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Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 13
by | October 19, 2010 | 228 Comments

I’m back! I hope you readers enjoyed the little treat that girlfriday presented to us as much as I did! I’m feeling refreshed from my mini recap vacay and ready to get back in the game with this awesome episode. It’s official. I’m shipping the Yong-ha+Guh-ro bromance all the way. Not that I don’t love the other pairings, because I adore all of them, but the bromance has my yaoi imagination running wild and I love it!

On to the recap!


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I thoroughly enjoy Sun-joon’s Engrrrish.


Cho-sun’s peck on Sun-joon’s cheek shocks everyone at the table—especially Hyo-eun, who momentarily forgets herself and has a jealous fit until Sun-joon’s surprise brings her back to her façade, and she feigns a faint. Cho-sun reassures her that a straight arrow like Sun-joon isn’t enough to tempt her. She was just being spiteful because her beloved Yoon-shik couldn’t take his eyes off Hyo-eun.

Cho-sun asks the forgiveness of her rudeness and leaves with Yoon-hee following after her. In fact, Cho-sun knows exactly who Yoon-hee actually likes and instead of being angry that her love is unrequited, she’s worried for Yoon-hee:

“I’m more worried about you. To want someone who can’t be yours…being hurt while also hurting the other. Even so, you can’t abandon your feelings and so every day you find yourself lost in hell. That’s what first love is.”

The idea leaves Yoon-hee pensive and she returns to the table to apologize to Sun-joon and Hyo-eun for the disturbance but Sun-joon dismisses her and the terrible angst begins! Yoon-hee’s classmates see that she’s feeling blue and accompany her to some drinks, but quickly regret the decision as she drowns her sorrows away with alcohol.

Sun-joon drinks in frustration also while keeping an eye on an increasingly inebriated Yoon-hee as she loses her composure. He wants to go over to her but of course our kdrama hero does the complete opposite of what his heart wants and tells Hyo-eun he’ll walk her home.

Yoon-hee’s classmates also take the opportunity to ditch. Guh-ro overhears the escapees’ conversations about Yoon-shik’s heartbreak over Cho-sun and amused at the idea, he goes to pick her sloppy mess up. (Oh, and of course Sun-joon stands as witness.)

As Guh-ro carries Yoon-hee back to the dorms on his back, the most adorable(and heartbreaking) misunderstanding ensues when Yoon-hee pounds his chest and complains: “You bastard.”

Guh-ro: “What?”
Yoon-hee: “Even when others cursed you, to me you were such a thankful person…I’ve always only received from you. You don’t even know how I feel…How could you…”
Guh-ro: “Are you… are you really calling your godly senior a bastard?”

He chuckles, I die.

Guh-ro lays Yoon-hee down to sleep but quickly runs out when her unsuspecting sleeping face gets too much for him to handle. (Squeal). Outside, he meets Sun-joon and demands to know what he’s doing: “What were you doing while he drank himself to that state? Weren’t you even worried?”

Sun-joon retorts coldly, “Why should I need to worry about that? If you’re so worried for him, then you can take care of him.” Taken aback by his response, Guh-ro grabs Sun-joon’s collar but Sun-joon delivers the final blow, “I never want to hear the name Kim Yoon-shik from your mouth again.”

King Jeong-jo receives requests for the Red Messenger to be brought to justice—as of late, he’s gone haywire, murdering guards and stealing the riches of the people. He’s also pointed his next target to be Un-jong-ga—but Jeong-jo is not fooled, finding the Red Messenger’s pattern change to be suspicious. Thank you, k-drama gods, for not making Jeong-jo a fool!

Of course, this is all Minister Ha’s ploy and by this time tomorrow, the Red Messenger will be caught and he promises the fake that he will keep his word with whatever deal they made. Oh nooo’s—not you…just kidding, I won’t give it away.

The next day, the games begin and the heat is on between the two teams. The gisaengs are in a fix—the Jalgeum Quartet are broken up—whoever shall they cheer for? At least the Headmaster’s happy about the team roster since there’ll no longer be any bickering between the Noron and Soron faction—all thanks to In-soo. Speaking of which, In-soo is giving Byung-choon the “This-is-your-last-chance-fo-real-don’t-eff-it-up” look.

Sun-joon and Yoon-hee are still as angsty as ever and despite her efforts to make peace, Sun-joon won’t have any of it. If only you knew, dear Yoon-hee, the hurricane of feelings your boy is dealing with right now. She swears to Guh-ro that she’s going to try her best today—not out of spite, but to show Sun-joon that she can do just fine all by herself. After all, they can’t always be on the same team forever.

Guh-ro grasps her arm and ties her sleeve down for her as he tells her she’s not alone…please Guh-ro, don’t leave me alone either!

When the actual game begins, In-soo repeatedly (and suspiciously) passes the ball to Yoon-hee with a creepy Buddha smirk on his face—this is all a part of Byung-choon’s plan. Go-bong is to cover Guh-ro, who’ll probably stick by Yoon-hee’s side, and it’s Byung-choon’s plan to hit Yoon-hee in the head with his stick while acting like he’s going for the ball…although…I don’t really see how that’s going to look natural, with the ball on the ground and Yoon-hee’s head nowhere near it… but whatever.

Byung-choon’s plans are constantly thwarted by Sun-joon’s aggressive playing—yeah, Yoon-hee and Sun-joon have got their own battle to fight. Sun-joon pushes past her and hits a goal in but then looks on at Guh-ro helping Yoon-hee up. What’d you think was going to happen?

Guh-ro’s furious at Sun-joon for playing so aggressively against Yoon-hee, and Sun-joon’s furious at Guh-ro for getting involved in her business. Uncharacteristically losing his temper, and to the surprise of everyone watching, Sun-joon moves to throw a punch but is stopped by Yoon-hee. (Ooh, I like angry Sun-joon!).

Yoon-hee reprimands him for trying to use violence when it’s just a game, “Aren’t you ashamed?” Turning to Guh-ro, she spits her venom, “Don’t worry about it. He’s not even worth our time.” Youch.

Of course, through all this, Yong-ha looks on at the action in amusement. Yong-ha’s out of the game with an “injury” but Professor Jung points out to him that he’s always watching on the sidelines. “Which is it? Are you afraid of fighting? Or afraid of losing?”

Yong-ha, slightly taken aback, “I don’t know, probably…both?” Ah, finally, a defining character flaw!

Despite Yoon-hee’s words, it’s now on like donkey kong between Sun-joon and Guh-ro but unbeknownst to them, Go-bong and Byung-choon take the opportunity to steal the ball and finally take a strike at Yoon-hee. In-soo’s waiting for the ball with his creeper face and passes to Yoon-hee when he gets it. Our innocent heroine takes it as a lucky break but Yong-ha finds it suspicious—there’s no way that In-soo would make so many mistakes.

Sure enough, Byung-choon’s waiting with his stick up (um, a little too obvious, don’t you think?) as Yoon-hee dribbles the ball and needless to say, Guh-ro catches sight of Byung-choon’s stink eye and runs over to hold him down. Go-bong joins in on the wrestle and Yoon-hee tries her best to side step the three as In-soo watches the struggle.

Catching sight of Cho-sun’s smiling face, In-soo decides to get involved and strike Yoon-hee himself…slow motion, he winds up, he strikes, Sun-joon takes the blow and he and Yoon-hee fall to the ground. (Just…no words for this action sequence.)

Everyone’s horrified, especially Minister Ha who can’t find the words to properly apologize to Minister Lee. (Oh, and Headmaster Choi and his hilarious screech!) Minister Lee dismisses it as nothing more than a game but of course, that’s just Minister Lee’s way of saying he’s really pissed off. The engagement’s probably out of the question now. A snarky grin from me!

With that, the first half of the game is over and it’s pretty much a sh** out of luck situation for In-soo.

Yong-ha adds his two-cents: “I know that you were out to get Kim Yoon-shik from the beginning. That was really unlike you…to get your own hands dirty like this. Makes no sense.”
In-soo: “What makes no sense are those guys. How can something like this happen? Who the hell is Kim Yoon-shik, that the Left Minister’s son would throw himself for him?”

Headmaster Choi is busy trying to make amends with Minister Lee but he’s more interested to know about Kim Yoon-shik, “What kind of kid is he?”

Yoon-hee’s sitting in a daze when Guh-ro hands her a water canteen but instead of taking it, she begins blaming herself for Sun-joon’s injuries. She can’t take it anymore and runs off to go see him…and the second lead heartbreak begins.

Sun-joon’s in the infirmary and although his eye are open, he’s still a little delirious from the blow as he sees/thinks back to all his memories with Yoon-hee and imagines her at his bedside. When he finally comes to, it’s not Yoon-hee by his side but a concerned Hyo-eun. He sits up and she tells him that now that she’s seen him awake, she’ll take her leave, adding, “About our engagement…our family will no longer pressure you into this marriage. So please take care of yourself.”

But with Yoon-hee’s entrance into the infirmary, Sun-joon gets up and asks Hyo-eun, “Will you…marry me? Please… marry me. Up until now, I’ve never failed to accomplish what I willed. I’ve also never failed at what I’ve tried. I’ve also never broken a promise. And I’m going to keep it that way. I’ll always try my best—”

A heartbroken Yoon-hee can’t stand to hear anymore and leaves the room as an equally heartbroken Sun-joon continues, “If you’re okay with someone like me…will you please hold me back?”

Yoon-hee runs off in tears and Guh-ro peeks into the room to see what the big commotions about…and realization strikes! Drunk Yoon-hee wasn’t calling him a bastard…it was Sun-joon all along. Three heartbroken souls and one enraged viewer…yeah, I’m writhing in rage.

Guh-ro finds Yoon-hee crying alone and tells her, “There are some things…that no matter what anyone says, you don’t feel any better. But even if you can’t feel better, you can make yourself forget. You just have to bug the hell out of your body…it’s pretty useful and I think I might try it out myself for the first time in awhile…you should try it too.”
Gosh, how do you always know the right thing to say, Guh-ro.

The second half of the game begins and Yoon-hee takes Guh-ro’s advice—she’s playing harder than the first half and so is Guh-ro. The two make quite the combo—Guh-ro blocks, Yoon-hee shoots, and they win the game.

Sun-joon looks on at their victory celebration while his manservant gushes at the changes he sees in his young master—Sun-joon throwing himself to save another? Who would’ve ever thunk it! Sun-joon claims that’s all in the past now, but Minister Lee’s not so convinced—he’s concerned for his changed son.

When Yoon-hee runs into Sun-joon, she tries to thank him but he tells her that he would’ve done the same for anyone, “So there’s nothing to be thankful or feel sorry about.” As he begins to leave, Yoon-hee adds:
“The two of you… look really good together. I wanted to tell you congratulations,” and Sun-joon wordlessly walks off.

Everyone’s washing up and Yong-ha’s feeling a little playful again when he sees Yoon-hee walking by. He owes her a bucket of water and he intends to throw it to her because surely she’s not going to not wash up after all that sweaty exercise. Guh-ro comes to her rescue again as he makes up some bogus errand Yoon-hee needs to run, leaving Yong-ha getting adorably up close and personal with Guh-ro. Yong-ha+Guh-ro pairing for the win!

Back in the infirmary, King Jeong-jo is having a few words with Professor Jung about the trap being set up for the Red Messenger tonight. The Red Messenger, who he believes to be a Sungkyunkwan scholar, needs to be protected at all costs—and that job falls on Professor Jung. Only the Messenger knows where the Geum-deung-ji-sa is, and if he’s caught, not even he the King will be able to protect him.

Guh-ro looks over the Fake Red Messenger’s message and knows it’s actually an invitation for him to show himself. The rest of the school is also buzzing about the Red Messenger over dinner, the unanimous opinion appearing to be that the Red Messenger deserves to be caught—after all, he’s just a thief and a murderer.

Guh-ro asks Yoon-hee if she’s of the same opinion and when she tell him she’s sure he’s Sungkyunkwan scholar, he momentarily freezes. Yoon-hee goes on to explain:

“All of the Red Messenger’s notes were beautifully written,” Guh-ro smirks smugly but she continues, “Tsk tsk tsk…that guy sure is pathetic,” Guh-ro freezes, “I mean, he writes all those beautiful words in Chinese characters… does he expect the uneducated people or women who only know Hangeul to be able to read it or not? He’s senseless, I say, senseless. I mean, who is he trying to reveal the truth for? With that kind of mindset, how is he going to change the world?”

Guh-ro stares at Yoon-hee, she stops chewing, and he bursts into laughter. “You’re right. Red Messenger… that pathetic fool,” and he laughs some more—whilst both my nostrils burst with bloody streams… too graphic?

Guh-ro’s euphoric and so am I, but grumpy Sun-joon can’t take anymore and leaves and Yong-ha notices that something’s up. So he catches up with Sun-joon in the library and points out that hiding out in the library instead of eating is something that not a betrothed man, but a heartbroken man would do. Is it because he’s jealous?

Before Sun-joon can even reply, Yong-ha waves him off telling him that he gets it—surely someone as stiff necked and proper as Lee Sun-joon wouldn’t indulge in an emotion like jealousy… right? He continues, “If the person you like has someone else in their heart, then I’m sure that even Confucius himself would feel envy, indignation, wrath, and jealousy. Because that’s what it means to be human. Is it Lee Sun-joon-like to trick your own feelings? I’m just… curious.”

Meanwhile, In-soo’s plans to catch the Red Messenger but he gets called to the Headmaster’s office where his title and privileges as President are revoked. According to Professor Jung, his true sin lies in the fact that he shamed Sungkyunkwan’s name for all the people to see, thus he should be punished for them to see also. You reap what you sow.

Palace guards make preparations for the Red Messenger’s capture, as does Professor Jung’s preparation to prevent it. No one is to leave the school tonight but of course Guh-ro’s wall climbing skills are no match for the school staff.

Yong-ha, on the other hand, is THE Gu Yong-ha—he catches Guh-ro as he’s making his escape.

Yong-ha: “Going somewhere, Guh-ro? If it’s for a game of cards, I’ll play with you…and if it’s for a drink, there’s a lot in my room.”
Guh-ro: “You can’t win against me.”
Yong-ha: “The Red Messenger is just the bait. The one they really want is you! Don’t you get it?”
Guh-ro: (Taken aback at his knowledge) “You…”
Yong-ha: “Did you think I wouldn’t know? Did you think I was a fool who wouldn’t even know what his only friend of 10 years was up to?”
Guh-ro smirks and tries to leave, but Yong-ha grabs him (and I’m already dead on the floor): “Don’t go. Aren’t you afraid? You could die!”
Guh-ro: “Afraid? Why would I be afraid? It’s not like living is that much better than dying.”
Yong-ha hits him in anger: “If living isn’t better than dying… then what am I? Go. Just go and live the way you want…and disappear.”
Guh-ro: “Then am I supposed to just watch as my brother’s life work is being tainted by some petty thievery and murders? When it’s because of me? Living like that… is that really living?”

Tearful Yong-ha can’t reply and Guh-ro runs off into the dark after reassuring him that he’ll return unscathed. (From this point on, it’s my soul-less body writing, because my soul decided to go bye-bye from the overload of awesomeness.)

The Fake Red Messenger is up to his/her rogue antics when the real Red Messenger appears and manages to injure the imposter before he/she escapes. The injured fake finds sanctuary in a storage room and unmasks herself—(fake gasp) Cho-sun!

The palace guards surround the real Messenger and things are looking dismal for him when he receives a devastating gash to his gut—but when two mysterious men come to his rescue, Guh-ro manages to make his escape. The mysterious men are the king’s men and he’s glad to hear the Red Messenger managed to make his escape.

Back at school, Yoon-hee feigns coincidence when she runs into Sun-joon at the library. He tries to leave but she asks him if he’s avoiding her. He coldly replies, “What a surprising delusion. Is Kim Yoon-shik important enough for me to avoid?”

“Are you still mad about the Open House night?” When he begins to walk away, she continues, “Was it all worth nothing to you? All the times we shared in the past… were they so trivial that it’d all break down from a small misunderstanding? Or is it because your feelings for that girl are so great?”

Sun-joon tries to avoid the questions, but Yoon-hee presses on, “I told you. Once we leave Sungkyunkwan, we’ll never see each other again. Until then, can’t we just get along as mere roommates? Is that really something that I can’t even hope for? Answer me.”

Trying to press down his feelings, Sun-joon replies, “Listen well Kim Yoon-shik. I have no intention of going back to the way things were.”

Hurt, Yoon-hee runs out in tears. A few silent moments pass before Sun-joon runs after her.

Yoon-hee’s running her feelings away when a bloody masked man falls in pain before her. She carefully approaches, realizing that it’s the Red Messenger, when he suddenly pulls her into an embrace.

He manages to tell her, “It’s a good thing I managed to stay alive.” And with that, Guh-ro unmasks himself.



I was punching and kicking the air throughout this episode—unlike the previous episodes where it was out of pent up euphoria, this episode it was out of rage. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like the episode, because I loved it. And it’s also not because I thought the angst was unnecessary, because I know it’s necessary for the dramatic process, but it was simply because k-drama angst always kills me (I enjoy it, but it kills me… yeah yeah I’m a masochist). A giant step backward for Sun-joon, who was well on his way to shedding the rules and principles that bound him—however, I understand that the internal struggle is necessary so that the leap he makes later on is that much greater. It’s just frustrating to watch him digress, that’s all I’m saying.

Lots of heartbreak this episode. Heartbreaking for Yoon-hee who doesn’t understand the real reason for Sun-joon’s coldness—the fact that she finds the need to deny her womanhood (again)and assure him that she only has eyes for Cho-sun just so that he’ll talk to her—utter sadness. Heartbreaking for Sun-joon, who’s heart is feeling things that his whole life philosophy reprimands—the fact that his proposal to Hyo-eun is more like a desperate plea for salvation. Heartbreaking for Guh-ro who mistakenly thought Yoon-hee was angsty over him only to find out it wasn’t—and yet he is still the dark knight in shining armor. And lastly, heartbreaking for Yong-ha, who for the first time showed raw emotion for Guh-ro.

I’m shipping Yong-ha and Guh-ro simply because I think I have too much testosterone in me and brotherly love trumps romantic love. Okay, not always, but that’s how much I love the Yong-ha+Guh-ro brotherhood. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the other pairings—but maybe it’s because Guh-ro’s the only person that Yong-ha seems to truly love/care-for. I’m not going to suggest that it’s romantic… although, I honestly think his feelings could go both ways.

Another thing about Yong-ha I appreciate is the fact that he’s kind of the glue for the Jalgeum Quartet. If it weren’t for him, the relationships would simply be a love triangle—but because he exists, they become a brotherhood (er… I know Yoon-hee’s a girl, but you know what I mean.) He’s always got the right thing to say to Sun-joon, Yoon-hee, and Guh-ro to get their minds thinking—i.e. his little talk with Sun-joon this episode about what it means to be human. We’ve also finally got a definite character flaw—he’s kind of a coward. The first thing Yong-ha asks Guh-ro when he’s about to set off is, “Aren’t you afraid?” That’s also probably why he doesn’t belong to a particular faction, and has such an ambiguous relationship with In-soo—he’s afraid to be on the losing team.

In-soo is such a complex character, I can’t seem to figure him out. I kind of feel like he’s a Gu Jun-pyo on crack—his ego is way out of wack which skews his perception on reality. Feel sorta sorry for him, especially because he seems to never win against Yoon-hee. Throw the guy a bone~


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    The scene between Yongha and Jaeshin is one of my favorite scenes of this drama. It kills me every time. Plus, Jaeshin is so amazing in that, unlike most k-drama second leads, he’s gotten the hint that he’s not Yoonhee’s main man, and instead of trying to force himself upon her or getting mad at her, he decides to just be there for her as best he can. And he does this despite the fact that it kills him, and that kills me. Who wouldn’t want this guy as a friend/boyfriend/brother/dad/etc? He’s awesome.

    I also love Yoo Ah In’s ability to convey all Jaeshin’s complicated feelings with a single look. Like the look on his face after they won the match – knowing that he’d helped her forget about Sunjoon momentarily, but that he can’t heal her heartbreak. I wept, and it seems like I will continue to weep, for this dude. I’d like to appeal to the drama writers to have the girl of his dreams make an appearance in the last episode. even if he doesn’t get the girl in this drama, at least we can have hope for the speculative future 🙂

    Team Moony all the way! Though if Sunjoon decides to step his game, I might have to join the Smarty faction as well.

    • 23.1 moon jae shin virus positive

      you took the words out of my mouth! 🙂

      • 23.1.1 Viola

        I LOVE your handle!

        • misa

          same here! Yoo Ah-In rocks! hope to see him in a lead role in the near future..

    • 23.2 F'CKen_BEER

      SOoooooooooooo TRUE!!!!!! MJS character’s totally captured our heart,have to credit to an actor Yoo Ah-in who is doing a great job with the role. We’re all witnessed, and hope to see him as the main lead in the future dramas. **FIGHTING**

    • 23.3 Kristy

      Totally agree with you on everything. Especially the part on Yoo Ah-In’s acting ability. The facial expressions that he gave out were quite subtle but some how convey every single emotion/feelings/message that his character needs to. Definitely a very good actor (All 4 of them even the supporting actors/actresses are very good young actors/actresses….this drama definitely took the time to choose the casts).

    • 23.4 momosa

      He is awesome! It is such joy to watch him.

  24. 24 lei

    Ahhhhhh i want a friend like yong ha!!

    • 24.1 anais

      I know, right?!!! Heck, I want all of them as my BFFs.

  25. 25 Amber

    Yongha, you will always have my shoulder to cry on.
    Song Joong Ki<33333333333333333333

  26. 26 diadda

    “But even if I weren’t a yaoi pervert, I’d still love their relationship dynamic.”

    What does that make me?


    • 26.1 diadda

      oops also a piece of ep 14 on this one. I love them sooo very much! This couple is the best of the show.

    • 26.2 brookeeve

      um… it makes you a yaoi pervert?

      LOVE YOU! (don’t hit me!)

      • 26.2.1 diadda

        Well so long as SOMEBODY knows what I am. 🙂

    • 26.3 lessaofpern

      Bromace 😀 LOVE IT!!!!

      • 26.3.1 lessaofpern

        BROMANCE 😀

    • 26.4 Viola

      the God- empress of pervy vids! And my personal crack dealer on the Moony/Yummy front! I will pay you in cookies! 🙂

      • 26.4.1 brookeeve

        are you regifting my cookies?!?!?

        • Viola

          Noooooo! I can I eve give away the cookies my unnie made me?! I will buy bake my own cookie bribes! 🙂

          • Viola

            That was absolute jibberish! Let’st try again.
            Noooooo! Can I ever give away the cookies my unnie made me?! I will buy bake my own cookie bribes! 🙂

          • Viola

            I give up

          • Viola

            I give up!

          • brookeeve

            You make me giggle! I understood what you were saying anyway!

          • Viola

            well at least I have accomplished something! 😉

          • diadda

            I have said it before, no need for cookies! I do this for my own personal amusement and nothing else. I am glad you guys like them though.

            I know they make me smile when I play them over and over.

      • 26.4.2 MYoUoMY

        LOVE IT…… **MOONY & YUMMY =>>> ALL THE WAY**

  27. 27 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap!! No, we shouldn’t throw Insoo any bones! I think he’s got all the jollies he needs from all those moments he made Yoon-hee suffer (before she crushes his evil plans!).

    regarding In-soo, he sure likes to tell people it’s their last chance or that he doesn’t give second chances but then goes and gives them another ‘last name’. How many chances has Byung-choon got now? That guy screwed up like 3 times already.

    “although…I don’t really see how that’s going to look natural, with the ball on the ground and Yoon-hee’s head nowhere near it… but whatever.” —-> I thought that too!!!

    Sun-joon moves to throw a punch but is stopped by Yoon-hee. (Ooh, I like angry Sun-joon!).–> i felt that Yoon-hee was pretty manly when she was doing this. Swoon!!!

    Yoon-hee’s comment that the Red Messenger should write in Hangeul so that women and the poor can read! Pure awesome! I want her to be a boy forever so she can be an official! As for the Red Messenger/Chosun herself! Such a shock! I had to watch the unveiling twice. I knew from an earlier scene that the fake Red Messenger was a woman..but I couldn’t figure out who!

    To be honest, I didn’t like this episode much except for 2 moments: 1. YoonHee winning the game that got me cheering and 2. the YongHa and Guh-ro scene that broke my heart. I usually like Sun-joon and feel bad that he’s socially awkward, but i hated him in this episode. I think he has gone too far in his attitude towards Yoon-Hee. It’s one thing to avoid her in order to run away from his feelings, but there were moments where I felt that he was deliberately cruel. His feelings are his problem, not Yoon-Hee’s. If he’s confused, angry, and jealous, why doesn’t he just go punch a tree until his hand is broken or something like that? Don’t be hating on my girl! And because he’s being so mean to Yoon-Hee, it gets Guh-ro mad. And I love my Guh-ro x Sun-joon feel-good moments almost as much as my Guh-ro x Yong-ha moments.

    • 27.1 anais

      “Yoon-hee’s comment that the Red Messenger should write in Hangeul so that women and the poor can read! Pure awesome! I want her to be a boy forever so she can be an official!”

      This is one of the reasons why this drama rocks!! It totally works in heavy stuff – critique of patriarchal normativity not only during the Joseon era but by extension in modern Korea – with such a light hand. Even though I’ve studied gender, Korean culture, and film theory, Yoonhee’s critique totally didn’t cross my mind until the drama pointed it out! Fail on my part. Love Sungkyunkwan.

    • 27.2 Judy

      No, SJ is not hating YH. But he is trying to turn her away because gay is forbidden. It is his good intention…..

  28. 28 doozy

    hey, welcome back, cassie.opeia! Thanks for the recap!

    Throw the guy a bone~
    nooo… coz then, he’ll whack you on the head with it. How about throw In Soo some eye drops since it’s getting so red from all the glaring.

    • 28.1 cassie.opeia

      HAHAHAHA omygosh i literally laughed out loud at this!!!!
      in-soo’s got some pink eye issues man..

      • 28.1.1 apple-crumble

        Can be a condition of “loser syndrome”. i think he need more than eye drops ;)) ;)) ;))………..

  29. 29 jubilantia

    How did I not see the Cho sun thing coming? I’m losing my touch. Also, how is Guh-ro so charismatic? I love that even though so many of his actions are brash and easy to read, he can communicate so much with an eye twitch. Same with Yeo-rim. I just about died during that scene of epic, epic bromance.

    I still can’t believe that I’m okay with Guh-ro getting his heart stomped on, but I loooove Sun-joon with his simmering lava pool of repressed emotions.

    • 29.1 amyrza

      “but I loooove Sun-joon with his simmering lava pool of repressed emotions”

      yeah, I’m with you in that! I read d comments which mostly melting with Guh-Ro…but I found somehow I’m falling even more for Sun Joon with each episodes… and like he’s always ‘distracted’ looking at Yoon Hee’s lips, I’m distracted by his… 😀

      • 29.1.1 Judy

        Me too!

  30. 30 aj

    Great recap Cassie!

    Gu Yong-ha + Moon Jae-shin is my OTP ’til the end of time. They slay me so hard… that whole scene with Yong-ha crying and laying his feelings and cowardice and friendship out there, and Jae-shin standing on the precipice of self destruction. I will probably watch everything Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In are in forever. They’re such fantastic actors.

    And did anyone else wish they had shown the adorableness/hotness that would be Yong Ha washing Jae-shin’s back??? Why K-drama gods, WHY?!?!?!

  31. 31 v

    awesome recap… you basically nailed it and said everything i wanted to say about this episode…
    i’m totally with you for the yongha-jaeshin bromance…
    the chosun-yoon hee/ yoon hee-sunjoon/ yoon hee-jaeshin/ jae shin-yong had dialogues at my heart wrenching so bad…
    i totally saw the chosun=red messenger thing coming… what i’m curious about is WHY?

    and i don’t know why but i still don’t hate in soo?? i must be out of my mind but i simply can’t hate him..

    as for JYJ the beginning album… it had my draw jop to the floor (well, almost)… it’s darn good and their engrish is actually really good…

  32. 32 Teapot

    Its interesting, I was totally on-board with the SunJoon-YoonShik ship until this episode, but now I’m more or less *meh*

    I think the biggest problem is, at least to me, Micky’s acting (or maybe the directing) was off target. I didn’t think he came across as angsty, confused and tortured so much as petulant and asshatty. Granted, with the limited facial expression he uses, its a tough distinction to make.

    One last thing. And Cassie, please don’t be offended, because I ADORE you and your recaps, but I was kinda shocked by your (over)use of the word pervert. Maybe its because I live happily in liberal-land, but implying that gay relationships are inherently perverted seems a little insensitive.

    I realize kdrama land isn’t likely to deliver, but I ship GYH-MJS for a full on romance, not a bromance.

    • 32.1 cassie.opeia

      I’m sorry if I came across that way and I can totally see how it can appear insensitive. I wasn’t taking a jab at gay relationships, but I was just commenting on how I enjoy the scenes so much, I myself have perverted thoughts…………….. okay that sounds wrong but it definitely wasn’t my intention to offend!

      So sorry!

      • 32.1.1 Teapot

        Now I feel bad for mentioning it! I didn’t really think you meant anything by it – that why it seemed shocking!
        I, too, hope I didn’t offend.
        Love your recap!

      • 32.1.2 Teapot

        and I think we can all sympathize with this drama bring on *ahem* oh, lets just say vivid imaginings. heehee.

        • cassie.opeia

          No worries! My imagination runs wild and is on the brink of overload because EVERY single pairing is so awesome…….

  33. 33 May

    Bromance FTW!
    I love Yong-ha and Guh-ro, their scene together towards the end, was the best part of the episode. to me.

    I hope as the show goes on – (wait, how long is this show?0-o) – we get to see more of Yong-ha’s character, I mean I feel their is so much, we don’t know. We got a glimspe of him, with this “coward thing” which makes a lot of sense, I just wanna see more.

    (and more Yong-ha/Guh-ro lovable/heartwarming scenes please..hehe)

  34. 34 sheilapiglet

    this episode pretty much just solidified my belief even more that Insoo DID NOT throw the archery competition like some people were suggesting….the fact that he saw Chosun’s smile, got jealous, and went for the kill himself just shows that his jealousy can get the best of him and cause him to momentarily lose all sanity/composure….so I think when he saw chosun rooting for Yoonhee at the archery competition, he lost focus there as well and accidentally shot a 5 (I know that the number is so exact that people would think it was on purpose, but i call that typical dramatic effect)=P

    anyways, am loving this show more and more…I love the bromance as well…I agree that YongHa seems to be the most complex character of the bunch…I’m really curious about his past actually.

    Thanks for the recap!=)

  35. 35 Lotte

    I know no harm is meant, and this isn’t directed specifically at anyone here, but because I keep seeing it all over the place: can we drop the whole “pervert” thing? There’s nothing “perverted” about gay relationships, gay subtext, being gay, shipping two guys/girls, etc. Whatever the Yong-ha/Jae-shin relationship, be it bromance, or one-sided romance, it’s not perverted. And you’re not perverted for enjoying it.

    Political correctness over with, I loved this episode. The nuances of each character and all the intermingling relationship dynamics are perfect. And Yong-ha’s epic moment of genuine emotion is hands down my favourite scene of the drama so far.

  36. 36 van

    thanks for the recap! i so love this drama! am i a pervert too if i say i find the bed scenes errm sleeping time hilarious? can’t wait to see when Sun-joon finds out about Yoon-hee being a girl. am sure there would quite a scene in that bedroom.

  37. 37 yellow

    How can i have this feelings and not share it with you, first thanks for the recap another awesomeness!!!! also for our heroes/ heroine cant wait what will happen next,with so much adrenaline rush going on. wheeeew! gosh so love them all!!!!!!

  38. 38 Miky

    Thanks a lot lot,this drama is so sddictive,one of the best of this year so far…and in my list as well on top 3
    I love the main girl so much,she isin’t the crybaby typical heroine that i really hate neather stupid….and maybe becouse of my second lead syndrome i love Moon Jae Shin,and Young Ha as well,such a intresting character…
    Oh boy i really would have wanted a book from the drama, a much detailed version…
    The Sungkyunkwan scandal book

    • 38.1 lilly

      Uh actually YH is a crybaby heroine…

    • 38.2 CPW

      you should read the book.
      i personally think it’s sooos much better than the drama.

  39. 39 JD

    If not Yoon-hee’s heart, Guh-ro has definitely captured mine! WHY MUST I ALWAYS FALL FOR THE WRONG GUYS WHO WON’T RECIPROCATE MY FEEEEEEEELINGS

    • 39.1 Ladymoonstone143

      I think I need to fall in line behind you…lol

      Jaesin is something else. His presence is captivating and Yoo Ah In nailed this character completely. I always question myself if my past life was during this era because I adore characters like Guhro (Bidam, Iljamae, Chuno’s Daegil and Oh Ji ho)…maybe it is with the clothes or the weapons they are carrying around…but definitely these kind of guys just scream hotness..:)

      • 39.1.1 ktwngrl

        … or the lack of clothes.. =D heehee but i totally hear you on that! <3

      • 39.1.2 m00nYfaN

        Moon Jae-shin =>>> S . W . OoooooO . N . Y !!!!!!!!!!

    • 39.2 Alexis

      I so totally agree!! Yoo Ah-In is super hot as Guh-ro!

  40. 40 Laeah

    I’ve been wanting to watch this and I’ve read a couple of the recaps here and there and I think I’m finally going to break down and watch! There have been so many good dramas lately.. this is one I’ve been putting off for too long!

  41. 41 CrazyUnnie

    I am most definitely a pervert. I’ve been rooting for GooMoon since the beginning. haha. Their bromance is just too awesome! ^^

    In Soo = Gu Jun Pyo on crack?
    haha. Thats sooo true!

  42. 42 soomp

    woooooo that yongha/guhro scene killed me too. thx for the great recap!

  43. 43 red_pill

    Loved your recap as always, Cassie.

    Might have to disagree with your analysis of Yong-ha and his cowardice. I’ve always associated him more with being a puppeteer rather than a player, so I don’t think it’s cowardice that keeping him out of the game. (During the “hockey match” I think he just didn’t want to get sweaty – he strikes me as the type who just doesn’t like physical activity ’cause it can get messy.) His question to Jae-shin (“Aren’t you afraid?”) is, I feel, a question that anyone would ask, coward or not, since this is a matter of life and death.

    As for why he isn’t part of a faction… For one, his family isn’t. They’re merchants, and so he wasn’t born into a particular faction. So I highly doubt he’s in any position to pick and choose. And if he could choose, then I like to believe he’d remain “other” – he strikes me as the type who hates being tied down.

    And his ambiguous relationship with In-soo? Excuse my language, but I believe he just wants to f*ck with In-soo. ^_____^

    • 43.1 brookeeve

      I want to f*ck with In-Soo too, just to hear his Mwuhaha laugh.

    • 43.2 SOS

      I’m very much with you “Yong-ha is the GU_ YONG_ HA” the ONLY ONE ……………………………………………………………

      In-soo’s needed medication ——- CHO SUN———

    • 43.3 anais

      Good read on Yongha totally.

  44. 44 jeankaycee

    thanks for the wonderful recap!!!

    wow! too many things happening at the same time but it doesnt its confusing but on the contrary it makes the show more exciting and fun to watch1

    i LOVE the bromance between Gu roh and Yong ha!
    now it really shows the genuine care they have for each other, that their friendship is really rooted from way back.

    like how conflicted sun joon is, b’coz the emotions yoon hee stir up, its seems like his whole world is turning upside down.

    yoon hee, such an oblivious girl!! she’s just aware of her own feelings. *sigh poor guys!

    my heart was broken into pieces b’coz of gu roh!
    your supposed to be the hero b’coz your protecting the girl by being her knight in dark armor and doing good deeds, but hey in the kdrama world the good guys dont usually get the girl.

    and cho sun? the fake red messenger?! how the hell it happened?

    and now yoon hee knows that gu roh is the red messenger! what a cliffhanger! aish!

    wow! im excited for the next episode!!!

  45. 45 ziren87

    i think the reason why yong-ha is with in-soo’s gang is to protect his friend jaeshin…because he knew what happened to jaeshin’s brother (he said they have been friends for 10 years)…so he must know the enemy to protect his friend…

    yong-ha seems to be so free-spirited so that no one will look at him seriously…he doesnt want to be watched over….and he just analyzes….that is why when he planned things it works well…but the only thing that messes up is with yoonshik when he tried to check if she is a girl by giving the order to get chosun’s undergarments and telling her where she can get a bath without being disturbed….lol..

    yong-ha’s cry was really unexpected…maybe he fears his friend’s death and he also felt what jaeshin felt with his brother….so i can say…it purely brotherly love for me…not the romantic stuff…lol…its just that for some reason people see it bromance coz their imaginative world turns wild…yaoi is to blame…lol..but love is love…

    insoo just cant get whatever he wants that is why he is mr. grumpy…he wants the power that his father has maybe because he wanted to be acknowledged by chosun…

    • 45.1 Anonymous

      i agree ” i think the reason why yong-ha is with in-soo’s gang is to protect his friend jaeshin…because he knew what happened to jaeshin’s brother (he said they have been friends for 10 years)…so he must know the enemy to protect his friend…yong-ha seems to be so free-spirited so that no one will look at him seriously…he doesnt want to be watched over….and he just analyzes….that is why when he planned things it works well”
      yongha is also so playful, and i think that he is probably almost, if not completely, sure that yoonshik is a girl, but he is also aware of the love triangle, and he just has fun toying with all of them…
      i feel that he is like a pupeteer and the kind who doesn’t like to be tied down, but does like to enjoy himself. he wasn’t born into a politcal faction (he has a merchant family) which is probably why he doesn’t care all that much about politics. plus his cheeky, hedonistic ways make me go all fangirly whenever he appears on screen.
      as far as yongha and goroh, i like that they have such a tight friendship, brotherly love is always great to see!

      however, i’m rooting for goroh and yoonhee to end up together as the romantic couple!
      i’ve said more than once that my ideal type is dark knight in shining armor goroh and i’ve been in love with him since the first episode. he truly cares for yoonhe, has protected her since they first met (when she was a woman) and has kept her secret even from yongha (to the best of his ability, anyways, because yongha and all of us viewers can see that he sucks at concealing his feelings, plus the hiccups were too cute)

      as far as sunjoon, i think hyoeun makes a good match for him. sure, she’s immature, childish, and has fantasies of romantic novels, and is a bit mischievious, which contrasts with colder, must follow the rules garang, but i think that that makes her the lid to his pot. plus, he proposed to her, so take it like a man, mister!

      • 45.1.1 Lio_Girl

        i totally agree… and second everything you said… ^_^

  46. 46 milan1010

    guh ro reminds me of Bidam without the psychopatic tendencies…

    both of them are league of their own…

    while i was watching this episode, i kept cheering for yeon hee to leave sun joon and just go with guh ro…
    man what a waste of fine specimen….

  47. 47 yuvee

    OMG I just about die of happiness everytime I watch this drama. Especially the bromance part, I squealed like mad!

  48. 48 Lio_Girl

    i had so much fun watching Sun Joon, Yoon Hee, Chosun and Hyo eun not being “on the same page”…creating more mess. Sun Joon’s being goody-two-shoes is making him pathetic and naive which gets in the way of his feelings for Yoon Hee… Bromance?!?!…and speaking of which, i doubted Yong-ha to be secretly gay or bi-sexual from the previous episodes… but the crying part somehow justified something’s up with him for Guh ro. Guh ro, on the other hand, i already liked from episode 1 after noticing his good looks behind the messy hair. for now, im rooting for the second lead… 🙂

  49. 49 Dante

    I think that Yong-ha is scared of his own feelings. That’s why he avoids them. Of course, when he has them — a la beautiful scene where he punches Jae-Shin and starts crying — they are BIG.

  50. 50 :D

    i love your personal comments because they basically describe how i feel when i watch those scenes…XD

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