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My Fair Lady: Episode 7
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This was really Dong-chan’s episode to shine, and he did whenever he had to cast longing glances Hae-na’s way. I wish he would be equally strong in other scenes, though — the effect is sorta spoiled by overacting in other moments.

Overall, though, Yoon Sang-hyun is doing a good job with his character, aided in large part by his wonderful eyes. The lingering looks are probably the highlights (for me) in this episode, although I think the impact of his longing gazes falls a tad shy of the heart-tugging ones Jung Jun-ho would toss at Choi Jin-shil in Last Scandal of My Life. (Refer to exhibits A, B, C, D.) Jung Il-woo also has wonderful eyes (refer to the whole of Return of Iljimae), but alas, I don’t think we’re going to see much of them in this drama.


The Melody – “You” [ Download ]

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Confronted by Mr. Jang, Dong-chan owns up to his lie. He explains that Eui-joo and her mother are dear to him, and he doesn’t want to burden them with knowledge of his debt, so he told them that Chairman Kang had paid it off. Mr. Jang is mollified, even sympathetic, when Dong-chan explains that his debt was incurred because of his mother, who has since passed away.

Hesitantly, Dong-chan asks whether he will be fired. Mr. Jang answers no, and leaves him to his work. His concerns have been eased for the moment, but he still instructs Woo-sung (the leader of the butler trio) to keep an eye on Dong-chan.

Eui-joo’s mother is sympathetic to Dong-chan’s unsteady situation with his watchful employers, but she also doesn’t fully believe his explanation that his debt to the loan sharks has been paid. She urges Eui-joo to find out the truth.

Meanwhile, Hae-na wonders what Dong-chan meant by warning her not to trust him.

It’s time for Tae-yoon to make his formal greeting as Hae-na’s boyfriend to Grandpa Kang, and Hae-na is visibly nervous. She spends extra time primping and asks Dong-chan for reassurance about her appearance. Dong-chan looks at her with affection, and lapses into his own thoughts for a moment as he takes in the pretty picture she presents. He advises her to let her hair loose, so she hands him her sparkly hairpin to hold. This, I suspect, will become one of those symbolic little trinkets so beloved in trendy dramas.

Grandpa Kang dismisses Hae-na so he can speak to Tae-yoon alone, which takes Hae-na off-guard. She steps aside, and Grandpa comes out strong by posing the hypothetical question of what Tae-yoon would do if Grandpa told him to choose between his profession and Hae-na. Tae-yoon, after all, doesn’t quite suit her or her position as the next company CEO.

Tae-yoon answers that he didn’t make the decision to date her lightly: “I don’t want to let go of either the work or the woman that I like.” He says honestly that he cannot promise that he’ll be a boyfriend on the same “level” as the Kang San heir, but he does have the confidence to promise he will never make Hae-na lonely.

While the men talk, Hae-na nervously wonders how the meeting is going. Tae-yoon joins her at the piano, looking none the worse for wear, and prods her to play a tune for him. It’s been ages since she’s played the piano, but she tentatively taps out the beginning of a melody, although she doesn’t make it very far before she gets stuck. Tae-yoon takes over, playing the melody she was attempting.

(It’s “Hymne L’Amour” by chanteuse Edith Piaf. Download )

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As with Tae-yoon’s singing, his piano playing skills aren’t outstanding, but it’s cute and Hae-na enjoys the song. At a distance, Dong-chan watches a little sadly, and the butler trio join him in observing the couple. They comment that it’s clear Hae-na has fallen for the lawyer, and urge Woo-sung to get over his crush on her — he can’t possibly compete. Plus, the mere idea of a butler falling for his mistress is ridiculous. The words aren’t directed his way, but Dong-chan recognizes that they apply to him, too.

Eui-joo drops by to figure out what the deal is with Dong-chan’s debt. Did Grandpa Kang really pay it off? Is he clear of the loan sharks? Dong-chan lies and answers that the president did lend him the money, which reassures her slightly. But she urges him to quit his job, even if he’s now indebted to the chairman. She and her mother will help him repay the amount; it’s better than continuing to work here, where he’s constantly treated with suspicion.

Dong-chan resists, his tone growing heated as he answers. Yes, he had once been a gigolo and took women’s money freely as part of that lifestyle, but he doesn’t do that now. He can’t take money from her or her mother.

This tense scene is interrupted by Hae-na and Tae-yoon. Eui-joo is hurt by Dong-chan’s response and unable to cover up her discomfort, unlike Dong-chan who puts on a cheerful expression. Since Tae-yoon is on his way out, he offers to take Eui-joo home.

In the car, Eui-joo assures Tae-yoon that she’s fine, but isn’t very convincing because tears soon start falling. Seeing that, Tae-yoon pulls over in concern. Did Dong-chan do or say something to her? Eui-joo is embarrassed but can’t stop the tears, and tells him, “I’m sorry, but I’ll just cry for a moment.” He lets her have her cry, and doesn’t press for details.

Hae-na fishes for information, curious to know why Eui-joo seemed so angry. Dong-chan answers vaguely that he’d wronged Eui-joo in various ways: “I’m a bad guy.” Hae-na laughs, “You? You’re not bad.”

She tries to get him to explain in more detail — surely he didn’t kill, or steal. Dong-chan replies that there are lots of other ways in which one can do bad things:

Dong-chan: “You could be a robber, pickpocket, swindler, thug, gangster, gold digger, gambler — even a gigolo.”
Hae-na: “Talk some sense. You’d never do that.”
Dong-chan: “You never know.”
Hae-na: “Still, I trust you. You said yesterday not to trust people too easily, or to trust you. I don’t know how you used to live, but the person I know is definitely not a bad person. You’re a good person. Seo Dong-chan, I trust you, no matter what anyone says.”

The next day, Dong-chan takes some personal time off to handle matters with the loan sharks. When Dong-chan tells them he cannot get the money from Hae-na, they proceed to beat him up. Dong-chan refuses to do that kind of work anymore, even after he’s been thoroughly thrashed and warned that he has one week to pay the money back.

When he comes home that night, he sports a split lip and scraped brow, but he feels good about his decision. In refusing to go for Hae-na’s money, he feels free of his guilty conscience, and his mood is therefore upbeat. He finds Hae-na fiddling with her new bicycle, bought after Tae-yoon suggested a bike-riding date this weekend. She spots Dong-chan and starts to scold him for being late, until she registers his injuries. Oddly, Dong-chan smiles and says only that something good happened to him, and even offers to grant her one wish. Hae-na says she’ll make it later, but for now her task at hand is to learn how to ride a bike. He agrees to teach her tomorrow.

Chairman Kang receives a health checkup and learns that his heart trouble is serious. The doctor recommends that he check in to the hospital immediately to prevent heart attack, but Grandpa ignores that warning. If he’s not going to die right away, he’s got to get back to work — he won’t step aside until Hae-na is secure in her position.

Mr. Jang also informs the chairman that Dong-chan has decided to quit his post, although Hae-na doesn’t know yet.

Dong-chan doesn’t tell Hae-na of his intentions, although he drops little hints. For instance, as they eat the lunch he prepared, he suggests that she try making food too. She may have servants for that, but doing it oneself is a rewarding feeling. Hae-na waves it aside, saying, “Why would I, when I’ve got you to do it?” Dong-chan asks, “What if you don’t have me?”

Hae-na doesn’t catch on to the hint and answers easily, “Why wouldn’t I have you around?” She then jumps to the conclusion that Su-ah is trying to scout him away and tells him not to go anywhere — he should stick with her, and she’ll help marry him off and take care of his family. Just as long as he brings home his prospective fiancee so she can weigh in, since he’s too nice and might fall prey to a really mean woman. (He returns, “You mean like you?”)

Then for the bike-riding lesson. They both get frustrated with each other since Hae-na doesn’t pick it up right away, and keeps falling or jumping off. He grabs onto the back to stabilize her motion, and after many failed attempts, she manages to get going.

He lets go (symbolism!), and watches her pedaling farther and farther away, expression growing sadder as she does.

He thinks to himself, “Goodbye. I’ll miss you. I’ll want to turn back, but still — goodbye.”

He packs his things and prepares to leave.

Hae-na happily recounts her day to Ms. Jung, who is glad to see Hae-na in such good spirits these days. Her great mood only lasts until the maids burst in, however, to wail that Dong-chan is quitting.

Grandpa Kang would prefer that Dong-chan stay, but he respects his decision. He credits him for all of Hae-na’s recent improvements, although Dong-chan answers that Hae-na has changed on her own, not because of him. (As always, he wants to give her credit for being a good person, rather than having Grandpa think that he worked some magic and “fixed” her.)

As Dong-chan turns to go, casting one last look up at Hae-na’s window, Hae-na comes running up to him, upset and angry. She demands to know why he’s leaving — is this what he was alluding to all yesterday?

Dong-chan keeps his tone light, reminding her that he can’t live as her servant forever. She doesn’t buy that and asks if that’s his only reason. At his lack of defense or explanation, Hae-na’s anger sparks, and she retorts that she won’t be sad to lose him. It’s obvious she doesn’t mean that — the instant she turns, her face starts to crumple.

Dong-chan stops her in her tracks by calling out to her, “Hae-na.” He’s never called her by her name before — he’s used the term “Agasshi” — and explains, “I wanted to call you Hae-na once. Take care.”

And so, Dong-chan goes back to his previous job, helping Eui-joo and her mom Seung-ja at the flower shop. Mom is happy to have his help, but worries about this outstanding debt. He assures her that he’ll take care of it.

Eui-joo, on the other hand, is absolutely thrilled to have Dong-chan back. It’s not just jealousy speaking; she genuinely hates the way Dong-chan is treated at Hae-na’s household and thinks he deserves better.

Hae-na stews in her frustration and is back to snapping at everybody for every little thing. The rest of the maids and butlers wistfully think of how things were better with Dong-chan around, and wish he would return.

Ms. Jung asks Mr. Jang why he’d been suspicious of Dong-chan. Although I think Mr. Jang is a fair person who sees the good side of Dong-chan, he’s also strict and principled, and he answers that he’s actually relieved Dong-chan decided to quit. There were several things that had troubled him, and he had even wondered whether Dong-chan was working in cahoots with Director Kang (Uncle Chul-gu). His departure makes things easier all around.

Dong-chan works diligently at the flower shop, days spent busily tending to flowers and to clients. But he is reminded that time is running out — he only has five more days before the debt is due.

On top of things, he’s missing Hae-na — who, naturally, is also missing him. Although I doubt either would admit that honestly.

Perhaps she’s feeling lonely; Hae-na drops by unnanounced to see Tae-yoon at his office. However, things are hectic there, and she immediately sees that it’s a bad time. She offers to come back later, and heads out.

Tae-yoon insists on seeing her back, and leads her away by taking her hand. (She’s embarrassed, but he keeps holding on.) However, when she brings up their biking date, he remembers with dismay — unfortunately, he has to push it back because of family reasons. He apologizes, and she covers her disappointment.

In case we weren’t clear that Dong-chan and Hae-na miss each other (subtle, this drama ain’t), both look out at the rain, which makes them think of each other. Dong-chan worries whether Hae-na thought to pack an umbrella, while she imagines that Dong-chan is ready to greet her at home with an umbrella and a welcoming smile like the last time. To her disappointment, her brief hallucination that Dong-chan is back turns out to be Woo-sung.

When Hae-na runs into Eui-joo at the office, she uses it as an excuse to ask how Dong-chan is doing, and whether he gave Eui-joo any messages to convey to her. He hasn’t, and Eui-joo answers that Dong-chan is working at the flower shop and doing very well these days.

Hae-na’s face falls when she hears there are no messages, then grows angry to hear that he’s doing well. Knowing Hae-na, she is just dying to hear that he’s miserable without her, so it’s a setback to find that he’s not.

So when Hae-na drops by the flower shop, she is quick to say that she’s not here because she missed him, but because she was just in the neighborhood. When he asks if she’s doing okay, she asks coolly, “Is there a reason I shouldn’t have been okay?”

Hae-na tells him to come back, but frames it as an act of generosity, pretending she’s giving him another chance. But he says no, again saying that he can’t live as her assistant forever: “I don’t want to do that anymore.”

Uncertain now, Hae-na wonders, “Did you hate being my attendant that much?” He admits, “It was difficult.”

Hae-na: “What was so difficult?”
Dong-chan: “What was difficult? Do you ask because you don’t know? Even if I’m paid, there are some things that are too difficult to do. It’s more comfortable here, and I like it better.”
Hae-na: “You’re right, you shouldn’t have to struggle while earning money. But you know, I really thought you were looking out for me. I thought that someone who was just with me because they were paid to would have acted differently, but I must have been mistaken. Forget today happened, since I don’t want to see you anymore.”

By this point, both are feeling a bit raw. Hae-na hurries out, breaking a small flowerpot on her way out, fighting tears. “Jerk! I won’t see you again.”

Eui-joo waits on pins and needles to find out why Hae-na came by to see Dong-chan. When he comes home, he gives the vague answer that Hae-na had merely been passing by the neighborhood (which Eui-joo doesn’t believe for a second), and her level of interest raises Mom’s suspicions. Mom wonders, could Eui-joo like Dong-chan?

Eui-joo blurts defensively, “Why, can’t I like him? Is there a reason I shouldn’t?”

A problem crops up at the next directors’ meeting, which Chul-gu anticipates eagerly, knowing Hae-na will take the fall. The issue centers around an internet shopping mall that Chairman Kang had instructed to be shut down. However, Hae-na had countered the decision and had it kept open, and now they’ve lost money.

This is all news to Hae-na, who doesn’t recall making any such decision. Chul-gu and another director remind her that she signed the forms — surely she must have read them before signing. Hae-na cringes to realize her mistake, then bursts out that she did sign without reading. If she takes responsibility, that should satisfy them, right? Her defensiveness comes out as aggressiveness, and she storms out of the meeting.

Grandpa Kang is frustrated and mortified at her behavior, and yells at her at home — not only was she irresponsible enough to sign documents without reading them, she behaved poorly at the meeting. When Hae-na tries to point out that the directors were all out to get her, he counters, “Did you expect them to coddle you?” How can he leave the company to her?

She retorts, “Did I ever say I’d take it over?” She came to work because he told her to, but she’s not interested in business and doesn’t want to run the company. Grandpa asks what she’s going to do with Kang San after he dies, and she tells him to give it to Uncle Chul-gu, or Su-ah.

The stress finally does him in, and Grandpa Kang collapses from a heart attack. (Called it!) Immediately contrite and worried, Hae-na cries in guilt as he’s taken to the hospital, feeling this is all her fault.

When Tae-yoon calls, she sobs into the phone, and he assures her he’s on his way over. He makes the obligatory illegal U-turn and heads to the hospital.

Back at the flower shop, Seung-ja decides to discourage the Eui-joo/Dong-chan pair by pushing him toward another girl, and sets him up on a blind date. When he realizes what she’s done, he declines politely, thanking her for the thought. It’s then that he catches the television news report on Chairman Kang’s collapse.

At the hospital, Mr. Jang warns Hae-na of incoming reporters, but is too late to prevent them from spotting her. While Mr. Jang holds them at bay, Hae-na manages to slip away, but when she turns another corner, another group of reporters rushes at her.

The onslaught of questions, camera flashes, and shouting voices is overwhelming to Hae-na, who is still reeling from the shock of her grandfather’s collapse. The reporters swarm around her, and the only thing she can do is try to shrink back from the intrusion. As she is surrounded, Tae-yoon arrives and races inside — but it’s Dong-chan who gets there first this time.

He pushes his way through the crowd and steps in front of Hae-na, announcing that she has no comment at this time. Hae-na looks up in surprise and relief as Dong-chan grabs her hand and leads her out of the crowd.

However, the reporters aren’t going to accept a measly dismissal like that, and they pursue the couple as they break into a run down the hallway.


I think the point of this episode isn’t merely that these two miss each other, but that pride is still a factor getting in their way. As we’ve seen, Hae-na is skittish about showing her feelings, and her rebellious behavior can be seen as a defense mechanism of some sort. So even if she is slowly becoming aware of her attachment to Dong-chan (let’s not call it love just yet), she can’t express that without any sort of encouragement from him. And as we know, he’s not in a position to encourage her, given his own personal messes, not to mention the whole power-dynamic thing with her as his boss. It’s like Pygmalion meets Cinderella meets, oh I don’t know, The Boss and the Secretary with a dash of Random Harvest. (Btw, how is it that there’s no Korean drama version of Random Harvest? It would be PRIME fodder for all that kdrama glorification of melodrama and romance.)

Also, in an episode that was full of predictable moves and very little surprises, I appreciated Dong-chan’s reaction to getting beaten up by the loan sharks. It was nicely moving that he felt free of his burden, and that he told Hae-na that what had happened to him was a good thing. Since he quit the next day, the freedom he feels isn’t so he can pursue her, so it’s not a romantically driven motivation. It’s more that he’s free from the label of “bad guy,” and can now be the good person Hae-na believes him to be. I’m pleased to see this kind of change in Dong-chan.

In any case, I loved Yoon Sang-hyun’s eyes in this episode. Yoon Eun-hye had a few nice moments, too — she has this way of making her eyes actually redden with tears without letting the tears fall that I think is great — but this story was Dong-chan’s to emote.


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  1. J

    Wooot first 🙂 I was waiting for your recap to understand this episode more until the subtitles come out. Thank you!

  2. Carolynn

    I really like how all of the characters are developing, and thank you for the recaps!

  3. sass

    This episode is definitely a Dong Chan episode.
    I’m really impreessed with his acting so far. It’s beyond my expectation since QOH.
    I love how he express his emotion through his eyes, it’s beautiful.
    HN and DC are totally falling for each others. Soon HN will realise that she can’t be without him.
    The story is getting tasty here. Love this drama 🙂

    Thanks for your recap javabeans. You recapped this drama really fast.

  4. V

    what’s with taeyoon’s hair??

  5. gallivanter

    The ending was totally Bodyguard, too. *sigh*

  6. belleza

    LOVED this episode. The bike scene was Winter Sonata-ish, and the very last scene was straight from the Autumn Tale book of lurve. Yup, the PDs (Snow Queen, Winter Sonata, etc.) know how to do melodrama, and they got their chance to milk the weepy.

    The car scene between Jung Il Woo and Moon Chae Won was very well done. You can immediately feel their camaraderie and MCW did a realistic (rather than a full blown) crying scene.

    Wasn’t feeling Jung Il Woo’s F4-ish hair. And in a way, that marked his Tae Yoon’s official status as “other guy.”

    Loved how Yoon Sang Hyun underplayed Dong-Chan’s sadness over the situation and when he was looking at Hae-na and Tae-yoon. His reaction shot wasn’t overacting to convey his sadness. By underplaying it, it kinda brought the character back to reality. He wasn’t what he appeared to be, and at this point, he doesn’t really belong in their world anyway. He knew it, and he accepted it humbly like an adult should.

    Having said all that, for me, it was really Yoon Eun Hye who sold Dong-Chan’s sadness. This is really her first performance where I felt like she’s precisely hitting all the timbre and tone of her character’s emotions. When her character reacts to her Butler Gigolo leaving, it never strays from character. She still conveys her character’s pride, anxiety, immaturity, etc. while still showing that her feelings for him were more tender than she knew. She doesn’t merely act uber-bitchy against her other servants; she seems genuinely unsettled and nervous with them too, showing that he’s already changed a little.

    I’m totally looking forward to Iris, but I think MFL really could benefit from being extended to 20 episodes. It would enable Dong Chan and Hae-na sometime to deal with the repercussions of a relationship, some time for Eul Joo + Tae Yeon to maybe happen, and still throw in Hae Na’s “childhood dream oppa” alluded to from the 1st episode. At this point, I think the show is going to rush to the end.

  7. asianromance

    thanks for the recap! glad that Dong-chan quit his job- thought they would drag it for another 5 episodes until something blows up and he’s forced to quit. and what a great ending! and loved the Euijoo and Taeyoon moment.

    “He makes the obligatory illegal U-turn and heads to the hospital.”—> hahahhaa! so true that it’s like in every korean drama…except the sageuks.



  9. Team Bodyguard

    I am impressed with Yoon Sang Hyun and Yoon Eun Hye’s acting.

    i was already impressed with YSH in Queen of Housewives he is a good actor and he’s got beautiful expressive eyes too. Everytime he looks at HN in a longing way my heart feels like bursting in pain. When he fed her when they were sitting at the bench, I just lost it…i felt so touched!

    Yoon Eun Hye, I love her facial expressions, like she can emote in so many ways and I love it when she’s about to cry or when she’s crying. She cries in such a realistic manner…none of that I wanna cry looking pretty like some actresses do. When she cries, she cries like a regular person and not someone who tries to look pretty infront of the camera.

  10. 10 Kender

    The very fact that you mentioned Random Harvest makes you even more awesome than you already are. I LOVE that movie! There totally needs to be a Kdrama version.

    One of my favourite little moments of this episode was the scene with TY and EJ in the car, when she blows her nose into his handkerchief. His expression–a mix of shock, horror, and amusement–is hilarious. XD

    This was a cute episode, but it was a little too heavy on the “OMG MISS YOU” vibe for me. I hope tomorrow’s episode is better..

  11. 11 sass

    @Team Bodyguard—-Agree with both YSH and YEH’s acting.
    I think the main strength of YEH’s acting is that she can sometimes manage to show her emotions through camera and its very varies emotions here.
    Whether she cried, smiled, angried or frustrated I somehow felt that too.

  12. 12 deeta

    I actually thought YSH overdoes his longing gazes. Personally, they feel too much and the intensity of them is rather unnecessary.

    BTW, those JJH caps make me want to watch Last Scanda again!

  13. 13 paldo

    YEH is just too awesome for words-!
    When she shows her emotions, I find myself feeling the way she does– and I’m a guy-!
    I find that Hae-Na needs to set aside her pride or whatever that is hindering her from accepting her obvious attachment to Dong-Chun.

    I see no chemistry nor any future development between Hae-Na and the second male lead. He seems awkward with his expressions and line deliveries–maybe that’s just due to poor acting by him.

    My Fair Lady is becoming an enjoyable escape from the busy outside world so I’m thankful for that.

  14. 14 dimpler

    love it!thank java for the recap….

  15. 15 JAM

    I think this is the turning point for me. Getting more used to the pairing of Yoon Sang-hyun and Yoon Eun-hye. Plus Jung II-woo’s new hair style isn’t scoring points in my book. Might actually go and watch this drama now. 😀

  16. 16 ida

    OMG.. You are so fast Dramabeans and Thanks a lot!! You are the best!!

    Yoong Sang Hun I think perfected the the “GUY who LONGS for the unreachable girl look”.. He does not need to say a lot to get his meaning across. He is really a VERI good actor, no matter what everybody says.

  17. 17 Anonymous

    Although Jung Il Woo’s smile makes me melt too.

  18. 18 Nom_Kitteh

    I am loving this show so much. I anticipate it endlessly and the episodes themselves are just so much fun. They are totally stress-free but not emotion-free.

    I thought it was impossible to adore YEH any more than I already did. She shows vulnerability so freaking well that I as a straight, boy-crazy female want to take her in my arms and squeeze her tight. Maybe it’s her natural pout or her cute looks, but she is just impossible to not love.

    I am not warming up to YSH (I think he overacts consistently and I just can’t feel his conflicted feelings), but I do really like Dong Chan as a character.

    Tae Yoon is turning out to be a little too preoccupied a character so I am losing interest.

    Try as I might, I just cannot help but thing like a stereotypical Asian mom while watching this show! I don’t want HN with either men! DC is a terrible choice because he waits on her hand and foot and that basis for a relationship is healthy. Also, I don’t think the help should be touchy-touchy with his aghasshi. I cringe every time. I wish he was less free with his touches so that if he did touch her, there would be tension. Also, his future job prospects are not that great…

    And TY, however cute and smart and sweet, seems a bit uptight. I can see him getting so busy with work to not have time for the kids’ recitals, etc.

    🙂 Of course as I think all this I know that I am watching a freaking romantic comedy drama…and that I am watching the freaking drama as escapism from the trappings of reality. Mind, prison, Foucault, and all that.

    Thanks for recap, JB

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    Thank You! As always your recaps never fail to quench my Lady Castle thirsts.. hehe Thanks once again Javabeans!

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    hope someone can answer my question, what’s the title of the song playing while dong-chan was teaching hae-na at the park? it sounded like brown-eyed girls, but i don’t think it’s in the official ost. help, anyone? ^^

    ysh is a good actor. my heart rips everytime i see his eyes. so full of expression. aarrgh…

    can’t wait for thursday’s episode!!! i almost fell off my chair when i saw the teaser for episode 8….

    ps: i have to agree, tae-yoon’s hair didn’t look good in this episode. hmmm. is this because they’re focusing the story on dong-chan as hae-na’s partner? 😀

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    I have not commented here for a while because I wanted to see the drama’ development. I saw this episode and I agree with Javabean. It was YSH episode and I was right about YEH. She is good at crying but at episode 7 I think she did not succeded to show the coldness unfriendly rich elegant character of HN. She is only natural when the character is nice or close to humble persons… She has potential and a long way to go but she is not a great actress.

  24. 24 müge

    I really love that drama, esp. because of Yoon Sang Hyun’s successful acting. he’s really wonderful to show every emotion (I don’t even mention how he’s hot)
    after every episode, I can’t wait watchin the next, I think HN will figure out the truth about Dong-chun as far as I understand from the preview, ouwww^_^

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    Am just wondering how you do it…you were probably doing the recap while watching it at the same time huh…. oh well, thanks! : )

    ill watch this ep tonight!

    from your recap, it does seems like DongChan’s screen time…
    and am really getting to love DongChan more than Taeyoon (taeyoon seems to be the typical rich goodie-goodie…)

    and was laughing when you mentioned the “obligatory ILLEGAL u-turn!” …. oh these kdramas….hahahaha!!!

    the story is getting more interesting….. ^-^

    @asian addict

    yeah, i still want Haena to end up with TaeYoon…but… i dont know… it looks like the story is such that she will end up with DongChan….welll…. i dont really mind….but it’s still is weird that he will end up to be the president of the company (dongchan)…*wrinkling my nose*

  28. 28 Jane

    “how is it that there’s no Korean drama version of Random Harvest? It would be PRIME fodder for all that kdrama glorification of melodrama and romance.”

    I believe it is called “Save the Last Dance For Me”, there are some minor differences, but the basic idea of rich man gets amnesia – falls in love with lower class young woman and starts family together – regains his original memories while simultaneously forgetting the interim romance… that’s all in there 🙂

  29. 29 MEIKO**** ^-^


    yes, whatever happened to Jung ll Woo’s hair?!?!? WHO IS THAT HAIRSTYLIST???….. GGggggrrrr….


    LOL!!! OMG, you sound like my aunt! If she would watch this drama, she will most probably comment on DongChan’s being “touchy-touchy”… ^-^ then, she would probably comment like, “hmp, ill fire him myself”…. ^-^

    But I like DongChan though…. ^-^

  30. 30 embermiya

    I don’t understand why Eui Joo’s mother doesn’t want her with Dong Chan. Is he only good enough to be a friend?

  31. 31 s hee

    thnx as always java for the recap…i think this episode is quite interesting. i agree w/you about yoon sang hyun’s moments here…his teary-eyed in one of the scenes reminded me so much of when he’s had those moments in queen of housewives at the funeral home talking to jin ae how lonely it was for him without friends, siblings etc. Yoon sang hyun is gonna go far in terms of his acting potential no doubt about it! He’s definitely my Numero Uno these days among Korean actors!
    I can’t wait to see this episode but reading your recap made me feel like i’ve seen it through your eyes & words! i’m loving this drama and although it’s only epis 7, i feel i didn’t want this drama to end! i think one of my fave scenes in this episode would be the bike riding lessons of dong chan to hye na. Now i’m gonna check if i can watch the video from viikii. Thnx again

  32. 32 Jessica

    @ embermiya #30

    Yeah, I agree.

    I mean if Eui Joo’s mother didn’t really know Dong Chan then I can understand her reaction.

    But she knows he’s a good person.

  33. 33 Asian Addict

    @ Meiko

    Thank God I found someone who thinks like me. I really like Taeyoon and think they are better suited. I like DC, too, but not for Haena. They should have gotten an uglier actor to play Taeyoon so that I wouldn’t adore him so much 🙁

  34. 34 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @30 embermiya

    I think the reason why EuiJoo’s mother is opposed to her daughter liking DongChan is because she sees DongChan as one of the family, if not her son…

    JavaB!!! I just finished watching this ep… ^-^

    by the way, i did LMAO when that U-turn scene came…I remembered your recap!

    Anyway… aawww… DongChan is so nice…. and he and Haena are looking better and better together…. *sigh*

    I love Jung ll Woo…but i guess…am still to wait for his screen time… there were hardly any long screen time of him, or him with Haena…so I dont feel anything from him, yet….
    by the way…mmm…guess he has been eating a lot nowadays huh… his face looks puffed-up! ^-^ Or is it because of “that” hair style? I like his Iljimae face better (but then, he is a growing guy, needs to eat a lot….^0^)

    I like Haena’s hair in this episode…it’s fuller, shinier and darker shade of red (not that bright looking red)….

    hehe…next ep looks more interesting…..

    thanks JavaB!!! Be waiting for your recap….

  35. 35 belleza

    “I think the reason why EuiJoo’s mother is opposed to her daughter liking DongChan is because she sees DongChan as one of the family, if not her son…”

    And it’s perfectly normal. Eul Joo’s mom knows pretty much everything about Dong Chan including his not-so-good side (i.e. womanizer womanizer womanizer . . .) Plus, they’ve never been “that way” with each other. It may seem weird to her.

  36. 36 ockoala

    MFL is so weird for me to watch, solely because of my sudden inability to move beyond the actors playing their respective roles. I love Yoon Sang-hyun since QoH, so I adore every scene he is in in MFL, but I can’t say I understand or have a clue about what his character is really all about, or whether he’s a good fit for Hae-Na.

    I haven’t seen JIW in any dramas yet, but it clear as day that he’s the second male lead, and a distant distant possibility to end up with HN. The writers are giving him little to superficial screen time, and his character has zero genuine depth and little indication of further development. Bad use of JIW if you ask me, this type of thankless role.

    MCW is the only actress I can look beyond her real life persona and enjoy her in her role as Eui-joo, because she is such a stellar actress, and is still relatively newbie-ish with a track record of tackling vastly different roles that she hasn’t stamped an impression on my mind the way YEH unfortunately has done in mine and the minds of so many of her fans and anti-fans.

    I really enjoy this show, but can’t for the life of me make any constructive comments because the characters are drawn in such broad strokes it’s hard to dig deep at this point.

    As for superficial comments – YEH’s hair and wardrobe are so far very very middle of the road – neither super high fashion disaster or exquisite awesomeness, just okay. I think Sung YuRi’s agasshi wardrobe in Snow Queen and Choi Ji Woo’s chanel head to toe wardrobe in Star’s Lover succeeded where MFL is relatively not making an impact.

    As for my impish ajusshi YSH, he’s really the spark in this drama for me.

  37. 37 canucks79

    Thank you for the wonderful recaps. I really enjoyed your recaps and summation.

  38. 38 zahra

    i love this film . i realy want to see this film from television but it is impossible.
    can we see this film online from internet? (spicialy from asia bcs i find many sites but those where just for U.S)

  39. 39 Lily

    @ 38 Ockola thank you. You explained me now the principal problem of this drama. The characters are badly developed.

  40. 40 rantrantrant

    Ockola hit the nail right on the head, I truly want to really LIKE this drama but the motivations are inexistent … for me to connect to the characters I need to RELATE to them and UNDERSTAND them and the characters here in MFL lack that.

    It’s like they are just pulled by contrived situation to another contrived situation.

    As much as YSH does the staring thing quite well, I still do not understand why DC likes HN… or vice versa. It’s like… yeah she’s hot, feisty, and cute… I can be shallow but that’s REALLY a stretch.

  41. 41 belleza

    I agree in principle with both rantrantrant and ockoala, though I also feel that’s generally true of most Korean rom-coms. The show mostly is a series of comic vignettes and “situations” with expensive production/cinematography, and for the most part, I enjoy it.

    Having said that, that’s where I give credit to YEH’s performance. She’s not really hitting the arch-bitchiness that the part should have, but there’s emotional presence that’s true to the character. It’s not a very likable character, and the show gives almost no justification for her mean girl posturing. All the same, I don’t think YEH (while not edgy or especially bitchy) is “making nice” with her performance. In other words, she isn’t trying to make the character sympathetic.

    I don’t know . . . the show works pretty well as a broad farce. I enjoy YEH/YSH playing essentially two dirty scoundrels running a muck on quaint parks and in hallways and all that. There’s raffish energy there, and the butler/master subservience makes good laughs. Individually, I empathize with their budding feelings for each other. However I don’t necessarily love them as a couple.

    I guess what I’m saying is that, for me, this is a really good and expensive-looking sitcom. I can’t wait for the next episode, and I like the sparks.

    “Choi Ji Woo’s chanel head to toe wardrobe in Star’s Lover ”

    Choi Ji Woo looked absolutely luxurious in Star’s Lover. And the bookish-meets-GQ wardrobe of Yoo Ji Tae was faboo too.

  42. 42 thankyou

    I love how DC looks at HN. I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out. I find older/mature actors tend to rely upon subtle actions to deliver the message across moreso than the newbies. A character’s inner turmoil and emotional pangs can be conveyed across effectively with a simple glance.

  43. 43 wHOOsH

    awesome episode, thanks for the recap! it made the episode easier to understand, since i didn’t have all the subtitles when i watched it 😛

  44. 44 xiaoSxin

    awesome episode!!! So far the drama is getting along better for with plot lines and character development..

    what i don’t understand… the ratings still are not high????!!!!!!

    I was expecting at least a decent 20% ratings for this drama (on average).. where is the love from Korea???

  45. 45 kirara

    I have to say that Tae Yoon and HaeNa both changed their looks,, She cut her hair short right? Not tied up like earlier episodes.. but I’m really not diggin Tae Yoon’s new look though.. I like him with the hair kinda sticking up..

    I also have to say Awww.. to the Two of them when they were holding hands..

    But I kinda want to think that HaeNa is selfish, for wanting Dong Chan to be her Personal Attendant forever, I mean We the viewers know the reason he wants to quit but I think I’d be a bit more understanding,, (sorry dont bash me everyone!), i’m sure she didnt have to yell and scream at him to give her an answer.. then again. this is a TV drama, so I guess you cant take it too seriously..

    To be a millionaire requires you to wear some interesting clothes.. YEH mustve had loads of fun wearing dresses with the shoulders so boxy. The one with the tiger looking print and that short/Long white skirt she wore that night to ask Dong chan to teach her how to ride a bike..

    Thanks again for you post!

  46. 46 shahab


  47. 47 Sere

    I started watching this drama for YEH, but I stayed for Yoon Sang-hyun. I LOOOVE his Dong-chan!

    Thanks for the recap.

    PS: now I feel like rewatching Last scandal of my life. Heh. Sarah, you’re so sneaky! *g*

  48. 48 sky santos

    what’s with Tae Yoon’s hair… is it a plot to make him uglier so that dongchan would shine more… less of his smiles also can be seen…

  49. 49 ahjummabunny

    I know I’m late but Save the Last Dance for Me ( Eugene, Ryu Soo Young ) while very similar to Love Affair ( Charles Boyer, Irene Dunn version) is most similar to Random Harvest. However, I have to say it would be great if they took another stab at the Random Harvest story. Is there anything better than Greer Garson calling “Smithy!” at the gate and Ronald Coleman knowing she means him!

  50. 50 fan101

    would anyone be kind to tell where in korea is the scene of the bike lessons? my wife and i are going to seoul this march and we would like to have spme pictures taken in the said place. thanks so much!

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