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ATHENA: Episode 10
by | February 9, 2011 | 52 Comments

Son Hyuk is angry and psycho! Hye In is ambiguously using everybody for her own benefits! Jung Woo believes whatever crap he’s told! Jae Hee keeps on being an amoeba! Just another day in Athena-world…


Episode 10 recap

While Jung Woo is being taken, still handcuffed, Hye In passes by in the opposite direction and headed to her freedom. They exchange meaningful glares as the elevator closes. Both Hye In and Ki Soo are free people now; they only have to keep the operation’s details under utmost secrecy.

After one batch of really crappy days, Hye In is in no mood for Son Hyuk’s call, but her interest is raised when he mentions that he’s going to Hawaii. “You’ve been summoned too”, he adds much to her surprise.

And so, Ki Soo is back to his old life too, at the Mahjong room. His boys were talking about taking over the business if he never came back, so his arrival puts an end to their speculation. That’s when his call with Chul Young happens – they only agree to meet in order to talk about something still unknown.

While being given a report by Jae Hee, Kwon is informed of Jung Woo’s situation. He storms off to pick him up, but he finds an unbreakable opposition in Director Han. As his last resource, he places his gun over the Director’s desk, mentioning that it’s regarding a commission by the President himself and that Jung Woo is his kid, so he should handle this mess. His request is finally granted.

Kwon and Jung Woo are left alone. The former is visibly upset, a sight that makes Jung Woo worry and say that he’s sorry. It’s not an apology what Kwon requires; he’s disappointed and hurt beyond what our little ditz thinks. As per Kwon’s words, he was Jung Woo’s partner when he died, a tragic event that he’s regretted ever since. In order to feel less guilty, he paid special attention to his son and gave him opportunities to shine, but he didn’t expect him to act this way.

Jung Woo is released with an indefinite leave from the NTS. Nevertheless, Kwon reassures his trust in him. After leaving his detention, he’s worried about only two things: Hye In and taking some drinks. The former is supposedly on vacation, and for the latter? To Ki Soo’s we go!

The guys talk about chicks and work over some soju (in Jung Woo’s case, using a king-sized glass). Ki Soo is especially outraged after knowing Hye In’s shameless attitude after our teddy-bear-NTS-agent put his career on the line for her.

While Jung Woo is emo-calling Hye In (who doesn’t pick up), in Hawaii she’s all confused and angsty too. Son Hyuk’s call will keep her from continuing with her sudden emotional weakening.

It’s actually really hilarious when she mentions a French poem to Randy, who’s come to pick her up. She’s rambling about how teary she used to be when she was young, and he’s like “What the fuck are you talking about? We’re kickass highly trained assassins, please be on topic with your nature, biatch”. In the end, he asks about her relationship with the Director, to which she answers with their first meeting – her parents had just died in a fire, and he saved her life. After that, she devoted her soul to him.

Bah, Randy was expecting more exciting details, but he only got this.

We’ve got to thank an anonymous benefactor for Jung Woo’s awakening from his lethargy – he receives a box full of photos for him to analyze.

Meanwhile, Son Hyuk’s meeting with Hye In is nothing particularly meaty until he urges her to take care of anything that could be between them and success – her first assignment: Lee Jung Woo. Owww, jealousy, how I love thee.

Jung Woo’s cerebral light-bulb turns on while analyzing the photos, leading him to remember the paper Dr. Kim gave him. After some research, he finds out that it’s from an ethylene glycol label, a compound used as antifreeze and solvent but also as shielding material in the nuclear field. Hm, interesting.

As a second step, a meeting with Joon Ho takes place. After seeing one of the photos, he reveals that it’s from a wall from where Dr. Kim was kept. They think that it was a code, as it made no sense otherwise, one that was impossible to crack. Feeling that his piece of paper could be the key to decipher Dr. Kim’s message, Jung Woo goes on a rogue mission to Japan.

In China, Ki Soo informs Chul Young of Dr. Kim’s death. He also affirms that, even though they took the equipment after his murder, South Korea wasn’t behind this but an unknown third group. Chul Young doesn’t care – the first and rightful owner of Dr. Kim’s technology was North Korea, so it’s time for them to appear and ask for it.

Jung Woo’s departure reaches Jae Hee’s ears. Indignant, he storms off to his house in order to stop him, to no avail. She admits her defeat and leaves almost as soon as she arrives, heading to a bar. Her mood is on the floor when Son Hyuk appears magically by her side, pretending to care. He can’t stop her from flooding her circulatory system with alcohol (not that he tried that hard).

By the time they arrive to a hotel where she’ll stay, the tension is already there. Son Hyuk tries to leave, but Jae Hee stops him grabbing his hand tightly as an unspoken request to stay for the night, staring fiercely at him. They both need to be in control, taking advantage of their weaknesses; and in an attempt to use each other, they fall into a passionate mix of hatred and desire that leads to a steamy night together.

Hye In returns, eager to find Jung Woo but much to her dismal, she’s informed that he’s in Japan.

We’re in Japan now, where Jung Woo checks various bottles in that old warehouse. After seeing a suspicious metal table, he pours ethylene glycol and voilá! A new set of letters appears. He takes photos for future reference; this might be the real code.

Lab Tech talks to Jae Hee about Jung Woo’s question on ethylene glycol – it was too odd to be just a random question. While they’re talking, Son Hyuk passes by and touches Jae Hee’s waist gently enough for Lab Tech not to notice, but for Jae Hee to feel a chill up on her spine. Ow, we know who’s in charge now.

Son Hyuk nags Kwon for not telling him about South Korea’s newly formed commission to negotiate nuclear tech export. Kwon is unmoved, but disagrees to pass him the information he requires – the White and Blue Houses will handle that themselves. He doesn’t trust in Son Hyuk – not that he had ever, but now he has solid and contemporary motivation –, so he just wants him as far as possible.

Just as Son Hyuk before, it’s now Hye In’s turn to appear magically by her asset’s side IN JAPAN. She plays the same game, juggling with his feelings (?) but going through a smoother path of a vacation full of spring and gorgeous scenery. He urges her to tell him everything about her, promising not to be horrified if her true nature is indeed frightening. Momentarily touched, he thinks this is the exact timing for a kiss, but she doesn’t share that thought and leaves.

Seriously, if the girl is trying to tell you that she’s a monster in disguise, you should take her more as a treat than a done deal, boy.

She must have thought about this a little more – after all, this is a win-win scenario for her: controlling Jung Woo as commanded (CHECK), spending the night with this hot (albeit dense) airhead (CHECK). Therefore, she waits for him by is appartment’s door and they share the night together, albeit in a significantly different way, as in “sweeter”, than Son Hyuk and Jae Hee (okay, it could be argued that there’s nothing sweet in using this big boy’s crush to give him his last happy memory before destroying his life as previously ordered by her boss. Let’s just roll with the drama’s intention of showing them as something more idyllic.)

At the DIS, Son Hyuk is being investigated due to Washington’s suspicions. But, alas! The girl who used to work for him and now is trying to crack into his secret files, can’t even utter the word Athena before he discovers her and cracks her neck into tiny pieces.

(You gotta love the sound effects while he was choking her. Yeah, it brought out the morbid in me sorry.)

As proved by Hye In and Jung Woo’s lovey dovey shenanigans, NATIONAL SECURITY CAN WAIT. Because being the only owner of some really secret, urgent information handed by a dying man is no priority compared to being taken in by Hye In’s sweet-talk. Oh, boy.

Please, Jung Woo, don’t tell her about your little secret code (or let her be near your full-of-photos cell phone). Please, please.

Our dear prayers reach Jung Woo’s ears apparently. Hye In, pushed by her boss, tries to extract some useful intel from him, but his mouth is zipped and he only answers with a smile as he was saying “Please, darling, you know, I know, why keep on pretending that you’re nice?” It was damn time, we say!

Son Hyuk is starting to lose his cool – not only he’s disoriented by Washington’s distrust, he’s received some photos with Hye In and Jung Woo all mushy mushy and he’s. Not. Pleased.

Regarding the nuclear technology, South and North Korea are about to meet in order to discuss about the latest developments.

After arriving from Japan, Hye In enters her apartment only to find a surprise there – our immensely out of control Son Hyuk is there. LOL, thank God Jung Woo didn’t accept the cup of tea you offered, or his neck would’ve been reduced to smithereens too. Truth be told, Jung Woo’s resilience, aided by Hye In’s lack of willpower to kill him is something that Son Hyuk finds highly displeasing.

Speaking of the devil, Jung Woo shares his photos with Jung Ho (who we expect not to be a double agent, because he’s receiving one enormous bit of top secret intel). Over the possibility of the code being North Korean, Jung Woo thinks about the one person who can crack it.

We start to wonder if he’ll get to go anywhere with this, since Son Hyuk commands Hye In to fix a date and place to meet. That should be their last meeting, or his last meeting with any living creature at all.

The sniper is ready, the prey is where he should be, but an unexpected third person appears to save the day and possibly ruin her reputation within the baddies – Hye In.

Personal Comments

What a twist if he died in episode 10! It would be Hye In’s desperate killing spree from that moment on, with an Inglorious Basterds approach, trying to get rid of Athena by herself.

Okay, I know it won’t happen, but at this point I’m looking for something that actually seasons what seems to be the blandest drama ever. When you reach such a grinding point in a viewing experience, any device that ups a dragging plot would be welcome. Any.

This episode showed zero development in any area, and that’s something that makes us take the train from Groan to Yawn Zone. Whether a drama is hideous or ridiculous or survives as a dear memory thanks to The Cute, you still find things to spazz about or to make fun of or even rant furiously. This one is that weird case in which you feel like the plot and characters are suspended in some sort of nothingness stasis. At that point, it’s not even funny to rip it to pieces because you stopped caring 5 episodes ago.

The much anticipated (at least by many fans) love scene between Jae Hee and Son Hyuk was one so devoid of any kind of passion that was like seeing a cardboard cut of two robots trying to kiss. The same happened with almost every scene that required something more than delivering standard tech-ish dialogue, a problem that has been the biggest con throughout these ten episodes.

When the acting is insufferable, the line delivery so stiff and unnatural and the scenarios/assets so unnecessarily over produced that they act as a charisma sucker, the only way out would’ve been a good plot. But we can’t even have a well structured, spy drama because NOTHING HAPPENS. They throw a possibly arc opener (in this case, the code), work with it just a little and fill the episode with irrelevant scenes that suck the rhythm out of it.

Sigh. We have a long way to go, so who knows? It still could go from the “meh” to the “yay”. Always keep the faith, right?


52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kaedejun

    agreed – love scenes were in the yawn-zone. actually i winced painfully at the jung woo-hye in love scene, because i wanted to just slam his head for being so stupid.

    it’ll get better chingu!!

  2. JM

    ATHENA is such a HOT MESS the drama either gets extremely boring or suddenly interesting but then it goes it back just being boring! Im up to episode 15 and i since I refuse to not finish a drama I can say that I wish it had ended there!

  3. stars4u

    Loverboi and his big crush on Hye In…
    Though he acts like a highschooler with his huge crush, I hope their loveline would have a happy ending…

  4. Smoke & Mirrors

    “What a twist if he died in episode 10!”

    Ha, ha! *stiff* Don’t even joke about it.

    Whenever I watch Athena I feel I’m ripping them off for having so much of JWS every week without paying.

    • 4.1 Smoke & Mirrors

      Thank you for recapping. I admit there’s not enough raw material.

  5. Denali

    Thanks aberdeen_angus for coping with this disappointing drama, for our sake.

    Not seeing the latest recaps had me thought that it was NOT going the entertaining and addicting kind. Because once DH or MP is aired, the next day we delighfully enjoy recaps here on DB. The absence spoke volume.

    On to Kaedejun to bear with the almost-unbearable. Fighting! ^^

  6. Birdie

    I am with you there. Even pulling my hair with frustration is more exciting! I wish I has stopped watching after the earlier episodes. Once I go past 5 episodes, I will finish watching no matter what and also you are always hoping it will get better. Also looking forward to KSY coming in. I can’t say I have any good words for the directing, the editing, the acting (Siwon did a pretty decent job), the plot, the script so far.

  7. maez

    Spoiler Alert

    Ok I’m sad that there’s no hope now between Jae Hee and Son Hyuk. :'(
    Btw I loved episode 17. That’s the only one episode I’ve enjoyed and that’s thanks to Kim SoYeon. Can’t wait to see more of her!

    • 7.1 hanjiyoon

      “Ok I’m sad that there’s no hope now between Jae Hee and Son Hyuk. :’(”

      Yes! You and me both. I wonder if those scenes from the “Please” MV will ever make it to the actual series… ):

      • 7.1.1 lili4

        add me to the list…
        I’ll keep watching till the end hoping to see these scenes in the remaining eps..=<

  8. Aya

    that very last line, gurrrrrrrrl

    • 8.1 crazyunnie

      ♥ Always keep the faith – DBSK ♥ ………T-T

  9. ivy

    Oh finally some athena recaps! glad to see it’s back. i am just (still watching) episode 17 right now. Yes it’s true that pretty much ‘nothing’s happening’ in this show. Sometimes it bugs me how they appear to be too darn stupid to be secret service agents / formidable terrorists. Or the fact that they have only a few plotlines that they keep revolving around. But somehow I could put up with that because I’m partial to quite a few of the actors.

    I also refuse to give up on Athena because for some reason I’ve been viewing some terrible American TV series lately that are inexplicably bad yet still watch from time to time, just for kicks… such as JJ Abram’s “spy” show Undercovers, Josh Schwartz’s epic mess of a ridiculous teen drama Gossip Girl season 4 (why isn’t it cancelled yet!? what is wrong with the network and what is wrong with me?) just to name a few.

    And going even more off topic, I just think I’m a hopeless sucker for spy series. I need my Burn Notice + Covert Affairs fix and I’m not getting any till Summer, which is months away.

    • 9.1 ivy

      Oh btw, I believe in the recent episodes I’ve seen on Athena, Sean Richard’s been referred to as Andy not Randy. Not extremely certain, but that’s how I kept hearing his name.

  10. 10 aX

    You know what, even though I did enjoy this episode, this should’ve happened much sooner. This way, the story could’ve evolved more and there would’ve been more development in their storyline instead of the BS we got with BOA.

    • 10.1 elle loves krama

      The BOA storyline took so much away from the show. I guess I am in this end till the end. It seems to get better and better by the episode.

      As DB correctly mentioned earlier, plotwise, it’s almost like “Runaway Plan B”, which started really slow, but got better and better each week.

    • 10.2 aberdeen_angus

      I always get the sensation that everything involving Athena should’ve happened sooner. It would’ve worked better in an standard American 40-minutes episode, I guess, so they could cut those annoying and pace-killing filler scenes and get to the damn point.

      (All of this, given the material we have – which is a loosely written script that makes no sense and is less juicy than a piece of paper. Better writing would’ve been another story completely.)

      • 10.2.1 aX

        My sentiments exactly!

        The real problem with Athena is unfortunately to say, they have too much side-BS that they need to move on from it. I don’t mind the love connection or storyline but because of all the BS we’ve had to watch, it seemed ‘out of place’.

        The episodes now are picking up, but isn’t a little too late? We’re at episode 15-16 now and honestly, it seemed like where it is NOW should’ve happened before episode 8-10. Now, it’s like.. okay so we’re going to get an open-conclusion?

        With that said, if they end Athena with an open-hanger that involves Sunhwa (Kim So Eun) then I am game! BRING ON Iris VS Athena! I really wouldn’t mind it!

        • aX

          Correction, I meant Kim So Yeon as SunHwa!

  11. 11 ag

    Thanks for the recap,but I think we are all ahead of you here in the episodes! Nice to read your spin on it though. I feel like kicking myself for watching this drama. My brain goes numb everything I watch an epsiode,but like others here, I started it and damn, I will finish it, even if it kills me! LOL

  12. 12 RD

    Yeah episode 10 is kind of a bore but good thing is.. it goes way up from here! The next couple of episodes are thrilling and some nice plot developments. I can fully say the acting is light-years better than IRIS even though that was more intense.

    It’s an up and down typical k-drama.

  13. 13 ag

    Sorry. I meant to say ‘everytime’ I watch an episode my brain goes numb. I guess it’s still numb!

  14. 14 Kc

    A hundred death is better that watching this drama. I feel so bad to those who waited, anticipated and still wairing for something to happen. For the hype they pushed for? I have to say that its a waste! I always say bad plot cant save the cast but the cast is not there as well! Its so painful watching this drama. Just reading the recap I can feel more angst than praises!

    JWS come back to tv screen became a waste of talent!

  15. 15 Pat

    you would think they had time to write a tight crime drama.
    Or why bother? Money and free trips to foreign countries does not a thriller make. I wish CSW and KSY were the story. The next one I will skip.

  16. 16 Antonia

    Thanks for the recap aberdeen_angus. I like your comments.

    I am at epi. 15, I am stuck with it, anticipating better plot lines but I have to know the finale.

    If Jung Woo and Hye In end up together I will throw eggs at the scriptwriter !!.

    The only thing I saw about the much previews bed scene agent jae hee with camisole the next day and the black rose agent hye in naked(I assumed) but with her bra on !!

    Do they have to repeat the ice-cream scene again !!.

    Never thought I would see a nutty lover boy agent chasing after knowing suspiciously about the spy girl, I can’t believe it, many times !!.

    • 16.1 Antonia

      Sorry, I thought my post wast not posted !!

  17. 17 falcon

    i should say that they should stop making love story in every dramas.. all the kdramas i’ve watched were all love stories.. they should make non love story drama.. jdrama did a few.. for example Bloody Monday.. it’s a tense and thrilling drama.. but it didn’t has love story there.. they’re more focusing of the terrorist and the hacking.. but why don’t Athena?? by making it into a love story drama, it’ll totally make people put into a high expectations which sometimes didn’t happen like what they’ve expected.. just like IRIS.. who thought the guy would be in an accident.. i really hope that a drama like this.. is not a love story drama.. just focus of the actions instead of having the love story scene.. there are many dramas that they can do.. for the action dramas, i prefer not.. that’s my thought.. 😀

    • 17.1 aX

      The love story between JungWoo & Hye Rin don’t annoy me. In fact, I was infatuated with it but it dragged on and went nowhere for a VERY long time. Now after episode 15, it’s going somewhere…they finally gave them a concrete storyline they can work with. The bad news, there’s only 5 episodes left until the show ends.

      Therefore, they wasted two good actors with possibility and gave them a bland storyline for too long. Episode 15 should’ve happened at episode 8!

      The only love story I didn’t approve is in IRIS and in JEWEL IN THE PALACE. Seriously, Kim Tae Hee irritated me so much in IRIS. How I wished she died in that car bomb and the writers instead gave Sun Hwa (Kim So Yeon) a larger part and possibly a love story with Hyun Jun (Lee Byun Hun). At least THOSE two shared a much better chemistry.

    • 17.2 aberdeen_angus

      LOL, that’s the same thing I was thinking after watching episode 11, which didn’t focus on the love conflict and had more action and rythm.

      I don’t mind love stories if they’re well placed and make sense. Jung Woo’s crush being more a strange obsession than a cute love story, I find it weirdly superliminal and ridiculous.

      There’s something about how mature the actors look that destroys the believability here too, I guess. Both Jung Woo and Hye In look old enough not to be like teenagers after meeting their first love at High School. One thing are the “obsession love stories” depicted in youngsters rom coms [as in Dream High] that are super cute because everyone has felt or witnessed those naive crush-at-first-sight moments and they’re plain endearing. Here, you simply can’t believe that people like Jung Woo and Hye In are like two cheesy teddy bears smiling sillily at each other.

      They’re grown-ups, they are pros at killing people, they know they could be dead in a minute, for God’s sake!

      • 17.2.1 aX

        You know, you do make a good point.

        It’s just too bad the writers didn’t give a more concrete and less-cheesy storyline for those two & MUCH earlier on in the Kdrama.

        I still think Episode 15 (the end) should’ve happened much sooner too (at episode 6-7 even). Therefore, there would be an inner conflict/struggle into their growing relationship. The viewers would be left thinking, “OMG, what will happen?!” because when that happened in episode 15, I thought the same thing and then I said, “Wait! We’re at episode 15 and this is the best thing that’s happened to their storyline?!” Discouraging really…

        Plain & simple, Athena had the ‘guns & ammunition’ but NO AIM! I’m excited to see Sun Hwa’s episode though. I hope Athena makes it up by giving her a great open conclusion with the possibility of having her star in her own spin off! I know I’ll be tuned in! 😀

        • aX


          I meant, at the end of the episode where she stopped someone from assassinating Jung Woo from the bridge and he runs up to the bridge seeing her with the gun. Was that episode 14? Ahh, I can’t remember.

      • 17.2.2 aX

        “They’re grown-ups, they are pros at killing people, they know they could be dead in a minute, for God’s sake!”

        … so TRUE! hahahah

        • tb

          Maybe they’re experienced at killings but not at falling in love?!

  18. 18 Antonia

    Thanks aberdeen_angus,

    I am stuck at epi 15, and would like to know the finale.
    So, will follow read on the recaps.

    The so much bed scene previews the next day, one wearing camisole and the other naked(I assume) with only the bra on ? what is the director trying to tell us ?.

    I just cant believe we are watching a nutty agent chasing after his lover enemy like hell !!.

    So boring to watch a repeat ice cream scene !!

    If jung woo end up with hye in I will throw eggs at the script writer !! (in words only)

  19. 19 Non

    In conclusion, this drama is simply a big-budget production that was made to earn money (that’s why they add BoA and the idol guy – Max or something, whatever). Watching the first episodes, I thought it’s better than IRIS. But now, I realize that at least IRIS has better characters (Park Chul Young and Sun Hwa, even Hyun Joon’s much better than Jung Woo a.k.a the Dumb!).

    But I think I will finish this one, for Soo Ae (not Hye In!), Chul Young and Ki Soo. And waiting for Sun Hwa!

    • 19.1 aX

      Well, both had good characteres… IRIS they had characters by Lee Byung Hun, TOP, and surprisingly Kim So Yeon, whom most grew to love more than Kim Tae Hee’s (including ME!)

      With Athena, they had a strong cast and the Athena characters had great potential but it was wasted with its bland storyline. Sadly enough, it’s just NOW where the story is getting interested and there’s only a matter of 2-3 episodes left.

      Poorly done! Seriously, what a waste! I’m watching it for Hye Rim though. Her character is interestingly mysteriously, although, not very well developed–among other things!

      • 19.1.1 aX

        I meant Hye In, not Hye Rim.

  20. 20 Non

    And Sean Richard’s character’s name is ANDY, not Randy. I heard it clearly.

    • 20.1 aberdeen_angus

      Oh, really? I wasn’t sure as which his name was, so I went with the one listed in d-addicts’ wiki. I’ll keep this in mind for future recaps, thanks!

  21. 21 Toya

    aberdeen_angus you owe me a bottle of water for making me laugh so hard that I spat out my water mid-gulp!

    That was the funniest moment of the day (what you wrote, not the effects of your writing, though you can argue that they were equally funny ;p )

  22. 22 temposoul23

    Thanks for the recaps 😀
    Even though episodes 1-9 are kinda boring and dry, the story starts developing from episode 10-11. Although the script and plot may not be as good as IRIS, the acting in ATHENA is superior. 🙂 But I think what happened from episode 10-12 should have happend from episode 7-9. We reached the main point/climax at episode 15-17, but it should have been revealed in episodes 10-13. And Jung-Woo and Hye-In’s loveline is just lol and cute. 🙂

  23. 23 Kellie

    Thanks ab_an for the recap.

    Still wondering who is the Athena big shot who is moving the “chess” game up and down at NTS ?.

  24. 24 aX

    Something just occured to me…

    Could ‘Rachel’ be Sun Hwa?

    “Rachel who?” You ask…

    The ‘Rachel’ tattoo that Son Hyuk had that was revealed the next morning in bed with Jae Hee.

    • 24.1 aberdeen_angus

      Hah, I saw that tatoo until the “Rach” part.

      We need some twists here, it could be pretty interesting if that was the case. Once again, I’ve lost any hope for this trainwreck to surprise me so I’m not counting on an exciting conclusion.

      Oh, Lord, I’m being such a pessimistic person sorry. I’ll try to calm down, hahahaha, it’s difficult to cope with the disappointment I feel everytime an episode ends.

      We should do an Athena drinking game to enjoy it more.

      • 24.1.1 aX

        Drinking game? Oh tempting!

        What are the rules?


    • 24.2 JeaJei

      The tattoo name Rachel is cha seung won’s daughter, got nothing to do with athena.

      • 24.2.1 aX

        Oh, well that shuts down the possibility!

        It’d be interesting if he and Sun Hwa had a past. hahahah Now those two hooking up whether it’s in Sunhwa’s own spin off or in another romantic Kdrama, I’m up for it!!!

  25. 25 pam

    thanks for recaps.

  26. 26 dartmom

    I was a big fan of IRIS, and I just don’t see the same expertise in this drama. I think the acting is good, but the relationships are not really developed in the plot It leaves you not caring about these characters where in IRIS you could feel a real connection especially to KTH and LBH. you cared about them, and in ATHENA you find yourself not caring. I wish Choi Siwon had more to do. He was so good in Oh, My Lady. I know he could have handled more in this role. Maybe in later episodes.

  27. 27 ineedmoredrama

    Didn’t anybody else find the Son Hyuk/ Jae Hee hook-up hot? Just me then? Must have something to do with my fangirl crush on CSW. ^^

    Other than that, I don’t remember anything in this episode, err or much of the first 9. Oh dear… Well if anything I’d keep watching in hopes of the drama picking up plot/ pace-wise.

  28. 28 Jennifer

    “spending the night with this hot (albeit dense) airhead (CHECK).”

    –“LOL @ hot airhead. =D

    I agree with one of the comments here. In IRIS, you care about the characters but in Athena…..nah. Well, except for one though….Kim Ki Soo. =D ♥

  29. 29 venthung

    If it wasn’t bcoz of Cha Seung Won, the show will lose its everything. The reason I watch athena is bcoz of him alone.

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