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Dr. Champ: Episode 11
by | November 6, 2010 | 42 Comments

OH the emotional angst! Well, all I can assure is that Ji Heon does not jump off the ledge. (Was I the only one who was afraid of that happening to some degree?) However, he does jump off a cliff and tumbles down into an emotional black hole. Poor guy. Sorry aberdeen_angus, I can’t fix the problem with this episode.

Ji Heon can’t answer Yeon Woo, and not knowing where he is worries the heck out of her. She runs to her car and opens the door – but stops. She doesn’t even know where to go! (But if she were the male lead, she’d be driving around Seoul in circles searching for Ji Heon.)

Do Wook doesn’t want Hee Young to leave, and she understands that it’s because he empathizes deeply with Sang Bong. Holding her wrist, he stands up and tearfully looks into her eyes. He awkwardly reaches up to her face – making it one of the stiffest romantic moments I’ve seen – but gives us a worthy, passionate kiss.

Not knowing where to go, Yeon Woo goes home to her mother, who’s happy to see her stop by. In need of an outlet, Yeon Woo picks on her mother’s dinner, asking why she’s eating just side dishes and not an actual meal. Her mother doesn’t get what’s wrong with her food, and Yeon Woo breaks down in frustrated tears.

Do Wook and Hee Young are in bed – lovemaking having ended. Hee Young tells him to go to sleep, brushing her fingers on his eyelids, instead of staring at her sleep. He guides her hand to the side of his face and falls asleep, comforted. But Hee Young wakes to stare at him. (Am I the only one wondering how uncomfortable sleeping against sequined pillows would be?)

Yeon Woo and her mother drink at a pojangmacha, and, filled with soju, Yeon Woo despairingly cries that her heart aches because of Do Wook. But her heart aches also because of Ji Heon. Mother gives her advice: do not have complicated relationships with men. Just pick the better option *ahem-DoWook-ahem*.

We get a cute mother-daughter bonding moment where they share the same bed, and Mi Ja gushes about how wonderful it is to have her daughter come running to her for once, instead of putting on a tough face. Yeon Woo mutters, “How could you be happy when your daughter is going through a tough time?” but too late – mother’s snooooring away.

Good news! Sang Bong regained consciousness! Relieved, Yeon Woo goes up to his room to find that Do Wook is already there, telling Sang Bong about his own injury. Sang Bong’s eyes are open, but he’s completely unresponsive. Do Wook’s advice is: “You don’t have to believe everything that doctors tell you. Whatever they may say, you create your own future. Miracles can happen everywhere…don’t say you don’t believe it, because I’m your walking miracle.” And then he cracks, “If you feel like going to Johns Hopkins though, I can write you a reference letter.” HA.

Yeon Woo waits outside until Do Wook leaves the room. They discuss Sang Bong’s condition: Perhaps he has conversion disorder, where he can’t speak because of the psychological trauma? But Do Wook replies that he’s actually alert and stable – he just doesn’t wanna talk.

She admires Do Wook’s courage to reveal his story to the board, but Do Wook notes that the person who was most affected by the accident was the other athlete who bumped against him accidentally. Even though it wasn’t his fault, the other athlete became a complete wreck. He tells Yeon Woo to watch out for Ji Heon and make sure he doesn’t go down the same path.

Unfortunately, Ji Heon is halfway there.

The coaches are giving the unreachable Ji Heon until 2 p.m. the next day; if he doesn’t show up by then, they will bring in another athlete to train for the Asia Games. They can’t lose a chance for a medal. The assistant coach tells Yeon Woo about the deadline in hopes that she can do something about it.

Meanwhile, Hee Young is agonizing over whether to call Do Wook or not (oh the dilemma of the morning after…). Yoo Ri stomps into her room to ask for permission to leave the grounds – she wants to find Ji Heon. Knowing that she can’t fight a frantic Yoo Ri, Hee Young suggests a walk together outside.

Hee Young slyly hints at the Asia Games and tells Yoo Ri that she has a good chance of winning a medal. Yoo Ri gets it: she’s supposed to focus on training, not on Ji Heon, because otherwise she will regret it later. Yoo Ri wonders what’s so great about winning a medal, and if it’ll truly make her happy.

They bump into Do Wook and Yeon Woo leaving the medical center. It’s awkward as they all greet each other, since Hee Young tries to be a wallflower. Yoo Ri is disappointed to hear that Yeon Woo hasn’t reached Ji Heon. Hee Young tries to get Yoo Ri to leave, but wait! In front of everyone, Do Wook asks Hee Young out on a date.

Sister-in-Law is tucking Yi Reum into bed when the doorbell rings. They open expecting to see Ji Heon, but find Yeon Woo standing there instead, hoping to find Ji Heon. They haven’t seen nor heard from him. Sis-in-law sends Yi Reum back inside first, and then says that she doesn’t worry about Ji Heon. Since he cares so much about judo, he’ll return to Taereung soon.

Yeon Woo thinks she’s being too harsh; at the end of the day, she is Ji Heon’s only family. The sister coldly says it’s none of Yeon Woo’s business to judge how she regards Ji Heon, but under that hard exterior, she does care – even if it’s a tiny bit.

Yeon Woo returns home and thinks of the condom moment, and the guitar gift-giving. With flashbacks like these, girl better realize that she’s falling for him!!!

After finishing up with a patient, Yeon Woo takes a mini break to go check the judo athletes around the track field. Those athletes are wondering aloud if Ji Heon will come back, but they see Go Bum coming instead, much to their displeasure. Not seeing Ji Heon, Yeon Woo turns back…but she bumps into him walking slowly towards the track field. Annoyed and frustrated, she yells at Ji Heon for not contacting anyone and worrying everyone. She then mentions that Sang Bong regained consciousness.

Ji Heon doesn’t care – he has somewhere to get to. He arrives just in time before the coach enlists another athlete to take his place. Yeon Woo goes back to the field to observe Ji Heon join the practice in a lackluster manner. Despite his demeanor, she reports back to Do Wook that Ji Heon seemed fine, much to Do Wook’s relief as well.

Practice in the evening is canceled, and all the judo athletes are given permission to go visit Sang Bong. Taek Woo takes charge and tells everyone to meet in front of the dorms in an hour. Go Bum announces that he’s not going to go – he didn’t know Sang Bong personally anyways. Not many are bothered by that, but then Ji Heon says he won’t go either.

“UHHHHHHH” – is what everyone on the team is thinking.

Taek Woo says that Ji Heon most definitely can’t miss out. It’s Ji Heon’s fault that Sang Bong is in the state he is in. However, Ji Heon claims it wasn’t his fault – it was a complete accident. Taek Woo appeals to the fact that they were friends, but Ji Heon disregards it. He demands that Taek Woo address him formally next time, instead of just calling him ‘Park Ji Heon’, and then leaves the field.

Incensed, Taek Woo tackles him from behind and punches him in the face. He cuts Ji Heon’s lip, but Ji Heon doesn’t fight back. They pull Taek Woo off, and the athletes all leave Ji Heon lying on the grass. Dae Seob sends him to the doctor’s office – if he’s seen with a bruise he might get kicked off the team.

Ji Heon goes to see Yeon Woo, who asks if he got into a fight so soon already. Ji Heon won’t answer her. She fishes for more details, but Ji Heon just ignores her and leaves as soon as she is done applying medicine.

In a twist of cruel irony, Ji Heon is now Go Bum’s roomie, and takes over Sang Bong’s bed. Lost in his thoughts, he lies down and ignores Go Bum. He closes his eyes and hears Sang Bong call out his name.

Ji Heon bolts upright – but it’s just Go Bum in the room, and he didn’t even make a peep. Ji Heon is clearly disturbed.

The athletes reach the hospital, but Sang Bong’s dad tells them it might be best if they don’t go into his room. He still won’t speak, even though he opened his eyes. The judo team feels bad, but they leave and promise to come next time.

Yeon Woo and Do Wook are both informed that Sang Bong might be psychologically worse than they initially thought. Do Wook says he’ll stop by to see the doctor, but Yeon Woo insists on going alone instead – after all, he has a date to get to.

Do Wook thinks that she’s looking down on him for having a date on a night like this. He claims that having dinner with a woman is merely his way of coping with this crisis. Methinks you are putting words into Yeon Woo’s mouth, since she clearly didn’t mean it that way.

He goes to purchase some wine from 1996 – from the year he and Hee Young were last together.

As Hee Young leaves Taereung, she bumps into her ex-husband, who’s coming to see Director Hong for some sponsorship. Noting her nice clothes, he asks if she’s going out to dinner with Do Wook. Hee Young relishes the fact that he’s acting as if he were jealous, but the ex says he pities her instead.

With a mix of her ex’s and the head nurse’s testimonies, Hee Young finds out that Do Wook became a cripple because of her. When they had gone to visit a mountain, Do Wook had protected Hee Young when she fell. That put him out of shape, and so he was not in good form for the competition. He had told the head nurse to keep it a secret from Hee Young so that she could concentrate on the Olympics.

Do Wook waits at the restaurant, handing the waiter the bottle of wine for later. The minutes pass by…and the hours…but Hee Young doesn’t show. The restaurant slowly empties, and Do Wook is ready to ditch. He reaches for his cane – and that’s when Hee Young arrives.

Speaking for her, he says that she doesn’t have to apologize for being late – he was playing around with an app on his cell that has a man spacing out while waiting for his date. I love that he has to be sarcastic about everything. Hee Young says that last night she only felt sorry for him because the accident may have brought up bad memories. It was pretty much just consolation sex for her, so she hopes that he didn’t develop feelings for her again. Masking his hurt, he says that it wouldn’t have mattered if he slept with her or another woman. Her hand grips her bag tightly, but she forces a smile and leaves.

Yay you two – more foreplay. (I’m being sarcastic, in case you can’t tell.)

The tactless waiter then chooses that moment to come by Do Wook’s table and tell him they’re preparing the dishes. Do Wook gifts the expensive wine to another couple and leaves, thoroughly pissed off and a bit perplexed by the situation.

The head nurse finds Hee Young sitting outside, sobbing. Well girl, who asked you to dump Do Wook like that?! She blames herself for not even being able to say “sorry” even though she knew the truth. If only she were completely heartless, she might have been able to feign ignorance and start over with Do Wook. Methinks girl is taking it too hard upon herself; sure the accident may have put Do Wook in bad shape for the competition, but he was also nudged by another skater. Had he not been nudged, he might have retained balance and kept on to the end of the race uninjured.

But OK Angst, I’ll give you this one, since you’re so intent on giving us tragic foreplay between these two.

Ji Heon runs around the track early in the morning, and memories of when he first reconciled with Sang Bong comes rushing back to him…when he and Sang Bong had a mock spar on the field. He falls to his knees, and Do Wook witnesses Ji Heon’s moment of weakness.

On this particular day, Yeon Woo is also to start treating the athletes with Do Wook. Translation: Yeon Woo gives her diagnosis, Do Wook contradicts her in front of the patient and reprimands her later. He counters every excuse that she has (she’s not as experienced as he is; the athlete won’t get caught for doping because her competition is over a month away). Someone’s in a bad mood… and even the nurses notice.

Yoo Ri comes bounding up to Ji Heon, complaining that he should have texted her that he came back. (You’re! Not! His! Girlfriend!) Tired of all her mothering, Ji Heon flat out tells her, “Stop paying attention to me. Don’t you know that I don’t like you?” He leaves Yoo Ri standing with her mouth wide open, and Go Bum comes up behind her. He snarks, “Is this a one-sided love?” and then calls her an idiot.

That wakes Yoo Ri up from her reverie and she yells, “What did you just say!?” I almost raised my hand and cried out “Yoo Ri-Go Bum ship please!” (Whaat? Go Bum’s a looker…) but then I remembered, “Sweet Taek Woo versus Bad Boy Go Bum…HMMMM.”

At the judo training center, Woo Ram kindly reports back to Ji Heon about how none of them saw Sang Bong. Ji Heon is unresponsive, caring only about the tape around his fingers. That’s enough to scare Woo Ram away. Sparring practice begins and Ji Heon is paired with Taek Woo’s lackey, Dong Ho. While Dong Ho easily lifts Ji Heon and brings him down, Ji Heon stops midway through the lift. The thought of lifting his opponent brings back memories of how he caused Sang Bong’s accident, and it gives Dong Ho the opportunity to defeat Ji Heon instead.

Ji Heon’s hesitation does not go away unnoticed by the coaches. After practice, he feels a pain in his injured knee, and visits Do Wook and Yeon Woo. Awkward triangle!

Yeon Woo is immediately concerned that his knee is hurting and after inspecting it with ultrasound she recommends that he go for an MRI. However, Do Wook counters her and prescribes medicine that will treat the inflammation. Yeon Woo tries to argue but Ji Heon just accepts the diagnosis.

Once he leaves, Yeon Woo rails against Do Wook, annoyed that he never lets her be right. But Do Wook tells her that he actually prescribed vitamins. He thinks that the knee pain is linked to psychological shock. Yeon Woo argues that he might be wrong, and is just being an overconfident ass, but Do Wook replies that she only know how to look at machines. They only have an X-Ray and an ultrasound – is she planning to send every athlete they can’t properly diagnose to Hankook Medical Center? (Hence, the pressing need for an MRI, Bom Jang!! Also an oxygen tank and a newer ultrasound, by the end of the month please. But Bom Jang is reluctant, saying that he can’t conjure up so much money by Do Wook’s deadline.)

Unable to take it any longer, Yeon Woo confronts Do Wook – why has he been mocking her all day, and all of a sudden too? Do Wook: “All of a sudden? Since when have I ever been nice to you?”

UHM – when you asked for Doctor Terror to be fired? Or when you saved her ass two times at board hearings?

He tells her to check on Ji Heon – after eating the “medicine” he should be fine. And true enough – Ji Heon is once again running at full speed with no problems. Yeon Woo swallows her pride – doggone it! Do Wook was right!

Later that night, Do Wook orders her to bring Ji Heon to his office; they’re going to go visit Sang Bong. Ji Heon is currently at the judo center with Woo Ram. Aware of his weakness, he tries to overcome it by sparring with Woo Ram. However, the memory is too strong to bear, and he stops midway from throwing Woo Ram down on the mat. Rather than try again, Ji Heon just sends Woo Ram away.

Yeon Woo comes in and tells him they have somewhere important to go. Even though athletes aren’t allowed outside, she’s already gotten permission from the coaches – and no, she didn’t say he injured his knee again. They’re going to visit Sang Bong.

Ji Heon raises his hackles – when did he say he was going to visit? Yeon Woo assumes that Ji Heon would have visited one day, but Ji Heon denies it. He won’t go and beg for forgiveness (which he thinks is what everyone wants him to do), because he’s not at fault.

But Yeon Woo raises a sore point – she heard from Woo Ram that he can’t practice judo properly anymore. Oooh, ouch.

Ji Heon makes the excuse that it’s because of his knees, but she shuts it down right away. He was prescribed vitamins, and was lied to about the inflammation. It was all Do Wook’s way of finding out if Ji Heon had a psychological problem – and he does.

Now it is his turn to give Yeon Woo the cold shoulder. He tells her that she has no reason to worry about him, especially since she’s not interested in him.

Yeon Woo: You’re the first patient I ever dealt with when I came to Taereung National Village. Do you remember? You came in on my job interview day. No, actually you were my patient even before that. So why won’t I be worried? Because somehow, I want you to rebound. So I think it’s best you see Sang Bong.

But Ji Heon has a better idea. Since he needs some immediate comfort, he grabs her wrist and leans in close. Oh no, this is not the kiss I want!!!!!

Do Wook enters just in time: “You, that pubescent boy with the look of naughtiness on his face, let go of that hand.”

OK aberdeen_angus – you better have the answers and resolutions we’re looking for!!!!!!!!!


This was a hard episode to swallow. I definitely enjoyed how Ji Heon as a character is growing. It only makes sense that he’s as tortured as he is and is acting out in all the wrong ways. I don’t even mind the attempted-forced-kiss at the end as a plot point. In reality, I’m totally against a guy abusing a girl like that, but in this story it totally worked from Ji Heon’s perspective. He is certainly going to be making bad decisions at this point, and I like that his bad decision is to pervert his love for Yeon Woo. But for the next episode, Yeon Woo should give him a hearty slap across the face and tell him to wake up.

As for the angst: I like it when it’s well played and makes me feel frustrated inside because I so badly want the issue to be resolved (I’m not a masochist, I just like it when a drama is pulling the right emotions at the right time). That is the case in this episode; I just wanted to shake Ji Heon and tell him to snap out of it. The angst is prolonging the storyline in a way that makes me wanna go “KYAAAA!” and judo kick it far away, but it’s also what is making this series so good. We definitely had our fun in the beginning, so now with episode 11 we are moving towards the melodrama just in time.

Now as for the Do Wook-Hee Young storyline: I am SO HATING IT. Hee Young breaks up with Do Wook just because of a stupid accident on a mountain? I get that every injury can be a “life or death” situation for an athlete, but I felt that it was so contrived that she must be at fault, or feel like she’s at fault, for his handicap. Hee Young just needs to give herself unnecessary burdens just because she thinks she’s a good person now. She’s not – she’s a boring, pitiful person. Their relationship reminds me of Choi Han Sung and Han Yoo Joo in Coffee Prince – I can never watch the series without thinking that their relationship struggles are so dumb and contrived.

I was afraid that there might be some late developments on the love triangle, especially with the ending, but I think it won’t be as bad as it seems. Sure, Yeon Woo still seems stuck on Do Wook, but her growing concern for Ji Heon indicates otherwise – even if she may not realize it just yet. I won’t call her dumb or hate her for still liking Do Wook – after all, who can get over a crush that easily? It’s not like she has Seo In Woo beside her. I still think we are dealing with two parallel love stories here; it’s just that Do Wook is the only fluid member who can push Ji Heon’s buttons at the right time to help catalyze his relationship with Yeon Woo. And this whole accident is Yeon Woo’s catalyst to become the comforter for Ji Heon, rather than the comforted.


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  1. adge


  2. asianromance

    thank you for the recap!!

    Hee-young confuses me. So she was the cause of Do Wook’s accident years ago. Then she abandoned him. ANd now that it looks like they may end up together again, she finds out that she was the cause, she decides to HURT him some more. ….because her other alternative was pretend that she doesn’t know and start over with him….

    because it’s impossible for two people to talk things out and communicate?

    Logic. EXPLODED.

    I want Go Bum to have a one-sided love for Yoo-Ri, who will promptly tell him to eff now and go off into the sunset with some other dude. Unless Go Bum becomes nicer to Ji Heon, it would just suck if YooRi transferred her affections to Ji Heon’s enemy!

    Poor Sang Bong! Lying in bed, knowing that your whole world has changed and your abilities to function in that world are limited by your crippled state. Reflecting on all the years that you would need nurses to help you perform basic functions like going to the bathroom and bathing and wondering if you can even father children. People will look at him in pity. When his friends play ball, he won’t be able to join. And wondering even if he managed to recover most of his walking ability, would he be bitter and dour like Do Woo, who doesn’t seem to have many friends (but then Do Woo doesn’t seem like the type to care about having a group of buds)

    • 2.1 grace

      HHAHAHAHHAHAAHHHAHAHA!!! I so agree with you! can their relationship be any more…brain farting?

      I mean I guess it makes sense to a certain point since Do Wook said that the person most affected in his injury was the person who inflicted it-Hee Young but she didn’t even know so…then…errr…whaaa?

      ahh, who cares about those two. I want more mumbo jumbo between cutie Ji Heon and Yeon woo. RAWR.

    • 2.2 Do-ra-ma

      Logic exploded indeed. I’m over their back-and-forth, wishy-washy, melodramatic relationship. If they get back together, fine. If they don’t, fine. I could really care less.

  3. ray

    wohaaaaa thanks for the recap 🙂

  4. :D

    whoo.. looks intense.

  5. Lovepark

    First of all, thank you.
    Secondly, I totally agree with you about Hee-young. She should go study abroad in Canada or something because Do-wook is totally being wasted. Do-wook is awesome-sauce, and I love how his character pushes Yeon-woo and Ji-heon together in his sarcastic, round-about way. Yeon-woo is better off with Ji-heon, and I’m glad they do not have to make DW the third leg of the triangle just to create plot and throw him away in the end. Sure, he’s part of the triangle but not in a clingy or “I want the girl” manner. DW clearly sees that JH likes YW, and that JH is a good patient and experience for YW who had no real athlete-doctor relationship prior to JH (before YW thought athletes were just like all other patients).Therefore, by default, the drama pairs DW with Hee-young, but she better step up her game or else she’s going to get a lot of hate from a particular fangirl! In all seriousness, DW can be single at the end of the show. I’ll just imagine that I acidentally bump into him on the street, and it becomes love at first sight. We can be sarcastic together and live happily ever after!

  6. Amg1

    Thank you for your hard work!!!!

    I hope that you are right and Dr Champ does end up with the right guy!!!!!!
    I don’t my heart cant take it if she ends up with the other Doctor, I am really enjoying this drama even with all the angst, and the one-side love affairs!!!!!!

  7. a

    “Am I the only one wondering how uncomfortable sleeping against sequined pillows would be?”
    kadejun-noona jjang!!!

    • 7.1 a

      oops i should have said unni right

  8. pohonphee

    Ok I’m new in this Dr. Champ recap. Question:
    Which one is the OTP here: Ji heon – Yeon woo, Do Wook – Hee young, or Yeon woo – Do wook? If it is the last, why I can’t see any chemistry between them?I see that the love story between Ji heon – Yeon woo is getting deeper that it will be such a waste if finally it won’t be it, just too much stakes to throw away.

    Why do I feel sorry for Uhm Tae-woong? after his role in QSD and now this, before Kim Nam-gil and now Jung Kyeo-woon who stealing the show. it seem to me that his storyline becomes side storyline for second time. what waste of talent. because of this (no, the only reason) I hope UTW finally get together with KSY, Yeon woo – Do wook ship FTW!!! weee…….

    • 8.1 lilly

      I guess they focuse on This other guy and YW than UTW but I don’t think he is overshadowed because unlike in QSD, UTW’s character has some strong personality he doesn’t sound like a useless character. Here he is really present and he does a good job. Besides actingwise the other guy is commendable but he does not outplays UTW. Now if you are too much into this judo boy and Yeon Woo couple this is normal you feel like that.

  9. Do-ra-ma

    I definitely concur with pretty much all your thoughts on the events in this episode, kaedejun. This is the type of angst that I’m actually enjoying — and it makes sense (at least Ji Heon’s angst; not so much with Do Wook and Hee Young). I fully expected JH to be pretty much damaged after the accident and he is. Remember, this is a guy who himself said he used to be a wreck, picking fights, getting into trouble with the law a few years back; plus, he also blames himself for his brother’s death. Add Sang Bong’s injury on top of that and you have one very damaged man. The poor guy is really hurting and suffering.

    I wish Yeon Woo would have picked up on it quicker, though. You are totally right when you said that if she were a male lead she’d be driving all over Seoul for JH. But, she’s a socially challenged woman who is better handling people in a hospital/clinic environment than on a more personal level. At least right now. She does care for JH to some degree.

    And I’m pretty much over the Do Wook/Hee Young story. Their angst was the weak thread of this episode, and unfortunately, it took up a meaty chunk of the allotted time.

    Thankfully, episode 12 is a step up, but that’s for another recap.

    Keep it going, guys!

  10. 10 Flower Pot


    Seriously Show! Seriously?

    You’re pulling this on us now?

    And how much more would you like us to suffer?

    You can’t just let JiHeon be depressed over Sang Bong’s injury can you?

    And now you have to add in Yeon Woo once again looking in Do Wook’s direction to the fray?

    Why did you have to get our hopes up only to snatch it away?


    Did you go to sadist school or something? No wonder Ji Heon is going all badass on us all of a sudden…

    Really now! I really thought that Yeon Woo was soooo over the medical director coming from where Ji Heon and her left off in the last few episodes…

    However, the accident just had to happen, and ruin everything good and seeing the broken heart that Yeon Woo seems to be suffering from in this episode whenever Hee Young and Do Wook are together?

    It really made me think twice if i am expecting too much from my Ji Heon-Yeon Woo ship too fast, too soon…

    (I think now is a good time to send Yeon Woo a s_x video… One that contains Do Wook and Hee Young in it and maybe that would bring her to her senses!)

    I would be all for this one sided love over Do Wook if i somehow see a sense of possibility that Do Wook might be feeling just a teeny weeny bit of the same kind of affection for her…

    However, seeing him cutting her down to size in front of the athletes and using her as his outlet for his Hee Young frustration definitely did not make me a fan of her overgrown high school crush on him…

    That and the fact that he’s soooo hung up on Hee Young that he is now one angry, seething mess…

    (Again, why does this relationship have to go through so much hardship when Hee Young and Do Wook still like each other the same?

    Heck they even did the horizontal jig and they seemed to like it!

    REALLY! My heart literally went out to Do Wook seeing how he got his hopes up for a possible reconciliation with Hee Young only for it to be crushed once again…)

    You thrive on angst show…

    Seriously, you do…

    So, that’s why you see?

    I’d take whatever little crumb of sweetness that you can share for Yeon Woo and Ji Heon and still lap it up avidly…

    I’d be okay with morsels…crumbs… tidbits… even just that scene they shared where Yeon Woo was tending to him…

    (Honestly, how HOT is the way that Ji Heon stares? I feel that if i were in Yeon Woo’s shoes, i would feel holes boring through me…)

    CHINCHA! I miss the old Ji Heon so…

    The one who’s goofy and funny and oh so sweet that just seeing him gives me a toothache…

    I know he’s hurting but please can you bring him back to me?

    I’m all for the macho, gruff man forcing kisses on Yeon Woo because i find that hot too but please, please, please bring us back the cute and the funny and the spazzworthy because that’s the reason why i loved him!

    Otherwise show, i might only be able to smile as widely just as much as Cha Hye Ryun does and that goes to say that it is a smile that’s not really a smile at all…

    Heaven forbid that you have more in store by planning a Do Wook-Yeon Woo ending because if that happens, I swear we’d have words Show…

    I swear we’d definitely have words…


    • 10.1 Jacky

      May I co-sign your post? I agree with you 100%

    • 10.2 sol

      i really really wanted that kiss to happen.
      DW interrupting just took away a chance for them to relieve their stress…

  11. 11 pinky

    i’m reading the recaps right now and i just had to stop and post this: DO WOOK HAVE SEQUIN PILLOWS!!! i don’t know why. i just find that hilarious

  12. 12 amatea

    seems UTW wont be KYW man 🙁

  13. 13 amatea

    seems UTW wont be KYW man 🙁 ..

  14. 14 Katey B

    OK. This is what I think should happen. DW and YW get get sent to Africa to work as volunteers. SB makes a miraculous come back and JH and him fight it out for the medal. JH wins. Some babes from some other sporting discipline catch their fancy and they all live happily ever after raising little athletes which YR can be like big brother to.

  15. 15 kay

    bring back seo in woo!!!

  16. 16 aberdeen_angus

    Hee Young makes me want to fastforward every single time she’s on screen. Her storyline is so damn annoying.


    I’m pretty much okay with everything else. When I read spoilers for 11/12, I thought they would be utterly dissapointing, but I enjoyed them a lot.

    And now that we’ve all read episode 13’s scene, I’ve melted. Literally.

    • 16.1 kaedejun

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    Let’s sum up our latest DB gifts: yesterday girlfriday granted us with these awesome ep 13 spoiler stills; today Kaedejun has recapped ep 11. Would it be too greedy to ask you, aberdeen_angus, to make the “never twice without thrice” saying come true? Yes, I am talking about writing and posting your ep 12 recap within 12 hours, so we get to have “DrC” specials three days in a row? Plus this way, I will have my daily fix of “Dr Champ” drug dose before heading to the office tomorrow morning. ^^

    I’m being demanding? I know, I too hate being like this but I like this show. Crazily.

    • 17.1 aberdeen_angus

      Hahaha, I think the heavens will answer your prayers.



      • 17.1.1 Denali

        I have been on cloud nine ever since reading this reply of yours. Wow! Thanks in advance, aberdeen_angus. So dreams do come true, hey? 😀

        Does that mean that Won Bin will show up this Thursday evening for the “Ahjussi” premiere of the French-Korean Film Festival which I am going to attend? Does that also mean that within a few months, I’ll be fluent in hangul, fly to Seoul, work there, make friends with So Ji Sub and Hwang Bo, as well as secretly date Jung Gyu Woon?

        Anybody willing to help me achieve the goals above is highly welcomed. ^^

    • 17.2 kRIST

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      • 17.2.1 Denali

        @ kRIST

        I actually borrowed all of Ji Heon’s words to Yeon Woo and adapted it to context, but you had noticed, hey. 😀

        Like your nickname – reminds me of my middle name (Christine ;)).


        Counting the hours before aberdeen_angus recap and watching ep 13 raw. Nay, I’m not pressuring you at all, a_a. 😀

  18. 18 rainerust

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    I love it here that YW (is subconsciously falling in love) worries over JH; and she can’t even clarify it to her Mom LOL that part just killed me when she was saying, “The Chief surgeon (I assume that’s DW’s title) is breaking my heart.” Then she goes, “That stupid (Judo boy = JH obviously) is breaking my heart even more.” HAHA and her Mom is all like, “Keep things simple my girl. Just go for the better (man).” (Obviously JH in this case!!! She’s obsessing over him!)

    …Okay yes in case you can’t tell, I am soooo on JH-YW’s ship.

    Great recap kaedejun unni! I’m kinda looking forward to your next recap *coughcoughGF-spoilercoughcough*!!

  19. 19 Revy

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    OoH my Ji Heon it kills me to see you so sad.

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    I am fed up with my mixture of feelings.

    I loved Do Wook´s kiss (maybe I am too romantic?)
    I do not think it was stiffed!!…

    I really do not like Do Wook´s character next to that boring, plain, stupid Hee Young´s character.
    How many YEARS they were waiting to be together and suddenly, after a love night, she appears in front of him saying that she just comforted him? PLEASE, GIVE A BREAK!! Sorry, but that attitude was soooooo stupid!! I am angry with the writers!! are they men with practical hearts or what?!

    After “Resurrection”, I love Uhm Tae Woong as an actor. I hate seeing him in this limited role.

    On the other hand, Yeon Woo goes to her mother´s home instead of taking her car and LOOK FOR HIM.
    (maybe too much passion in my Spanish blood?….I do not think so!!)

    I REALLY hope the kiss is a wonderful scene because if she does not respond with some kind of passion and love I will leave my little daughter, travel to Korea and teach the director how to do a goooood kiss (AFTER 12 EPISODES WAITING FOR IT!!!) and, believe, I have no problems at all to recreate that kiss scene with Jung Suk Won 🙂 🙂

    • 21.1 Denali

      I agree with you on UTW: his kiss was sweet and their after-lovemaking was tender too. Indeed, UTW is underused and it’s a waste of his talent.

      On the other hand, I remember negative reviews on Jung Gyu Woon at first which I had not seen previously and I am delighted to eventually state that he is AWESOME!!!

      As for the first JH/YW kiss, it would not make sense to be passionate as she is still hesitant on her feelings. Maybe later on, although censorship might not allow this in kdramas?

  22. 22 orangelauren

    I’m only upset with Ji Heon for turning the reason why he won’t visit his husband Sang Bong into an issue of pride. Whether he was at fault or not, that doesn’t give him an excuse for not being there when a friend/husband is in need.
    I’ll give him some time to sort out his conflicted feelings, but dude better man up and get his butt over there within the next 2 episodes or I’m giving up on my fave couple.

    Ditto to everything everyone else said about Hee Young/Do Wook. I feel like his “tragic past” with her is holding him back from being a total badass. With a different backstory he would have been my favorite character.

    • 22.1 Do-ra-ma

      To me, it seems more like Ji Heon is only using his pride as an excuse to others. He’s really pretty scared and extremely guilty. He sees Sang Bong’s condition as his fault entirely, so he’s afraid to visit him. It’s gonna take a lot of courage on his part to make the move to visit Sang Bong.

      • 22.1.1 sol

        agree completly.
        its telling the fact that he continuously says it wasnt his fault.
        he feels that it was his fault…

  23. 23 perking

    ok, I love JH-YW couple,
    but I hate JH for grabbing YW ‘s wrist and wanna kiss her, I hate his expression @ that time, I know he’s been hurt, but you’re hurt doesn’t mean that you can force the one you love to do something in order to comfort you, and his face at that time, look like he ‘s gonna rape her gruhhhhh, I want the Cute & adorable JH back, not sobbering JH now, many people in the despair state now, SB, YW, judo’s team, the girl in love w/ JH, etc., so not only you YW, accident happens, don’t make people suffer more , WT heck w/ all the ignoring YW when he returned, ok, if you think you don’t care anybody else, so don’t come and force her to kiss you, for the first time in this beautiful series, I really really dislike JH ‘s action

  24. 24 ohemgee

    i don’t like the last scene with the forced kiss etc. BUT!

    i need some ji heon-yeon woo skinship. NOW! they are so cute together and it’s about time they both got a little lovin’ in 😉 can’t wait for the next episode!!!! whoo hoo!

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  27. 27 Lilian

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    even Yeon Woo’s mum lightens up the series! Or any of the judo guys even the irritating Go Bum!

  28. 28 everlastingsong

    “It’s not like she has Seo In Woo beside her.” <– FAVORITE line.

    Thanks for the recap!

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