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Cuteness behind the scenes of Medical Top Team
by | September 30, 2013 | 53 Comments

If the cast looks this adorable behind the scenes, why does the poster have to look so serious? I guess we’ll just have to live with the fact that this’ll be one of those dramas where the happy happens offscreen. MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama Medical Top Team is gearing up for its broadcast next week with poster shoots and group bonding. The production has pushed its air date back a week to coincide with the premiere of Heirs, likely because launching against Master’s Sun’s finale week seems like getting off on the wrong foot, ratings-wise.

The new medical drama from the PD of The Moon That Embraces the Sun and the writer of Brain promises fast-paced, hard-hitting medical stories, because well what’s the point of assembling the best of the best on one handy team of geniuses if you don’t challenge their big brains? Of course they’ll be given the toughest cases that no one else could solve (because those are so easy to find at the One Hospital in All of Seoul), and though there will be fireworks of the antagonistic kind between Kwon Sang-woo and Joo Ji-hoon, teamwork will be the name of the game.

Kwon Sang-woo and Joo Ji-hoon are pretty much playing Good Doc/Bad Doc, with Jung Ryeo-won in between them (please give her more to do than a love triangle, please, please), while Oh Yeon-seo and Min-ho round out the younguns on the team. I can’t say I’m on pins and needles for this one, but I do expect it to be slick. Who knows, maybe it’ll surprise me.

Medical Top Team premieres October 9 on MBC.

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53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MsB

    Just over a week! Can’t wait!

    • 1.1 paper

      OMG is that Alex I spot? πŸ˜€ I friggin adore him~<3

  2. Rachel

    Joo Ji Hoon you’re looking sooo good!

  3. celloangelninja

    so it’s this and good doctor at the same time? Well even my Shinee love probably isn’t enough to watch this… It’s just that i don’t like the vibe. There was enough hatred in Good Doctor (at least at first)

    • 3.1 ilikemangos

      Good doctor’s ending next week so by the time medical top team airs it’ll be off air

    • 3.2 spark

      no, medical top team is a wed/thur drama.

  4. cali

    wait so what’s airing this week in between two weeks and this???

    • 4.1 Moonbean

      Drama special.

  5. aisha

    Ju ji hoon…can’t wait to see your performance!!!

  6. pogo

    GUUUH can we just give Joo Ji-hoon’s cheekbones a grand welcome back to primetime tv?

    I like Jung Ryeo-won as an actress but her chemistry with her leading men is sometimes patchy so I don’t really always get behind her OTPs (loved her with Jung Kyung-ho in Ja Myung-go, not so much with Anthony in KOD last year even though the latter was by far the superior drama)

    • 6.1 Toto

      hehe his cheekbones sure are awesome!! πŸ˜€

      • 6.1.1 anais

        Indeed. Indeed. Hooray Hooray!

  7. Ann

    Well, they all have nice haircuts, so that’s something.

  8. ravin

    does anyone know how many episodes this will run?

    • 8.1 cherkell

      20 episodes. 20 glorious episodes containing hunky doctors. 20 amazing episodes full of hot surgeons. 20 fantastic episodes chock-a-block with damn fine male specimens.

      I don’t think 20 glorious amazing fantastic episodes will be enough for my blood. You with me on this, people?

  9. cherkell

    I’d better hurry up and come down with some sort of malady that MUST be treated by Joo Ji-hoon STAT. Too bad the daily rate at his hospital is more than my monthly rent, or I’d just move in for good! *swoon*

    And after a kinda boring-ish KDrama Summer, we’re getting bombarded with better choices right and left! W00t!! BRING IT!

  10. 10 Yue

    Yes!! Ji Hoon Oppa have a new drama! Life is sweet. I was just wondering what was his next project when I googled him last night… Yes, turning into Saesang fan just for Ji Hoon Oppa. God, I miss watching him on the small screen, he have such charisma. I am hoping there will be more drama of his to come.

    • 10.1 pogo

      please, if you love him, don’t become a sasaeng fan (even if this was a joke). Those people are scary and their biases are terrified of their stalker ways.

    • 10.2 ilikemangos

      Dont worry, googling an actor/actress doesn’t mean you’re saesang. Otherwise we’d all be saesang. Stalking them at their homes and doing things that overstep their boundaries, now that’s definitely it.

  11. 11 Yue

    @Pogo Just kidding. I was just stalking his movie and dramas. I couldn’t care less about his personal life. Yeah, people are scary, and I can’t joke about anything any more since everything turned serious. Sure does take the fun out of life. Still, I am serious about him being charistmatic and he does need more screen time. It’s such a waste if he doesn’t.

  12. 12 anna

    Kdrama really love the medical genre huh? It’s like the “detective” genre of jdramas. There is ALWAYS a few every season.

    • 12.1 Windsun33

      Yup, most countries seem to be the same – always at least a few MD and cop dramas going, other genres not so much.

      But what bothers me about these “doctors” – is that they seem younger for the most part than the “high school students” in Heirs πŸ™

      • 12.1.1 Quiet Thought

        Really. Doogie Howser notwithstanding, it takes a decade of adult experience, education, and training to become a true “doctor” in most developed countries. If these people are really tops in their field, none of them should be under thirty, and most should be close to forty.

        • Anonymous

          In Dramaland, there are times when you just have to suspend disbelief. This is certainly one of those times. (Few people within the K-drama demographic are willing to sacrifice hot actors for realism.)

          But you probably already knew that.

  13. 13 elvira

    Just for Joo Ji Hoon.
    But I’m giving Minho a try.

  14. 14 Xxvxx

    OMG joo ji hoon. *fans self*

  15. 15 anais

    OMG, I want ramen. Can’t. Living in a vegan house. Argh.

  16. 16 Cee

    The official poster looks kind of sloppy for me. I love the behind the scene’s photo more. It looks more natural!

    Wow, so many lovely pictures, I expect so many cuteness from Minho-Yeonseo LMAO.

    I hope MTT will not do the medical drama cliches. Please don’t!

  17. 17 messi

    So this is going to premier against Heirs. I think this drama will win in terms of domestic ratings because it is medical drama which have great conflicts and viewers are always on edge due to life-death situations.

    • 17.1 ilikemangos

      I’m betting my money on heirs.

      • 17.1.1 Cocoboo

        Lol, I agree.

        Not sure if I’m gonna tune into either dramas tho…. ._.

    • 17.2 Windsun33

      Heirs will win because it is being hyped a lot more. But I am not so sure that either of them will be all that good. After having been burned by the likes of YTBLSS, ISYG, and Sword/Flower I have lowered my expectations a lot.

  18. 18 valleydale

    Fortunately for me, DramaFever will be airing both dramas. They might be up against each other on the same night in Korea, but I’ll not have to choose which to watch. Yay, for having the ability to see both!

  19. 19 jo

    The hell, what is minho… Oh yea. .. he was in like 1 drama right?….(and the shinee fans pounce)

  20. 20 Mar

    Joo Ji-hoon is like a sculpture. That is all.

  21. 21 valleydale

    I’m a big SHINee fan, and think Minho is as cute as a fluffy puppy, but I’m not expecting acting genius out of him. If he’s merely not gawd aweful, I’ll be satisfied. He’s getting acting experience with a character that isn’t one of the leads. Fortunately for this drama, its leading roles are being fulfilled by a number of pretty people who’ve actually garnered some acting cred. I fully intend to enjoy Minho’s on-screen time as an ahjumma whose own son is only a month older than him, suppressing all the while the strong desire to pinch his cheeks and sit him down in front of a plate of lasagna.

  22. 22 bishbash

    Oh yeon seo is a lucky girl. She keeps getting paired with cute young boys, first Min-hyukie, now Minho. Awwww.

  23. 23 Pakykul Gunk

    Min Ho is so cute in this drama !

  24. 24 jayne

    I want Ji Hoon to get the girl

    • 24.1 dani305

      We’ll have to wait and see. =D But I think it’s perfectly alright for Kwon Sang Woo to get the girl. Ji Hoon has already many fans to comfort him.

  25. 25 soserious

    oh damn, joo ji-hoon looks GOOD.
    i totally have the hots for him rn bc i just watched Naked Kitchen…

  26. 26 Uhnny

    Kwon Sang-woo and Joo Ji-hoon? I don’t know who I should be rooting for. They both look SO good! ^_^

  27. 27 malika

    My prince back!!!! Ju ji hoon Oppa fighting!!!

  28. 28 Jushi

    I am pretty sure that Jung Ryeo Won’s shoes haven’t touched the floor yet.

  29. 29 park heerin

    Medical Top Team Fighting!!! God Bless!!!!

  30. 30 wtfgil

    sorry, I don see minho as an doctor. not loving it. he look like a child here… will pass..

  31. 31 NaHyun

    Omgg Alex doing a pouty face! So cute xD
    Also, am I the only one who thinks that Joo Ji-Hoon looks a bit λŠλΌν•΄?? …….
    Loving Jung Ryeo-Won and Kwon Sang-Woo but Min-Ho? Nahh *sigh* why do they even give him roles? ??

  32. 32 mimosa

    Do doctors have time to do their hair tidily like that? Imagine that they have to answer for an emergency and have to apply something on their hair first or check their appearance on the mirror before do an action to save patients. Sigh! I love pretty face but reality also needed.

  33. 33 yetnoyes

    JOOJIHOON! β™‘β™‘ I hope this one stands out!

    #offtopic: OYS used to have this face that brought me to think that she has gotten many injections in that popular family drama (too lazy to google the title) that I couldn’t even bear to watch her. But now she has gotten more normal, and prettier.

  34. 34 mai

    I can’t wait for this drama ^^
    And I love that little girl from Miracle Cell πŸ™‚

  35. 35 cinthy

    minho is so hot!!!!!!!

  36. 36 Khuncho

    JiHoon looks very professional. But don’t you think your hair is too short? I wish JiHoon is the first lead.

  37. 37 cha

    I really like Jung Ryeo-won she is good and all the men she worked with like which star are you came from, Jumong and etc…hope she has more tv series

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