weekend… it couldn’t come soon enough.

    • 32.1 CPW

      Smart decision! Marathon SSK when it’s done.
      I don’t know how I am going to make it till EP 20.
      The anticipation is killing me!
      Kdrama has turned my world upside down.
      Since when you hear people say this:
      Can’t wait for Monday, it couldn’t come soon enogh. :0)

  33. 33 Wasim

    I watched the finale for MGIAG .. definitely up there in one of the best dramas I have every seen!

    Last episode was so great, and so heart wrenching at times (I definitely cried buckets)

  34. 34 bbm

    it’s been a long time i haven’t entered the OT world… hi everyone…
    i have a confession to make, i’m totally smitten with Yoo Ah In, i’ve seen him on antique and The man who can’t get married… but after seeing the charismatic Moon Jae Shin on SKKS, i’m hooked, i even follow his twitter account (which btw he update in Korean and i don’t have any slightest clues what he was posting)
    so i’m joining the Moony faction, where do i singed up??
    and for all moony faction members, here some video (if you haven’t seen it already ^^)

    • 34.1 jeankaycee

      moony faction member present!

      thanks for the link! i havent seen this!!! thank you!!!

      yoo ah in is sooooooooooo cute!!!! *sigh!

      • 34.1.1 bbm

        you’re welcome… how cute is he right?? i even download the vid and copy it to my handphone so i can see it anytime i want πŸ˜›

  35. 35 K4Ice4Thu


    its even worse than coffee withdrawal methinks..
    I need Daewoong to give me some of his ki XDDD

  36. 36 momosa

    Read somewhere that netizens voted Micky Yoochun has the best dimples even beating Lee Seunggi and Shin Mi na. What?! he has? He needs to smile more often in S Scandal. Interesting discovery..

    • 36.1 hunterbear

      What! Really? No way!

    • 36.2 celestialorigin

      it’s the role he’s playing! The serious one. Not Yoochun himself.

    • 36.3 celestialorigin

      It’s the role he’s playing! The serious one. Not Yoochun himself. His smiling face is πŸ™‚ <3<3<3

  37. 37 hunterbear

    Happy Friday Everyone! Such terrible weather here on the east coast. I’m convinced that all the rain is being caused by the gumiho watchers who are shedding tears over it’s end. Can’t we have a season 2 or a jjakjigi special?

    • 37.1 K4Ice4Thu

      LOLOLS I felt that way after episode 14 aired last thursday b/c it was raining here the entire day and I was convinced it was b/c Daewoong was an idiot for leaving Miho and they were both bawling their eyes out and we were all bawling with them..

    • 37.2 dannaluk

      Jjakjigi special!! Jjakjigig special!!!….lets make a petition!!

      • 37.2.1 hunterbear

        Alright let’s start.

        Petition for jjakjigi special.
        1. Hunterbear
        2. Hunterbear
        …… 100,0000,0000- Hunterbear

        • dannaluk

          200,0000,0000- dannaluk

    • 37.3 viola

      You live in NYC too right? How was your commute, did you have to wade through a flooded subway?

      300,000,000 viola

      • 37.3.1 momosa

        We were on holiday in Krabi last month (it’s on the map — in Thailand, in case you want to know….ha..ha :)) and we went island hopping in a long tail boat. There was rain and strong wind and for humpteen times, I was asking myself – why was I doing this? The waves were huge and throwing at us and I was picturing tsunami (yay, the island was badly hit).

        Ok, so to make you feel better – wading water in subway is not so bad if it helped.

        • viola

          Thank you for trying to make me feel better. It does help! πŸ™‚ It’s not the water that I minded, it’s the thought of what might be in the water that have me the crawlies!

          • hunterbear

            Oh I hear you. Prolly dead rats…

      • 37.3.2 hunterbear

        lol. I stayed over at work last night, so I was all dry this morning :). Unfortunately getting home was a whole other issue. I got sprayed on by a car. YUCK!

  38. 38 dannaluk

    i dont have much to say…MGIAG is over so im sad…i wish i could be excited for all the new dramas but i’m not… has finally caught up to me and i daresay i may need to cut down on the drama intake before i’m completely doomed when it comes to my studies

    • 38.1 yl

      i hear you! Been following SKKS and PK too and they’re awesome, but MGiaG has been my drug over the past 2 months, I absolutely HAD to watch them as the new episodes came out =P..

      Now that it’s over I can focus more on studying and allocate my time better for K-drama watching. I hope….Heh

      Hopefully I’ll be done with uni semester exams before Mary Stayed out all Night premieres, cz that’s gonna be one hard drama to resist!

  39. 39 pohonphee

    Happy friday…

    Been waiting for Open Thread, because of this: I know there’re a lot of people who reading this site more addicted to k drama than me so i wish somebody has any resolution for this: As a new comer, I should socialize more & mingle with people for the shake of my job which require that and the courtesy since a lot of people have helped me adapting the whole new situation, but above all I spent hours in my room watch k drama dvds or if i didn’t do that I stalked Dramabeans for recaps or anything. People have been asking what i’ve done for hours alone in my room or if I feel lonely somehow live far from my family (how could i feel lonely if I was with my k drama dvd & my dramabeans family). Some people think i’ve been sleeping through all those hours, in fact I gave up some sleep to watch k drama, I even make an excuse to my self for not go to the bathroom (Ok just couples more minutes & this episode is over, and end up with couples more episode before i go to the bathroom). It is starting become unhealthy & I feel sorry to all those people…(> <)

    That for the bad part of this week, and for the interesting part (^^): I finish watching Story of A Man…all I can say, I love the ending. I like k drama because it has to end somehow, for better or worst. I never expect how one series would like to end, & accept everything that the writer&PD has already planned for it (I never curse at how Bad Guy end,its storyline seem has no point, but its end is ok for me that way, I still attempt to watch it).

    Perhaps I love SOAM end because I love the villain,hee…Kim Kang Woo character (Chae Do Woo) is so creepy.Hiii. That kind of character talk less, act more, let the mastermind destroys all the good things in the series. How much I love this villain character?? I forgive all the bad things that he does during 16 episodes.I let him, stole Park Si Yeon from Park Yong Ha. And at the end, I'm glad he can manage to escape the punishment that he should get for all the bad things he has done. Bravo…he gives away that evil smile marks his victory. And I give him my fave male villain character trophy, along with my fave female villain character trophy to Mishil.

    For people who think a series has to have good point from its storyline, the point that I get from SOAM: Too good person (Chae Eun Soo), die soon and bad person (Chae Do Woo) doesn't have to have bad ending, so don't be pessimistic. ha, ha, ha..

    And Thank God It's Friday..

    • 39.1 brookeeve

      Babes, if I lived near you, I would so show up to your house and drag you away from your computer for a few hours. Yes, we all love our KDrama, but there is a really fun life outside that is there to interact with! I don’t get the opportunity to get out much, but I invent reasons to leave the house periodically. If you stay in too much, you’re really going to get sick. Make it a point to leave and get away from your computer for non-necessary reasons at least once a day. You can start small if you need to, but please do this! We are all part of the dramabeans family, so I worry about you hon!

      As far as Story of A Man goes, I haven’t seen it. I’m glad that you liked it! Maybe I’ll give it a try this week (after I’ve caught up on MGIAG, SKKS, Runaway, and PK)! πŸ™‚ I’m so slow!

      • 39.1.1 pohonphee

        Oh I wish I live near you, Sis…^^

        I try to keep my morning until afternoon or evening for working and doing things out side k drama planet (try hard since sometime i sneak to check dramabean). For night sorry I can’t help but back to k drama planet.

      • 39.1.2 lessaofpern

        My two best friends are coming over today to do an INTERVENTION. They claim I have become a shut in. I actually spend more time chatting on OT than I do with my friends who live nearby.

        Here they are. GOD help me. I’ll let you know how it went later. (Please DB family come and save me!!!!)

        • viola

          I will borrow Brookeve’s supersonic pigeons and command them to dive bomb your friends! Strafing run commencing in 3..2..1..

        • viola

          I am coming mommmy!! Hold on!
          *runs in slow mo with hand outstretched* XD

        • lessaofpern

          O.K. to sum it up they think I need therapy. They think this whole Korean thing is out of control. I had to listen to 3 hours of this. The whole time they were here, I kept thinking,”O.K., as soon as they leave, I can watch the last episode of MGIAG”.

          • viola

            Mommy remember on OT 143, when I asked you if you gotten a talkin’ to from your mother, you said you were the mom of the family and going to give yourself a talkin’ to? You forgot to, didn’t you? πŸ™‚

            I mean I can understand my mom being concerned about my grades being affected and all, but you are a grown woman and you can make your own decisions! *hugs*

            Here, take back your pigeons! They were absolutely useless!

          • brookeeve

            You didn’t feed them marshmallows, huh? They like it when you do a little dance while you’re feeding them. You just don’t know how to get them to work with you. And you have to flirt with the big one. She likes it like that.

          • Leonardswench

            Do you have any real life sisters or friends who have an obsession, erm, a hobby that they spend hours at? I mean, some people collect stamps, some quilt, some watch k-dramas, some ready trashy romance novels, some do extreme sports, some shop till they drop, you know ….

            if you were smoking a real crack pipe while watching k-dramas, okay, INTERVENTION. But??? wtf???

            HUGS! I know they don’t get it, most of my family/friends don’t either, but thank the stars, one sister SSSOOO gets it and my best friend tolerates my madness, and my 2nd best friend has her own obsessions with Shakespeare, so, you know, maybe you need an upgrade in the friend department. All I’m saying, you need some support, sister! πŸ™‚

            I know, enable, pusher, dealer, there’s a lot of names for my kind.

          • viola

            We are here for you mommy! I gladly carry the stigma of enabler for your sake!…….( cool would a K drama stigmata be, what shape can it take….) sorry, my mind wandered.

            So, Brookeve, in order for me to get their fat, feathery asses off the ground and aimed properly at Lessaofpern’s friend’s heads, I have to feed them marshmallows and do a dance? Fine, no problem!
            ( I can’t believe I am even writing this…. sheesh) I suppose it would have to be a unnie-pout-wiggle since it’s a girl pigeon….

          • lessaofpern

            Aww thank you all!!
            I’m glad I have friends who GET me. πŸ˜€

            Thanks for your support πŸ˜€

    • 39.2 adney

      I love SOAM ending too even though I only read the ending from here. I already downloaded SOAM until episode 3 but I think I need to KIV it since I need to download other drama first πŸ™‚

    • 39.3 Carinne

      Howdy pohonphee,

      Take care of yourself. Take care of that bladder first, doggoneit, HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON, dump some waste, don’t hold onto wasteful things, it’s a waste of life! Keke. And take extra care of your liver and kidneys.

      See you back here in DBland.

      Listen to brookeeve noona.

      • 39.3.1 pohonphee

        Thank you for worrying me. Yes I’ll listen to brookeeve & you to hit the pause button when i need it.

    • 39.4 Lahlita

      @pohonphee Yeah, what everyone else has said, especially Brookeeve-unni. I love this site. I’ve met some incredible people here, but I never forget that true fulfillment and balance in my life comes from the people around me; the family and friends that I can see, touch, hug, love and talk with face-to-face. Then family and friends who are further away. Then come the hobbies and activities I do in my community and the relationships I forge that way. People on here are fabulous, but they’re fabulous because they have rich lives consisting of other people and hobbies (Viola’s poetry, Leonardswench’s writing, Brookeeve’s beautiful son who has been adopted by the OT), and then they kindly share with each other while bonding over a common love of Kdramas. See, Pohonphee [Warning: Horrible Analogy Approaching], in the feast of life, Dramabeans is a spicy side-dish, not the main entree. Get away from the computer and out of the house, my dear.

    • 39.5 viola

      Hi pohonphee!
      I can completely relate to what you are facing. I am like that too in some ways. If given my druthers I would stay home and watch K dramas, but my job, school and family won’t let me become a complete shut in.

      I suppose it’s especially hard for you to not give in to drama addiction since live alone *hugs* It’s hard trying to make new friends, reaching out and making oneself vulnerable. I know it feels more comfortable to retreat to the safety of your room and shut the door on reality but it’s kind of a hollow victory. You fall so completely into yourself that it feels like there is a glass wall between you and the world. You can see it but never touch it – it’s a horrible feeling.

      I know because I went through a similar phase. So try going out, take baby steps if you have to, but take those steps. Try to volunteer at a nursing home, the people there would really appreciate your time and it will make you feel wonderful for making someone happy.

      *hugs* I hope wonderful things happen to you.

      p.s. How would you feel about being adopted…. I have so many sisters already one more won’t hurt. πŸ™‚

      • 39.5.1 brookeeve

        Plus, in all the dramas where there’s a nursing home, some grandma always wants to set you up with her hot, rich, grandson who just really needs a nice girl like you!

        • viola

          Omo I haven’t even thought of that angle! That’s brilliant! Let’s see if I can manage to make some time to volunteer…. πŸ™‚

          • brookeeve

            Plus, and this is the great part, when you volunteer at the nursing home, of course it’ll be your favorite old lady, and her grandson will be your soulmate, but you’re going to have to look out for his mom, because she’s going to hate you, especially after she finds out that your dad is her ex-boyfriend from elementary school who dumped her IN THE CAFETERIA for your mom, who was actually scheming for your soulmate’s dad at that time. Don’t worry though, you aren’t half-siblings, but just to keep on the safe side, don’t mention to his dad that your older brother was born three months later than what your mom is claiming.

          • brookeeve

            I was going to correct my story and say that your older brother was born three months earlier than what you’re mom is claiming, but then I realized that it would be an even greater story if I left it in the original form!

          • viola

            Are you sure Lahlita’s little demon didn’t take up residence on your shoulder? ‘Cause that last twist is just diabolical, well the whole scenario is really, made my brain hurt trying to envision it. Darn, I need a flow chart!

          • brookeeve

            No way! TEGA’s little demon is much more sensual than mine. That demon would have you baby-sitting the Grandmother’s Grandson, and then you realize that he has grown into this man who is completely hot who likes to whisper sweet nothings in your ear while dragging your hand across his masculine chest to unbutton his shirt, and his mother is against the match because you’re eight years older than him AND she used to love your dad… well, you get the picture.

          • viola

            *tugs at shirt collar* Yeah, I got the picture. *mutters* only too damn clearly. Does he have to be eight years younger, granted younger boyfriends are generally easier to handle but I want someone to call “oppa.” I have been practicing my oppa-pout-wiggle, I don’t want that to go to waste!

          • Leonardswench

            lmao, oppa pout giggle, what’s practice look like? Hilarious! My daughters have done it, of course, never thought about working on it myself ….

          • brookeeve

            Hm… while my 8 years difference might be sexy… your 8 year difference is illegal… so no, it doesn’t have to be an 8 year difference. don’t forget your unnie has a different frame of reference, so feel free to make all the mental adjustments you need. Plus… hello, Southerner! Home of the Fish Story! This is what we do for fun when the air conditioner goes out for the third time during the longer and hotter of the two seasons (summer, still summer, winter, almost summer) and it’s over 100 degrees inside the house: we head out to the front porch and tell stories! Korean stories have all sorts of new rules that I got to add into my repertoire! Of course, no one gets why you CAN’T hook up with your half brother/sister, but what can we do? (Yes, that was jokes right there, please do not take it seriously.)

            Plus, if you can’t do the oppa-pout-wiggle maneuver on your younger boyfriend… that’s why God made role playing.

          • splgt001

            @pohonphee – HUGS!! There maybe so many things out there that can make you happy. Totally understand how kdramas can be your source of addiction. I hope you can branch out and enjoy much much more. You can always spazz away about what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy so much here at OT.

            @brookeeve – wow!! thank you for the image (damn overactive imagination) *need to cool down* *fans self*

            You ladies did watch Ep10 of SKKS right? Remember how he (Ga rang) gulps… haha…totally in love with the J4.

            I need to practice my OPW…. hmm.. where is my oppa?!!?

          • viola

            @ Brookeve
            Hey Unni, I might be young and I might live in a city, where most people think New Jersey is the middle of the wilderness, but grant me some sense! I knew that was a joke. πŸ™‚
            Plus, I know for a fact that in some South East Asian countries marrying your first cousin is legal (the biology student in me isn’t happy but whatever) and somewhat common, so is polygamy. *shrug* I have my failings, but I really like to think a closed mind isn’t one of them. πŸ™‚

          • brookeeve

            @viola- I wasn’t worried that you might not understand it was a joke… on a few other threads there were some reactionary people and I just didn’t want them to take what I said as an excuse to flip out… some of them seemed prone to that.

    • 39.6 pohonphee

      Now I announce that all the OTers are my sister, whether they like it or not, hee…and it feels wonderful to be adopted (smile widely seeing her sisters hijack the OT)

  40. 40 adney

    How can I see the the list of headers here? After DB changed into new layout, I don’t see the link where I used to see the list of headers before

    • 40.1 brookeeve

      Here you go, honey:

      • 40.1.1 adney

        thanks, I don’t know it’s under ‘about’ tag*hugs*

  41. 41 Carinne

    TGIF Peeps!

    It’s raining in my neck of the woods. Thunder and lightning. Romantic feel as the sun peeks through clouds and the moon shies up yonder calling Sailormoon and her Tuxedo Mask Man to dance the Tango. And that’s after a week’s worth of desert weather, and in the woods! Did I mention I live in the woods?

    Anyhoot, today is my 6th attempt to finish SKKS ep.10, yet I keep stalling it, freeze frame, where Sun-joon trembles at the sight of Yoon-hee’s rosy lips. Aww~

    It’s funny how a few people speak of PK and BSJ’s permed hair. It’s not a perm! Lovely locks of curls, nice curling iron, however it’s not a perm. Proof? Every time BSJ gets wet, head to toe, his hair is straight again. Nice try making his hair messy like a perm does but you can’t fool any person who had gotten so many perms in her own life to tell the difference.

    Well, back to SKKS or else catching up on Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

    • 41.1 asianromance

      Even though it’s not a perm, I think i’d rather think of it as BSJ getting a perm than him spending all that time in the bathroom, curling every lock of hair just right with Ha-Ni’s curling iron! =D

  42. 42 Ace

    Is Runaway Plan B good? I’m actually waiting if JB or GF would recap it before I try it out.

    • 42.1 leslie

      I watched the first 2 episodes and found myself laughing a lot and eager for the next episodes…i will admit there’s a lot of eye candy so that might have influenced my opinion πŸ™‚

    • 42.2 brookeeve

      I don’t know how the dialogue is ’cause I can’t find the subs. It doesn’t matter, you don’t need them. Just watch the pretty people do all sorts of neat stunts and make funny facial expressions. You know, deep in your heart, that they’re all just really trying to get a date with me. πŸ™‚

    • 42.3 trixicopper

      Do you like ham? With lots of cheese? And candy for dessert? πŸ™‚

      • 42.3.1 Ace

        Who doesn’t? So is Rain the ham, Lee Jung Jin the cheese, and The Henney’s the candy? πŸ˜‰

        • brookeeve

          nohm, nohm! Now I got a peckin’ for some snacks!

  43. 43 kou

    omg MGIAG is over.

    Now I can have some peace of mind. While it was airing, I felt so drained.

    Goodbye Miho.

    Goodbye Daewoong.

    And if you really are going to Japan, Dongjoo, don’t mind me if I throw myself shamelessly at you.

    I had a lot of criticisms about the drama and the sloppiness of the script at times, but overall, it was a good ride.

    Next time, don’t make the second lead a stalker/fairy godmother/hourglass babysitter. No one deserves that kind of meaningless…ness, viewer and actor alike.

    And please, please give Byungsoo a BIGGGG role in the future. He seems like he would be fun to watch.

  44. 44 chez

    What’s Yoo Ah In’s twitter account?

    • 44.1 anon

      seeksik I think.

  45. 45 chez

    I’m so desperate. I couldn’t find any Moon Jae Shin’s screensaver or wallpaper.Can everybody here help me?

    • 45.1 momosan

      You want some made or to learn how to make them?

      All you need to do, really, is take a screenshot of what you want. Then either use it straight as a wallpaper or photo edit it a bit.

      I have to say from screenshotting SKKS today, that he’s a slippery devil and it’s hard to get a lovely screen shot of him. I’d go for one of the end credit shots that has already been prettified….

  46. 46 Phoebe

    Btw I’ve been wondering about this for so long…… I’m sorry for asking this ridiculous question, but I can’t help it.

    Does anyone know what breed of dog Ddoong-ja in MGIAG is??
    She’s so cuuuuuuuteee I’ve been spazzing every time she appears on screen. And when she saved the day in ep 15 @_@ aaaa Woongie, now that you have Mi Ho can you please let me adopt that giant fluffy barking white ball???

    • 46.1 brookeeve

      I think that Ddoong-ja resembles a Great Pyrenees… but I can’t be 100% certain.

      • 46.1.1 Phoebe

        Ooh thank you! I thought she’s some type of retriever but she’s so big. Haha.
        Searched for great pyrenees in google and I think you might be right. But awww I think it’s not so common here down under..:(
        I’m considering buying a lab next month but Ddoong-ja just charmed me (or maybe it’s the way Woong/Mi Ho interact with her that charmed me lol).

    • 46.2 diadda

      At first I thought is was the dog(Sang Geun) that stars in “2 days and 1 night” with Lee Seung Gi. (His other variety show.)

  47. 47 mellowyel

    I’m soooo missing MGiaG. I’ve been feeling down a lot lately, and it’s always been a great pick-me-up. I suppose I should be happy, since I have a lot of stuff to do that I now have more time for, but I was completely taken by this drama and there’s definitely a hole in my life where it once was. I think I’ll be taking a break from k-dramas this month, and getting back for Mary Stayed Out All Night. Runaway and Daemul aren’t super-intriguing to me, so I’ll exercise some self control and wait to watch them after they’ve aired.

    I agree with kou – I hope Byung-soo gets a big role in his next project. He was my favorite supporting character. And I have to say, Hye-in in the last two eps was hilarious – first with her “I’m so damn tired of these people – I’m done, I’m out” and then practicing her finger guns for Jeremy (HONG-KI!!!!!). Gotta love it.

    In other news, I finally got around to watching the new Hawaii Five-0, and can I just say that Daniel Dae-Kim is HOT! I totally didn’t realize it before, but damn he’s good-looking. He won’t be the only reason I watch the show, but he’ll be one good thing about it πŸ™‚ The show itself looks promising, so I hope it turns out to be worth the 15 minutes I spend watching commercials when it airs.

    • 47.1 brookeeve

      If you just need some light, fluffy cotton candy mood enhancer, try Playful Kiss. It will not change your life, lead you to discover deeper meanings to the universe, or impress you with a deeper message. It is cotton candy. It’ll melt on your tongue.

      • 47.1.1 Ashley

        Playful Kiss makes me happy on so many levels its not even funny.

      • 47.1.2 mellowyel

        I’m already reading PK recaps, but I haven’t been inclined to actually watch. The plot’s picking up, though, so maybe I’ll try an episode. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • 47.2 asianromance

      regarding Hye-in, I surprisingly found some affection for her after those finger guns. She started out like a rehash of the noona in the Hong sisters’ earlier drama, DGCH, but transformed to resemble a bitt more like Uee’s character in You’re beautiful, and then came into her own here. I’m glad to see the Hong sisters add that bit of dynamism to the 2nd female lead.

    • 47.3 anon

      SKKS is really good, I would recommend it.

  48. 48 SteamyBun

    Hey everybody! So I have been on a quest for AGES to find a way around paying $120+ for a decent quality box set of any Kdrama (at the moment, Cinderella’s Sister, which I never finished due to a trip to India and am now determined to enjoy on my TV rather than hunched over a computer screen)
    SO I came across this website:
    Any of you heard of it? Used it? What do you think?

  49. 49 MeIGuess

    Not sure how If ill watch MSOAN, but Jang Geun Seuk Is a sexy beast. Grr. And as long as he doesn’t do the manscara…I’m all his!! Gosh, if he looked like how he di in Baby and Me, I’m sold!! And Kim Jae Wook is always sexy…but I’d prefer him to be a cooler character other than the cliched rich-smart yada yada. But I’ll take him anyway I get. Heheh..But my heart still belongs to Jang Geun Seuk. Tall and sexy. Damn his voice send ripples over my body. So manly grrrr. Hehehe

    • 49.1 momosa

      Not trying to dampen your love though – have you seen his butt gyrating recently? It’s off my limit, not disliking him but isn’t there any other act left?

  50. 50 what is

    man I’m completely in love with SKKS!!! However, I really really don’t see how Sun joon can POSSIBLY avoid a Han-gyul moment…. and especially in ANCIENT TIMES!!! If I were Daemul, and sees this guy reacting to my girlish charms, but still sees me as a guy, I would REALLY REAAAALLY question his orientation.

    As much as I squeal and melt over Sun joon’s reactions, I still worry about his own mental judgement of himself! HAHAHA! I LOOVE THE SERIES!!!

    • 50.1 Dara

      And where are those recap gals of us? ><!