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Hong Gil Dong: Episode 21
by | March 12, 2008 | 57 Comments

Ooh. The plot takes an interesting turn!

EDIT: Apparently this week will only show one episode due to a special sports broadcast on the 13th (Thursday). Episode 22 will air next Wednesday, the 19th. Boo!


The The Band – “여자이니까” (Because I’m a girl)
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Enok dreams: She carries the hair ornament her grandfather bought her, happy at the prospect of marrying Gil Dong. Looking down, she sees blood smeared on her hands, and remembers her grandfather is dead. Gil Dong walks ahead of her and leaves her behind, because they can’t be together anymore.

This is the dream she has while Chang Whe watches her sleep. In her dream and in real life, she mumbles Gil Dong’s name; Chang Whe hears this before he steals a kiss.

Meanwhile, Gil Dong remembers Enok’s cheerful promise to stay with him forever, and deals with his loss.

A wrench is thrown into the whole matter of the coup when Nobleman Ryu reveals to Minister Choi that he knew about the king’s sword all these years — and then hints that the sword may not be all it’s cracked up to be (“We take action when justified. But sometimes, in order to act, justification can be created”). Uh-oh. Is the sword really a forgery? Dun dun dun!

In the off-chance that the sword is fake, Lady Noh orders Yong Jin to (quietly!) look into the possibility.

Not knowing of the sword’s questionable legitimacy, Kwang Whe rants over what he feels as a father’s betrayal in passing him over in favor of his younger brother. He laments that had the sword read, “Kwang Whe, do a good job” instead, he could have been a good ruler. Instead, all the betrayal and plotting and killing to keep his throne has twisted him into madness. An aide suggests that he create a new sword to ease his mind; he likes the idea as a way to chase away his ghosts.

Chang Whe wants to take advantage of the king’s plans for a fete to infiltrate the palace — on the hour, day, and month of the Tiger. They’ll use a variety of means and disguises to sneak inside, along with weapons and more explosives.

With the date set, Gil Dong and the Hwal Bin Dang members take charge of training their ragtag army, which now includes normal citizens. They’re also amassing supporters from all over the country — from scholars to soldiers and more.

Gil Dong gives Chang Whe a pep-talk-slash-vote-of-confidence:

Gil Dong: “We all have the same purpose now. We’re all counting on you. They’re your people now. Start finding people now to keep nearby — a king needs good people by his side to help him.”
Chang Whe: “Do you really have no interest in being one of my followers?”
Gil Dong: “If I get involved, the people you bring in won’t like it.”
Chang Whe: “If you become their colleague, there’s no reason to object to you.”
Gil Dong: “Do you really think I would?”
Chang Whe: “Though I wish you would, I know you won’t. There’s no reason you would — you who refers to me as ‘nuh‘ [informal word for ‘you’].”
Gil Dong: “When you’re king, I’ll call you Highness.”
Chang Whe: “I will become a king to whom you can bow down in respect.”
Gil Dong: “Please do not disappoint us, Your Highness.”

Kwang Whe decides he’s going to commission not one but a whole collection of swords, and have them made by the same blacksmiths who crafted his father’s sword. He orders In Hyung to locate them.

Yong Jin, meanwhile, has discovered that there were five men who made the original sword; three have since disappeared. Lady Noh believes they were killed to keep the king’s royal decree a secret, and instructs him to find the others.

The Hwal Bin Dang team takes the chance to ask Chisu about Enok, and wonder if this means they can’t see her anymore. Su Geun figures that once Chang Whe is king, their headquarters should become safe again for visits, but Chisu hints, “Even in that case, she’ll likely have to remain at the palace.”

They grasp his meaning — she’ll become queen. Gil Dong overhears the conversation with… dismay? Jealousy? Pain?

Hae Myung tries to tell Gil Dong that Enok was meant to become queen, and that things have returned to their rightful places. But Gil Dong pretends he doesn’t care, scoffing, “It doesn’t mean anything to me.”

But when he’s alone, he flashes back to a memory of a day when he and Enok had eaten sweet buns together:

Enok had rhapsodized about her favorite thing in the world: sweet buns. (Then chicken, then crackers.) Gil Dong mutters about her priorities, so Enok assures him:

Enok: “I like sweet buns, chicken, and crackers, but there’s only one ‘I love you’ in the world. Gil Dong, you’re an ‘I love you.’
Gil Dong: “Is that a good thing?”
Enok: “Uh-huh!”
Gil Dong: “Then I’ll make you an ‘I love you’ too.”
Enok: “Really?”
Gil Dong: “You said it was a good thing. ‘I love you.’
Enok: “You said ‘I love you’ for real! Later on, you can’t take it back after you find out what it means! Gil Dong, ‘I love you.’

He mutters, “Did she think I didn’t know what it meant? I’m not a dummy like her.” He touches his side, where she’d stabbed him:

Gil Dong: “If I’d known this is what would happen, I ought to have been stabbed harder and died. She did such a bad job stabbing me, it hurts like hell.”


As a noblewoman, Enok has been assigned texts to learn and memorize. She bemoans her dumb brain and finds the text too difficult to understand:

Enok: “I keep getting scolded. It’s too difficult. I’m stupid.”

Chang Whe insists on helping her (she warns him that she’s so dumb he’ll find that impossible), and reads her the text line by line. True to form, Enok soon falls asleep, prompting Chang Whe to concede she was right to warn him.

He watches her sleep and tells her if she adapts slowly, unpressured, she’ll be fine:

“Enok, don’t go searching for him in this dream.”

Trying to recruit some of Yeon’s blacksmith acquaintances to their cause, Gil Dong and Yeon are disappointed at one blacksmith’s skittish refusal — he’s afraid of their plan to infiltrate the palace. He mentions that he’d made a duplicate sword after making the king’s, confirming our suspicions that there was indeed a fake Sa Yin sword. The true sword has no message inscribed upon the blade, whereas the one that does is the fake.

Shocked at the implications, Gil Dong asks who commissioned the second sword, and the blacksmith tells him it was the deceased Minister Ryu — and the queen. Chang Whe’s mother.

(As though to pound in the irony, all episode long Chang Whe has spoken confidently of staging a justified coup because he is the legitimate heir. But one by one, the people around him all become aware that the sword was forged on his mother’s orders, and that HE is the usurper, not Kwang Whe.)

Gil Dong is shaken by the revelation, but it doesn’t change his mind about their plan. In his mind, placing Chang Whe on the throne was always a choice, not divine right or natural law or any of that birth-equals-legitimacy nonsense. Lady Noh, on the other hand, is utterly devastated upon learning that she’s essentially served her entire life — and damned devotedly, too — for a false cause. Her reaction (rather grotesque, with the severity of her makeup, imo) is so severe that Gil Dong realizes that she’d been unaware.

Not that this changes her mind, either — her loyalties are firmly with Chang Whe. When Gil Dong affirms that he’ll continue to support Chang Whe “and trust that he won’t be shaken in his determination,” she says that for that to happen, Chang Whe must not know. She begs Gil Dong not to tell him the truth; she’ll tell him in due time. It’s particularly harsh if Gil Dong were the one to reveal the matter, because his previous words questioning Chang Whe’s right to rule had badly shaken him; this would be crushing. (Later, she and Ryu agree to cover up the issue entirely.)

In Hyung tracks down the last surviving blacksmith and arrives shortly after Gil Dong has left. The man is brought before the king, to whom he reveals the truth of the forged sword.

Kwang Whe, too, is floored (pun!).

One might think that Kwang Whe of all people would be happy to hear the news, but it must a dull satisfaction given what he’s sacrificed — in people, in loyalty, in his own sanity — only to learn it was all unnecessary. (Guess it’s too late now to un-execute Minister Hong, huh?) It’s one thing to have committed grievous acts in the name of a greater goal (even if that goal was illegal and/or nefarious), but to realize that he was responsible for so much carnage to essentially win something he’d already had all along… Well, that is the definition of Pyrrhic victories.

Chang Whe shows Enok his mother’s pin, describing it as an item that can only belong to a queen — then gives it to her. It takes her a moment to understand what he’s driving at; she’s unsure how to respond. Chang Whe asks her to think it over carefully.

Alone in her room, Enok looks at the royal ornament, then takes out the much simpler hairpin that her grandfather bought in anticipation of her marrying Gil Dong: “This one suits me. I like this one.”


Plans are finalized for the following day. Gil Dong reminds Chang Whe (jokingly) to do a good job: “You failed last time.”

Chang Whe: “If some fool hadn’t appeared and set off the explosives, we could have succeeded then.”
Gil Dong: “Do you still blame me for that?”
Chang Whe: “I think of the failed attempt as a boon. Clinging to the decree of the sword, I was only thinking of revenge. I wouldn’t have made a good king then.”
Gil Dong: “Do you think you’d make a good king now? Don’t forget — don’t make me regret my choice.”

Hearing that Gil Dong has dropped by, Enok finds him as he’s leaving the grounds. Although only casual words are exchanged, the underlying tone is tense and wrought with emotion as he asks how she’s doing. He tells her he’s off to catch a really big tiger, this time in the palace.

Gil Dong: “When I leave the palace, you’ll be entering it, won’t you? Then we won’t be meeting like this anymore. I’m glad to see you looking well on our last meeting. Take care.”
Enok: “You take care too.”


Unbeknownst to the rebels, Kwang Whe’s on to them, and he’s got a plan of his own. Naturally, it’s insane.

In Hyung points out that when the rebels swarm, it’ll be impossible to discern who’s loyal to the king and who’s with Chang Whe. Therefore, the king answers, he’ll bypass that pesky little problem by killing everyone. Purging time! He instructs In Hyung to ready the palace to be burned to the ground completely, trapping everyone inside (minus the king himself, and his current loyalists).


The day arrives. Invited attendees arrive, festivities are prepared, and the rebels enter through different disguises — Su Geun and Mal Nyeo as performers, Gil Dong as a scholar.

In a hilarious sidebar, Gil Dong is immediately accosted by Minister Seo, which makes him nervous initially, until he realizes that Seo thinks he’s someone else. Confused, Gil Dong listens to Seo prattle on about how he saw him at the gisaeng club and tried to track him down (because, if you will recall, he wanted a Gil Dong lookalike to supplant the actual Gil Dong in Eun Hye’s affections!). Silly, silly man.

As soon as In Hyung hears the king’s order to set the palace on fire, he tries to protest, but is too afraid of Kwang Whe to stand up to him. He does, however, warn Seo to go home and stay away to avoid danger, without letting in on the details.

On the rebels’ side: Gil Dong takes his spot at the banquet, the explosives are smuggled in, and Chang Whe bides his time outside the palace with his soldiers, until the time arrives and he declares: “This is war.”

On the king’s side: The palace is doused in oil and the soldiers, led by In Hyung, wait outside. Once the king escapes to safety, the fire will be lit.

But upon his arrival home, a bemused Minister Seo tells Eun Hye of the vague warning he received, which immediately tips Eun Hye off to possible danger. She rushes to Yongmun to find everyone has gone, and is convinced that the king must have found out about the plot and is planning some kind of counterattack. She runs into Enok, who immediately jumps into action — she has to go to the palace to warn them.

Enok wears the soldier’s clothing she’d worn previously when escaping the palace, and makes her way inside. Slipping on slick ground alerts her to the oil that’s been poured over the palace structures. She’s unable to make her way into the inner courtyard, but just as she’s being turned away by the guards, she spies Gil Dong leaving (to check up on the progress of their plan).

Immediately, Enok tries to shout to gain his attention, but can’t yell his (infamous) name. Her hat is knocked off, tipping off the guards to the fact that she’s (1) female, (2) and therefore intruder, and they grab her and start carting her off. With Gil Dong walking farther away and no other means of getting through to him, Enok shouts out something hoping to grab Gil Dong’s notice:

Enok: “I love you! I love you! I love you!!!

Hearing those familiar words, Gil Dong stops, and turns.


Okay, so there are lots of reasons why I’m still watching Hong Gil Dong, why I enjoy it, etc. Still, despite the positives, there are some things that bother me.

First, for some reason the past few episodes have been longer than the rest of the series; usually the episodes clock in at 1hr and 7 or 8 minutes. The latest ones have been 1hr 20, and as far as I can tell, for no discernible reason. The episodes need to be about fifteen minutes shorter, and the editing — which has been loose and free recently — needs to tighten accordingly. The pace has felt downright slow at times.

Second, and this is in keeping with the first point, the series is starting to feel too long. Each episode has provided some great twisty turns and unexpected moments, but I think I’d be a lot more excited at this point if the series had been a 20-episode one and not 24. Then again, if that were the case we’d be done by now and there’s still a lot more story left that does, to its credit, feel well-thought-out and intricately plotted. But if everything had been tightened all throughout the drama (e.g., I’d have cut Choi Chul Joo’s slave trader storyline in half and conflated it with the opium dealer, thus limiting ourselves to ONE cartoony villain), we could’ve still hit the major beats and zoomed to a pulse-pounding finish. At this point it feels like our plot is heading toward its end but the characters have already finished developing and are treading water.

Then again, maybe I’m just getting impatient. As with everything, just my opinion.


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  1. Linda

    nah.. it’s been a fun ride, just loving it. i can’t get enough. :] thanks for the summary javabeans! u’ve cleared up a lot of questions at soompi

  2. glomp!

    He’s burning down the palace!?!?

    Wwhere’s he gonna live in then? Sheesh.

    Once again, thanks for the summaries!
    (Oh dear, only a few more episodes to go!)

  3. rtan

    can’t wait what will happen next.

    thanks for the summary! you’re right. this episode is a bit slow.

  4. Liz

    They give new meaning for ‘I lob You’ words

  5. jennyo88

    I love you!!!! – He had to turn around. I cant wait for episode 22, 23, and 24

  6. Me

    Thanks Javabeans, your summary does help clear the confusion I had over at soompi. Oh man, let’s just hope Gil Dong and Enok will leave the palace TOGETHER, instead of him leaving alone and her staying as a queen. Somehow, I like Enok’s image better when she was a commoner, now that she wears ladylike clothing, it’s doesn’t feel right at all. Anyhow, thank you Javabean for the summary. Looking forward to the last 3 episodes of this series, like someone mentioned, can;t get enough of Hong Gil Dong. 🙂

  7. jinkzzmec

    thanks for the recap javabeans

  8. bethany

    only 3 more… eep.

    slow, perhaps, but nevertheless wonderfully entertaining and quick with the subs too 🙂 yay!

  9. nixxochick

    i do agree that this drama could’ve been 20 episodes if they had cut out some plots and that it did start to slow down a bit for me too
    but i love that i have more time to see the ever soo HOT Kang Ji Hwan
    and besides that i am enjoying this drama very much

    thanks for posting this up so fast!

  10. 10 Anonymous

    fu~k you guys..gil dong sucks ass n wats with the fobby I Lobbu Yu ..koreans english are pathetic

  11. 11 tealeaf

    Holy crap. Getouttahere. Sword is fake? Oh man, Chang Whe, dude, you’re so screwed, royally screwed… by your mother, of all people. Talk about being emotionally scarred for life. Dramabeans readers, you gotta pity him (at least a bit),no?

    I find it fascinating that Chang Whe and Gil Dong continue to trade field advantage. Chang Whe was responsible for Gil Dong’s arrow-to-the-heart injury in episode 7 and ended up repaying the favor by shielding our hero from the same fate a few episodes later. It was CH who harbored Minister Hong’s secrets before (untimely) revealing it to Enok. Now, it is Gil Dong who holds the secret that could break the prince’s future. It’s ironic (and totally very cool) that GD chose to maintain the false pretension for Chang Whe’s sake. Chang Whe couldn’t do the same. It really shows us how great GD’s heroism is. Though I disagree with his decision, I couldn’t help but admire and love GD for the intention (and reasoning).

    javabeans, i think the pace of the series was uneven in the beginning. The first few episodes were not as lean as they could be. I do understand the need for setting up the storyline and characters. In hindsight, some plots were a little contrived and not pivotal to the series. However, I’m willing to cut the Hong sisters some slack since it is their freshman attempt at a different genre. But yes, I see your points.

  12. 12 salman

    in my case,i lob u javabeans..hehe

  13. 13 alynizzle

    I hope that last comment was a joke or something. If it was an attempt at being funny, it sure as hell wasn’t.

    Anyway, I really liked this episode, despite the fact that the series itself has been unnecessarily prolonged. I agree wholeheartedly that the Choi Chul Joo and opium dealer stories were too long – and though they gave time for character development, it still felt like it could’ve been condensed.

    Then again I’m used to most Kdramas moving at a particularly fast-pace when they have to fit everything into 16 or 20 episodes, but I think the amount of character development should correlate with the structure of the plot; it sort of annoying when only one moves forward and the other doesn’t.

    But the “I lub you”s of this episode totally killed me. And I loved Gil Dong’s quote about Enok’s stab wound. Ahhh, the angst!

    I also REALLY liked how Gil Dong’s beliefs about birthright went full circle for everyone in the story. He told Chang Whe before that he didn’t believe birthright had anything to do with whether one was fit to rule the people – and that they are other things that make you worthy of the crown. Chang Whe is ready to be a fair and wise king that is worthy of the crown; he needs to understand that if Gil Dong and the people still support him then birthright or not, he deserves to be king! Also, the legitimacy of birthright applies to Enok, seeing as though she has noble blood, that isn’t who she is and it isn’t the life she wants to lead. Okay, well I think I’m babbling.

  14. 14 salman

    actually im inlove with sung yuri..she’s so cute!

  15. 15 javabeans

    (psst, just ignore flamebait. do not feed trolls!

    and I can’t take insults written in lolspeak seriously anyway. 😉 )

  16. 16 YM

    Arghh we have to wait until next week to find out what will happen next!!!
    As Usual thanks javabeans!!!

  17. 17 joicy

    I feel it’s dragging too (sozi if my word is too harsh). I wonder after each episode, what’s the h.. is CH doing? He has had a plan from the 1st episode and it seems a failure most of the times. Even the story with HGD after he became the bandit leader is not concrete enough for me. He won so easily.
    The only reason why I am watching is how they would deal with Enok when she found out about the truth. And it seems the plot from 19th epi still did not get my interest. Ok that she wanted to kill GD’s father. Then that’s everything done after he’s dead? She believed in what people told her, totally? And she thought she could not be with GD, like a noble lady should, not like the Enok who cried and did not give up even after 2 years?

  18. 18 yeoreum

    thanks Javabeans… been waiting for this all day…. i hope this wont be another The Legend, where the ending was not really good…

  19. 19 shalini

    Thanks Java. For the first time I watch the episode before your “insight”.
    I agree it was slow. Have you heard about the theory that CW and YN were switched at birth? Your summery makes everything clearer for a non-korean speaker like me. I can now watch the ep again without feeling too frustrated and getting too heated for not understanding. have a good one.

  20. 20 kishaleigh

    really? the 22 episode will air next wednesday? my gosh…..im so sad….
    My excitement for today is gone…..pls KBS…just air the 22 episode!!

  21. 21 dariav-

    While I agree the pace of the show has slowed down considerably for the past few episodes, I would think episode 21 would be the last of this ? This episode served as a springboard to bigger events, quite likely that episode 22 and 23 will be chaotic and mad with 24 as a (hopefully not to disappointing and bland) resolution.

    Helped this it ended with a major cliffhanger and fan service fodder. This certainly is one of the most creative ways to use ” I love you” although something similar was seen in Jinja Jinja Joh Ah Hae ( I Really Really Like You starring Lee Min Ki and Eugene).

  22. 22 kishaleigh

    yah, maybe CW and YN were switched at birth…uhmmmm if that happens,its another twist…
    In episode 19,I was wondered why Minister hong was determined to caught enok..whereas he knows that CW was alive. Why his not after with CW? Whereas CW is obviously threat to the throne.

  23. 23 teokong

    Dragging….???? Not to me. Love it as it’s. I’m a Hong Gil Donger!! Many thanks Javeabeans for your recap. Cheers!!

  24. 24 javabeans

    Switched at birth??

    Hm, interesting theory but I highly doubt it. There haven’t been any hints, and the gender difference makes it unlikely. They’ve established that Enok resembles her father, Minister Ryu. Plus I always thought of Chang Whe as a few years older.

  25. 25 all4movies

    Yeah, I’m sure you’re right, that they could have fit all this into 20 episodes. Glad to see that you’re sticking with it and finally getting into a sageuk series even though they had to practically drag you kicking and screaming. keke.

    So what’s next, Iljimae with Lee Jun Ki?

  26. 26 snoopy

    THANKS for another great review! and so totally agree with your insights about how it’s becoming slow. My addiction level has go down since last week’s episode, first driven by depression due to all this sadness and separation, then all the treason plot is getting too twisted. I don’t recognize the light and funny drama which first induced my addiction. This is getting way too serious.
    But anyway, will follow through, last YN returning to her mong cheong yi scene gives me some hope.

  27. 27 maltesers

    weee!!! CH stole a kiss from Enok!!

    I know that it’s not likely to happen but I still hope that they will be together in the end…

  28. 28 Dave

    Gil Dong is like his father, serve the lord even when he’s wrong !

  29. 29 memesusu

    Omg, it’s almost over! I’m totally loving this drama and I really don’t want it to end! Thanks for the summary!

  30. 30 hjk

    JB, I Lub You. You rock! Ignore the trolls! 😉
    The I Lub You flashback will be feeding/remedying my HGDWS until next week.

    Good point about GD knowing about the fake sword and choosing to support him regardless of his (lack of) right of succession. These last few episodes have indeed been longer, slower, and more emotionally intense, but I don’t mind b/c there are only 3 episodes left (and that thought has me wanting to savor every last minute!).

    Thanks for your continued awesome-ness!

  31. 31 E

    I love this ~~ i haven’t had time to watch the actual episodes and in the meantime your summaries are really killing me lol….they’re so good! As is the show of course^^ It don’t know how they go to use this “I Love You” thing but I really thought it was stupid in the beginning and now the more i hear it…the more it’s so sweet!

  32. 32 Fifi

    you’re the best!
    i wish they’d just get together already! Ack!

  33. 33 Jo

    I like that scene where Chang Whe is begging Enok to not search for Gil Dong in her dreams and he’s just staring at her. Sweet.

  34. 34 ash

    I know I’m in the minority, but I really want Yi Nok to end up with Chang Whe. And I wonder if the sword is really fake… I mean..it’s just so weird.. and so sad. CW waited all his life thinking it was his right to be restored as King… and now.. he’s going to lose the crown and the girl? That’s just to tragic. Please give him a happy ending! :o)

  35. 35 Berz


  36. 36 asianromance

    “Kwang Whe, too, is floored (pun!). ”

    Thank you for making me laugh out loud while I was stressing out over a midterm! And with this new development, the events of the final 3 episodes will probably really fast-paced.

  37. 37 Susie Q

    Wow . . . I can’t believe that there are only three episodes left. It’s been a pretty crazy ride thus far. I also can’t believe this fake sword storyline. It’s an interesting plot twist, but it’s a little obnoxious at the same time – I kinda want to throw up my hands and shout, “what was the point then?!” I’m also getting increasingly annoyed with the fact that Chang Whe only bears his soul to Enok when she’s asleep. For a guy that’s going to be king, he’s got to get some bigger cajones.

    Thanks for the review! Looking forward to the rest! ^_^

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    Thanks a lot.

  39. 39 Smilez7704

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  40. 40 kawan

    Hi Javabeans. First off….would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your recaps. Great job. Actually, I am one of those who are rooting for a CW/YN relationship, although I know it is quite an impossibility. However, it is still a nice dream. But ever since I read about the deceased Minister Ryu and the Queen having commissioned a second sword…the dream has been crushed. Why? Well, there is a horrible thought coming into my mind. As most K-drama twists and turns comes about, what if….what it…..CW and YN are…..(oh no, dare I say it???)……related? Argh….I can hear the CW/YN fans crying out ” No, no, not that!!”.
    If that happens, I don’t want to forgive the writers….Love lost because you lost to a better man is fine, but if it is due to a technicality in the relationship is just too much! Oh, my poor poor CW. I’ll be so devastated for him, if so. What do you think of this new theory?

  41. 41 youdontneedtoknowplease

    I love Hong Gil Dong nomatter what you say..
    I wish that hong gil dong would never end
    i loved it starting from the beginning and I would never never never ever forget it…

  42. 42 KANG


  43. 43 Guest

    I feel sorry for the guy/girl that’s the third leg of the love triangle. In this case, it’s In Hyung, Chang Whe, and Eun Hye. Enok is finally making my eyebrows twitch in irritation. Even if a person lacks a lot of noonchi, Enok is beyond redemption, sometimes… She’s lovable, but too naive and too childish.

    Poor Chang Whe. His life is going to spin out of balance. He’s awfully calculating… And Gil Dong is a lot more childish than I thought.

    And this whole time I’m thinking, “Why are they taking advantage of a girl’s lips when she’s asleep? That’s messed up.”

    And Chang Whe should straight up tell Enok instead of playing head games. By now we all know she’s not the brightest of characters…

  44. 44 Gracie

    I think this is how it will end….. Enok will definitely be Queen coz’ Gil Dong will be King, seeing that the sword with the scripting is a fake one. Also the part where Nobleman Ryu talked about the sword “(”We take action when justified. But sometimes, in order to act, justification can be created”). Meaning to have a good government, one must take action to justify, and whoever, that one is…. could most probably be king, if the people pick him.

    yay for Enok & Gildong….hehehe

  45. 45 estelle

    I’m dying to watch ep 22! Ahhhhh. 3 more episodes and it’s all over. =(

    I personally don’t find the series getting too long (there are many more draggy ones out there), and i can say that i’m really enjoying every minute of Hong Gil Dong! Thanks so much for the recap once again! =)

  46. 46 david

    what the hell is goin on??? i hate this drama where it is goin… They did such a bad job putting chang whe in the middle.. He is neither a guy who can be with enok and neither he can be king.. Plus, he’s not even a villian or a hero.. Where does he stand??? He’s too hot to die or even not to be with enok… It’s gonna disappoint me if becomes bad guy or die in the end…

  47. 47 kishaleigh

    In my opinion, if chang hwe becomes the king and get the girl…this movie is not about gildong anymore…Its not Hong Gildong the Hero but Chang Hwe the great king..
    It depends on the writer if they all twist the story of Gildong…..because as i read in the original story, Gildong became the king of Yuldo nation.
    Lets wait and see the remaining episode…

  48. 48 rtj

    i knew there was a significance to Minister Hong’s support of Kwang Whe. The king being of low status at birth, his dream of changing the social system and Minister Hong’s own situation about Gil Dong’s birthright all fit.

    Really excited about the developments and futher revelations in the last 3 episodes!!!!! It’s been a while since i became this interested in a korean series. It was quite difficult to find another one after Coffee Prince.

  49. 49 JG

    UGHHHH! i want CW and Enok to be together! =( its always a lost cause when i root for the “other” guy. GD is actually not that horrible. i just wonder how they will finish the series as her being queen…

  50. 50 Anna

    Am I the only one who feels as though Gil Dong and Chang Hwe had the same conversation about seven times already?

    “You and the people became my reason to become king.”
    “Don’t let us down. I’ve put my faith in you.”

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