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Smile: Episode 20
by | December 4, 2009 | 69 Comments

This was one of the first episodes in quite awhile that I didn’t fawn over. I’m starting to feel that Jung-in and Hyun-soo’s relationship is moving into the sugary sweet arena, which makes me a bit antsy. The drama has done a good job of keeping things organic and need to introduce some angst into the storyline using the same method. Thankfully, the ending hints at things to come, which may be a welcome change to the sweet drama, if done well.


Smile OST: Yurisangja – “그대, 웃어요” (Smile, You) [ Download ]
I haven’t given much thought to the OST, but its done a fairly good job of keeping the music secondary and not letting it interfere for the story. I usually find songs created specifically for a drama to be cheesy, but I enjoy the campiness this song – which was playing at the birthday prep scene. And they get a bonus for using the kazoo!

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With Han-se surprising Jung-in and Hyun-soo with news of Jung-kyung, the 3 of them stand, shocked, unsure of what to do next. Jung-in takes control of the situation and starts whispering something in Hyun-soo’s ear. It’s funny to see the exasperated Han-se, trying to find out what she’s saying.

Jung-in sends Hyun-soo off to meet her sister and heads back home, but not before requesting ice cream. Before he leaves, he has a word for his rival.

Hyun-soo: I don’t know what you were expecting when you came here, but stop following us around.
Han-se: If you don’t like me doing this, don’t hang around our Jung-in. (It literally is “our” but the in Korean it basically means “my”.)

Han-se catches up with Jung-in as she is about to go inside. He’s still curious to find out about what they’ll be doing later and brings up Jung-kyung again in an effort to split them up. I love how Jung-in threatens Han-se with his mom, when he tries to threaten them with Geum-ja. Sang-hoon shows up just in time and chases Han-se away. Inside, we see the beginnings of a partnership. (It looks like Geum-ja’s going to be the odd person out.)

Jung-in: Ajusshi, don’t you not like me?
Sang-hoon: Why would I not like you?
Jung-in: Thank you.
Sang-hoon: It’s not something to be thankful for.

Meanwhile, Hyun-soo goes back to the cafe but Jung-kyung is gone.

Sung-joon forces himself into Ji-soo’s apartment, continuing his crazy delusion that she’s in love with him. When she asks what he’s doing tomorrow, Sung-joon thinks that she’s about to ask him out on a date and replies, “It’s finally here, but it can’t be an overnight trip.” Ji-soo laughs at him and says that it’s just to help out at the store.

Jung-kyung is hidden in her room, afraid that she might get found out by Sung-joon. It probably wasn’t the best idea to runaway to a place her brother visits daily.

Jung-in is perched at her window, looking for Hyun-soo’s return. He brings her ice cream and watches as she eats. They get into a conversation about Jung-kyung, telling each other what they know about her job and relationship with the chief.

Even with the serious conversation, they are dating after all and have fun with the ice cream. She talks about how she play-fights with Sung-joon when eating food, and Hyun-soo quickly catches onto the clue. He draws a line in the ice cream and tells her not to cross the line while eating.

Geum-ja hears laughter up in Jung-in’s room and tries to listen in. Sung-joon walks into the house and finds her peering in. Sung-joon is as sly as a fox and immediately catches on to the situation. He climbs up to the room and says smoothly, “Come out.” Hyun-soo pops up from the blankets in the corner, and kneels down in front of Sung-joon, with Jung-in muttering, “Idiot.”

Sung-joon: Let’s set a [wedding] date.
Hyun-soo: Hyung!
Jung-in: Oppa!
Sung-joon: You, don’t call me oppa. The reason why I’m on your side is because Hyun-soo generously gave up his room for me. It’s not because of you, Jung-in.
Hyun-soo: [Breathing a sigh of relief] Thank you.
Sung-joon: Even when Han-se came asking for help, it was your innocence that kept me from listening to him. I like you.
Jung-in: I’m the one who asked him to lie. You know my situation. So don’t make things into a big deal.
Hyun-soo: I’m sorry for hiding it. I like Jung-in, but I was trying to be discrete.
Sung-joon: Of course. I like your introspective attitude. [To Jung-in] I’m warning you.
Jung-in: What did I do?
Hyun-soo: Jung-in. [Giving her a look]
Jung-in: Alright oppa. I’m sorry.

Sung-joon is hilarious. I love that he wants his sister to set a wedding date, even as a self-proclaimed playboy. Back down in the boys’ room, Sung-joon continues his overly protective comments, “If you ever make her cry…” But Hyun-soo immediately answers, “Of course not. I’ll be trying hard to give her laughter.” It seems like he’ll be taking lots of orders from Sung-joon from now on. One word from his future brother-in-law, and Hyun-soo immediately hands over the mattress.

A drunk Han-se calls Hyun-soo to talk to Jung-in, calling her “our” Jung-in again. Hyun-soo tells him that “our” Jung-in isn’t next to him. Han-se has a pitiful moment.

Han-se: Why do I need to do this? Jung-in is my woman. Why do I need to go through you in order to talk to her? Let me talk to her!
Hyun-soo: You’re drunk.
Han-se: You have Jung-kyung nuna. Just go to her.
Hyun-soo: The person I like is Jung-in.
Han-se: Then how about Jung-kyung nuna. Do you know where she is and what she’s doing?
Hyun-soo: Do you know where she is?
Han-se: You acted like you weren’t interested in front of Jung-in. Why are you asking? Why? Why?

Han-se starts to bang his head against the wall, wailing “Jung-in” and making Hyun-soo uncomfortable.

Jung-kil wakes up Geum-ja, to get back at her for making him late for work the other day. He makes her pull together breakfast for him, while she dozes off on the side. Geum-ja tells him to just send Jung-in to Han-se, and get some help from Global Motors, instead of toiling away like this. Jung-kil agrees that his thoughts are the same but will not be leaving until he gets what he deserves, namely the house.

The family all work outside in the morning, with the Seo family working hard to get grandpa Man-bok against Geum-ja.

Sung-joon walks over to Jung-in and whispers “cue” and the couple starts a fight. Sang-hoon and Sung-joon tell them to stop fighting, and Sang-hoon makes the 2 of them make up and shake hands. It’s even better than Jung-in and Hyun-soo expected, with the unforeseen physical contact in the morning due to their fight.

Hyun-soo asks Ji-soo about Jung-kyung, making her nervous about lying. Sung-joon arrives at the store, demanding lunch. When Ji-soo leaves to feed a sick Jung-kyung, he follows her to the apartment. He tries to go into the extra room and see the roommate but Ji-soo pushes him out.

Jung-in tries to use Hyun-soo’s computer but sees that he’s changed the password. When she calls him to ask about the change, they have a bit of a *barf* moment.

Jung-in: Boyfriend, where are you?
Hyun-soo: In your heart.

I realize it may be an “awww” moment to many, but does anyone else think their relationship is getting a bit too sugary sweet?

Hyun-soo goes into the office and sees Han-se waking up from his drunken stupor. He’s upset and frustrated to see Han-se’s behavior. He tells him that liking someone means learning to let them go as well. Han-se brings up Jung-kyung again and doesn’t understand how Hyun-soo could like both sisters.

While the Kang/Seo household have dinner together, Jung-in announces that it’s Jung-kyung’s birthday tomorrow and suggests throwing a party. She brings the whole family together to blow balloons, make decorations, and enjoy each other while working on the celebration. In contrast, Jung-kyung lies in bed alone, feeling sad and sorry for herself.

Jung-in goes out to the backyard to see Hyun-soo working out. She comments, “It must be nice to have a girlfriend like me, who even takes care of his first love’s birthday. How did Seo Jung-in become like this.” She adds that their family doesn’t celebrate birthdays and she’s only doing it because she doesn’t want Hyun-soo to get sick from not celebrating Jung-kyung’s birthday.

Jung-in: How much did your heartache while changing your password? It’s difficult enough to let go of your 8 year first love, but she’s disappeared and isn’t coming back. Be honest, you sent me a telepathic message. ‘Remember Seo Jung Kyung’s birthday… remember… remember.”
Hyun-soo: [Seriously] I did send it. [Smiling] We really do communicate well.
Jung-in: There’s no need to be so happy. I’m throwing the party to show that you have no chance with Jung-kyung. Know that I’m the only who likes you and treat me well.

She then tell him to change his password to 0730 instead. And when he’s ignorant of the number, she gives him a nasty look, making him realize the meaning immediately. He tries to get her to stay longer, but she leaves to help making the food for the party. He smiles as she walks off.

In order to get Jung-kyung to come to the house, she makes Grandpa Man-bok call Jung-kyung. She wants him to tell her, “Happy Birthday. I miss you.” (LOL) Man-bok is unable to say such words but does tell the birthday girl to come home for dinner. When Jung-kyung uses work as an excuse, Jung-in gets on the phone.

Jung-in: Don’t hate me also. Because I’ve lived my life stupidly, everyone hates me. So come tomorrow.
Man-bok: Who hates you?

Hearing Jung-in’s somber comment, Man-bok tells Geum-ja to take care of Jung-in, saying that she must be having a difficult time even though she doesn’t show it on the outside.

Kyung-soo is sent to Ji-soo’s store to help, with Joo-hee feigning Jung-kyung’s birthday to stay home. (She claims that she gets sick during the month she gave birth. OMG. So that means she’s sick 3 months of the year. Geez.)

He tries to come up with many excuses as possible to get out of working with Ji-soo. He has a shaking problem and might drop the dishes. He’s face is so ugly that he might chase away the female customers. (Puhaha.) Ji-soo laughs and asks, “Why do you keep calling me nuna when we’re the same age? Just call me by my name.” He gets to “Ji…s…” but can’t continue.

Sung-joon comes to pick up Ji-soo for the birthday party. She’s reluctant to attend, but he uses the past hospital bill to guilt her into coming. They head to a small store to buy a gift. Sung-joon then notices a hairpin and puts it on her hair, telling her that it’s nice to see her face.

Sung-joon is pretty hilarious, telling her that buying a present is a bit too forward. When she calls Jung-kyung unni, he quips, “Did we apply for a marriage certificate?” LOL.

Joon-bae and his new girlfriend plan a trip together. When he suggest taking their friends, she refuses to go anywhere with his friend, Man-bok. We’ve seen before that she’s apparently a con artist and is spending time with Joon-bae to take his money.

When Jung-kil shows up to buy some meat for the party, he recognizes it immediately. “I think you’re similar to me.” He may be idiotic in some aspects, but notices when he sees his own kind.

Jung-in and Hyun-soo decorate the Christmas tree. She’s worried about the electric bill, when Hyun-soo bring a used car battery to light the tree. They put on the angel ornament, which makes her long for her house. She realizes that it’s unlikely that they’ll get the old house back. She thinks about the angel statue and her old pictures, saying that she was really cute as a kid. Hyun-soo tries to lighten the mood by pointing out that she couldn’t have been cute since she would have looked like a tadpole as a child. “When you find your house later, I’m going to check the album first. So don’t give up hope.”

Jung-kyung thinks about Jung-in and Hyun-soo’s words, pondering what to do. The chief is also waiting for her, keeping the promise that they made. He’s at a restaurant with his daughter, hoping for Jung-in to come. He’s also decided to take a sabbatical so that Jung-kyung will come back to the hospital.

Jung-kyung chooses her family instead of the chief and heads to the house. The family is elated and all start talking at once, lighting the candle, and singing happy birthday – turning into one big happy family.

Jung-in calls for presents and Sung-joon turns on a spotlight (swirling around a flashlight) for the event. How cute is it that he makes Ji-soo follow him?? Not too many people have prepared a present using food, cake, meat, and giving birth an excuse. But she does get a piggy bank (Ji-soo), candy (Sang-hoon), and gloves (Hyun-soo.)

Jung-in takes everyone outside for her gift, proudly showing off the Christmas tree as her present and making the whole family happy. Joo-hee even recites an impromptu poem for the occasion.

Jung-in gives Hyun-soo a little shove for the gloves,which prompts him to grab her hand behind his back. “But your gloves are right here.” He hold her hands and says, “Your gloves.” And put his hand into hers, “My gloves.” It’s pretty sweet (and a little *barf*.) Jung-kyung, who’s standing next to them, sees the two of them holding hands.

As Jung-kyung is about to leave, Hyun-soo asks to talk before she goes. When Jung-kyung says she needs to head out, Jung-in suggests that he driver her home and they can talk in the car. Continuing to see the couple exchange happy looks makes Jung-kyung miserable.

Hyun-soo tells Jung-kyung to go back to the hospital, telling her to keep working at her relationship with the chief. She tells a befuddled Hyun-soo that her difficulties aren’t because of the chief and walks away.

Jung-in realizes that she’s left her angel ornament downstairs and send her own telepathic transmission to Hyun-soo, wanting him to bring up the angel. Just as he’s about to pick it up, Jung-kyung comes back.

Jung-in: Don’t turn off the light. I haven’t said my wish yet. I’m sorry. I was wrong. Kang Hyun-soo, can’t you like me again?

Meanwhile, Jung-in opens her window and looks at her hand, commenting “Kang Hyun-soo’s glove,” leading to…

the real love triangle.


I really enjoyed the coming together of the full family for the birthday party. Call me a sap, but I like seeing a family together, especially a dysfunctional one. I think one of the important messages of the drama is the strength of a community, and the birthday scene, along with the contrast of Jung-kyung alone, did a good job of articulating this point.

The also appreciated the extra focus on Sung-joon and Ji-soo. I’ve been waiting for the couple to have a bit more screen time, which I think happened in this episode. I do wish that they would have picked some other token than a hairpin, which has been overdone a bit this year. (My Fair Lady, You’re Beautiful) But I absolutely adore the flashlight scene at the birthday party. It does a good job of showing their impending relationship, with Sung-joon doing something funny and crazy and making Ji-soo follow along.

Now for the final scene… the writer has done this to us before – giving us a sense of conflict at the cliffhanger, but quickly resolving the issue at the beginning of the next episode. With the series heading to its midpoint, I do think we need a bit of conflict to occur. (They can’t possibly show us 26 more episodes of Jung-in and Hyun-soo dating each other, as cute as that might be.) We did pretty much know that this was coming, and I think it’s an interesting topic to dive into. As much as Hyun-soo says that it doesn’t matter, he’s liked both sisters and it’s gotta be atleast a bit awkward. And Jung-in is the model girlfriend right now, but how much longer will she be OK with her boyfriend and sister meeting together?

As for Jung-kyung, her behavior is hard to defend. I also dislike the way that she confesses her feelings to Hyun-soo – not coming out and saying that she likes him but trying to manipulate him into remembering his old feelings for her. Choi Jung Yoon, the actress who plays Jung-kyung, has basically come out and said she doesn’t like Jung-kyung’s behavior. It’ll be interesting to see how well she pulls off her character’s emotions when she doesn’t seem to relate to it at all.


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  2. coolod

    yeah… i really hate that older sister. she is really selfish.


    lol i was also gonna write thanks alot dw4p!! av been waiting for your recap since i watched this episode on tuesday!. i think this is the best drama on tv right now! well especially since your beautiful finshed last week TT^TT. cant wait for episodes 21 & 22! this drama is very well written and i think it plesantly suprises viewers with its un-guess-able storylines!

    also why in the world is the older sister after poor hyun soo! after all this tym!! =@. she shud get a LIFE.

  4. Icarusfalls

    I actually didn’t think that their relationship was too sugary in this episode… after all they are technically in the “honeymoon” face of their relationship.. it kinda reminded of the sweet moments in City Hall which were so hilarious..

    I hope to god that Jung-kyung falls flat on her face at the beginning of the next episode!! Telepathically sends hyun-soo-oppa a message, “Reject her! REJECT HER!!! Tell her you love Jung In and that your love/infatuation for her is no more”..
    *sigh.. unfortunately, hyun-soo is too goody-two shoes and beta-male to hurt Jung-kyung like that.. ! T_T

  5. Icarusfalls

    Hi twaeji-ddoki aka PIG RABBIT.. I love this series as well!!! The plot has really been unguessable when it comes to the main things.. I hope it stays that way!! And that Jung-kyung suffocates in her room or goes back to her jerk and pansy of a director.. they deserve each other…

  6. rainerust

    Ooh, early for once. Yeah you’re right about the sugary sweetness, dw4p, when HS said the, “In your heart.” thing I threw my pillow at the computer screen (it’s a good thing I have terrible aim).

    Although I have always empathised with JK, I dislike her behaviour too, especially the way she grows more and more jealous of HS and JI’s relationship; anyway I anticipate more problems between the couple as well – there will also be the ring ‘debt’ to clear after they resolve this issue with JK (and now that Mr. Chief has finally made his move and his stance clear for JK, I find it utterly selfish of her to be moving in on her sister’s bf) since HS still hasn’t told JI about him settling her ‘bill’ for her (and knowing her, there’ll be a bit of a tussle). Wonder how the writer’ll resolve everything, most especially the love triangle. I suspect it’s good material to use for the next 5 episodes or so LOL.

    Love Ji Soo and Sung Joon in this episode, especially during the hairclip bit so I’m hoping they get even more screen time in the next few episodes.

    Anyway, thanks as always for the great recap & I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode 🙂

  7. sonam

    Every couple should be allowed one episode of honeymoon where they can act silly and mouth goofy lines. All of us get a little silly when we fall in love.
    But I have to agree with you. Ep 20 was my least fav’ episode. But it wasn’t unwatchable and it ended with a bang.
    I also like it when the OST doesn’t set the tone of a drama . It should be the other way around. There were many dramas I liked but couldn’t stand the cheesy manipulative cringe and wince inducing R&B songs and fluffy rapping.

  8. yinnancy

    I actually didn’t think the “In your heart.” line was overdone. Since he said it in such an offhanded way, I was actually really surprised when it came out. I was like… wow, Hyun-soo actually has something like that in him?! lol. A lot of progress for a person who’s never dated.

    I’m also glad that conflict is here though. However, as it develops, I’m hoping for more internal conflict than external/misunderstandings conflict. Per example, Jung-in gets more and more insecure. Hyun-soo not wavering but becoming too good of a friend… etc. That kind of stuff.

  9. 'cille

    after YB, i decided to wait until this drama finishes so that i can watch the episodes continuously.

    thank you for the recap though, it makes me want to watch it more now..

  10. 10 Amy

    When you wrote “Jung-in: Don’t turn off the light. I haven’t said my wish yet. I’m sorry. I was wrong. Kang Hyun-soo, can’t you like me again?” I think you meant her sister not Jung-In. =)

  11. 11 adrenaline

    I love the scene where JI went to HS’s father to seek for ‘protection’ from Han Se. It’s not like she need it, but she’s loving the advantage of being cared by someone important to HS. 🙂 And Han Se’s expression was just cute! (still rooting for Hyun Soo ^_^)

    The glove scene was so cheesy, yet refreshing, making me so impressed with the writer. He (or she?) made it look so romantic in a situation that is so relaxed – while people were taking pictures… And after all the romance JK saw between the lovebirds, she’s still hoping there’s some space left for her in HS heart? Yes, maybe she’s just taking chance while it’s still ‘raw’, coz when it’s already ‘weel-done’ then there’s nothing she can do about it.

    dw4p, thank u thank u thank u~

    and thank u Smile You for making my day! 🙂

  12. 12 mems

    @ 8 yinnancy:

    I agree- HS said it with such a straight face that I was kinda surprised. I don’t think he overkilled it all.

  13. 13 asianromance

    I agree with you about Hyunsoo and Jung-in’s relationship moving into sugary sweet. Since it’s midway through the drama, I’m almost sure that despite providing the audience with little misunderstandings that get resolved by the next episode, there will soon be a HUGE misunderstanding soon. I also love the Ji soo and and Sung-joon moments! I can’t wait for him to fall in love with her and get jealous of all the guys she sell deobokki to. And though Jung-kyung is annoying now, I’m GLAD she stood her boss and his stuckup daughter up. Hopefully, he will realize what he has lost and then chased Jungkyung this time. As much as 46 episodes of Smile, You goodness sounds awesome, I’m starting to think now that ending it in the late 30s might be better.

  14. 14 Dele

    How can you think their getting too sweet? Omo, we waited for over 16 episodes to get them together, so we should enjoy each moment before the angst stuff comes to play.

    All their sweet moments are exactly how a couple would be when they finally get together, but I think the honeymoon phase is going to come to an end with this episode.

    Thanks for the recap:)

  15. 15 dw4p

    @Amy HAHA. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m gonna be one of those moms that mix up her children’s names.

    And totally understand people who are enjoying the sweet moments. Everyone’s got different tolerance levels and mine tends to be on the lower end. I still like it, just need to keep a little barf bag on the side. =)

  16. 16 bobo

    Thanks for the lovely recap dw4p! I’m a sap too. I love all the family moments as well. The main couple is fantastic, but the strength of the supporting cast and the individual personalities the writer gives them really gives the show an extra edge over other family dramas. This episode felt more like filler since not much happened in the plot development department until the last five seconds, but it was very enjoyable filler 🙂 Keep up the great work! I always look forward to reading these recaps and your insights.

  17. 17 pabo ceo reom

    I’m still totally digging the sweet moments…..no complaints here! Sorry dw4p!

  18. 18 k john

    I enjoyed the “barf” moments — I thought they were corny and cute. Made me think of my husband as he’s like that. If I call him a name when we’re bickering, like “Jerk”, he’ll respond with something like, “Jerk Lover.” “In your heart” is right up hubby’s alley, so it made me smile. As for the older sister, much as she annoys me, I feel sorry for her. She was raised by such awful parents, it’s a small wonder she’s the way she is. Just look at her mother — remember her reaction the first time Sang-hoon didn’t take her side?

    Thanks so much for the recap. I really enjoy them!

  19. 19 Elena

    I think Jung-kyung character is pregnant – that’s why she can’t eat, sleeps during the day and Ji soo waits on her, she’s cranky one minute and weepy the next. How is oppa going to react when she wants him to make an honest woman of her ???

    could happen …

    I also think that Man bok knows about the the ‘children’ he’s always about and doesn’t miss much.

  20. 20 'dalia

    i love the Soo-In couple so much that i don’t mind if there are way more sugary sweet moments.
    especially if the rest of the episodes somehow keep them apart only to have them come together in the end and we only get an hour or less of them happy together.

    also, i gotta wonder what JungIn will think when she finds out Hyun Soo paid off her ring debt. she pretty much begged Han Se not to tell him, not knowing that he had already paid it off…it makes me think she might not be too happy…

  21. 21 jaslin

    Thank you so much for the recap.

    I think that Jung-kyung is a bit like Jung In…hey dont get me wrong…but dint Jung In marry Han se just because he loved her and no other reason at all. I think that Jung-Kyung also feels the same way deep down and she misses being loved by some one. and this drives her to do some stupid things.

    though the love triangle may be a bit of a story…i dont think it would be too long drawn since both hyun soo and Jung In are pretty straight forward but the ring issue may drive a wedge between them.

    Love this serial. Wish India would make dramas like this. 🙂

    Wonderful job!!!

  22. 22 Alain

    Very funny show and I find myself laughing quite a bit! I think Lee Min Jung is the perfect cast for Jung In. Looking forward to watching episode 20. Hopefully Viikii fixes the broken link soon! Check out the OST here.


  23. 23 fyoora

    Yay….sweet things make my heart warm. I think it’s not overly exposed…not many sweetness like that in kdrama…so we have to enjoy it. About the storyline going slow, maybe bcoz there’re still a lot of episodes to be done

  24. 24 wideSmiler

    i’m not one for cheese either but i found the sweet moments, well, sweet! more so because HS is a nice guy with very little experience so his romantic gestures come off endearing and genuine. he’s not TRYING to be romantic, he’s just being honest.

    i thought the “in your heart” part was funny cuz he said it with a straight face and then smiles at the line. to me it came off like a joke: HS, “in your heart…PWAH! i’m just playin’, what is it?” but he’s still telling the truth.

    @ yinnancy
    i’m with you on the internal rather than the external conflicts with the characters. i think that’s how this show can keep things fresh and real.

  25. 25 onemorepls

    I don’t think it was too sweet but really very well done. Most of the drama barely have the couple get together and the angst came too soon for me. Come on let couple enjoy some sweet moments as should be done with new found love.

    @ yinnancy and wideSmiler
    me too, i’m with you guys on the internal conflicts which i think the writer will do cuz so far all the episodes have not given us any misunderstanding but straight honesty between our SooIn.

  26. 26 ausming

    Yay, yay, yay, smile, you recap, thanks a million!

    didn’t think the love scenes were mushy either, perhaps the actors have such a natural way of delivering the lines that I thought the scenes played out pretty well.

    JK is an incredibly selfish, spoilt and horrendous character. She really needs to grow up and mature. Sorry, I have no sympathy for JK. Awful parents or not, she is an adult and therefore is able to think but she continually makes these choices to put herself first before everyone else. Er, I guess I have a strong reaction to JK cause there is a JK in my life and it is really really not nice. Hope HS will soon realise that he never really knew the real JK and had been putting her on a pedestal, and truly appreciate JI.

  27. 27 pixie

    thanks for the recap dw4p! i LOL’d at your barf comments but i agree with some of the comments. i’m rather enjoying their sweet moments, especially now that we know a conflict just emerged. i just hope the suffering won’t be too long ‘coz my fragile heart can’t take too much melodrama 🙂

  28. 28 coollady

    i agree with you. i’m fine with the “honeymoon” phase but if it exceeds more than one episode, then it just gets “hilariously cringe-worthy”. the “in your heart” line cracked me up because i couldn’t believe the corniness of it. now that our main couple have started their relationship and until the angst comes, i’m more interested in the other characters of this drama: especially Ji-soo and Sung-joon who are just as adorable as JI and HS but on a totally different level. Sung-joon’s nonsensical personality and Ji-soo’s toughness match perfectly together, and i’m curious as to how they’ll get together.
    i also enjoyed the little quirky and hilarious scenes that were in ep.20. i.e. Joo-hee and her poem recitals make no sense whatsoever, but it’s always comical to see how the others respond to it; Sung-joon and his “wedding statement” after JS called JK “unnie” and of course, Kyung-soo and his fear of Ji-soo. that scene had me laughing out loud.
    thanks for the wonderful recap. here’s hoping that the honeymoon and “barf” phase ends soon cause i don’t think i can handle anymore of that (despite how much i love HS and JI). haha.

  29. 29 Anonymous

    Anyone else hating on the person deleting Viikii’s links right now? I’ve been trying to watch the last couple of parts of ep 19 and ep 20 all week. I know it will probably eventually get resolved, its just annoying haha – I need some sweet fix! So thank you heaps for the recaps, I’d be pretty sad if I couldn’t even read what’s happening!

  30. 30 anna

    i am very much enjoying the ‘honeymoon’ sugary sweet moments between HS and JI, and actually the “in your heart” line was my most fav part of the episode.
    and i agree with 8 yinnancy, cause it’s something that i, didn’t expect to come out from HS. and i seriously would not mind if the sweet moments stays for another epi or two, considering it’s a 46 length episode.

  31. 31 mimi

    Jung Kyung’s behavior in the end got me really mad. Fully knowing that her sister likes Hyun Soo and vice versa – her witness of the ‘gloves’ game they were playing -she goes ahead and confesses her feelings for him. But WAIT — she doesn’t just confess her own feelings but asks him to like her again. What??!!
    I’m sorry but what a loser older sister she is!

    (And boy, they’ve really been loading the makeup on her. I guess she needs it…)

  32. 32 Quaggy

    I actually quite liked this episode, but I think it’s telling that my two favorite scenes were the ones that involved the whole family preparing for the party and then admiring the Christmas tree. Though that’s not to say I had a problem with Hyun-soo and Jung-in’s interaction. I especially liked how Jung-in started whispering to Hyun-soo in front of Han-see. A very effective way to show who’s important to her and who’s just noise.

    Interesting that there’s such a variety of interpretations on Hyun-soo’s “In your heart” line. I’m with WideSmiler (over @ 24). I took it as Hyun-soo delivering the cheesy line straight faced and then cracking up a little at his own ridiculousness. Let’s face it, every time Hyun-soo seriously tries the smooth seducer role, he winds up tripping over his beta male feet. He does much better when his tongue is planted in his cheek.

    The “this is your glove” scene also didn’t strike me as outright cheesy since it again seemed more teasing than seriously romantic. Not to mention, Hyung-soo’s lighthearted joking around “player” antics were trying to convey a more serious message: “I chose a gift that I would never give a lover. Don’t doubt that you’re more important to me.” Even if they were alone, I think he would still resort to such indirect methods, just like Jung-in chose to went with the more teasing “jealous” girlfriend routine rather than admit that the party was elaborate plan to get Jung-kang to come to them so that Hyun-soo could talk to her. I think that when it comes down to the serious stuff, Hyun-soo and Jung-in would both rather let their actions speak for themselves.

    Speaking of the birthday girl, I’m pretty much hating Jung-kang right now. It takes a lot of gall to demand that the guy who you’ve spent the better part of 8 years rejecting to like you again just because you’ve snapped your fingers. I’ll actually be disappointed if the love triangle heats up, just because I honestly believed that Hyun-soo had lived up to his promise and let go of Jung-kang without regrets so that he could offer his whole heart to Jung-in. (Whether Jung-in believes that is a different story.)

    I’d rather character development drive the plot for a bit rather than romance. I’m more interested in how Jung-in is developing as a person and her relationships with everyone else. She may be surround by family, but she clearly feels isolated and that everyone hates her. Right now, Hyun-soo is the only one in her life offering her any sort of unconditional support or affection and that’s a tough situation to handle when you’re trying to remake yourself into something better. It’s a far more interesting plot for me than the tired retread of yet another love triangle.

    @19 Elena

    I really like the idea that Jung-kang is pregnant! It would add a nice layer of complication… and may possibly be the right storyline to bring her back into the family fold. She is has managed to segregate herself far too much. It might even make her more sympathetic, which I wouldn’t otherwise believe to be possible.

  33. 33 slim

    i couldn’t read all of the recaps..because im only on episode 3..hahah..but i’ll eventually catch up to this!..

  34. 34 Atsirk

    Jung-kyung only realizes that she likes Hyun-soo after 20 episodes???

    Gaaah, this reminds me of Full House…what the heck?

    Jung-kyung, leave HS and Jung-in alone!!!

    Watching Ep 21 tonight :))

  35. 35 anna

    i thought there will be no episode airing tonight, instead epi21 will air on sunday. anyway, i am worried since there’s some problem with smile, you viikii channel and they said that they are not going to upload anymore of new SY. and that’s the only site i know where i can watch the episode with eng sub the latest.

  36. 36 Enria


    I wanna have a BF like Hyun Soo..!!

    He’s so cute when popped out from the blanket in Jung In’s room…so innocence..that Jung In called him STUPID…kekeke…

    Can’t wait for the next episode…!!

    @soyjoy and dw4p: Thanks for recapping this drama..wish you would keep up this great job…

  37. 37 Z

    I thought the “In your heart” comment was great. I would have hated it if it had been accompanied by harps music in the background and a closeup of of Jung-in’s touched face moved to tears. But it was awesome the way it was just delivered naturally with a strait face and then they moved on in the conversation. Seems very much like something a real couple would do. The same with the “gloves.” I found the scenes sweet without being sugary… if that makes any sense.

    Okay… I’m going to confess… I actually rewound the clip to watch “in your heart” again… and I might have squealed just a little.

  38. 38 Z

    By the way, I just heard about the problems viikii is having with links and all that and I think I died just a little inside. Guess I’ll be brushing up on my Korean and watching the raws for the time being.

  39. 39 Enria

    @38 Z: yeah.. that’s so true the link in vikii is broken rite now…

  40. 40 soyjoy

    Great recap, dw4p! I especially love the Han-se screencaps you captured… his hangover scene in this episode was so random and hilarious.

    Regarding the level of sappy/saccharine tolerance, I’m with you, dw4p. I have a lower tolerance level for sappiness too, so while I find it sweet, it’s lost its squealworthiness for me! I think part of why that’s happened is that Hyun-soo transitioned too quickly from an awkward hot mess (remember the fantasy kiss scene????) to a pretty smooth operator. I think if he were more a bit more bumbling, it would keep the cutesy scenes funnier to watch and ease up on the sticky sweet a bit.

    On the other hand, it’s always hard to keep a plot interesting once the romantic angst is gone. That’s why every TV show ever always introduces a new cliffhanger just when your favorite couple was about! to! get! together! (argh)!!!! Like Ross & Rachel in Friends… Ten seasons of will-they-won’t-they, so much so that by the time they finally got together in the series finale it was more a formality for the viewers.

    So in that respect, I appreciate that the writers are taking a stab at the honeymoon phase, and I think overall they’re doing a great job. The sweet moments are at least pretty integrated with the plot and they make sense: for example the glove was Hyun-soo’s response to Jung-in’s jealousy; and, for this series so far, even borderline risque to grab her hand in front of (er, well, behind) the whole family.

    I think the real missing element is plot development. The Jung-in and Hyun-soo storyline was the main one that kept me on the edge of my seat, but now that they’ve overcome their initial hurdles and are enjoying the moment, there isn’t much else capturing my interest; all the family plotlines develop too slowly, and Jung-kyung’s latest developments make me cringe. I really miss the snappy pace of Jung-in and Hyun-soo’s repartee; in episodes 6-9(ish?), even when the plot was slow, their quickfire bickering kept things interesting and lighthearted. Instead of introducing external conflict to these two, I’d love to see them settle back into bickering, perhaps this time in old-married-couple style!

  41. 41 soyjoy

    Oo, I’m talking a lot today. But it makes me think of Love & Marriage. That show piled on the sticky sweet, but it stayed interesting & enjoyable, and it didn’t ever register as over the top. I unfortunately don’t have time to unpack it now, but just thought I’d put it out there hehe. Again, great recap dw4p!

  42. 42 dw4p

    FYI for everyone looking for episode 21:
    There won’t be an episode airing today (12/5) because SBS is going to show the Figure Skating Grand Prix Final with Kim Yuna. 21 will air tomorrow.

    Spend your extra hour doing something fun!

  43. 43 soyjoy

    I liked this episode^^ Thanks so much for the recap! All the links for the episodes are broken and I couldn’t watch it, so your recap really just made my day. Thank you so so much!

  44. 44 sonam

    Agree. HS kept it light, teasing yet affectionate when he said that line.

    My fav’ moment has to be JI’s father sitting on his bed in his satin stripped PJs asking his wife how people can be so dishonest!!!! I couldn’t stand him in the beginning but now I really enjoy his scenes.

    HSae is really fun to watch too. When JI’s bro was telling him to give up JI he kept making these most ridiculous pouts. I am so glad they didn’t make him this boring one dimensional bad guy.

  45. 45 sonam

    It pained me to see JI insecure and clingy in these last two episodes but it made me feel for her more. I like spirited feisty female characters but one dimensional super woman are scary and boring. When JI bounces back it will be that much sweeter.

  46. 46 olive

    I hate to admit that I lost interest after watching ep20. I’ll continue to watch but ep20 as someone said was like a filler until the last few minutes. It was a little overly sweet – and I agree with soyjoy that the transition of Hyunsoo is fast – maybe b/c he finds JI very comfortable. but still, isn’t it weird to change from bickering to sweet couple? I thought it would take a while, or at least, they’d be back to their normal bickering and having fun couple. I also felt bad when JI is overly sweet to HS – I mean we saw some of her usual self when she talked to HS at the backyard about JK’s birthday stuff, but it also saddens me when she said the purpose was to show that only she loves him and JK doesnt.
    maybe ep21 will change my mind 😀
    I need more grown up from Seo family – 20 eps already and they are not that different 😐

  47. 47 citrone

    Thanks for the recap ^^

    I really love JS- SJ relation… He seems to be imagining things(ie.JI-HS flirting) but they may come true without others realizing it^^

    I really loved the scenes he behaved like JS is just into him ^^ LOL

  48. 48 janna

    I hope you can endure the rest of the moments enough to write recapes, dw4p~
    Watching a romance makes you the third wheel, haha

    Looking forward to more SJ – JS moments, but I really hope Ji Soo doesn’t become so permissive to Sung Joons crazy. I still want to see her kick someones butt!

  49. 49 lanlan

    I enjoy HS – JI couple every time the are together, love them so much. Lee Ming Jung is pretty and act well. Even Jung Kyung Ho had to admit that she acts well when the were interviewed He jokingly said that Lee Ming Jung has some private acting lessons. Jung Kyung Ho is lucky that his father is a director so he get a lot of advice from him. I miss JI’s feistiness side and hope we will see some of it soon.

    About SJ – JS moments, the less screen time the better even though I like SJ very much. He’s hilariously cute and funny. That Ji Soo is not that attractive pretty with stiff acting. I FF most of her scenes.

  50. 50 msles59130

    I liked the sweetness, it was just enough to be cute and not overdone.

    My favorite part was when Joo-Hee recited her idiotic poem, and everyone was kind of patient, but when she went into verse 2, Geum Ja was like – There’s MORE? Too funny! I laughed out loud on that one 🙂

    I am so mad at the creep deleting links at Viikii! I can’t see why they are mad, it’s not like they give us the opportunity to pay for it, because I totally would! Oh well, hopefully, there will be a fix soon.

    I think there is a possibility that Hyun Soo may go back to the evil troll sister, or break up with Jung In while he sorts out his feelings at the very least. Remember how he said he will never date anyone while he has another in his heart? He is too honest and they are both too straight-forward for this to deteriorate into a typical love triangle.

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