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Playful Kiss: Episode 14
by | October 14, 2010 | 640 Comments

Lordy, I didn’t think we’d EVER get here. But here we are, and what a breath of fresh air it is to see Robot Boy stepping up to own his feelings. What’s even better is what he does afterwards, because as awesome as the kissing is, it’s much more satisfying to see them steer each other towards growth, and maturity, and a sense of self that doesn’t make me want to lose my lunch.


Seung-jo’s jealousy-fueled, rain-soaked, you-can’t-love-anyone-but-me kiss leaves Ha-ni (and everyone else) a puddle of goo. At home, Dad is announcing their departure from the house, throwing everyone up in arms.

Just then, Seung-jo and Ha-ni arrive home, sopping wet. Mom sends them upstairs, but Eun-jo rushes up to his brother: “Oh Ha-ni is leaving!”

At that, Seung-jo does the unimaginable. He takes Ha-ni by the hand, sweetly interlocking their fingers, and announces that they have something to say. Omo! So soon?

Seung-jo: I want to marry Ha-ni.

Cue trumpets, dancing pandas, and stockpile of confetti. I seriously thought we’d be in for some more roundabout angst before he actually admitted the consequences of the Big Kiss, but hey, I’m all for forward movement. Bring back the Cute!

Mom squeals louder than twenty fangirls on speed, hugging Ha-ni and jumping up and down. Her statement to her son cracks me up: “Baek Seung-jo, why are you so awesome right now?” Hahaha.

Upstairs, Seung-jo says goodnight and Ha-ni stops him for a moment, scared that when they wake up, he’ll go back to being cold Robot Boy. He backhugs her (Who are you?) and casually tosses out, “Should we sleep together then?” Kyah! She buries her face in his chest, saying how much she likes him and that she never even imagined he’d like her back. Seung-jo: “Neither did I.” Heh, it’s dense, but totally honest.

Back at the restaurant, Duckie laments his stupid pushy move on Ha-ni earlier. Yeah, that was your downfall, buddy. He packs a lunch for Ha-ni and heads to campus to apologize…only to find a poster announcing Ha-ni and Seung-jo’s promise to marry.

Okay, what is with the convenient announcements all over school, all the time? I get that it’s cutesy, but as a plot device, (as in, a way for people to find out important things) it’s lame.

Elsewhere on campus, Seung-jo breaks the news to He-ra, who shows her disappointment, but basically acknowledges that everyone knew he liked Ha-ni, but him. She even understands exactly why it was so hard for him to realize it—because Ha-ni was the first problem he’s faced that he couldn’t solve easily, unlike everything else he’s ever encountered.

Seung-jo admits to having a really hard time with it, but now that he’s surrendered completely to Ha-ni, he’s happy. And it shows on his face. I’ve never seen him smiling so much, in all of the previous thirteen episodes combined.

He apologizes to He-ra, and admits that he really did think they were a good match, and that he felt comfortable around her. He-ra puts two and two together: he ran away from the discomfort of his feelings for Ha-ni, and took shelter with her, where he felt comfortable. Ouch. He doesn’t deny it, and she plays it cool, congratulating him even while her heart is breaking, which makes me respect her all the more.

Ha-ni laments not being able to tell Duckie herself, but he’s hurting too much to take her calls. He-ra takes out her heartache on a few hundred tennis balls, and Kyung-soo steps up at just the right time, as a shoulder to cry on.

Duckie takes to the river for his bout of angst, complete with beer and a song. Ha-ni’s heart weighs heavy all day too, knowing how Duckie must feel. She comes to Dad’s restaurant after closing, and when she appears, Duckie braces himself for impact. He tries so hard to put on a brave face, to keep her from saying the words out loud…it breaks my heart.

Just then, Seung-jo walks in, declaring that he likes Ha-ni, and asking for Duckie to let her go. That just raises Duckie’s ire, knowing how badly Seung-jo has treated her for four years, but then Ha-ni finally speaks up, and puts the nail in the coffin. Ha-ni: “Joon-gu-ya, I’m sorry. I’m sorry and I’m grateful.”

She starts to say the rest, but Duckie turns around, telling her to stop. He gets it. He knows. He’s always known, of course. With his back turned, he says, trying to lighten the mood, that Ha-ni has horrible taste in men, and that even if she regrets it later, he won’t go back to her. Aw, your stiff upper lip is killing me, Duckie.

He turns around with these words: “Baek Seung-jo, don’t forget that I’ll be watching you. If you make Ha-ni cry, I’ll make you cry blood.” Seung-jo takes the warning to heart, and Ha-ni looks up at Duckie, so sorry to cause him this much pain.

Dad returns to the restaurant to find Duckie a mess, and comforts him with soju. Duckie finally lets himself cry, saying that he wanted so much to call Ha-ni’s dad “Father.” What a great dad, to be at Duckie’s side through all this.

He-ra’s grandfather is about as happy for the couple as you’d expect, and he decides to pull out of the investment without any qualms. But Seung-jo shows up at his office to convince him otherwise. And then…he decides to invest and save the company. Gee, sap all of the dramatic tension, will ya? Is it too much to ask for Robot Boy to have a hard time at anything? Sigh.

At home, Dad announces that it’s time for Seung-jo to leave the company…and go pre-med. As his last duty for the company, he launches the new game. As He-ra and Duckie watch in the wings, He-ra is reminded of his awesomeness and Duckie is spurred on to become just as impressive a man.

Ha-ni receives her grades, and it’s bad news all around. She whines to Seung-jo that she thought she had brought her scores up enough to get better final grades, and he just replies that she must’ve miscalculated. Haha.

She looks to him for answers, and he just tells her that she got herself into this mess, and she has to work to get out of it. Defeated, she asks if maybe she should drop out.

WHAT? I’m seriously reaching into my screen to slap you upside the head right now.

Seung-jo nips her pity party in the bud, pointing out that while other students poured their sweat and tears into studying, she’s wasted all of her time in fruitless pursuits. He asks pointedly what she’ll do if she doesn’t go to school…have more time to follow him around? Damn. Straight shooter. He basically tells her to get off her ass and work hard at something, otherwise she’ll have nothing.


Baek Seung-jo, I have never loved you so much until now. LOVE. Fluffy bunny love.

Such a relief, because I really didn’t want to end this series hating where they took the characters. I know y’all think I’m hating on Ha-ni because she’s not going to be a high-powered doctor or lawyer instead of a stay-at-home mom or something, but that’s not why I’m angry with her. It’s because of this, right here, that Seung-jo is pointing out—that to her, it doesn’t matter what she does. And THAT is upsetting. If her dream in life was to be the best mom in the world, that’s an admirable dream. But it’s not—it’s to be whatever, whenever, as long as it’s with Seung-jo. It’s her lack of self that makes me angry, because I love her, I adore her…I want her to love herself.

If her goal in life was to be a golf caddy, I wouldn’t care. But the fact that she thinks there’s no difference to her, whether she’s a golf caddy or a nurse…is why I was so reviled at her so-called “dream.” Because that’s not a dream. It’s a lack of one.

Love is sacrifice and devotion, sure. I don’t discount that. But to me, true love? Is what Seung-jo is doing here—making her BETTER, the best version of herself. Because that’s what he wants for her. Because that’s what she should want for herself.

But Ha-ni, stubborn girl that she is, just gets mad at Seung-jo for pointing out her faults, and threatens to move out. He does the exact wrong thing, laughing that she’s got nowhere to go. That just fuels her defiance, and she leaves, declaring that she’ll go to another man. Mom worries, but Seung-jo tells her that it’ll be good for her, to be away from him for a while, and to focus on herself. Amen. To quote Mom, how come you’re so awesome all of a sudden?

Ha-ni heads over to her girlfriends, who give her the best kind of support—beer and girltalk. She stays at Min-ah’s house, and although she misses Seung-jo like crazy, the second she spies on him at school and sees him smiling without a care in the world, she decides to stand her ground and not return home. Look at you, growing a spine.

Mom frets over Ha-ni, but Seung-jo insists that they let Ha-ni deal with this on her own.

Ha-ni wanders the streets for a while, having been kicked out of Min-ah’s house because of visiting family. She walks and walks, finally letting the anger subside, and coming to a conclusion. Perhaps what Seung-jo said was right: she’s always lived for him, and never thought about what she wanted for her own future. She decides that she can’t return like this, and that she wants to marry Seung-jo as someone who is equally impressive and worthy.


You did it, Show! See, people—ask and you shall receive. I think my fight with Show mirrors Seung-jo’s fight with Ha-ni. I had to push, for it to struggle and come back around.

Ha-ni takes a job a local restaurant, and after finding out where she works from Min-ah and Juri, Seung-jo shows up for lunch. Ha-ni tells him that she’s thought long and hard about what to do with her life, and what she wants to be. She’s come to the conclusion that she wants to help Seung-jo and be by his side, so she’s decided to become a nurse. Well, that’s no surprise to any of us, but it’s still a mighty step up from freshman college dropout and professional stalker. I approve. Loving Seung-jo has helped you find your dream, which is very different from loving Seung-jo being your dream.

Seung-jo smiles and holds her tight, telling her to return home now. She sighs in relief, saying that she truthfully missed him like crazy. He knows, and makes it all okay with his embrace.

Once home, the family is back to its usual bustling chitchat, until Mom declares that everyone needs to clear their schedules for next Wednesday. What’s next Wednesday, you ask?

Why Seung-jo and Ha-ni’s wedding of course.



The turnaround in this episode couldn’t have come any later. I would’ve broken up with you, Show. You guys know my patience is oh-so-thin for the kind of crap that went on in 12. Thankfully, Ye Drama Gods are whimsical but benevolent, and I was allowed to keep all the hair on my head this week.

I would like very much to thank Robot Boy for taking Ha-ni to task, and for turning out to be a rather excellent boyfriend, especially considering how much of a jerk you were for the entirety of your emotionally-stunted adolescence. I really thought that at the end I would just have to concede that you never truly earned her love and won her anyway, but sweetie pie, you TOTALLY earned her love this week. Bravo. Your gold star is in the mail.

I was rather impressed at Duckie and He-ra as well, despite their conflict being a little too easily swept under. But this isn’t their story, so I didn’t expect to even get the kinds of moments that we did, and I appreciated that they didn’t just disappear as characters the second that Ha-ni and Seung-jo stopped needing them as romantic obstacles.

Well I wasn’t expecting a wedding so soon, but I guess that’s where we’re headed in the last week. Not the most exciting cliffhanger to get us to the final stretch, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of shenanigans before they make it to the altar.


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    • 11.1 news

      I’m with you on this one. I was rather disappointed that, with all her strong points and also being the central character, she couldn’t use (or rather the writer didn’t allow) them to realize her own dreams apart from SJ and him having to tell her. I don’t mind that she is blinded by love and therefore does things she normally wouldn’t do (like stalking and forgetting her own dreams), but not having a sense of self, which is so blatant in this episode, is hard to forgive. Every character in the drama went through a dignified self realization and growth, but she, whom we should be rooting for, was left in the dust.

      Ah, what a big blemish to an otherwise good drama!

      But I guess that just allows for girlfriday to point out that SJ is making Hani “the best version of herself” which is also an equally important lesson to learn 🙂

      • 11.1.1 Chriser

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        • Chriser

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      I did spot Idol KHJ in one scene, however, the part where OHN was at the restaurant with Duckie.
      When the door opens, and BSJ unexpectedly walks in on their private conversation, he seemed uncharacteristically cool, composed and happy. I imagined a flash of recognition in Duckie’s eyes, “HOLY CR%P, Kim Hyun Joong just walked into my restaurant to take my girlfriend away! I SURRENDER!!”

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    Also so much love for the second leads. Hae-ra, as bitchy as she is, is such an awesome person. And Joon-gu, my heart breaks for you, so open up a restaurant and become a chef.

    • 35.1 harukogirl

      Easy – Mom is worried that her son will revert to Idiot, so she’s striking while the iron’s hot. :D. She’s a smart lady, and she is so not passing up the opportunity to keep Han ni forever
      ….don’t forget, everytime something goes wrong, Han ni moves out. This is mom’s plan to make sure that never happens again.Next time something goes wrong?

      Mom: Whatever. Hani’s staying – you guys move if you want.

      Ha ha ha

    • 35.2 haru

      You know, Hera never struck me as a bitch or even all that bitchy. She’s a little manipulative and definitely patronizing, but it’s all done with such archness, what with her unni pats and her occasional loony OTT (chicken flapping and Hani-shoving, lol) and with those subtle expressions (props to the actress) that reveal she knows the score, that I found her a really sympathetic character pretty much all throughout.

      Just as SJ was awesome this ep, I thought so especially was Hera. Those crazy two pots! I wonder if PK will give her a lid? Kitae?

    • 35.3 claire

      Actually in the story they’re about 20 but not to say that’s not too young. It is but in the manga the reason why Baek Mama is rushing them is pretty much like the saying “strike while the iron is still hot” She doesn’t want him to change his mind.

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    Thanks for the recap. I like girlfriday’s comment that Hani found her own dream and ideally, the dream is still involving Seung Jo.

  38. 38 myweithisway

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    • 38.1 shalini

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      I liked for GF told about BSJ! Like him! Like him ! like him!

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    When before, I just enjoyed this drama, now, I seriously love it. Thanks for finally giving us a smiling, lovable and amazing Seung Jo!!!!

    I love how the characters in the Show are all three-dimensional, thank the writing gods for refusing to make mere caricatures out of them. I like the way Show treated He-ra and Bong Joon Go after their rejection. At least they are not the usual clingy, vengeful types and proved they can be stronger and better people even after losing in the love battle. He-ra’s still mean when she saw Ha-ni carrying that tray, but Bong Joon Go, seriously… I hope he succeeds in life, becomes the best chef in town, owns his own restaurant someday and gets to marry a cute, lovely, funny lady in the future, because he totally deserves all of these.

    Looking forward to the next ep. Is it ending already? Noooooo…. why do dramas always end when we are just beginning to really get into it? whhhhyyyyy?????

  40. 40 mnstpdu08

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    Seung Jo is a completely different person. Wow. I love smart, attractive, and compassionate guys. Thank you Seung Jo for showing us that you can be compassionate.

    Again, GF, I agree with your comments and insights. She has finally come to the conclusion that she needs to have her own sense of identity! While her goal may be some what ridiculous given that Seung Jo is going that route. But I feel like I can actually believe that this is also her own dream. She may even be good at it. I appreciate that Seung Jo can be supportive of her and yet can tell her like it is. He knows her in and out, and it seems like he believes she can be more than what she is now. He’s exactly what she needs and she’s exactly what he needs. That’s love to me.

  41. 41 yeisha

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    This is exactly what I’ve been thinking all along. As soon as he decided to give in to his feelings for her instead of fighting it or trying to solve it like a mathematical equation, as soon as he did that, then he was able to think clearly and become the awesomest, robot-boy-turned-human-boyfriend, like, ever. Ha.

    He is exactly what Hani needs to bring her back to reality because as adorable as she is, she really was just living in her lalala-Seungjo-land all this time. Not that I blame her for that either, that’s just our Hani. She’s one of a kind.

    But before this turns into a Seungjo lovefest, we have to remember that Hani was also the catalyst for him to get to exactly where he is right now. She turned his world upside down and made him question his own ways of thinking. And she also stirred him into making a decision for his future.

    So yeah, these two are really good for each other. But what a journey it has been. I mentioned in my previous comment that the past 13 episodes was like running a marathon, now I can finally breathe and savor The Cute.

    Because smiling, cuddly, in-between-curly-and-straight haired Seungjo is definitely a thousand times hotter than his mean robot alter-ego. 😉

    Thanks, GF for your recap! You are awesome too!
    Especially for including that ART IS TRUTH screencap which distracted me to no end while watching this scene — who knew such words could be so, um, enticing? 😛

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    but really, could SJ’s mom be ANY FREAKIN CUTER? omg when he announced that they’d be getting married, her reaction was beyond adorable… i love how she hugged Ha Ni like she was the bestest christmas present ever haha.

    yes, Show has tested me with SJ’s robot-ness and Ha Ni’s lack of self-worth… but even so, I’m enjoying it all and looking forward to the last 2 eps 🙂

  45. 45 miss_procrastination

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    I love that Seung Jo has finally grown up. Ha Ni’s realization comes a bit too late for my taste, but I love that she now has something to work towards (other than eat, sleep, breathe Seung Jo. She can be a nurse and do that too!) I am pleased with the complete turn around of Seung Jo’s character. He’s really progressing in the right direction–not to mention how he makes my heart go pitter patter.

    Duckie was the devastation of this episode. When he lights the fireworks alone…I died. My heart broke. It was especially heart wrenching to see a happy couple playing with fireworks in the background knowing that will never be him & Ha Ni. Poor guy.

    But YAY for the LOVE & YAY for the mom and her scheming!

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    Hallelujah! We’re here! FINALLY! I was so surprised by the instant engagement and complete 180 from SeungJo (why so awesome lol), but it was sooo sweet and lovely, and YES it brought us back to the light, fluffy cute! THANK YOU, Show! (Sorry, this episode has got me hyper and elated!)

    As I predicted (more like, hoped with all my might), now that they’re together, the last 3 episodes could focus on Hani’s development, in addition to their blissful coupledom and nice, tidy happy endings for all. ^^

    Different from hot and cold, I like SeungJo’s tough love to Hani. It’s sweet but still in-character. And I’m glad PK finally expressed that SeungJo does love Hani for her innocense, determination, and compassion, not just her single-minded devotion to him. He does want her to improve and be herself to the fullest extent, so he can respect and love her to the fullest extent. So happy that the writers really are trying to disprove that love is about losing one’s identity and is doomed to fail. They’re showing that love makes them become the best version of themselves. <3

    Just one thing, Girlfriday, isn't Hani's new dream the same as her old one? ^^; She chose nursing because SeungJo's becoming a doctor. It's the same thing, because if he had decided to be a pilot, she'd choose to be a stewardess, or golf caddy, or assistant, etc. It's not like she chose nursing BEFORE he went back to pre-med (like I wanted). I mean, I'm okay with it because Hani is happiest and most hardworking and most capable when she's with SeungJo, so it makes sense to me, but unless she had another reason for choosing nursing, it's still her dream to follow SeungJo. In this case, nursing isn't the dream, it's just a detail to her original dream. =X

    • 50.1 girlfriday

      Yeah, it’s the same. And I knew it’d be the same. For her to choose something entirely different…would be asking too much of this show. Le sigh.

      What’s different though is the fact that she’s even CONSIDERING what her dreams and her future might be. Before it was just “follow Seung-jo,” to the point of dropping out of school because what’s the point? She’s already got Seung-jo. Blech.

      Now she’s actually going to steel herself and work hard to become a nurse, which is no small feat, and is something she CHOSE. As long as she’s off her ass and doing something for herself, I’ll consider it a victory for Ha-ni. Expecting any more would just be folly, and then I’d be throwing things.

      I don’t care what anyone says. “Follow Seung-jo” is NOT an acceptable dream. If Ha-ni were my little sister, I would’ve smacked her silly years ago. Loving someone is not giving up your identity. It’s being the best of YOU, and then sharing a life TOGETHER. Even Robot Boy gets that.

      • 50.1.1 yeisha

        This reminds me of this quote:

        “Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

        Hani was doing just that: gazing at Seung-jo all this entire time. Now she has a goal, not just to follow him blindly but to stand by his side as her own person. And together they’ll head forward in the same direction.

        • mojaslatka

          I love your explaination and the quote you used. Hani’s goal is to be by Seong Jo’s side. But unlike before(12 epis), she chooses to be a nurse because, as she said ‘nursing is about living’. She can make use of her potential, she can still be of help of Seong Jo and be someone worthy of him.

      • 50.1.2 Jennifer

        Actually, if you read the manga, she chose nursing because that’s the only thing she can do (because she is a caring person). She tried to be a teacher but failed so miserably. She was a tutor for Eunjo’s class and her students told her not to be a teacher because she sucked so bad. She tried to be a waitress and failed at that too, believe it or not she actually broke anything she carried. So when she announced that she wanted to go into nursing everyone in his family asked her not to because it would be too challenging for her. They told her to do something easier and only Seungjo supported her. He was the only person who believed in her. In the manga, it showed that he loved, respect and very supportive of her.

        • cheekbones

          I get everyone’s point of view, and everyone is entitled to it, certainly, without judging anyone.

          Well, yeah, maybe it helps to know the source material. Hani doesn’t make the decision to study nursing as straight away as in PK. She goes through a long process before coming to the inevitable decision.

          She is a people person, after all, so I think Nursing makes sense. And, I also think that Seungjo in the end learns something from Hani in relating to people since Medicine is also about people.

          Although, needles in Hani’s hands is a scary thought. 😀

      • 50.1.3 jackwon

        Whoa, I got a reply from Girlfriday? Thanks! *blush*

        I was expecting it to be this way, too, as it is in the manga. But even if Hani didn’t come to nursing on her own, she will use her bright, compassionate, and caring personality, along with her super determination that comes with SeungJo being beside her, to become a good nurse. Eventually she will find herself, the Nurse Hani self, not SeungJo’s assistant “self”, because she truly does like taking care of people (not just SeungJo). SeungJo’s diary said Hani had what he didn’t, the ability to cry for others.

        In fact, if we were being generous, we could say that being a nurse has been Hani’s dream for awhlie, but she just didn’t know it. After they left the hospital, Hani felt bad and really wished she could help the sick children. But because she thought she didn’t have the capabilities but SeungJo could do anything (“I don’t have anything to give, but you have a lot to give to help people.”), she asked him to do it instead by becoming a doctor. So because she thought it was impossible (and because she was too busy revolving around SeungJo), she didn’t keep that dream for herself.

        It takes SeungJo’s pushing to make her realize that when she works hard, she can accomplish things (as proven by how much she put into everything she did for him). What started as another “follow SeungJo” goal will become her own dream. ^^

        Again, it’s the idea that love doesn’t diminish your self but makes you better. I think the writers are finally sending that message, thank goodness!

        • linkyo

          hurrahh!!! And I like it when SeungJo could actually uncover the main problem.
          I mean, to figure out our own source of problem sometimes is difficult to do. And, even though Seung Jo said it point blank, I’m really glad that he did that to Ha Ni. (Since maybe Ha Ni’s brain can’t reach that level of thinking). So, I’m loving how they are progressing, and as in the Bible verses in ecclesiastes “there’s a time for everything,… A time to embrace and a time to refrain…” And thus the way Seung Jo let Ha Ni wanders are just sooo sooo gooood

          • Annony

            Loving the Bible reference. 😛

            Love is patient, love is kind… It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs…It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

            I’m liking that because BSJ let her go to find herself, he himself is putting his hopes in her. Not just knowing she’ll figure it out, but the fact that he places his HOPES in another person, who can and would probably fail him, but didn’t. and in the end, both perseveres. 🙂

      • 50.1.4 mnstpdu08

        HAHA. I keep saying this, but you took the words right of my mouth. I’m so annoyed by the people who continuously say that Ha Ni is devoted to Seung Jo and that it’s okay to be like that. Her devotion was an extreme version of devotion. I’ll be blunt; I pity those who are like Ha Ni and thinks it’s okay to be so. It’s degrading to only have one dream especially if that dream is to be with someone for the rest of your life. I think people need to think beyond that. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to want to love someone for the rest of our life but it shouldn’t be the only thing. Loving one person and dedicating your life to them should not be the only dream. Sure, having a successful job isn’t everything to some people, but at least it’s a dream/goal. Again, love yourself first before you love someone else.

      • 50.1.5 Anon

        yeah! perfect answer 🙂 !

    • 50.2 haru

      Ditto. I was hugely surprised (knowing nothing about other versions) and impressed at this turn that makes respect a live possibility—rather than co-dependency to the end with some distracting cute thrown in, which was what I had been uneasily expecting. Frankly, I didn’t have enough faith in Hani (or PK). But SJ schooled me. And I loved every minute of it!