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Han Eun-jung signs on to revenge drama Golden Cross
by | February 11, 2014 | 24 Comments

Kang Ji-hwan ended up not taking on the revenge drama Golden Cross after all (opting instead for KBS’s Big Man), but the show has found its leading lady with Han Eun-jung, who returns to television four years after her last drama (Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child).

Han often plays sexy, sophisticated types, and her Golden Cross character falls in that category as the seductive owner of a mysterious club. The drama, written by Gaksital’s scriptwriter, Yoo Hyun-mi, features the story of a man on a revenge mission after he loses his family in a shady plot. A vague description, to be sure—it could describe a number of revenge melos we’ve seen before—but I’m not one to sniff at the writer, since Gaksital pretty much owned me with its sweeping emotion and epic intensity. (I’m a little less excited about the drama’s director, who worked on Cheer Up Mr. Kim and Mary Stayed Out All Night, but I think strong writing trumps middling directing.)

Han’s character is shrouded in mystery—her age, real name, and origins are all unknown—so her role in the hero’s trajectory is unclear, but it sounds like she’ll be a prominent character. Still, I have to hold off on getting excited until I know who our vengeance-seeking hero is, since it’ll be his trajectory that drives the story. Let’s cross our fingers for a good one.

Golden Cross will be a KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama to follow Age of Feeling, and premiers in April.

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24 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. chane

    Gaksital’s writer? I’m so in!

    • 1.1 okdubu

      aaaaand i’m so out.

    • 1.2 Meh

      and I’m still wavering.

    • 1.3 Jen

      So am I. Gaksital was awesome.

  2. Quiet Thought

    I’ll give the guy a shot. He’s a decent writer, but in Gaksital, he was trapped in a superhero vs supervillain cycle. He can probably do a lot better with a more open situation.

    • 2.1 ann

      It’s a her. The original writer of the manwha is a guy but the scriptwriter is a lady 🙂

  3. ann

    For the lead they should go for someone around her age, someone in his 30s

    Lee Jun Ki, Lee Jung Hyuk, Jang Hyuk, Lee Dong Gun or probably Ji Sung (again) doing melo.

    KBS seems to tackle on more heavy drama lately.

  4. wannabean

    I liked Gaksital and its premise, with its intensity and suspense, but it got pretty repetitive when every single episode ended in pretty much the SAME EXACT cliffhanger.

  5. Rushie

    I’ve never been able to get past the first few episodes of Gaksital, so I’m probably going to sit this one out.

    • 5.1 nova611

      me neither

  6. maldita

    In my early days as a drama fan, I disliked her so much for her characters in Full House and Wonderful Life.

    • 6.1 a_diva


      i too could never get over her as hye-won in full house. hye-won got on my nerves for her selfishness & mean-spiritedness. that’s the trouble with kdramas. they can get viewers way too emotionally invested. poor girl can’t catch a break.

      i know it’s ten years later but sorry han eun-jung, i still kinda don’t like you. perhaps this drama will change that for me . . . if i watch it.

    • 6.2 Celest

      She’s definitely branched out in numerous roles later in her drama career but for the longest time she literally played the same character. She’ll always be the sneaky bitches in Full House and Wonderful Life (though she was pretty good in Gumiho:Fox Child)

      • 6.2.1 cornfed

        She was good in ‘Gumiho’s Revenge’ and played the lead heroine in ‘Seoul 1945’. People need to try to divorce the characters that these people play from the players who play them. Han Eun-jung is a seriously desirable and sexy woman and these are the types that are often cast as the female antagonists in dramaland. Seeing her interact off screen with the two incredible young actresses in ‘Gumiho’s Revenge’ and other dramas reveals more about her as a person than what she does for a living. I, for one, am ecstatic to know that we’ll be seeing her again after four years away from the drama scene. 🙂

  7. ilikemangos

    Gaksital was epic no doubt but there’s something about conflicts running in circles that I cannot stand the most. (heirs could have been decent if it didn’t suffer the same fate).
    Still, this writer does well with including heart in her story so here’s hoping she does better with this one.

    The last KBS drama that i watched till the end and enjoyed was Nice Guy… back in 2012. This is kind of crazy considering i watch so many k-dramas but with each of KBS’s dramas I either dropped or hulk smashed at the end. Why, KBS? Why can’t you learn from SBS.

    • 7.1 ilikemangos

      Fingers crossed that AoF will the the first to break my KBS curse.

  8. Julie

    I always get this actress mixed up with the actress from ohlala couple.

    • 8.1 nova611

      they kinda look a like
      in some part

  9. barbara black fox

    I loved Gaksital. “GAKSITAL!!!!!” And I’ll love any future drama that lets a horse wear a matching mask with a super hero, too! So I’ll give this one a try. (Please, let there be fashion conscious horses in it at some point.)

    • 9.1 Yimmi

      Haha! That made me laugh! And yes, a fashion conscious horse would be awesome.(I had to watch Bridal Mask just because I kept reading ‘Gaksitaaaaal’ everywhere. I was avoiding it because I’m not a fan of that time era but the show converted me.)

  10. 10 lovenwait

    Wow! I am actually happy to hear that she’s back to dramaland. I used to like her a lot even though she played a lot of selfish roles in the past. I just chose to not watch those shows. I happened to catch her played nice role first and then found out that she played bad roles in Full House and Wonderful Life so I never bother to finish those two dramas.

    The first drama I saw her in was Scent of a Man and she’s pretty good at it. My favorite role of hers would be in Seoul 1945. Didn’t finish Gumiho: FoxChild bc of the genre.

    She has changed over the years..lookwise…but I still like her and her works so I excited that she is back. I thought she would just stick to modeling and don’t do anymore acting.

    Looking forward to the drama for sure.

    Welcome back Eun Jung si.

  11. 11 Haywires

    “and her Golden Cross character falls in that category as the seductive owner of a mysterious club.”

    “The drama… features the story of a man on a revenge mission after he loses his family in a shady plot.”

    Reminds me of the Taiwanese drama http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Dragon_Gate 🙂 The wiki summary doesn’t do the plot line justice but it’s fairly close. The drama features a very seductive underground club/bar/trading post hostess and a man in search of the truth about his parents’ deaths.

  12. 12 enna

    i love han eun jung, glad to hear she’s back…

  13. 13 Poli

    Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child was four years ago? What? Oh how time flies……

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