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Gu Family Book: Episode 15
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Cute cute cute. As expected, Dad gets crazy with the new rules, which only drives the kiddos right into each other’s arms. Nothing like a forbidden romance to light a fire under your ass. Things get a little more complicated when Yeo-wool learns some harsh truths about her father, while Kang-chi discovers another power and gets put to the test at school.


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We open on a young Yeo-wool, looking up at her father’s swords. She tries to pick one up, but it’s too big for her to move. Dad comes up behind her and hands her one, asking if it’s heavy.

Master Dam: “A sword is strength. But if you wield it wrongly and shed the blood of innocents, that weight can become heavier than anything you can carry.”

She asks if Dad has ever shed the blood of an innocent person, and we cut to Wol-ryung’s death by his sword, as he answers: “I have only once spilled the blood of an innocent.”

Back in the present, Yeo-wool runs from Wol-ryung in the mountains, as Kang-chi hears about his father’s return as a thousand-year demon. The monk tells him that he’s here to destroy everything that has to do with Seo-hwa, and well, her son is probably high up on his list, as well as everyone around him. So-jung pleads with Kang-chi to run away.

Wol-ryung catches up to Yeo-wool and lifts her chin up. She reaches for her sword, but he blocks her swiftly and tells her not to move. Kang-chi runs toward them (because he can hear her thoughts? Smell her?) and she can hear him as he gets close.

Wol-ryung introduces himself by name, and asks who she is. He’s all too happy to confirm that she’s Dam Pyung-joon’s daughter, and wonders how she knows Kang-chi, only saying that he once knew Kang-chi’s father—whom her father killed.

Her jaw drops at the news, and he’s just, Oh, you didn’t know? like he didn’t come here just to tell her that. Evil! He leans in close to ask if Kang-chi doesn’t know either. Why, are you going to visit him next and be the Backstory Killjoy over there too?

She uses the moment to spring up and point her sword at his throat, which only makes him smile in amusement. He warns her that she’ll never defeat him like that, and when she swings, he grabs her wrist and spins her around like he’s about to dip her in a dance… except now the sword is at her own throat. Whoops.

Finally she lets out a scream that Kang-chi can hear, and he goes dashing through the woods. When he finds her she’s alone, crumpled on the ground in shock and on the verge of tears.

He asks what happened, but she just bursts into tears and throws her arms around him, sobbing into his shoulder. He just hugs her and sheds a tear, as she cries and cries.

That night, Jo Gwan-woong mulls over the plans for the turtle ship that Tae-seo brought to him earlier, wondering if he’s really telling them the truth and not just feeding them false information. He tells his minion that there is one way to be sure.

In the woods, Kang-chi wraps Yeo-wool’s ankle so she can walk back home, and asks what she saw that spooked her so badly. She doesn’t tell him about Wol-ryung, which seems like a bad idea.

He chides her for going into the woods alone when she’s a girl, and he notably keeps saying “woman” over and over again, so she prods, “Do you see me as a woman now?” He answers as if it would be ridiculous for him to do otherwise, like he wasn’t even around for the past fourteen episodes.

That leads to awkward glances at anything but each other, but they each betray a tiny grin. Adorable.

He puts his hand out to help her up, and then yanks her up so fast that she lands in his arms, within kissing distance. They just stand there, holding hands and blinking at each other, trying not to think about lips. Kiss her! Kiss her, you fool!

It looks like it takes all his brainpower NOT to kiss her, and he finally says they should head back down before her father gets worried. Yeo-wool: “Right…” Kang-chi: “So…” Yeo-wool: “So…”

He finally breaks free and starts walking ahead, and then suddenly turns back. Omo, your dad used that move. He marches back over to her…. and bends down to pick up her sword. Pffft.

Tae-seo wanders the courtyard of the Hundred Year Inn, wondering if he can really reclaim it one day, and start dreaming again. Seo-hwa watches from a distance, as her assistant Pil-mok tells her about Tae-seo.

(And since there seems to be some confusion in the threads—no, that’s not Lee Yeon-hee playing her. It’s Yoon Se-ah, and her character’s cover name is Ja Hong-myung, but I’m calling her Seo-hwa for simplicity’s sake.)

She says wistfully, “If he’s still alive, he’d be about that age…” It’s the first we’ve heard her mention her son.

On their way down the mountain, Yeo-wool struggles to walk on her twisted ankle, so Kang-chi stoops down to piggyback her. Oh, twisted ankles, where would dramaland romance be without you?

But she refuses, insisting that it’s no big deal. He gives her two options—ride piggyback of he’ll carry her—but she turns them both down, wide-eyed, and insists on hobbling on her own.

So Kang-chi stands up and scoops her up in his arms in one swift motion. “Carry it is.” Why so swoony?

He finally convinces her that he can carry her home without much trouble, so she relents with a “Thanks.” And so he carries her with a smile.

Those smiles quickly fade when they get closer to home, and suddenly Gon pops out with a handful of students behind him, on his way to find Yeo-wool. It’s not what it looks like! Gon just seethes silently and steps aside… because Master Dam is right behind him. Oh crap.

You are in so much trouble. Also, shouldn’t you put her down now?

When they get back, Master Dam rips Yeo-wool a new one for disobeying and running off into the woods, and reminds her that she’s engaged to Tae-seo now. She says he did that without even consulting her, and asks if all of it, including his coldness to Kang-chi, was because he killed his father.

Master Dam stops short, wondering how she knows about that, and she asks if it’s really true, hoping he’ll say she’s wrong. He only asks if Kang-chi knows (he doesn’t), and answers absently that it was a long time ago, refusing to tell her any more than that.

Flashback to her meeting with Wol-ryung, where he accuses her of being her father’s daughter and raising a sword to innocent people. She had argued that her father would never do such a thing, but he told her that Kang-chi’s father was pure and innocent.

Master Dam calls Gon in, and tells him that for the time being, they’ll have to split Yeo-wool and Kang-chi apart. So in the morning, Gon has to deliver the news to Yeo-wool that she’s been confined to her quarters, and if she steps one foot outside, the students will be punished in her place.

She asks after Kang-chi, who’s currently tiptoeing his way into the Hundred Year to see Tae-seo, dressed in all black in broad daylight. Well that’s just ballsy AND silly.

But Tae-seo can tell that something’s off about him, starting with the fact that he’s carrying a sword, and greets him warily. The stilted way “Kang-chi” asks leading questions ought to tip him off if the other clues didn’t, because he asks if Tae-seo really betrayed them and gave up Lee Soon-shin’s turtle ship designs.

Tae-seo plays along and says he’s doing everything for Chung-jo, and quotes an adage: “If you know your enemy and yourself…” and waits but Imposter Kang-chi doesn’t answer. Tae-seo finishes the adage: “every battle is won,” and then hurls a candlestick at Kang-chi’s head.

Tae-seo manages to keep his cover long enough for Jo Gwan-woong to be satisfied that he’s not a mole, and then his minion changes back to his true form. One point for the good guys.

So-jung wakes up to find Kang-chi sitting by his bedside and dozing off, and just sighs in frustration that he hasn’t run away yet. Kang-chi feeds him medicine and says he has no plans to run, instead thinking of ways to find Wol-ryung.

So-jung warns that he’ll die, and Kang-chi reminds him that he’s the one who told him he couldn’t die. So-jung changes the rules, because he can, and says that two supernatural beings can kill each other.

Kang-chi: “Then that means I can kill him.” So-jung doesn’t understand why he’d go looking for a fight when he should be running, and Kang-chi says, “He messed with something he shouldn’t mess with.”

Kang-chi says, “If you know your enemy and yourself…” and So-jung finishes the familiar adage: “every battle is won.” But Kang-chi says no, no it’s: “If I know you and me, we’ll either be enemies, or friends.” It’s that very thing that made Tae-seo sure it wasn’t really Kang-chi who came to see him.

When Kang-chi leaves So-jung’s house, Wol-ryung is watching, and he approaches. But something strange happens when they get close—Wol-ryung’s eyes glow red and suddenly vines start to grow around Kang-chi’s feet, trapping him there. Ooh do they each have a reaction to the other? It would make sense.

It’s weird because if it’s Kang-chi, why would he trap himself, and if it’s Wol-ryung… he shouldn’t really have power over living things anymore, right? The rules aren’t clear, but something funky is going on, and Wol-ryung is the first to run.

Kang-chi runs back to the school looking for Yeo-wool, and starts to tell Gon about the strange creepy vines, but just asks for Yeo-wool instead. She’s trapped of course, and today a teacher arrives to begin her new lessons. Yeo-wool looks at her warily, “What kind of lessons?”

The first? Sewing. Dude. Yeo-wool: “S-sewing?” Her teacher tells her she’ll have to change first and slams down a hanbok, and Yeo-wool busts out of there. She slams her hands down on her father’s desk, “Sewing? SEWING? Father, SEWING?!” Ha.

He tells her it’s time she prepared for her future wifely duties, but she shouts back, “You told me to never forget the weight of the sword! To learn the sword that protects people! You taught me that!” You tell ‘im!

But he doesn’t budge. “Live as a woman. Lay down the sword and find happiness as a wife. That is my will.” He starts to walk out thinking he’s had the final word, but she declares, “If it’s not with Kang-chi, I don’t want it!” Omo.

“If it’s not with Kang-chi, I don’t want to live as anything else.” He erupts, asking if she really thinks a father would give his daughter to a half-beast half-man, which isn’t even taking into account what Kang-chi will do when he finds out that her father killed his. What if he seeks revenge? “Please, don’t make your father spill innocent blood twice.”

Meanwhile, Kang-chi can’t believe Yeo-wool’s being quarantined, while Gon outright blames him for the problem in the first place and orders him to stay away. Kang-chi: “You can lock away a body, but not a heart!”

He tells them they might as well kick him out instead of trapping Yeo-wool, and Gon says he plans to do just that. He hands Kang-chi a belt with bells dangling from it, and orders him to wear it. Is this like putting a collar on Kitty?

As soon as he puts it on, Gon takes out his sword and cuts one bell off with scary precision. Is this a metaphor? Because if so, I think you should run, Kang-chi-ya. The little bell drops to the ground and Gon says there are nine left, so he’d be wise to keep them all. Hahaha, so Kitty has nine lives AND a bell on his collar?

Gon says the day he loses all nine bells, he’ll be kicked to the curb. Kang-chi demands to know what right he has to kick people out like he runs the joint, and Gon finally shows him the apricot blossom etched into his sword, making him one of the four Men of Honor, and one of the masters who decide whether Kang-chi stays or goes.

He runs to Teacher Gong to complain that Gon is in no way qualified to be someone so revered, but Teacher Gong says Gon is second only to Master Dam in sword skills and isn’t to be trifled with. Kang-chi still doesn’t think he’s a big deal, scoffing that for all that so-called skill, he chases Yeo-wool around like a lowly bodyguard.

Suddenly Gon appears behind him, out of nowhere, and slices another bell off. “That’s eight.” Hee. I do love how much he’s enjoying this. Kang-chi cries foul, but Teacher Gong points out that when there are no rules, there are no fouls. Truer words, friend. I’m pretty sure ones this writer lives by too.

And thus begins the hilarious chase. Gon the ninja bell assassin just pops out everywhere Kang-chi goes, slicing bell after bell. How’s he ever going to keep them all when you’re so sneaky?

Kang-chi gets pissed off enough to try fighting back, but Gon just mocks him and cuts off another bell, which already brings him down to five.

Yeo-wool sheds blood trying to learn how to sew, and slams the needle down in frustration declaring that this is impossible.

Without Yeo-wool to confide in, Kang-chi wanders out to test his vine-growing powers on his own. He stretches out his hand and commands the vine to grow, but nothing happens. He braces himself and takes off his bracelet, and tries again.

This time the vine grows, and he watches in wonder.

Wol-ryung is behind him watching the whole thing, and when he stretches his hand out, the tree near him begins to die. Huh, so was it Kang-chi alone powering the vines back in the woods earlier?

In town, our friendly neighborhood gangster Ma Bong-chul hears the rumor that Kang-chi is the son of a gumiho who was killed twenty years ago, and that he’s behind all the killings in the woods lately. He cries publicly that it’s a ridiculous lie, but worries that the rumor will catch up to him.

At the same time, officials arrive to tell Lee Soon-shin the same thing, and demand that Kang-chi be brought in for an examination to confirm that he’s human. Ruh-roh.

Kang-chi sneaks over to Yeo-wool’s window that night, and she pouts that this is no way to live, showing him her bandaged fingers. She says it would be better to be cut by a sword than pricked by a needle, but Kang-chi says at least she’s safe this way. “And not getting hurt because of me…”

He brings her a stem with leaves, and she wonders why he brought her shrubbery, but he tells her look more closely. And then he wills it to bloom, and it opens up a flower before her eyes. D’awwww. That is so cute.

She looks up in amazement and asks how he did it, and he laughs, “I don’t know.” He says he just told it to grow and it did, and holds the flower out for her to have.

She reaches out to take it, and their fingers touch. They just hold the flower like that, fingers touching for a long moment, and then finally Kang-chi lets go first. She thanks him for the flower and they smile adorably, and behind his back, we see that Kang-chi’s been holding his bracelet the whole time.

Chung-jo gets ready to leave the martial arts school, having come with Soo-ryun (she’s here to confer with the group on Lee Soon-shin and Kang-chi, but they have no answers).

Her servant asks if she got to see Tae-seo or Kang-chi, but she just turns away with tears in her eyes. And then we see that she did find Kang-chi, just as he was handing Yeo-wool a flower with a lovesick grin.

She returns to her room and throws Kang-chi’s medicine jar to the ground, smashing it into pieces.

Yeo-wool stares moony-eyed at her flower, but then is plagued by Wol-ryung and her father’s words—what if Kang-chi finds out the truth and seeks revenge? “What happens to us then?”

Meanwhile, Kang-chi thunders into the kitchen with his bag of beans, shouting, “I counted them! ALL!” He leaps as he calls out the exact number of beans, and Teacher Gong smiles back… and says he’s wrong. Ha.

Kang-chi just figures he missed one or two, but Teacher Gong keeps saying that he’s wrong. Kang-chi swears up and down that he counted till his eyes became beans, but Teacher Gong says emphatically that it doesn’t matter because that’s not the answer.

Kang-chi wonders if it’s a trick question that has no answer, but that’s not it either. He whines for a clue, and Teacher Gong sticks out his bamboo broom. “What is this?” Kang-chi answers that it’s a broom, and then Teacher orders him to grab it.

He can’t, of course, and Teacher asks why he can’t. Kang-chi thinks about it and says it’s because Teacher moves faster than he does. Teacher Gong: “Wrong. You only try to hold the broom, so you cannot hold the broom.” What…does that mean?

Kang-chi: “What does that mean?” Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t know. Teacher Gong says it’s in the intrinsic nature of things, and leaves him scratching his head. He looks back at Kang-chi with a solemn expression on his face, and then we see that Master Dam had come up with a solution after all—to kill Kang-chi to save Lee Soon-shin.

Wol-ryung comes around again to spy on Kang-chi, and he can sense someone nearby. Kang-chi runs after him, and growls at the dark figure, with one glowing red eye.

Seo-hwa’s assistant approaches Tae-seo, and so he goes to see her that night. She asks if he’s curious about her, and she admits that she’s curious about him as well, and then takes off her hat and unveils herself for the first time.

The clouds part and the moon sheds light on Wol-ryung’s face, looking very much human. Kang-chi is taken aback, and asks, “Who are you?”

He finally speaks: “I am Gu Wol-ryung.”


I hope Wol-ryung and Kang-chi have a real conversation this time, or even a fight, because I’ve seen enough stalking and dancing now. It’s time for something to happen between these two, stat. It’s interesting that he chose to manipulate Yeo-wool and give her just enough of the truth to plague her with it, leaving out the part where he’s Kang-chi’s father and not quite so dead. (Though I do think it’s important to differentiate between Gumiho Wol-ryung and Demon Wol-ryung, which he does as well, speaking of his past self like a different person, someone who died.)

It was nice to have a little more insight into the way Yeo-wool sees her father as someone upright and blameless, only to have that image shatter just as she’s starting to diverge from the path he wants for her. I love that her arguments are always things he taught her—how to wield strength and power, how to protect the innocent—and that his only defense is to order her to do as he says, because he’s contradicting everything he’s taught her up till now. The whole sewing bit and the lessons on how to be a proper lady are great setups for Yeo-wool, because we get to see her choices and her motivations, which back up what we already know about her. She’s never not considered herself a woman, but there are things she sacrifices in order to carry the weight of the sword. I’m glad we’re seeing that motivation unfold and hope there’s a lot more where that came from, even if it means Dad has to play bad cop for a while longer.

I’m not the least bit concerned about revenge tearing them apart, but I am worried about these gumiho rumors running through town—there’s nothing like mass fear and panic to turn people against one another, and it’s going to make life far more dangerous for Kang-chi. I’ll give it to Jo Gwan-woong for knowing how to use that fear for his gain, because it seems like the perfect way to corner Lee Soon-shin. Let’s just hope Kang-chi is far enough along on his bracelet-free trials to endure a physical. That, or he could just bring Yeo-wool everywhere he goes from now until eternity. I don’t think they’d have a problem with that.


248 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Cool

      Getting too slow, already ep 14, and yet still on the romancing between these 2 kids. No wonder the rating cannot reach 20%. Shark is coming – beware! Koreans seem to like fast, moving action, mystery, avenging drama.

      • 1.1.1 kkaojga

        i agree on this. this episode as well as the last one seems getting too slow. I hope episode 16 will be more fast-paced.

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      I really loved this ep. So many adorable, tender and sweet scenes, I won’t try to list them all, we know which ones I am referring to.

      Some questions I have:

      1–When TS brought the map of the ship being built, he told GW that he threw his “pride” away to save his sister. Interestingly to me, Viki translated it as “pride,” and another blogger translated it as “conscience.” I am curious about that, b/c those two words have a different connotation to me. Can anyone help me figure out what TS really meant?
      I feel that one can have a conscience and not be a prideful person, just like one can be a proud person, and not (necessarily) have a conscience. I was just curious about that.

      2–I was confused by the adage thing. So was it that TS and KC said 2 different sayings? B/c TS said one thing, (and I guess KC would have corrected him), but then when KC said it to the monk, he (the monk) said what TS would have said. And I understand the part where it helped TS realize that wasn’t KC, but I was confused as to which one is the right saying. Is there one saying, or two? (and KC just prefers one of them or something like that)? Like I said, I am confused…
      Also, did TS said that saying in an earlier ep? GF seemed to indicate that in her recap. If so, in what ep.?

      Thanks to anyone who will take the time to answer. On to my thoughts…

      I liked that the plot is moving along, and that we finally got to see SH’s new face, it was about time. Now I am waiting to see if we will have an explanation of why she looks (kind of) different (besides the fact that she gained some weight, maybe, and her lips are fuller?)

      Did anyone notice that the dress that young YW wears looks like the one YW wore at the lantern festival? Please correct me if I am wrong… And young YW is very cute and pretty. I hope to see her again in future dramas.

      I also liked how funny this ep. was, at times. The way KC lost his bells (no rules explained), KC’s excitement at counting the beans, YW “being a woman,” (meaning, trying to act like one in her time), etc…

      I was so proud of TS, for figuring out a way to see if it was really KC or not, who came to his room. The bromance is definitely back, yay!!!! And TS was smart for doing that. I was confused however by the whole adage thing, which I mentioned earlier.

      KC seems to hear or sense when YW is in danger and calling him (even if it’s in her heart?) The same thing happened between WR and SH. He saved her twice, and the 1st time, she was just going to kill herself, and the 2nd time, she did call WR and he reacted, running to her rescue right away. Maybe gumihos sense/hear those things. KC did say that his senses were heightened when he was a gumiho, so who knows… Maybe it is another skill he has.

      I also love that KC is so in love with YW now, that he hurts when she does, and he cries when she does, awwwww… and he is probably happy when she is.

      KC figuring out a new power of his was also quite cool, and the fact that he knows that when he is around YW, he doesn’t need to wear the bracelet. Like GF said, he could just take her every where he goes then :-). And their Romeo and Juliet moment (with the flower), so cute, so like them to be like that.

      I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am always a little taken aback when JGW indicates that a person (human being) should be quick to throw his/her pride away AND should have no conscience. He is soooo different from LSS and from KC, in that regard. He is smart though, and I like that the drama gives us that.

      I am liking the thief more and more. He continues to be protective of KC. I hope this will come in handy, in the development of the story.

      On a last note, as much as I like KC and YW (as characters), I am still not feeling the romantic chemistry between LSG and Suzy (not every single time). I still feel that he had better chemistry with LYB, it was palpable. I wish it were different. I can tell both actors are doing their best, and giving it all they have. That, I can see.
      I can also feel that they get along well, there is camaraderie and they care about each other (LSG and Suzy). When he thought she was a boy (KC), their skinship looked natural, when they were playful. The romantic aspect is where I am not convinced. I know what they are doing (as characters), I know what I see, and what I am supposed to feel, however I don’t feel it (not always). That is one of my few disappointments about the drama. Even her scene with WR didn’t feel totally organic to me (not the whole scene, anyway), on Suzy’s part, mostly.

      • 1.2.1 Pearl

        Thank you, Ivoire for your input. I was looking forward to it.
        I will start myself, though with some criticism: please, drama, hire someone to teach Suzy to cry. I prefer ten times the silent tears falling on a stone face then her whining. It is ridiculous. She is better than some full time actresses (I still cannot overcome some old Ku Hye-Seon trauma), but her crying irks me.
        Also on a side note. How much smexier can WR get? The looks, do not get me wrong – I think he could make a saint commit some sin, but that voice!!! I think the angels would be doomed.

        Now back to the real deal, the adage seems to be ”If you know your enemy and yourself,every battle is won”, that is what I understood from GF and it also makes sense. I think KC likes to twist it in his own particular way and that was a hint for TS.

        • Ivoire

          Pearl FYI,
          My answer here, 1.2.3 Ivoire May 28th, 2013 at 3:56 pm is your post here. I didn’t know you would post something else so soon. Thanks for your 2nd post. I will be back later to respond…

          • Ivoire

            Sorry, mistake. My answer here, is TO your post here. (the TO was missing).

        • Ivoire

          Hello Pearl,

          I don’t know if you will see this response, however I thought I would post it, because I said I would, and because I don’t like to leave a conversation “hanging.” Real life prevented me from posting earlier (I wanted to do that last Friday, but that didn’t happen. I was exhausted and I was falling asleep on my computer).

          Pearl, re: your criticism of Suzy’s crying (or her technique), I will have to say that so far, I don’t have anything negative to say about it. I really liked her crying in ep. 11, which I thought was moving. Her tears and her being emotional about KC leaving felt organic to me, and I was buying Suzy’s act there. Also, I don’t remember Suzy/YW whining, or maybe I should say that none of her crying scenes felt to me as if she was whining. Maybe we are just perceiving things differently, which is OK.

          Re: WR, he is TOTALLY smexy, I agree. He was one of the reasons why I decided early on to stick with this drama, and make an effort to see it to the end. I am very curious to see how things will end, of course, and I am curious about how the writer and director get there (with the help of the cast and crew, obviously), so I am sticking around. Considering the amount of time I have already invested in this drama, I might as well go all the way.
          And like you, I do love WR/CJH’s voice. I noticed it right away. I tell myself that if I ever have a boyfriend or a husband with such a voice, I would want to talk to him often (on the phone), and I would have him read to me when I am sick, just so I can listen to his voice :-).

          Again thank you for explaining the adage to me. That made sense. It took me a while to understand it, and I will have to rewatch the ep. fully subbed, however your explanations helped.

          I am going to go look at what else you might have shared, that might need or elicit my response.

      • 1.2.2 Pearl

        I came back with another two cents of my own.
        You have asked if JKW (Mr. Three Hats for me) asked about conscience or pride. I think TS says he acts against his conscience and so it makes more sense, although in their discussions both conscience and pride are mentioned.
        As about TS realizing that the man in black is not KC, I think it happened from the very beginning when he had quite a long and intense stare at the sword the minion carried, that was the first thing that got TS alarmed and that adage was only a test, as he lately said ”That is how you should have answered”. Anyway, he got lucky THEN! How long does it last?
        The vine grabbing KC leg – is that a good idea? Does not prevent him fighting big bad daddy? (Not that it would be the first time the drama would change the rules of the game whenever it feels convenient, in spite of any use of common sense or reason.) I mean that can be a major disadvantage, while daddy is free to burn him with his only red eye. We see only one, is it unfair to suspect he has only one. It does not take any little bit of the swag! The voice makes up for the eye missing!

        • Ivoire

          Hello Pearl,

          Question: why is JGW aka Mr. Three Hats for you? I am curious about that.

          Thank you for explaining the use of conscience and pride in ep. 15 by TS. I appreciate that. The use of those two words (and who used them in their recaps and how they were used), left me confused. I am one who likes clarity. I like to understand every facet, every nuance, every scene in a drama or in a movie, if I can.

          I also agree with your interpretation of the different elements that tipped TS off, as to why he might not be dealing with KC, but rather with someone impersonating KC. I thought that was smart of TS to figure that out, so he would know how to play along and save face. I do think that TS will continue to be “lucky” in that way until the writer decides otherwise. I think it would be interesting if an obstacle is thrown into TS’s cover (as someone who is still under the hypnotism), so we the viewers can be anxious and kept on our toes. However, I will admit that I am ALWAYS rooting for the good guys to win, or at least for them to win in the end, which we are assuming they will.

          I took the vine grabbing of KC’s legs as another showcase of WR’s powers and abilities with nature. As we also saw, he brings death to nature (and maybe everything he touches? He killed people by taking their ki and sucking the life out of them), whereas KC brings life when he interacts with nature. I think the main difference continues to be that WR knows the extent of his powers, and what he can do with them, whereas KC is discovering his as he goes along, and so do we (the viewers), by the way.

          You know, about the ways in which the writer of this drama changes the rules (or invents them as she goes along, willy nilly), I decided a long time ago to just go with it. I will ask questions, if I don’t understand, because I still want to see if there is a way to find some logic in what we are being presented with, however, I also want to enjoy this drama, so in the end, if I cannot find a logical explanation or get one from the beanies, I just let it be…

          I also think that WR starts stronger than KC (for some obvious reasons) in the drama. However, I expect KC to either match him at some point or touch a nerve in WR who has been watching/observing how he (KC) is, how he lives with other humans and how he is accepted by some of them. It is my hope that WR will see the error of his ways, though his intent is well meaning and that he will eventually let KC get what he wants (become human). I keep wishing and hoping that something will break through WR’s anger (towards humans) and make him change his mind about his revenge, or at least about destroying anything/anyone related to KC. I am still hoping to see more humanity in WR before the drama is over.

          I actually like the one eye thing, to an extent. I wouldn’t mind seeing both of WR’s eyes and his beautiful face (like we did in the 1st two ep.), however, he still looks hot that way :-)! And as you know, I am with you re: WR’s voice :-). He had me at (whatever 1st word he said) in the 1st ep. :-).

      • 1.2.3 Ivoire

        Hello Pearl,

        Soooooo good to read/hear from you! 🙂 And just so you know, you just made my day. I didn’t know that you were waiting for my comments, my apologies for posting them only late this morning. My comments have been so long lately, I figured, most people must just skip them, which I am OK with. I partly like posting my thoughts so that when I rewatch the drama (which I will do), I have a place I can go where my thoughts were shared and that generated a discussion/conversation. That is why I write it all out here. Later (or even now), I can read what I thought at the time, the things I wasn’t clear about, and enjoy the realization that every time I watch a drama, I learn new things (language wise, culture, etc…) that I actually end up remembering. So when those new words and cultural behaviors show up in another drama (or on a program on TV), I recognize them and I understand. It makes me feel like I didn’t waste my time watching that drama.
        Ah, my explanations! They tend to be long, don’t they :-)?

        I would like to apologize about not being very active when I said I would (week of ep. 11 and 12), esp. with ep. 12. That was a very busy week. I also know that I didn’t post my thoughts for ep. 13, though I had a full (long) page worth of notes and questions. I figured, I would still post my thoughts for ep. 13, and I will ask my questions in the recap of another ep., to see if I get some answers. And I still haven’t answer the question you had about the hand washing of clothes :-(, but I didn’t forget. I will post my answer as well, just so it will be there. I would like to answer as many questions (to me) as I can, before this drama is over. You never know who ends reading past recaps and comments. I know I do that.

        Thank you so much for your comments Pearl, they are always appreciated. And yes, WR is smexy, man is he :-)!!!! I will be back to add to this response, I promise, I really promise. Good to read from you again :-)…

        How are you enjoying the drama, by the way? I am actually loving it, and loving how different it is, even romantically (the slowness of it, and the teasing).

        • Pearl

          Oh, how glad I am to find your answer. I checked just in case! I was so glad to see you have passed by! About schedules that get you captive and exhaust you – I know a thing or two. At least if they looked as WR, I would not complain. The only similarity is the final aspect of the victim 🙁 Oh, I have just had a light-bulb idea. I should make myself some calendar with WR’s picture or gif- with his smirk. One reason to look less mad to all that pile of work cramped in it. (I would better get my head cool again).
          Anyway, even full of flaws and logical hiatuses, there is so much warmth and beauty about this drama, that I can go beyond some inconstancies. There is only one thing I would not accept for this show. That YW distrusts KC even for a split second. I am not sure I even want to invest in them as a couple. I am not sure he wanted to become human for the woman YW. (Spoiler alert!!!!!) I have seen some of the next episode and I was so relived and touched at the same time by the fact that when nobody trust in KC, she did, no shadow of doubt in her mind, not even a hint about a doubt in her mind. She trusts him totally, completely and I ask you show, pretty please, keep the things this way to the very end (It would not be quite reasonable to be otherwise, but we know better how you change).
          Kept thinking about the beans and the broomstick thing – I think that the broomstick becomes a weapon as it is an extension of Master’s arm, so the broomstick and the arm become one, there is the strength and KC focuses on the detail, missing the whole picture, both with the stick and the beans. That is what I think.
          As about your comments, I have seen them for a while, I have noticed you prefer sageuk or fusion dramas (or at least we overlapped on such dramas). But Gu Family Book got me out in the open, from my lurking state.Now after reading the recap, but mostly the comments of the Beanies, I am scrolling down looking impatiently for your comments because they offer some fresh perspective over things and questions that I might have not bothered to ask myself which offers a more in depth perspective. Your questions, other people’s answers and my answers to your question, plus the keen eye of the Beanies, that is how I grow as a drama addict. These things taught me to look at every movie from a totally new perspective (it would be a little arrogant to call it wiser).

          • Ivoire


            Me again! I feel so bad when I post so late, however, I do think that it is better late than never, in case you or some other beanie happen to read my thoughts. It also helps me know what I was thinking at the time, about a particular ep. I do hope that you will see my responses, however, if you don’t, that’s OK.

            So question: did you ended up making your calendar or gifs with WR in them? You know… to help you handle the work piling up, when you feel like giving up and getting angry? And if you did, did that work? (Were you less angry? Frustrated? Discouraged? 🙂 )

            (And now I am tackling your 2nd paragraph). What I really love about this drama, is how much heart there is in it, like in the King 2 Hearts, another LSG drama. As I get to know the characters, I root for them and I look forward to seeing how they grow and develop, as well as being curious about how they will continue to be written. I love the OST (always a good thing if I love the OST), and I think that the acting is good, from most of the actors and actresses. It is definitely excellent from the veteran actors/actresses. I do love JGW, or rather Lee Sung-Jae. He has not disappointed me once so far, in this drama. It was nice to see how attractive he actually is, in real life and to read how humble he is as well.

            I am personally glad and relieved that so far, YW has not failed KC. She has stayed by his side, not forcing his love for her. I feel gratified that she has it now (KC’s love).

            You said this, ” I am not sure he wanted to become human for the woman YW,.” That had me confused, when I watched that ep., because at first, on Viki (the site that shows dramas subbed), they had translated KC’s response at the beginning of the ep. (ep. 13) as that he wanted to change (become human) for YW. So you can just imagine my surprise when I read the recap of that ep. here, and the recapper had not mention that fact. I went to recheck on Viki, and found out that they had changed their translation to say what the recapper here said (about what KC had said) and the final translation was KC saying he wanted to become human, but he didn’t share/say why. It is only in ep. 16, in the confrontation with his father (WR), that KC gives us an idea of why he would like to become human.

            Like you, I LOVE how YW is steadfast in her trust in KC. I LOVE that about her! And like you, I hope she stays that way till the end.

            I really liked your explanation of the broomstick and Master Gong’s arm and the one about the bag of beans. And you were right, as we found out.

            Regarding the dramas I like, I am actually curious about different genres of dramas. What make me watch a drama (since there are only so many hours in a day), *sigh* is if there is/are actors and actresses I am interested in, and if the plot is intriguing or interesting. I don’t want to limit my experience in the spectrum of the kinds of kdramas, so I will keep watching different genres. I also tend to like the ones that are tamer when it comes to sexual content, so that influences me a little as well. I am not big on the vampires kind of dramas, and I still have not watched such dramas. I don’t seem to be in a hurry to do so…
            What are your favorite kinds of dramas?

            I am glad that I am one of the beanies who help you think deeper, and consider different perspectives about the episodes and the drama. I too, read the recaps and the commentary that follows it (the recap). Then like you, I read the comments posted by the beanies, to find out about the different perspectives on the ep. and on the drama in general. I always look forward to reading your posts as well.

            Pearl, you said this, “Your questions, other people’s answers and my answers to your question, plus the keen eye of the Beanies, that is how I grow as a drama addict. These things taught me to look at every movie from a totally new perspective (it would be a little arrogant to call it wiser).” I reposted that because it is well said, and I could not have said it better. I LOVED the part about “growing as a drama addict.” That is what we are, isn’t it?…

        • Ivoire

          Hello Pearl again,

          Really loved your long answer there (why is that, hum… :-). Would it have something to do with the fact that I am long winded myself? :-). And yes, it probably would… ) I still have a few minutes of ep. 16 to finish watching on Viki, and then go back to work, and hopefully post my thank you tonight, so at least you will know that my comments are coming. I might have to watch that ep. again, at some point, b/c I watched it raw the 1st time (which is what I usually do).

          So dear Beanie, I shall get back to you later… 🙂

          P.S.: I felt so encouraged, after reading your comments and compliments today. Thank you kindly!!!!!

          • Saner

            I love reading both your thoughts into the drama! Such a fresh perspective is really lovely and I always look out for them.

            Just adding my two pence (or beans…?) I think the vine thing that happened with KC is showing the difference between him and Demon Daddy – Demon Daddy, everytime he touches something, he kills it, whereas KC, in utilizing his powers, is learning how to bring things to life.
            Also, Daddy Demon had never seen KC use his gumiho powers before and it might not have occurred to him that KC had inherited his abilities, since the gumiho sprouting has been pretty lacking in these last couple of episodes.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Saner,

            Thank you so much for your kind comments, which just made my day:-). Sometimes, if I miss posting the day the recap was posted, I get a little discouraged and wonder if I should bother posting, because I don’t know (I am not sure) if my questions will get answers, and if other beanies will add to my comments, which I am always delighted to read. So knowing that even if I don’t read from you every single time, doesn’t mean you are not reading my comments, makes the time I take to organize my thoughts and write my commentary worthwhile. Thank you again.
            I also know that I am long winded, so thank you as well for taking the time to actually read my comments.

            I have not posted my comments for ep. 16, however I still intend to do so. So if you do remember, please check back this weekend if you would like to read my thoughts, and maybe add some comments of your own. I would so welcome those. And please, always feel free to chime in when you see my comments, I would love to read what you think. I also never posted my comments for ep 13, though I have my notes (comments written by hand in my notebook) about that ep. I will post them as well, just so they are there. I would like to know that I commented on every ep. when the drama is done. If you are interested, you could read those as well 🙂

            I am currently taking a break from work, however I have to go back soon. I will be back later to respond to your comments (the rest of them, at least). Soooooo good to read from you, Saner :-)!!!!

            And Pearl, I will be back, to respond to you as well, I have not forgotten… :-). I will do it before the weekend is over.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Saner,

            I am sorry to respond to you so late, however, as I told Pearl, better late than never…
            Re: your theory about the vine grabbing KC’s leg, I am not sure that I agree with you. What WR did with those vines was to make them grow and attach themselves to KC, and KC couldn’t move. In having those vines grow, WR was (for once), demonstrating that he can bring forth life, because vines that are dead cannot grow and attach themselves to a person. I do remember after that, the scene where KC made the plants/flowers grow whereas the flowers turned black when WR touched them. That was different, I think.

            Re: daddyho and KC’s powers, I would think that daddyho suspects KC to have “some” powers, since he is his son. I think that daddyho might not have known the extent of KC’s powers, mostly. And daddyho does think that he can beat KC (or kill him), and that KC is not strong enough, compared to him (compared to daddyho).

            Thanks again Saner! I hope to read more of your comments as the drama goes on…

          • Saner

            Don’t worry! I’m still here reading – I always look for your comments and questions ^.^ I’ve been a bit slack in commenting and watching dramas – this is the only one I’m keeping up with at the moment because this summer is so busy!

            See you in the next recaps 🙂 x

          • Ivoire

            Hello Saner,

            Soooo good to hear from you :-)! I am glad to know that you are still around, reading and willing to respond to my comments if need be (and of course if you have some answers and perspectives to share).

            As you know, real life has to be attended to *sigh,* and I love dissecting the dramas I am watching with the DB community, however, it can be time consumming because as you know, I am long winded AND I always want to respond to all the comments that were written to me. I therefore appreciate that you continue to look for my comments and that you take the time to read them.

            I will see you in the next recaps as well. I have not yet posted my comments for ep. 17. I will try to do it tonight, or by tomorrow. I did post my comments for ep. 16 (very late), in case you would like to read my thoughts (just to let you know, not that you have to).
            Again, it was good to know that you stopped by.

  2. Dream

    This is such an addicting drama… Thank you so much for the best recap.

  3. sunshine

    If the Japanese woman is seohwa wondering if she think Taeso her son. She show her face to Taeso not a bad guy.

    • 3.1 crazyajummafan

      Yes, it seems as if she thinks TS is her son KC. I wonder how that is going to unfold?

      • 3.1.1 h0lymoley

        No, she knows Taeso is NOT her son. (her assistant was telling her that he was the son of Park Mu Sol, the former owner of the Hundred Years Inn)… she was just commenting on the fact that HER son would be about the same age.

        • LoveSG

          She would definitely know Kang Chi is her son in ep 16 so I’m not too worried about her mistaking TS as her son. But seems like she wants to see how her son has grown up to be…

          I’m more excited about the time if she meets Kang Chi and Kang Chi gets to know her as his mother – I wonder how this will unfold 🙂

    • 3.2 jn91

      I just wondering, is Lee Yoon Hee still acted as Japanese Seo Hwa? She don’t like LYH at all.

      • 3.2.1 jn91

        *look like LYH I mean

  4. OMG

    OMG…i need this episode to be fully subbed like now! but thanks for the recap!

    • 4.1 OMG

      what i want to know more than anything is why they didn’t bring back LYH to play SH…it seems like this episode confirms that she is SH….

      • 4.1.1 Rashell

        They didn’t bring LYH back because Seo Hwa is 20 years older then she was when Wol Ryung “died” and Kang Chi was born. She isn’t a mythical being, so she aged during that time.

        • Taylor

          You’re both forgetting that her aging wouldn’t have been a factor and is a moot point because every other character who was there before Kang-chi was born was brought back and they’ve barely “aged” (AND they’re not mythical beings either), especially the Head Gisaeng and her assistant.

          • someone

            but they were already adults,, she was only a teen

        • Rosebread

          but didn’t she die 20 years ago? And even if she’s alive and has aged, wouldn’t there be a semblance of her original looks?

        • jubilantia

          Except that Yoon Se-ah doesn’t look any older, and I feel like with a different hairstyle, makeup, and a more calm demeanor, Lee Yeon-hee could have played her older self. Look at Jung Hye-young, who’s 40 going on 25, and nothing was done to age her up. It’s either stunt casting (I guess Yoon Se-ah is pretty famous? I didn’t think she was that great in A Gentleman’s Dignity) or purely a plot point, and Seo-hwa will be able to change her appearance at will.

      • 4.1.2 KDaddict

        What Rashell said. Plus it was a cameo. LYH was gt in those two eps. She did her job n left.
        The return of the older SH entails wifely guilt, motherly guilt, hatred for Evil Lord, scheming to ruin him, etc.–a role more suitably played by an older actress. Wait n see.

        • Taylor

          You’re both forgetting that her aging wouldn’t have been a factor and is a moot point because every other character who was there before Kang-chi was born was brought back and they’ve barely “aged” (AND they’re not mythical beings either), especially the Head Gisaeng and her assistant.

          I think IF THIS WOMAN IS EVEN REALLY supposed to be Seo-hwa (we don’t entirely know if she is) that there may have been a time issue with getting the original actress bc there really is no reason to have her played by a different, even if older, actress bc the audience associates her tragic tale with the original OTP from the first two episodes.

        • asdfghjkl

          Or maybe that the actress now playing the supposedly Seo Hwa, has a japanese feature that will tell she’s from Japan and live there. And i think to be able to convey what seo hwa wants to happen or intends to do.

      • 4.1.3 sunshine

        Lee yoon hee (seohwa) is have a upcoming drama and busy with her movie shooting as I know. Maybe her schedules is complicated of what she recently doing.
        But good thing it’s another actress do her part since she the old version of seohwa. 20 yrs past already so it’s awkward to see if still lee yoon hee do the rules as a mother and lee seunggi as a son seem LSG look older than LYH. The new seohwa star is quite good she sound like LYH too.

  5. snow_white

    Thanks……can’t wait to start it soon….. 🙂

  6. sunshine

    If the Japanese woman is seohwa
    I was wondering if she’s thinking Taeso is her son.
    She show her face to Taeso but not to a bad guy!
    She might be thinking Taeso is kangchi!

    • 6.1 KDaddict

      I don’t think so, cos she said to her aid that if her son is alive, he’d be abt TS’s age. She just wants a collaborator in TS to seek revenge on Evil Lord!

      • 6.1.1 someone

        that’s my thinking as well

  7. zfih

    Hi guys,
    I have a question – how do Gumihos die exactly? You know those sparkles that can heal them and everyone else when they bleed so if they get stabbed by a knife won’t they be able to heal themselves? How did Wol Ryung die when he got stabbed? Shouldn’t the healing sparkles cured him? Like it cured Kang chi when he got stabbed by Tae Soo?
    Thanks 🙂 Love the show by the way 🙂

    • 7.1 PollyRose

      If I remember correctly it is because Master Dam is a special human who has the ability to harm a gumiho. I don’t know how he got that ability, but he certainly used it 🙁 Innocent blood indeed!

      • 7.1.1 zfih

        Oh really? Don’t remember that :/ That really sucks. Wonder how Yeo Wool is going to react when she finds out her dad is plotting to kill her one and only as well 😮

        • PollyRose

          I know right? I was wondering too if this ability is inherited. Could Yeo Wool have the ability too and not know it? Not that I want her to use it if so, (I want Wol Ryung good again not dead for reals!) but I do wonder if the writer will work in some twist with her and Kang Chi and/or Wol Ryung…

      • 7.1.2 someone

        I wonder if the sword is involved

      • 7.1.3 KDaddict

        Don’t know what’s the deal w this father n daughter pair, but it looks like they have some deep connection to gumiho’s, to harm or slain the supernatural spirit (sparkling blue lights) out of them, as Master Dam did to WR, and the flip side of it, to anchor them to the human world, as YW does w KC. I’d surmise that it is their uprightness and goodness, their lack of selfishness in their dealings in general, and w gumihos in particular, that give them that special quality.

      • 7.1.4 crazyajummafan

        Yes, I remember that in ep 1, he was called on when they found out that there was a gumiho living in the mountains, and they said that he had the skill/power to kill gumihos and other such creatures. That is also why he was so confident that he could kill KC when KC returned to the school as a gumiho (after TS took off his bracelet) to look for YW.

    • 7.2 mchall

      I don’t think Wol Ryung died, at least it was not a physical death. He only became a demon because he was betrayed and he was in that 100 day period to become human in which he should have not killed anything or anyone. As he killed, he was betrayed by Seo Hwa, and afterwards could not stab her with the wooden knife, he was destined to become a demon. I guess what master Dam did only speeded up the process. The thing is nobody except for the monk know that, so they think they killed him. Or you could say they did kill the innocent mystical creature.

      • 7.2.1 Gidget

        I thought he was destined to become a demon because he broke the rules; not because he was betrayed.

        The rules were:
        No taking of a life
        No revealing of his true nature
        Help any human that asked

        When he was captured and chained, SH cried out for his help as they were dragging her away. Under the rules he would have to provide the help. However, to do it he would have to break the other rule about revealing his true nature. He was in a catch 22, and chose to reveal his true nature so he could help her.

        • asdfghjkl

          But the monk said that he could still be spared and still live as the mountain spirit IF seo hwa loves him truly and will not betray him. If he was betrayed he should kill seo hwa woth the wooden knife or whatever it is called.

          • Gidget

            To kill her so he could avoid the consequences of his choice would be murder. If he murdered he would no longer be innocent or pure. So, in effect choosing that path would have made him evil. Indistinguishable from a demon.

            Also, although the monk offered it as an option, there is still the question of whether his nature would have made him (literally) incapable of actially following that path.

          • Gidget

            Also, I hold the theory that she actually did love him. However, she realized it after he had already been slashed and was in the process of ‘dying’.

            As he is ascending and his fox bead energy is spilling out, she cries out his human name in a was that sounded as though she was having an epiphany.

            As she is giving birth to their child she is remembering all the lovely things about their relationship (drama shows us flashbacks of the protection, flowers, butterflies, fruit, wedding, etc).

            When she takes out the sickle to kill the newborn infant she sobs ‘I’m sorry WR” over and over.

            (Anecdotally, SH finally realizing her love after it was too late, also parallels CJ finally realizing her love after it was too late. At the point of these realizations, both men had already passed the point of no return.)

      • 7.2.2 Bojana

        I totally agree with you. The monk clearly said that Kang-chi cannot die, which also means that Wol-Ryung couldn’t physically die by a human hand. The only way for them to die is to have a fight with other mystical creature. So, I think as well that they just thought they killed him, but actually they just speed up the process. Glad that someone share the thought. But I wonder why Wol-Ryung differentiates between his old self and his demon self. It looks like they are two different persons. (I mean they are different in a way but there should be something in common)

    • 7.3 LoveSG

      I think he was killed is because he abstained from eating meat for close to 90 days just to become human so then he was too weak to heal himself 🙁

      WR may think he is innocent but the common ignorant people treat gumihos as beasts (demons) instead so they think they are evil – that’s why they are afraid and that’s why Master Dam hunted down WR…

    • 7.4 bern75

      I thought it was Seo Hwa’s betrayal that was the cause of Wol Ryung’s death?

      • 7.4.1 Bojana

        I think that as well. I prefer to call it rather transformation than death. It’s a little bit unclear if he really died or not. But, as I said I think he didn’t die, but just transformed into devil because of Seo Hwa’s betrayal. Master Dam maybe doesn’t know the details which the monk knows. So he probably thinks he really killed him. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next :-).

    • 7.5 jubilantia

      I think he died because of the spell he was trying to do in combination with Dam’s super-special gumiho-killing powers. It was the betrayal that killed him more than anything.

      Plus, the way the gumiho powers seem to work, it looks like it’s more of a choice than they’re letting on. For example, Kang-chi can choose to be human when someone has faith in him (Yeo-wool), and becomes beast-like when someone sees him as a monster (Chung-jo) and he loses faith in himself, just as Wol-ryung became beastly in the face of Seo-hwa’s betrayal. I think it’s that he felt betrayed and bitter and chose to become evil, rather than it being something out of his control.

    • 7.6 sunshine

      I don’t the father Gumiho die,. . Maybe he destined to full asleep for 20 years since seohwa have a feelings with him.
      They might explain and show later on the upcoming episodes why he came back. Since he not answer the monks the right reason of his return.
      Seem kangchi have no interest in his biological parents history

  8. Kitzeekat

    Thank you gf for the awesome recap 🙂

  9. Mia

    gyahhh!!! Both parents (? Is it?) are unveiled what will Kang chi do!?
    I have a feeling that Yeo wool will tell Kang chi what her father did first (unless Wol ryung who’s not Wol ryung tells him first) because that would be consistent with what she showed us so far. Fighting Yeo wool ah!

  10. 10 Tyme

    I was unclear on what the rules were for cutting the bells. Anyone care to clarify? xD

    I initially thought it would be weird to have someone else playing Seo Hwa with everyone else playing themselves, but I think it makes sense. It would be impossible to have Lee Yeon Hee look old enough to be playing Seunggi’s mom. And they sort of look like each other, don’t they?

    It’s funny that everyone else has had a few extra gray hairs added, but Soo-ryun gets by looking the same. I guess since she’s a gisaeng she probably has a few more tricks up her sleeve. 😉

    • 10.1 Peeps

      Sole rule regarding those bells – one gets cut off every time Gon gets pissed. Or bored. Or playful. Or jealous. Or hungry. Or every time YeoWool pricks a finger. Basically, they get cut off whenever he feels like it for whatever reason. Heh.

      • 10.1.1 someone

        he went from jealous hissy fits and hitting him every time he saw him to cutting his bells, whats next.

        • Peeps

          Bro hugs.

          I mean, why not? 😀

    • 10.2 KDaddict

      When KC complains that Gon violates the rules by cutting the bells left, rt and center,
      Teacher Old Foggy says: How can he violate the rules when there are no rules?

    • 10.3 ys

      On the surface this test seems to be for Kangchi to sense an enemy whenever and wherever he is, and so far he’s failed and let Gon sneak up on him, what, five times? Symbolically for Gon, he gets to cut off Kangchi’s balls over and over again–heh heh heh.

      I agree with you about Head Gisaeng not aging At All. I don’t mind, though. Her beauty has grown on me over time. At first I was repulsed by the blood-red lipstick, but now I love it.

      • 10.3.1 someone

        i do not think he sees him as a dangerous enemy

  11. 11 Tartani

    Thanks for the recap!! I enjoyed this episode but….now that we’re almost 2/3 the way finished, what exactly is the focus of this drama? In King2Hearts it was the journey of the makings of a king. In GFB, the journey to become human? It sure doesn’t seem so at this point. I feel like the writer forgets some points, then remembers them , only to address them very vaguely. Does Kangchi still want to be human? He sure always says he wants to be one, but he isn’t taking any action. He’s spending the majority of his time counting beans, trying to avoid his bells being cut off by Gon, and getting all romantic with YW. Does he not care about YW’s betrothal? Speaking of the romance with YW, this somewhat makes me feel bad for CJ. CJ rejected him because she didn’t really have the choice and now she’s seeing the man who used love her loving another women. This almost makes me wish CJ was played by a worse actress than LYB so I might not have sympathized with her as much. With only 9 episodes left, I hope that the writer has a set plan in mind and isn’t just catering to the fans’ demand of romantic scenes with KC and YW because that’s probably what they’re doing right now; ie hanbok, proposal, incoming kiss scene etc. I do enjoy the cute and gush at how amazingly cute KC and YW are together (I was awwing at the proposal scene) but something big and bad needs to happen between them..and fast. Nothings really happened in this episode. Kangchi thus far has just been wandering around with no motive whatsoever. I do like LSG and will continue to watch this drama but just my two cents.

    • 11.1 someone

      I agree with you, feel like the whole plot is stopped for the sake of cute moments with KC and YW and its boring to me, part of the problem is it feels like they are writing the drama to suit the acting skills of the female instead of the lead KC so its all about nothing and just filler with nothing of substance because thats all she can handle. I love SG and enjoy watching him no matter what, but the loveline is so immature to me and I just can not get into it. We know they like each other let us move on already. And your right about CJ this actress is really good. I wish I could say the same for YW actress maybe I could enjoy this drama more

      • 11.1.1 Tyme

        I found this episode to be going no where. There were two or three minute stretches of staring+doing nothing between YW and KC where I would have preferred some plot developments. 😛 Fluff is cool only in moderation…

      • 11.1.2 Tartani

        I don’t think Suzy’s outright terrible, but I do think she sometimes fall flat during emotional scenes and some other moments. Won’t hurt to loosen up a bit! Seunggi’s a capable actor as shown during his emotional breakdowns but the writer and pd are not using his abilities to the full potential as those of K2H had done. Next episode’s preview makes it seem like there’s more stuff happening and I really do wish so. I hope it’s not a elongated version of the preview as today’s episode was.

        • Elysium

          Agree with all you guys above re: waffling fanservice, plus with the drama being called Gu Family Book you would have thought it would be a major plot device – but no, only a few mentions here and there. Really hoping Kangchi starts getting a bit more proactive in becoming a human soon.

          • crazyajummafan

            As mentioned before in previous eps, the title of the drama is no longer called ‘Gu Family Book’, but ‘Kang Chi, the Beginnng’.

          • 7rfei

            The Korean title is still Gu Family Book.

          • Aisling

            Yup, agree that there’s an awful lot happening in this drama, supernatural elements notwithstanding, the entire Joseon is in danger. Personally I love the supernatural elements. But from the way the drama is going, it seems that its focus is on the human side of things. Even supernatural beings like Wol Ryung and Kang Chi are subjected to the manoeuvring of human beings. But it seems that demon Wol Ryung is trying to change that. Unlike Gumiho Wol Ryung who is sympathetic towards humans, demon Wol Ryung clearly sees them as worthless from the way he just kills them.

    • 11.2 Fidelity

      I do dislike the hero being so passive about his so-called ‘journey’ and essentially being a slave to fate. As sweet as it is that Yeo-Wol calms his bestial powers, I’ll be very disappointed if she ends up being the full solution to him becoming a full human because that involves practically nothing from Kang-Chi – what of the 3 action items that his dad needed to try to get the family book?

      For all the effort that has gone to make Yeo-Wol a badass heroine, I’m afraid she’s now being driven to the cliche heroine territory; the Cinderella dress up, the ankle twist and carry, the trauma induced breakdown and hug… and her entire motifs becoming _just_ about Kang-chi. She seems to be letting go of the greater picture here. I too am finding Chung-jo much more of a nuanced character. (LYB’s acting helps for sure.)

      • 11.2.1 foulou

        LOL Yeo Wool’s motivation has always been Kang Chi and nothing else, that’s why I can’t get behind her character at all. Right from the get-go, she is only concerned of KC. She’s been ignoring Gon, her dad, even tried to jeopardize the school all for KC. It’s seriously tiring. At least CJ has other motivations.

    • 11.3 reglest

      I’m agree with you, although I love all the cutesy, but yes. We need a real path carved here, like what episode 14 do. And I hope the writer give that soon to Us 🙂

    • 11.4 latteholic

      I feel the same way too, like the writing is tailored just for fanservice. I felt like I’m watching a ballad MV every 10 minutes in this episode alone. And I do agree that the story is losing its focus. It’s trying so hard to be mysterious, esp with Seo-hwa and Wol Ryung (the hot stalker), that it lost another episode laboring on that point. I thought the plot will start moving when they come back, but… nope, we’re still not there yet.
      And I do appreciate the cute moments as well, but the show really needs to find its balance. Nine episodes left and we still have to go through the gumiho rumors, LSS’ battleship arch, and the sibling’s revenge. Well I just hope that they won’t rush the ending if they’re going at this rate

    • 11.5 kyl

      Here another one agreeing 🙂 I do enjoy the cute romantic scenes but I think sometimes the lingering gazes are too lingering. Too long that it almost made me uncomfortable :/ and no offense to Suzy’s fans; from Kang-chi’s eyes I can see him falling in love right there but it’s nice if Yeo-wool could convey the same expression back instead of..well, a look of perplexity? Sorry!

      I think the writer lost focus from episode 7 onwards, when they chose not to dwell on Kang-chi’s dilemma longer, at the moment he found out his other half gumiho identity (I needed that to feel exactly what he was going through, not just show one scene of suffering and let it go at that). It’s a pity that the writer is not able to juggle the many side stories together and merge them into a tight story week by week. I wish the writer could consistently feed the viewers a little of the subplots every week just enough to make them interesting. The moment she focuses too much on one subplot is the moment when I feel disconnected (the silver heist in Lord Park’s secret storage room). I want more gumiho/human dilemmas and the reactions of people around him, because the story essentially evolves around Kang-chi’s half human half beast identity.

      I’m still interested to find out what happens in the end though. The premise is good, but the execution…ah well. I’m still, STILL hoping that it will improve.

    • 11.6 nomad

      Do we forget that this is the same writer for The Baker King? In my opinion…that’s enough as an explanation for all the fall out in the plot.

  12. 12 dduk

    thank you for the recap!

    Is it just me but when I saw the vines wrap around KangChi… that maybe it’s the mountains/ his powers were trying to protect him from going to WolRyung.

    From what I see… WolRyung has now, only the power to make flowers/living things wilt and Kangchi’s powers have the opposite effect.

    that is probably my explanation of what is going on with Kangchi’s powers…. I really do wish they explained the powers more….

    • 12.1 PollyRose

      I was thinking the same thing. It seemed like a protective measure and I thought Wol Ryung looked just as surprised as Kang Chi when it happened.

      Though for sure Kang Chi knew it must have something to do with himself since he immediately went and tried it at his first opportunity.

      My guess is that his gumiho nature and the mountain are connected. He can ask things to grow, but it also seems to work for him somewhat independently as it sees he has a need. So perhaps he’s taken up his dad’s old job without quite knowing it.

      • 12.1.1 someone

        yes, just remembered they covered him earlier too, to hide them from GW ‘s guys.

      • 12.1.2 Gidget

        I think there has always been something fishy about the monk. It happened right outside his house.

        • Gidget

          After reading more comments here about the forest protecting KC, at theory makes the most sense.

          But I still think there’s something fishy about the monk. I wonder if he has an underlying identity that’s hidden.

    • 12.2 Dream

      I think your theory of the vine makes sense….:-)

    • 12.3 someone

      I like your thinking about those vines, I had not thought of that. But I will buy into that theory, LOL

    • 12.4 Wood

      Both WR and KC have the power to command nature in general. When WR called on the vines to bind KC to test KC powers, he is surprised that KC has none, to command the vines to unbind him, hence his reaction.

      It is because of KC’s bracelet that is holding back the magic.

      Then later when KC tested on the vines to grow at the backyard, he wasn’t successful the first time because he is still wearing his bracelet. The second time he took out his bracelet, his magic is evident by his eye color change, though the beast is under control, and the vines grew successfully.

      WR saw it, and confirms he is indeed his son. But the sadly, while KC (and the old WR) delights in life in nature, this WR now finds greater satisfaction in death in nature.

      That night when KC commands the flower bud to bloom, he is successful because he isn’t wearing his bracelet.

      Which reminds me of that huge bouquet of flowers from WR to SW is by magic !!

      Like Father Like Son 🙂

      • 12.4.1 crazyajummafan

        I don’t think that WR called the vines to bind KC. I think that the vines themselves sensed danger and grew around KC to prevent him from approaching WR, the same way the grew to cover KC’s leg when YW and KC were hiding from GW’s men earlier.

        The vegetation/nature nows sees KC as their rightful guardian and protector, not WR anymore.

        • milkteanlsg

          yeah… I agree with you…

          I don’t think WR has the power to grow the plants anymore but the power of death since he is now not a guardian but a demon… and plants just wilt under his power…

      • 12.4.2 melbeek

        When KC gave the flower the first thing that came to mind was like father like son too! Was equally as sweet as his daddy. Swoony… I agree with all your comments. The contrasting now of KC being able to grow flowers vs daddy sucking the life out of everything he touches (plant or person) is so interesting.

        Although, can’t you see in daddy’s eyes the jealousy in how much KC loves the humans around him? It makes me think of the contrast that’s going on right now. Daddy hates all people and it was people who betrayed and killed him, and Seo Hwa was the one who asked monk to give her son a chance to be a normal human being and live among them?

        I wonder the reason KC doesn’t change when thinking of YW is that the root to him wanting to become human is her? Love is that powerful!

  13. 13 Sarah

    But was that really Seo Hwa?

    • 13.1 Aqidah

      She did have the same Gisaeng tattoo as Seo Hwa..

    • 13.2 dduk

      and the same scars from where WolRyung dug his nails into her shoulder.

  14. 14 Sue

    When I saw the scene with the vines I thought maybe nature was trying to protect Kang Chi. Maybe the vines held him back for his own good. Just a theory.

  15. 15 YFYKID

    According to the trailer of episode 16
    They will kiss

    • 15.1 someone

      her face looks like she thinks its going to hurt.

      • 15.1.1 PM

        Exactly! I have absolutely nothing against Suzy, but that’s probably not the way to emote for a kiss scene! I feel for Seunggi, sigh.

      • 15.1.2 kyl

        Ditto! I’m not gonna expect a real kiss though. It does make me miss a certain hot refrigerator kiss….. 🙂

        • crazyajummafan

          Oh yes, me too! But no can do here, cos actress not even 20 yrs old, and her ahjussi fans will scream in protest! So will probably only see lip service. Pun intended. Sigh!

          For me, I wasn’t protesting about Suzy’s lack of acting ability when she was first casted, as I’ve never seen her act, so can’t comment. What I was silently protesting was her age, cos then there won’t be hot, passionate kisses, aka fridge kiss style.

          Seunggi ah, next drama you MUST act with older actress, ok? You must give us this kind of fan service. Don’t you know that some of us live vicariously thru these actresses?

          • YFYKID

            Come on guy!!!!!
            the actress (Suzy)has already kissed more than 8 times in her former dramas~~~~Maybe more than Seunggi
            Looking forward to their kiss~~~

          • Juicy

            OH, how wrong you are. They kissed passionately for a good two minutes. It went down in history as one of the hottest kdrama kisses…EVER.

  16. 16 Chica

    So did Seo-hwa change face?

    • 16.1 Aqidah

      Either that or they just had to change actress coz of the 20 years gap..

  17. 17 lemondoodle

    Yeah, WR do something other than stalk. Or go stalk your wife instead. I do like how both dads are screwing with their kid’s lives in their own way. Even 1,000 year old demons can be meddling parents I guess.

    Master Dam continues to annoy the heck out of me. I get being worried for you daughter, but don’t let her become a sword fighting bad ass if you are so concerned about her safety. If he feels guilty for killing Kangchi’s father he has a funny way of showing it. He tells YW not to make him spill innocent blood again… while he’s planning to spill innocent blood to save LSS.

    I took the vines as protecting Kangchi by stopping him from fighting his daddy. I also love that Kangchi is finding useful things about his powers now.

    YW and KC are freaking adorable as usual. Did they forget all about the impending marriage? Oh, well I did too tbh. I just can’t see the revenge/dad issue being that big of a deal to them. I don’t like how YW is keeping it from him though. That’s bound to cause problems.

    • 17.1 Tartani

      WR’s been stalking and smirking for 3 episodes and SH’s been smirking for 3 episodes. They were totally once a couple. At least SJ should be happy that someone finally listened to him.

      • 17.1.1 crazyajummafan

        As for SJ, I cetainly hope he has ANSWERS – definite, specific ones, not cryptic ones! ARRRGGGG!!!

  18. 18 RibyBooWho

    i love the love scene so cuteeeee n adorableee…:)

  19. 19 Rainey

    “They just stand there, holding hands and blinking at each other, trying not to think about lips. Kiss her! Kiss her, you fool!”

    LOL my exact thoughts XD and am I the only one that find them holding hands so hot? hahaha

  20. 20 lordj

    Just a theory on why the vines grew on Kang Chi’s legs and rendered him immobile for awhile…
    I happened to notice that vines grow in order to protect him like when he was hiding with YW. I guess the vines grew this time to protect him from confronting his father. Like it was saying, he is not ready to face Wol-ryung. That is why Wol-ryung had that bewildered expression on his face too.

  21. 21 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    This is kinda of gut-wrenching if you think about it. This should be a joyous moment. Kang-chi wants to belong, wants family. Yet, he’s about to find out that his father is an evil demon bent on destruction (okay not by choice, but still…). I am curious as to how Kang-chi will react when he finds out the truth. Will he be hell bent on revenge? Will he try to save his dad? Can his dad be saved? I am dreading the fallout that this will have in his relationship with Yeo-wool. Why can’t the happy and cute just continue forever?

    • 21.1 crazyajummafan

      I’m concerned too about KC’s reaction. Like he said, “If I know you and you know me, we’ll either be friends or enemies.” Will WR be his friend or enemy?

  22. 22 Rio K-drama lover

    Just LOVED this episode!!!! So much cuteness!!! I just adore KC and YW!! And I feel bad for CJ too, so sad her story…
    I think the plot has been slow in the last episodes, but maybe they’re trying to do all the cuteness now to leave us in tear after? All the dramas are like that when they reach 15-16 episodes, there’s a calmness before the storm.
    I looks that next episode there’ll be a kiss!! Please, tell be there’ll be XD

  23. 23 reglest

    “Oh, twisted ankles, where would dramaland romance be without you?” Mwahahaha, this remind me with “Oh truck of doom, what will happen in dramaland without you?” *ROFL

    Thank you verymuch GF, will back after I watch the drama 😉

    • 23.1 someone

      well, we did bypass the piggy back ride…

      • 23.1.1 skelly

        To go straight to princess carry…

    • 23.2 KDaddict

      Talking abt Twisted ankles, Did anyone notice that while YW has a twisted ankle, KC was bandaging her calf? LOL.

      • 23.2.1 someone

        because her feet/ankles are ticklish

    • 23.3 redfox

      twisted ankle is in fact not too painful, try a torn ankle – horrible pain for 2 months and for the first 2 weeks you are not even able to stand up properly.

  24. 24 Gidget

    “So-jung changes the rules, because he can, and says that two supernatural beings can kill each other.”

    So does that tell us anything about Master Dam?

    • 24.1 Hopelesslydivided


    • 24.2 skinnymocha

      0_0… Interesting…

      But I think he means the literal end. Unlike WR who has the time to go around scaring his future daughter-in-law. Hopefully. Maybe. But that’s not likely, is it?

  25. 25 Hiba

    This whole thing feels like a fairy tale ! Ahh that last picture fathe and son ! Why so epic they are both to die for !

  26. 26 Hiba

    This whole thing feels like a fairy tale ! Ahh that last picture fathe and son ! Why so epic they are both to die for !
    Thanks guys !love you !

  27. 27 Bengbeng

    his father is afraid of Kang-chi because he is now the controller of the elements. I’m sooo looking forward to the fight too! =)

  28. 28 exquisitemelody


    Sorry, I need to pick myself off the floor after that last scene. SO AMAZING. This drama is seriously beautiful. Such a great shot and the music was EPIC. a;lkdfj;alsdkj MORE MORE MORE!! I WANT MORE DADDYHO!

    I’ve mostly just been reading recaps, but with the return of daddyho, I’m watching it more. a;lkdsfj

    I was seriously expecting Gon to show up and take off a bell after he gave her a flower 😛

  29. 29 KDaddict

    YW: “Do you see me as a woman now?”
    KC: “Of course I see you as a woman now. Do you think these eyes of mine are buttons?” ROFL.

  30. 30 KDaddict

    I’ve been wondering all along why that veteran actor playing YW’s father has no expression. Sb said he could act elsewhere. I’m sure I’ve seen him in other dramas, but honestly, he didn’t make enough of an impression for me to remember his performances. I’ll forever remember him in this one.

    Now I think I know why he looks like this: He killed WR in cold blood, when WR was just defending himself fr him and his men. His stone face is supposed to be him feeling guilty for having once slain an innocent life, as he has related to his daughter in this ep. Still, this’s one uninteresting (lousy) performance IMO. It’s jarring cos it sticks of like a soar thumb.

    • 30.1 lemondoodle

      He’s pretty terrible. I can’t blame the writing either since there isn’t really much wrong with is character, actually his story is pretty interesting. Putting him with Suzy also makes for the worst scenes in the drama. It’s a shame since this drama has really good parental relationships (mostly with Kangchi) that really are well acted and emotional and YW and her dad just really fall flat.

      • 30.1.1 someone

        lol, like father like daughter

      • 30.1.2 jubilantia

        The actor is phoning it in a bit, but I feel like his character also isn’t very well-written. I understand why he’s suddenly imprisoning his daughter in a hanbok with a disturbingly Umbridge-like sewing teacher (guilt and trying to protect her), but the fact that he thinks she’ll stay there after he gave her the physical means and mental desire to break free doesn’t make sense. I’m glad they added in his guilt as a factor for character depth, but it still seems like a silly course of action that we know won’t work for long.

    • 30.2 crazyajummafan

      We got a smile outta him in the first scene with little YW.
      I wish they would give us more of YW’s history.

  31. 31 someone

    love Seung gi’s self composed ost song that came out today. the piano version is beautiful.

    • 31.1 milkteanlsg

      me too~

      Its addictive~ <3

  32. 32 KDaddict

    So Seo Hwa is revealed, and from her conversation w TS n the Preview, it looks like she is here to take away 100 Year Inn fr Evil Lord, n I hope do other things to ruin him, plus look for her son.
    There should be a showdown between the parents.
    I really hope WR could be rehabbed thru the love n repentance of the woman who wronged him, n more than anything else, thru the pure goodness of his son.

    I didn’t like that actress playing middle aged SH when she appeared in A Gentleman’s Dignity, cos her char was so annoying. It was hard not to dislike her looks cos she was always throwing a hissy fit as a skinny bitch. But I must say she looks nice all dressed up in traditional Japanese attire. I hope this role would make her more likable.

    • 32.1 Cat

      hehe yeah didn’t like her character in A Gentleman’s Dignity as much… but she was hilarious on the ”We got Married” show with Julian Kang 🙂

      Hopefully by the end of this show, Seo Hwa gets to redeem herself.

    • 32.2 Aqidah

      The new Seo Hwa looks much more promising than previous actress..she looks cunning & smart & powerful 😀

      I dunno but Lee Yeon Hee acting makes me sleepy..hehehe..

  33. 33 PM

    I have a question – KC removed his bracelet to grow that flower, but how come his eyes didn’t change colour?

    • 33.1 someone

      because of his mind set at that time

    • 33.2 Tyme

      YW was next to him? His eyes didn’t change when they were together at the festival either.

    • 33.3 Osi

      Maybe because he can control his power now?
      His eyes didn’t turn green when he removed his bracelet near Yeo Wool, when she’s napping on his shoulder, or when they’re in the festival. His eyes were green when he discovered he could grow the vines, I think, is because he couldn’t fully control his new power, yet. When he grew the flower in front of Yeo Wool, he’s full in control, and maybe it’s also because he’s near Yeo Wool. What do you think?

      • 33.3.1 Gidget


  34. 34 Osi

    I guess there’s other mythical, maybe stronger, power that guides Kang Chi to discover his power. Heavens? I remember when his blood cured Yeo Wool’s wound, the blue things appeared first and moved to her wound. It’s like the blue things ‘told’ him to shed his blood on her wound to cure it. He’s already seen that they could cure his bleeding wound. Perhaps, he wondered whether his blood could also heal others’ bleeding wound after seeing the blue things suddenly appeared and moved to her wound? This theory happened when the vines grew around his feet. The vines were probably moved by that other power and it gave him idea whether he could grow plants or not.
    Thanks for the recaps GF.

    • 34.1 crazyajummafan

      I think its more like nature and the god of the mountain are in synch. They look out for each other and protect each other.

  35. 35 KDaddict

    WR tells Monk he came back to destroy everything (associated w SH, which would include KC). But when he sees vines growing to cover KC to protect him, and when KC can make vines grow on the stone wall, he sees that KC is indeed his son, not just SH’s. As KC says to Monk, Even Holy Beasts have sense of family, it gives WR pause to hurt his own. I don’t believe WR is afraid of KC as sb suggested above. I think he realizes that KC is his true descendant–Protector of the Mountain, and WR wouldn’t kill that and anger the heavens, i.e. higher powers.

    WR extends his hand n flowers die. It means his reign as Protector of the Mtn is truly over; the Mountain now has its new Protector in KC. But KC wants to be human. Otoke???

    • 35.1 crazyajummafan

      I think that’s why he told KC to give up being a human.

  36. 36 bambledd

    “Luke, I am your father!”

    • 36.1 geese

      that’s the first thing that comes in my mind when i saw them both…DARTHVADER and LUKE SKYWALKER maybe the writer is a star war fan…but he’s simply clever trying to put up the same plot without even noticing it..he he he he he he….VERY GOOD one..

    • 36.2 justme

      HAHAHA.. omg … hahaha !! damn no like button here dude!

    • 36.3 jubilantia

      Heeee, even the music was similar. It was pretty awesome.

  37. 37 crazyajummafan

    The two scenes that tickled me were the ones when KC saw WR’s red eyes, and started to snarl and growl, but NOTHING happened! I thought that his eyes might at least change colour, but they didn’t. The scenes remind of a puppy trying to emulate its father. It sees the father dog growling, and tries to growl to, but fails, cos it’s TOOO CUTE!!!!

    • 37.1 KDaddict

      Ya, I was going to say sth abt that. It reminds me of watching animated films, when the baby elephant, or baby whatever, tries his utmost to puff up and be scary like his dad, but then Nothing happens! It’s my fav scene in this ep too! TOOO Cute is spot on!

  38. 38 crazyajummafan

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I were KC, the first thing I’ll do after I learn to wield a sword effectively, is to cute off WR’s fringe! Isn’t he bad enough as a demon? Must he be portrayed as a one-eyed demon too?

    • 38.1 Tartani

      Lol. I think he’s totally hot like that though.

    • 38.2 Lotus


      @crazyajuhmma :
      WR : the fringe is the only way to hide my other red eyes, if not I’m afraid all my fans will running away. I try to be ‘Hot & Smexy’, and my Writernim got an idea from Pirate, unfortunately it didn’t go with my outfit and my ship still in process by LSS. But don’t worry, once its done, I will come abroad and will be helm ‘the mighty turtle ship’ as Demon Captain, and serves my country since I no longer have friend and my lover turn out to be ‘switch off’.

  39. 39 dobabado

    My favorite part of the episode was Wol-Ryung’s duality. He misses his old Gumiho self as shown in the scene where he wilts the flowers instead of growing them like in the past.

    When it comes to Gumiho powers, I think KC’s ability to sense Yeo-Wool stems from being half-fox. Animals are pretty good with understanding feelings like fear and blood lust so it’s not like KC can hear her but that she generally gives off the vibe of distress and he picks up on that.

    While WR became a demon at his “death”, KC became the new guardian of the forest at his birth. The relationship between the guardian and the forest is mutualism. They both benefit by protecting each other.

    In the scene with the vines, the forest recognizes WR as an evil presence so when KC tries to confront WR, the forest prevents him from doing so because KC would have been killed.

    In return, I’m pretty sure the guardian is suppose to watch over the forest and expel any potential evils but KC is still learning so he doesn’t know anything about this.

    Anyway, that’s just my theory.

    • 39.1 jubilantia

      Yeah! I love the exploration of forest spirit as guardian and anchor for nature. As shown, the gumihos are not inherently evil; their monster side just comes out if you threaten their loved ones or unbalance their environment (ie the Root of All Evil, Jo Gwan-jerkface). Hopefully Kang-chi can become human without losing his gumiho connections.

      When it comes to Gumiho powers, I think KC’s ability to sense Yeo-Wool stems from being half-fox.

      I see your point, but I think this might be a more specific ability, either relating to the blood-sharing, or with some as-yet undisclosed connection Yeo-wool has, possibly to do with her dad’s gumiho-killing powers. I wonder if she can understand gumiho language or something? Gumiho Whisperer? That might be why she calms Kang-chi.

      I, too, really like where they’re going with unveiling the gumiho connection to the forest.

  40. 40 Sajen

    so has it actually been confirmed that Ja Hong-myung is Seo-hwa and if so how are they going to explain the change in actresses? plastic surgery didn’t exist, plastic didn’t even exist, so it’s not like now where you can just drop by your friendly neighborhood plastic-surgeon to change your face.

    • 40.1 lemondoodle

      There’s really nothing to explain. She aged. It happens a lot in dramas and movies.

      • 40.1.1 someone

        and in real life lol

    • 40.2 lazykitten

      I’m really curious why Seo Hwa aged but not the head gisaeng.

      Oh well, I’ll just enjoy the show and go with it. It is dramaland after all! XD

      • 40.2.1 crazyajummafan

        Maybe, they offered the role to LYH, but she didn’t want to do it, or couldn’t due to schedule. i don’t think it was deliberate to change the actress.

  41. 41 khr

    Why people never get tired on complaining about suzy’s acting performance? Please la just enjoy the drama as it is.tiz drama is still very entertainindnd enjoyable to watch.her performance still considered acceptable.tiz is my 1st time watching suzy and I find her likeable and not annoying.eventhough she seems lost in some scene but we all know she is still very young and lack of experience.and she is improving on each episode.

    • 41.1 foulou

      Because people don’t want to watch a singer trying to “get experience” in their primetime dramas. There are acting schools, theatre, sitcoms, or just ol’ plain practice sessions by yourself.

      • 41.1.1 Kiara

        Sad thing is, this is already the norm in dramaland. Most of these idols sucked donkey balls but they are popular in Korea therefore they will continue to take lead roles because that’s the way things are these days. Popularity > acting skills and talents.

        I think some viewers and their fans are ok with it. We can bitch and moan but nothing is going to change imo.

        • skelly

          Too true. The fans will watch them no matter how bad they are (because they are always improving!!!!!!) and raise the ratings and the idols also make it easier to sell the drama to other markets, like Japan. So as far as the producers are concerned, it’s a win-win; who cares if they can’t act, as long as people are willing to watch them?

          Even though it doesn’t make any difference, though, it is still nice when people step up and admit the emperor has no clothes.

    • 41.2 someone

      when her acting is not up to par, puts added pressure on the other actors, takes a character who should be strong and one to root for but comes across as a emotionless wall, and the writers have to write scenes of cute because thats all she can do. she was mis cast for this role, put the blame where ever you want but some things are not going to change, and either are the viewers opinions who expect more. The person I feel the most sorry for is LSG

      • 41.2.1 skelly

        Too true, he is putting a lot of effort into his scenes to provide the emotional heft for both of them, and it appears to be an uphill slog.

    • 41.3 Saturtledaisy

      I’m probably really easily satisfied, or maybe I just don’t have an eye for good actors, but I don’t have any problems with Suzy as Yeo-wool. She doesn’t come off as emotionless to me at all. I’m sure most of that is because the writers made her character that awesome, but even so I have no complaints about the acting either. Not that I’ve ever felt impressed either, but I’m definitely not bothered by it.

    • 41.4 dana

      Maybe because she is the lead actress?If she was supporting actress like in Big i wouldn`t even mind, but she is not the leading lady material, especially not opposite someone like Lee Seunggi!

      Honestly she is so bland, there is no charisma nor talent in that girl!

      • 41.4.1 IamNOTanAjusshi

        I don’t know. I find it hard to notice her lack of acting ability. Can’t seem to get my brain to process anything when i’m looking at her face. Super cute. LOL

  42. 42 MikaSan123

    I love the character of Yeowool and all, and Suzy does a passable job when she’s being cheery and talkative and all, but she kind of fall short when she needs to emote without talking. The way she stared at Wolryung when he held her chin is almost the same way she stares blankly at Kangchi when they’re at kissing distance. I just didn’t really get enough of the I’m-so-scared vibe when she was facing Wolryung…

    Other than that, I’m kind of disappointed in Yeowool’s dad. He doesn’t want to shed innocent blood again… but he’s plotting to kill Kangchi? I don’t remember if he knows this already, but can’t he just let Yeowool stay next to Kangchi during the tests so Kangchi doesn’t turn into his beast form? Is there really a need to go to such extreme lengths of killing poor Kangchi?

    • 42.1 tieuyeunu

      I don’t believe he knows that YW can stop KC from turning into a monster even without his bracelet.

      The hand holding scene was a one off, no one knows KC can do it on his own.

      considering YW is back in her male clothes next episode, (the hanbok is so pretty), she may just get there in time to help him.

      Though i would love for KC to be able to do it on his own without her, it would show he’s growth in that field.

      I believe KC’s route has become less about becoming human, but more about accepting yourself as who you are.

      Teaching others as well as himself that he is not a monster but a guardian.

    • 42.2 skelly

      I’ve got issues with the dad, too – if he is really so wracked with guilt over Wol-ryung, why does he decide so readily to kill innocent Kang-Chi, whom he knows so much better? How can he so readily want to kill him when Kang-Chi has done so much good for them? Is it all because of the romance, really? And if he is supposed to be a gumiho killer, why isn’t Wol-ryung dead? Does he just think he killed him? Is this maybe the case with the other demons he has supposedly killed, as well? And how does he know that Wol-ryung is the only innocent demon he ever “killed”? Sorry, but I start pulling on a thread and more just keeps unraveling…

  43. 43 k-soup

    things are getting cute and exciting! I was about to give up this drama because it bores me a little but when Wol Ryung showed up, the events just pulls me IN again..

    thanks for the recap! 🙂

  44. 44 L

    Kang Chi and Yeo Wol are just so adorable!
    Thanks for the recap GF.

  45. 45 Gidget

    “Teacher Gong: “Wrong. You only try to hold the broom, so you cannot hold the broom.” What…does that mean?”

    Guessing here that what he was aiming at was that to get the broom KC needed to control the man. Grab the arm(s) holding the broom, not the broom itself.

    Metaphor: the point of the bean counting was not the count of how many beans, it was the number needed for KC to master control of himself.

    • 45.1 drmjs

      I think, Teacher Gong is trying to teach KC about proper motivation and will. KC was only “trying” to hold the broom, that’s why he could not hold it. He was just half heartedly trying. He should “want” to hold the broom. There is a whole world of difference between trying and wanting.

    • 45.2 On a QIHM High

      That’s what I thought too…instead of targeting the broom, target the man because that will give you access to the broom (basically don’t just look for the obvious/direct answer).

    • 45.3 skelly

      This scene felt like another Stars Wars moment – something between Yoda’s “there is no try, there is only do” and the blind training session with Luke and Obi Wan.

  46. 46 Raspberrylemon

    Ok Master Dam please dont lock Yeo Wool anymore i want to see her fight darn it.And what is wrong with ep 15!? Found myself yawning and getting annoyed by the romantic scenes. Like they dont make me squeal or anything…errh…GFB YOURE LOSING IT! T-T Cmon need some action. make wol ryung do something bad ass or have that creepy old man (i always forget the bad guys name) discover seo hwas identity and torture her or something..PLEASE DO SOMETHING. And seeing ep 16 preview i sense it will be boring. Guess i will read the recap and not watch it -.-

    And kang chis character is getting annoying. Now its all about yeo wool yeo wool yeo wool yeo wool! I hope that tomorrows ep he will focus more on his past & family. Btw i wish the live triangle between kC YW AND CJ was more dramatic. I hope that CJ does something because im tired of seeing her mope around the giaseng house and thinking of Kc. Like kiss him in front of YW or have his baby idk haha.

    what i am trying to say is, GFB NEEDS MORE DRAMA & ACTION! Pleaseee bring back thr awesome fighting scenes…thanks -.-

    • 46.1 jubilantia

      Dude, what’s with the bloodthirstyness? I’m sure you’ll get your overdramatics soon enough; it’s okay if they let some character development happen. Although I feel like they could blend things together a little better.

      Anyway, the less time Jo Gwan-Jerkface is on screen, the better. Also love triangles are the worst- here’s hoping Chung-jo bucks tradition and comes out as a strong, independent, badass gisaeng assassin or something. Preferably with Jerkface squarely in her sights…

  47. 47 reglest

    I’m agree with you, although I love all the cutesy, but yes. We need a real path carved here, like what episode 14 do. And I hope the writer give that soon to Us 🙂

    • 47.1 reglest

      This is my reply to @tartani 🙂

  48. 48 milkteanlsg

    I love the scene where KC sheds tears wordlessly as YW cries out on his shoulders!
    I feel that it is where he realised how much YW means to him and how close he could have come to lose her~~~

  49. 49 KDrama Fan

    Thanks GF for the recap. Definitely a cute episode.

  50. 50 Keke

    Thanks! Exciting! I’m excited for seo hwa reaction to the rumor. She thinks he’s dead already? What? Doesn’t make sense really. Plus it seem like wol ryul doesn’t quite want to kill seung ki but perhaps convert him? Seems like it.

    • 50.1 lordj

      Actually, im thinking that Wol-ryung wants Kang Chi to transform like him. And he will be making things difficult for Kang Chi so that Kang Chi too will turn into a demon.

      I remember that the sweet Wol-ryung always feels lonely being alone, and who is the perfect companion for him? Isnt it his own child… ?

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