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Kang Ho-dong’s new SBS show gets name, finalizes cast
by | April 3, 2013 | 86 Comments

Kang Ho-dong, Kim Hyun-joong, UEE, Yoon Shi-yoon

Throw a stone and hit a new variety show these days, and no one’s busier in that arena than star MC Kang Ho-dong, who’s finally got a title and a cast confirmed for his new SBS show, set to be part of the I Like Sunday lineup in the timeslot after Running Man (someone over at KBS’s Happy Sunday is crying into his cornflakes). It’s called Barefoot Friends, and has confirmed an eight-member cast that’s a pretty bizarre if interesting mix: MCs Kang Ho-dong, Yoon Jong-shin (Hwashin), and Yoo Se-yoon (Knee Drop Guru); singers/idols Eunhyuk (Strong Heart), Kim Hyun-joong (Playful Kiss), UEE (Jeon Woo-chi), Kim Bum-soo, and actor Yoon Shi-yoon (Flower Boy Next Door).

It has a younger-skewing cast than I would’ve expected and a pretty random feel to the mix, but the concept is the thing that has to stick, no matter who you throw onscreen. The more exciting team-up is that it’s being helmed by the PD of bygone hit variety show Family Outing. Now THAT’s something worth getting excited about. Maybe there’s a gem of a family just waiting to come out of this. They’re keeping mum about the show’s concept, but it’ll involve trips overseas apparently, because the cast is heading to Vietnam. All we know so far is that there will be “missions and laughs.” Oh good, because I thought you’d just sit around and take turns reading from the dictionary.

Yoon Jong-shin, Yoo Se-yoon, and even Eunhyuk are variety mainstays, so they’ll be fine no matter the show. I don’t love Yoo Se-yoon, but every cast needs a troublemaker character. Kim Hyun-joong seems like the big celebrity get for the show, and though I’m not on that particular star bandwagon, I do know that he’s MUCH better at variety than in dramas. He’s weird, and it works.

Yoon Jong-shin, Eunhyuk, Yoo Se-yoon, Kim Bum-soo

Ballad singer Kim Bum-soo, I’ve only seen as a guest on other people’s shows, but he’s got goofy charm. UEE and Yoon Shi-yoon have had hosting gigs and such, but are by far the rookies. I’m interested to see how they’ll fare. UEE’s guest stints on Running Man haven’t been especially memorable, but she’s just so darn likable. I just keep thinking of her Ojakkyo character, camping out on the front lawn because she was a fan of 1 Night 2 Days.

Kang Ho-dong also has a new Tuesday KBS show (Our Neighborhood Variety Sports, with Lee Su-geun, Kim Byung-man, Park Sung-ho, Jo Dal-hwan, Changmin, and Minho) that’s getting ready to premiere April 9. The concept there is going to different neighborhoods and getting the town’s residents to play various sports against the cast. I’m less interested in that one, but I do think it’s a much better fit for Kang Ho-dong than the dismally-rated (and since cancelled) Moonlight Prince. In any case, it would be nice to have a new show to get excited about, so let’s hope there’s a winning combo here somewhere.

Barefoot Friends premieres April 21 on SBS.

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86 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rin

    Ooh, I’m interested!! Ho Dong’s last one show, Moonlight Prince, was quite boring. The concept was interesting, talking about books but really, how can you make that into 1N2D laugh out loud sorta fun?

    Anddd Kim Hyun-joong + Yoon Shi-yoon = <3

    • 1.1 Hui3r

      *giggles* – When I read that he was hosting a show about books, I thought… really? did no one watch 1d2n? was there a secret bibliophile in that big teddy bear of a man that we never knew of?

      Or maybe they just thought it would be fun to get an emcee who was like a blank slate. But i don’t see how that can run for episodes.

    • 1.2 d

      moonlight prince all about books was just to redeem
      kang ho dong’s image after his tax evasion scandal.

      the show was boring n bombed, but worked wonders to redeem his image.

    • 1.3 dominique

      Moonlight Prince was an incredibly boring show. I think it hurt KHD and Changmin’s image actually. KHD because it made him look like he lost his magic touch (seriously, his brand of brash, forced laughter is old, YJS has become more popular in his absence). And Changmin because of all the horny teenager talks (considering he is no longer a teenager, and in his 20’s all the porn talks just came off weird).

      Like girlfriday, the first show on SBS seems more promising than the second show on KBS. The second one just seems like a mini Running Man ripoff and once again SM sticking their idols onto a KHD show since he signed up with them. The 2 for 1 deal of sticking SM idols with KHD is getting a lot of backlash among SK netizens.

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news!

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      I loved this, “Oh good, because I thought youโ€™d just sit around and take turns reading from the dictionary,” LOL. I wonder and hope this will be subbed somewhere in English (and also in other languages), so we can watch it, hopefully with good streaming quality.

  3. Christy

    Loved Family Outing, adore at least a big chunk of the cast. So sign me up! I’m already giddy with excitement. One thing – it does bug me a bit how there is an empty vacuum in regards to the presence of female variety cast members (not exclusive to this show). I know there were all female shows like Heroine 6 and Invincible Youth, but I would like to see more gender integration in variety casts.

    • 3.1 PollyRose

      I’d like to see more girls too. Song Ji-Hyo is my favorite on Running Man and there have been a few really great female guests too, so I know other girls could rock variety.

      As to our token girl here, I’m with GF, I wasn’t overly impressed with UEE when I saw her on RM, but I do like her. It could be that she just needs to have her own crew to get comfortable with first and then she’ll grow into a great variety persona.

      • 3.1.1 hannah

        I agree in general with UEE, but when she was last on Running Man (just a couple of weeks ago) I think she did better. Or it may have been that I was so amused with Kwang Soo and Jaesuk reaction to her being on the show.

        • Meghan

          Uee was the most relaxed last time on RM than previous appearances. I think she’ll be fine on this new variety show once she feels comfortable with all the boys. I’m sure she’s already familliar with Eunhyuk and Kim Hyun Joong, and I know she’s close with Kang Ho Dong, so I have high hopes for her on this show. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 3.1.2 bd

        UEE didn’t stand out in her appearance on FO either, but at the same time she wasn’t horrible either.

        While Dara (2NE1), is adorable, she was totally shy and quiet, but totally changed when she had to a performance.

        Dara actually was pretty entertaining once the other cast members of FO got her talking, but she definitely needed coaxing and encouragement (hear that she has improved since then when it comes to appearing on reality/talk shows). UEE was definitely more comfortable in the setting.

        While I like KHD, I can usually only take him in small doses since he has a tendency to overdo it w/ the weird facial expressions and just being loud in general (YSJ, not surprisingly, is the much more balance/funnier MC/gag man) – in Love Letter, KHD’s antics got a bit annoying.

        KHD is much better being in a secondary position like he was on X-Man.

        Speaking of X-Man, this performance/gag during X-Man’s trip to Germany for the World Cup is one of the funniest w/ YJK, KHD and Hyuk-jae doing their “Latin Boys” performance.

  4. Nina

    Ok, so I’m curious…what other shows are competing against Barefoot Friends’ time-slot? If you say it’s after Running Man, what’s the competing lineup for KBS and MBC? I know Qualifications of Men was before 1N2D, not after…and I’m not sure of MBC’s schedule. Would anyone care to enlighten me? Much appreciated!

    • 4.1 h0lymoley

      i believe this show will be taking over the Kpop Star 2 slot. ๐Ÿ™‚
      which is BEFORE Running Man. so it’ll be competing with MBC’s Dad Where Ya Going. (which is my current fave) LOL there’s no word on what show will be after QofMen (since it got cancelled recently).

      • 4.1.1 lemondoodle

        Kind of bad slot to compete against since Dad Where We Going is really getting popular. Though I love that show, I hope it works out for Hodong since nothing much else has lately.

      • 4.1.2 oooo

        if it is going to compete with dad where are you going, well, that is tough. really tough. other than hyun joong and eunhyuk, there is no other reason for me to watch this. well, i am uncomfortable with KHD MC-ing style. too forceful.

  5. PollyRose

    Oh Yoon Shi-Yoon! I’ll admit that he is enough to get me interested. And since it’s on SBS I have hope it will get licensed on DramaFever like Running Man. I love that show and it makes me want to see more types of variety so I’m definitely doing my best “Please be good!” chant for this one, if only for YSY ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. bebeswtz

    Having Kim Hyun Joong’s name attached already has my full attention ^.^ Not only because I’m a fan of his work, I’m also a fan of him as a person/human being i.e. his 4D-ness n.n So this should be a hoot, especially with all the other names attached as well- CAN’T. WAIT!!!!!!

  7. saranga

    kim hyun-joong can be a riot. i watched him on we got married after the whole BOF craze, and between him and crown j, i was pretty much left in stitches.

    i like him much better now than i did than the BOF days. when the f4 were being interviewed absolutely everywhere? i have to admit, kim hyun-joong rubbed me the wrong way because his manner seemed so blunt and cold, and plus he admitted to stealing a friend’s girlfriend, which can happen, but it didn’t help my already-negative impression of him. now, i give him points for honesty, and he seems to have gotten a lot better with the whole media thing.

    and uee seems good on variety as wellโ€”she can hold her own against the experienced MCs, which is vital!

    • 7.1 Carole McDonnell

      He’s weirdly honest, isn’t he? I often wonder if he has a bit of an Asperger’s thing. He often seems to. Or some emotional woundedness and some communication issue. I like him for that, i think.

      • 7.1.1 roro

        That’s the word: weird! Kim Hyun Joong is that. I don’t think he has Aspergers but he does lack social skills and says things other people usually would keep to themselves. Maybe he doesn’t have close relationships in his life, esp with family.
        (I don’t hold anything against him. I just find him odd.)

        • ajj

          he’s friends with TOP and Kim Jaejoong..Does that made him odder? But what a goodlooking bunch.

          • Lilian

            Ooh…yar. Don’t for get Yoochun too! Haha..the real-life F4…. Hoping this turns out funny =)

    • 7.2 hannah

      I agree that Kin Hyun-Joong can be fun. I became a fan from his stint on We Got Married because he can be very good at one liners and ad libs. Like GF said, he’s much better in variety than he’s done so far in dramas.

  8. roro

    I don’t know about Kim Hyun Joong. He’s so robotic. He reminds me of a wooden telephone pole when I see him in interviews (or in acting, for that matter).

    Not a fan of UEE either.

    • 8.1 Gala

      Just in acting. But he’s best at variety. His 4D personality works best.

    • 8.2 Kes

      The thing about KHJ is that when he’s not comfortable he turns into a stiff robot, and he doesn’t warm up to people quickly so if you’re only seeing him in an interview or a one-off appearance you’ll only see that side. BUT, when he does feel a little more comfortable his totally bizarre personality/worldview comes out and is HILARIOUS. I know in We Got Married, I didn’t like him at all at first, but as he cot closer with Hwangbo he got constantly more endearing and amusing–even more so for the contrast with the earlier stiffness. IF this show is anything like Family Outing and he spends time with the cast for a day or more every week or two, I think he’ll definitely warm up and be fun \o/

    • 8.3 Meghan

      He’s not like that on variety at all, since he can be his normal 4D self. XD He’s actually quite funny, and really game for anything. I loved the episode of RM he was on.

    • 8.4 darkpurple

      u can try watch we got married KHJ and hwangbo..he is weirdly funny..not like his drama’s persona..i think he fit better with variety..

    • 8.5 maldita

      He’s ridiculously funny in variety shows, though. His weirdness works in variety shows and Kang Hodong knows how to make advantage of it. He’ll be hilarious in this show, especially since Eunhyuk’s also there, so they’d be the funny idol boys together.

  9. Carole McDonnell

    ooh, i saw Kim Hyun Joong’s pic and my heart just fluttered. Oh such wonderfully dangerous fluttering. Must go take some hormone meds.

    I’m wishing him luck. I felt so sorry for him after the City Conquest debacle. And yes, he is totally weird and very funny. I still remember one of his jokes in We Got Married.

    Ywangbo said, “What do you call your girlfriends?”
    He answered, “I call them “yah.”

    So cute.

  10. 10 Gon

    Kang ho dong needs to team up with lee seung gi that’s watchable…

  11. 11 Sarah B.

    I liked Uee on her episodes of Family Outing. Her Dumb and Dumber act with YJS was hilarious. Hopefully she brings that hilarity to the show.

  12. 12 ida

    I agree- Uee wasnt that much of a stand out on the episodes of running man she appeared in.. I dont mind her, but she’s not like, explosively amazing… Perhaps she needs time to adjust and become more relaxed, I got the feeling she was kinda.. Quiet? I dont know how to describe her lol. Anyhow, I guess we can only wait and see. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 13 Maon

    > set to be part of the I Like Sunday lineup

    Just a translation note, the official English equivalent of “์ผ์š”์ผ์ด ์ข‹๋‹ค” appears to be “Good Sunday,” not “I Like Sunday.”

  14. 14 Roxy

    NOOO does that mean I won’t be seeing Yoon Shi Yoon in a new drama for a while?! ๐Ÿ™

    • 14.1 hannah

      Not if he goes the route of his buddy Joo Won and his gig with 1N2D. Then there’s Song Ji Hyo on Running Man who seems to always be filming a movie or drama. Not that I advise doing both, but there are actors who seem to be able to pull it off.

      • 14.1.1 Roxy

        Oh wow thanks this gave me some hope. Got me in a good mood again xD.

  15. 15 yammy

    Woops, this became more a rant/defense on certain members of this upcoming show than the show itself. Short form: I’m excited for majority of the members and not so much for a few of the members, but will definitely be checking it out.

    I’m going to definitely check this out. Although I prefer Yoo Jae Suk’s style of MC-ing over KHD’s (DON’T KILL ME!!) KHD is still very funny.

    Also, I’m a fan of KHJ. Actually, more a fan of the band he was/is part of, SS501. Before I get attacked for liking KHJ, let me clarify that I am fan of him and SS501, and NOT his acting. I have not watched ANY of his dramas/ acting gigs (except the half-playing around/half acting stuff in variety shows) and can confidently say that I will never in the future. And yes, I agree with you all out there that he sucks at acting. But, he’s soo funny in variety, if he has enough time to relax and be natural. Oh, our 4D Leader! ๐Ÿ˜€

    With that defense/rant about KHJ past, I’m definitely checking this out because of Yoon Jong-shin, Yoo Se-yoon, Kim Bum-soo, and Yoon shi yoon. YJS cuz I like his type of humor, kim bum soo because he’s been pretty funny in shows he’s be in, in addition to his OMG-voice/singing talent. I’m not very good at distinguishing sarcasm in Yoon se yoon’s humor sometimes, but he’s still funny. and Yoon shi yoon = enrique geum, no need for more words.

    I’m so-so with Eunhyuk and Uee. Eunhyuk is actually ranks high among my preference in Suju, but I haven’t enjoyed many of the shows he has been part of before, but it might just have been the the shows in general instead of him.

    Uee, I actually do not like as an actor or variety member. (omg. I can just feel the attacks I’m going to get for saying this at DB). I have found her acting either very emotionless/dull or over-done. Granted, the things I’ve watched of her was bits of QSD and some parts of Ojakyo. and I didn’t really like Ojakyo (another set of attacks coming!). It was just not my cup of drama; i think I got sick of watching pettiness between family members after watching “Three Brothers” awhile back. (And maybe because I get it enough of the real deal back at home). As for her stints in variety, she is either too shy/ didn’t do much and the awed/fawned/smitten looks/actions from the males around her do get into my nerves, especially if dictates most of her variety stints. And to give a shallow reason, I don’t find her to be very pretty/as pretty as the media/men say she is. Maybe it is because she has a round face, and since I have a round (much rounder than hers, of course) face also, I don’t find her as attractive.

    [sorry for this long rant/defense. I think all the time I had suppressed myself from commenting has caught up, and in one of the most inappropriate places.]

    • 15.1 dominique

      feel free to rant, lol. There are people I don’t find as pretty as the media likes to bash us over the head with. There are times when UEE looks not very nice (trying to be PC) and Yoona is not pretty in my opinion, but thousands disagree with me *shrugs*

    • 15.2 roro

      Actually I feel the same way about Uee as you. I just find her irritating, especially her voice. There’s like a forced bratty pout dialect to her voice that you don’t hear in many Koreans. It tires out my ears.
      And she seems to be lacking in modesty. I was pretty turned off when I saw her in Happy Together doing the Single Ladies dance in front of the men like she did. I mean, c’mon, you should turn it down a few notches when you’re in that kind of a small setting. That’s what other women do when they come on the show.
      (sorry, Uee fans. But remember, we’re allowed to rant too!)

      I didn’t like Ojakgyo either. Way too long. Felt like they could have shortened it to 16 episodes and it would’ve had the same content. Making it longer didn’t make it any better.

  16. 16 djes

    Indeed it’s interesting mix…

    I am on YJS’s line, so I never really like KHD’s style, but he’s funny nonetheless, and I can understand why both of them dubbed as National MCs.

    KHJ, gf is right, he’s weird ( or people calls it 4D ), and it works for variety shows. He should work on variety more than dramas!

    UEE, as a MC she’s boring. I watched Nights after Nights, and she barely talked there, except being pretty self. I hope the other casts will help her, since I think she has potency.

    • 16.1 bd

      I thing I find about both Kim Hyun-joong and UEE is that both are overrated for their looks.

  17. 17 Ace

    Heh. I’ll tune in for Kim Hyun-joong because I miss him in variety. I still haven’t watched the last 2 episodes of his WGM stint because I’m in denial that they parted ways. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Eunhyuk’s always good for a laugh, and I love Yoon Jong-shin in Hwashin (though Kim Hee-sun’s the real draw there). UEE’s the only girl? Don’t know if I should be envious or feel sorry for her, hehe. But she’s someone I think that’s not afraid to mess up her image so hope she does well here. Yoon Shi-yoon? Ah, my views are still colored by the disappointing FBND..

    The only variety shows I’m watching now are the new ones: Dad, Where Are You Going? (Hoo, where can I get someone like you?) & Hwashin (I loooove Kim Hee-sun!). Hope it won’t be a busy week when this premieres as there would be new dramas out next week. I have no doubt there would be subs for this (idol fans, thank you!).

  18. 18 Lady Seoul

    I’m excited! Looking at first picture without reading the title, I thought I was going to get a drama with such an awesome cast, but it’s not. lol I am looking forward to laughs! Yes, I hope someone does sub this.

  19. 19 Pakykul Gunk

    Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Shi Yoon. I’m on board !!!!

  20. 20 snow_white

    Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Shi Yoon…..that’s simply great ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 21 Cynthia

    This new show has all the makings of being flat-out funny and considering that the ‘missions’ will be done in other countries has me really looking forward to the antics. It sounds almost like a Running Man/Family Outing hybrid (2 of my favorite variety shows.)

    I predict that KHJ will quickly become the ‘Spartakooks’ of the team – his competitiveness is not to be believed. His turn on RM last year still makes me laugh. He’ll be good on this new show.

    Uee, IDK – she’s kinda boring and doesn’t seem all that active on variety shows, but it’s hard to tell as most of these variety shows treat a female as a token. I wish that someone like Sunny from SNSD was with this group. A woman really has to have a personality like Lee Hyori to really mesh. As good as Song Ji Hyo is on RM, she’s still on the reserved side and I imagine that Uee’s participation will be similar.

    • 21.1 bd

      While Ms. Mong can “blank” out from time to time and while she isn’t always a “talker”, she, by no means is on the reserved side as evidenced by all the moments “Bad Ji-hyo” shows her face.

      While Sunny is OK, the 2 female idols who really have a talent for variety are Narsha and Sunhwa – they both like to talk (both are very good at telling fun stories), both are funny and both have no problem making a complete fool of themselves.

      After their idol careers are over – they both can have a long career in variety and/or as an MC.

  22. 22 bella

    aaah..i can already imagine yoon jong shin being the weakling again…. i’m up for the casts. seems fit to me as most have variety experience, they know their stuff but am still unsure about the concept. lets just wait til 21 April.

  23. 23 Abbie

    Sounds interesting. Kind of. I love Kang Ho-dong. He’s one of my favorite MCs. Out of all these other cast members Eunhyuk is by far my favorite, then Yoon Shi-yoon, Uee, and Kim Hyun-joong. Of course the others I’m not familiar with, so I can’t say either way whether or not I like them. Still, if this gets put on Dramafever, I’ll watch it, if not, then I won’t.

  24. 24 aL

    watched 4eps of Moonlight Prince, i kinda like it, too bad it was cancelled. i think KHD shouldnt be the there (or at leaset not as MC), he doesnt look like a book person

    • 24.1 aL

      ahh but he cant be in a show without being the MC, right? … ~.~”

  25. 25 maldita

    Excited for this, actually. I hate KHJ in acting, but I’ll watch him in variety shows any day. Not to mention that Eunhyuk’s there, so they’ll be funny together. Oh and Eunhyuk’s close friends with Yoon Shiyoon in real life, so it’ll loosen up Shiyoon fast enough.

  26. 26 d

    ah, no wonder she had to leave music bank, competitor station.

    too bad, was hoping that she and JW could host music bank together.

  27. 27 ~~ July ~~

    I won’t apologize .. I will watch because and ONLY because of KIM HYUN JOONG! I have watch his dramas … yes not the best actor but good enough to watch jajaaa if nothing else for being handsome ;o)

    Can’t wait to laugh and fall MORE in love with Kim Hyun Joong!

    • 28.1 GlaSS

      He is super happy I think this will be a good show…I really missed that smile <3

    • 28.2 girlatsea

      Hahahah that’s so cute. Glad he’s doing okay, I felt so bad after he spend so much time on that City Conquest drama only to see it fail

  28. 29 bobbie

    I miss Family Outing, I wouldn’t even mind if the concept was similar.

    And I totally agree with you with Kim Hyun-Joong, he’s WAAAY better at variety, his 4D-ness will hopefully come through. I wonder what the dynamics of the group will be like?

  29. 30 steph

    Eh, sounds like Running Man to me with a hint of 1N2D..

    The problem with Moonlight Prince was that it was too unique. It was an idea that was too bizarre for its audience to generate some sort of emotional attachment or loyalty to it. This idea, however, is too similar to others: the cast goes to a different country, splits into teams, and carries out a series of missions. That sounds UNDOUBTEDLY like Running Man. I just wish SBS could think of something more creative without it having to do with books (seriously, wtf was Moonlight Prince……).

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this though!

  30. 31 Lita

    hmmm Yoon Shi Yoon..kkaegeum…i’m on the board^_^
    I love him since FBND
    i love uee too
    i hope they can get along together all the members
    i believe uee already knew and close with eun hyuk, KHJ,and KHD..i dont know with YSY..ohh yehhh..they can talk about JW i think……..

  31. 32 biankoy

    is it weird that I’m more excited for Kim Jong-shin ahjussi?? I loved that man on Family outing but I loved him more in 1N2D’s Island music special. now if someone would kindly grab Yoo Hee-yeol put him on the show and I’m a happy fangirl.

  32. 33 Sponge

    Oh wow i am really like this casting, even though it seems really weird? Love love love hyunjoong, i’ve terribly missed him in variety, he was such a weird but hilarious hoot in we got married. Finally Eunhyuk you’ve got yourself in a variety show cast (outside of strong heart and as a fixed one!), i’m interested to see more uee and yoon shi yoon since i find them so very likable!

    • 33.1 maldita

      Eunhyuk was actually added to the Come to Play cast when they were tweaking its format, but it got cancelled soon after that. But yeah, it’s nice to him outside of Strong Heart and on his own.

  33. 34 Bro

    Yoon Shi Yoon?! Awww heeeccccksss yeah! Been a big fan of him since High Kick. Will watch this. Hopefully it’s funny because I’ll admit it, the only Korean variety show I watch is Running Man. Sometimes Dream Team.

  34. 35 new fan

    HOPE this show work out this time…
    the so called prince I have not even watch 1 episode then it had ended already

    i’m fine with the male cast but I find really hard to like unee in variety shows, she seem really stiff even on running man I don’t seem to find her entertaining

  35. 36 ht

    Alright, let’s wait till the show starts before we shall make our judgement on UEE. Because c’mon, Ji-hyo was pretty shy and quiet in her first few appearances on Running Man. Who would have thought she’s going to be this badass and awesome and at the same time, funny and adorable?

    Woo, haven’t seen Kim Hyun Joong on variety shows for a long time. Not a fan of Eunhyuk and Yoo Se-yoon at all but I will give this a try. I’m glad Sugeun rejected this show though, haha.

  36. 37 Rexy

    Oh cool! I’m excited for KHD, but the inclusion of Yoo Se-yoon definitely piqued my interest. All that I know of him is from watching videos of his performances in his band, UV, which were hilarious. I’m interested to see what he’ll bring to the mix.

  37. 38 Yinyin

    I wish he wud do a project with Seunggi again they fit perfectly KJK is not really that interesting if his just himself We Gor Married is so scripted to the bone seriously, I dont know rhey say its like Running Man not going to complsin coz love RM the problem is UEe is not that Witty and funny like Song Jihyo she looks very shy and reserve not for variety world so will see how her scripts works

  38. 39 Xel

    Sounds like an ambitious and big budget project with overseas filming and stuff…

    I guess money will not be a problem here because we have superstar Kim Hyun Joong, Kang Ho Dong and Uee here, right?

    I agree that Kim Hyun Joong is good in variety, strange that he looks more comfortable and natural in front of the camera on variety than drama :-). He he.

    Uee-shi.. well… I’m hoping that she will be more active doing drama, but seems that she’s more interested in outdoor filming like this new variety show.. You go girl!

  39. 40 nakai

    Love Kim Hyun Joong on WGM. We should just keep him on variety shows. His 4D ness is so full of win.

  40. 41 girlatsea

    OH so KHD is heading TWO new varieties. I was so confused b/c I thought Changmin was the the Barefoot show too.

    Can’t wait to see YHY in variety, hope he’s hilarious!

  41. 42 lovin it

    excited for KHD! hope this is a hit ^^

  42. 43 anna

    I saw this on my tumblr dash and for some reason I thought KIM WOO BIN instead and all ready to squeal! I swear Kim Woo-bin should be in a variety show. Yes, he’s a fail, but an awesome fail. I think once he gets the hang of it, he probably be that funny awkward kid (like Kwangsoo). I wonder how close Kim Hyun Joong is with Woobin since WB did mention that they are friends.

  43. 44 Sushi

    He can be a laugh riot!!
    Definitely looking forward to see his 4D-ness again! ^^

  44. 45 mjfan

    welcome back ,KHD….
    I love Kim hyun joong on variety shows , he cracked me up on family outing and strong heart , he has such a funny charm , sigh , reminded me of the grat old days of family outing , it was the best show I have ever seen

  45. 46 Off with their heads!

    ***(someone over at KBSโ€™s Happy Sunday is crying into his cornflakes)***

    Can someone at KBS fire all the morons at KBS?! Someone is ax-happy, and is chopping all our favorite shows. Win-Win, Qualifications of Men, Invincible Youth… And to the ones responsible for the Moonlight Prince mess (how many times did it change formats?), off with their heads!

    Win-Win could have been saved with new hosts. (But not 4 hosts. Why do they always do overkill with TOO MANY hosts???) And Qualifications of Men, I don’t even know why it got the ax. Invincible Youth, the same. Why are all my favorite shows getting axed?

    And the new impending KBS show – Our Neighborhood Variety Sports – with 7 hosts. Really? 7? The more hosts the merrier??? At least the ICKY GUY won’t be on it, Jung Jae Hyung.

  46. 47 girlnextdoor

    This an interesting mix of casts. And I miss seeing Kang Ho Dong in an outdoor setting for a show.
    I’m anticipating how the cast will interact.

    I actually don’t understand the dislike for UEE… I think she’s a competent actress that probably needs to tweak her acting a little or try more exotic weird roles.
    As for her variety skills I think she’ll do fine, she’s quite outspoken and relaxed, but at times she does seem to exude a princess-complex and little bit of a perfectionist. I would love to see her loosen up and act a little out-of-ordinary XD .

    I’ve seen Eunhyuk and HyunJoong in variety but I’ve yet to see YoonSiYoon. Yoon Jong Shin is hilarious btw.

    My overall thoughts on this show is Family Outing meets Running man with a hint of 1N2D, but lets not judge too early. I hope it does well.

  47. 48 winterblows

    Definitely watching this for Eunhyuk. The guy is hilarious and knows his variety stuff, a very witty guy.

    KHD, I mean.. I would love it if he hosted minus the screaming every 5 seconds.. hurts my ears.

    I have no problems with the cast. ^^

  48. 49 Kloves

    Yayayayaya Kim hyun Joong in variety, that 4d personality of his is gonna be back on scree. Hyped. Also looking forward to UEE and yoon shi yoons performance in variety. I hope it isn’t like when UEE was a regular on star king and sat and smiled most of the time.

  49. 50 Jackie

    Eunhyuk’s addition is really disinteresting

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