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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 377
by | March 16, 2012 | 51 Comments

EPISODE 377. Broadcast on March 11, 2012.

javabeans: So here we are with the second half of the first trip. In the week between the airing of the two episodes, I believe I saw reports of Joo-won and Cha Tae-hyun in particular scoring lots of endorsements and interest, which means that the point that ended our last recap is very much alive: This show basically makes it worth the pain. You suffer a little for the show, ruin your cool image a little, and the country is basically ready with open arms to shower you in love. And by love I mean money. What, like they’re not the same thing?

girlfriday: They are TOTALLY the same thing. It’s a particularly good move for someone like Joo-won, who is just coming off of the beloved-family-drama high, because this pretty much cements his fame-to-be.

javabeans: I bet it would be fascinating to chart the trajectories of the seven members — you know, if you’re a nerd like me and charts excite you. Because you have Joo-won, for whom 1N2D is like a rocket booster keeping his trajectory pointed skyward, while someone like Cha Tae-hyun has a long movie career, but is settling into parenthood and this brings him back to the public consciousness very visibly. Then there’s Sung Shi-kyung, who’s had a long singing career with pretty solid success, who may have gotten used to a certain mid-tier level of fame, who is about to experience a startling bump in popularity that may be surprising.

girlfriday: It’ll be a new level of stardom for someone like him, for sure. I don’t think he understands the household-name part of it all yet.

javabeans: Su-geun does the transition/intro into their dinner bokbulbok, leading off with a little song-dance number, and Joo-won immediately picks up on it and follows. Su-geun says, “See, those who know it, know it.” Don’t tell me this is some kind of kiddie thing that Su-geun knows because he his kids and Joo-won knows because… well, he’s barely out of kidhood himself? The others join in, but I think they’re just imitating Su-geun. Seung-woo laughs with this What am I doing? look on his face.

girlfriday: I love that Tae-hyun’s basically like, If I’m going to do this stupid dance, I might as well go crazy. Bird PD tells them that there’s no dinner bokbulbok tonight, and instead they have to make their own dinner with ingredients hidden in this village. Wha? Like a dinner scavenger hunt?

javabeans: It’s particularly evil because the map shows us that some prime ingredients are all the way back up the fucking mountain, in front of the boulder: hanwoo beef, caviar, foie gras.

girlfriday: Hahaha, they put the samgyupsal next to the goat! At least he won’t eat it?

javabeans: Don’t goats eat anything?

girlfriday: I think goats’ll eat your jacket before they eat your dinner.

javabeans: They’re just perverse bastards that way? On the other hand, I’m thinking it’ll be a trial to get close to the sucker (witness: Tae-hyun running screaming from it).

girlfriday: Joo-won fixates on the samgyupsal right away, but Shi-kyung doesn’t think it’s worth the time to go up the hill. Tae-hyun: “Should I bring back the goat?” HA! Feeling revengey?

javabeans: They go around listing what each member wants to get, and they see seaweed literally hanging from a tree. Lol. Su-geun insists they have to get the seaweed… because today is Seung-woo’s birthday.

girlfriday: Geez, they’re on a birthday roll the last few weeks. Well then you gotta get the seaweed if it’s the mat-hyung’s birthday. Seung-woo’s like no, no… and instead of insisting, Su-geun’s like, “Okay!” Heh.

javabeans: Samgyupsal seems tricky given their time limit (notice nobody even considers going up the damn mountain), and because Joo-won’s the one who really wants it, Su-geun asks him to do a “speed test.” Thankfully he’s super fast, and they shout at him to stop and save his energy. Tae-hyun votes for the clams — I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re right by headquarters.

girlfriday: They argue for more time, of course, and manage to get another minute and a half out of the PD. Off they go! Joo-won’s first, and he goes for the samgyupsal first, but it’s really waaaaay the hell up there.

javabeans: The boys shout encouragement, and he’s really pretty swift, so it’s not long before they’re shouting, “Grab something else while you’re at it!” Hahaha. Shi-kyung takes off next and grabs a couple closer items like oysters, sausage, kimchi.

girlfriday: Seung-woo’s next, and they send him after his own birthday seaweed, ha.

javabeans: That totally cracks me up. He does this hilarious double-take thing where they’re shouting “Just the seaweed!” and “No, one more!” and he literally runs in a circle, indecisively.

girlfriday: Pffft, it’s like a cartoon. You can practically see the stars floating above his head and his eyeballs going in one direction while his body goes in the other.

javabeans: Tae-woong takes off next, and everyone makes fun of his running. Keke. Jong-min has this strange fixation with Americanos. He keeps pointing that out, whereas I’m like, “Dude! Get the RICE!” Is he in a caffeine slump or something?

girlfriday: Tae-hyun goes next, having declared that he wants the fish for dinner, but when he gets there, he screams, “OH MY GOD!”

javabeans: It’s aliiiiiiiive! I think we can thank his disgust for handling a live soft-shell clam for the fact that he grabs a box of sweet potatoes, just so he doesn’t have to carry it.

girlfriday: He totally freaks out about touching the fish, pulling down his sleeves like a little kid. Didn’t I say he’d be the next Ji-won?

javabeans: Jong-min’s totally afraid to go near the dogs for his ingredient, and tries to negotiate with them, before he gives up and goes for the mystery pot instead. Then Su-geun takes off for the rice with a few minutes left on the clock, and I’m like, dude, shouldn’t that have been a priority?

girlfriday: Oh noes. It’s like a 20kg bag of rice!

javabeans: Damn. They should’ve made Tae-woong get it. He’s the strongman! Aw, but he manages to stop for the Americano before collapsing back at headquarters.

girlfriday: Haha, Tae-hyun begins emergency resuscitation on Su-geun, which involves pumping his chest and then tickling him. Shi-kyung goes one last round to get the seasonings to cook with, and comes back in time.

javabeans: The guys actually have 30 seconds to spare, but they don’t go for one last effort. Instead, they propose a deal with Choi PD: Nintey more seconds, so they can swap items. They’re willing to give up the live clam and sweet potatoes to go after eggs and tofu. Tae-hyun’s like, that’s not enough time! Su-geun: “That’s plenty of time!…if you’re Joo-won.” HAHA.

girlfriday: Poor maknae.

javabeans: Not too poor. Remember, boy got two FULL lunches.

girlfriday: They get to trade one thing, so they decide to give up the fish for eggs. Tae-hyun winces, but off he goes, carrying it back up the hill. Problem is, he gets to the eggs, and finds them sitting there, individually with no carton. That’s so mean! I’m screaming, “Use your hat!” But he just stuffs his pockets full of them and takes off running.

javabeans: He’s gonna come back with icky pockets!

girlfriday: Sure enough, there’s yolk everywhere. At least most of them survived.

javabeans: Now it’s time to discuss the menu. I love how Seung-woo’s all “No, no, you don’t have to cook the soup” when they insist, and then says, “Well, if you insist on making it, of course I’ll eat it.” That’s hyung-code for, “Make me look good, guys. Make the damn soup.”

girlfriday: Tae-hyun and Joo-won are on kitchen duty. Hm, I wonder how this is going to turn out. Tae-hyun: “I don’t know if this is okay… I haven’t washed my hands…” Ew.

javabeans: How adorable, Joo-won calls Mom for help. Tae-hyun gets up to make his introductory greeting, and she goes, “Ah! Hello, Su-geun-sshi!”

girlfriday: Omg, his voice gets all cutesy when he’s talking to Mom.

javabeans: He has total aegyo voice! “Bye Mom~ bbyong~!” Dude, can you imagine him as boyfriend? Er, not your boyfriend, I mean, just a boyfriend in general.

girlfriday: Too late. *squee*

javabeans: I love the contrast between Shi-kyung and Tae-hyun, who are busily cooking their own dishes. Shi-kyung handles his knife and pan like a pro, while Tae-hyun’s all *jiggle jiggle* and ends up with fried-egg blobs. I’m sure they’re tasty, but they look pretty questionable.

girlfriday: Both Joo-won and Shi-kyung turn around and gasp audibly.

javabeans: Tae-hyun really does match Ji-won for childish food tastes. He makes little egg-sausage-kimchi-bacon sandwiches.

girlfriday: He feeds a taste to Joo-won who says it’s tasty, and then Tae-hyun tries it himself… only to realize that it’s bad and Joo-won was just being nice. So basically while the other two guys made dinner you were making experimental sandwiches?

javabeans: They do a high-speed version of the dinner-making session, showing Joo-won and Shi-kyung busily at work, walking everywhere, setting the table, cooking, etc… and Tae-hyun’s sitting at his little grill, experimenting with funny dishes. The caption goes, “Impressive concentration (?)” haha.

girlfriday: He really never moved once. He does take it upon himself to taste every dish though, with the totally unhelpful declaration: “It’s okay… but it’s not like really delicious.” Pfft. Thanks.

javabeans: He’s way more fixated on conceptualizing than actual cooking — like, he muses about arranging his sausage patties into a faux birthday cake, then wonders if he can cook a number into his slab of bacon to denote Seung-woo’s age. Can’t you just imagine him in art class, doing his own shit with Play-Doh and crayons and woodworking, while everyone else is drawing fruit baskets?

girlfriday: This is totally like when Tae-woong made that pet snake while Seon-kyun made lunch for everyone.

javabeans: That’s the grossest birthday cake ever. I love that the old members and Seung-woo have spent this entire time napping, and when they’re woken, they ask, “You’re done?” Like that wasn’t the plan.

girlfriday: I know, all feigning like they totally would’ve helped, had they been woken up sooner.

javabeans: They sing him happy birthday and present him with a birthday candle in a stack of chocopies. Tae-woong smacks a kiss on Seung-woo’s cheek — does this guy just take every opportunity to kiss people?

girlfriday: I think that’s the one thing he picked up from Ho-dong, because just won’t stop doing it like a big dork. Seung-woo says everything is delicious and then takes a long awkward pause… I’m waiting for him to say something important, but then he finally asks, “Can I have some more?” Hee. I dunno why, but it’s so cute.

javabeans: Everyone points out how he said he was a picky eater and sensitive sleeper, and now he’s just chowing down and falling asleep on a dime. That’s the show’s secret: If they tire you out enough, it doesn’t matter.

girlfriday: It’s like the philosophy you want to take with babysitting — just with grown men instead. After dinner it’s time for sleeping bokbulbok, but Su-geun announces that they need to pick the new voice of 1N2D with an official audition, as he mentioned in the last episode. So they go down the line auditioning for their own brand of the 1N2D chant, collecting votes from the crew.

javabeans: They tell them to embrace their own “style” and Joo-won gives an energetic cry and gets 5 votes. Then Shi-kyung says he’ll do a quieter version — I can’t imagine him doing anything else, really — but it’s so weak that nobody even hears it and he gets 0 votes.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun is clearly fretting about his turn, because despite being lazy about most things, he really wants to be funny.

javabeans: Ha, Su-geun has nicknamed him Cha Gwi-chan-nim, or Cha Don’t-Bother-Me.

girlfriday: That’s the perfect name for him. Hahahaha, Seung-woo’s chant cracks me up. First, he can’t even finish it because he’s embarrassed, but when he gets through it, it’s this hilarious over-the-top jump that lands on his knees for the “2 Days~!” part.

javabeans: Tae-hyun’s chant wins, so everyone takes that as the new cry, replete with body turn and hand gesture. Next the PD introduces the game for sleeping rights, a “classic” which tips Su-geun off immediately: the nasty-drink game. Four winners get to sleep indoors, with three outside. They note that this is generous of them to allow more people indoors, but the PD adds that it’s because if Shi-kyung gets stuck sleeping outdoors, there’s not enough room for four. HAHA. Shi-kyung hangs his head and the screen captions him: “Sung Shi-kyung (Male, 34, Big and Tall)”

girlfriday: The game has three rounds: sour, fishy, and spicy. They point out that even Tae-woong, who’s been on the show for a year, has never played this game. That’s crazy.

javabeans: The first drink is apple vinegar, with one apple juice. If you drink the whole glass without betraying which drink you have, you get to sleep indoors. Su-geun asks if that means they could all feasibly win if they all drink it down, and the PD says, “Just try it” in a voice meaning, “Ha. Unlikely.”

girlfriday: Seung-woo goes first and he clearly gets vinegar, but he tries his damnedest to pretend that it’s apple juice.

javabeans: He puts his acting skills to good use, that’s for sure. I think he actually does a really great job pretending (“Mm, so sweet!”) — it’s just that you can’t deny the physical reaction, like how he says it’s delicious, and then chokes on a cough and practically cries. Tae-woong’s next, and he thinks he can spot the odd cup out based on color… and then spits out his first sip. Ha. It’s even more impressive now that Seung-woo drank more than half his cup before being unable to hide his reaction, because Tae-woong can’t even get one taste in.

girlfriday: Jong-min goes next, insisting he’s figured it out, and announces that he’ll drink it all in one shot. He certainly talks a big game… only to spit out his mouthful on contact. The boys die laughing.

javabeans: He doesn’t even drink, does he? I think he chokes on fumes, which is funnier.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun doubles over, spitting, so he’s out. And then Su-geun drinks up his, making everyone think he got juice… only to spit it back out of his straw, towards the PDs.

javabeans: That leaves Joo-won and Shi-kyung as the last two, and they both drink at the same time. Fifty-fifty chance… Impressively, you can’t tell who’s got the vinegar because they’re both poker-faced, until Joo-won coughs on a word and loses. Shi-kyung sleeps inside!

girlfriday: Ha, it’s really funny to watch all these tough-guy actors playing the role of I’m-not-drinking-apple-vinegar-I-swear-guy.

javabeans: Man, I would’ve thought they’d try their damnedest for this round, because I’m assuming this game only gets harder. Jong-min insists he can tell for sure this time, because he’s familiar with this fishy sauce, so they make him go first, calling his bluff.

girlfriday: He says he’ll show them a real reaction, and then he starts to drink and stops in shock. It’s tea! Ha.

javabeans: It takes the wind out of everyone’s sails, because now this round has no goal! Even Jong-min’s amazed, saying he doesn’t get it. That means they don’t have to drink the fish stuff, though, right?

girlfriday: Yeah they get a free pass this time, but Su-geun decides he can’t let the opportunity go to waste, and has all the newbies taste the eel sauce, just so they know what they’re missing. Joo-won’s first, and chokes, “It’s like a hundred anchovies!” Shi-kyung: “My mouth suddenly smells like a fish market.” *shudder*

javabeans: The last round has two cups of tomato juice, versus three hot sauces. Eeee. Seung-woo fakes them out at first, but drinks down his tomato juice. Su-geun tries to pretend, but he can’t handle the heat and goes running to the kitchen for a raw sweet potato to soothe the pain.

girlfriday: I think Seung-woo’s was hot sauce, but he drank it to sleep inside.

javabeans: I thought so too, but based on the numbers his has to be one of the safe ones, no? Tae-woong chomps down on a sweet potato after his tasting, and Tae-hyun grabs a handful of sticky rice and just shoves it in his mouth. Joo-won drinks down easily, so he gets to sleep inside too.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun tries his damnedest to hold it together, but that just makes the hot sauce come shooting out of his mouth, like he’s coughing up blood. And then Jong-min makes the mistake of making the off-handed comment, “It’s not really that spicy.” All the boys turn to him slackjawed.

javabeans: Basically, everything backfires on Jong-min, because not only do they then challenge him to drink it, they invoke his “Kim Sunbae” line to pressure him into setting a good example. When you have Kim Seung-woo calling you sunbae and reminding you that impressionable young maknae Joo-won is watching (who looks up with those wide eyes and dimples), he’s pretty much dug his own grave.

girlfriday: They totally do a slo-mo Bambi-eyes shot of Joo-won to rub it in. So Jong-min braces himself and takes a giant swig… and pretends to be fine… for about ten seconds. The hot sauce comes shooting out like a big giant fountain of fire. Eeeew.

javabeans: Tae-hyun tends to his burning mouth in the washroom, which is basically a room with buckets of water and a drain. Old-school. When Jong-min comes in, Tae-hyun kindly “offers” to wash his hair for him… and then grabs Jong-min, shoves him down, and relentlessly pours ice cold water over his head, ignoring Jong-min’s screams of “It’s cold! Wait! Let me breathe!” Haha. Is this revenge for earlier? And is that the song from The Host scoring this moment?

girlfriday: Dude, he then switches to scalding hot water, and then BACK to ice-cold!

javabeans: Jong-min returns to the room, and then stares fascinatedly at Seung-woo’s toiletries, asking questions about every little thing. It’s cute: “What’s that? What about this? Is this foreign? What does that do?”

girlfriday: He really is like a little kid. Seung-woo: “I think I’m going to end up liking you a lot.” Awww. I love how starstruck Jong-min is, to be using Cha Tae-hyun’s shampoo and Kim Seung-woo’s face lotion, like a total fanboy.

javabeans: The PD gives them some time to talk before bedtime, during which the oldies can advise the newbies. Tae-hyun’s hand shoots into the air and he says, “I wanna go to Running Man.” He proposes that his involvement be re-framed as a “friend special” so he can leave after today. Shi-kyung points out that it’s because he got stuck with the worst case in everything today — he missed his boat, had to stand in the boat, got the worst lunch, had water poured over his torso, drank hot sauce, and has to sleep outside. Damn, well when you put it like THAT…

girlfriday: Wow, he really has shitty luck. They say he’s one shy of a bad-luck-seven-combo, and he assures them, “There’s always tomorrow.” Su-geun, Tae-woong, and Tae-hyun head outside to their tent, which they find down on the beach next to a scary-looking boat named Tae-woong, of all things.

javabeans: They zip into their sleeping bags for the night (Tae-woong: “Shi-kyung would need two, one for top and one for bottom”) while the other four settle into their cozy room. Seung-woo jokes that Shi-kyung doesn’t look like the kind of guy to bust out with his (smooth, lush) ballad voice. I love Shi-kyung’s quick-on-the-uptake wit: “Hyung, you don’t look like the kind of guy to do all those [badass] movies, either.”

girlfriday: Hee. 1N2D, breaking star images everywhere. Shi-kyung sits there fanning the fire, singing along to his own song, complaining that it’s too high to sing.

javabeans: What kind of singer sings songs that are too high for his register? He complains that he practically has to crap himself to hit the high notes, hahaha. Then again, it reminds me of the time I was listening to a song by Alex and my mom asked if he’s a songwriter; I was surprised that she could guess that, and she said, “It’s because it’s perfectly in his own register.” Whereas if you don’t write your own songs, you’re straining your bowels to hit the right notes. One more reason to do-it-yerself, I guess.

girlfriday: Fewer pants to crap? I will never see Sung Shi-kyung’s ballad performances the same way again.

javabeans: What a truly odd picture: Dilapidated boat, worn tent, and random plastic bag in the foreground. Tae-hyun wonders if the morning holds a dunking for them, to complete his seventh circle of hell.

girlfriday: And then as if they planned it, bad luck number seven comes rolling in, in the form of a high tide. The PDs scramble to wake them up in the middle of the night, saying they miscalculated how high the water would come in. Dude.

javabeans: It’s lucky for the new PD that this is a show where bad planning has entertainment value. I’m half-expecting to see Tae-hyun missing from the next episode, I swear.

girlfriday: It’s so ridiculous that all they can do is laugh. Su-geun: “Congratulations, Tae-hyun!” and they get back to bed in a fit of giggles.

javabeans: Morning rolls in, bringing their mission with it. The song blares — it’s Tae-hyun’s — and the guys blearily wake up. How cute, Tae-hyun’s bashful to recognize the song, and starts doing the dance, still in bed.

girlfriday: Omg, flashback to 90s Tae-hyun!

javabeans: The morning mission? A speed quiz between two teams… from opposite ends of the bay. I’m sure it looked glamorous in that movie clip they show, but in real life, that’s a huge-ass body of water between those points, across which the guys will have to shout their questions and answers.

girlfriday: Are they doing a whole series of things out of Tae-hyun’s past?

javabeans: Maybe they fear he’ll quit if they don’t take special care to welcome him.

girlfriday: But the whole point in My Sassy Girl was that he COULDN’T hear her. Maybe Bird PD didn’t watch the movie. They start the speed quiz, and it seems impossible.

javabeans: Seung-woo has some strong lungs on him, and gives the first clue for Avatar: “3-D movie! Blue people!” They get that one right away. Wow, I’m impressed that they can actually communicate. It helps that Seung-woo’s great at giving clues that cut right to the point. Joo-won tries to describe a show based on its star (Choi Bool-am), but Seung-woo takes over with a quick analogy and they’re done.

girlfriday: I don’t even think Choi Bool-am was in that, so it’s a good thing Seung-woo’s there.

javabeans: Sadly they fail, two questions short.

girlfriday: Aw, too bad. They were so close.

javabeans: They sit down for breakfast, and to rub things in, the production brings out a tray of huge yellow radishes for each member. Ha. Yes it’s food, but it’s also kind of an insult at this point.

girlfriday: Tae-woong starts cutting into it like steak, and the boys all follow suit, eating the radish like a meat dish.

javabeans: The PD has some bad news to deliver after breakfast, because the guys are expecting to do their closing, but, um, well, as it turns out… they’re rained in on the island. Boats are not running today, and in a worst-case scenario they won’t be running until tomorrow afternoon.

girlfriday: Man, talk about a string of bad luck. This PD’s got his own streak going.

javabeans: And to make things even worse, the PD says (stuttering nervously all the while) that they have 80 staff members, right? And they’ve only got enough food… for this afternoon. Apparently the 1N2D entourage outnumbers the inhabitants of this island. Joo-won, I hope you packed your Boy Scout hunting kit after all.

girlfriday: Is it wrong if I actually want to see all 80 of them having to fend for themselves, no food truck and no provisions?

javabeans: There’s an added layer of tension because half these guys are new to the show. I feel like the old boys would’ve tried hard to at least mask their unease for the camera’s sake, but you don’t really get that here.

girlfriday: They’ve certainly missed boats on islands before, but never the entire crew with no food. This is crazy.

javabeans: After an hour of phone calls, the PD delivers news that a large boat is being sent. The problem with that is that it can’t dock here…

girlfriday: So they’re basically being rescued by the marine police? They scramble to pack and head towards the shore.

javabeans: They have to take a dinky open boat out to the big boat like survivors of a shipwreck. It’s the most surreal thing.

girlfriday: They really look like refugees all of a sudden.

javabeans: They make it back to Incheon Harbor, where they do their closing. Tae-hyun has now confirmed without a doubt that he is unsuited for 1N2D, while “Kim Sunbae” Jong-min says that this brings to mind the saying about becoming a family by choice, rather than blood. Seung-woo asks him to elaborate, and Jong-min cheerily says, “I can’t!” Even sunbae wisdom comes with limits. And thankfully also suffering, since the boys finally get to go home. What does it say that in the preview clip for next week, the first thing I did was count to make sure there were still seven of them?

girlfriday: I guess bromance wins over bad luck.


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  1. h311ybean

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this all morning 😀

    KBS World won’t start showing Season 2 here until next week, but these recaps have me pretty curious so I’ll still check it out.

    I also love “Bird PD” – I think the nickname is going to be a thing? – and the boat called “Tae-woong” 😀 I had to laugh the moment I read that!

  2. hi-there

    i am sooooooo glad tae hyun joined. T__T
    he brings back so many memories of ji won<3 (who… i really REALLY miss)

    gahhh i know my family is like 'whatever' with the new cast. but i personally love the new guys 😀 i think they're off to a GREAT start! hahahaha poor taehyun. he has worse luck than tae woong…which is saying SUM DING. keke.

    can't wait for the next episode. 🙂 i'm actually anticipating it quite eagerly.

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    Omg, hahaha, this was just too funny. Stuck on the island, what a PD…I actually wanted to see everyone fighting over the food, lol.

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    Omo Joo Won is such a cutie!! Although I wish he would talk more. What does Bbong mean anyway? The way he said it was so precious <3

    Chae Tae Hyun is making this show! He's freakin hilarious! I see a bromance between Joo Won and Tae Hyun, haha. I love how he massaged Joo Won after his run, then comforted him when he drank the fish thing, and soo cute how he fed him.
    Season 2 is exceeding my expectations.

    • 5.1 sparkskey

      Byeong~ is this sound effect of sending hearts out/love guns, if you will. JW uses it quite a bit in his tweets as well. Really endearing

    • 5.2 bubbletea

      Sadly, Joo Won’s phone call to his mommy got cut out of what was shown on KBS World. :'(

      And, thanks jb & gf for continuing with the recaps for now! I always love to read your comments after I watch. 😀

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    I have been pressing the refresh button on the website since this morning in anticipation on this. Thanks a lot. Really love the recap and Javabean/Girlfriday opinion make it more enjoyable. I have started to follow 1n2d since Dramabeans start to recap it and I am loving it. Really glad that they continue with 2nd season.

    The new cast started to grow on me. The first outing seem to be a trial by fire for both the cast and crew… 🙂 Can’t wait for the new cast and crew to start getting comfortable with the show.

    Imagine stranding the whole crews on the island without food. ha ha ha.

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    Thank you thank you! Loving season two 🙂

    • 7.1 kbap

      Oh right – I want to hear Joo-won’s aegyo so bad, lol. Does anyone know where to watch this episode raw?

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        Ep 377 raw

        • ~Feather~

          do you know where i can watch the english subbed version online?

          • ~Feather~

            of season2, i mean?

          • bubbletea

            Feather, you can go sign up for a free account at! Boo, the site owner posts up KBS World episodes of 1N2D, i.e. with English subtitles. Hope this is helpful to you! 🙂

          • ~Feather~

            bubbletea, thank you so much for your reply! I actually discovered that site yesterday and you have cemented my thoughts of relying on it for my 1N2D needs. (^-^)

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          Thanks for the link! I’m so gonna go hear Joo Won’s aegyo now, heheh! 😀

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      • 22.1.1 Ani


        I meant he doesn’t seem insecure about showing love to his bros.

      • 22.1.2 h311ybean

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        I remember reading somewhere that Korean guys don’t mind being outwardly affectionate with their male friends (e.g., hugging, holding hands – and we’ve seen a lot of that on the show), so at present I wouldn’t read anything into the kissing thing other than that Tae-woong is a very caring friend.

        • bubbletea

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