about javabeans

I love Korean dramas and I write about ’em. (And write about ’em. And write about ’em. You may have noticed that brevity is not my friend. I want to be ITS friend, but it shuns me regularly.)

I’ve been watching Korean dramas (on and off) as long as I can remember, for almost two decades. My first Korean drama was the 1992 hit Jealousy, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Man does that make me feel old.

I started this site because I couldn’t find a site providing meaty (or any) analysis for K-dramas, a longtime guilty pleasure of mine. I enjoy marveling at the pretty as much as anyone, but also wanted to express appreciation for quality that didn’t automatically dismiss something for being popular. Or, on the flipside of that same coin, to discuss something popular that went beyond surface discussion of the plot or hot cast. (Although, let’s be honest! Hot cast = a nice bonus.)

My underlying modus operandi: Just because it’s pop culture doesn’t mean discourse has to be shallow. I’d like to sustain a fun but hopefully substantive level of conversation, mixed with some irreverence. Because it’s not worth it if it’s no fun.

I occasionally tweet (@javabeans). And even less occasionally blog (elsewhere, that is). There’s also a Dramabeans Facebook that gets ignored a lot.


about girlfriday

I’m 50% writer, 50% couch potato. I lean left; politically, not footwise. I like to make snap judgments, then reconsider them to a pulp. I enjoy grammar, if only to break some more rules. I’m a tv junkie, a critic, a fan, but mostly importantly, I’m a writer who likes to procrastinate by watching k-dramas. The fact that I can do both now blows my mind.

I feel very strongly that people can have thoughtful discourse on just about any topic, and that artโ€”mass, pop, high, pulp, whatever it may beโ€”can and should be discussed intelligently for the thing it is.

Hence, I thought Dramabeans would be a good place to exercise my brain. Or was it exorcise? That would explain the confusion.

About the name: A Girl Friday could rule the world, if she really wanted to. You know herโ€”the best friend smartypants, the plucky assistant who always knows exactly what the private eye/cop/secret agent/superhero needs? She’s cute and clever and sassy and loyal, and pretty much smarter than everyone in the room. I mean, could Jack Bauer have saved one day, let alone eight, without Chloe O’Brien?

My favorite Girl Fridays are of course ones that break the mold. Willow Rosenberg and Veronica Mars are the contemporary evolution of the classic character, and give us all hope that the geeky outcast can and will save the world.

Just think of me as Dramabeans’ girlfriday: the Miss Moneypenny to javabeans’ Bond.

I sometimes tweet things I shouldn’t. And ramble on in a blog.


Meet the rest of the Dramabeans staff.

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806 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 351 kurai


    here is a mini-essay for ya. i hope you can wade through it. if not, it can be summed up as follows: <3!

    you should know that i am a pretty big grump when it comes to blogs. usually, i consider the majority of blogs to be nothing more than chaotic eye-candy-splattered public forums for empty-headed fangirling, which includes, but is not limited to, the over-use of tags and picspam like no tomorrow. that being said, your blog has more than redeemed blogs in general for me.

    i appreciate the organization of your site and the time and care you put into your posts. i am a longtime viewer of jdrama, but am a new kdrama fan (my big intro being boys before flowers…which should offer rehab services for its hooked fans, don't you think?) your site has really helped in finding more kdrama to watch, as well as given me a good outlet for my bbf addiction with tons of well-organized screen caps, promo shots, etc. . thanks for taking the time to post all the mp3s and photos (and actually having a searchable, accessible database!)

    mostly, i was inspired to write this post-of-praise because of your episode reviews. they actually worth reading. props to you. seriously. i'm a former english majour and self-proclaimed feminist, so naturally i like to analyze and argue for characters and plot regardless of the medium (books, movies, dramas.. ๐Ÿ˜€ ). i had found after finishing up one of my favorite jdramas (zettai kareshi) that there was nowhere to intelligently (and occasionally squee-ingly) discuss the show's themes or anything that was remotely interesting to me. kudos to you for giving these kdramas some legitimate attention in your blog!

    again, sorry for the long speech, but i have been enjoying your site so much that i thought i'd let you know that you've done a great job!


  2. 352 k-mouse

    dear dramabeans,

    i love your writing style and i must say you have really sharp analysis of each episode. putting aside emotions, you are able to analyze in depth each episode. well done! it is really fun reading your entries. often, i find myself nodding and laughing as i read. hahaha!

    i started watching kdramas a few months ago and i really love them! i have stopped watching singapore dramas. somehow, the acting skills of many actors and actresses here cannot be compared to the korean ones. ;p

  3. 353 floatingstars

    Hi Dramabeans!

    I’m a huge fan! Lemme introduce myself to you first. I’m doing this Kpop blogger feature project with other bloggers already on board. To give you an idea, I’m a writer by profession and also an Asian entertainment blogger. I’ve collaborated with other bloggers who agreed to do an interview with me so I can make a feature article about them in my blog http://www.floatingstars.wordpress.com (you can check it if you have time)… I want to show the person/ team behind K blogs from different places, and I thought about doing a feature on you! Me and all the other bloggers I know want to spread not only Kpop love but also unity among fellow bloggers! Since we’re all doing news about celebs, why not do a feature about the ones writing the news? lol. And I was hoping you could participate… I would really really appreciate it! For details, you can go to: http://tinyurl.com/le7law. Please email me at [email protected] for questions!

    it’s gonna be fun! lots of spazzfest and random stuff! cheerios!

  4. 354 sahb

    hi, i would just like to know, what’s your nationality? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 355 rentao

    hi, dramabeans!!! i just love the way you do the recaps of the kdramas.. can you also make drama recaps of the upcoming drama Iris?? I just so love T.O.P…well,he’s not really having the lead role, but i like his role in this drama anyway..Thanks for blogging kdrmas in english, I mean, I don’t understand korean that much but I have a dream of being fluent in it someday..Thanks a lot!!

  6. 356 kikan

    Hi, I came across your site when i searched for the OST of Coffee prince.
    I like your website, I like your review, I like the way you describe everything clearly.
    I myself like K drama a lot, although in someways, i cannot distinguished each actor by the name (its quite difficult for my indonesian tongue). Overall I like your site very much, and i Found the OST of Coffee Prince here, Thank you ….

    Keep Up The Good Spirit Java Bean (Java is the island where i was born, i thought you’re also javanese like me ;-P)

  7. 357 Lalaa

    I’ve been a fan of your site since Boys Before Flowers, but I’ve only just found this little introductory page (hopeless, I know) — well, I just wanted to comment about how much I love your site.

    I live in the UK and I’m filipino, so I don’t understand Korean or anything – I got hooked to the dramas about two years ago after I went to the Philippines on holiday (they’re pretty big there). This site is like my connection to korean drama and things that go on over there with celebrities etc since I don’t really know where else to get that info. Everything’s so clear and easy to follow, I check daily for entries, and I love how you write your reviews and recaps – they are so indepth and interesting..

    Keep up the great work dramabeans – thank youu!

  8. 358 oppa888

    Hi Dramabeans,

    Love your site, (I also love Coffee & K-Dramas)! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Unfortunately I became hooked on K-Dramas after watching “What Star Are You From” with Kim Rae-Won and Jung Ryu Won. How tragic!

    However, now that I am done with all the overacted, super-cliche dramas, I try to be a little more astute with my selections, otherwise the whole experience can become a total waste of time.

    Thanks to your awesome site, I have been able to select quality dramas, and I have not yet been disappointed by your drama-ratings.

    Flowers For My Life was as you said, underated, lovely, witty with just a touch of dark humour. I too almost overlooked the Return of Iljimae until I read some of your comments. I loved the SBS Iljimae to the point (as Ive noted from other comments) I was almost too biased and programmed into not bothering with ROI. It is truly a beautifully crafted drama, great acting, script, cinematography, action, romance etc.. etc…

    Thanks again and best wishes and success to you always!

  9. 359 Khang

    sure! U so cul. i am studying Korean.

  10. 360 ~~Li.

    Hi dramabeans!

    I’m Korean but don’t have Korean parents, so therefore, I don’t get a lot of access to language/culture/anything. =[. Therefore, I LOVE coming to your site and getting all the updates. Makes me feel like I’m really Korean. =]. As for Korean dramas, I LOVE them and started watching them when I was pretty young. Because of that however, I never learned how to actually THINK about them and just took them as mindless and mentally lax fun. Thanks to your site, I’ve learned how to watch something and enjoy it while also noticing flaws and wondering if improvements can be made. Now, it’s not so mindless and something actually fun and (at times depending on what I’m watching) intellectually engaging.

    Thanks so much for your endless recaps! They’ve made staying on top of good dramas so easy!

    [By the way, I love how much you love Coffee Prince. Many of my fellow kdrama watching friends didn’t get the attraction/hype, but I’m glad someone does.]

  11. 361 Eleven11

    I still don’t quite understand exactly how I ended up watching kdramas – they’re completely removed from my little world (born and bred in New Zealand), but what can I say? I love them! Kdramas are my secret habit, I don’t think people would look at me the same way if they knew I fell head over heels for this kind of sweet stuff – so it’s great being able to read other peoples perspectives on this site (isn’t the internet awesome sometimes?).

    Flowers for my Life was absolutely beautiful, and I never would have watched it if it wasn’t for this blogsite. Same with Coffee Prince actually, that series was like chocolate for the heart (haha).

    So, simply, Thanks! =)

  12. 362 nitnotzz

    Hi Javabeans,

    Same with 385-Lalaa comment, “Iโ€™ve been a fan of your site since Boys Before Flowers, but Iโ€™ve only just found this little introductory page (hopeless, I know) โ€” well, I just wanted to comment about how much I love your site.” Now I’m your web daily visitor.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I watched Dalja’s spring and Coffee Prince because of your recommendation, and felt head over heel because of it. Now, I only watch Kdrama based on your ratings cause it never fails me.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks so much for it and keep up the good work.. fighting!! ^_^

  13. 363 kelpem

    wow u r the great and i like going through each of ur blogs and its fortunate i came across your blog esp ur kdrama review of Boy Before Flowers…i like it and i like the drama it self…keep updating us and thanks once again…by the ways am from Bhutan…and am also a gr8 fan of kdramas and some few movies too….looking forward for ur blog updation…thnks

  14. 364 theleenbean

    haHA – i lol-ed at that bit about explaining your site to your tech guys – I never thought about what “dramabeans” would sound like to someone not into/familiar with/aware of kdramas, but i guess it is sort of a funny combination. javabeans are cool of course, but beans, i think are just one of those foods that are inherently funny, or maybe that’s just ’cause i’m immature, haha. ah well, love the name either way!

  15. 365 Ty_Sylicus

    I just found your site Googling for pics of Hyun Young, whom I just found out to have been dating Kim Jong Min from my favorite Korean group- KOYOTE!

    I was just a normal American guy until I took a trip to Korea a few years back. The time I spent there was life-changing. I got into music and dramas as a result. Also, I have a girlfriend who shares such interest.

    My first drama was “Stairway to Heaven” followed by “My Lovely Sam-Soon”- both of which I absolutely loved (I’ve yet to watch a drama that has made me cry as much as Stairway lol).

    Anyways- I’ll make sure to check out your site and see what you thought about any the dramas we both may have seen.

    Comment ya later then. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. 366 Ty_Sylicus

    P.S. You outgrew wordpress?! wow!

  17. 368 UJ

    hey i just have to say you have put up a really awesome blog. I am from Pakistan and its very sad that i cant share my interest in korean dramas with any of my friends (nobody watches korean/japanese/taiwanese dramas here in pakistan…or atleast i dont know any one who does). Your blog is my very favorite for news on k pop culture and drama summaries. I was really happy to see boys before flowers episode guide here because its my favorite k drama after goong and my girl.
    keep up the good work and thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. 369 tine

    Hi –

    I was looking for any updates of the whereabout of the cast on Jewel in Palace, and then I see this site. Do you have any updates with Yang mi kyung? Sad to hear that Yeo Woon-kye was gone and it was too late for me to know. May she in peace right now. Prayers to her.

  19. 370 Angie

    Hi, I was wondering if you knew the website for designer Kim Hee Soo? I saw your post on Sandra Oh and really liked Kim Hee Soo’s designs. I would’ve commented there but there was no comment box.

    Thank you!!

  20. 371 The One

    Javabeans……..I think …..I think I love you……..

  21. 372 Rita

    Hi from Los Angeles, CA. I am a new fan of this website and eagerly await emails from Dramabeans every morning.

    I have made a few posts and wish to convey again my congratulations to you and your team for coming up with this website and all writings, all the wonderful writeups and analysis of korean dramas and tv series. “Discovering” korean movies and series and seeing all korean movie stars really will make one drool and I am no exception. You and your team are such talented people and I am glad to have found this website along with the other korean forums, etc. However, Dramabeans tops them all! More power to all of you who are part of this website.

    On another note, since I am a big fan of Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won, I hope that there will be forthcoming articles about them. Thanks again and kudos to all of you!

  22. 373 goldlilys

    Hi JB, goldlilys here from San Diego, CA.

    I’ve been a fan of your site since you blogged Coffee Prince. I wanted to share my opinions on how awesome that drama was when it came out, but couldn’t find a site where I could relatively have an indepth conversation with anyone … of course not until I found your site and its readers as well.

    I’m not Korean, but I grew to love Korean dramas since 2004. The first kdrama I watched was Bright Girl Success Story with Jang Nara … but the first drama I actually finished with subs is My Love Pattzi starring Jang Nara also. Yes, I became a big Jang Nara fan, but also with her costars. I started looking for more of their dramas and somehow connected dramas to favorite actors and since then I’ve watched and collected A TON of Korean dramas. I guess you may be able to say I’m a veteran Korean drama, movie, music watcher even though I still don’t know how to speak nor understand the language without subtitles.

    Thanks so much for creating this wonderful site. Do keep it up!!

  23. 374 Misao

    Hello !
    I’m French and I love your website ! It must be a very long work ! Congratulations !
    But..Because it’s in English, I (and other French people) have difficulties to read and understand all…So, I’d like to try to make this kind of website, but in French.
    I want to have your permission for inspire you website.
    Please answer me on the e-mail adress that I send.
    Thank you very much.

  24. 375 chelez

    thanks for your in depth analysis of the dramas I watch. actually, i’m more of a jdrama fan because they’re shorter and so I don’t get bored easily. i’ve only found a few exiting Korean dramas and i like reading your recaps and what you think of them. thanks so much ^^

  25. 376 Anonymous

    i like your website its so informative thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. 377 sangay choden

    hellow!fren ,m very big fren of f4f4f4f4f4 i like all of them very much.plzzzzz if u hv time plzzzzz conveyyyyy my heart fell wishes 2 all of them (m tibetan gal)

  27. 378 Cyrina

    I came across your blog from someone else’s blogroll. Wow! You’re amazing! I love your site! Keep up the good work ^_^

  28. 379 Nia

    I Thank you so much for your site I love it!!!
    You’re doing a fantastic job..I’ve been visiting daily nowadays always checking for your updates, feeding my K-addiction :). By the way I love the name you chose for it dramabeans is pretty original and easy to remember. This site most definitely rocksss!

  29. 380 Angela

    Hi, I left a comment last night…but I guess it didn’t get uploaded. Well, here I go again.

    Love your site. I found it a few nights ago when I was in the middle of watching Boys Over Flowers(which I was watching whenever I had the chance (a few really late nights) but then I was starting to get bored with the plotline…the same scenario over and over again. Thanks for the great recaps and funny comments (JanDi getting lost in the snowstorm…

    My daughter and I just started watching kdramas and our first one was My Lovely Sam Soon, so that’s going to be a hard act to follow, since it was so amazing. My daughter and I are trying to improve our Korean, hope this helps. At least its entertaining and its fun to laugh at all the funny situations.

    I read your reviews so I’ve begun to watch Delightful Girl Choon Hyang I think my daughter will like it too.

  30. 381 Zenda

    HI! I really love your website! and I am really really thankful for all the updates that truly allow me to enjoy every detail! also.. the songs! its really hard to find a site like yours that offers such a variety of benefits! Thank you so much! I’ll continue to visit your website! love it! [:

  31. 382 look

    I’m so happy that there is someone like you in this world of K.drama! lol…
    When I have time, I watch the dramas and then read your recaps. When I’m pressed for time…I just read the recaps! (And I LOVE that you do screen shots because it helps me feel like I watched it)
    Great thoughts! And your humor/wit really comes across in your writing.
    You’re my hero! ^-^

  32. 383 Abie Lee

    I found your blogsite (if that’s even a word) because I’m currently obsessed with You’re Beautiful (thanks to Jang Geun Seuk). Thanks for your detailed analysis and summary of the episodes (though they’re like spoilers cause I read them before the subs come out). I haven’t been writing for quite some time so you’ll find my journal outdated (if you check it out). I feel compelled to compliment you and tell you a bit about my kdrama story. Back when AZNtv was still alive, I stumbled upon Attic Cat. I wasn’t sure what it was but I saw a few episodes and thought it was interesting. It wasn’t until I discovered Kim Sam Soon that I got hooked on Korean drama and Korea as a whole. It opened up a can of worms and next thing I knew, I was staying up all night watching Goong. Kim Sam Soon is still my fave of all time (because she was a strong female character) and I’ve been known to stop watching a drama when it gets boring. Soulmate and of course, Boys over Flowers were my latest ones finished. City Hall was good too (but I’m biased when it comes to Kim Sun Ah). I apologize for rambling… Soulmate caught my attention because Dong Wook’s character was cute and the soundtrack was just amazing (I love indie bands and especially cover bands that are just interesting). Anyone that has a good Smiths cover as part of the drama is just great to me. I love the love/hate relationship in You’re Beautiful but I have to admit that if they had a different Tae Kyung, I may not have stuck to it. Park Shin Hye is not that attractive to me (I didn’t like her so much in Goong S either and I think she’s sort of copying the Coffee Prince character too much). I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves Jang Geun Seuk and I first laid eyes on him on Do Re Mi…. I’ve had to rewatch Going Crazy Waiting cause he was in that one as well. Who couldn’t resist that killer smile and the funny faces he makes when he scowls or gets angry?

    Thank you for keeping my obsession alive. Please continue to be so eloquent and keep the flame burning for kdrama fans out there.

    BTW, I think this kdrama obsession is part of the reason why I ended up with a Korean husband and a desire to migrate to Korea.

  33. 384 SuzanneY Lilly Vueii

    Hi this is Suzanne and i was just wondering have you seen the korean drama called “Which Star Are You From.” Because i want you to post it up. Its a very good movie.

  34. 385 Special Edna

    Happened on your site by accident, but became intrigued by your excellent writing style – not found often! Cudos to you, you caught my interest and attention to an unknown subject. Keep up the good work.

  35. 386 Jung-Jae Lee

    [email protected]


    i,m the high school student of the korea.

    i really want to for nothing else but to see the english sub drama unstoppable high kick!!!

    this drama is my favorite drama,, and,, i hope english study this drama..

    it is no use search google.com

    i want to get the english subtitles….

    please are you send me a english subtitles, if you have..

    if you haven’t,, where i get the english subtitles??

    i,m begging you!!~~

    please,,, i’ll waiting your letter..!!!

    bye and, i,m sorry!!

  36. 387 JO

    Hi, I’m from the Philippines.Just let me tell you how I came accross to know about Korean Drama/Movies.I’ve migrated here in Canada 4yrs ago and this year when I went to work with my oncall job, there were CD’s about Korean movies that was bought by my pilipino co-workers from phil.The titles are:Beautiful Days,Lets go to the Beach and the wedding.They’re very addictive.I even watched them several times.So as time goes by I was relating these Korean movies I’ved watched from my regular job and it so happened that my pilipino co-workers too know’s a website where to watched Korean.She mentioned about MySoju.com and from then on this is where I spend most of my time watching during weekends and after work ,till midnight or passed midnight. Sometimes I prefer to watched than to go for my oncall job.
    I really enjoyed most of the movie/drama.I only choses Korean aside from others.it made me more fanatic when there are new aired programs like You’re Beautiful and etc. I’ve also found more websites by surfing and came to explore dramabeans,fan queen,Koreandrama.org and more where I can read or know more informations to go about the actors/actresses.
    The only sad part watching sometimes is when episodes from videos are broken or no longer available or under repair from MySoju site makes me fell terrible.Can you please suggest where we can get these kind of Korean movies sold somewhere in a stores.We are from Vancouver.I know where to buy these in the Philippines.They are very popular indeed.It’s also shown as one of the soap opera from the pilipino channel with tagalog subtitle.My friends would like to purchase too.
    Thank you so much
    Korea you are excellent!

  37. 388 Citybeez

    An-nyung-ha-se-yo, ์•ˆ๋…•ํ•˜์„ธ์š”, Hello.

    My love for history drove me to to things Korea. Malaysians are more comfortable in S.E. Asia history and European history. We often neglect N.E. Asia history, and even if we do, more often than not it is Chinese history. korea is unknown here. I’ve watched a few Korean historical dramas from KBS on our Astro channel. Hang Dong Gil, The Emperor of the sea, The Iron Empress.
    This drove me to study Korean history, especially ancient, mostly from the Internet. And while there, came across sites like mysoju, dramastyle, watchfreedrama, dramaxrazy and a couple of other sites. Since then I’ve watched Queen Seon Deok,
    The Kingdom of the wind, The King and the clown, Eight Days, the episodes of The Iron Empress I missed, also watched episode 51, but unavailable with Eng. subtitles, The Painter of the wind. Am trying to watch Jumong, but cannot get the beginning episodes. Just started watching 1st Chinese movie online, The Battle of Red Cliff, Parts 1 & 2. Now watching Princess Je Myung Go. All historical dramas. Modern dramas are sooooooo borinng.
    Each time I watch a episode, I search for the relevant info online. I think I’ll live the rest of my life hooked on Korean history. Hope to on one fine day or days to visit N.E China, North Korea and South Korea to see all the historical sites and of course their museums as well.

  38. 389 zoe

    i’m from thailand but now doing master degrees in korea. i have to write a thesis about korean wave in thailand. your blog might be very helpful to my work here. thanks.

  39. 390 =]

    My Girlfriend Loves your site, THANKS!! ๐Ÿ˜€ :DD !!!

  40. 391 lady

    i like your site. thank you for sharing your wonderful recaps and news ^_^

  41. 392 Basuha

    Oh mighty one, this site is great. K drama have been my guilty pleasure for years and I found a site that I can rant and rave on. Reading the comments it seem to have a lot of mature viewer. I love your style of writing, it has a nice blend of passion, comedy and knowledge. Look foreward to visiting this site a lot more in the future.

  42. 393 ensc

    I just wanted to add my appreciation to the chorus above – you’ve done some excellent work here.

    I just began getting into Korean Dramas about a year ago and I love ’em. After googling for recaps, your site kept popping up in the results–and now reading a dramabeans recap after watching an episode has become part of the experience of watching the drama itself. At first glance, I often miss many of the insights that these recaps are so great at pointing out.

    So… not much more to say but thank you!

    Barry C.
    Austin, TX

  43. 394 Daniel

    The recent hit of the “We Got Married” of the Gundam Couple have trigger my love in korean show.You are brilliant in expressing your interests and share it around. Thanks alot!!

  44. 395 V

    I’ve discovered this blog by looking for Creating Destiny and since then I have been hooked!!!! I am not Korean but I love watching Korean dramas it’s real interesting to watch these shows. Oh, by the way thank you for the songs!!!!!!!

  45. 396 a

    hello! : ) kudos to you for such a diligently made, interestingly written, and reader-oriented (i.e., whether the reader is a newbie or an avid fan to kdrama) blog! more power, dramabeans! <3

  46. 397 lira

    hi.. love your works! I’m also addicted in Korean dramas. i really appreciate your works.

  47. 398 AthenaLoveSuk

    Just explore your blog because wanting to vote for You’re Beautiful and Jang Keun Suk.

    Surprisingly there are some many K drama fans here with different cultural background. I save the page in my favourites and will visit your blog regularly. Thanks to JB for providing opportunities to share emotions and funs.

    Hi there, if you have not watched Youโ€™re Beautiful, please do not miss it. It is a great one and you wonโ€™t be disappointed.

  48. 399 kacci


    Good Day!

    First and foremost I would like to say thank you for starting this site. It’s so updated and I love it! A person in search for something about their favorite korean actor/actresses would be able to gather if not all, most of the information they need or simply want and more. Like you I love analyzing stuff but I doubt if I am as good as you in doing it. I am not much of a blogger either since I am not much knowledgeable with computers and stuff. I make do with what I have and need so to speak. If only I am half as good, I would have encountered your site long before and would have posted a message then…

    Right now I am so much into Bae Yung Joon. I have seen him before but never really paid much attention except when I was given a copy of “The Legend”. I would really like to know a lot about him whatever that may be. I’ll take the good with the bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love korean drama/movies/k-pops since I sarted watching and/or listening to them. But I started way too late that when you did. My first korean drama was “Endless Love – Autumn In My Heart” but then I was not very religious in watching it. But when “Full House” came by alongside “Lovers in Paris”, I got hooked and was desperately trying to secure a copy of the dramas. To date though I’m still trying. I now have a small collection of korean dramas. I intend to have more but they are kind’a hard to get by from where I currently am.

    I know I have taken much of your time when I wrote to you but then I hope you would understand. Well, God Bless you and your Family!

    A Job Well Done!!!



  49. 400 Anonymous

    hi .. am someone from other planet :).am indonesia.32 years old and house wife.i dont know anything about korean drama until am watching that boys b4 flower .. thank you so much for making bbf crossing in my tv chanel. this drama full with teaching life,keep survive,spirirt and nothing possible in life,i love geum jun di smile ๐Ÿ™‚ ..
    best of luck

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