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Me Too, Flower: Episode 10
by | December 22, 2011 | 52 Comments

^^ The above picture basically sums up their relationship. So the cute has kind of returned, which made this episode much easier to watch than the last. Our Bong Sun is still broken up about the whole “Jae Hee’s rich” fiasco, and it’s going to be hard to see her trust in him disintegrate further. It annoys me that she has to keep finding out Jae Hee’s secrets through coincidences, but at least the plot is cruising along.

Episode 10

Bong Sun leaves after the chief tells Jae Hee to refrain from dramatic antics while her colleagues stand around in bewilderment. Maru grumbles that they’re having a lover’s spat and the other officers gape at him. Bong Sun is…dating? Kek.

In the park, Bong Sun asks Jae Hee to explain himself. He tells her that what she thinks is true; he’s the owner of the diamond bag and doesn’t live in the handbag factory. His admittance incenses her further and she demands to know why he’s been living a lie. Normally it’s poor people who act like they’re rich, not the other way around.

She goes on to question his motivation for starting a relationship with her. Was he bored of the other rich women around him? She snaps at him to stop looking at her with such a pitiful expression. What? Is he as confused as she is right now? In a day, her world has been flipped upside down. She tells him that she’s trying her damn hardest to stay calm, even though her body shakes from anger.

He responds that he’s still Seo Jae Hee and she’s still Cha Bong Sun, but Bong Sun cuts him off. It doesn’t matter what he says. She’s done with him.

This causes Jae Hee to grab her arm and command her to take back what she just said. How can she break up with him so casually? He stares into her eyes and asks if she can live without seeing him. She takes a breath and coolly responds yes. She won't die without him in her life.

The police officers discuss Jae Hee’s identity as the CEO of the Perche company and call him a smooth-talking rascal who can’t be trusted. The supervisor wonders if the story is fabricated while Maru declares that he would’ve shot Jae Hee if he were in Bong Sun’s position. The supervisor scolds him and tells him that this is a good thing for Bong Sun. She’ll become a Cinderella overnight. Just then, “Cinderella” walks in and warns them to never mention Jae Hee in her presence again.

Back in the parking garage, Dal stares at the car and scoffs that Hwa Young has underestimated her. She’s not that easily bought. Yay for Dal’s infinite sense of pride. I still have hope that she’ll make it big on her own without Hwa Young’s help.

Jae Hee meets Bong Sun outside the station after she gets off of work and cheerily informs her that she’s not going to get rid of him this easily. She interjects with questions about his relationship with Hwa Young. What is she to him and what is he to her? Why did she invite Bong Sun to the party? Before he can respond, the journalist from the party approaches Jae Hee and asks for a quick interview. Oh lady. You’s got horrible timing.

She tells him that many people want to know more about his life now that his identity has been revealed. She calls him a public figure, which he immediately refutes. A public figure is someone who gets paid by the government. He brushes her off and chases after Bong Sun. Something tells me this isn’t the last of this woman…

Dal walks back to the bribe car (no!) and thinks back to her conversation with Hwa Young. She reasons that she’s a valuable person, even if she doesn’t know what weapon she can wield to break apart the happy couple. And when she succeeds, she can just take the ex-girlfriend’s place. She’ll have Jae Hee for herself, regardless of what Hwa Young says. With that, she hops into the car and calls Hwa Young that she has one condition that must be met before she agrees. Dang it. You were so close to earning some of my respect, Dal. Meh.

Bong Sun and Jae Hee sit on some stairs and she confesses that she thought they were similar to each other. She quotes Dr. Park’s words about how people justify their romantic feelings by looking for similar characteristics they share with their lovers. She says that she never stopped to think Jae Hee could be so different from her.

He responds that she thinks too much; this isn’t that complicated. He started working from an early age and got around to designing bags. When the company launched, he decided that he didn’t want to live under a spotlight despite his desire to learn more about the business.

Now, he’s meeting a foolish police officer who tells him she likes him, and he finds himself also falling for her. His girlfriend, however, is currently upset that he didn’t tell her about his full identity before. There’s nothing else to think about.

Bong Sun stands up and walks away from Jae Hee until a five-foot gap separates her from him. She tells him that this physical distance represents their current relationship. He’s not just the owner of a small motorbike to her anymore.

Jae Hee approaches her and says that the gap is now closed. The solution is simple. Bong Sun takes a step backwards, which prompts Jae Hee to take a step forward. Bong Sun tells him to stop; he’s missing the point. She reminds him that she’s a simple person who only needs a simple, warm meal. She admits that she thought he wanted the same things too, only now she’s realized that she never really knew him.

Jae Hee explodes at her last comment and asks what he can do to “fix” this. Should he die to make her life simpler? Mmm..let’s not be overdramatic. Bong Sun continues to back away from him and tells him that this relationship is over. She’s done. With that, she finally turns around and leaves Jae Hee heartbroken.

Dal meets Hwa Young, who tells her in banmal to sit down. Dal corrects her: it’s “please sit down.” Puhah. Super brat Dal teaching other people manners? Oh, the irony. Anyways, Dal exits the room and then comes back to “restart” their conversation. She states that Hwa Young should ask, not demand. That’s her condition for agreeing to become a pawn in Hwa Young’s big bad plan.

Hwa Young tells Dal that she starts modeling lessons tomorrow. She scans Dal’s clothing and remarks that her style needs to be changed as well. The cheap knockoffs are unacceptable. Before Hwa Young leaves, Dal asks what her weapon is. Hwa Young brushes off the question, which annoys Dal. She loudly wonders what kind of “thing” that woman is.

Hwa Young ignores the remark and returns that it’ll take some time to strip Dal of her rude mannerisms. They leave the cafe to go shopping and Dal can barely hold in her excitement as she tries on silk dresses and glittery jewelry.

Jae Hee waits until Bong Sun gets off of work and follows her onto the bus home. He repeatedly tells her he’s sorry and even pulls her arm up and down while chanting “forgive forgive forgive!” He pulls out the big guns and displays various forms of aegyo, which does nothing except melt Yoon Shi-yoon fangirls around the world.

Bong Sun remains as stoic as ever and casually warns Jae Hee to be careful as he walks backwards in front of her. He assumes she’s just joking…until he falls into a pile of garbage. Lol. She rushes inside her house and slams the main gate in Jae Hee’s face, which leaves him staring at rusty steel. He heaves a sigh and leaves dejected, but not before Bong Sun’s mom sees him.

In the kitchen, Mom asks Bong Sun if Dal has a boyfriend. There was a young, good-looking man outside the door. Bong Sun secretly smiles at Mom’s words but passively replies that she doesn’t know. Mom tells Bong Sun that she needs to get married soon, which Bong Sun immediately rejects. Marriage is not for her.

Mom replies that people eventually marry when the right partner comes along. Speaking of which, Bong Sun will bring her boyfriend to meet Mom in the future, right? Bong Sun nonchalantly responds that most of the people around her think Mom is dead. Ouch. I get that you’re still mad at your mom, but that was just cruel.

Dal comes home and Bong Sun’s eyes widen at the multitude of shopping bags in her hands. She starts to yell at Dal for being irresponsible with money until Dal cuts her off. She’s not crazy enough to buy all real designer items with her own savings. She received this in return for signing a contract with Jae Hee’s company.

This renders Bong Sun silent and Dal gushes to Mom that she’ll become a successful model and buy her lots of pretty things. With that, Dal heads upstairs and Mom asks Bong Sun if that company is legit. She replies that it kinda is, and then runs after Dal to ask her why she likes money. Dal immediately responds that money allows her to buy real designer goods, not knockoffs. Lol. She’s infuriatingly shallow but I can’t help loving her straightforwardness.

Jae Hee arrives at Dr. Park’s office and informs him that he’s going to work tomorrow. Jae Hee wonders why Hwa Young exposed his identity and Dr. Park responds that she thinks of Jae Hee as a stand-in for her husband, and that she thinks he’s being stolen away from her now. Jae Hee asks what he should do, and Dr. Park advises him to find a great man for Hwa Young. Uh. Do they not find her possessiveness creepy at all?

The next day, Jae Hee hands in his resignation letter, which basically thanks his manager for “curing” him of his phobias of violence and getting yelled at. The manager’s daily insults and physical disciplinary actions turned him into a better worker. At the end, he adds that he doesn’t have a blacklist. Puhaha.

Jae Hee enters Hwa Young’s office and tells her that he doesn’t want business cards, a position, or a secretary. He only needs an empty room so he can continue being a freelance designer. She readily agrees, and then Jae Hee brings up the model from the launching show. Hwa Young lies that Dal was recommended by a modeling agency and reveals that there will be a test shoot for Dal later in the day.

He gives a curt approving nod and moves to leave, but pauses when Hwa Young thanks him for coming out. He replies that he’s not doing this because he wants to. Before he leaves, he tells her to stop smiling at him. It looks like she’s mocking him. Can the hints get any more obvious?

Dal magically appears in Jae Hee’s office (seriously…she’s just ‘there’ when he turns around) and Jae Hee comments on how different she looks. He admits that he was surprised to see her and puts out his hand. He looks forward to working with her.

Later, Dal completes a photo shoot while Hwa Young and Jae Hee watch her from afar. Afterwards, Dal sits down with the director, who tells her that the main model needs to convey a “story” for the bags. She’s focused, but lacks the ability to arouse people’s attention. That’s probably because he hasn’t seen Dal fight with Bong Sun yet…

Jae Hee decides to drop Dal off at her next engagement as he heads towards Dr. Park’s office. He asks Dal what she would do if she found out her boyfriend turned out to be wealthy. She replies that it’d be like winning the lottery; any woman on the street would be happy to hear that kind of news. He mutters that there’s a woman who thinks the opposite, and Dal suggests that the girl is just playing hard to get. Before she leaves, Dal silently slips her cell phone into Jae Hee’s suit pocket.

During therapy, Bong Sun confesses that she can’t bring herself to forgive the guy who lied to her over and over again. Dr. Park readily agrees and when Bong Sun confirms that everything is over, he insists that they celebrate.

Bong Sun is in no mood to celebrate and she tells him that she’s miserable. She doesn’t want to end up all alone. Also, she dumped him first to avoid being dumped by the guy who has everything. Aw. Typical Bong Sun. You’re worth more to Jae Hee than a thousand other girls put together.

Dr. Park pulls her into a hug and asks her to put aside her fear. She should give the relationship another chance. If it still doesn’t work out, she can come to him. Um. Does this family share a “creeper” gene?

At that moment, Jae Hee walks in to see the two of them hugging, but he turns around to avoid intruding on this intimate moment. He wonders when Tae Hwa found a new girlfriend. Bong Sun breaks away from Dr. Park and tells him to stop hugging people. He’s offended; then what about last time? She initiated the hug first then, remember? Lol. The forever manchild.

Jae Hee re-enters the office and asks to be introduced to the girlfriend. His smile falters when he sees Bong Sun’s face and she runs away in embarrassment. He runs after her and asks what the hell just happened. She retorts that it’s none of his business; he did a nice job hiding his private life from her, so she has the same prerogative.

He refuses to let her go so she coldly tells him that Tae Hwa is her boyfriend. She was cheating on Jae Hee with Tae Hwa. He refuses to believe her, saying she’s not that type of person. She smirks and replies that he’s obviously a poor judge of character. Yeah. Otherwise he would have figured out that Hwa Young is crazy by now.

She yanks her arm away and leaves. Jae Hee bolts up the stairs back into the office and demands to know what Tae Hwa was doing with Bong Sun. How does he know her? What’s their relationship? Tae Hwa yells that she’s his patient…which still doesn’t explain the touchy-feely-ness…

They start to insult each other and Tae Hwa tells him to get his act together. Does he know how many tears Bong Sun has shed for him? Jae Hee pauses at the last remark, and then spits out another question. Why does she cry in front of Tae Hwa? …’cause he’s her psychiatrist?

Tae Hwa tells him he’s bound by patient confidentiality to explain everything and he knocks a light punch on Jae Hee’s forehead. Bwahaha. They fight like little boys.

Tae Hwa complains that he wouldn’t have given Bong Sun a discount if he had known she was Jae Hee’s girl. You probably wouldn’t have hit on her either, right? He demands Jae Hee to pay the difference. His 127,000 won!! LOL. I really can’t dislike him, even though he borders on the sketchy side.

The two of them go out for drinks, and Jae Hee keeps pestering Tae Hwa for information on why Bong Sun needs to see a psychiatrist. Tae Hwa resists, but he does offer Jae Hee with some important advice: don’t leave her alone and treat her right.

Tae Hwa heads back to his office and mumbles that at least Jae Hee can admit that he loves Bong Sun. He falls asleep after calling out her name. Aw. Poor lonely manchild.

Jae Hee picks up Dal’s phone when she calls it. She notes that he’s drunk and tries to flirt with “oppa” but he hangs up on Dal when he sees a cop car pass by. He calls the police station to request Officer Cha to pick him up. He lies that he’s been in a car accident and wants the cool Cha Bong Sun to help him. He tells the person on the phone that Bong Sun is going to be a sergeant next year as well as his future wife.

Bong Sun wonders what crazy person is looking for her as she and Maru get into the patrol car. Maru tells her that the guy said he was Bong Sun’s father…and her husband. Uh, what? Hahah. She complains that police officers aren’t taxi drivers. They don’t even receive a fare. Kek.

Bong Sun and Maru find Jae Hee singing on the sidewalk. He calls Maru a baby and commands him to go home. LOL. Maru refuses to help Bong Sun take Jae Hee home; he’s tired of being dragged into their love fights. Hehe. Jae Hee grabs onto Bong Sun’s leg and she mutters that he’s really a pain.

She tries to find out his address when Jae Hee pulls her into a quick kiss. She pushes him away and decides to handcuff him as she continues to search for his address. He puts his arms around her, essentially trapping her. They stare at each other, and he tells her not to cry in front of other men. He leans in for a kiss, but ends up falling asleep on her shoulder.

She somehow finds his address and she drives him to his apartment. She tells him to get out, but Prince Charming vomits on her uniform. She’s forced to take him into his apartment, and she wonders why he stays in the handbag factory when he lives in such a beautiful building. Bong Sun plops Jae Hee on his bed and washes her uniform.

Afterwards, Bong Sun explores Jae Hee’s apartment and marvels at the lights in the courtyard. She eventually makes her way into Hwa Young’s home, and is startled by Ah In’s entrance. They question each other’s identity until Hwa Young enters the living room. She informs Bong Sun that she lives in the apartment next to Jae Hee.

This information stuns Bong Sun and her head spins as she turns around to leave. Her exit is blocked by Jae Hee, who’s suddenly completely sober. She hurriedly pushes past him as Hwa Young looks on in curiosity.


I had some hope that Dal wouldn’t succumb to Hwa Young’s bait, but that wouldn’t be consistent with her character. She tries to retain some of her pride around Hwa Young, but Hwa Young is so good at cutting people down. I find their dynamic very interesting, because they’re both utilizing each other to get what they want.

However, this whole “set the sisters against each other” plot point is a little depressing to watch, partially because it’s going to cause a rift between Dal and Bong Sun, but also because it reinforces Hwa Young’s power over three fully functional adults. She’s like a puppeteer, and Jae Hee and the two sisters are just getting tangled with each other’s strings. Dr. Park senses that Hwa Young’s up to something, and Jae Hee is also slowly catching on, but they don’t know how far she can go to trap Jae Hee.

Dal is ineffective at seducing Jae Hee, but she will shake Bong Sun’s already fragile self-esteem. Bong Sun remains in the same funk that led her into depression. She’s always second-guessing her self-worth and she fails to see what a kind, beautiful person she is. She has so much going for her; she’s young, she has a steady job, and the people around her love her, even if they suck at displaying it. I really wish the drama wasn’t so focused on the outside antics of Hwa Young, because we lose the ability to focus our attention on Bong Sun’s personal growth.

Honestly, I find myself caring less and less about Jae Hee’s “guilt” problem because I’m more interested in Bong Sun’s fight with her depression. It’s what hooked me in the first place, but there hasn’t been much development. She obtained some courage to cross the bridge into “normality” when Jae Hee held her hand, but he’s really making things worse by not being honest with her. We only have five episodes left, and I fear that we’re just getting caught in misunderstanding after misunderstanding.

Yoon Shi Yoon’s adorable face keeps me from disliking Jae Hee, who’s starting to grate on my nerves. He remains immature and tries to force Bong Sun into admitting that this whole situation isn’t that big of a deal…only it kind of is a big deal. If Bong Sun didn’t create such a big fuss about it, I feel like he wouldn’t have felt that bad about lying to her.

What would have happened if Bong Sun had reacted like most women do? What if she had slapped on a smile, grabbed his hand, and sang about how lucky she is to have such a wealthy man in her life? Would Jae Hee have been content to see that kind of reaction? Bong Sun is one in a million, and she values trust, warmth, and love much more than any material goods.

I’m sure it would have been easier for him if she had just gone with the flow, but that’s not the girl he fell for. Now, I do kind of understand his frustration. I mean, technically he’s still Seo Jae Hee. But he’s not the Jae Hee that she thought he was. Suddenly, he’s this man who lives large, has the media’s attention, and is surrounded by beautiful women.

What she needs is reassurance that he won’t leave her like her parents and ex-boyfriend. She’s prickly and lashing out at him, which is her first mode of defense. If he took the time to hold her hand and remind her that he loves her, she’d probably forgive him a lot faster. His aegyo is great and all, but it doesn’t address their lack of communication, which is where Dr. Park comes in.

I feel bad for Tae Hwa because he really does like Bong Sun. His (somewhat loose) adherence to being professional, though, keeps him from going after her. I know that I wanted him to be a formidable love rival in the beginning, but that was more for my own entertainment. Jae Hee being jealous is a great thing in my book. Now I just want Tae Hwa to remain a supportive friend who won’t try to pull moves on Bong Sun because that would just be wrong wrong wrong. I have faith that he’ll remain loyal to his profession and to Jae Hee though.

Also, thank you all for being so patient with me. The craziness has finally died down so I’ll work hard to catch up! I can’t believe this drama is ending next week! Eek!


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  1. ramyunqueen

    first! thanks for the recap

  2. Molly

    Thanks for the recap! I’m frustrated with Jae Hee too…but even more so with Hwa Young. She’s becoming so one-dimensional and while I can somewhat understand her possessiveness, it doesn’t explain how she feels about Jae Hee replacing her husband – whether she actually has feelings for him or if it’s just the “you-owe-me” thing playing in.

    And…her bangs bother me SO much. They look like clip-ons; she looks so much better with her hair down.

    • 2.1 whoops

      I thought they were clip-ons. 🙂 whoops

      • 2.1.1 Molly

        I haven’t been watchign so you’re probably right. But then, ahh! Why use clip-ons if they make one look worse?

    • 2.2 alua

      For the first two or three episodes I didn’t realise she was the same person with hair down and with bun plus bangs – I think she looks so different – definitely better with her hair down.

      BUT I’m so bored of her… such a one-dimensional and predictable character indeed. No fun in it at all.

      • 2.2.1 jusash

        I didn’t notice the bangs, but to me, HY just looks vapid.

        Her face is pretty enough as a still, Until Han Go-run does that irritating smirky half smile that is quite her trademark. And her rather unique voice has never thrilled me in any drama.

        Sorry, I am just really biased about Han Go-eun in just about anything. She just gives me that vibe: ‘I think I am so sexy/smart” – be it in MBTF or Capital Scandal or Lawyers etc. I can never enjoy her roles.

        Lee Ji-a, on the other hand … I was not at all prepared to like bec I have didn’t like her previous roles … and never realised she had such a soft gentle voice either.
        After this drama, I won’t be opposed to watching Lee Ji-a anymore. She’s so good as portraying the prickly BS!

  3. whoops

    I’ve been waiting for something new to be put up so I could have at least a flimsy excuse to not do my English papers. And here it is. Thanks so much for the recap.

  4. Abbie

    Thanks for the recap, Orangey911!

    I’m not at all sure where this is going. But I can’t wait for more! Jae Hee is starting to get annoying, and I want more than anything else for Bong Sun to overcome her depression. And for Hwa Young too get a life and leave them alone!

  5. Noelle

    Yay! Thanks for the recap. Off to read.

  6. Jomo

    Thanks for the recap and analysis.
    I hate aegyo, HATE it, usually, however when
    He pulls out the big guns and displays various forms of aegyo,which does nothing except melt Yoon Shi-yoon fangirls around the world. Guilty as charged! I have become a puddle at the feet of Jae Hee cute.

    I don’t understand I hate cute.
    I like when the guys get blood and dirt on ’em and look like they smell like a man. LOL!

    But as I have said from the git-go, whatever he is selling, I am buying. Me and Bong Sun.

    HY and Dal was pretty much:
    Blahdiblahdiblahdiblahdiblahdiblahdiblahdiblah diblahdiblahdiblahdiblahdiblahdiblahdiblah
    Don’t care. You’re going to lose. Have you two never watched a drama before? I pretend when they are on screen together, with nobody else, that they are a preview of a completely different show.

    It’s a good thing that JH is good at apologizing, considering how many lies he told BS. Cheez!

    I do like BS’s expression walking about the apartment. Reminds me of Lizzie talking to Jane in P&P.
    Jane: My dearest sister, now be serious. I want to talk very seriously. Let me know every thing that I am to know, without delay. Will you tell me how long you have loved him?”
    Lizzie:`It has been coming on so gradually, that I hardly know when it began. But I believe I must date it from my first seeing his beautiful grounds at Pemberley.”

    I am not completely sure, but I think finally, JH’s bag of cats is empty, non? Now we just have to bandage all the cuts and bruises they caused because of how pissed they were.

    JH had better keep his “Apologies for Dummies” book out on his desk with the sketch pad. He will need it.

    • 6.1 sophie k

      Jomo, I understand what you mean!!
      I love a sexy sweaty moustached man ie. Cha Seung-won. He’s like the Asian version of Johnny Depp oozing sex appeal through his pores.

      But when Jae Hee puts on the aegyo… I’m hooked. Haha, you have no idea how many times I replayed that part. Especially when he giggled to himself after telling Bong Sun where the bathroom is.

      Yikes. I’m gushing like a fangirl.

      • 6.1.1 MsB

        I’m too old to be a fangirl but I would accept his apologies any day!! Much love for YSY!

    • 6.2 Alice20

      lol! Man,you’re comment as so funny!
      Yes, her expression totally reminds one of Lizzie falling in love with Darcy through looking at his house.

      And you imagining Dal and Hwa Young as a different drama? LOL…I don’t think I would watch that drama.

  7. May Tae

    thank you orangy for the recap.

    I second this, totally true “He pulls out the big guns and displays various forms of aegyo, which does nothing except melt Yoon Shi-yoon fangirls around the world” – I have lots of screencaps and gifs at what his aegyo did… LOL!!

  8. sophie k

    I love a drunk Jae Hee/Yoon Shi-yoon.
    He’s the cutest drunk ever in k-dramaland!
    <3 Yoon Shi-yoon!

    • 8.1 Jomo

      +1 vote from me.
      He may possibly have edged out PIE/Chulsu-ah.

      • 8.1.1 Alice20

        What drama are you referring to (with Chulsu-ah)? I don’t know that acronym.. 😛

        • Jomo

          What’s Up Fox
          PIE is reall Chung Myung Jung, but PIE is easier to spell.
          As in cutie pie.

          He plays the most adorable nooona killer EVER named
          Park Chul Su.

    • 8.2 Mystisith

      He’s the cutest and funniest drunken guy on earth, i agree ( meaning no sad nor violent ) . But a drunken guy reeking alcohol attempting to kiss me equals a good slap in his face + me throwing up in the corner. Just to be synchronized.
      If i were BS, i would have landed him fully clothed in the shower, with cold water pouring on this head in order to wake him up. One good lesson to learn.

      • 8.2.1 Jomo

        Ok, so now I am in the shower with JH…go on…

        • Mystisith

          In the end, women are easy to satisfy despite what guys say… And we are always here to give a helping hand.
          For the shower gel what do you prefer ? Tonic mint or relaxing lavender ?
          ——-I just can’t believe the childish level of what i’m writing now… I think i have to use another alias to protect my reputation.

          • Jomo

            You have already shown too much of yourself in your posts.
            We have your comment DNA and can identify you with or without nom de plume…nom de clavier?

  9. Cam

    Woah….It’s TOO much but very interesting; THANKS for this recap, Orangy911 ~ ~ 😀

  10. 10 Suzi Q

    JH is one of the most irritating characters. Lie after Lie.He does one big one after another and doesn’t think it’s a big deal.He keeps grabbing BS arm and lamely apologizing. I think this drama should have been called Lie to Me instead of the other drama.
    BS is starting to be a major pain too. She keeps saying it’s over, and she keeps going back to JH like a revolving door that I’m starting to get dizzy.
    The story is getting too contrived with the gold digger sister and the psycho partner.The plot is starting to get dragged down.Who cares about the fake stolen diamond handbag?I’m more interested in how BS will get some self esteem and get out of her depression.
    Thank you for the recaps…Happy Holidays!

    • 10.1 alua

      You’ve got a point… with BS saying it’s over and then going back. Does not bode well for a good relationship (in the real world), but more the kind you’d run from. JH lying tops it off of course – even if he is a good person, lying would be a huge red flag for me…. but of course in dramaland, he’s still very likely to end up with BS and have a happy ever after.

      Which I don’t mind BUT I just don’t see the need for him to be lying or not telling her everything. I also think he is too slow rejecting Kim Dal (in this episode and others)… it’s so obvious she’s trying to ‘get him’ and he needs to turn her down very clearly and immediately, if he is serious about BS.

      Kim Dal, meanwhile, is such a boring character to me. Don’t see the point of her at all. and HY… one-dimensional and boring.

      I like the main couple, but there are many things around them and the plot on the whole that the writers could have done much better, storylines and characters that they could have written in a much more interesting, refreshing way.

      • 10.1.1 Mystisith

        You’re absolutely right.

    • 10.2 Mystisith

      You’re right.

  11. 11 Alicia

    add me to the list of Yoon Shi-yoon’s fangirls that just melted from his ayego and when he told Maru “Baby! Go Home!” I just about died laughing.

    The whole HY and Dal thing is just so boring. I’m just waiting for this whole thing to backfire on HY. For her, I believe its like “you took away my most precious thing and you’re going to have to repay me with your life.” BORING!!
    And the fact that Taewa and Jae hee knows this and just shrugs its off, thats why HY runs around thinking she can control people.

    Always look forward to your recaps orangy911

    • 11.1 alua

      I don’t get why people don’t stand up to her. She’s so obnoxious in her “I control everything and am superior to everyone” attitude, that honestly, she’d be the kind of person that, if she talked down at me (like she does to Kim Dal or Jae hee), I would take one look at and walk out on… in the middle of whatever sentence she was uttering. People are giving her too much power.

  12. 12 Drina

    Many thanks to you, Orangey!
    JH : (to Maru) BABY, GO HOME!

  13. 13 Kim Yoonmi

    After the slow warm up, I kind of felt after this episode that the writer was phoning it in. It’s the replacing a misunderstanding with another one. Three times over. Feels like pages are being cranked out rather than the careful planning I’m used to out of this writer with the slow and warm build up as in her other dramas such as What’s Up Fox and MNKSS. It’s almost as if Jae Won Oppa not being in the production threw the entire production into a tail spin. Yoon Ssi Yoon is trying so hard to make up the deficit, but if the writer gives up, that’s the end. kkut.

    Also the depression–the way it’s written isn’t very convincing. Depression is not simply being sad or being hard on oneself or a lack of self esteem. That’s a really poor definition of depression. Depression is where one has a lack of motivation to do anything. It’s a loss of vitality so that everything around that person lacks any kind of color or life. Depression can also manifest as self-anger and self-punishment, but neither of these features really have shown up in the character of BS, which just reenforces my earlier assumption that the writer didn’t get time to do proper research in psychology at all. What with the psychologist using Myers-Briggs (which is popular, but not real psychology), the psychologist hardly acting like a psychologist (Does a lot of talking to his clients rather than listening to them. He also spouts diagnoses to them when they are often not ready to hear them. Hardly professional.), and odd ball diagnoses, it’s almost as if Writer Kim had the premise and was going to take her time doing the research during the production (which would fit the earlier patterns of the other dramas), but got cut down by the tight schedule.

    Loss of self-esteem is not depression. O.o; Sleeping more than average (often with irregular sleeping patterns), loss of appetite (or gain of appetite), not being able to get out of bed easily in the morning or at all, inability to socialize, sometimes accompanied with abuse of drugs and everything just feeling dull. She’s missing some ingredients. She’s far too social with the old dude in the alley. She has no trouble getting to work. She has a balanced appetite. She seems to get up well in the mornings. (though how does she have time to sleep 10 hours with her job), she’s not prone to getting sick. She’s just hard on herself… that’s not enough to call it depression. You simply don’t have the outside symptoms and call it depression if you don’t have the base cause.

    Hwa Young and Jae Hee’s diagnoses are also a little off… Tae Kyung’s mother from You’re Beautiful (Hong Sisters) was a case of being in the “narcissistic/borderline” corner of the DSM. Hwa Young isn’t even close to any of the quadrants, but Writer Kim seems to want to push her towards the anxiety corner… but the writing is falling short of that.

    And Jae Hee for hating crowds has been in quite a few (BS kicked him, he was in a crowd). Even for a phobia of new people, he had no issue with approaching BS the first time or the women in the parking lot or the mall.

    I enjoy the drama, but more makjang made out of misunderstands and “the Big misunderstanding”/Secret, and I’ll get sick of it. Feels like manufactured plot and I know this writer can do much, much better and put in layers to spare. But it’s probably in live shoot mode…

  14. 14 tarianantatoer

    I just wanna say I love Bong-sun’s handcuff, well.. handcuff + Yoon Shi-yoon to be precise. I vote more scene of the handcuff and less scene of HY.

    Thank you for the recap.

  15. 15 Dorotka

    I think taking Jae Hee as a liar is a bit harsh. He never intended to deceive Bong Sun, things just happened as they did. And he did plan to tell her how things really are.

    This episode actually nicely shows their conflict.

    Jae Hee truly doesn’ consider his hidden identity as a big deal. He is like Florentino Ariza from “Love in the Time of Cholera” who considers himself being a poor man who just has a lot of money. For Jae Hee, the fact that he is rich shouldn’t change anything. As he says he is still Seo Jae Hee and she is still Cha Bong Sun.

    But for Bong Sun, this changes everything. Because she thought they were equal and that they had the same dream – to find a small cosy place and have a warm meal every day together. But with all Jae Hee’s money and social status this suddenly seems very unreal.

    Despite Jae Hee probably having the same dream…

    I liked that Jae Hee was trying to win Bong Sun over (yes, count me as a fangirl!), and loved Bong Sun’s smile when her mother praised Jae Hee.

    Love Dr. Park and his insights.

    • 15.1 Jomo

      Oooh! LOVE THIS. You are spot on!
      [Jae Hee] considers himself being a poor man who just has a lot of money.

      I don’t totally understand why BS thinks that the money would change how much JH enjoys his time with her.
      Having money doesn’t mean you have to live in a fashionably cold high-rise apartment. Having money means you can choose to live anywhere, including a small cozy house in Seoul, a small cozy house in France near Mystisith, a small cozy house on my street, a small cozy house in every country that the M2F comments live in!

      • 15.1.1 Mystisith

        True. They can even date and stay each one at their respective houses. Separate wallets. And free union all the way.
        Just take a worldmap, draw a line, and enter the GPS coordinates to meet midway. If the location is in the middle of the sea just buy a yacht. If moutain : take a hot air balloon. If desert, go by camel.
        If i was BS and i met JH i would have kidnapped him even if he was pacing the street in his Armani underpants.

    • 15.2 giddy

      I agree, Dorotka. JH keeping his rich identity under wraps also gave him a chance to be seen for who he is and not what he has. All the girls in the club (including Dal) see the $$ first and foremost, not the person that he is. BS treated him for who he was (their many battles in the beginning), and fell in love with him, not his money (or lack of it).

      But he should have come clean on everything to clear things up, not let them be revealed one at a time (like finding that he lived right next to HY when she was in her apt.). Then I think BS would have understood why he kept things a secret (including his phobias, his relatives taking all of his parents’ wealth, his guilt).

      HY is on the one hand beautiful and successful–it’s hard to see why she wouldn’t be pursued by men, unless being a widowed mother is such a huge factor. I find that to be hard to believe in a drama where money means so much. But on the other hand, I can see where she has become dependent on JH for not only for his creative talents, but most of all for the father figure he provides for her son. They are great together, and JH being so faithful to that little boy (while creepy mommy watches via video) could melt anyone’s heart. But I do not sense a romantic chemistry between HY and JH–it’s more just possessing him, like her analogy of the pretty dress implied. I think it would totally creep JH out if HY started coming on to hiim.

      So I get the threat BS is on HY’s universe, but to use Dal is so not doing it for me. I find Dal’s character irritating and one dimensional, and like someone said, I wish JH would push her off more firmly instead of spending any time at all with her. Is there a hint that he liked women like that in the past? HY mentioned it, but there has been no other evidence of it. I don’t know why she is a threat at all.

      Yoon Shi Yoon is out-acting everyone here and I’m watching solely for his performance. The aegyo totally took me by surprise, but loved it! Am also stunned by our fav shrink–mainly because of all the roles he’s played previously–I think he’s having a blast with this one!

  16. 16 E

    I’ll say it again- I like this show very much and it’s too bad viewership is so low they cut the series down by one episode.

    Oh, Dal and Hwa- their characters are kind of just there to trip everyone else up at this point, and I think the writers are dropping the ball a little. I was wondering about Hwa using another woman instead of just claiming JH, which makes me think she probably just believes she can buy off Dal once she removes BS from the picture. Seems like Dal has other plans, but knowing they revolve around money and status is a little depressing.

    Yes, JH’s ego is getting to be a bit much for me (you’re lucky you’re so damn cute, Yoon Si Yoon). “Can you really live without seeing me?” Um, she’s used to having people screw her over. I’m sure she’ll get along fine without you, homie (as much as I want them to get together, he really doesn’t know her at all if he thinks she’ll wither and die without him). This is why I like BS’s character so much. After the first break up, she had herself a couple good cries, brushed her shoulder off, and kept it moving.

    Perhaps JH did expect her reaction to be a ecstatic- which most likely would have caused him to lose interest in her. He loves BS b/c she sees him for who he is, so he’d better not let her get away!

    • 16.1 Alice20

      So true! HY didn’t really need to use Dal at all. In fact, it would have been MUCH more interesting if Hwa Young directly messed with Jae Hee about the death of her husband (messing with him psychologically would make both of their characters’ complexities come out) rather than sending out a useless pawn.

  17. 17 kgirl501

    Ummm yeah, Yoon Shi Yoon has made me a fangirl with this one role. I haven’t watched Baker King but I plan on it, just for him.

    I think the post above mentions it but Jae Hee, although he does have money, doesn’t really think of himself as a wealthy elistist. I think because of his poor upbringing he considers himself the same as BS so he doesn’t quite get BS’ rejection of how much he has in terms of material wealth now.

    I understand that JH’s “lying by omission” is getting old for BS and I can relate as I have huge issues with liars myself but hell, if I were in BS’ shoes, and Jae Hee kept running after me with apology after apology with his cute and winning ways, it would be hard to resist~and you can clearly see BS’ struggle of wanting to be with JH but being afraid of what else is around the corner.

    I really love this show and am sad that it’s ending. I am looking forward to YSY’s next role.

    And seriously, I’m watching the original guy that was cast in this in Color of Woman and trying to picture him with BS and I’m having a hard time; that’s how good YSY is imo!

    • 17.1 Jomo

      (Pssssst – The orig actor was Kim Jae Won from Can You Hear My Heart.)

  18. 18 really!!

    Lee Jia, YUK!!
    All of these women look too old for the males in this drama. These girls have seen a lo of traffic!!

    • 18.1 Joshua_Ahjussi

      Congratulations, you win the prize for Most Stupid Comment I’ve Read On Dramabeans This Month.

      I will add that Lee Ji Ah has absolutely nailed this role conveying the fragile warmth and vunerability of Bong Sun in such a heartwarming way, I will be seeking out all her subsequent work. The other leading ladies have also really brought their characters to life so much so that we are all getting so annoyed by them, we are being made to care, and that is one of the biggest compliments for their work.

      • 18.1.1 Mystisith

        LOL…. ” Handing trophy “. Someone is already completely drunk. Who volunteers for the piggyback home ?

        • Joshua_Ahjussi

          Drunk would be at least a partial excuse… not my turn until tomorrow 😉 as for piggyback, commenter #18 can sort his/herself out, but I’ve no problem carrying my neighbour from across the Channel *kneels*

          • Mystisith

            Thanks for the offer Joshua A, but i will spare you this : Quietly celebrating at home, and since i can’t handle alcohol at all, one cup of champaign then in bed : Seeing koreans emptying soju bottles one after the other is like watching aliens for me. 🙂
            Sidenote : I’m always astounded when i look at the “who’s among us” map of DB.
            Europe is really twinkling like a Christmas tree. I wonder why it hits us so hard…

      • 18.1.2 jusash

        Second that! Amazing efforts from both leads.

        Lee Ji-a does the gruff abrasive + grump + gentle kindness combination of BS so well.

        I was actually very hesitant about watching this drama, bec of Yoon Shi-yoon + Lee Ji-a (esp LJA – have not liked any of her previous acting) – how incredible can the pairing be? But I am so glad … bec ironically – it’s their acting and pairing that is keeping me captivated. Certainly not the plot.

        Will definitely be on the lookout for more Lee Ji-a, now that I know what she’s capable of. Adn Yoon Si-yoon is fascinating with his intensity – like a Lee Jun-ki (but with any impression of ‘girl’ – for me at least).

        While I don’t agree on Hwa Young (will I ever – on anything Ha Go-eun?) ….
        Ep 14 and back-tracking to rewatch HY-JH interactions in Ep 1 has lead me to develop a tiny tinge of sympathy for her.

        JH DOES lead HY on, in his own way.

        As for Seo Hyo-rim … I wish she’d take on other types of roles – she’s been in too many of these lately. And she’s shown she’s way capable of more.

  19. 19 Alice20

    Thanks for the recap! I bet it takes FOREVER to make such a polished and well-thought-out recap, so thank you!
    This episode highlighted ANOTHER super-unprofessional thing that Park Tae Hwa does…Who the hell treats patients in a glass office?! Without even pulling any blinds down or pushing some kind of cool clicky thing to make the windows obscure like in Jae Hee’s apartment, this Doctor treats patients with no respect for confidentiality. 😛

    I’m glad (for the plot’s sake) that Jae Hee got some love advice from Tae Hwa, but he actually doesn’t even have the right to reveal that she is his patient.

    As a character, he’s really interesting and entertaining, but as a professional psychiatrist, Park Tae Hwa has some serious ethical problems. 😛

  20. 20 Joshua_Ahjussi

    @ Mystisith – no problem and after a recent evening involving far too many cocktails (and 2 days of regretting it) will be taking it easy today once I drive to my Nan, and perhaps just a Baileys with ice. Fully agree with your sidenote and lovely image in your words – perhaps our hearts are so close to those in Korea that we will always be moved in the same special ways 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  21. 21 hi

    I don’t really understand why jia has so many anti-fan .Their yuk goona be annoying these days !( as she works hard and did amazing job for her role as BS). why people don’t forget her past . I really shocked when i see their hate toward her !

    Hope for her starring in upcoming drama may people change thier mind about her and her act

    I’ll SURELY miss both sweat lead actors jia and ysy . Their warm playing stick in my mind to remember their charactors BS and JH for long terms !

    Merry christmas !

    TANX orangy

  22. 22 germaineora

    whatever.. i love this drama.. and i hope more sweet moments for BS & JH!!! thanks for the recaps… appreciate it sooo much…

  23. 23 Sponge

    I still love the doctor, its his manchild flirting and cuteness yet professionalism of client confidentiality (unlike doctors in OTHER dramas) yet still providing good advice and having bongsuns best interests at heart. i need more of bongsuns character development because all her feelings and actions hit me right to the core, even though they’re not sensible, they’re layered and make sense in some respect because she’s hot headed and impulsive on the surface. i hope she gets more confidence because all i want to do is hug her.

  24. 24 Tim

    This show is beautifully fun. I just started watching Korean dramas in December 2012, thanks to nagging from my kid sister. Saw an episode of Tamra Island a few years ago but I am loving the underrated dramas in your website reviews, totally cute.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year

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