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Dr. Champ: Episode 10
by | October 31, 2010 | 84 Comments

Such a bitter win

So, if I just continue with my first idyllic love introduced in episode 8’s recap, this one was like finding your boyfriend holding hands with your best friend. Whom he hated. The same day he had said he loved you, and bought you a puppy. What in the nine circles of hell is this? I hope you have an explanation, and a good one, if you value your life. I have a knife and I know how to chop dirty pigs like you into tiny pieces. Start talkin’, babe.

Jeez, give Ji Heon a break!


짙은 (Zitten) – 곁에 (By my side) [Download]

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I know this song’s somewhat grim melody doesn’t fit the easy going first half of the episode. But it sure does fit the second half ¬¬

Episode 10 recap

While getting ready to compete, Ji Heon and Sang Bong talk about their plans to prepare for the Asian games. Sang Bong proposes going on vacation to Jeju Island, but Ji Heon refuses – is this a honeymoon or what? Hah, I love when writers mess with our bromance-lovin’ heads.

Yeon Woo, a tad anxious, will get to witness the competition, but she absolutely can’t enter the mat unless she’s asked to. Yi Reum, on the other hand, can’t go to the match, so he just calls his uncle to wish him luck.

At this point, I’d really wish I knew something about judo, but since I don’t, all I can say is that the match begins and this is pretty much what happens.

Ji Heon wins!

Meanwhile, in Batcave, Do Wook has to handle an athlete’s fracture. Predictably, he won’t accept a resting period (hey, boy, you’re fractured for heaven’s sake!), as this would make it impossible for him to participate in Asian games. The doctor finds a solution which can make him heal faster and without so much pain – setting his broken tailbone. The problem is that the procedure involves sticking a finger in his anus (ouch). Facing the dilemma of dilemmas, the athlete can only utter the words: “Put it in gently”, while Do Wook wishes Yeon Woo was there to do it. Awkward LOL.

Back to our judo guys, Taek Woo, Dong Ho and Woo Ram find their way to success. Okay, forget about that. Dong Ho and Woo Ram find their way to success, while Taek Woo’s vanishes with a killer diarrhea. It’s no time to spend in the bathroom, since Sang Bong is about to compete and he’s really remarkable – the guy finishes his opponent in 20 seconds. He’s a judo beast.

The two friends find some time in between to have a nice chat. Sang Bong’s only concern is that his friend does well in front of the person he likes, while Ji Heon wants him to be prudent in front of Go Bum.

After the morning matches are over, Yeon Woo goes to have lunch. Jung Dae (aka the coach) is there too, belittling Ji Heon victories as if they were mere luck strikes for being against easy opponents. Yeon Woo takes this chance to express how she regrets having written that medical note – Ji Heon recovered quickly, maybe six weeks were exaggerated.

Ji Heon’s sis-in-law can’t help but thinking about him, and the promise they made when her husband was still alive – they’d follow Ji Heon anywhere, cheering for him. After the accident, she simply refused to fulfill it. However, she isn’t some random insensitive gal, and Ji Heon knows it, so he sends her a text with a report on his progress. She doesn’t answer back, but smiles relieved.

Still a little bit flustered for not getting an answer, Ji Heon brightens up when Yeon Woo runs into him, asking about his knee. That means she’s worried about him! Yeon Woo also notices that he’s different when he competes, a remark he misunderstands for an underlying “I’m falling for you” (since he’s a “bolmae”, someone who looks better the more you see them).

Yeon Woo: Yesterday, I couldn’t say thank you for the guitar.

Ji Heon: I couldn’t tell you this either. You must show me your performance, playing the guitar. Because I bought it for you. You must, to me first.

She tries to excuse herself, she lacks vocal skills and he knows it from the other day’s performance. Well, then, Ji Heon will make her play the guitar, minus the singing. They’re suddenly interrupted by Do Wook’s call, and this is a minor but awesome scene, just look how Ji Heon’s expression changes when she says “Ah, hi, Director!”.

He does the possessive so lovable… *sigh*

Anyway, Do Wook congratulates Yeon Woo on her first competition as the national team’s representative and wishes Ji Heon the best of lucks. How does he know that Ji Heon is there, you may ask? The guy’s been complaining and making loud noises the 5 seconds the call lasted. He refuses to accept Do Wook’s message.

Yeon Woo: I was planning to wish you luck too. Shouldn’t I do it now?

Ji Heon: Wish me luck now.

Cute overload.

(I don’t know how would that sound in real life, but *LALALALA* I don’t care)

She just wishes him luck with a big teasing smile and goes away.

Afternoon’s session begins, and Ji Heon makes it to the finals! Every one’s favorite judoka is making it, in your face coach! (?) His rival will come from the other semi-final: Sang Bong vs. Go Bum.

(Fraking spoilers – I knew what would happen and my happy mood suddenly plummeted)

Go Bum may lack skills, but he’s proven hard to beat. While struggling for the first point, Sang Bong ends up covered in blood because of a clumsy (intentional!) head blow. The medical team bandages him so he can continue, after telling him they’ll have to seal it up later. Finally, Sang Bong wins.

Sang Bong’s wound could be a mere scratch, but Yeon Woo slides the idea of retiring anyway. He definitely won’t do it, he’s had some experience with unexpected wounds and nothing bad happened (in fact, when he won the gold medal, he had a broken rib). While Yeon Woo finishes her treatment, he highly recommends his friend.

Sang Bong: If I had a sister, I would introduce her to him.

Just after Ji Heon gets Yeon Woo’s report on Sang Bong’s condition, Go Bum runs into him to say that now there’s no debt between them: Go Bum injured his knee, but now his chances to win are greater (because Sang Bong will be worried about his injury). I’ve never had anything against Go Bum, he can be a prick but he was inoffensive (if being an official injurer can be considered inoffensive, ehem). Now, his words are still echoing while my hatred starts growing.

At the National Village, our emo swimming coach, Hee Young, is complaining to the head nurse because of Do Wook. She’s torn between not wanting to see his face, and wanting to start over where they left. With so many fishes in the bowl, Hee Young can find someone else, so the nurse is completely against the idea of them being together again.

Curiously enough, after this chat, the head nurse has to further investigate into this matter as if it was something of life or death. She goes to Do Wook, but he’s in no mood to receive advice from her – his personal life is personal. She won’t shut up so easily, after all Hee Young was the reason why he’s like that. I don’t know if he’s in denial or if the nurse misunderstood something, but he’s stubbornly affirming that Hee Young wasn’t guilty of that.

Way to make us wait for the (rather tragic) com-pe-ti-tion.

Ji Heon and Sang Bong are like two kids, fighting while at the same time enjoying it like crazy.

First half-point goes to Sang Bong, while Yi Reum from his house is asking his dad to make his uncle win. After some serious struggling, it’s Ji Heon’s half point and after that, Sang Bong’s. The tragedy comes running to slap our faces as Ji Heon makes an involuntarily dangerous move, injuring his friend’s neck and compromising his possibilities of ever standing up.

Did I ever ask for this kind of angst from you, drama? Did I? ANSWER ME!

No one’s aware of this, until Sang Bong is visibly agonizing on the mat (while Ji Heon is celebrating *sigh*). They rush to the hospital, with a cervical spine injury diagnosis. In the meantime, as Sang Bong is being tested, a shocked Ji Heon calls Yeon Woo to ask for any news on his friend. I’m sorry to say that his prognosis seems pretty gloomy.

Ji Heon’s still at the competition place, with his mind fixed on his friend. His coach won’t let him go to the hospital before getting his medal – what would be the point of that day’s matches if he retires like that? Ji Heon is stunned at his coach’s cold-hearted attitude. However, grudgingly, he receives his bitter first prize, while Go Bum is second place. With an incredible nerve, the latter thanks Ji Heon because he’s now a national athlete.

If we’re going for angst, can’t we give that guy a mortal disease? Or at least they should shave his ridiculous quiff.

Ji Heon goes immediately to the hospital, arriving just as the doctor was giving the surgery’s results to Do Wook and Yeon Woo – Sang Bong’s lucky not to be dead or completely paralyzed, but he’ll have to deal with paraplegia.

Yes, he’s paralyzed from the waist down. Thank you so much, drama.

Having heard the devastating news, Ji Heon’s first instinct is to run away, torturing himself over all the cute bromance they shared before the tragedy.

At the hospital, Do Wook feels remorseful for having sent Yeon Woo to the competition – she’ll have horrible memories from her first official assignment. She tries to contact Ji Heon, but he’s turned off his phone.

The medical staff is deadly worried too, but the head nurse tells them to cut it off. They must be calmed, in order not to alarm the other people at the National Village.

The committee meets to analyze this complicated issue, and it’s confirmed that the medical check up after the injury was well performed. The vice-president asks about his previous injury (the one Go Bum was responsible of), pushing Yeon Woo, accusing her of allowing Sang Bong to compete when she shouldn’t have. Jung Dae excuses her – no athlete would abandon a match for a cut so small, and on top of that, his everyday condition was perfect.

Pointing out that this meeting is meaningless, Do Wook just tells them to cut the crap – what happened was an accident, that’s the truth. Then, they ask about the “athlete at fault” (referring to Ji Heon), but he objects to the use of that derogative term since the guy didn’t do it on purpose. The vice-president won’t retire from the argument so easily as the bureaucratic mutt he is, he needs someone to take responsibility for what happened. He asks them to look at it from an athlete’s point of view (how cynical), but he’s inadvertently using a double edged sword…

Do Wook calmly informs them that he’s like that because of an injury he suffered when he was national skating athlete 13 years ago. He had a terrible ache in his back, but he competed anyway knowing that it could be dangerous. While competing, he bumped into another skater, ultimately crashing into a fence. During the time he had to bear in bed, (after he was diagnosed with paraplegia), he didn’t want someone to be kicked out, all he wanted was to be visited. Because every one was so sorry and afraid, they left him alone. So, he’ll be responsible, if there must be one; they should just think about how to help Sang Bong, not about putting the blame on someone.

After the meeting, Do Wook encourages Yeon Woo to keep calling Ji Heon. Surprisingly, when he’s about to go home, Hee Young appears out of nowhere, telling him she’ll drive. All this mess has awaken her lost memories… She takes him, and when she’s about to leave, he urges her to stay… just this once.

At the hospital, Yeon Woo receives disheartening news: Sang Bong hasn’t even opened his eyes. On top of that, Yi Reum calls her, asking the whereabouts of his uncle, and she promises to find him. Yeon Woo tries to contact Ji Heon for the gazillionth time, and finally, he picked up. Speaking through all the stress she’s been enduring, she reproaches him for having gone missing in action.

Ji Heon (on the verge of crying): I missed you… I’m scared.

Sensing that something’s seriously wrong, she wants to know where he is, but he hangs up.

JHbsjkcbxhdskduybbchdchjkdscbksdieuuwioipqw, solve this now, kaedejun!

Personal Comments

Why so tragic, drama? It didn’t help that while I was writing the last part, I had the amazing idea of checking out 2AM’s new song. Needless to say, I started cursing my damn luck.

I’m so glad that this drama seems to lack the angsty love triangle scenario. SO GLAD. Frankly, I’ve never seen any interest from Do Wook towards Yeon Woo, and how he acts to bring Ji Heon and Yeon Woo together is beyond adorable. His relationship with Hee Young is plain boring, mostly because of her – she’s so emotionless that from “hello” to “I hate you”, I would never be able to decipher her feelings. So, here, I’m going for a “he ends up alone” ship (methinks it’ll sink embarrassingly, but hey, I can hope till the very end). I don’t care about her, she could drown and her frigging face would be still the same, and so would mine.

I was wondering where they would place the angst if the couples wouldn’t be its main source. Well, there I have ¬¬

I’ve always said that what I loved about this drama was over optimistic vibe I got from it, so I must hang in there and wait for next week’s episodes, since I can’t believe they’ll take the “gloomy road” this easily. Ji Heon must feel (keyword feel) responsible for someone’s tragedies twice? I’m not saying that Sang Bong will be miraculously cured, because a broken spine is irreversible, you know, so we could just get some really emotional moments when he wakes up (he WILL wake up), faces Ji Heon and ultimately starts his long rehabilitation.

Still, even when I try to pull “the cool”, I can’t lie to you; this episode pissed me off like no episode has, this year. Mostly due to the surprise effect – who would foresee that they’d torture JiBong ( 😛 ) in this crude way in a drama like this (I mean, there are dramas that are so overly tragic, that you reach a peak in which you stop suffering, as if you were immune to blindness plots and intricate revenge plans)? Getting rid of Sang Bong as a judo rival was a bit too much. What’s done cannot be undone, but I’m hoping for a heart wrenching step forward in the character development department.

This sudden turn of events made me realize how much these characters have grown into me. When the “crack” moment took place, I felt a despair that honestly surprised me. I started worrying not only because of Ji Heon’s unfortunate connection with involuntary tragedies, but also because of Sang Bong’s truncated life plans. It shocked me in a personal level, as if they were my friends, and it left me anxious to see how Sang Bong will cope with his new reality, and how the two friends’ relationship will develop in the future.

To finish, was I the only one who got the “cop about to retire” vibe every time Sang Bong appeared (as a lighter version of the Retirony)? The guy who’s about to leave the field to spend the rest of his life travelling around the world… until he’s killed during his final mission. Wasn’t Sang Bong like that? All nice and lovely, just to take him away from us?

No one felt it?

Okay, FINE. *grabs coat, opens door, leaves the room*


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  1. Jane

    Well, as you said, since they didn’t want to get the angst from the romance, they decided to get it from the bromance. I just need to ask Ji Heon why he felt the need to bash poor Sang Bong’s head like that. It wasn’t pretty.

  2. grace

    the last part broke.my.heart. </3 i loved your recap and i seriously think ji heon is a bol-mae

  3. kaedejun

    (I don’t know how would that sound in real life, but *LALALALA* I don’t care)


    And fave quote was when Sang Bong said he’d introduce Ji Heon to his sister…if he had one

    • 3.1 kaedejun

      Ok just finished the recap:

      i SO FEEL WHAT YOU’RE FEELING!!! throughout the recap and your personal comments. the ANGST!

      and yet – I LOVED IT COMPLETELY! Yes – this angst is terrible and it breaks my heart. in fact, i don’t remember feeling THIS horribly. not even for PP – because that angst was predictable. This one came out of left field and smashed us right in the face without a second’s warning. it’s so painful to watch this episode – and i don’t think i can solve it!! ha! – but i think it’s what makes dr. champ so great.

      sure, there are repetitions in the injuries and storylines (doping, injuries, rehabilitation, clearing of the name) but then that’s really where the problem is for these athletes. and like you said, i really really appreciate that the angst is not in the romantic story lines. romance in the real world doesn’t have a girl getting fought over by two guys (though i wish!) so while it’s not TOO cute like MGIG, there’s enough sweetness to it.

      hate to compare – but i also liked that in PP the source of angst wasn’t really in the romance because there, the love square was kinda rendered moot after a while. even if Prosecutor Yoon led Hye Ri on for a bit, it was never solid enough to be taken seriously. the angst there was the secrets of the parental generation and how In Woo and Hye Ri had to deal with it.

      I really hate that Ji Heon must be responsible for yet another injury/possible death. i really hate that. it’s way too much burden on one man. i was already dreading the second half when i realized he’d be going up against sang bong and go bum – i was wondering who would be the better opponent story wise. this is a very good plot turn. i have never felt so heartbroken for the characters since… I don’t know when.

  4. Ojou_Belle

    I felt so bad when the “crack” happened. I really felt like going the way the swmimmer girl went about how sad she was for “Butt”. Give him a break, show! He cries so sadly and it just broke my heart when he said he missed her!

  5. min-ah

    My Sang Bong. 🙁 🙁 🙁 – cries –

    Since Do Wook also had paraplegia… will Sang Bong walk again (with a cane?) someday?? 🙁


    • 5.1 min-ah

      lol dang it. Sang Bong’s injury completely made me $&RHGFGhkldfh and I forgot to thank aberdeen_angus for the recap. D: Thank you!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode, keke. <3

  6. kay

    i haven’t watched this episode yet, but i wanted to cry from just reading it. ahhhh sang bong! i hope he will be okay! btw, i love how you recapped ji heon’s first match aberdeen_angus. hahah so funny

  7. Amg1

    I Have fallen in love with your writing all over again!!!!!!!!!

    I think as a
    Romantic/ Melodrama this drama has got it “right”, unlike “PP” or “CU”, or “CH”, in the other we knew that the “pain” was going to be link to some romantic link, but in this one even tough it broke my heart, I could deal with it, the reason being that it was so unexpected, and we all trough his character development grew to really like Sang Bong as a character, still it really “Sucks”, that he is the one that had to go down, since the other couple in the love square is so weak that there is really now way to create any more angst from their perspective!!!

    aberdeen_angus, thank you very much for your hard work!!!!!
    Awesome recap!! : O]

  8. a

    i’m just waiting for this sick twisted writer to break out the cancer and the incest!!!
    a broken ankle would’ve sufficed you know!!!

  9. Judoka

    my poor Sang Bong…argh..really couldnt watch when he laid like that. getwellsoon Sang Bong-a!!

    oke no JH-YW moment for preview eps 11, but hope we gonna see kiss scene tonight hahah

  10. 10 Jen Y.

    My heart breaks at that screenshot. Jiheon must feel like he can’t ever forgive himself… Man… This drama just paralyzes me. ):

    Sang Bong… oh… sang bong…. I’m going to cry a river now.

  11. 11 missjb

    Sang bong Injury screenshoot break my heart
    this angst is too much for me…
    I feel teribly sorry for sang bong, really…… T_____________T

    I hold my head when I watched THAT scene!!! T___T

  12. 12 missjb

    It break my heart when I see Screenshoot when Sang Bong Injury.. i feel teribly sorry for him….

    I kept hold my head when I watched THAT SCENE! It must be hurt! T____________T

  13. 13 Mushi


    ^My feelings about the “surprise”.

    Still, you have to hand it to the writer(s?). Who would’ve expected the angst to come from Sang Bong than anything related to the romance?

    Definitely going to be in the Top 5 dramas of the year for me.

  14. 14 Ani

    That…. that was messed up what happened to Sang Bong. Seriously? Couldn’t they just let them go to the Asia Games together? This is just lame.

  15. 15 Do-ra-ma

    I’m gonna say it, while as horribly tragic and shocking as it is, I think that’s the greatest strength about THE event in this episode. It was a real shocker. But, man, how heartbreaking is it for Ji Heon? He already blames himself for his brother’s death, and now he has this… Like you said, I enjoy that the angst isn’t coming from a love triangle angle.

    Yeon Woo has to be the one to pull Ji Heon out of this. He was there for her through some of the worst moments, doing his darndest to alleviate her worries. Now, she has to be there for him (or, I hope so). This tragic turn of events has, I repeat HAS, to bring them even closer. I feel YW’s personality is what can save JH.

    This is such an important turning point for this series. Even the lackluster relationship drama between Do Wook and Hee Young has been affected by Sang Bong’s injury. I don’t mind if the show uses this as the catalyst to (hopefully) resolve their issues. As it is, I’m tired of their wishy-washy back-and-forth. Either get together or don’t so the show can focus more on JH and YW !

    I’m utterly anticipating this week’s episodes. Dr. Champ has become the little engine that could, and IS delivering. Keep up the excellent work, aberdeen and kaedejun!

    • 15.1 Do-ra-ma

      Oh, I forgot to mention, I loved the contrast between the freeze-frame ending of this episode to the previous episode’s. Talk about a complete 180.

  16. 16 missjb

    I have a different opinion… although my heart feel aches and feel sorry for Ji Heon, too… Me keep thinking That’s event occured because of his fault too. And His first reaction after that incident make me pissed. He doesn’t realized his friend was hurt before all of people around him reacted and Yeon WOo come to save Sang Bong…

    I Hope the writers solve this problem perfectly

    • 16.1 aberdeen_angus

      Well, I think we should let Ji Heon slide this time. I mean, he isn’t completely at fault, it was one horrible accident. When he “won” that point, he honestly thought his friend was OK, just defeated but nothing more. But, when it was confirmed that he was seriously hurt, desperation took over him. That was really sad.

      We can’t blame him, just like Do Wook said.

      At least, that’s how I read that incident. I hope the writers solve this, too 🙁

      • 16.1.1 missjb

        I agree Ji Heon isn’t completely fault. But it doesn’t mean what he did is not wrong either. In My Eyes It’s not pure accident. He is a profesional atlet after all. he often to do that move! How could he didn’t know that his movement was wrong? That’s why I’m so pissed with his first reaction after that incident.

        just my rant… But I hope he won’t feel sorry all the time and try to resolve his mistake soon 🙂

        • andreapirlo

          sorry, I mean, I hope he will try to resolve his problem with Sang Bong soon. 🙂

          I won’t surprise the first time Sang Bong meet Ji Heon, He will blame Ji Heon 🙁

        • Krist

          In fact. all judokas know when they are falling to never have your head down, the judokas also has to know how to fall. And in this case, can be half blame of Ji-heon, and half Sang Bong who didn’t put his head up. That is the true, I’m telling you. I did judo for a year, and it can happen. He (jiheon) didn’t do a wrong move. It is just that sadly Sang Bong fell like that. Have so many other movements that can be way dangerous than this one; but well what to do? accidents happens.

          • missjb

            oh thx for your info… I can see the whole picture now…. N I just want to point out that I’m not blame Ji Heon completely…. 🙂

  17. 17 lampham

    this ep is so sad, thanks for the recap, aberdeen_angus
    the happy time of YW-JH couple lasted so short, break my heart to see SB paralizing, sniff , sniff,

  18. 18 JD

    That crack mirrors the crack in my heart fir this drama. Pulling something that dramatic is making ne hate you, Show!

  19. 19 Hachi

    I agree with your last comment regarding Sang Bong, I kind of did get that feeling like he was on his last mission or was preparing to quietly or nonchalantly and let Je Heon take the spotlight, but there is some mysterious element surrounding Sang Bong’s sudden complacency…I wonder what it could be? Love your recapping, thanks ^^

  20. 20 Flower Pot


    Darn it Ms. Scriptwriter… Just when i thought we’re friends, you’re now giving me reasons to hate on you…

    Waeeeeeeeee? Wae?

    Why must you hurt my Ji Heon so?Just when everything is turning up roses for him and he’s starting to get back on his feet both as an athlete and in terms of his personal relationships, you just had to be sadistic and ruin it…

    CHINCHA! I was expecting more lovey dovey moments between Yeon Woo and him and all i got was heartbreak and angst…

    However, there’s really something about the other OTP in this series that just gets to me…

    (And no… it’s not Do Wook and Hee Young but rather Sang Bong and Ji Heon…)

    I know that female bonding tend to last a lifetime but there’s something about two guys sharing some serious bromance that is quite different in terms of loyalty and how they would gladly take a bullet for each other if push comes to shove…

    My heart really goes out to Ji Heon for burdening himself with guilt over what has happened to Sang Bong and i just hope and pray that the scriptwriter won’t torture us too much by prolonging his agony and for letting his life fall on the wayside just because of what happened in this episode…

    (I am contemplating how this new turn of events would really affect him and his quest to reach his dream, seeing how even now, he’s still blaming himself for his brothers death and now we add in Sang Bong’s injury to the mix!

    Ji Heon seriously needs some serious therapy and i wish that i was a psychiatrist so i can be the one to give it to him… hehehe!

    Maybe then, he’d chase me around like Yeon Woo too!)

    Jebal (Please) Ms. Scriptwriter! I loved Ji heon for being cute and adorable and funny and i don’t think i can take it if he gets all melancholic just like what Do Wook is doing!

    (We have enough of that in the Hee Young- Do Wook front so please give me back the cute and spazzworthy!)

    Seriously, i know that Do Wook and Hee Young share a past and that i’m supposed to feel just a teeny, tiny bit sympathetic towards the both of them and their lost love but i’m just not feeling this pairing…

    Maybe it’s because of Cha Hye Ryun who seem as if the burden of the world is on her shoulders…

    Really now, i wonder if she knows that there are other facial expressions out there aside from STOIC?

    As for the new character, though Go Bum seems like an arrogant jerk who’s shaking things up in the judo team with his introduction, I can’t really say that i hate him as of now, because he has not done anything major yet in my opinion for me to stick pins in a voodoo doll that was done in his image…

    For the first time ever too, i can feel as if Yeon Woo is becoming a shell of her old competent self as a doctor and if there’s anything that i’m griping big time about this show on it is writing off that part of her which i truly miss…

    (My jaw literally dropped in shock when she just sat there not doing anything when Sang Bong was gasping for breath in that ring! No wonder the athletes think she’s a quack!)

    I wish that she can vindicate herself soon enough and that she can go back to being that confident, take charge doctor that i liked so much in the first episode…

    I hope it would not be a long wait…

    Judging from previews, i think we’d see more of a Hee Young – Do Wook centric episode next week and though i don’t exactly get excited over Do Wook’s angle of the story, i am interested enough to watch scenes involving him, all thanks to Uhm Tae Woong who can probably emote the hell out of a script even if that is the telephone directory!

    (Notice how i left out Hee Young? hehe!)

    However, there is no denying the fact that i’m hooked on this drama mainly because of the Ji Heon-Yeon Woo pairing and i just hope that along with the accident that happened to Sang Bong, the scriptwriter did not also zap Ji Heon’s fun side accidentally out, otherwise, there will be hell to pay Korea!

  21. 21 asianromance

    thank you for the recap!

    I’m so mad at the show right now! Poor Sang Bong! And Ji Heon, he already has his brother’s death on his conscience and is in angst over it. Doesn’t he really need having Sang Bong’s paraplegia on his conscience, too?? Give the guy a break! He probably won’t even get Yeon Woo. It’s so sad that this happened after Sang Bong was tellng Yeon Woo that if he had a sister, he would have introduced her to Ji Heon.

    Even though Sang Bong will know it was an accident and will probably get lots of support from Ji Heon, Yeon Woo, and Do wook, the fact remains that at the very best, he will be able to walk with a limp (like Do Wook), but chances are he will be stuck in a wheelchair with all sorts of health problems.

  22. 22 Anonymous

    i loved this episode…no other episode had me not able to wait for the next episode
    thanks for the recap

  23. 23 absothe

    Noooooooooooooo! The only thing I ever asked for was for a happy jibong. Why show, why?
    Plz dont do this again, EVER. Or else I’ll start crying 🙁 🙁

  24. 24 Marres

    lol@”put it in gently”

    awwww@”if i had a sister”

    As for the plot development, angst moment – Sang Bong being paraplegic….are you kidding me right now!

    but still…. thanks muchly for the recap.

  25. 25 A

    The writer for this show is ultra sadistic. How about just a broken…. something that can heal but maybe put him out of judo forever? Even that would be bad enough. Why paraplegia?! To mirror LDW’s injury years ago? Even so, this is cervical so it is much worse. Loved the light tone of the drama before this. HOpe somehow it so brought back. Soon. NOW. TONIGHT. Or I will scream!!

  26. 26 Carinne

    I cried seeing Sang Bong in total agony laying on the mat, so dramatic, veins popping as though he might go into epileptic seizure. I was mad at Ji Heon for his overreacting killer judo move, you all know, when someone overthinks things those usually turn out a great disaster that never looks good. Ji Heon’s weakness is not being able to control his own strength during matches.

    What else to say… line up those PT/OT* crews so Sang Bong can recover to regain some normalcy back in life.

    *Physical and/or Occupational Therapy

  27. 27 müge

    why I always have to be worried and sorry for JH?
    it’s not fair for such a guy. first, his brother and now his friend?
    I hope the writers will fix everything soon and again I can smile crazily while watching JH or I’m gonna kill them for doing all the things to him!

  28. 28 mskololia

    Thanks for the recap aberdeen…lov’d it.

    Well, since licensing was taken up at this episode, I really do not like that fact either compounded with SB’s life-threatening injury and subsequent paralysis….Want a kiss before I go, ducky?



  30. 30 bailey

    Do Wook has his good side as well, he genuinely wants to help the athletes to fulfill their dreams and concerned for Yeon Woo (horrible memories from her first official assignment) and JH should not be blamed for this.

    I just want him to forget her ex and move on.
    Age was no an excuse for her ex to leave DW at that time, she would still have left him now, if DW is paralyzed or dealt with paraplegia.

  31. 31 rainerust

    Man, this episode left my heart in pieces – I was this close to hurling my pillow at my laptop screen during the JiBong judo competition. Kept going, “No no no!!!” between fingers in front of my face, like that was going to stop the tragedy from happening. I really felt the drama didn’t need THIS angle as well (arg it was doing so well as a lighthearted sports rom-com!) but admittedly…it was well done. Like, I was crying buckets of tears.

    Good job, Aberdeen_angus!

  32. 32 Violeta

    When I read this recap and a few comments, I though who is the director of this drama. Because it looks as if he knew what feelings we will have after watching this episode. It really surprises me…

  33. 33 Revy


    My exact reaction when SB was injured. Why must they do this to the second OTP of JiBong..
    Come on writers give JH a break. How much more guilt can one man feel.

    ”His relationship with Hee Young is plain boring, mostly because of her – she’s so emotionless that from “hello” to “I hate you”, I would never be able to decipher her feelings. So, here, I’m going for a “he ends up alone” ship (methinks it’ll sink embarrassingly, but hey, I can hope till the very end). I don’t care about her, she could drown and her frigging face would be still the same, and so would mine.”

  34. 34 Iviih

    After seeing the part where the doctor talks about Sang Bong, I got a bit relieved. No I`m not saying that I wasn`t sad and all. I got shocked and sad, I like Sang Bong, and thought why not other guy from the judo team? Why Sang Bong? Poor him, I`m feeling worried, will he woke up and be mature and not Blame Ji-heon about this accident? Or will he? Even with he blames him, still I hope he thinks in it again, and realise it is nobody faults, every athlete know that accidents can happen.

    But still I want to be optimist in this case. I mean the doctor said it was amazing that Sang Bong just become paraplegic (when you lose the moves of the legs), he could had bequadriplegic (when you don`t move legs and arms) and I think is really sad when the person can`t even move their arms. I mean nobody like to live depending of a person.

    And could happen the worse: he could have died.

    So I hope Ji-heon doesn`t feel so guilty, and that Sang Bong has strength to fight over this sad and hard news T^T. I feel bad for Ji-heon, really sad, but in this situation I feel even more sad for Sang Bong, I mean imagine it: his life was at the most amazing moment, his carrer too, he had won gold medals, and everything was fine, and then this happen? His life will change drastically, he will not be able to do judo anymore, will have to depend of a person for a while and will have to give up some plans he made for his life.

    But I know too Ji-heon isn`t in a good situation either- even if it was accident, he was the one who did it happens (not blaming him, just saying he was there, in the wrong place, in the wrong time) so he caused (without intention) the accident that made his friend paraplegic, to add more pain he thinks he is guilty of the car accident that caused his brother`s deathd (How can he be guilty? it was just a misfortune, and he was unlucky for that happens in the day his brother was going to met him.)

    So I hope these two friends fight against these hardships together.
    It would be great, both supporting each other and moving their lifes.

    Thank you for the recap. I feel sad again for SB and JH!

  35. 35 kendy

    wooo what a technique he used. i think its osoto gari.. wooooo IPPON>>>

  36. 36 Anonymous



    I’m not really yelling, just raging kind of bad. I had to put that in caps. 😀

  37. 37 minnetter

    I watched this episode two times… raw and subbed… and I cried buckets each time ;_;

    I wanted to hug Ji Heon and hold Sang Bong’s hands and just be there>_< It almost felt like they were my family… aaah why did this happen??

  38. 38 Denali

    Thanks aberdeen for writing it this very quick and thorough. I must say that this episode was a roller-coaster for me. DW cracked me up with the weight-lifting athlete, seriously UTW was having so much fun in this scene. Then the angst and eventually the tears, with Ji Heon’s words to YW. Ji Heon-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………….

    Thus, just like many of you, I was hoping for this little broken heart of mine to find some peace with ep 11. Alas. It made me angry and shed tears after the last minute and preview. Wae, oh waeee….

    Although the writer is giving me a hard time, I’m not mad at him, because his storyline makes sense as if this was real life. I still cling to a happy ending, although this has become quite uncertain now, from my POV and expectations.

  39. 39 Annie

    argg….cant believe this drama is making me depress

  40. 40 Amg1

    All I can say is that after watching episode 11 the drama Gods deserve for their “Temple” to be set on fire and bring the new set of Gods, that’s all I am saying!!!!!!

    “Raises arm to the heavens” I cursed thee, I cursed thee, Oh drama Gods!!! I certainly do!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 41 Paloma

    Dear Aberdeen,
    I have seen episode 11 few minutes ago.
    I AM DYING TO SEE YOUR COMMENT. I can see you screaming, especially at the beginning and at the end of the episode hahahahahaha!!!!
    Who said it was glad there was not a triangle with Do Wook?!

    • 41.1 Anonymous

      Seriously? I haven’t watched it yet, and that recap will be written by kaedejun sunbae, but please, don’t tell me they’ll add romantic angst to sports angst because I’ve already been too forgiving with this drama.


      Please, Paloma, tell me it isn’t true. I don’t want to hate a drama I’m recapping. I’m not too demanding, just make fraking sense, Show!


      • 41.1.1 aberdeen_angus

        Oh, that was me, sorry for the anonimity.

        Damn, I’ve read some spoilers and this drama is this close to jumping the shark.


        Must… Not… Hate… Can’t… Resist…

        • Amg1

          There is a great “REASON” I
          have “Cursed” the Drama-Gods!!!!! Let the love triangle break my heart all over again!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

          I am readying myself to cry myself to sleep!!!!! Hahahahah!!!!!

          But on a serious note, Man the writers did it again, Let the Pain beguine!!!!!

          • aberdeen_angus

            I won’t lose the hope, Amg1. Let’s endure this angsty moment together and I’m sure they’ll reward us with a happy ending.

            *lights candles*

        • mskololia

          Do tell…..How can they give us a happy endig when the writers just paralyzed a beloved character!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!

          What ending can possibly make up for that very major event?

          • aberdeen_angus

            What’s done is done, that’s my motto. They’ve already ruined one part of this drama (that’s why I said I’ve been too forgiving), and I said “Ok, let’s see what they do with this. It could be emotionally heavy and really interesting”. I hoped that they focused on Sang Bong’s (kinda) recovery and Ji Heon’s internal struggles not to fall into the deep abyss of despair. They could find (esp Ji Heon) a good friend and support in Yeon Woo (eventually growing a solid relationship), and I’d be in for that kind of dynamics. It would turn into some kind of dramatic sports drama, with a tear-inducing ending.

            BUT, if they rehash the stupid love triangle, lowering considerably the drama’s quality, making a step backwards in character development and losing completely the focus, well, I’d have to detach myself from this. And, since I don’t want that (hey, I loved this drama until now, I can’t believe they’ll betray us in this cheap way), I must remain optimistic?

          • mskololia

            I like your attitude aberdeen, it’s a shame I cannot share it with this drama.

            I am not so sure that they will not drop the ball on this one. Since the SB portion has gotten really heavy, I can see them departing from it and circling back with the love tri. We are up to epi 11 of 16 as far as I’m concerned, unless the show can convince me otherwise…it has gone down the primrose path of sad and bad. I imagine this was necessary before we reach any feel-good atmosphere again.

            But, yeah what is unfortunate is unfortunate.

            The storytelling is off, imo. I no longer care so much about who ends up with who, but how are they going to treat the SB character who now has a disability. If they mistreat the handling of this character as a sidebar from now on, I will probably rate this drama as one of the worst I’ve ever seen/experienced because they made it a central issue (athletes’ injuries, recoveries and/or deaths surrounding athletics) that was not dealt with properly. If they put it in there, deal with it because it’s beginning to look like a cheap shot without any depth. A wham bam thank you maam.

            Oh, well it’s just a drama…I hope one with a point. 🙂

          • aberdeen_angus

            Oh, yeah, I think that you’ve already boarded the “WTF boat” while I’m still waiting till the last minute to see if can remain on land 😛

            I completely agree with ya, I’m eagerly waiting for episode 12, I guess that’s the maximum I’ll be able to tolerate. The romantic storyline is no longer so exciting if they blur all the characters into bland, bipolar or pitiful people.

            “If they mistreat the handling of this character as a sidebar from now on, I will probably rate this drama as one of the worst I’ve ever seen/experienced”

            +1 I SO hope they don’t leave his character hanging there, waiting for some compassion or whatever, I want to witness his struggles too, his suffering and his new perspectives in, actually, life, alongside the other NV’s people. Gosh, now I’m realizing he’s become the beacon of the drama for me.

            Funny how I was so excited what? 1 week ago? Way to go down the drain, drama.

  42. 42 dannaluk

    I________I…WHAT A HEARTBREAKING EPISODE!!……i actually cried!!…trust me that’s not small feat for a drama to achieve in thetenth ep……..that being said Jung Kyu Won is my second new found crush this year (first being Jun So Min)…i love the guy…and whoever said the guy cant act for life before the drama started were big fat liars…..i hope his ji heon gets better…i still love Uhm Tae Woong and his acting but character is so godamn boring and it doesnt help that he is whining over an equally boring character
    “So, here, I’m going for a “he ends up alone” ship (methinks it’ll sink embarrassingly, but hey, I can hope till the very end).”…you’re definitely not alone there hun…
    i sincerely hope this drama ends with Ji heon getting some level of success in his athletic career…ir i’ll never watch another sports related drama again…i mean this would only be the third time id’s be dissapointed after Triple and Dream from last year (i’m not counting heading to the ground as a sports drama after it spent 5eps in a psychiatirc hospital)
    i’m going to miss the JiBong bromance….. 🙁

  43. 43 lixin64

    People have been ranting about what happened to Sang Bong, but honestly, as a plotline, I kind of liked it. *ducks from all the flying stones*

    I mean, the thing I love so much about this drama is that it’s so REAL. While in other dramas you get all the angst from outside manipulation (jealous ex-lovers, scheming secretaries, etc), the root of this problem is something that actually can (and does!) happen all the time. I actually LOVE that it’s something so permanent like paraplegia because you get to see how they have to work that much harder to overcome it. You get to see them struggle that much more and it’ll be so much more gratifying in the end because of it. These writers aren’t confined by overused drama cliches or scared to step outside that box. THEY WENT THERE. Now we can enjoy seeing what they do here on out.

  44. 44 Jacky

    I have been pissed for a whole week now (And after watching today’s episode, I’m still pissed). I am so hating the writers for making Ji Heon’s life so darn difficult. 1st his brother and now Sang Bong? He better get his happily ever after… or else (Can’t believe that I kind of made a cyber threat. LOL)

  45. 45 obivia

    Love the recap–I laughed, I winced, I groaned, I nodded vigorously, shook my head disapprovingly (nice going, Show!). Totally satisfied. Can’t wait for ep. 11!~

  46. 46 Amg1

    I am beyond angry at the writers!+&^%$$#@!*/~><

    I promised myself that I was not gonna react badly if they turn "MY" girl into a "Blubbering Codependent Idiot" once again !!!!!!! But after episode 12 all that I can do is sit in a corner of my lonely room and allowed my tears to fall!!!!!!!

    It makes absolute no sense what they are doing , I just hope that some how they are not setting themselves to upstage the premiere of "Mary Stayed Out All Night", by creating all this Unnecessary, pain and angst, I believe that Sang Bong’s accident was enough angst to last the rest of the drama, why are they going the "Triangle route " again is just so "Freaking" uncalled-for that man,oh man I am getting seriously angry!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!

    • 46.1 aberdeen_angus

      We still have 4 episodes to go, Amg1! Hang in there, pal, maybe there’s still hope?

      (Who the frak am I kidding? These writers have completely lost me)

      By the way, DrC and MSOAN are on different time slots, so the angst is just the writers’ style 😉

      • 46.1.1 Amg1

        Man all I can say is that in the past I have stop watching dramas for lesser transgressions against me as the viewer!!!!!! Only the great love that I have for Kim So-yeon since she is my “Fourth” favorite Korean actress, otherwise I would have left the building along with Elvis a while back!!!!!!!

        Thank you for your encouragement, hahahahah,
        I am torn because like you said before the accident was so crucial to this story that if they sweep it under the rug and do not bring proper closure it feels that the accident was just a cheap way of getting us all frustrated, and no place to turn for answers, I will keep my calm!!! In hopes that the end justified the means other wise I think this disappointment will be harder to take than my “Broken Heart” from “PP”!!
        : O }

  47. 47 Katey B

    Great to see a recap in English as I can’t find a subbed version of this episode.

    Sad to see SB taken out.

    Wonder if it’s just me that finds the YW role similar to the one KSY had in Prosecutor Princess.

    Rather than YW I’m into the JH and SB characters. As far as I’m concerned YW, DW, and YH can take their love triangle somewhere-else ie. off the screen. I’d rather see a drama centered on the athletes especially those judo guys.

    • 47.1 Amg1

      Amen to that!!!!!!!!!

      That is what I am fearing at this time, I am hoping that the writers will return her “Spinal Cord”, and give her the “Confidence, Maturity, and over all Go getter attitude” that she had at the beginning of the show!!!!
      I am so ever the “Please stay even if you do not love me because I need you” kinda whiny attitude!!!!!!

      Me being a Guy I will never thought that I will say this but “PLEASE BRING THE BROMANCE BACK”!!!!!!!!

      • 47.1.1 mskololia

        LOL! You crack me up.

        But yeah, UP with the bromance, DOWN with the romance…..

      • 47.1.2 aberdeen_angus




        Hahaha, poor Amg1, it feels like I’m stalking your comments, sorry 😀

        • Amg1

          Honestly, I think that the audience will be more perceptive if the “Bromance” subplot will be allowed to follow a more organic development, most of the audience including me had grown attached to Sang Bong as a character since we knew he had some kind of connection to Ji Heon’s brother, why not let the “Brothers be”!!!!!!!
          Well I am still hoping for a nice resolve since we got only 4 more episodes to go!!!!

          P.S I am honor of being stalked the by the “Legendary aberdeen_angus”
          : O }

    • 47.2 Paloma

      You can find it in mysoju.com.

  48. 48 Anonymous

    Thanks for the recap! Loved the moving pictures 🙂

    I don’t watch this drama… I just read the recaps because they’re so much fun! I was just wondering… Who is the main couple? Because Ji-Heon and Yeon-Woo are so cute together. *Fingers crossed*

  49. 49 kay

    awww the scene after JH ran out of the hospital and reminisced on his memories with SB made me tear up. gah WHY!!!!! i love these two

  50. 50 poney

    I just felt IT before it happen ..i cover my head as i heard the cry of victory then demize…it was sooooo wrong wrong what happen to SB. But when JH told JW he missed her i melteddddddd. How can she say no to THAT!!!!!

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