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51st Grand Bell Awards
by | November 21, 2014 | 49 Comments
It’s time for the 51st Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Film Awards), the first of the major year-end award ceremonies, which celebrates achievement in film. There were actually a good number of big movies in 2014 to spread the love around, whether in box office numbers or critical acclaim, but the overwhelming theme seems to be:... More »

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Roaring Currents continues to smash records
by | August 19, 2014 | 69 Comments
Roaring Currents is on its way to breaking every Korean box office record possible. Greatest opening? Check — 680K people went to see it on opening day. Highest mid-week attendance? Yes, the movie handily broke earlier records, with 980K folks seeing it on a weekday. Greatest number of tickets sold in a single day? Yep,... More »

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Choi Min-shik dons Admiral Lee Soon-shin’s armor in Roaring Currents
by | June 21, 2014 | 21 Comments
Blockbuster film Roaring Currents (literal translation: Battle of Myeongryang, Whirlwind Sea) looks ahmaaazing, and I will be so bummed if it doesn’t live up to its hype. In it, veteran Hallyu star Choi Min-shik (who needs no introduction, but from New World, Oldboy, Shiri and No. 3, to name a few) has tackled the iconic... More »

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Movie Review: The Quiet Family
by | November 11, 2013 | 32 Comments
Director Kim Jee-woon is one of the most successful directors in Korean cinema and is responsible for a range of hit films from the so-called kimchi Western of The Good, the Bad, and the Weird back to A Tale of Two Sisters, a film that is arguably one of the greatest horror films made. With a filmography full... More »

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Teaser builds anticipation for crime thriller New World
by | January 13, 2013 | 18 Comments
If dark crime thrillers are your thing (and Chungmuro certainly has a way of churning them out), heads up for another entry in the genre with New World getting ready for its big premiere. The movie opens next month and has just released a trailer to whet our appetites, which has set a record that... More »

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49th Grand Bell Awards
by | October 30, 2012 | 87 Comments
‘Tis the season: Awards time is upon us! And beware of the massive photo-dump that awaits you. Here we are with the red carpet of today’s (er, yesterday in Korea) 49th Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Awards), one of the big film ceremonies of the year. Coming up later this year is another of the big... More »

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Noir thriller A New World courts megastar trio
by | January 6, 2012 | 16 Comments
Choi Min-shik (Oldboy) Hwang Jung-min (The Unjust) AND Lee Jung-jae (The Housemaid) in one movie? I always thought that if you put that many stars together, a movie would spontaneously combust. But apparently, this is the reigning trend in Chungmuro — put ‘em all together, whether lawyers, thieves, or spies. The trio of A-listers are... More »

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Old Boy Hollywood remake gains traction
by | November 13, 2010 | 79 Comments
There have been talks of a Hollywood remake of Park Chan-wook‘s hallmark revenge thriller Old Boy for some time now, but the project was stuck in legal battles over the rights to the original story, from the Japanese manga of the same name. But with that dispute finally settled (to the tune of how many... More »

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From I Saw the Devil to Hollywood
by | November 7, 2010 | 20 Comments
Dark thriller I Saw the Devil was one of the past summer’s hit films, and one of five Korean films to screen at the latest Toronto Film Festival. Coincidentally enough, all three of its major players are now looking at Hollywood prospects simultaneously, though not with each other. (Those three are actors Lee Byung-heon and... More »

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Toronto invites five Korean films
by | August 15, 2010 | 9 Comments
The 35th Toronto International Film Festival has invited five Korean films this year, and anticipation is high. Poetry, The Housemaid, I Saw the Devil, Oki’s Movie, and Late Autumn (Manchu) will be all be launching their North American premieres in Toronto. Director Im Sang-soo’s The Housemaid was invited as the gala film, and will capitalize... More »

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First stills from Lee Byung-heon’s I Saw the Devil
by | February 28, 2010 | 19 Comments
  I Saw the Devil is the new film from The Good, The Bad, The Weird director Kim Ji-woon, starring Lee Byung-heon and Choi Min-shik, and has released its first still shots. The film began shooting earlier this month on February 6. Director Kim has made a number of films in different genres, and again... More »