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Athena accident puts broadcast at risk
by | January 23, 2011 | 42 Comments

An on-set accident for Athena: Goddess of War has sent its lead star, Jung Woo-sung, to the hospital and has producers worried that this week’s episode might not make it out on time.

The accident has been described as a “serious car wreck” that occurred on January 23 during an action shoot. The scene involved actor Jung Chan-woo (playing Athena agent Chul-kyu) being hit by a car while trying to shoot Jung-woo (Jung Woo-sung) in an underground parking lot.

However, the car slipped during the shoot, and both actors were injured while hustling to avoid being hit — Jung Chan-woo injured his head, and Jung Woo-sung his right knee. They were taken to the emergency room for treatment.

Although the situation is still being monitored, it’s being reported that it’s likely Jung Woo-sung will not be able to return to filming right away — or possibly at all — which puts the entire production into emergency mode. The drama was unable to complete its filming for this week’s broadcast of Episode 14, which means that Tuesday’s episode may be postponed while the actors heal. Beyond that is a question mark.

Missing a broadcast due to an accident isn’t exactly common, but it’s been known to happen in extreme circumstances. In 2008, Painter of the Wind delayed a broadcast when Moon Geun-young broke her nose while filming, and in 2009, Gu Hye-sun’s car accident delayed an episode of Boys Before Flowers. In both instances, the dramas whipped up a hasty “special” to broadcast instead.

Via Mk.co.kr, Hankook Ilbo


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42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. gwonuj4

    Crap hope he is ok. Athena is getting better


    • 1.1 vic

      Athena was getting worse last time i checked :D


      • 1.1.1 jaewookie

        i agree….the show isn’t even as good as iris


      • 1.1.2 Cedric

        I agree, each episode is getting more laughable than the previous one. However, I still keep watching for some odd reason.


  2. A

    Tbh I think they can do without him at least for an episode. Just saying.


  3. ikaw@ako

    this happens now when Athena is getting interesting. get well Jung Woo


  4. jojo

    Hope they are both ok…had no idea they film an episode so close to the air date…thought that was just a dramatic plot like in an episode of TWTTLI and On Air.


  5. Jkim

    Omg.. Hopefully they’re both okay.. Athena I just getting a lil exciting nd now this happens… Wat the heck..

    Like seriously the production team should really be more careful with they actors nd actresses… Atleast try preventing thing from happening.. -__-


    • 5.1 Doraemon4ever

      Why didn’t they use stunts?!


  6. runaway

    I don’t understand Korean’s obsession ( or rather the way the korean TV station work) with filming and airing episodes all at the same time (as in in one week they air ep1 and 2 and film for ep 3 and 4) Why can’t they film most episodes before airing them on tv. Isn’t that better, so when the actors/actresses get hurt, there would be less likely a awkward stop with “special” broadcast?


    • 6.1 JD

      I’ve questioned this before and I’ve been told that it’s because the uncertainty of how popular it is with the audience puts them at budget risk. If ratings continue to be dead low, they can choose to drop the drama without having to lose a whole drama’s worth of expense.


    • 6.2 heejung

      they can also change the script according to viewer response.


    • 6.3 belleza

      “I don’t understand Korean’s obsession ( or rather the way the korean TV station work) with filming and airing episodes all at the same time (as in in one week they air ep1 and 2 and film for ep 3 and 4)”

      It’s just how Asian TV (and much of the world) works. Koreans dramas that are pre-shot usually do pretty poor (albeit quality is often a cut above), so a lot of THOSE dramas are now being sold to the cable TV market.


  7. Alvina

    How seriously is the knee injury. Bad enough that he cant shoot above the waist (lol, jk… kinda).

    I’m more concerned about the head injury though. Those are pretty bad, neh?


  8. violetish

    remember wolf? with eric, uhm tae woong and han ji min? still bitter about it’s mere 6 episodes. okay, well not bitter because eric got seriously injured, but i feel like it would have been one of my drama favs.


  9. sleipnir

    Could production be delayed for a few months?

    I mean it was a freakin’ car… and serious enough to be directly brought to the ER.

    do we have any news on how serious the injuries are?


  10. 10 Ashley

    This drama was filming for months before it started airing. I’m surprised they’re cutting it this close now.

    I hope Jung Woo-sung gets better soon. Not so he can continue with the drama, but just for himself.


    • 10.1 more

      That is a good point they should be on episode 19 by now


  11. 11 V V

    Hope they both get better soon!!!


  12. 12 asianromance

    the productions should try to keep a bigger buffer time between the shoot and the airing, especially when it’s an action show like Athena. Setting up fight/chase scenes are much more complicated than having a couple bicker on the street. And getting hit by a car is like O_o I hope Jung Chan-woo’s head injury isn’t too serious.

    the ratings have been dropping too and i feel like a break will really hurt the show. If the ratings were as good as BOF, I’m sure the drama could do a spin-off not involving the two actors for the next month and then come back to the story.

    I really wish the sets had better safety precautions in Asian movies/dramas. Just a few months ago, the taiwanese singer/actress Selina was injured in an explosion accident on the movie set that gave half her body 3rd degree burns. I don’t recall accidents like this happening with american shows/movies. I don’t think Kiefer Sutherland (of 24) or Mark Valley (of Human Target) ever got into such a serious accident.


  13. 13 jo

    Athena had plenty of time to film if it weren’t for a fact that actors and crew were literally running around the globe to film for even very minor storylines. case in point: the whole italy thing turned out to be JWS’s dream….0_0 I mean, c’mon now…what a WASTE of time!

    but I seriously hope Jung Woo Sung will recover soon. Even though Athena is in flopville, I respect JWS’s professionalism.


    • 13.1 littlefirefox

      They did go back to Italy for that whole President’s daughter fiasco, didn’t they? But they definitely could have done without the whole BoA storyline, that was a real waste of time.


    • 13.2 omo

      I totally agree. The whole Japan sequence was a waste too. Oh, and don’t forget the Hawaiian shots too. I don’t think I would have noticed it they stayed in Korea and pretended it was Hawaii.

      I cannot imagine what might have happened if Giant (the drama before it) didn’t extend for another 10 episodes. I’m just wondering if they are doing extra shoots to get the ratings up.

      JWS and JCW, get well soon.


  14. 14 Birdie

    Keeping a tight schedule will increase risk of accidents as you are always rushing.The actors union should try at least to fight for a minimum rest period after so many hours of shooting.When you hear of actors shooting for 2 or 3 days straight with no rest, it is worse than slave labour. The actors always look so tired towards the end of the drama.


  15. 15 Pat

    Jackie Chan said Asia Producers dont care about actors safety when he was showing his injuries on Amer. TV. He said it for laughs ,but the fact is safety is not as much of a priority as budget, time constraints etc, lots of shows have an actor exhausted, hurt or in the ER for a drip after filming, not to mention all the car accidents and if its minor they still show up for work.


  16. 16 Prayer

    I have prayed and will continue to pray for their healing.


  17. 17 luraaa

    They should heal and rest first, before thinking about going to filming. I’m sure the fans would understand. I mean, it’s the actors on the line, and if they really love their oppas or ahjusshis, then they would understand. I sure hope the production feels the same way too.


  18. 18 crook

    and once again, we see the perils of insane shooting schedules. Honestly, I still don’t understand why they always cut it so close. The actors and crews don’t get adequate rest, the production and editing is always haphazard and poor, and oh yeah, people get seriously physically hurt.

    No wonder why so many Kdramas start off promising but become worse and worse. The crazy production schedule is a large part of the reason why


    • 18.1 nell123

      True. And contrary to what people say I have never heard of an actual drama that benefited from any last minute changes to the script. I have never seen ratings rise because of that. Kdramas tend to get worse towards the end not better no matter how close to air time they film the episodes.
      I know producers like to brag with the fact that stars and crew work 24/7 without sleep to please the viewers but such things make me uncomfortable rather than grateful because it’s just inhumane and unnecessary.


    • 18.2 belleza

      Almost all the Asian countries do live shoot, except for historical dramas. This model also dominates soap operas and telenovelas. The lengthy production shoots that you see in American and European TV is actually the exception to the rule.


  19. 19 MsRetta

    First CHASEUNGWON gets ill and now this. I hope both actors are alright. I also hope they will take the time needed to recover and heal properly.


  20. 20 dany

    Get well soon.


  21. 21 binggacious

    I hope & pray that Jung Woo Sung isn’t seriously injured. He is the life of Athena! I wish him speedy recovery. May God bless him to heal ASAP… I just adore him! The total korean package – good looks & superb acting.


  22. 22 elle loves kdrama

    Strangely enough, I remember an interview Jung Woo Sung gave a few weeks ago about the lack of safety and the extreme conditions actors work in. Like working for days without to produce 2 eps a week. Too bad they did not listen to him.

    Get well soon!


  23. 23 Cam

    Ouch, my gooodness. =/

    I am sure that he will be all right from his injury and he will felt so better sooon. We will pray for him, of course.

    Oooh, I think it should be good for stunt (underscript) will do that for actors nor actresses either, you know? It’s a good thing to them who won’t be hurt. ^_^ How tough this drama is, yups.


  24. 24 leonardswench

    Don’t care about the production, I hope both men will recover and that someone with COMMON SENSE will stop the insane schedules these productions keep. The drama needs to be in front of the camera, not behind the scenes, and clearly both of these men’s lives were put at serious risk …


  25. 25 lovedramas2

    How freaking scary. I hope both men just have a speedy recovery. It’s just crazy – I think it is difficult to shoot a regular rom-com etc… but to shot an action drama with that kind of constraint – one is asking for trouble. It just makes me really sad to read about all these injuries – although truth is that it’s really sad just how many work-related injuries there are in general across all professions. :( Hope all involved heal well.


  26. 26 loveit

    hope they recover quickly. Just finish watching episode 13 and I think it is getting pretty awesome.


  27. 27 Mathew

    My thoughts – I think the japanese work much much better with their dramas even with those action pack dramas


  28. 28 Janerdelle

    if the injury of jung woo gets worse or can’t recover for a few months, then the whole production team of ATHENA must decide to replace him with another actor..

    If this drama keeps on delaying their Ep. 14 because of their lead star injury then there’s a possibility that there viewers will get tired waiting and will stop watch their drama even if they finish their 14th episode..


  29. 29 sohapilee

    I’m really sad to hear this. I adore and respect Jung Woo-Sung a lot, and to think that he may be permanently injured (God forbid) is just too much to take. This is his first drama EVEN!
    Gawd. How could this kind of thing happen?


  30. 30 Timothy

    This Series VERY NICE, REMEMBER this is NOT MOVIE CINEMA, Even just SERIES but they made every details very perfect and thats not easy to follow in other series, I really SALUTE and RESPECT with this ALL Management who presents this SERIES



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