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Running Man: Episode 94
by | May 20, 2012 | 46 Comments

The Running Man cast finally gets married! Well, sort of. Get ready for a crazy all-day race where our grooms will have to prove their strength, our brides will have to use their wits, and our couples have to work together to come out on top. That is, if you can hear any of their voices above all the constant yelling. But that comes with any marriage, right?

EPISODE 94. Broadcast on May 13, 2012.

The morning after an intensive “Nonstop Survival Race”, our cast is still very much in dreamland. Haha’s the first wake, picking up the letter Jong-kook left outside out everyone’s door (To jog your memory, he won the Survival Race thus allowed to assign pairings as he sees fit.).

His hands are nearly sweating as his heart races – will Jong-kook honor his wish to be with Suzy? And he bursts out in tears when he sees her name then forming a heart over his head to Jong-kook.

But there’s no time for bromance as Mr. PD tells them mid-hug that they’ve got 100 seconds to find their partner or she’ll drink that dreaded flowery tea from before. Their faces turn from excitement to shock in a blink of a eye; the effects still vivid in their memories.

Poor Haha’s face nearly drops to the floor when Suzy rejects him right away (as a joke). He starts crying again. Rough morning.

I love the little notes that Jong-kook leaves for them (Suk-jin: “I’ll give you the winning card.” Gary:”There’s no one like hyung, right?”). MY heart skips a few beats just from watching the timer tick down, especially when it dips below 30 seconds. I’m screaming, “Run run!”

Then there’s Gary who’s all disappointed that Jong-kook left the note (“Then why’d he write a heart next to my name?”) and takes his sweet old time choosing which hat to show off to Krystal.

At least that’s still better than late riser Kwang-soo who has trouble putting on his own shoes. The best part about this entire sequence is the boys’ reactions; as soon as they meet their partner, they chuck the flowery tea contents out like it was poison.

Mr. PD introduces today’s mission as a Wedding Race where are couples will face off in various challenges. He instructs the boys to match the ladies who are already in pretty wedding dresses. Gary comments that it won’t change their own appearance too much and Mr. PD agrees, “Especially Kwang-soo…”

Incriminating Kwang-soo strikes: “What are you talking about? Being an ass first thing in the morning.” Don’t worry, he immediately apologizes for it right afterwards.

Let’s introduce our couples: Jong-kook and HyunA, Haha and Suzy, Suk-jin and Ji-hyo, Gary and Krystal, Jae-suk and Seung-yeon, and last but not least, Kwang-soo and Gyuri. You still with me?

Our couples need to face each other off in speed quiz to win some nice furnishings every newlywed couple would die to have. All they need to do is press the buzzer first and correctly answer the questions. Oh boy, I already foresee bad things happening. Seung-yeon sharply decides that they’ll need to pick an expensive one first.

It’s exactly what you imagine as all the couples push and shove to reach that teeny buzzer, in such a rush that it tumbles towards Taek PD. And it is brutal because Gyuri gets jutted by someone’s elbow in the mayhem.

It’s utter chaos when the rest of the couples, 6 in all arrive, and Taek PD is shouting instructions to deaf ears. Well, you are trying to fight against ten other voices. Gary defends that they can’t focus because there are so many female guests.

Voices continue to rise as they shift blame towards one another. Gary:”My wife was about to get hurt!” Jong-kook: “What did I do?”The girls just stand by, clearly amused by the boys’ hypersensitivity over the situation.

Taek PD sighs. Won’t listen? No problem. “If you keep doing this, there won’t be any female guests anymore.” Instant silence and cooperation. HA.

The question is about a married couples’ bedding and Suzy answers:Bu-deop-bu-gae which essentially takes the first characters to the phrase, “The pillow couples use.” Oh, those abbreviations.

Jae-suk shouts that he’s sure of the answer but Gary swoops in first. He comes close but no cigar and then admits to looking it up on his phone. PFFT. Trivia King Jae-suk answers the correctly, winning a Smart TV for his bride and they jump with glee.

That is, until Taek PD tells them that they can wager a chance to steal someone else’s prize. He explains that they’ll need to answer two questions correctly to pass and HyunA exclaims, peeved, “Why didn’t you tell us earlier?!” What a perfect match for Spartakooks.

Remember what Jae-suk said about pretty guests and their temper? It roars out when Gyuri fails to say “I love you” in 5 languages and she chucks a flower to the ground. Woah there, missy.

Haha and Suzy manage to spit out the phrase in five languages but the members harp on that the German was iffy. The cast and crew agree to acknowledge the answer if he can say it clearly. Haha: “I was born in Germany.” Yeah, but you moved outta there before you could talk, buddy.

He succeeds in his next shot while sweet-talking the PD, guessing the German: “It’s not ich lie [diberi)?” It most certainly is not.

HAHAHA. Suk-jin and Ji-hyo finally get their moment in the sun and he eyes… the herbal medicine infuser. Jae-suk gripes over the choice and Ji-hyo just brushes him aside that Suk-jin’s ajusshi body needs it.

The question stumps all the couples until we’re back to Suk-jin who gets it right. The way that they celebrate makes me forget for a moment that they’re ecstatic…over an herbal medicine machine.

Is it okay that I find it hilarious that Haha and Suzy play the chance card… for the herbal medicine? You can see disappointment wash over his face while Suzy’s is completely serious.

What’s worse is that they get the question right and Haha declares that the infuser is what he’s been dying to have. Off to the second location they go.

The answer to the following question (Q: What do traditional brides wear on their head?) slays the room. Suk-jin had been complaining about switching prizes that he blurted “iron” without thinking.

In the car, Jae-suk and Seung-yeon are forced to wait for another couple to join them. Seung-yeon pouts: “Then we should have wagered for something else!”

Oh boy! Photo Time, how I’ve missed you! If you aren’t familiar, you basically want your face in the shot. The target here is to get your face within the heart which doesn’t seem all that large.

Haha and Suzy have to hurry because the other teams are right behind them. Seung-yeon already has trouble with her short stature, asking the other “long-legged” teams to give her a break.

HA – Ji-hyo is too cute. When the photoshoot “begins,” she jumps in front of everyone else hopping like a bunny. What’s amazing is that she’s in every shot.

Woah Kwang-soo completely towers over everyone. There’s more pushing and shoving to nab the front spot, bringing them mere inches from the camera lens.

Poor Gyuri is just having a rough day. Kwang-soo hoists her up but hits his head against hers and she crumples to the ground.

Everyone talks over one another about making it fair for everyone else that my head hurts now from all the noise. They continue to jump and this time, Gary and Krystal are given the green light to head to the next location. The successful shot isn’t quite the Peaceful Gary we’re used to seeing but he does look mighty happy.

Teehee, and the captions for Haha’s photo reads: First love, are you watching?

In order to speed up the longest photo shoot in the history of the world, the remaining couples resort to taking a shot and yelling “MOVE!” to allow the next couple to get a clear picture. Well, it would work if Jae-suk wasn’t so busy talking that he missed his subsequent shots.

Their third mission location is a test of the groom’s strength. The quicker they pass, the shorter the return trip across the bridge (up to 1.3 km. Yikes!). Krystal grows worried for Gary and claims that she’s super heavy, no thanks to the “food in her stomach.”

Gary shouts that he’ll be fine but you can’t mask that painful expression on your face. He counts off as he runs to the next station but fails to finish it in less than 10 seconds. Then he collapses while trying to squat while holding Krystal.

Third time’s the charm and he completes the sprint in plenty of time.

I should expect that with Kwang-soo’s long legs he can run faster… then I see the cars rush by him and realize that might not be true after all. Not surprisingly, Haha knees nearly give way too and he declares that he’s got no more strength left to expend. I’ll say, with that 17 seconds on your record.

I’m nearly impressed with Kwang-soo’s ability to lift Gyuri too until we see that his butt’s still in the air. HA – must be those long legs. Still, he misses the mark by a hair. Gyuri worries over him too, suggesting that he sit. Kwang-soo lies on the ground instead muttering, “You’re so light like a newborn baby!”

Really I’m worried about Haha here and he can barely bend his knees. He assures the Say As, Miss A’s fanclub, that the reason he can’t lift her is DEFINITELY not because she’s heavy (He mouths, “No it’s not” later on).

Jong-kook clears in one shot but poor Suk-jin and Ji-hyo fail four consecutive stations before they get to move on.

Gary and Krystal receive their final mission card which reads that they’ll be linked by a connecting glove. Disconnecting other couples from each other will result in their elimination.

As an added bonus for placing first thus far, they receive a bracelet that will take out their attackers instead. They strategize about whom to play this valuable card against and decide to hide for now, allowing the other teams to eliminate each other first.

Oh Kwang-soo, how scared must you be of Jong-kook that you advise your wifey that you two should plead for mercy? Thankfully, Gyruri suggests another method of forming an alliance with another couple instead.

Which is exactly what happens when the other couples fixate on the same target: Jong-kook. The couples, four in all, vow not to betray each other. Kwang-soo: “I’ll get double eyelid surgery [if I betray you guys].” Jae-suk: “Just get it done anyway.” I’m pretty sure he’s just saying that to call on his betrayal bluff.

They’re smart enough to identify Jong-kook’s weakness – women. So they split off, full of confidence.

Speak of the devil because Jong-kook shows up literally seconds after and he immediately sniffs out that an alliance has already been formed. If you only knew how large of one.

The alliance inches towards him, so Jong-kook and HyunA make a break for it. Not only does he have 8 other cast members but think of all those VJs who have to chase them down too!

The Union Versus Jong-kook shout gleefully, confident that together, they’ll have this in the bag: “If we stick together, we’ll live!”

Gary and Krystal converse in hushed voices in their hiding space to wait out the other couples. It’ll be a while, so Gary suggests they take a nap. And they do. Hehe.

Meanwhile, the swarm continues to hunt Jong-kook, high-fiving each other every time they give him a little scare. While they’re at it, they might as well take out Gary and Krystal too.

Jong-kook’s found an enclosed space they can stand their ground in. But he proves himself nearly powerless against three girl idols whose husbands praise them on their effective skills to weaken Jong-kook. Uh, you are married to them, right?

Gyuri points out another door and suddenly the allied couples are divided. Jong-kook’s eyes widen for a moment until the allies regroup. Jong-kook asks why they’re attacking them and HyunA pops out: “I didn’t know when I met him that he’d be this kind of man!”Like one day she thought she met Clark Kent who turned out to be Superman.

Jong-kook attacks first using it as a distraction to create a clear path for him to dart somewhere else.

Gary and Krystal get spotted before schedule though it’s cute how they try to hide anyway. They’re lured out and unfortunately are rejected to joining the alliance. Isn’t it one of those times where the enemy of my enemy is a friend?

But as soon as Gary takes out Suk-jin and Ji-hyo, he’s immediately inducted into the alliance. A minute later, Kwang-soo and Gyuri are out as well.

The newly formed alliance team now consists of Gary, Haha, and Jae-suk. Don’t expect these guys to be stealthy spies because Jong-kook spots them a mile away. He digs at them, calling them scaredy-cats.

Gary and Krystal exit the elevator they were hiding in and see in front of them a golden opportunity to take out Jae-suk. Haha shoots a knowing glance… and Jae-suk and Seung-yeon are eliminated.

Poor Seung-yeon who has barely made it through the day finally bursts in laughter (perhaps relief as well), unable to comprehend the quick yet painful betrayal.

Haha and Gary bring out their brides for their hyung to greet. Jong-kook ushers them closer, more likely to take them out one couple at a time rather than show some bromance. They poke Jong-kook to aggravate him and boy does Jong-kook’s blood boil.

The man’s not to be trifled with and neither his is bride. HyunA slaps away any hand that comes close.

Everyone manages to squeeze out of the tangle of hands in the narrow entrance. In a distracted moment, Gary grabs for Jong-kook’s couple glove and in the tussle it comes loose.

Gary and Haha along with their brides celebrate and Gary deliberately shows his own glove. Haha reaches over and dances in victory… when Gary and Krystal flaunt their bracelets which secure their win in the Wedding Race.

Krystal is gifted with a gold tiara (because I can’t imagine Gary with one), her prize as the victor.


46 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. LK

    There was too much chaos in the beginning of the episode! I was like… okay… let’s get this over with already! But I’m glad the picture frame game was back. That was the best, especially the 1st episode with Hyori!

    Gary and Krystal were so cool in the episode. Basically, they eliminated every couple. Very clever strategies. And they had the time to take a quick nap! 😀

    • 1.1 ishi

      I agree with you LK. Gary and Krystal were really cool about the whole thing. Krystal is very competitive in game shows so I didn’t expect anything less. Also, during the ‘photo’ mission, they were the only ones strategising their move. This episode had a lot going on but was fun 🙂

  2. PinkSleeves

    Lool the PD is on a roll xD

    First picking on Kwangsoo in the morning, then being all high and mighty with his authority on the guest appearance 😛

    “If you keep doing this, there won’t be any female guests anymore”

    Only on Running Man V.V

    Clearly they have learned from the previous episode that the only way to get rid of Kookie would be to actually STICK to the alliance (or more like gather EVERYONE against him >.>)

    Thanks for the recap, can’t wait for the next episode!

  3. Sabah

    Thank you so much Gummimochi, for translating the messages Kim Jong Kook left for the RM, I was trying to work them out to little success.

    You know, I never had hopes for the Ji-Ji couple, ever since the ‘banana & bread’ incidents of episode 16 but this episode just blew me away. They were just so cute! Right from the beginning with Ji Suk Jin’s big smile as he went to find Ji Hyo it was just so sweet. I could eat them up!

    I must admit Ji Suk Jin has been on point recently and in this episode he was definitely looking fine! Perfect partner for the beautiful Ace Ji Hyo.

    I hope to see Ji-Ji team again soon.

  4. Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    As expected, this assortment of Idol ladies upped the funny for this 2nd half of RM – especially with the mission of going over the bridge. It’s funny knowing that the girls probably don’t weigh 100 lbs dripping wet, and yet the guys were beyond staggering. HaHa (he of the big mouth) to me is the funniest – he’s all talk and no strength. Poor Suzy – she really is a good sport for these RM appearances. It’s got to be embarrassing for your guy to collapse under your weight.

    Particularly impressing for this episode was the RM team finally realizing that forming a large alliance is the way to take out Spartakooks – although HyunA did a really good job of being an effective teammate for him.

    And how funny was it to see Gary and his bride falling asleep in their hiding place?! Now that’s what I call confidence!

    • 4.1 A_Donuts

      I know right! I just love Suzy. And Gary and Krystal are sooo good. Krystal is just awesome at game shows.

  5. Jackie

    Thanks for the recap.

    I loved just about everything in this episode. The part where they had to quiz for the appliances was hilarious.

  6. Lise

    Am def one of the very few that is bored stiff when these little girl idols pay a visit, sexy mamas, domineering ahjummas and males with bags of personality r more my thing…
    And a RM episode isnt complete until Maknae FD cameos ; (

    • 6.1 Ani

      Oy, you’re right! Maknae FD didn’t show up in this episode. Maybe he’s buying new wigs. Hahaha. That guy, I swear. XD

    • 6.2 pigtookie

      it could be my imagination, i thought i saw him for 1 sec as one of the ones monitoring them on the bridge.

  7. Daisy

    I love park gyuri and kwangsoo couple!! They’re so funny and cute!

  8. partypapercrown

    haha i really like kookie’s hair here. Is it just me or does he look really good in this episode 😉

    • 8.1 min

      he looks much better in suit then in t-shirt…

  9. Ani

    There seems to be a lot of chaos in this episode and that’s to be expected. I felt bad for the guys for having to lug around the girls (oish, my back hurts just thinking about it), but it seems like it may have been fun. I don’t know. I think this is one of those episodes I would have to watch to figure out if it’s any good or not. Poor Suk-jin never gets a chance to be with one of the female guests (from what I can recall right now), but maybe next time you and the Ace can get a buddy to be happy about. I did find Suk-jin and Ji-hyo’s celebration over their win to be extra cute.

    Hahaha. I actually liked how Park Gyuri lost her temper. There’s something funny about that and I think it has to do with me being aware of Park Gyuri’s 3D Goddess Variety character. I find it amusing since, well, to be truthful, I get tired of all that “modesty” crud pretty idols and actresses put on. They’re always saying “I don’t think I’m pretty” and this is me “Uh huh. Sure.” Hey, modesty is nice and all, but not when it’s such a blatant lie. The Goddess act from Gyuri (especially when she can make fun of herself)? Pure variety gold. My opinion of course. Heh.

  10. 10 pigtookie

    For such a large group of guests, the RM were really the center of this episode, so I found it very entertaining and much like other no-guest episode. The games were great and it was a nice break to see someone treating Kwang-soo well. The Jongkook and Kwangsoo couples were well matched, but they were all cute. They should bring in Sukjin’s wife and Yoon Eun Hye sometime 🙂

    Annnnd it’s Gary again for the win of Part 2 of another Survival Game. Go Gary!

    • 10.1 xiaoSxin

      I am waiting for the day Yoon Eun Hye makes her epic appearance in RM!!

      • 10.1.1 bd

        Methinks we’ll be waiting a long, long time.

        YEH probably wouldn’t want all the attention that an on-screen variety show reunion w/ KJK would bring.

        • lucy

          mte but i’d say give it a chance since her drama ratings have been sub par (or should i say horrible?). she has only been doing cfs and fan meets. eh maybe she’ll give in when she has a project lined up.

          • bd

            As long as YEH is getting the CF offers, I don’t think she has anything to worry about.

      • 10.1.2 gg

        that would be so epic!!!! i heard fans in China are clamouring for YEH to appear on RM too..

      • 10.1.3 Kim Yoonmi

        Can we hope that maybe, maybe episode 100? Then also have Sin Bong Seon on with her. They can fight over kookie. Be epic and funny.

    • 10.2 Madkdr

      I too am waiting for the day Yoon Eun Hye actually agrees to RM!!
      It should be a 7:1 battle with the members pranking Kookie – have YEH masked – like the DBSK Phantom episode and trick Kookie – all running around like mad looking for guest – but allow Kookie to unmask YEH!!!

      My guess – Kookie will turn red and run and hide!

      • 10.2.1 xiaoSxin

        That would be a nice trick!!

      • 10.2.2 Minch

        agree….waiting tooo/….

  11. 11 xiaoSxin

    I was laughing so hard at this episode! The members were just funny and hilarious and among the idol girls, I think Seung yeon was the most fun to watch. Especially at the end when she was just laughing blankly after losing. I’m pretty sure YJS thought she went crazy. LMAO. I don’t really know the idol girls except for Suzy bec of DH and her last stint on RM.

    But one of the girls (I am not gonna say the name – but gummi, DM me later to discuss) made me cringe just by looking at her. She looks so plastic that i was scared looking at her. And these idol girls are still very young right? The things these girls have to endure in the name of popularity. Anorexia, multiple plastic surgeries, living away from home at such a young age, exhaustion from overwork. I hope that these girls can say honestly that, it was all worth it.

    • 11.1 dayum20

      You mean gyuri? The one who paired with kwangsoo? She is known for having foreign face features that look unnatural for korean but actually she never got any work done. You can check on her childhood photos (she used to be child actor) and she is natural. Gyuri has v-line jaw, pointy nose, and double eyelid even when she was a kid. Theyre features that dont show up just like that after you hit puberty…

  12. 12 Quiet Thought

    Moreso than most Running Man episodes, the final game in this one would make a great horror movie. “Cursed demon-possessed zombie wedding couples hunting each other down.” You could use the footage and add some gore and lighting effects.

  13. 13 aramint

    He is smart and cunning despite his sometimes “lazy” condition.

    He can be forceful towards his opponents while protecting his partner tenderly.

    He knows when to keep quiet and when to be funny and sweet.

    Kang Gary-sshi, you’re the man! Marry me! ^_^

    • 13.1 Ani

      Hahaha. What does it say about me that I totally read your comment (well, more like sang it) to the tune of Joxer the Mighty in my head? Hahahaha.

      Gary for the win!

      • 13.1.1 aramint

        Hahaha, now that I re-read my comment, it kinda match the Joxer’s theme song.

        He’s every man’s trusty, he’s every woman’s fantasy, plus he’s goo-oood company, look out! He’s Joxerrrr, Joxer the Mighty! Joxer the Mighty!


      • 13.1.2 pineapple

        I actually sang to it The Adam Family theme song-catchy!

    • 13.2 jenny...

      i know..rite..sometimes i think he is just being lazy (with all his quite and funny personality)…but gary shii…sometimes you just surprised me…lol…(>o<)

      Kang Gary fighting….

    • 13.3 anna

      Definitely one of the top favorites Running Man, sometimes my absolute favorite depends on the episodes. I always end up rooting for him to win because I know he hardly ever wins. 😀

    • 13.4 gg

      yea man, Gary is Da Man!!!!

  14. 14 viave44


    i hope next episode suzy and haha will defeat gary like last
    time,, 😀

    • 14.1 nova611

      my vote goes to SUha also…hehe

    • 14.2 momogi

      Me TOO, Suzy & Haha for the Win! Next time definitely.

      I Love Love their coupling! They look like a twin, so cute together!

  15. 15 topper

    Thanks for the recap! This episode was not as competitive as the previous, but it sure is funny and entertaining to me. Gary and Krystal makes a good pair.

  16. 16 bd

    This ep was alright, not as funny as the previous idol ep (w/ Suzy, etc.) or w/ SNSD since the games weren’t as fun and there wasn’t as much humorous interaction btwn the guests and RM crew (until the last game).

    Do give props to Gyuri for treating Kwangsoo (relatively) well compared to some past female guests.

  17. 17 Lilian

    hmm…sadly I usually don’t enjoy RM episodes with female idols. The best part was probably seeing Gary think out his strategy. That was awesome…I always love a twist!

  18. 18 lucy

    gyuri needs to come back! loved her. the rest were :/

  19. 19 luvyluna

    Well, let’s see who’s will be guest for next and next episode.. Since it has many new dramas.. I do.. I do ( jang wook? ), gaksital ( jo woon?? I don’t think so, it’s to tired to to handle gaksital n 1n2days..) Ghost ( SJS or LYH?? ), I love Lee Tae Ri ( Kim Bum?? I miss him..), Time slip Drm Jin ( SSH or jaejoong? Pls ace Ji Hyo.. Invite him to have fun a bit..), and Gentleman’s dignity ( jang Dong Gun? Perhaps Kim so roo.. But better if it’s Jonghyun..) Hehehe.. Leeeetss seee…

  20. 20 Kimbapqueen

    I don’t know.. maybe it was just me but I hated the fact that everyone always tries to oust jong kook by teaming up with each other. Besides that, it was a good episode with lots of funny moments.

  21. 21 Raptor

    One of the worst episodes IMO. It was so messy. The guys act like simpering idiots, and the challenges were so lacklustre. Stop bringing in pretty looking dolls who can’t do much to add to the excitement of the game.

  22. 22 Pi_khun

    why Gary always WIN if he’s with the guest girl…???

  23. 23 jjykl

    I almost cried when Gary ousted Jae Suk and Jae Suk just had this resigned, betrayed look on his face. At least Gary looked apologetic but Haha really can be evil

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