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Running Man: Episode 130
by | February 3, 2013 | 36 Comments

Get ready to live multiple lives in this week’s reincarnation episode. It feels like it’s been forever and a day since we saw an episode sans any guests and watched the ol’ gang try to decipher who’s up to what. There are some unexpected surprises in this hour and a half along with the reassurance that some things don’t change with the passage of time.

EPISODE 130. Broadcast on January 27, 2013.

Present day Seoul. We’re thrown right into the middle of the action as cast members point fingers at each other left and right. At the moment, all accusations fall upon Jong-kook, who is strangely missing.

Suddenly Spartakooks emerges from the shadows and rips off Jae-suk’s name tag… which reveals a different name. Huh? What’s going on? What d’you mean, ‘Reincarnation’?

1938 Seoul. Our cast members roam the streets in their period clothes and while some members embrace their wardrobe (Jong-kook: “Do I look like Kim Doo-han?” [a notable gangster who was later involved in the resistance movement]), others hide their faces in embarrassment (Haha: “I just noticed our nametags!”).

I love how Gary’s like, “We have to ride the subway wearing this?” but he plays along. Then there’s Kwang-soo who sticks out like a sore thumb in his imperial garb and calls himself Joseon’s last king. Aw.

The cast read their letters informing them that they are secret couriers sent by different organizations. Their mission is to find the hidden keys to access the chest in the mayor’s office containing gold bars.

A bit of history: 1938 places us in the middle of the Japanese occupation of Korea and the resistance movement. Resistance members also addressed each other as “comrades,” which explains the letter and Gary’s declaration as a martyr for the nation.

The cast arrives at City Hall station and Comrade Mung playfully rips off Comrade Yoo’s nametag. They meet up with Gary and laugh at his wardrobe, which does look oddly familiar.

What awaits them at City Hall are dozens of similarly dressed extras. They explore the building and Gary discovers the chest in the mayor’s office. What do you know – it requires seven keys to open.

I love how Comrade Gary fails to stash his letter away when Comrade Yoo walks in and he thinks out loud what’s required of him. All of the keys are hidden in various locations and the couriers head out to find them.

The Betrayal Trio (Haha, Suk-jin, and Kwang-soo) arrive moments later and they’re hilariously perplexed to find the chest locked. They settle on stealing everyone else’s keys before finding their own but barely a minute goes by before they start arguing. Ha – how typical.

Then they all start grabbing for each other’s name tags. Hehe.

A young lady catches Gary’s eye who oh-so-casually bumps into him, spilling her papers. Gary scratches his head at the words “Jingle Bell” as Ji-hyo watches the scene from above.

But this isn’t just your ordinary 1930s City Hall because Jong-kook starts getting pelted by young’uns while Jae-suk is currently being chased by a mob. The package the mob is after turns out to be nothing, but Jae-suk looks up… straight into the eyes of Jong-kook.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyo reads Gary like a book and immediately figures out that he’s found his key. Gary’s letter rips in half when she tries to take a peek and then Gary stuffs it into his mouth. HA.

But he’s got a bigger problem on his hands because in the struggle, the key falls to the ground. To cover his mistake, he pretends to be fascinated by the neon lights of the elevator. They strike a deal and our first alliance is born.

Poor Jae-suk – as soon as he finds his key, the young’un from before stuffs another package into his hands. Jae-suk: “I won’t take it! I won’t take it!” But it’s too late and now he’s gotta run.

He’s breathless by the time he escapes and is confused why the young man kept on insisting though he declined. Then Kwang-soo keeps getting hit over the head, getting mistaken for someone else. Perhaps there’s more to this than meets the eye…

At least some of the surprises are nice because Ji-hyo has a group of young men proclaiming their undying love for her. And at the center… is Gary. Aww.

They chant “Hug her! Hug her!” which gets Gary red in the face with embarrassment. Then Ji-hyo steps forward… and hugs the extra. Gary: “Were we in a love triangle [back then] too?”

We get this hilarious moment when Jae-suk discovers a camera on wheels (Jae-suk asks if it’s like a pet, ha) and the contraption amazes the Easy Brothers who play around with the camera angles and fisheye lens. It’s all fun and games until Jae-suk rolls it in between Kwang-soo’s legs. Er…

Anyway, back to the mission on hand and tension runs high among the cast. Then Jae-suk eliminates Kwang-soo (You can get eliminated here too?) and gains his key for his own.

Jae-suk gets stuck with the package for the third time today but this time, the cast corners him, demanding to know what it is. It’s nothing but they don’t know that and the next thing we know, Suk-jin is eliminated.

Haha jumps back in surprise to see Jong-kook (who has eavesdropped on this entire exchange). The Tiger waits for the Grasshopper to fall into his trap… but Jae-suk is quick on his feet. Even Jong-kook is impressed and acknowledges that Jae-suk’s reflexes have improved.

They part but Jae-suk realizes that there’s never been a time when he’s beaten a 1:1 battle against Jong-kook. Too bad his sneak attack works against him and falls for the same tactics he used just minutes earlier.

Jae-suk is understandably reluctant to hand his keys over to Spartakooks (who knew that Jae-suk might take advantage of the situation). With that, Jong-kook has four keys in total.

Our resident jailed member, Suk-jin, pointedly notes that his elimination wasn’t broadcasted like it usually does. Interesting – so does this mean it isn’t actually the end? Then when Kwang-soo hears that they’re in solitary confinement, he gapes: “What kind of grave crime did I commit?”

But back to the action and now the Tiger has finally revealed his claws. He’s super agile and quick as he hunts down Haroro and in a blink of an eye, it’s just him versus the ex-Monday Couple.

Seeing Spartakooks this quick on his feet makes me recall the golden Running Man days of yore. It’s just that Ace Ji-hyo has learned a thing or two over the years and she isn’t afraid to go up against him. But even then, Jong-kook manages to rip her nametag off too.

Ji-hyo wishes Gary the best of luck as she’s led out but Gary already concedes defeat. “I’ll see you in a minute.” LOL.

Now Gary and Jong-kook face off and that glint on the Commander’s face is unsettling. But Gary isn’t someone to be trifled with either and they both grab each other at the same time.

We hear a rrrippp but can’t be sure who managed to get to the chest. The rest of the cast left are in the dark as well because Mr. PD announces the end of today’s filming and sends them home.

The mysterious victor opens the chest… but finds nothing but air inside.

2013. Seoul City Hall. One by one, the cast members emerge from the time-travelling wormhole and Mr. PD informs them that they’ve been reincarnated. Jae-suk is super realistic and deadpans, “I’ve never died, so how can I be reincarnated?” HA.

The empty chest from the ’30s now lies on the table as the members learn that the keys are missing once more. It appears that our victor opened the fake and the real chest is safely hidden elsewhere.

Jae-suk gets super realistic once more as he realizes that they were all in solitary confinement so that no one would know who won the last round. Ha.

Why am I not surprised that Kwang-soo doesn’t understand a word of the rules. He asks for a cheat sheet; since he was eliminated first, he doesn’t have the slightest clue who won. Their job now is to find the one who literally holds all the keys.

Is it Gary or Jong-kook?

Suk-jin is right on the money when he presumes that it’s either Jong-kook or Gary. The problem is, neither he nor Jae-suk are strong enough to take Jong-kook on.

So when they run into him, Jae-suk tells Spartakooks: “We need at least three people to take you on!” It’s funny… ’cause it’s true.

Once he’s alone, Jong-kook contemplates how to abate everyone’s suspicion of him when a young man suddenly stuffs a briefcast into his hands, telling him it’s valuable. Hey, we saw you in the past!

Jong-kook runs and once the mob backs down, he realizes that he saw the same young man in a previous life chasing after Jae-suk. What could this mean?

Meanwhile, Gary is in the middle of recounting the tale of how the Tiger overtook him, complete with gestures. He even adds that Jong-kook whispered, “I’m going to protect my character [image] today…” which is enough for the mat hyungs to believe him.

Ji-hyo reaches deep into her memories and recalls that 80 years ago, she was eliminated by Jong-kook. Kwang-soo reminds her that it still means that it’s uncertain whether it’s Jong-kook or Gary, and then she’s all, It’s common sense, duh!

Kwang-soo proposes that he’ll twist Jong-kook’s pinky to catch him (then Ji-hyo’s like, And then you die) and the five promise to stick together. Mmhm – let’s just see how long that lasts.

Then we’re back to the very beginning of the episode as Haha warns the others not to run into Jong-kook. He’s in complete Hunter mode and he can hear their every word.

…so Kwang-soo immediately starts singing praises about Jong-kook and Haha joins in, “Who in the world would hate Jong-kook hyung?”

We see proof of Haha’s words just around the corner where Jong-kook lies in wait.

He runs out of his hiding place, ripping off Jae-suk nametag in the process. But we see someone else’s name hidden underneath: Suk-jin’s. That throws everyone into a whirlwind of confusion as accusations start flying.

The others give chase and Jong-kook zips down the corridor and disappears.

Mr. PD invites Jae-suk to figure out the situation and flatly tells him that he’s wrong. Jae-suk shoots Mr. PD this glare when the staff dangles the carrot in front of his eyes that he could re-enter the game if he correctly deduces the situation.

Mr. PD gives him a minute and when Jae-suk can’t figure it out, he’s like, “Okay, let’s go.”

The others are trying to deduce the same thing and then Kwang-soo has a Eureka! moment: the present nametag was in white font with a black background. Furthermore, the nametags in their past lives had the opposite.

Suk-jin gasps: “Jae-suk is me!” What he means is that when everyone was reincarnated, 1938 Suk-jin was reborn as present day Jae-suk. Following that logic, that means everyone was reincarnated as someone else… and no one knows who the 1938 victor is in present day 2013.

Suk-jin is really on the ball today as he points out that his elimination marks the official start of the race, as usual. That’s just plain bad luck but it’s still funny.

Now the question is: how will they be able to tell who’s truly who in 2013?

Leave it to Jong-kook who once again arrives at the correct conclusion. He recalls that Jae-suk was being chased in the 1930s and now they’re chasing him. Which means he’s got Jae-suk’s name written on his back.

Funny how one can still recall getting hit by random strangers some 80 years later. This time, it’s Suk-jin who gets hit and he asks Kwang-soo if this is familiar to him. Kwang-soo lies.

It’s hilariously ironic that now Gary’s the one getting proposed to and the suitors now cry, “Kiss! Kiss!” Gary tries to resist but his admirer plants a kiss on his forehead. At least Gary now realizes that he’s Ji-hyo reincarnated.

Jong-kook runs into Suk-jin and Ji-hyo and proposes that they find his reincarnation first. Then Ji-hyo recalls that 1938 Jong-kook was pelted with balls…

Speaking of which, Kwang-soo walks into the theater when he’s suddenly battered by a volley of balls. I wonder – is it worse getting hit upside the head by strangers or this?

Kwang-soo can’t seem to remember, so he raises his hand asking, “Does any of you remember anything from their past lives?” They hit him with more balls.

A flirtatious exchange is enough for Ji-hyo to guess who she was in her past life. Wait – does this mean these two are actually meant to be? A girl can dream, okay!

Seems to be that Gary feels the same way I do and Ji-hyo laughs when she hears that Gary was just proposed to (and kissed!). She asks Gary once more if he didn’t win the last round and Gary reassures her that all the keys belong to past Jong-kook.

Speak of the devil – past Jong-kook aka Kwang-soo joins the two and he lies to protect his identity. HA – and then he freezes like a deer caught in headlights when he realizes that Ji-hyo knows how to identify 1938 Jong-kook.

Ji-hyo calls Kwang-soo out and she can see right through him despite his obvious attempts to keep up the ruse.

Kwang-soo’s identity is confirmed as soon as they walk into the theater and Gary suggests they ally together. Then he rips Kwang-soo’s nametag off, revealing his past identity.

But something’s amiss because Gary doesn’t immediately acquire the seven keys. He plays it off that the staff doesn’t want to give them to him.

Now Ji-hyo’s suspicious and when she resists, Gary lunges for her back, ripping off her nametag. And sure enough, there’s a small addendum that identifies Gary as the 1938 victor.

A flashback teaches us that indeed, it was Comrade Gary who overtook Jong-kook in a surprise twist. Then we hear Gary’s distant cries that he worked so hard to beat Jong-kook and there’s no reward.

Back to 2013 where Gary apologizes to Ji-hyo, promising her 2% of his winnings. I love it how she answers, “10%.” Girl knows how to deal.

Gary rushes to the mayor’s office where Granny Maknae FD returns his keys and even drops a tip: someone from the past has been reborn as himself.

While Gary wonders who that mysterious person may be, Haha walks into a room and suddenly everyone starts dancing… just like they did in 1938. Hmm.

It must be really boring in jail because the boys start to play rock-paper-scissors to see who can draw on each other’s face. Soon both of them end up with huge moles and Kwang-soo complains that he can see the monstrous blotch on his nose.

The remaining four boys circle around each other and it’s Jong-kook who attacks first and reaches for Gary. This time, Jong-kook beats him and acquires the keys, much to everyone else’s surprise.

Gary shares what he learned from Granny Maknae FD before he leaves and all fingers point to Haha. Haroro bolts.

He doesn’t run for long and Haha sighs that Granny is one funny lady.

Another flashback tells us that Haha met with Granny Maknae FD who told him that there were two chests. 1938 Haha took the heavy gold-filled chest before anyone else arrived.

Haha asked why he was being told this golden secret and I love Granny’s answer: “‘Cause you got here first.” And that’s why while everyone was reincarnated as someone else, Haha retained his body, soul, and memories.

Now in the present, Haha hrmphs that victory is within his reach so he isn’t going to give up that easily. But like he has a choice when he’s face to face with Jong-kook.

They drag Haha out of his corner but then Suk-jin attacks Jong-kook, alliance be damned. Then the unexpected: Suk-jin rips off Spartakooks‘s nametag. Boy, this year is just full of new surprises, innit?

It’s even more entertaining to watch Haha and Suk-jin go head to head as they wheeze and gasp for air every five seconds. Then in a final burst of strength, Haha pulls off Suk-jin’s nametag and revels in victory.

Haha returns to the place where his 1938 self hid the chest and struggles once more to move it (It cracks me up that Suk-jin wears Jong-kook’s nametag on his hat.). Once he unlocks the chest, we see that it’s filled to the brim with gold bars.

The ban on the gold prize has yet to be lifted in the present, but since this gold originated from the past, Haha is allowed to take the both the gold and the glory home with him.

I’m sure you’ll need it with a little one on the way. Congrats Haha!


36 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bgr

    TQVM! enjoyed reading the recap.

  2. Katherine

    Another episode added into my favorite’s list. I was totally kept on my toes throughout the episode, loved the twist and was wondering why Haha hadn’t been reincarnated like everyone else and got my answer at the end.
    Lets give it up for Ji Suk Jin !! Great to see him eliminate Sparta Kook, my reaction = ” OOOOOOOMMMMMFFFFFFGGGGGGGGG !!!!! NOOOOOOO WAYYYYYY !!! )@(&)(#&)Y)#” LOL.
    The Monday Couple getting reincarnated as one another was so cute, I so should’ve seen that coming . Even reincarnated Ji Suk Jin gets eliminated first, what are the chances ?!! LOL. Everyone shined in this episode and I’m so happy that we finally got a non-guest episode, but I think that’s because the PD’s try to come up with a concept that outdoes the previous ones so they try to space out the episodes where there are no guests.

  3. onyxx

    i like this episode for several reasons:
    1. after what seems like forever, ha-ha has finally won a game all by himself — i think this is his first since he had gotten hitched, so this victory is esp. sweet 🙂
    2. Ji Suk-jin ripped KJK’s name tag! (and came within an inch of winning this round, too) i could almost imagine his son jumping in glee after seeing that. good job.
    3. gary ripping off ji-hyo’s tag (bitter) and butting in during that “love confession” scene (sweet) — and then being “reincarnated” as ji-hyo and getting the same treatment later (hilarious)
    4. LKS’s period costume made him even more noticeable than usual — those huge epaulettes on his shoulders looked imposing and (deceptively) heavy. he kept getting “hit” in both of his past and present lives lol
    5. the rock-paper-scissors game between jae-suk and LKS had me howling like a banshee

    all in all, i liked the game set-up of this episode. just when you think you had everything figured out, something comes up to keep you off balance.

  4. Quiet Thought

    When I first saw the dancing scene in 1938, I was convinced the writers had been dropping acid, but it was definitely funny when the 2013 dancing turned out to be Gangnam Style.

  5. Daisy

    I wish Ji Suk Jin won! That would be a fun twist of events and he hasn’t one once LOLOL

  6. Running Man Fan

    This episode is full of surprise and excitement.Who would have expected the twist? The Brilliant PDs deserve a clap for this. My favorite moments –

    1) SpartaKook is back in action and he is a professional predator. He really look like a dashing action star with his agile movements and his spandex. Can someone ask him to act as a boss, a detective or a spy? He look hot in this episode and is constantly on fire.

    2) Gary and Ji Suk Jin eliminated the commander! That calls for a celebration. Especially, Ji Suk Jin son will be super proud of his dad.

    3) Gary hilarious expression. The part where he get kissed by guy, he gets frightened by Kookie, his expression when he see the empty box, his expression after he win Jong Kook and his interaction with Ji Hyo.

    4) Jae Suk was eliminated by Jong Kook twice. Past and present life

    5) The reincarnation scene and their responds. Especially Kwang Soo who cannot get the picture.

    6) Kwang Soo inability to conceal the fact that he was reincarnated as Jong Kook.

    7) Ji Suk Jin – Race starter and how he admitted to it.

    8) Kwang Soo keep getting hit in this episode.

    9) Ji Suk Jin placed Jong Kook nametag on his hat. 2013 is his year!! sly impala. Congrats..

    10) Ji Hyo is not afraid to take on Jong Kook. She is indeed a good observer and player. Love her shy expression when being proposed and her interaction with Gary as Monday couple.

    11) Gary eliminated Ji Hyo and agreed to give her 10% after smart Ji Hyo negotiation.

    11) Haha finally win a individual race after a long time.. He is indeed very cunning. Just wish that he has more screen time as i only get to see him being chased by spartakook and dancing. Anyway, congrats to him, his wife and the little one.

    I was wondering –
    1) What happen to Jong Kook finger, it looks like he had injuried himself.
    2)Secondly, I was thinking where is Haha and why nobody find him fishy or even seek him out.
    3) Haha is the suspect and Gary still cannot figure out the thief. He still need to build up his deduction skills and learn from Jong Kook.
    4) Will Suk Jin Frame up Jong Kook nametags. Haha.
    Thanks for review.

  7. Running Man Fan

    Oh, not to forget.. Kwang Soo and Jae Suk playing game at the jail. I can see that his hyungs really like Kwang Soo. They look super funny after that drew on each other face. I can see everybody progress through these years, especially Gary who cannot lie but managed to pull the wool on everyone eyes. Basically everyone believe the winner is Jong Kook and gang up to hunt him. LOL.

  8. JC

    I loved this episode!
    Though the RM guests have been great in recent episodes, I always love it when they have an episode to themselves– especially with all the surprises in this one.

    Yay for the return of the Commander. c:
    And Gary totally surprised me by taking out Jihyo.
    But I was most impressed with JI SUKJIN!! I literally cheered when he took down the Commander, and it was too bad he didn’t win in the end.

  9. Lilian

    Wow! one of my favourite episodes ever. Definitely love it when they fight it out among themselves. I could never have guessed the winner from this episode. But this keeps it fresh rather than always knowing that Jong kook will definitely win! Haha deserves the win definitely.

  10. 10 reina

    super fun episode!! Haha finally win the game lol..and i was wondering how many gold is there in the chest?? i think the real gold is only some that’s in Haha’s hand?

  11. 11 ailee

    hands down! best episode ever! thanks ^^ can’t wait for the subbed.

  12. 12 Quiet Thought

    ‘Jackal is Coming’ appears to have tanked completely at the box office . . . and, after watching it on, it probably deserved its ignominy . . . but it did give Song Ji Hyo a chance to work out regularly and upgrade her martial arts skills. She’s been showing a lot more physical confidence since filming it. And paying more attention to her hair style. That perm she wears in the movie was an abomination.

  13. 13 Mika~

    Gary was lucky that Jongkook is so well-known for his Commander character; despite having improved as a liar (that’s what Runningman teaches you to do!), Gary still seemed pretty awkward when he was constantly denying that he won against Jongkook. But then again, Jongkook was being pretty suspicious too, so I don’t blame the RM cast for trusting Gary over Jongkook. I kind of wanted Gary to win again this year – three times in a row would’ve been awesome – but I guess this could be Haha’s wedding gift. And if I were Sukjin, I don’t know how I’d feel… Happy to have finally beaten the Almighty Spartakooks? Or frustrated to have come so close to winning (again)?

  14. 14 Jackeline

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how utterly sexy KJK is in his all-black, tight-fitting garb, leaning seductively (imo xD) against the corner of the wall, lying in wait for Jaesuk? God I love him.

    This was one of the best RM episodes for me! I love what they do when there’s no guest. This whole episode was full of hilarity and I have so many favourite moments. My biggest regret was not seeing Sukjin win because he was actually THIS CLOSE. Haha’s name tag was half-off and if he’d just be a millisecond faster, he would’ve won.

    Well played, Running Man! And thanks for the recap, gummimochi. (:

    • 14.1 nhetski

      Yep, happy to devote the entire episode on the spandex clad Sparta Kook 🙂

  15. 15 meanrice

    I love that as of late Ji Suk Jin has been making it past the half-way point of the episodes. Whether by neglect or sheer dumb luck, i think he has been in the final five in the past 4eps? He has been showing a lot more confidence and Ji Hyo has been showing more ruthlessness. That is going to add to the epicness if YEH ever guests.

    All in all, solid episode. I wonder when this was filmed since there were holiday decorations were seen?

    Also cant wait for the ep when they film the introduction that acknowledges Ji Suk Jin ripped off Kim Jong Kook’s nametag. If i knew him, i would have sent congratulatory flowers to him. Great Job Impala!

  16. 16 Niz

    SO CLOSE SUK-JIN, SOOOOO CLOSE. I was totally rooting him at the end. SIGH. Maybe next time… or year. 🙂

  17. 17 anneakemi

    Totally loved this episode. The beginning kept me guessing why all those weird things were happening to them, but it all came together so brilliantly in the end. The staff that comes up with the games are so creative! Loved it when Ji Suk Jin ripped of KJK’s nametag. I was really hoping he would take victory, but happy for Haha – as it was such a fun unexpected twist at the end.

  18. 18 ajj

    Epic episode Gary and Suk Jin beat Jong Kook..

  19. 19 BattleAngel

    Thank you for recapping! LOVED this episode!! I actually prefer episodes without guests sometimes as no one goes easy on anyone when it’s just the RM members. I am getting tired of everyone ALWAYS ganging up against KJK especially since his hands were already injured…but I am very happy that Suk Jin finally after all these years got KJK’s name tag. I thought it was hilarious that “Suk Jin” was still the race starter even with all the reincarnation twists…So funny. KJK now injured his leg before he got to Hong Kong so I hope he takes it easy. =( Even with an injured leg he goes to film Running Man..that’s dedication for you! KJK FIGHTING!

  20. 20 mingtsai

    i knew this episode was going to be EPIC!!!!

    it really is something to watch when it’s just the members competing against each other..

    my MOST FAVORITE part here, and this is because I was laughing SO HARD (the i-can’t-breathe-anymore-but-I-can’t-really-stop-laughing kind) was when Gwangsoo found out that he was Kim Jong Kook reincarnated! his inability to control his facial expression, he even had to cover his mouth with his hand, but to no avail! Best Gwangsoo moment EVER! ahaha…

    but here are some of my favorites:

    1. of course all the Monday Couple moments <3 <3 <3

    2. Gary (trying to) lying through his teeth.. pfftt.. he should be grateful he went against Commander because otherwise the other members would not have believed he did not win.. but from the first time he tried to lie that he wasn't the winner to the mat-hyungs, my brother and I totally called him on his bluff! his face was really so transparent we couldn't stop laughing..

    3. the short bit with the camera on wheels..

    4. Kwangsoo and Jaesuk's rock-paper-scissors showdown in the 'jail' — Kwangsoo's laugh and Jaesuk's laugh.. it's the kind of laughter that will make you laugh even if you had no idea what they were laughing about…

    5. Impala-hyung removing Tiger's name tag… 2013 may truly be Sukjin's year!

  21. 21 Laica

    Thanks for the recap. This was such a hilarious episode! So much Monday Couple goodness. (I refuse to put the ex- in front of that. Yes, I’m STILL in denial.)

    Go Big Nose Hyung! He was awesome this episode. I’m kind of sad for Gary though, he thought he was the winner – against Jong-kook, no less! And it ended up being a fake-out. Sadness. I love when Gary wins.

    Can’r wait to watch the overseas specials!

  22. 22 looibee

    This shot up to my number 1 favourite RM episode! I watched it twice in a row and renewed my love for Running Man thereafter over Facebook and Twitter. 😀

    1) Gary’s lack of competitiveness but keeps winning (well, almost!) is really awesome. He is like, “Aish, I don’t wanna do any hard work” but then ends up with gold in his hand.

    2) KJK re-living up to his name again, Sparta when he is all agile, smart and competitive.

    3) Ace Jihyo last retort after being betrayed by ex-Monday bf, “Fool, you think you can win this alone?” and Gary “But I can’t really trust you” was LOL!

    4) YJS’s deadpan expression when being informed that he was reincarnated.

    5) Icon of betrayer, Giraffe getting hit on the head. Hahaha, that’s for “bullying” Sparta all the time!

    6) Big Nose Hyung’s almost win! AISHH#$%^&*()(*$!

    7) Haha’s victory. Like FINALLY! The conversation with Grandma in the 30s was hilarious.

  23. 23 latteholic

    Finally catching up on my RM episodes. And I have to say that Gary is getting better at lying. If you compare it with how he fared during The Gary Show (which’s one of my fave episodes), this is definitely an improvement! 😀

    And I love the no-guest episode! There is so much dynamic and interaction between the members! 🙂

  24. 24 Leia

    Really loveeee this episode. Althought i could tell that some scenes is just part of scenario through their acting. But still, I love the idea and the theme of this episode

  25. 25 Rottar

    What was the song playing when Gary was finding out he was ji hyo?

  26. 26 nareerat

    OMG! Ingenious…Epic…Brilliant… Kept me on edge throughout the whole episode. How did they come up with such a great storyline/game? And just today I thought the “Running Man” episodes were getting too similar and a little boring. I was so wrong! I’m really blown away by this episode and I think I can watch it for more than once without getting bored. WOW.

  27. 27 ...

    Glad Haha won by himself after a very longggg time.

    I think Kwang soo is really handsome in his own way. I think his recent hairstyles really suit him ( like the one in the nice guy drama. He’s my bias 😀

    running man production team is also pretty creative. please keep it up. They should also do more episodes with no guest. I think many running man fans really like that.

  28. 28 Jam

    Finally, an episode without a guest. Not that I don’t like RM with guests, but for me they seem to have the best and most creative concepts when there are no guests, and honestly the show is funnier with just the cast too.

    Wish they had no guest episodes a lot more often. It gives out a feeling of family bonding among them. It’s so precious!

  29. 29 Jam

    And might I add that the Commander is looking especially sexy this episode. RAWR

  30. 30 Raptor

    I knew something was up when they didn’t focus on Haha at first. His win was really awesome but I was rooting for Impala to win. I shouted out loud when he tore Commander’s name tag off! Seriously epic moment!

    Ace showed her quick mind again, and she was right about Gary being a fool for ripping her tag off. Still he needed info from her tag to find out the location of the keys but he should have done it later, after getting Commaander about of the way. And yes I was awed by the scene where she lunged herself at KJK after he first failed to tear off her tag. GOSH

    • 30.1 danelle

      He should take her out first because otherwise we know if any opportunity arises, she will not hesitate to take Gary out. It is too risky. He also has a chance against the Commander anyway.

  31. 31 OjeyonO

    a fun episode – but the logic didn’t work out

    2013 Gary/1938 JiHyo – so he shouldn’t know who won – yet he would have known

    2013 JiHyo/1938 Gary – didn’t know who won the final battle

    same with KwangSoo & JongKook

    if HaHa didn’t win – how would the winner know where to find the gold chest – (perhaps – like 2013 Gary re the meeting with the old lady – he would just blurt it out – a bit of a cheat)

    there are probably many other problems – but those were the most obvious ones to me

    • 31.1 megumi

      didn’t you see the caption saying as soon as the HaHa’s nametag is ripped by someone the instructions regarding the location of the hidden gold will be given to the person who rips it? and how can they remove someone’s memories from the past?

      • 31.1.1 OjeyonO

        i didn’t recall the caption saying that the location will be revealed to the person who ripped HaHa’s name tag – but – i said – it’s a cheat

        it’s also a logical inconsistency that the wrong person will have another’s memory from the past – the writers didn’t work that out – and left it to the viewer to overlook

  32. 32 001

    This person is clearly a troll. I mean, how stupid can you be to call it an inconsistency. Is it logically and physically possible for the writers to wipe their memory? It’s a variety show, not a drama, something for fun and not to be taken too seriously.
    Also, once reincarnated, they weren’t supposed to have memory of the past so the writers supposedly didn’t tell the members what happened to their past selves. And with Haha, the location was in his name tag. And anyone who arrived first, had it not been Haha, would have had the same privilege.

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