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Grandpas Over Flowers in Spain: Episode 6
by | April 15, 2014 | 45 Comments
EPISODE 6. Broadcast on April 11, 2014. javabeans: Right off the bat as the episode starts, the halbaes and Seo-jin climb into the car to begin their day, only to have Na PD tell Seo-jin that they have to go to the police station. I love how Seo-jin sees the parking ticket on the car... More »

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Grandpas Over Flowers in Spain: Episode 5
by | April 8, 2014 | 16 Comments
EPISODE 5. Broadcast on April 4, 2014. girlfriday: The group arrives in Seville and Seo-jin gets behind the wheel of the Rental Car From Hell. Things seem fine at first, but judging by the cartoon black smoke that they’ve edited in post, I think that car is probably cursed. The navigation even speaks Korean at... More »

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Grandpas Over Flowers in Spain: Episode 4
by | April 1, 2014 | 37 Comments
EPISODE 4. Broadcast on March 28, 2014. girlfriday: We return to the train sleeper car from hell, where four grown men are supposed to spend the night packed in like sardines. javabeans: All I can say is: Thank god for liquor. Because if not for the bar car, I’m pretty sure Il-sub halbae would have... More »

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Grandpas Over Flowers in Spain: Episode 3
by | March 25, 2014 | 38 Comments
girlfriday: Now that Seo-jinnie has joined the halbaes in Spain, Na PD is quick to hand over responsibilities, like booking the next leg of their journey. Seo-jin tries to nudge Na PD to book the staff hotel first so he can just piggyback off of his work, but they just keep arguing back and forth:... More »

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Chinese version of Grandpas Over Flowers gets green light
by | March 20, 2014 | 50 Comments
Chinese Grandpas Over Flowers fans, rejoice – tvN’s popular entertainment programs (the Grandpas and the Noonas) are being remade for Chinese television. CJ E&M, the huge conglomerate behind cable channel tvN, has entered into a strategic alliance with Dragon TV to bring the hit variety shows, adapted with Chinese stars, to the masses. Through export,... More »

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Grandpas Over Flowers in Spain: Episode 2
by | March 18, 2014 | 31 Comments
EPISODE 2. Broadcast on March 14, 2014. javabeans: Okay, so despite Na PD hardening up his hardass side for this “upgraded” (in difficulty) trip, their first lodgings are at a Korean-run boardinghouse, to ease them into the swing of Barcelona life. So on top of a Korean-speaking local to serve as their guide, they also... More »

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Grandpas Over Flowers in Spain: Episode 1
by | March 10, 2014 | 44 Comments
girlfriday: Yaaay, the halbaes are back! I’m already excited about the new cartoon opening. javabeans: It’s so cute. And strangely appropriate to see Soon-jae halbae attired as a king. I’m less sure about Seo-jin as… what is that? girlfriday: I… don’t know. javabeans: A… nun? girlfriday: Well now I hope it’s a nun. Tags: Baek... More »

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Na PD on grandpas, money, and Seo-jinnie the con artist
by | March 5, 2014 | 29 Comments
Grandpas Over Flowers is gearing up for the premiere of its third trip to Spain this Friday, and the show’s PD Na Young-seok (known more commonly to all as Na PD) has been giving interviews left and right about the new season and the things we can expect from the halbaes and luggage boy Lee... More »

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Seo-jin gets cookin’ for Grandpas Over Flowers in Spain
by | March 4, 2014 | 40 Comments
Reminding us that the show is only a few days from its premiere, we have new teasers and a poster out for tvN’s upcoming reality-variety show Grandpas Over Flowers: The Spain Trip. (I’m not totally certain how they’re counting “seasons” of this show with all the various trips and spin-offs going on — some places... More »

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First teaser for Grandpas Over Flowers in Spain
by | February 28, 2014 | 29 Comments
Woohoo, the halbaes are back! We’ve got a premiere date and a teaser for the third season of tvN’s travel variety show Grandpas Over Flowers, which kicks off in just a week. This time luggage boy Lee Seo-jin leads the flower halbae foursome–mat-hyung Lee Soon-jae, sweet middle hyungs Shin Gu and Park Geun-hyung, and maknae... More »

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Grandpas Over Flowers heads to Spain for Season 3
by | January 21, 2014 | 27 Comments
The halbaes are heading to Spain for their third trip, and they’ve got their departure date set for next month. All four halbaes will be returning (mat-hyungnim (mat-halbae?) Lee Soon-jae, jolly soju-lover Shin Gu, doting husband and smartphone addict Park Geun-hyung, and cantankerous maknae Baek Il-sub), not to mention Seo-jinnie, aka Seo Genie, aka Lee... More »