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2012 KBS Drama Awards
by | December 31, 2012 | 257 Comments

And closing out the year-end drama awards is KBS, who didn’t stray too far off the beaten path. The big winner tonight was You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly, the big ratings pull for the station this year. Taking home the Daesang was its star, Kim Nam-joo, who continues her reign as queen of the small screen. She certainly deserves to fill a room with trophies just for her fabulousness alone, but that also means there were no big shakeups this year. Nice Guy was the other big winner of the night, taking home top awards for its actors.

It’s funny how I always think each broadcaster had so many shows on its roster, but once you split them up, they always turn out to be such a small pool. But by and large KBS had a great year with dramas that were both popular and critically-acclaimed, so their banner shows (You Who Rolled In, Nice Guy, Gaksital, Equator Man) all had plenty of trophies to split among them.


Daesang: Kim Nam-joo (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly)
Top Excellence, Actor: Song Joong-ki (Nice Guy),
      Yoo Joon-sang (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly)
Top Excellence, Actress: Moon Chae-won (Nice Guy)

Excellence Awards:
Daily Drama, Actor: Kim Young-chul (I Will Give You the Moon and the Stars),
      Kim Dong-wan (Be Strong Mr. Kim)
Daily Drama, Actress: Kim Ye-ryung (Love Love),
      Seo Ji-hye (I Will Give You the Moon and the Stars)
Miniseries, Actor: Shin Hyun-joon (Oohlala Spouses)
Miniseries, Actress: Jang Nara (School 2013)
Mid-length Drama, Actor: Uhm Tae-woong (Equator Man)
Mid-length Drama, Actress: Lee Bo-young (Equator Man)
Serial Drama, Actor: Joo-won (Gaksital)
Serial Drama, Actress: Yoon Yeo-jung (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly)
Supporting Actor: Kim Sang-ho (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly),
      Park Ki-woong (Gaksital)
Supporting Actress: Jo Yoon-hee (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly)

Actor of the Year, awarded by PDs from all three broadcasters: Uhm Tae-woong
      (Equator Man)
Newcomer Award, Actor: Lee Hee-joon (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly),
      Lee Jong-seok (School 2013)
Newcomer Award, Actress: Oh Yeon-seo (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly),
      Jin Sae-yeon (Gaksital)
Netizens’ Award: Song Joong-ki (Nice Guy), Moon Chae-won (Nice Guy),
      Yoona (Love Rain)
Popularity Award: Joo-won(Gaksital), Bae Suzy (Big)
One-Act Special, Actor: Yeon Woo-jin (Ordinary Love),
      Sung Joon (Swamp Ecology Report)
One-Act Special, Actress: Yoo Da-in (Ordinary Love),
      Park Shin-hye (Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost)
Youth Actor: Noh Young-hak (King’s Dream),
      Nam Ji-hyun (Girl Detective Park Hae-sol)
Best Couple: Song Joong-ki & Moon Chae-won (Nice Guy),
      Lee Sang-yoon & Lee Bo-young (My Daughter Seo-young),
      Lee Hee-jun & Jo Yoon-hee (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly),
      Yoo Joon-sang & Kim Nam-joo (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly),
Writer Award: Park Ji-eun (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly)


Kim Nam-joo took home the top honor for her hit drama You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly, but more importantly, she wins the red carpet. I don’t think she’d have it any other way. The see-through black lace was all over the red carpet this year, but none of the looks quite hit it home for me until I saw this dress. The detailing is so playful and girly, but overall the look is sexy and chic. I’m not even sure which I love more — the front or the back. There’s just nothing quite like commanding attention, even when you’re walking away.

Yoo Joon-sang won a top acting award playing Kim Nam-joo’s hubby in You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly. He arrived with his MC co-host Lee Jong-seok, and even did a quick-change during the show. He looks dapper and adorably nerdy in both tuxes, just the way I like him.

Song Joong-ki was born to walk the red carpet. He walks like he owns the joint, and why shouldn’t he? The Nice Guy star took home an Excellence Award as well, and looks so confident and pretty, I just can’t stand it.


Moon Chae-won scored an Excellence Award right alongside her Nice Guy co-star, but what on earth is she wearing? Sigh, she’s one of the prettiest young — I repeat, young — and talented actresses of her generation, and she looks like she’s dressed for church. She’ll be the prettiest girl in church, but I’d much rather see her be the sexiest starlet on the red carpet.

At least her co-star Park Shi-yeon dressed it up. Though I can’t say I’m that impressed with such a simple black gown from her. There’s just way too much black and white this year, and the dress itself isn’t anything to write home about. But damn if she doesn’t rock a dress, this woman. I love her sleek hair, her gold jewelry, and how she makes a black dress sexy by being in it.

Park Shin-hye came to pick up an award for her Drama Special Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost, and doesn’t stray from the evening’s theme either. I swear, someone must’ve written Black & White Ball on the KBS invitations this year. She looks beautiful and is strutting confidently, which I love. I wish desperately her dress was a bright beautiful color, because she looks fantastic in the cut.


So. Cute. They came together? Han Chae-ah was the night’s luckiest girl on the red carpet, when she showed up with not one, but two hot dates — her Gaksital co-stars Joo-won and Park Ki-woong on either arm. I wish I could shoot that orange animal that died on top of Park Ki-woong’s lovable adorable head, because that’s pretty much the only thing wrong with this picture. His suit’s not the most flattering cut either, but gah, he’s so cute I can hardly care. Joo-won looks flawless, which makes me wonder if his stylist is a genius or if he just looks good in everything, which… no fair. Han Chae-ah’s dress is another white in a sea of white, but she looks pretty and happy. Not hard to guess why.

Jin Sae-yeon looks fresh-faced and adorable, and she’s literally smiling like this in every picture. It makes me love her a little, even though her acting leaves much to be desired. If you can believe it, this is actually one of the more colorful looks on the red carpet, and though it sort of reminds me of a prom dress, it seems perfectly suited for Jin Sae-yeon — not entirely memorable, but sweet and pretty.

New husband and father-to-be Uhm Tae-woong just looks so happy these days. He took home an acting award for Equator Man, and looks as winsome as ever. And his tux is pinstriped! That pretty much made my day. It’s crisp and dapper and a little fun, and he looks like he’s having a great time.

His co-star Lee Bo-young is having a great year with two big dramas, but I really wish she’d worn something more interesting. She looks beautiful and it’s a beautiful dress… that I’ve seen about ten thousand times. Also, it’s white. What’s with the white?

Lee Sang-yoon, her co-star in the hit weekend drama My Daughter Seo-young, looks tall and lean in classic black. I do want to straighten his bowtie and stop his hair from swooping to one side, but maybe it’s a concept.

Park Hae-jin (My Daughter Seo-young) is lookin’ snazzy. I love it when stars strut, and he totally had that swagger down. I kind of want it in motion, so I can put it on repeat while I’m doing my hair and makeup every time I go out.

Lee Kwang-soo (Nice Guy) is the total opposite, still hunching and walking funny because he feels too tall. But that’s his dorky charm, and that smile would melt even the coldest heart. His jacket has this brocade detailing that’s actually eye-catching and fun because he pulls it off with his quirky charm.

His co-star Choco (Lee Yubi) is wearing yet another white dress, but I love this look on her because it’s the exact kind of princessy dress you’d want to wear when you finally got to step on that red carpet for the first time. The young actress looks just the part — bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and glowing.

Lee Jong-seok came to MC the event, but also got to take home an award for his heartbreaking turn in School 2013. His coat is so King-of-Dramas-Anthony-esque, especially when he oh-so-casually drapes it over his shoulders. But he looks even better without, in just the sleek black tux. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do after this breakout role. But first: MOAR SCHOOL.

His co-star Park Se-young did some kind of magic quick-change, because she went to the SBS Awards too, which were going on at the same friggin’ time. Her dress actually has a hint of color, even though it’s pretty damn close to white. But the cut is flowy and beautiful, and she looks fantabulous in it.

Yoona came to pick up an award for Love Rain, and wears a sweet pink poofy dress that seems perfectly suited for her. It’s another of those dresses that we’ve seen about a hundred times, and she looks rather like a wedding topper, made of pink whipped cream roses. Her hair looks shampoo-commercial perfect though, doesn’t it?

Suzy’s look is far more interesting, not that it makes it right for the occasion. I actually like the dress — it’s different, flattering, and fun despite being black. But it’s also not very formal, and looks a lot like a pencil skirt with a top. Just too plain for the year-end red carpet, even with feathers. But I love her simple ponytail and fresh-faced makeup. Adorable.

Seo In-gook! Take off your coat! I get that it’s freezing. But damn, if the actresses can do it wearing little more than a tissue’s worth of fabric on their bare skin, you can manage to take off your peacoat. You’re pretty, and I love your confidence, but I didn’t come to see you bundled. I came to see you rock an outfit.

Thank you, Oh Yeon-seo (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly) — your splash of color was a godsend. Beautiful, eye-catching, and flattering from head to toe. It’s not hard to stand out when everyone else is wearing black and white, but she looks amazingly pulled together on top of it all.

Park Jung-ah (My Daughter Seo-young) in another of the sheer black dresses. Ho-hum.

Namgoong Min (Drama Special Still Photograph) looks nice, but a little stiff. He’s not doing a whole lot of smiling, and looks a little more dressed down than the average man here. Mostly though, I just want him to take his hand out of his pocket in every goddamn picture. Do you even want to be here?

Wang Ji-hye’s dress is doing too many things for me to love it — it’s a minidress, and it’s not, it’s lace, it’s chiffon, it’s all things and not anything. But it does have the cool effect of giving her this dramatic train while she’s walking, and in some shots it just looks like one whole dress with a huge slit, which looks great. It’s just that on closer look, it doesn’t come together the way you thought it would. She wears it with confidence though, which goes a long way.

Yay, Lee Beom-soo (IRIS 2). Anything is better when you’re present. I wish you’d shave that mustache because it kinda creeps me out, but otherwise you’re looking amazing, walkin’ with a skip in your step, and wavin’ like you won all things.

Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-hae came together on the IRIS 2 train as well, but they look more like they’re leading the funeral train. Seriously, who died and why is everyone dressed for mourning today? And turtlenecks… I HATE turtlenecks. He’s wearing one, and she’s turned one into a dress. And I don’t understand why.

Nam Ji-hyun picked up a Youth Acting award for her drama special Girl Detective Park Hae-sol, and though her dress isn’t my favorite (I actually think the blue stripes are more interesting than the black lace), it’s a cute minidress for a young rookie, and I like the overall effect.

Lee Hee-jun is currently being a bad wizard in Jeon Woo-chi, but he’s here to pick up an award for You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly. It’s nice to see him him looking sleek and sharp, and well, not evil.

His co-star Jo Yoon-hee also picked up an award, in another white dress. She looks pretty and happy, and the dress gives her a nice statuesque silhouette. It’s just a lot like every other dress ever. Pretty but safe.

Kim Dong-wan picked up an acting award for his daily, Be Strong Mr. Kim, looking chiseled and perfectly dressed.

Choi Jung-yoon for some reason decided to add twenty years to her age. I don’t care how cold it is. The fur ages you. At least the dress has an interesting graphic element to it, even if it’s still rather matronly and — yet again — black and white.

Noh Young-hak won a youth award for King’s Dream and looks so adorable in blue that I just want to take him home. Someone hem his pants though.

Choi Yoon-young (My Daughter Seo-young) in another white dress, looking bridal. I do love her bob and headband, though I wish it were more ornate for the occasion.

Do Ji-won (I Miss You) in another of the black see-through dresses that don’t look put-together. Is it mesh? Is it polka dots? And what is going on with your right sleeve?

Aw, it’s little Kim Tak-gu Oh Jae-mu (here for Be Strong Mr. Kim)! So little. So cute in a tux.

Shim Lee-young (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly) wears one of the night’s rare spots of color, though I really wish the cut of the dress were more interesting and more flattering. It just looks like a pageant dress — look, it even has the space for the sash, all ready ‘n’ waiting.

Jin Kyung was in both of KBS’s two big dramas this year: Nice Guy and You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly. I wish she’d take the jacket off, but at least she’s wearing gold.

Yoo Da-in picked up an award for her drama special Ordinary Love with Yeon Woo-jin. I’m happy she’s wearing red, but the dress itself is put together all wrong. It looks like it was once a bigger dress, pinned to her smaller frame. And it drives me crazy how washed out she looks.

Ajusshi! What happened to you? Kim Sang-ho was also in You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly, and I don’t know if coming to the awards was a last-minute decision for him, but he looks like he rolled out of bed unexpectedly and landed on the red carpet. Dude, I know you play this type of character, but put on a tie, and brush your hairs. All ten of them. It makes a difference.

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257 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 ck1Oz

    Did they have the best dressed stars for this Award show?Bummed out about Joo Won though.

    • 51.1 lu

      but he won an award.

      Other actors that were good too got nothing.

      Isn’t it greedy?

      • 51.1.1 ck1Oz

        The top excellence award dear.One of them was a popularity award which is different.

  2. 52 asdjfkl

    Is it right that I laughed hard at the last one? LOL :DDDD

    • 52.1 Kiki

      He looked like a mad scientist. “Dude, I know you play this type of character, but put on a tie. And brush your hair. All ten of them.” LMFAO

  3. 53 lu

    Oh wow Joo Won fans are a bit greedy, aren’t them?

    I mean, he won an award.

    Yes, he was good, but excuse me the other actors were AS GOOD as him too.

    UTW deserved his award!

    SJK deserved his award!

    I think Rara’s actress deserved more an award than Mokdam/ester actress but oh well.

    • 53.1 henii

      Not actually greedy, just sad and dissapointed, yeah UTW and SJK deserved their awards, but so did Joo Won…there were 2 winners in the Top Excellence male category, and JW deserved to be a part of it!

    • 53.2 ladyana2j

      I am not his fan, and for me still, joowon have best perfomance this year among any actor of KBSs’ drama!

    • 53.3 me_gusta

      Agree to disagree! Joo Won deserved it more, he gave life to his character, he made LKT his own, I couldn’t imagine anyone else as LKT which is what it takes to be a great actor! But, still glad that he won an award!

    • 53.4 Pitch

      It´s not greedy when he was cleary heaps better than the actor that won Top Excellence. I like them both, but saying that SJK was better than Joo won is just ridiculous. But it also not worth getting worked up over, since the quality of acting is the very last thing that determines who wins these thing. What determines it is one thing: popularity – and SJK is the hot new trend right now, sooo…

      • 53.4.1 pogo

        I think throwing shade at the other actor by saying their performance had nothing to do with their win is the definition of ‘worked up’, but maybe that’s just me.

        And it’s not as if I expect the more rabid Joo Won fans to acknowledge that SJK’s performance was deserving of the award.

        Especially considering that Gaksital had higher ratings than Nice Guy and if ratings/trendiness was the main consideration for that award, Joo Won would have been more likely to win.

        • Pitch

          lol, what? I´m not a rabid Joo won fan. Guess what – my love/like for SJK and Joo won is about the same. I´ve seen both performances (I´m not sure you have) and while SJK was good/decent, his role didn´t even allow him to display the range/depth that Joo won showed, even if SJK would have been capable of that. But it’s not as if I expect the more rabid SJK fans to acknowledge that Joo won’s performance was more deserving of the award.

        • Kgrl

          Lols. Well said. Frankly speaking, Gakistal was like the National drama while it was airing. It’s popularity in S. Korea was an inspirational tidal wave to little kids and grannies everywhere. S. Koreans are anything if not patriotic. Of course, international fans don’t always understand the dynamics, so it’s easy to think it was SJK’s popularity that won him that award.

          I’ll be honest to say I preferred SJK’s subtle and understated performance more than JW’s passionate and dramatic portrayal. It’s rather like playing an instrument and enjoying a concert. Some prefer the more exciting and dazzling fortissimo strands while others like the pianissimo. I’ve always felt it was easier for me to pound on the piano than to express with the softest touch.

          Just personal preference. Both are great guys and great young actors.

          • Pitch

            *sigh* are you really trying to act like everyone and their grandma (IN KOREA) isn´t in love with SJK right now? Why do you think idols get awards for low-rated dramas?

            Yes, both are good actors, but that doesn´t change the fact that Joo won´s role demanded so much more from him and he delivered.

          • Pitch

            *sigh* are you really trying to act like everyone and their grandma (IN KOREA) isn´t in love with SJK right now? Why do you think idols get awards for low-rated dramas?

            Yes, both are good actors, but that doesn´t change the fact that Joo won´s role demanded so much more from him and he delivered.

      • 53.4.2 eny

        yes joo won deserve award more than SJK if the winner is UTW i can’t give a comment because I didn’t see his drama but I see Gaksital and Nice Guy that’s not greedy that my objective opinion

  4. 54 crazedlu

    meh? joo won was infinitely better in his role as kangto/gaksital than joongki was as maru.

    imma whatev this.

    back to regular programming, please.

    joo won. ~

    and lee jongseok. ~


    • 54.1 Jen

      I personally felt SJK was better. Lets agree to disagree.

      • 54.1.1 Alexandra Si

        lol…since I didn’t care 4 Gastikal due 2 the main actress, I didn’t complete the drama…I enjoyed SJK’s performance more.

    • 54.2 missjb

      Why in this site there is so much disagreement for top excelence actor? Song Joong Ki was awsome as Ma ru, and deserved the recognition. This time I agree with their choice. I have no idea OTT acting can come as a good acting? I feels Jo Woon looks constipated in some scene. His mind and emotions is not always in character and there is no depth in his potrayal. But it just my opinion. We can agree to disagree.

      • 54.2.1 SS

        If Joo Won had won the Top Excellence instead of SJK, I am sure SJK fans will cry foul too.

        You asked why is there so much disagreement but you ended by saying we can agree to disagree?

        Heard of fan wars but never venture into one. But I can totally see how it starts. You said Joo Won acts OTT a lot, I can say SJK acts as if he was sleepwalking sometimes. I am just stating the latter as an example.

        Maybe this is the intended effect of such events. Create the buzz and when you have this kind of “drama” amongst fans, fans get more fanatical and viewership goes up. Think of it, it’s good for sites like this as well.

        • takahashi

          I wouldn’t bother if the awards were not like this.

          I know SJK was good in his role just like JW was good in his… and it isn’t an award that will say who is better and who isn’t, it is my opinion and since the awards are always not that credible I would be ok… both won best actors awards, so why cry or complain?

          but I would flip tables if Yoochun for example won over JW and SJK…

        • twubble

          I think “agree to disagree” is apt. I prefer SJK’s subtle, nuanced acting to JW’s expansive, theatrical acting, as such I thought the Top excellence award was deservedly awarded to SJK. I can’t comment on the joint winner with SJK of this award because I did not catch much of that wildly popular weekend series.

          • SS

            Your comment is a great example. We don’t have to agree but we can put cross our opinions in a nice way 🙂

  5. 55 Mira

    Joo won and park ki woong deserved the top excellence awards… So sad that there was no award for best drama/best pd…

  6. 56 cindy

    Oh please JW fans.

    I see your fandom is staring to put Joo Won on a pedestal and oppa is the best here.


    JW had shined in some scenes, but most part of the show he was with the same serious face with one eyebrow lifted and screaming like a mad man to everything.

    Lets not forget how he opened his mouth so big that we viewers could be swallowed.

    Joo Won is good, but everytime he wants to show rage he screams like a mad man.

    He did it on Ojakgyo brothers.

    He did it on Kim Tak Gu.

    He and his lift eyebrow.

    Imo, the scene he shined the best was when he was honest with his hyung about being a police officer.

    I also don’t like how Joo Won overacts his crying scenes sometimes…

    • 56.1 twubble

      At the risk of angering JW fans out there, I agree with you about him overacting the crying scenes. Personally I do not like wailing, at times silent tears can convey grief and heartbreak more effectively than wails….Grief has to impact the audience.

  7. 57 asianromance

    Park Ki woong’s hair better be because of a movie he’s doing because yikes!!! The orange!!

    Park Se Young’s dress is my favorite of the night. I wonder if the KBS and SBS ceremonies were held in locations really close to each other. It would be funny if they were held in 2 different ballrooms at the same convention center or something and you can ceremony-hop easily during the night. Park Se Young and Park Shin Hye both had the best overall look of the night for the ladies.

    I’m surprised that Gaksital didn’t win more awards. I didn’t finish watching it, but I feel like being a drama that was so well-known and popular that there is even a drama-within-a-drama based on it – it would be sweeping up a heck more of the awards. I was hoping that Song Joong-ki would get to share the Top Excellence spot with Joo-won or Park Ki-woong. or maybe Song Joong-ki should have gotten Joo-won’s excellence for the serial drama category and then Joo-won get the top excellence award. I wonder how much other/previous roles and/or previous awards play into who gets chosen for what.

    I feel like Lee Jong seok and Kim Woo Bin should get some sort of couple award – if not this year, then next year!

    And no Jang Geun Seok at the ceremony? I’m always curious to see what he ends up wearing.

  8. 58 bjharm

    Jang Nara gets the Miniseries Best Actress second year running, seems KBS have more drama in mind for her to reward her twice running, I was a bit surprised school was even in the running, does this mean it also going to be in the awards list come 2013? lol. Think she missed the runway [yes she wore a black dress shoulder bare] as she and Choi where co presenters for, rather awkwardly both the best mini actor and actress award, as both where in the nominees list and of course Jang Nara won hers, think she was also nominated for best over all actress?

  9. 59 hitsugaya

    I was bummed joowon didnt get the top excellence award..i love joongki, but i love joowon more..hoping gaksital will get lots and lots of awards at the next baeksang awards..can’t wait for joowonies new drama!!! 🙂

  10. 60 bee

    @asianromance agree with this opinion of your “Song Joong-ki should have gotten Joo-won’s
    excellence for the serial drama category and then
    Joo-won get the top excellence award”

  11. 61 Kami

    Gaksital deserves better than that….

    kbs,sbs,mbc…all the same …politics

  12. 62 cindy

    I think some of people here saying JW deserved more the award than any other actor didn’t saw Equator Man and UTW being his amazing self.

    I really dislike when some fans just watch one or two dramas and don’t know how the other actors where in their dramas and says ”but he deserved most! He was the best”

    I bet so many didn’t even watched Equator Man lol

    • 62.1 @liss@

      I watched equator man & I liked UTW since his drama revenge / rebirth. I am saying that JW deserves the award more as the issue here is, SJK is the winner. If UTW was the winner, I would agreed too that he deserves the award. But as said, drama awards are mainly affected by politics & popularity.. SJK being really famous and has a huge fan base coupled with his recent movie hit..it make sense that the judges & KBS gave the top excellence award to him.
      But I am still happy that UTW won the PD award which was mainly chosen by PD from all 3 major stations. So UTW got the nods from the professional panel.

      I watched all Gaksital, nice guy & Equator man in full and may I present my view below.

      Gaksital- gain all the popularity & hype. JW & PKW is really marvelous and surprise me with every episodes. But the awards they received are under-rewarding. PKW won only the supporting actor when he was also nominated in the excellence award. None of the gaksital OPT won the best couple. I was hoping at least for the PKW & JW couple to win.

      Nice Guy- Overrated in my view. MCW deserves the award for her portrayal and her great character arc overturn in the drama. SJK, I am a fan of him too but his performance even though good but it’s not overwhelming like UTW or JW. PSY is also underrated. She won nothing for her brilliant & subtle portrayal!

      Equator man- underrated.. UTW is just simply awesome in there..but he too only won the excellence award.

      Sorry but no offense to any SJK fans, course I am one too. I am trying to comment objectively.

      • 62.1.1 kesha_joi

        @cindy Kind of agree, some poster here probably didn’t watch all the dramas and so they only rooted for the dramas that they watched, which is a shame because almost all the KBS dramas was amazing this year!

        @liss@ Great points and I’ve also watched all the dramas(Thanks to KBSworld and isn’t it amazing that they’re all in the Wed-Thu time slot?) and we pretty much have the same opinion…

        Nice Guy – great drama but a bit overrated, Chae Won deserved the excellence award, and sad that PSY didn’t win anything, SJK on the other hand was kind of disappointing especially when he’s paired with MCW.

        Equator Man – so, so underrated, it went up against K2H & Rooftop Prince in the timeslot and it came in 3rd place in average ratings, it was such an intense drama, and Uhmforce was so astounding, he deserved the award and so glad that he had another award for actor of the year from the PD’s!

        Bridal Mask – this was my drama of the year, not because of Joo Won(although he was suprising, he played such a memorable character who had such depth and range)but because the story and drama itself was exemplary, every episode grips your heart with wonderful excitement that it’s hard to marathon the drama because you’ll need a huge amount of time just to digest each and every episode, I have never cried so much watching an episode, so kudos to the cast and crew that made Gaksital!

        *This is my personal opinion, so I hope no one got offended!


        • jdji

          nope. Equator man is 1st on average rating among K2H and RTP, just look the rating again

  13. 63 Tsina

    I’m so happy Park Shin Hye got an award for Don’t Worry I’m a Ghost – I really like this drama special because it has a story.

    Park Se Young was just a new actress in 2012 and she did well in just a year. She and Park Shin Hye from one agency – 4Him Entertainment. She’s one beautiful actress.

    • 63.1 Maris

      I am thrilled with PSH getting this award. She did great in the drama. She is looking beautiful and classy.
      She has grown up wonderfully well. I hope this award and the new year will be a happy one for her. I heard this past one was full of agony and tribulations for her.
      I am so excited about FBND starting jan 7 and her movie on the 24th?27th? This month.

  14. 64 Bear99

    Park Shin Hye such a goddess, now that’s what I called natural beauty. She deserve the award by the way ^^

    • 64.1 pogo

      I cannot wait for My Flower Boy Neighbour now! LESS THAN A WEEK YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

      • 64.1.1 pillowhead


  15. 65 djes

    Park Shiyeon is not pregnant! Woh I thought she was, since her dresses in late eps of Nice Guy were so unflattering, I thought to hide her bump.
    Anyway, she’s so sexy..with that really simple dress.
    I just love her and Kim Soyeon, who always dress nicely for award shows.

    Park Kiwoong! who told you orange hair is in? Even Noh Minwoo cut his hair ( and back looking manga pretty ) nicely. I feel sorry for you.

    I actually wanted to watch You who rolled in unexpectedly, after I watched “Happy Together” with the casts.. The main couple’s chemistry was sooo great. But it’s a really long drama, I keep hesitating to start it.

  16. 66 Viki

    ooooh lol, you girls, always love the last comment and picture…hehe

  17. 67 coffeeluva

    didn’t sung joon win an award? i was scrolling and anticipating seeing his look for the red carpet.. did he even go?
    i googled the drama he won the award for, does anyone know where i could possibly watch it? i didn’t find anything.

  18. 68 lizzie

    To be honest

    I didn’t connect to both Maru and Kang To.

    They also didn’t make me cry. Kang To did make me teary when he cried while hugging his hyung but aside it, Kang To and Maru didn’t move me at all…

    It was to a point where I couldn’t care less if their character died or not in the end. I think both SJK and JW were great but not amazing/blew our minds in their roles.

    I notice JW gets more love here, but I think it is because he played a hero role and fans love their heros. It is more epic, it is more moving ? Not sure… I think the actors being young and handsome also helps since I saw other good actors doing the same roles and not getting this much love…

    It is interesting….

    • 68.1 Kgrl

      Lols. Very perceptive comment. You’re right on several accounts. There are quite a few here who are on high horses, but at least there is (for the most part) cordial debates. 🙂

  19. 69 Nooni

    “Park Ki-woong on either arm. I wish I could shoot that orange animal that died on top of Park Ki-woong’s lovable adorable head” hahhahahahhhahaha that’s so funny and so true i hate that orange hair xD

    I’m feeling a Biiig disappointed I can’t lie to myself that I think Joowon deserves the Excellence award more than Joongki -.- good to see that I’m not alone in this thought I like both of them though ….

    also its my 1st time to watch kbs drama awards and i thought they would give an award for the year’s best drama !!!!@_@ and best directing cause thats a shame when all the credits and awards goes to the actors what about the people who worked backstage ??!!!

  20. 70 kdramafan

    what happen to Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung? Why didn’t they turn up?

  21. 71 anvesha

    I actually liked Park Shin Hye’s look in a stand alone picture.. but now in a this black-and-mostly-white sea of dresses, her one doesn’t stand out much.

    I love the back of Kim Nam Joo! And the cut of the dress is nice as well, I am not sure about the lace part though.

    I will never understand the Korean award giving system. Is it really necessary to separate mid-length and serial dramas?.. and their penchant for giving more than one award in a category..

    • 71.1 takahashi

      it is to please the actors and not piss off anyone who is important so they separate it…

  22. 72 kdramafan

    i guess that’s because Big was already a “failure”, that ‘s why they didn’t turn up.. same goes for Wild Romance

  23. 73 Lucia

    It’s unfair of you to say that Jin Se Yeon’s acting is bad, when you only saw her in Gaksital. If you really want to see how talented she is then watch My Daughter The Flower. That’s the only drama in which she is more than just the stupid love interest of the hero. In the end she even had to play a married woman with a child and she pulled it off.
    Her acting is not constant yet, yes, but even in Gaksital she had scenes in which she shined. She is young and wasn’t a child actress. Give the poor girl some time and don’t compare her with older and experienced actresses. No one is born a master.

    • 73.1 lu

      I watched her on Five fingers and she is so bad actress that I could see Mok Dam and not the character she was supposed to be on Five Fingers.

      She also had no chemistry with them….

      but I might check out this drama you talked to see if my impression changes.

      • 73.1.1 Lucia

        The name of her character in Gaksital was Mok Dan/Boon Yi not Mok Dam.

        I watched her on Five Fingers, too. But I didn’t get the Mok Dan vibe from her at all. Well, thanks to the stylist she looks like a modern Mok Dan, since they didn’t change her hair very much.

        Her character ‘Da Mi’ hadn’t much purpose in the drama. Even Mok Dan had more purpose in Gaksital than Da Mi did in Five Fingers (which is saying something).

        Some people think she had chemistry with them and some not. Everyone can decide for themselves.

        • pogo

          Girl, I get that you are her fan but making a fuss about spelling her name wrong in a comment when the M and N keys are right next to each other is not a good look.

          And stop taking it so personally when people say her acting sucked, even our faves can have lacklustre performances and improve with time but it doesn’t mean people need to be scolded with the ‘you’re just sheep!’ implication for it.

  24. 74 biankoy

    I’m so happy that “You who rolled in unexpectedly” garnered awards because it really IS a great show! I just finished watching it and lordy, I have too many feels for that show. I don’t know how many times have I wept, WEPT, mind you, while watching it. I watched Kim Nam joo’s Queen of Reversal before, but it didn’t moved me the same way this drama did. Iwatched it with no expectations or whatsoever and by the end of the first episode I’m blubbering like an idiot. I loved everybody in the show except for Oh Yeon-seo’s character, which is really a compliment for her because she’s really convincing. I couldn’t care less about Joo Yoon-hee and Lee Hee-joon before, because she’s such a wet tissue and him, I just don’t notice, but the show made me love them both, although a part of me still think that Joo Yoon-hee’s still wet tissue-ish. BUT I love them together 😀 And don’t get me started on Yoo Joon-sang’s Bang Gwi-nam, because I’m still looking where I could buy one. anyway, sorry this turned into a “You who rolled in unexpectedly” rave but I just have a lot feelings. Even that 10 haired Ahjussi at the bottom picture made me shed tears. That show is just so full of heart. Congratulations Writer-nim!

    • 74.1 enz

      I agree. it was a good heartwarming drama. not as good as ojakgyo in my opinion but pretty good

  25. 75 Sunny

    I’m angry/sad/disappointed that Joo Won didn’t win the top excellence award. His performance in Gaksital was phenomenal.

    I’m happy to see Lee Jong Suk take home an award too. I didn’t think any actors/actresses from currently airing dramas would take anything.

    Lol, the first thing that I thought of when I saw Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae was vampire couple.

    The red carpets for the drama award shows have been quite boring. Hopefully the red carpets for the Baeksang Arts Awards will be better.

  26. 76 jane

    I LOVE Kim Nam Joo’s look! Park Shin Hye & Yoona are so pretty in the pictures. and omg Song Joong Ki… <333

  27. 77 Hallyusurfer

    I think many those commented here are those who watched Gaksital and didn’t watch You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly..I’m the opposite, thus I feel weird reading the comments.

    Anyway, I agree with all the awards given except maybe I would like Jin Kyung to be awarded. She was in 3 hit drama..nice guy, you who rolled in unexpectedly, himnae Mr. kim

  28. 78 kyle

    IMO, SJK has a natural subdued acting, and JW is good in expressing intense emotions. I think sometimes we fall in love with the character rather than the actor, which I think explains a lot of JW love here, since SJK’s character is not your typical hero in Nice Guy. At least the two guys gain recognition for their acting rather than going home without any trophy (unlike some other actors/actresses at recent awards). JW still has a lot of opportunities to win more awards in the future, with talent and hard work.

    • 78.1 pogo

      I think sometimes we fall in love with the character rather than the actor

      I feel that way too, and not about Joo-won vs SJK. Though SJK’s performance as Maru was masterful – his first time as leading man, and it really couldn’t have been better.

      • 78.1.1 eny

        I agree about sometimes fall in love with the character rather than the actor but I see Nice Guy and Gaksital I still see jw do really great job his acting is stable till the end with really hard charracter, If UTW who win I can’t give any comment because I didn’t see it, I didn’t see You who rolled Unexpctedly too so I can’t give a comment

  29. 79 Fab

    Very happy for Song Joong-ki wining Top Excellence! Yesssss
    Gaksital may have been a good drama, but now way in hell Joo Won is a better actor than SJK.

    OMG, two beautiful co-stars come in together in funeral ‘fits?? Talkin’ about Lee Dae-hee and Jang Hyuk.

    Lee Jong-seok!! Was the MC, gotta watch this show.

  30. 80 Aleena

    YAY! Lee Jong Seok! 😀 AND Jung Nara! 😀 School 2013 WHEE!!! 😀 <3

  31. 81 topper

    Jin Se Yeon: Gets all the guys (in reel life)
    Han Chae Ah: Gets all the guys (in real life)

    • 81.1 rt


    • 81.2 Amy

      Haha…funny but i like both of them..nomu areumdaum

  32. 82 Rotikirai

    Love the School cast! Lee Jong-seok!! And I wish I undersand what Daniel & Nara were talking about! I love this couple! There was a moment where she stuck her tongue out, like she said something wrong, or something…

    Yoo Joon-sang… I noticed how gentlemanly he was! He escorted his co-stars Yoon Yeo-jung & Kim Nam-Joo to receive their awards. And he even wiped Nam-joo’s mascara tears!

    Great that I got to see Yeon Woo-jin! My fav Ojakgyo brother! 😀

    • 82.1 pogo

      I know, I was squeeing inside to see him, Daniel Choi, Jang Nara and Park Se-young…..too bad there’s no Kim Woo-bin though!

  33. 83 Maricel

    Me too, she is still young andshe can get better… but she is so cuta and charming….i hope she gets better before being typecasted as a bad actress, u.u …

  34. 84 pogo

    Flawless choice of image for post header, GF! Song Joong-ki is so gorgeous, it’s almost killing me – in fact all the Nice Guy cast look fantastic, especially Park Shi-yeon with her Jessica Rabbit va-va-voom and Lee Kwang-soo with that adorable dorkiness. And I might be one of the few who actually likes the primness of Moon Chae-won’s outfit, it makes her look like a real-life doll.

    I think SJK, Uhm Tae-woong and Joo-won could probably battle it out for Best Dressed in the men’s department here, while Kim Nam-joo and Park Shi-yeon tie for Best Dressed among the women.

  35. 85 korfan

    Thank you for posting these fabulous pics and info! I may be wrong but both KBS & SBS don’t air their awards shows on regular, broadcast television (perhaps on cable services) here in the U.S., so this is wonderful.

    Wow, what a way to start off the New Year! Very happy for the wins received by Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won. I’m still trying to figure out how Song Joong-ki did it that I’m still thinking about Kang Maru.

    Also glad to hear about Uhm Tae-woong’s win for Equator Man. He was convincing in his portrayal. One question though, what about Lee Joon-hyuk?? I thought he was great also.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  36. 86 fraulein

    Is it just me or what? The female celebrities look like they didn’t have enough time to do their hair? Mostly pony tails, and pony tails like how I tied mine when I’m cooking.. 🙁

  37. 87 DaDa

    Lee Bo-Young seriously won an award for her character in Equator Man?!?!? They should have nominated the other actress from Equator Man instead. LBY’s character was so plain, boring, and insignificant. She was more of a background character.

    • 87.1 lu

      I know right? I think she should won for My daughter So Young, there she acts muuuch better!

    • 87.2 Annie

      She basically plays herself in every drama. It’s not difficult to ascertain why she’s never actually made it big (just my opinion, of course).

  38. 88 malta

    Yay for Uhm Tae Woong! Glad he is getting some recognition for Equator Man.

  39. 89 malta

    Fashion wise all the women and men look wonderful. From the simplest understated black dress to the furriest coat collar. 😀 Especially in comparison to some of the questionable fashion at some of the other awards shows. haha – no stuffed cat here.

    Sometimes we forget that maybe these stars might be dressing for themselves first so that they are wearing something they like, feel comfortable in, and reflects their personality and personal style on THEIR big award night.

  40. 90 Abbie

    Everyone looks nice but, Park Ki-woong, what happened to his hair? I tolerated his blond hair in Full House Take 2, but actually think he looks better with it dark. Still, orange?! Seriously?

    Song Joong-ki is the best looking man there, though. And Yoona had the prettiest dress.

  41. 91 mikan

    That’s also what I thought when I got to see most of them in blacks and whites. I think they just want to play safe. Anyway, I agree Kim Nam Joo looks gorgeous that night, and also Han Chae Ah 🙂 And JOO WON!!!! ♥_♥ He and Park Ki-Woong both deserve their awards 😀

  42. 92 redfox

    oops, I am sorry, I must have fallen asleep while I was grabbing hold of cuuuutie Park Ki-Woong. Hope he doesn´t have nail marks on his head. *jumps off* If his head will still be orange tomorro, it is no longer my fault.

  43. 93 Heeee

    Lovely dresses and people! Just wanted to point out that Suzy wore the same dress Doona Bae did at the Korean premier of Cloud Atlas. They both look good but Doona definitely pulled it off better.

  44. 94 Park Ki-woong, best actor of his generation

    In my opinion, Park Ki-Woong (as Shunji) gets the award for best acting! His descent into madness & brutality, while trying to maintain a veneer of normality, was spell-binding! And chilling! Best portrayal I have seen in a long time.

  45. 95 kumi

    Are these actors afraid of color?
    At least, that clownish hair color of Park Ki-woong is not boring. Thanks, Ki-woong 🙂

  46. 96 JoowonLover:P

    I thought Han Chae-ah looked COMPLETELY gorgeous. So beautiful. I want that dress so bad!! And Joo-won is looking fineee, that beige colored suit really looked dapper on him.

    And for those of you that are angry/upset/mad that Joo-won didn’t win Top Excellence….please don’t be. Joo-won seemed to be ecstatic that he won his excellence award and he’s always so humble. He would be upset to see that people are bashing on his seniors just because of an award. I think SJK and Joo-won both did an outstanding job in their respective dramas. Everyone knows that these award ceremonies aren’t the most reliable sources when it comes to “best acting”. Plus, this means Joo-won still has a chance to grow and get Top Excellence in the coming years. Let’s wait for the best and try to be cordial to everyone’s opinions this year, shall we? 😀

    Thanks for the fun recap, girlfriday!

  47. 97 boholAnna

    Very disappointed. I thought Nice Guy was good but it wasnt on the same level as Gaksital. Love Song Joong Ki but reaalllyy? how could it compare to Joo Won’s Gaksital. You forget the actor and I saw him as the pained and tragic Kangto.

    • 97.1 Annie

      Song Joong Ki had a massive year with the success of Werewolf Boy as well – looks like KBS really wanted to give him an award and used Nice Guy’s success as an excuse.

  48. 98 Z

    Song Joong-Ki looks EXTRA young in a tux. Like he’s the Junior groomsman in his big brother’s wedding.

  49. 99 Kerii

    Congratulations Tae-woong oppa!!

  50. 100 Elle

    Agreed, MBC awards were sad. Ha Ga In best actress??

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