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Kang Ho-dong goes head-to-head with Strong Heart
by | January 2, 2013 | 41 Comments

Oooh, this is an interesting development in varietyland. As Kim Seung-woo’s talk show Win-Win gets ready to go off the air, Kang Ho-dong’s new KBS variety show has secured Win-Win’s time slot… which is in direct competition with his old SBS show Strong Heart. (One of the many programs he left behind when he took a temporary leave from showbiz.)

What a way to circle back around and give Shin Dong-yup (his Strong Heart replacement) a run for his money. Not that the Daesang-winning Shin Dong-yup couldn’t handle it, of course. (In fact the two are even at the same agency now.) It’s just a small primetime playing field when you’re one of a few headlining MCs, and this kind of match-up was bound to happen at some point. The fact that it’s Kang Ho-dong’s big flagship new show at KBS competing with his last new show at SBS is just icing on the showbiz cake of Fate.

The program has yet to pick a title, but it has an air date (Priorities!) and will launch on January 22. Until then I guess we’ll just call it the Kang Ho-dong Show. It’ll be a talk show and a variety show, which is pretty much the vaguest description ever. So… there’s talking, and laughs. Got it.

He does have a peanut gallery in place though: idol star Changmin, singer/producer Brave Brother, and singer/songwriter Jung Jae-hyung (pictured below) will be his co-hosts. Other than the fact that all three are singers, there’s almost nothing else they have in common. It’s a weird collection of co-hosts, but I’m sure there’s a concept there somewhere. Jung Jae-hyung never fails to make me laugh, because he’s possibly the biggest nerd on the planet. I’ll leave it to Kang Ho-dong to work his magic and make it all sensical in the end.

The Show That Will Not Be Named But Will Deliver Laughs airs Tuesdays on KBS.

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41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. hapacalgirl

    Changmin like the rest of the DBSK and JYJ guys actually has a long history with Kang Ho Dong and now they are at the same agency (KHD joined SM C&C which is a branch of Changmin’s agency SMent). He’s a bit awkward but definitely snarky, so it might work . Just give Changmin food and the funnies will come out.

    • 1.1 Saturtledaisy

      Changmin as a variety show co-host? Didn’t see that one comin’. All the food-jokes that will come out of this though.

      I’m happy to see Jung Jae-hyung. That guy was made with variety in mind~

      • 1.1.1 KatFish

        Yea Changmin on a variety show didn’t really compute with me at first either, before scrolling down and seeing his picture I was actually thinking “which Changmin? Surely not our Shim Changmin” and there he was lol. And yea, I hope there’s like a eating segment or something on the show 😀

        • lemonade candy

          omo omo omo~ I totally thought it would be 2AM’s Changmin.

          Not Shim Changmin.

          In my memory during DBSK show (when there were 5 of them, of course), he was always the no-nonsense guy; he’s funny of course, but in a stark serious cynical way. Always the prim joke; less body-gag…

          well, I hate him in drama *cough*paradiseranch*cough* but lets just see how he fared in this one…

          • dbsklove

            OMG ME TOO. LULZ. i was like nahhh not dbsk’s… O.O
            i hope he speaks more… when he speaks he’s frickin hilarious 😀

    • 1.2 jane

      He’s more awkward than funny. I dont see him as a variety show host at all, this is a weird one.

      • 1.2.1 hapacalgirl

        I agree but he plays off people that he is comfortable with so Kang Ho Dong being there will help. Plus he snarky as all hell. Also since they became a duo I think he has come more out of his shell to take up some of the burden from Yunho so it might work.

        But if all else fails, just put him with food, its always funny.

        • eternalfive

          It could work (even though my first reaction was purely WTF :P). He’s hilariously snarky and witty when he wants/needs to be, and yeah, he’s definitely at his best when he plays off people he knows. Also, Kang Ho-dong has the tendency to bring out the funny in people anyway. I’ve been missing Changmin’s dry wit for a while now too, so yay, I’m excited! 😀

          Also: Kang Ho-dong + Lee Seung-gi sometime soon, pleeeaaaase. 😛

    • 1.3 Jo

      But if Changmin is a host that means that JYJ can never guest. :”'(

      • 1.3.1 janeywalala

        Yeah that’s for sure. Although as of now it’s still a question whether JYJ will even appear on television so I think the Kang Ho Dong show is an issue far~ down the road

  2. KDrama Fan

    Thanks GF for the update.

    Sooo looking forward to seeing KHD back on air.

    I like his co-stars. However, I wouldn’t mind if they put him with an unknown because he’s the sort of guy who will bring out the best performance (or make the best gags) of the people around him.

    Whatever, the big man is coming back. Hurrah!!!!

  3. Eye Candy

    Hmm…interesting. I have only seen a few episodes of Strong Heart but I always found it interesting mainly because of Kim Seung-Woo. Also, I like your name for the show “The Show That Will Not Be Named But Will Deliver Laughs” maybe they should just go with that.

    • 3.1 almea

      Uhm… I think you’ve mixed up their names. Strong Heart is currently hosted by Shin Dong-yup while Kim Seung-woo’s talk show is “Win-Win” from the rival station. 🙂

      • 3.1.1 Eye Candy

        Oops! I definitely mixed up the names. My bad.

  4. Ivoire

    Thank you!

    • 4.1 Ivoire

      I too, loved this name “The Show That Will Not Be Named But Will Deliver Laughs,” very funny…

  5. come2noona

    It’s Max time!

  6. ren

    Oooooh I am so excited KHD is back!

  7. s2rosez

    Jung Jae Hyung! The guy who swept the mom (Yoon Yoo Sun) off her feet in High Kick 3 with his “ohoho” laugh! Man, I love him! xD

  8. aliya

    *inner fangirl coming out* OMG YES CHANGMIN AS A CO-HOST. I’m so freaking excited for this. I really hope he goes back being Voldemin for this, it would be hilarious. Looking forward to the interactions between this cast and their guests 🙂 *Eeeeeeek jumps around* okay I’m done lol.

  9. ayuuri

    Seriously excited for this! Wanna see Changmin in variety again 😀

  10. 10 mel

    Somehow I doubt Strong Heart is going to last much longer anyway. The whole thing is kind of…shady, though I guess that’s business.

  11. 11 djes

    oh, this may actually work!
    While I don’t particularly like KHD’s mc style ( he often came rude to my taste..well I’m more Yoo Jae Suk’s line ), but combined with Changmin, Brave Brother and Jung Jaehyung…this show will full of snark and sarcasm jokes.

    SM C&C is crazy. I wonder how much money they spend to acquire those high profile celebrities in their roster.. from comedians like KHD, Shin Dongyup, to actors like Jang Donggun, Kim Minjong..

    • 11.1 dtp_jnr

      Kim Min Jong has been in SME for a very long time…..many years before the establishment of SM C&C of last year

  12. 12 dtp_jnr

    I think Changmin would be like SJ’s Kyuhyun on the show if they bring out his full potential…So that would not be bad….

  13. 13 rainbow

    LOL @The Show That Will Not Be Named But Will Deliver Laughs 😀

  14. 14 lovin it

    so excited kang ho dong is back.. interesting choice of cohosts..

    and a bit uneasy at the inclusion of brave brothers..
    from what i’ve seen from his appearance on variety shows, he’s sorta unpredictable and inflexible in his views.. not the best quality to have if you’re a co-mc…..

    hope for the best!

  15. 15 pigtookie

    Yes, that is an odd collection for an MC panel.

  16. 16 arielna

    kinda miss watching ho-dong on my tv.

    and changmin… he’s more blunt than diplomatic, witty but quiet, snarky yet shy. i don’t know how he’ll fare but i’ll definitely be rooting for him !

  17. 17 Mic

    Confession time: Changmin’s my idol bias. I’m nervous, but excited for him. I know he can be really funny; he has an incredibly dry sense of humor that I personally really appreciate. But he’s always kind of hung to the shadows, so I’m worried about that. He just has to really go for it, I think. 🙂

    But I have high hopes for the show! I have a feeling it will be very interesting, considering the MC panel. It’ll probably be really funny. Unfortunately, I heard it got some bad press for taking “Win Win” ‘s time slot? Hope that doesn’t give it a bad start. 🙁

    Anyways, can’t wait to find out the actual premise! ^_^

  18. 18 Life happens

    Changmins really witty and hilarious and his sense of humor is really dry lol he’s known for his sharp comments. Lol I think his nicknames are “voldemin” and he’s one of the “evil” maknaes of the idol star world

  19. 19 eetsuko

    Oh my gosh… Just by reading Changmin I was already sold on this show… well at least the first few episodes. Like the other people who commented, I agree that Changmin can be funny in the witty and blunt sort of way as well as to the way he reacts to certain situations. Nevertheless, I’m still having a hard time imagining him as a variety host since he usually is the silent one (preferring to be that way) during DBSK appearances in variety shows but it does get you thinking and curious as to how he will fare. I hope this goes well for Changmin though as I’ve been waiting for a long time for DBSK-Homin to branch out. They’re amazing artists but really in the KPOP world I don’t think they can go on singing and dancing forever.

    • 19.1 eetsuko

      Also, it would be amazing (well at least for me) if ever the show decides to guest certain actors coughYoochuncoughJaejoongcough… :))

  20. 20 c_gunawan541

    I’m excited for Jung Jae Hyung, I love him from Infinity Challenge so much, he’s SO cute. KHD is a good host but I can’t really imagine their dynamic yet. Maybe I’m used to YJS and JJH together~ It feels a bit odd but I’m looking forward to this show.

  21. 21 beachkay

    an odd group of MCs indeed! i guess this show will be hilarious due to their different personalities.

  22. 22 Melmax

    Yes!!!! Yes, Changmin will earn and learn… He’s got great potential after living with those 4 other ‘Gods,’ and being BFF with another evil maknae fr SuJu… His dry wit will show, looking forward the odd mix of the yet untitled show, thanks….

  23. 23 Arhazivory

    Kang Ho Dong <3

  24. 24 Tishi

    I’m just happy to see Ho-dong back in KBS again. Can we please please please let him guest Seung-gi?

  25. 25 Gustave154

    Shin dong yup didn’t deserve the award…
    Nice yo see KHD back to reclaim his throne!!

  26. 26 Lilian

    Hmm…Don’t really know much about the rest besides Kang Ho Dong. I only know Jung Jae Hyung as being the weakest guest ever on Running Man =P

  27. 27 Jackie

    Ah, so excited! Changmin: the original evil maknae.
    Wah~ I love his dry humor. Really anticipating him

    I haven’t seen Brave Brothers in anything. I only know that many of his songs suck. But there’s Jung Jae Hyung and he can be pretty funny.

    And Kang Ho Dong hosting? Very excited, can’t wait!!

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