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Dr. Champ: Episode 8
by | October 24, 2010 | 67 Comments

This drama’s one word definition is: adorable.

I can’t really say what happens in each episode, but I can sure say that I’m left with indescribable warmth and a silly smile. I guess that’s love, the utopian, the juvenile, the immature love that you know won’t be the definitive. However, many years in the future, when you look back, you’ll say “Oh, I was so young and foolishly loveholic. So wonderful times.”


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Episode 8 recap

Ji Heon knows for sure that this is his last chance to win the medal, even when his coach rejects his claims – he’s worthless if he’s hurt. When words are proven useless, Ji Heon decides for the last tactic and begs on his knees, reassuring that he can do it. The coach won’t go back; it doesn’t matter if our judoka has to leave the national village for good, there are many athletes that could replace him.

If they don’t want ya, you can come to me, baby.

*clears throat*

When he’s about to leave, Yeon Woo suddenly enters into his visual range, so he goes to her to ask what the heck did she do. She gives her fair stock of reasons: he was injured, his injury was complicated enough to keep him from training for some time. The problem is, he won’t just rest, he was kicked out. Pretty big difference, huh?

She wasn’t aware of that fact, though, she thought he would’ve a license or something of the sorts. Anyway, he’s obsessed with an immature desire of “enduring pain” (and I’m on her side right now: his tendon is injured, period), accusing her of destroying both his dream and his career. She… won’t be forgiven.

Deflated, that night Ji Heon talks to his always supporting nephew on the phone. He can’t help crying after Yi Reum tells him how he wishes every night for him to win the gold medal. The harmonica’s background music in just reducing my mood into a messy bunch of tears and goo.

Yeon Woo is feeling a tad conflicted, so in order to punish herself, she pays a visit to her mother. She isn’t very specific; she just drinks some tea and lets the time pass. She can’t shake Ji Heon’s words off – how is it that all this mess is her fault?

The judo team receives the news of Ji Heon’s dismissal and I’d say they’re not so excited about that, especially Sang Bong. After training, the coach gives further information on this matter – the doctor was the one who reported his condition, the coach just informed the association. Sang Bong complains over the unfair treatment he received and for being kicked out from one day to the other, and goes away quite furiously.

Having arrived home, Ji Heon tells Yi Reum that he got special vacations for being the best athlete in the national village. Seriously, dude? How will you fix his broken heart once you tell him the truth? Pffft, I know, he’ll probably find a way out of this (what’s the point of the drama, otherwise) but I kinda despised how you went lying-happy on your nephew.

Do Wook quite surprisingly attends the reunion in which the Taereung’s heads are discussing how they’ll proceed in regards to Eun Suk’s doping, just in time to hear Manager Bom expressing his discomfort at the doctor’s work.

Sang Bong is so disappointed at Ji Heon’s sudden departure, that he calls him looking for an explanation. He thought they were friends, but Ji Heon didn’t even tell him he was dismissed.

Sang Bong: I… thought we both became friends again.

Ji Heon: Athletes training together can never be friends.

OH-MY-GOD. I died a little inside when they broke up like that.

Back to Eun Suk’s reunion, Do Wook has some interesting information: the prescription given by the hospital where the swimmer was treated, didn’t contain the drug that showed up in the screen result. Guy’s a junkie? He might be, and that means that his case has no way out – he’ll be declared guilty.

However, Do Wook isn’t planning on giving up the athlete, so he goes and offers a truce: if the guy tells him what he used, he’ll help him. Interestingly enough, Eun Suk keeps on affirming he’s innocent with a confident (almost intimidating) smile.

At Yeon Woo’s office, Woo Ram’s ankle problem was just solved. He takes this chance to ask for his recently dismissed friend, but he can’t continue due to an urgent call from Do Wook, who urges Yeon Woo to assist him immediately. He’s planned a top secret operation to discover what’s up with Eun Suk once and for all: Yeon Woo must break into his room and take everything that might be suspicious with her. She’s about to leave when she gets the last item: an unidentified little bottle.

Yeon Woo’s character was growing on me until this precise moment. She meets with Do Wook to give him all the stuff she recollected, and wonders why he’s involved in Eun Suk’s case. Maybe because Hee Young asked him to?

Eh, whatever, girl.

Do Wook obviously takes this as something a jealous woman would do, so he bluntly asks if she likes him. Heh, gotcha.

Cutie pie Sang Bong won’t give up on his friend so easily, so he runs into Yeon Woo wondering if she told Ji Heon that she’d go to the coach with her medical opinion. She’s ignorant of the fact that the coach is known for dismissing anyone who’s injured, therefore her signed papers are what caused Ji Heon’s downfall – without the papers, coach’s hands would’ve been tied up. He leaves advising her to take a look at the athlete’s charts.

With plenty of free time, Ji Heon goes to his sis-in-law’s workplace to inform her about the new clients he’s gathered. But something else is in her mind, like what is really happening with him, the holiday’s excuse is not logical for a national athlete. He tries to convince her that once he’s healed, he’ll return. She doesn’t buy it, he’s been kicked out for sure. Furthermore, she accuses him of never finishing things and being a pathetic brother.

Raise your hand if you want to see what the hell happened in the past between them!

At the training center, two bands have been formed: the ones who miss Ji Heon and pity his unfortunate dismissal (Sang Bong + Woo Ram) and Taek Woo + lackey, who can’t hide their happiness.

Hear the clock ticking? It’s the bomb that Yeon Woo is about to discover. It seems like there’s an injured athlete training after all, under judo’s coach knowledge. Then, why is Ji Heon out when that one’s not? The answer is simple: there are many judokas in his category; he had to cut the team somehow. That means that the coach lied to her, saying that he needed her written opinion to allow Ji Heon to rest, while all he wanted was an excuse to kick him out. Ooohhh, good ol’ cynicism!

Needless to say, she’s so devastated that she goes to ask for Do Wook’s help to solve this gigantic mess. Well, there’s not so much she can do according to him, the coach is responsible for the team and decides who’s in and who’s out. What’s more, that athlete is easily replaceable and his chances of winning the gold metal are uncertain. She’s so upset at this statement, how can he be so sure of this? Do Wook agrees, she’s made a worthy athlete leave, she has to use her medical knowledge to treat him. Okay, Do Wook, your roundabout reasoning and reverse psychology are just agh!

It’s payback time! Yeon Woo is now waiting for Ji Heon + nephew; it seems like Yi Reum told her how to arrive there (so frakking cute!) and he’s immensely proud of himself, heh. Now it’s her turn to stalk him, inviting herself to dine out with them. Her heart softens even more when she learns that Ji Heon hasn’t told Yi Reum that he’s been expelled to protect the child’s expectations.

Hee Young still wants to hear from someone that Eun Suk hasn’t broken the rules, and she finds a tiny light of hope. And it’s been lighted by Do Wook! Since some of the products found had never been analyzed, they may be the reason for the positive doping.

After dinner’s over, Yi Reum goes home still unaware of the tension between his uncle and balloon noona (he even tells him “not to play hard to get”. Aw). Yeon Woo apologizes to our judoka, and offers to treat his leg. She didn’t know that things would turn out like this; she wants to take responsibility for her actions. He turns his back on her, and leaves slightly touched.

At the doping’s hearing, Do Wook saves the day (again) by showing up at the last moment. He’s discovered the cause of the positive results in Eun Suk’s sample: the little white bottle was a spray for nasal irritation. It contains ephedrine (which is forbidden), but there’s a twist: it was prescribed for Eun Suk’s mom, who’s been suffering rhinitis for over 10 years and recommended it to her son. Hah, now he has the snotty boy in his pocket.

In an attempt to get some useful advice, Yeon Woo asks the head nurse to make a training schedule for Ji Heon. The nurse is actually very surprised by this sudden change of Yeon Woo’s attitude towards her job, maybe underneath her snobby-cranky attitude, a compassionate doctor is hidden.

This sweet moment won’t last for long, it’s Yoo Ri’s turn to break into the doctor’s office accusing her of Ji Heon’s fate, considering that he sent all those athletes to her. It’s sort of amusing how every single of the characters are giving a wider approach to the matter; that plot development places them near a dangerous “plot device” territory, but as of now I’m not that bothered – Yeon Woo needs insight into all he’s done for her, and if this is the way, I say so be it.

That same night, Yeon Woo gives the training schedule inside an envelope to Ji Heon, but he rejects her help. She’s outraged at his stubbornness; after all, she didn’t want his help either but he gave it anyway sending patients to her, so she leaves the envelope over a fence and goes away. The way she delivers her lines are a bit harsh (I was cursing at my monitor, to be honest), but how she looks back after he enters his house leaving the schedule outside, made me think that maybe she was trying the “bad girl” approach after the “your nephew loves me” failed. Knowing that private treatment is too expensive, Ji Heon finally takes the envelope after she left.

The following morning, Do Wook wants to check out her progress over Ji Heon’s case. Now Yeon Woo is aware of his little tricks (he affirms he’s bet that she wouldn’t make it, hahaha), so she just tells him she’ll find a way to make him come. Satisfied, he smiles – she’s becoming a person!

If this isn’t the sweetest thing our doctor (notice how I’m calling her “our”? She’s growing on me, people!) has done, I don’t what is. The “bad girl” didn’t work either, so what about the “I’m accepting the medical gown you gave me”? It’ll sure work. Yeon Woo puts it on, and sends some photos via phone posing like an expert. She’s the cutest thing since the invention of baby polar bears.

Ji Heon faces the chance of forgetting about everything and getting a “normal” job, but he won’t do it. He goes to the same bus stop where he went after the jail issue with Yeon Woo (imagining that she’s by his side), with her words still ringing – she did what she did because she was worried about him. Maybe it’s time to accept her apologies and her help.

Meanwhile, the medical team plus Eun Suk and the heads of Taereung are celebrating the hearing’s success. Yeon Woo notices that something’s wrong with Do Wook, so she follows him when he excuses to go to the restroom. In the corridor, she finds him visibly suffering. He asks her to take him home and apply some pain killers.

While Do Wook is asleep, Hee Young passes by and is received by Yeon Woo. At first, the latter just takes her message for the doctor and lets Hee Young leave, but she catches her self-respect from the floor at the last moment and calls the coach back. She explains that, even when she likes the doctor, the person he needs is Hee Young.

When Yeon Woo arrives home, she finds – surprise, surprise – Ji Heon. She points out how this day, the one in which she wore the coat he gave her, nothing good happened. He corrects her – from now on, her luck will change. He’s leaving his treatment to her; she has to make it possible for him to compete in the qualifying competition. Deeply moved, Yeon Woo is surprised at his sudden decision, since he’d said that he would never forgive her.

Ji Heon: I don’t want to forgive you. I also hate being like this. But I like you. Crazily.

Okay, excuse me for a moment while I go out to squee.

Personal comments

And that’s how Ji Heon expressed exactly how I feel regarding Yeon Woo now! I also don’t want to like her, but this episode made me see her in a different light. She’s on her path to evolve from that cranky, unbearable person to a compassionate doctor. I love this part on dramas, seriously, when the messy character starts waking up to life thanks to the help of her context. I’m so glad it’s finally happening here.

I guess that’s how we should feel after this episode ended. I mean, every single character went to her and made her realize how wrong she was. Especially Do Wook, who’s been by her side from day one, just believing in her potential, throughout all the mistakes she’s made. His slight smile when she affirms he will lose the 10 bucks he bet “believing” she would give up on Ji Heon, was really meaningful in itself; and the head nurse’s warmth once she saw how committed Yeon Woo was with her work too. Then, we have the different athletes who opened her eyes to Ji Heon’s kindness and unfair treatment from the coach. Lastly, Ji Heon’s attitude was the best: he realized that he can’t do it alone, and that her offer of help was sincere and heartfelt. Refusing her apologies from the get go, he unconsciously brought the best out of her, forcing her to try hard to regain his good opinion.

Apart from Yeon Woo’s character, I wouldn’t say this was an eventful episode (not that the goal of this drama is to give us a packed storyline), but I think it closed tightly the first half in order to restart with a different dynamic from next week on. I can’t wait for the training and Yeon Woo’s growing respect for Ji Heon, now that they’ll have to work together.

Also, Jung Kyeo-woon was born to portray this character. I don’t know how this talks about his acting or future possibilities, but he’s completely awesome as Ji Heon. Funny, dorky, and the most important, he’s found the perfect balance between a lovely subtlety (trying to suppress his tears at the park was heartbreaking) and an adorable over-the-top-ness. His raw fragility, his uprightness, his naïve way of seeing life really get me.

I was unsure, I even thought Dr. Champ would dissapoint me like many dramas have (this time slot has given me only head aches this year, always midway through – coincidence?). At this point it keeps on giving me the exact kind of entertainment I’m looking for (especially after episodes 7 and 8 – I was getting a tad anxious before), and when a drama leaves me clapping my hands like a child, craving for more, it can’t be a bad signal, right?


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    loe this episode

    • 1.1 missjb

      I mean… love this episode…

      I pitied Ji Heon…. Poor him….. 🙁
      But i think what Yeon WOo did is understable… physical is everything for an athlete

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    I love this drama! The acting is good….the characters are even better! One of those I don’t need to think about anything else dramas!

    Thanks aberdeen_angus!

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    SHIRO!!! over my cadaverous rotting corpse will Judo guy be Bae Soo Bin 2.0

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  4. Natty

    Gah! I love the “crazily” he added on the end. Makes it feel like it’s so much more.

    This was a good episode, I like how all of the confessions are coming out. Means things should be really interesting in the upcoming episodes!
    Thanks for the recap Aberdeen!

  5. brookeeve

    I couldn’t believe that Yeon Woo told the coach! I mean, does she never watch TV? Don’t people know what kind of injuries professional athletes play with? They don’t just play because they’re stronger and invincible, they play despite the fact that they are human and they have screwed up tendons/ankles/wrists… (Sorry for the rant… I know a couple professional athletes.)

    I disagree with the assessment that the nurse is snobby. She’s just like that because she is really dedicated to her job, and she hates having someone come in there with the type of attitude Yeon Woo has been displaying… the “I am smart and educated and therefore I know more than the average professional and I really don’t want this job but the registers were full at Dr.s R Us and this is just what I got stuck with”… I hate professionals like that. It’s like they spit on people who chose their profession because they loved it while they themselves got stuck because there was no other job available. The “I’m too good for this job” mentality drives me nuts.

    I still love this series, and I love the teams! It always leaves me grinning from ear to ear because it is such a feel good drama!

    • 5.1 aberdeen_angus

      Hmmm, maybe it wasn’t clear enough (sorry about that) but with “snobby-cranky attitude” I was talking about Yeon Woo. As in “the nurse discovered something good underneath the doctor’s ‘I know it all’ beliefs”. Something similar to what you said 😉

      • 5.1.1 brookeeve

        Awesome. Sorry I misunderstood!

  6. sunshine

    Thanks for the recap!

    Until I read your comment on the bottom about JKW, I honestly didn’t think about how much I’m buying his character. He nails how laidback and good-hearted Ji Heon is, which is so different from his evil, maniacal character in La Dolce Vita.

    • 6.1 bluepenguin

      WHOA. JGW was in La Dolce?! You are so right. I never put it together. Oh goodness I hated that character, but who didn’t. Messing with our Wookie like that.

      I definitely agree that he’s born to play Ji Heon. There is something really inviting about his portrayal of this character. This is such a delightful drama.

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    My heart also dropped when Ji Heon “broke up” with Sang Bong. ):

    Lmao. They’re my OTP. <3

    Hehe. Thank you, aberdeen_angus!! I've been looking forward to this recap~ ^^

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    If she doesn’t end up with Ji Heon after this, I will abandon my family and fly over to Korea to take her place. I can, can’t I? I mean, he is real, right? Not some actor pretending to be an adorkable lovestruck athlete?

    BTW, after K-drama Punch and J-drama Pride and now this, I am officially reversing my policy of distaste toward athletes. Still prefer musicians, I’m not going to lie, but those tough-guy-sweetie-pies are really growing on me.

    • 8.1 anon

      i LOVE your use of adorkable
      i personally prefer ADORKSOME
      and ji heon is both adorkable and adorksome!!!

    • 8.2 Paloma


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    Thank you for the recap!

    Finally, some progress!! I can feel a sense of purpose from Yeon-woo now after episode after episode of her just meandering along.

    I don’t think either of these guys really fit Yeon-woo…but I would feel really bad if Ji Heon gets the girl and steals the show from UTW. I already feel bad for UTW after Kim Nam Gil stole everyone’s hearts in Queen Seon Deok

    • 9.1 a

      *shamelessly* BIDEOK <3

  10. 10 dramafan88

    Im on Team Ji Heon! I really hope he has an awesome ending.

    Funnily I know the show is suppose to be about Yeon Woo but I care more about the second lead characters like Ji Heon – his story with Sang Bang, his nephew and other athletes seems way more interesting.

    Shindong from Suju as Woo Ram is so adorable – heh. And Ji Heon’s nephew is adorable times 2! ^^/

    Oo and I’ve to say the bad boy Go in the judo team is kinda hot. 😀

    • 10.1 judoka

      He’s new actor Im Sung Kyu…..from BOF ent…

      • 10.1.1 dramafan88

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        • IntoCoffeeHouse

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    Not bad at all! I am soo in love with ji heon, just like what you said the juvenile and immature kind 🙂 it is so nice when a drama gives you that feeling of being young and in love again. Such a dork of a leadingman but all in a good way 🙂 thanks for the recap!

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    @ aberdeen_angus. thank you for your hard work!!!!

    I am really liking the way this drama is as of right now, just the right amount of angst and friction to keep the story line moving, like i said before I am officially on board of of the Ji Heon/Yeon Woo ship, I hope I am not disappointed this time around!!!!

    Thank you again for your hard work!!!!!!

  14. 14 Ayesha

    I love this episode. I really hope that Yeon Woo answer to Ji Heon’s confession won’t be something like ” But Liking somebody who likes someone else is just plain stupid ” which was what Ji Heon said to her when she admitted that she likes DW but DW loves someone else in episode 7.
    Thanks for the recap Aberdeen.

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    Thanks in a million in advance.

    • 15.1 kaedejun

      there are licensing issues that prevent dr. champ from being shown on viikii. it mostly affects US/Canada viewers, not so much other countries.

      the subbing team is working on a solution to get subs out for the drama – a la sungkyunkwan scandal (having a team subtitling it and putting it out on forums). but don’t hold me on that just yet!

      • 15.1.1 A

        Eee!! Could you kindly link those if those softsubs ever come out? I’m totally dying, just watching raws and reading recaps.

      • 15.1.2 fmv

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    • 15.2 Paloma

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  17. 17 isabella

    I am so loving Dr. Champ! Ji Heon fought really hard NOT to forgive Yeon Woo but I think he just couldn’t forget her. I could really feel his struggle to fight his feelings for her. He was hallucinating about her in Episode 6 and I think it never stopped. When he saw her at the bus stop, I felt that he wasn’t even surprised. It was like the hallucinations were part of him now! Seeing her everywhere was ‘normal’ to him. So that’s why when at the end of Episode 8 when he said “Crazily”, he said it with resignation!

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    after this episode, i am not going to harp more on whether Ji Heon should get the doctor in the end, because he has ultimately revealed his feelings and there shall be no cloud of misunderstandings. Here the truth abt everyone’s feelings are openly acknowledged – Yeon Woo’s on Dr Lee and Ji Heon’s on Yeon Woo – and more power to them. It takes a lot of courage to say that you like someone publicly and I maintain that they will be stronger in accepting what happens after these revelations.

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      • 24.1.2 aberdeen_angus

        I… have… to… remain… unbiased… and… neutral

        But I can’t!!! Ji Heon is too friggin adorableeeeeee!!

        Okay, now everyone’s comments regarding episode 9 have picked my curiosity. I’ll have to sacrifice sleep hours to watch it, I hope you’re happy now.

        Hahahaha 😀 😀

        • Denali

          Most definitely happy. 😀

          This is no spoiler really, but episode 9 starts replaying the last minute of episode 8 and we happily get to see Ji Heon again kind of looking away and stating that he likes her. Then he pauses, turns his face to her, with that intense gaze and adds his “crazily”.
          How crazily smart and cute and adorable and manly THAT move was? The writer and PD are awesome!!!

          Oh this is seriously driving us crazy. ^^

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          • fmv

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          • aberdeen_angus

            I watched episode 9!!! Awwwwwwww, I loved the last scene!!! They’re so infinitely cute!!!

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    All I can say is that after watching episode 9&10 finally the “Drama Gods” have look kindly upon me and allowed “MY Girl” to get the right guy for once, now if the decide to throw the “Proverbial Monkey Wrench” on the works, I promised there will a lot of “Fire and Brimstone” as their just payment!!!!! Muahahahahahah!!!!!!!!

    • 33.1 aberdeen_angus

      I know we’ve clashed a lot in the past, Amg1, but I swear you, your comments never fail to make my day now (including the “Muahahaha”). I honestly can’t wait for them.


  34. 34 Bun

    OMFG!!! I am just catching up with this show and lemme tell ya…I AM SO LOVING IT!!! Esp at the end of this episode…I SQUEEEEEE!!!

  35. 35 Lilian

    I’ve never seen Jung Kyeo Woon in any other drama. This is my first time seeing him act. So no comparisons. I would agree with you that he is perfectly cast in this role. For his built and also for this type of humour! =)

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