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Yoo In-young joins Cheese in the Trap movie as Baek In-ha
by | February 17, 2017 | 64 Comments

My first thought upon hearing this casting news was that Yoo In-young (Mask, Goodbye Mr. Black) would be able to pull off a pretty spot-on Baek In-ha in the movie remake of Cheese in the Trap. And then my next thought was, Hmm, this version is skewing kinda old…

Here are the ages of the primary cast: Oh Yeon-seo (Come Back, Ajusshi), playing leading lady Hong Seol, is 29; leading man Park Hae-jin (Man to Man), reprising his role as mysterious sunbae Yoo Jung, is 33; as his ex-friend and now-rival, Park Ki-woong (Monster), though somewhat baby-faced, is 32; and Yoo In-young, playing the rival’s volatile noona, is 33. The story is difficult to describe in a single nutshell, though one way to do it is: Introverted university student is deeply suspicious of handsome older student’s interest in her, finds his overtures sinister, ends up dating him, gets entangled in his angst-filled backstory, and tons of complications ensue.

Yoo In-young’s character, Baek In-ha, was played by Lee Sung-kyung in the tvN drama series, who was a pesky antagonist who often popped up to make the heroine’s life difficult. Materialistic, selfish, nosy, and sometimes violent, In-ha poked her nose in other people’s business and only ever thought of herself, in an over-the-top way that was almost comical, if not for the aggravation she also casued. I found the character much less likable in the original webtoon; she was a brat and a half in the TV show, but at least she didn’t do too much damage in the end. I recall Lee’s performance in the drama being heavily criticized initially as overdone and manic, although I think by the end of the series, many had come to terms with it as being in keeping with In-ha’s outrageous personality.

Yoo In-young, meanwhile, has a wonderful knack of finding something relatable in bratty or antagonistic characters, whether it’s as the snooty actress rival in You From Another Star, the dangerous old flame in Three Musketeers, the neglected wife in Mask, or the insecure rival in Oh My Venus. I expect that Yoo will do a lot for bringing In-ha some depth (maybe even some she never had).

Age matters aside, acting-skills-wise, I’m a big fan of all of these main players, and I suppose casting in the same age range for everyone sort of smooths things out so that nobody sticks out. And hey, remember all those teen movies from the ’90s where they got 28-year-olds to play high schoolers? At least in Cheese, they’re supposed to be in their early-to-mid-twenties?

The movie version of Cheese in the Trap will be directed by Kim Je-young, who has directed a few films (So I Married My Anti-Fan, Queen of the Night) and written a few others (Wonderful Radio, Wonderful Nightmare). It will begin filming in April.

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64 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Shirleen

    I think the movie casted the characters closest to the netizen’s dream casting, despite the ages being much older. Pretty sure all of them will do well in their roles, though it probably won’t feel that much like a university drama anymore but well, I won’t be complaining as long as the movie delivers.

    • 1.1 Magenta

      She’s feisty enough for the role but lead actress is feisty as well so we’ll see. Park Hae Jin is hell bent on redeeming himself here so let’s just give it a chance. Can’t judge anything when the product is not yet out. CITT the kdrama left me feeling ambivalent about the whole thing. I didn’t really like Park Hae Jin’s character here, he was so cold. If I were the girl I’d be so scared of him, y’know like he’s got cruel intentions. Lee Soo Kyung’s Baek In Ha was so loud and irritating tho she is truly gorgeous, she turned me off with her brashness. I was wishing towards the end that it would be Baek In Ho and curly haired girl.
      Seo Kang Joon worked hard. Sorry that Entourage is so boring for me I couldn’t watch maybe if this was 2010 where kdramas are hard to come by I would watch anything. But with so many kdramas nowadays that it is so hard to keep up, we hv to choose our battles.
      We have day jobs, y’know.

      • 1.1.1 astromantic

        Jung by nature is a bit cruel though.

    • 1.2 chanelboy

      the funny thing is,

      DB article about Yoo In Young played as Baek In Ha,
      comes right above Lee Sung Kyung who played Baek In Ha in CITT’s drama version.

      haha. what a drama little fate

      • 1.2.1 Van

        Haha, I noticed that, too!

  2. Elle

    I read somewhere that this is supposed to be a sequel set a few years later and will wrap up the webtoon storyline. If this is true, then the age of the actors will be just right.

    • 2.1 nchoe

      Huh??? But… if this movie will be the sequel to the webtoon, then only people who read it (or watch the drama) will understand the story.

  3. StarlaBlaise

    The movie will be a sequel to the web series. All the main characters will be in their 30s.

    • 3.1 Sooyi

      Do you mean the tv series or the webtoon?

      • 3.1.1 StarlaBlaise

        I mean the webtoon. It’s in the last season now. So after it finishes, there will be a movie sequel with this cast.

        • Van

          Ooh~ ahh~ I see. That makes sense and is a pretty cool way to show fans a sequel–through a whole ‘nother platform. I loved the drama version and I’m liking all the actors participating in the movie version, so I’m definitely looking forward to trailers and promo activities from the cast.

        • minnie

          Lol so Yoo Jung is the only one who didn’t age? Haha anyways, this makes sense to me, and it’s much better than adapting the webtoon all over again.

          • Van

            Hahaha, so true! Maybe he’ll get a new hairstyle (show your forehead, Sunbae!) and maybe a wardrobe change?

        • bluetoile

          Oh. my. god. Cheese in the Trap is in its last season?! :O

          Nooo. I’m not ready to let go of one of the best webtoons that I have ever read.

    • 3.2 reet

      it’s like the special ep that jdorama make after the initial story,
      the story after the webtoon’s end,
      so it will follow the webtton story after the college life

  4. reet

    as I remember, this is not the drana remake but continuation of the webtoon, even if it’s the drama remake, I think they’ll pull it off.

    • 4.1 skelly

      I agree; Cheese in the Trap is very much a psychological drama, with a lot of tiny nuances that I believe take an older and more experienced cast to carry off. They can do the whole thing, beginning, middle, and end as far as I am concerned – I can still suspend disbelief enough to think of them all as college students.

  5. Mindy

    If it’s supposed to be a sequel like you all are saying, this casting is honestly perfect for all of the characters.

    • 5.1 Van

      Howdy! This is off topic, but are you by any chance the person I spoke to in one of the Goblin recap posts about how you watched Goblin live because you make gifs on Tumblr? Lawl, this is random, but I wondered back then if I ever came across your edits. There were so many beautiful Goblin edits on Tumblr! Either way, I’m glad you linked your blog because I’m liking what I see so far. πŸ™‚ I haven’t been on, but will probably get back on later to follow you AND to update my blog. Haha.

      *looking at your second page* omg, Neopets!? Bwahaha, talk about taking a trip down memory lane… omg, now I wanna play, too.

      • 5.1.1 Mindy

        Yes I am the very same person! I haven’t been making gifs lately but it’s always nice when people recognize them hehe πŸ™‚ My gifs are really quite simple though!

        If you message me saying who you are I’ll definitely follow back!!

        And YES Neopets haha. A true blast from the past.

  6. Sam

    I don’t understand why producers are so obsessed at getting this webtoon story into different productions. There was nothing special in it. Have they run out of ideas?

    • 6.1 Mintylilly

      I see u everywhere when CITT got mentioned. Freedom of speech can be practiced by being silent too. If this news aggravate you, please go away and be happy with your choice of drama.

      • 6.1.1 Sam

        If my post aggravates you, why don’t you move on the next post. πŸ™‚

        • Greenfields

          Should have posted my dislike of the ‘If you don’t like it, leave’ attitude here.
          Also wanted to say that I agree – Cheese in the Trap was quite mediocre. Why does it merit a movie? Was it popular in Korea?

          • CatoCat

            Even mediocre is a better word for this webtoon. Totally a clickbait story.

            Half of their content inspiration comes from japanese media so its no doubt they want to milk this webtoon as much as possible.

          • stedens

            CITT is one of the more popular webtoons in kr, and is one of the more well-known ones internationally as well. can’t comment on the quality anymore since i no longer read it (not because i didn’t like it.. just stopped reading manga/webtoons in general), but it was def a hit with teenagers and college students.

      • 6.1.2 Huong Nguyen

        Ignore her, She just an PHJ anti fan who jump into any article merely involve PHJ or CITT to made up story about him and trash talk the movie.
        Her logic are out of this world and her fact are alternative. Cant make any argument with her since that person really font of attacking other personally.
        And an rabid Seo Kang Joon fan who called people name for just criticized his acting but feeling totally fine when put down PHJ to make her golden boy look better.
        Hey, are you CITT’s PD in disguise?

      • 6.1.3 Greenfields

        Once again, I have to express my distaste for this ‘if you don’t like it, leave’ attitude. Freedom of speech includes the right to criticise. No national security interest is being compromised here.

        • Sam

          That is how petty some kids are. Even the criticism was only directed to the story but they feel it was towards their idol.

          Seriously, I don’t see anything special in that webtoon story for a drama much less for a movie. Their idol would be better off with a more challenging role that could expand his repertoire. Definitely not this one.

          • Greenfields

            Can I just say that I also think its fair to criticize the idol? There’s a difference between criticism and hate, the latter of which can be found in abundance on the anonymous internet (including in the ‘if you don’t like it, leave’ comments to this thread, if I may speak frankly).

            For the record, I’m not a fan of either Park Hae Jin or Seo Kang Joon. Both are extremely good-looking, but need to work on their acting. Park Hae Jin is the better of the two, as he has many more years of experience, but he pales in comparison to many other actors his age, with his level of experience.

            Of course, these opinions are subjective. Clearly both actors do manage to move the hearts of a number of others. Hence their successful careers.

            And this is also precisely why there is no need for fans to get rabid about criticism directed at their idol. It’s all subjective at the end of the day.

          • Sam

            I could understand those fans who get defensive because critics are more rabid most of the time. They say something for the heck.or maybe because they prefer other actors or maybe a certain drama is a competitor of their idol’s drama.

            In CITT drama, sadly SKJ had the better interpretation of his character Baek In Ho than PHJ not because he is less capable but because of the character itself. I read the webtoon out of curiousity Seriously.. i don’t see Jung as a likable character. If PHJ will interpret Jung straight from the webtoon, I don’t think he would be able to redeem himself.

          • Sam

            For the record, I am not Seo Kang Joon’s fans but I used to read recaps of CITT and dang… PHJ’s fans were so mean towards SKJ. So I thougt I’d say my piece as an outside party.

        • starlightvtn

          Can you suggest me names of some actors from Haejin’s generation who are better than him?

          Since I did follow K-dramas but not the movies, so I might not know a lot of names. However, in my opinions, Haejin used to be underrated for quite a long time; his acting is good (not the top level but pretty good in comparison to other actors I’ve watched) and his look is suitable for various types of characters, but sadly his career is not smooth.

    • 6.2 again?

      You again? I swear you are everywhere Park hae jin is mentioned! I understand you don’t like him or CITT but dude lets chill okay? Freedom of speech i understand but acting like k-netz is just beyond justification.

  7. Olive

    I love all the castings and I couldn’t care less about the age. I just want the movie now. Palli palli juseyo.

  8. Huong Nguyen

    If any of you read the webtoon, you would know that Hong Seol are nothing like introverted. She is a smart, brilliant student. And in the campus she is kind of popular. Not the it girl but the smart girl who good at almost everything and decent looking, too. Hong Seol are everything but introvert.

    And Yoo In Young, she already perfect. Lee Seung Kyu have to try to be brat, YIY got that all in her.. My dream cast

    • 8.1 Makoto

      I only read very few beginning parts of the webtoon so I don’t really know about the whole characters and storyline. But while reading those few parts actually I am imagining Ha Yeonsu as Hong Seol.

      • 8.1.1 Huong Nguyen

        The first few part are just the setting, didn’t say much about the character. The real Hong Seol are no where near shy or naive. She’s really smart and sassy, borderline badass. I love her even more than Jung. Her character is really a girl crush

        • Van

          So even though it sounds like the drama’s version of Hong Seol was more tamed (she wasn’t THAT popularly known for being smart, but I think her peers knew that much about her and often took advantage of that), I still fell head over heels for both the character and the actress. Kim Go-eun was and totally has been my girl crush ever since I saw her in episode 1. I thought she had her sassy and badass moments every now and then in the drama, but I guess there’s more of it in the webtoon, so I should read it some more to find out. Either way, LOVED Kim Go-eun’s portrayal of Hong Seol (even if it wasn’t to the T, as some might say) because she was so relatable and endearing. I’m excited to see Oh Yeon-seo’s version though and from the looks of it, it may be a more closer portrayal of the webtoon’s character.

          • Huong Nguyen

            There are a lot of difference between the drama and the real Hong Seol. Especially in the relationship with Jung and the way she deal with thing happen.
            if i dont know about the real Seol then the drama version may look better to me. But now that version are just a water down, not deep enough, not badass, even missing out some key point in Hong Seol character, example in the webtoon, Seol never cry. I found that part very interesting.
            And Hong Seol is one of the best student in the campus, second to only Yoo Jung. That kind of girl is not the everyday girl in the camp.
            KGE portrayal of the character is charming in her own way, it fit with the drama setting. But if OHY could bring different thing to the table, i would love it.
            Conclusion, we all suffer though that disgrace of a drama. We all deserve a best citt move that they could make.

    • 8.2 no name #6

      Not to nitpitck but introverts can be smart, popular, and all those other things you mentioned.

      Strictly speaking, introversion only means that a person draws energy from within, not from interactions with others (in fact, interactions with others are often draining). I think that might apply to Seol, no? Also processing things internally, not so much by talking about it. Seol thinks (overthinks) a lot. Introvert =/= shy, even though it’s often thought of that way. Seol is an introvert, but she’s not really that shy. However, I’m pretty sure javabeans meant “introvert”, not “shy”, so no need to be offended on Seol’s behalf πŸ™‚

      Anyway, to be on topic, so many people are saying that this is a continuation of the webtoon, set later, but I can’t recall seeing anything official to that effect. Can someone point me to a source? Preferably translated, but also okay if not?

      • 8.2.1 SwoosieDerkins


      • 8.2.2 Huong Nguyen

        Well, human psychic are really complicated. Come to think about it, label someone with is not the brightest ideal..
        I just want to say that the Hong Seol in the drama are not really stay very true to the webtoon. And i found the real one are better, at least to me

        • no name #6

          The thing is, the webtoon lets us see Seol’s thoughts! The drama did the voiceover thing for her, sometimes, but by virtue of the webtoon being from her point of view, we know that version of the character better. Or that’s what I think, anyway. Drama Seol could feel a bit different from webtoon Seol just because of that.

      • 8.2.3 Huong Nguyen

        And i never saw the source of that information, too. Some girl make comment about it and now it’s every where

    • 8.3 skelly

      I am also really liking this cast. And as soon as I read that Yoo In Young was the neglected wife in Mask – wow, she did such a fabulous job with what could have been just a throw-away part – I was all in.

  9. Delurker

    I wasn’t particularly interested in the film when it seemed to be merely about the webtoon writer and Park Hae-jin getting vindicated, but Park Ki-woong AND Yoo In-young? Now I have gone from indifferent to positively eager πŸ™‚

    • 9.1 kikil


    • 9.2 Mashimomo

      Same here! PKW and YIY can portray a more layered version of the Baek siblings, and also hoping they do the older versions of the characters since I think it will be more interesting.

  10. 10 Catz

    Oh… so rather than it being based on College, it’ll be the workplace? Smooth πŸ™‚ Dream Cast, perfect writer and director….. now finger’s crossed for the music ost and air date?

  11. 11 Aly

    I’d rather have an all-around older cast rather than the typical huge age gap — much older actor, much younger actress.

    Besides, I’m always happy to see actresses in their mid-to-late 20s being given a shot as leads. And Oh Yeon So certainly deserves it.

    At least they’re playing college students and not high school students. Stranger castings have happened.

  12. 12 Sera The Ms Temper

    OK actually i love these castings. Yoo In Young will be gorgeous as Baek In Ha, i can see that.

    • 12.1 Van

      Right!? I think she’s perfect! Now my next question is: will she be sporting long locks or can she keep her signature ‘do? I love her short hair–it’s so HER! AND it’ll to the character, I think.

  13. 13 Abby

    Apart from Park hae jin (obviosuly because he was the original jung) and maybe Park ki woong the casting does not work for me sort. Age doesn’t matter maybe, but the best thing about CITT was not only the freshness of the story but also the freshness the cast brought – mainly because they hadn’t done much before or weren’t that popular (well most of them). These guys, brilliant actors i am sure, would they be able to recreate that freshness. It was a miracle that PHJ was able to pull it off.

    This seems something different all together. How much ever i want to be positive for the sake of the better ending i wanted, i am not able to do so. However, i hope it turns out well for those anticipating it.

  14. 14 pigsnout

    Lee Sung Kyung was great as Baek In Ha, she really scared me in the end but she made the character a little vulnerable and not just loud and annoying.

    • 14.1 Van

      Yes, towards the end, she showed us a hint of Baek In-ha’s vulnerability. Had that came just a tad bit sooner, though! ;'(

  15. 15 Van

    Omo, she’s PERFECT! Haha, I recently thought to myself: “I wonder who’s gonna play Baek In-ha? Lee Sung-kyung was pretty good. Who can be just as wicked?” So yay! I like this actress a lot. Even when she plays a bad guy, she still somehow manages to be good at heart and that’s not an easy feat. Man, I’m excited to see how the finishing product’s gonna be! If this is truly a sequel to the webtoon’s ending, then I won’t have to worry about comparing and contrasting how these actors will portray the same scenes as the drama’s actors (and if Park Hae-jin’s just gonna do and say the same things) and if the storyline’s gonna be different, then I can focus more on how these actors are portraying their characters. Definitely interesting! Can’t wait to see a trailer and the cast going around promoting the movie.

  16. 16 gina

    lol…yeah i dont really buy it cuz they’re all already in like 30s+! and in college you’re like 19-23 maybe???

    • 16.1 astromantic

      Could be Cheese in the Trap… grad school edition!

  17. 17 astromantic

    Yoo In-young! What perfect casting 😍😍😍

    Anyway, the idea of a CITT remake (with the same lead actor) still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s a shame how the drama ended up, but I wish they/Park Hae-jin would just leave this entire thing behind. I also think it’ll be difficult to capture the complexity of Jung’s character (the guy is a TRIP and I don’t mean that nicely lol) in just a few short hours :/

  18. 18 Lyne

    Ugh I don’t like the cast for this drama. They’re too old, the good thing about the comic is that is placed in the university and the people feel related to the characters, but with a cast of that age. I think they are just gonna forgette about the university in just centred in a office or something. So sad πŸ™

  19. 19 genki-escapist

    Oh, wow. I think that teen roles should go to teens (seeing adults who were already blessed by puberty play teens just messes up with actual teens). But this? I’m perfectly fine with an older cast playing characters in their 20’s, since it’s not such a stretch in terms of physiology and because the reverse always happens (actors in their 20’s taking older roles). It’s time to take back some roles for the older actors!

    And ANYWAY, they seem pretty much… perfect for the roles??? So… I’m…. reaaaaaally looking forward to this. πŸ˜€

  20. 20 Vic.

    Yoo in young Darling..

  21. 21 hikaru

    Yes..! another movie for Yoo In Young..
    really excited for this..
    I will definitely like it…
    Yoo In Young fighting..!

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