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City Hunter: Episode 9
by | June 23, 2011 | 248 Comments

Somebody pinch me. Is it possible that this drama is this good, or am I under some kind of spell? Did my coffee come laced with crack from a drug bust gone wrong? Is it maybe something to do with Lee Min-ho’s lips? (I’m not discounting that this is a possibility.) I mean, I find this show to be so consistently off-the-charts good that I’m starting to wonder if my judgment’s been impaired. But I feel normal, and just as snarky as ever. So maybe, just maybe… this show IS THAT GOOD.

Can it be true?


Yoon-sung grabs Nana just as she’s about to lose her grip, and she hangs on for dear life. His arm makes a horrible sound like it’s coming out of its socket (ewwww) and blood starts dripping down onto her hands.

He finally gathers all his strength and pulls her up with both hands and lifts her over the edge. She falls on top of him and he quickly gets up to get away. She stops him, “Wait, it was you who saved me the last time, wasn’t it?” He doesn’t answer and runs in the target’s direction.

Seo makes a run for the exit with Young-ju close at his heels. But Jin-pyo’s been watching the whole scene unfold, and sends his man Sang-gook to trap Young-ju in the revolving door (ha) so they can get to Seo first.

Jin-pyo catches up to him just as he’s held up a getaway car, knocking him down with a few swift blows. He very dramatically unsheathes his cane, revealing a sword inside. He holds it in Seo Yong-hak’s face, aiming right in his eye.

Thankfully Yoon-sung runs up in time to keep Dad from poking an eye out, literally, and they load Seo into the car and take off.

Young-ju and his team arrive a second too late, but he tells them that he put a tracking device on the City Hunter as they were fighting. OH. Badass. I’m now back to being impressed, after laughing at you for being stuck in the revolving door.

Dad leads his crew to an abandoned warehouse, where he first berates Son for saving the girl. Yeah, let’s save the birds and the bees lecture for later, Dad. Cops are on your tail.

He then proceeds to take all but one bullet out of his gun, and begins to play Russian roulette at Seo Yong-hak’s face. Holy Hardcore, Batman.

He asks for the names of the others involved in the ’83 Incident. Seo suspected as much, and quickly agrees to give up the other names of the Big Five, if he gets taken somewhere safe. Jin-pyo tells him that he’s rotted to the core, for so easily selling them out. Yes, this is true, but you WANT him to sell them out…

They hear the sirens approach. Jin-pyo doesn’t flinch and tells Seo that their arrival doesn’t mean that he won’t die. He’s down to his last bullet. He starts to pull the trigger…

Seo cracks, and the first name he gives up is Kim Jong-shik. Ooooooh I didn’t think we’d get to him so soon, but I’m excited. Target No. 3 it is. Kim Jong-shik, father of Young-ju, culprit in Nana’s parents’ accident. Jin-pyo asks for the rest, and he says he’ll give them up, but we cut away to Young-ju outside, so we don’t know how much he gives away. I’m thinking not much else, to keep the one-target-at-a-time pace of the drama, which I’m a fan of, so no need to blow your wad with Targets 4 and 5 yet.

The S.W.A.T. team readies outside, but then suddenly Yoon-sung and Ajusshi gas the place and put masks on. Oh! Double cross by Son! It’s not even ten minutes yet and I’ve already been surprised three times. I love this drama!

Jin-pyo fires his gun into the air as he goes down, and Young-ju and his team hear the shot and bust in. Only when they get inside, the room is empty, and all they find is the gun and Young-ju’s tracker, sitting on the table. God, is there anything hotter than three badass guys outsmarting each other?

The thing I find hard to believe is how he and Ajusshi dragged three grown and gassed men out of there in time. But by the time Young-ju gets in there, Yoon-sung is driving an ambulance with Seo in the back.

He calls Young-ju to tell him to get to his office, because he’s on his way to deliver Seo Yong-hak. Ha. Yoon-sung cryptically adds the question: “Why did I have to bring Seo to that warehouse? That’s one of the things you have to find out.”

What they do find is a piece of clothing that Yoon-sung took off and left behind. Young-ju smells it (well that’s awfully brave of you) and tells his assistant to find out whatever perfume it is.

Meanwhile Yoon-sung drops off Seo Yong-hak with the same sash that he had put on Senator Lee, with a note: “To Prosecutor Kim Young-ju.” Hee. Why do I find this part of the City Hunter’s routine so adorable? Perhaps it’s the grade-school note, the way he always addresses the packages to Young-ju personally?

Young-ju arrives just in time to see the ambulance drive off, and the reporters come rushing down to snap photos. He looks down and sees more dog tags around Seo’s neck, and Seo carefully opening his eyes to peek at his surroundings.

Jin-pyo opens his eyes, confused to find himself back in his own office. He looks up at a very contrite Shik-joong. Oh no. Why’d you leave Ajusshi to explain things to Dad? That’s so mean! And then of course, Dad just flips his lid and beats Shik-joong to a pulp for his insubordination.

The cops track down Yoon-sung’s ambulance, but he’s ditched it by the river and is long gone. But on his way out he gets a call from Dad, breathing fire from Yoon-sung’s betrayal. He tries to explain that he did it all for both of them, but Dad interrupts with a visual message—he pulls Shik-joong up by the collar, so Yoon-sung can see his bloodied face.

Yoon-sung: “Ajusshi!!” What did you think would happen when you left him there? That Dad would chuckle and say ‘gosh darn that rascal,’ and bake him cookies?!

Yoon-sung rushes over there, and when Sang-gook comes out to try and stop him, he beats the living hell out of Dad’s Number 2, and makes his entrance by throwing him at Dad’s feet. Hahahaha. Tit for tat. Goddamn, sometimes I love this fucked up family.

It’s so awesome that he goes from total gladiator one minute, all blood and fists of fury, to worrying over Ajusshi so tenderly the next. He makes sure that Ajusshi is okay, and he is, just mostly scared more than hurt.

Dad gets up in a furor, raising his cane… but Yoon-sung stands up and blocks it. The two of them stand there in a deadlock…

Jin-pyo: You could have died. Why did you go to the prosecutor?!
Yoon-sung: Because I don’t want to make any more children like me! If it weren’t for those five men, I would’ve grown up under a mother and father, just like everyone else. More than anyone, I want to kill those five men. But we have to stop blood spilling more blood for vengeance. When this is over… I want to try to live happily with you Father.
Jin-pyo: I will follow them to the edge of hell to kill them. Will you still oppose me then?! Answer me.
Yoon-sung: Yes. Because that is my revenge.
Jin-pyo: Even if it’s going to war with me?
Yoon-sung: Even if you go beyond war. Don’t touch the people who are precious to me. I will protect them. Even you, Father.

Swoon. When he stands up to Dad, while still loving him like a dutiful son, it just makes me die a little inside. It’s so heartbreaking.

But as soon as Yoon-sung and Ajusshi walk out, Dad orders Sang-gook to find the agent who Yoon-sung saved today. Oh crap. I knew there’d be a swift turnaround on that.

Nana gets her shoulder wrapped at the hospital, and the police question her about the City Hunter. She says that he’s tall and she could only see his eyes. The cop asks what the eyes looked like, and she starts to describe them, all of a sudden flashing back to the way the City Hunter looked at her on the ledge, and then that moment, when Yoon-sung almost kissed her.

Eeeeeeeeee! She knows! Does she KNOW-know? It might just be a flicker rather than a realization, but how much do I love that doesn’t have Lois Lane’s Black Hole of Eyewear? There’s still plenty of room for him to wriggle out of this, but the seed of uncovering his identity… it’s there.

Back at home, Yoon-sung holds Ajusshi’s hand as he apologizes. Ajusshi: “Oh, it’s okay. I guess Boss is human… he didn’t kill me.” He laughs, which is really messed up. That shouldn’t really be a moment of levity, but for this family, it is.

He worries about Nana and gets up to find out what happened to her, but the instant he stands, he collapses. It’s about time. I was wondering when the day’s events were going to take their toll.

Ajusshi runs to get Sae-hee and brings her back to the house to treat Yoon-sung. He tells her that she’s just in more danger now, since she knows yet another secret. She thinks just the opposite, grateful that he called for her.

He sleeps for a while, and when he comes to, the first thing he asks is how Nana is. Ajusshi tells him that she got checked out at the hospital and wasn’t badly injured. He sighs in relief, still worried that she’s probably shaken up.

He decides he has to move out of her house (Nooooo!) to keep Dad from coming after her. I think Dad’s smarter than you think, and will find her regardless of where you’re living. Ajusshi asks, “Do you like Nana? Is that why you didn’t go after Seo Yong-hak and rescued Nana? If you had to do it all over again, would you make the same choice?”

Yoon-sung turns his head, brushing him off with an “I don’t know. I don’t know,” but then answers honestly, “I’m scared… that something might happen to Nana.” Ajusshi just feels terrible, thinking it’s his fault for asking him to look out for her in the first place.

She calls, asking where he is and if he’s hurt, but he answers brusquely that he’s busy and hangs up. Aw, so heartbreaking that he cares so much but can’t show it.

He falls asleep and has another dream, this time back on the ledge holding Nana. He struggles and then loses his grip, and she falls to the ground with a thud. She dies instantly, the blood pooling around her. Dude, your nightmares are starting to give ME nightmares.

It startles him awake, and he decides he can’t take it—he has to go see her right now to make sure she’s okay. Aw, puppy, if you’re that worried about her now, how do you plan on living away from her?

Nana tosses and turns in bed, worried and wide awake. She finally gets up and goes to the roof for some air. She says aloud, “I miss him. I’m worried.” And then he’s there, calling out her name…

Yoon-sung: Kim Nana, do you know what time it is? It’s past 2am. It’s not enough that you shower without locking the front door, you’re out catching the night air because you think you’re good at judo?!
Nana: Do you think I want to be out here at night? I can’t sleep. I’m worried. I just came out to get some air. Why don’t you come and go early instead of worrying people?! And why don’t you answer your phone, keeping me awake and putting me in a bad mood? Who’s the cause of all this and you’re yelling at me…

Their outbursts are of course just I-love-you, I-miss-you, I-was-worried, dressed in their prickly banter. But tonight the meaning is clear enough to cut through the crap. And Yoon-sung interrupts her and grabs her in a kiss.

The camera slows down just enough to make each moment linger and float away, as he kisses her over and over again.

He holds her close and then proceeds to tell her to always lock the door, and be wary of strangers, not to eat only kimchi, and not to just take care of the dog, but to take care of herself too. Oh no. You’re saying goodbye. No, no, no, no, no!

He adds wistfully that her coffee was always the best. Not catching his drift, she sweetly offers to make him a cup, so he sends her down with a “Will you?” Don’t do it!

She goes down and makes coffee, but by the time she comes back up, he’s gone. All he’s left behind is his jacket where it fell when he kissed her. She looks around, confused and stunned.

Yoon-sung drives away, telling himself, “I’m going to protect you. This is the only way.” Aaaaargh. I mean, I know. Noble idiocy actually makes sense in the superhero’s world. It’s a trope borne of this genre and in fact I think it fits this setup nicely. It doesn’t change the fact that it pains me through the heart like a very stabby wound, but I suppose that’s a testament to the fact that it’s played effectively.

But STILL. *wail*

Yoon-sung recovers well through the night, and Sae-hee tells him that he’s doing much better. She asks how he knows Kim Jong-shik, since she heard him say the name in his sleep. He and Ajusshi freeze. Yeah, you guys need to work on your stealth mode in the reaction department.

Sae-hee coolly answers, “I wonder if the City Hunter knows… that Minister of Education Kim Jong-shik’s top-university-educated son is Prosecutor Kim Young-ju.” Oh, she’s just outright handing him information now, all by the by, if the City Hunter is interested… She’s quickly on her way to becoming the girl friday ’round here. Wait. That’s my job.

Yoon-sung and Ajusshi stare at each other in disbelief.

At the same time, Dad finds out the same connection, including the fact that the father-son relationship is strained, and that it’s also kept very secret, because Young-ju doesn’t want to be accused of riding Daddy’s coattails.

Yoon-sung paces back and forth, “So have we entrusted a mouse in a fox’s lair, all this time?” (A common metaphor that means what you think, like asking Cookie Monster to hold your cookies for a minute.)

He berates himself for the massive mistake, in handing over his first two targets to the son of a member of the Council of Five. Ajusshi tells him that it’s not his fault — how could he have known? But Yoon-sung doesn’t relent, saying he should have prepared, should have known.

To make matters worse, Dad calls to rub salt in it, and declares that all three, including the targets he’s already turned over to Young-ju, will die by his hand. Yoon-sung slams his fist down in the face of his first real screw-up.

Nana gets shredded at work for failing as an agent, and most of all for getting her gun taken from her in the line of duty. Yeah, not gonna lie. That’s bad. She’s told to write her resignation and clear out her desk, and in a week’s time the committee will reach a decision.

She cleans out her stuff and runs into Yoon-sung on her way out. She calls out his name but he just stops to stare, and then goes on his way, not even a flicker of interest in his eye.

Young-ju catches up to her to ask if she got a good look at the City Hunter’s face, and wonders if his eyes aren’t familiar. She just stammers that they’re not and asks what Young-ju thinks. He tells her that they’re comparing blood samples from both incidents right now, and they should have an identity soon.

He notices the little Pororo doll in her stuff, and asks if it’s hers. She starts to say that it’s Yoon-sung’s, but says that Yoon-sung gave it to her. Young-ju remembers picking up the same doll while questioning Jin-pyo, but a common Pororo doll is no smoking gun. Yoon-sung listens to the whole exchange and slips away.

Seo Yong-hak comes in for questioning, mobbed with eggs in front of the courthouse. He confesses to everything without hesitation and asks hurriedly to be placed in safe custody. “You don’t think that the City Hunter will follow me all the way there and kill me, right?”

Young-ju is surprised at Seo’s level of fear. He knows the City Hunter to be the guy who drops these guys off on his doorstep, but Seo seems to think he’s out for blood. Young-ju asks if he knows anything about the dog tags and a special forces team in ’83, but Seo remains tight-lipped about that.

The results are in from examining the anonymous note detailing Seo’s crimes – and it identifies the City Hunter as… Senator Lee Kyung-wan, aka Target No. 1. Hahahahaha. Awesome. How’d you do it?

Ki-joon’s little brother gets honorably discharged from the army, and the President attends the ceremony in his honor. Yoon-sung sits in the audience as well, watching proudly. He gives a speech that actually brings tears to my eyes:

Go Ki-wook: I’m standing here after losing a leg, but I don’t ever regret going to the army. I wanted to serve handsomely, but my time was cut short. It’s what I regret the most. If it weren’t for the City Hunter, we might’ve elected a president who rotted his soldiers’ bodies with faulty boots. Young men sacrifice their youth to protect this land. All those in politics, instead of thinking that you’re sending others’ sons to the army, I would like to ask you to protect the beautiful youth of Korea.

He salutes, and the whole audience stands and salutes him in return, the President down below, and Yoon-sung in the very back. It’s a wonderful moment, because it gives meaning to capturing Seo Yong-hak and bringing him to justice, beyond vengeance.

But of course the President isn’t without fault in this very dilemma of a nation’s promise to protect its soldiers – and Jin-pyo doesn’t lose the opportunity to remind him of his sins. He appears in the crowd, dressed in uniform, just long enough for the President to catch a glimpse of him before he disappears like a hallucination.

It’s moments like this where I soften a little to Jin-pyo’s pain. His story will never have the neat resolution like this one, with commendations and flowers and rousing speeches. There’s only the death of his brothers, which will never see the light of day.

His psychological torture is effective on President Choi, who is the only one of the Council of Five to have ever shown remorse, and the complexity of their relationship definitely makes him the most interesting of the five targets, even before counting the obstacle of his being the sitting president.

Young-ju uses this opportunity to approach the President about giving him access to classified military files—those pertaining to the ’83 Incident. He’s been denied at every stage, and so he’s come as a last resort, to the top of the food chain.

The President answers carefully that it’s not a matter he can clear on his own, but promises to look into it. Man, I love how all the threads are really starting to intertwine.

Young-ju catches up to Yoon-sung to ask if he knows a Steve Lee, checking on that hunch about the Pororo toy he found in Dad’s office. Yoon-sung says no and walks off.

During judo training today, Eun-ah takes all her frustrations at Nana’s dismissal out on poor Ki-joon, who basically serves as a large lanky punching bag. Yoon-sung comes for his lesson and Nana’s boss steps in to take over for her, telling him that the change might be permanent, if the committee decides to fire her.

This is the first Yoon-sung is hearing about it, so he asks defiantly if this is because she got her gun taken from her. Her boss gripes that her being a female agent is the problem. Oh, NO YOU DI’N’T! I thought you were just strict, but you’re sexist too? He takes Yoon-sung’s arm to throw him over his shoulder, but Yoon-sung doesn’t budge, instead picking him up and slamming him down with a, “Agent Kim Nana taught me that!” So. Satisfying.

Back in the office, Ki-joon rolls over to ask for something and sees Nana’s present sitting in Yoon-sung’s desk. He gets giddy, asking if it’s for his girlfriend. “Did you go on a sogaeting? Hunting? Booking?” Hahaha. You could say he goes hunting.

He gets a call from Nana and he answers curtly again, but this time she asks straightaway for him to come over… and the camera pans up to show Dad, looming right behind her. Oh crap. He takes the phone out of her hand, “Are you very busy?”

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. Yoon-sung darts out of his chair and zooms over there, biting his lip in a panic the whole way.

Turns out Dad’s not here to threaten directly, well not in a hold-a-gun-to-her-head kind of way, although in some sense this nice dad act is way creepier. He sees Yoon-sung’s bullet necklace around her neck (oh god, you HAD to wear it today?), the bullet that he dug out of his own chest to give to Yoon-sung. Oh, this is BAD. Very bad.

Yoon-sung runs in there, thinking the worst, only to find Dad smiling and having a tea party with Nana. HA. Dad’s message is effective though, and Yoon-sung trembles, his hand shaking as he clenches his fist.

They walk out and Dad asks if he loves this girl. Yoon-sung gulps and quickly says no. Dad: “Foolish kid. I told you not to fall in love. Know this: because of you, she could die.”

Yoon-sung’s eyes dart back to Dad in fear – is it a threat? A warning? Dad says nothing more and turns to walk away. I do read some genuine fatherly concern in his words though. Not the happy-kittens-and-rainbows kind, just yunno, the I’m-worried kind.

Nana runs down, concerned that Dad misunderstood their situation. The living together situation? Well who would do that? All that was missing was you walking around in his shirt. But Yoon-sung cuts her off coldly: “Butt out. My relationships with women are so complicated that my Dad’s long since stopped caring.” Damn.

Ajusshi freaks out at the news that Dad went to see Nana. Yoon-sung tells him the message was loud and clear: I’m going to kill Kim Jong-shik, and if you get in the way, something happens to Nana. He decides to clear his stuff out of there first thing. He notices Nana’s earring on the floor and picks it up.

For now Target No. 3 is out of the country, and Yoon-sung figures that he has to find some sort of dirty secret before he’s back. Ajusshi blathers quickly, “He has one! I know he does!” Yoon-sung: “How do you know?” Ajusshi: “I just do!”

Um… now might be the time for you to spill the beans about the accident, no?

The next day he sends Ajusshi to pack up his stuff, and stops in to get treated at Sae-hee’s clinic.

At the same time, Young-ju gets the results from testing that piece of clothing found at the warehouse. It’s a particularly unique designer shower gel… Oh NO. He scans the list of people who order it directly… and stops at one name: Lee Yoon-sung.

Damn that fruity shower gel! I knew your obsession with that was going to bite you in the ass, but I didn’t think it’d be the clincher! Gah, who needs false DNA tests when you use some shower gel that only 50 other people use? Just buy your soap at the drugstore like a regular dude!

Young-ju puts all the pieces together, all the clues that have been hovering around him for weeks. He lands at that suit—his suit, from the night after the City Hunter was shot. Sae-hee.

He rushes over to Sae-hee, questioning her like a suspect, and calling out all her tells, like her finger motions when she’s lying. She holds up well enough, just acting like it’s uncomfortable for her to talk about her new man with her old husband. But Young-ju isn’t buying it.

He runs outside to dig through her trash, hoping to find anything used to treat Yoon-sung. But he finds nothing.

Once he’s gone Sae-hee opens the door to the next room, where Yoon-sung has been sitting the entire time. She hands him a bag of his bloody clothes and the supplies she had used that night. Smart girl.

He thanks her for her help yet again, and wonders why she’s always saving his hide. She tells him, “I feel bad for a dog that’s lost its way. And you seem lost.” Aw.

Ajusshi packs up Yoon-sung’s things in Nana’s apartment (with no fear that she’ll come home at any point?) and sighs to himself that since living here, he’s seen Yoon-sung genuinely laugh and smile. He drops something while packing but doesn’t notice. Oh god, it’s not Nana’s picture is it?

Yoon-sung sends him home first with his stuff and waits to say goodbye to Nana. She’s busy buying groceries, and decides to make Yoon-sung’s favorite dish as requested, with no veggies and just beef. She thinks again about the City Hunter and Yoon-sung, and says aloud, “It can’t be, right? It’s not.”

She comes home to find him asleep on the couch, and makes him dinner. She goes to wake him up and he doesn’t stir. Then she suddenly thinks back to the City Hunter. Slowly, trembling, she raises her hand toward his face…

She covers everything but his eyes. She flashes back to the City Hunter. And back to his eyes.

Her eyes grow wide. SHE KNOWS!

She covers her mouth as she gasps, and he darts awake. She tells him to eat and turns away, the recognition settling in on her face. They sit awkwardly over dinner, both their heads spinning over different things.

Yoon-sung looks at her, and at his bullet around her neck. He finally starts in:

Yoon-sung: Forget what happened that day. You’re such a prideful stick-in-the-mud that I just played around with you, but if you’re like this it’s no fun. We kissed once and the way you look at me has changed. Turns out there’s not much to you. You’re easy… So easy it’s no fun. I’ve lost my taste for it. The me you saw in the beginning is right—I’m really that guy.

Daaaaaayum. Why you gotta rip a girl’s insides out to save her?

He adds that he’s already moved his stuff out. She can stay as long as she wants and he won’t tell her to leave. He suggests that they can at least say hi to each other at work, to make things comfortable. And with that he makes his exit, Nana frozen from his ice-cold words.

He leaves and looks out at the night, “I can’t love. That is my fate.”

He comes home and finds Ajusshi unpacking his things. Ajusshi asks why he’s collected all these old news stories on Kim Jong-shik, and he looks at the file—it’s Nana’s, not his. He flips through it, wondering why she’s collecting information on him. Ajusshi worries, realizing that his wires might cross and he’ll find out about Nana’s parents.

Just then, news breaks of Lee Kyung-wan being rushed to the hospital from prison. Yoon-sung looks up at the tv, and standing at the hospital’s entrance ready to receive Target No. 1? Is Dad, in a white coat.

Yoon-sung races to stop him…

At the same time, Young-ju gets a call that Lee Kyung-wan is ready to talk about the ’83 Incident. He rushes to hospital…

They get there at the same time, eyes meeting in the corridor. But they’re too late. The bodies of two police officers get carted away between them.

Young-ju goes in to Lee Kyung-wan’s room… and finds him dead.

Yoon-sung watches from behind the police line, and then turns to see Dad with a look of grim determination on his face.

He’s too late.


I seriously cannot remember the last time I watched a show this gripping and tightly, rapidly plotted. It’s enough to make a recapper giddy. I could go on endlessly about the awesome badassery at every turn, but in the end what really seals it for me is that this show has heart. It’s so bleeding-heart earnest and idealistic, and the epic journey of a young hero that it makes me swoon a thousand times, and then pump my fist in ever-living glory. Why yes, I AM that geeky.

And I don’t normally have to moderate too many spoilers since most of you know not to do it, but please for the love of superheroes, don’t spoil me on Episode 10! I will hunt you down and poke you with my sword-cane!


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    • 1.1 Joanne

      “He drops something while packing but doesn’t notice. Oh god, it’s not Nana’s picture is it? ”

      From the back of it, I think the picture is that taped together photo of his Yoon Sung’s parents with Jin Pyo. Which is good because I will love it if the show makes Nana the one to bring Yoong Sung to his mother.

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      Episode 10 is subbed on viki

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          I am rewatching Boys over Flowers and imagining Go Jun Pyo using a gun or awesome fighting skills whenever he is getting angry…

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      I actually thought that this episode was kind of messy. It didn’t flow like the previous episodes – it wasn’t as awesome as the others, not saying it didn’t have it moments but still… its the first time that the technical stuff actually got to me like editing and music.. it just seemed all over the place…even the kiss seemed odd to me…

      i must say though that this also the first time i thought the flashbacks were really effective because it just showed that happy times can not last long in the world he is living in…that he can’t control everything like he wants to….it was quite exciting watching his plans unfolding perfectly….

      but alas that is not how the world works…

      i really want young ju to get started on the other case…

      I hope episode 10 is good… I want to keep being excited for City Hunter… its number 1 on my list atm

      ps… Lee Min Ho looked really sick throughout this episode… i hope its the character and not a reflection of long hours and his accident and injuries….keep up the good work… im a fan again…

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        Was it the pale lips? It’s just part of his character, because Yoon Sung is injured and hurting, and all of the events have taken a toll on his body, so he’s supposed to look like that.

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      Now that we all know Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young were dating, noticed this is the first time when two Korean actors kiss sooo passionately, no-holds-barred. Not a close lips tightly kiss as in most of the Korean kisses.

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      Haven’t been so excited about a drama since the Secret Garden earlier this yr.

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    Oh, rewinded the kiss too many times to count… wow…

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    • 13.1 Eleven11

      cos dude is STEALTHY. I have absolutely no proof to back this up, except his years of advanced military stealth training – but aside from that, the guy has ninja eyes! Ninja eyes of steel. Combine that with his classy costumes and acting and you’ve got one stealthy revenge-otaku.

      My conclusion: Jin Pyo = Korean revenge ninja.

      • 13.1.1 kd

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    • 14.1 mskololia

      It looks like they are on the prosecutor’s dad’s case now as he’s target #3 so the guy with the scary bodyguard is #4. He must be worse than YJ’s dad…We’ll find out.

  15. 15 Senris

    I’d thought it was the fingerprints on the anonymous letter that are identified as Lee Kyung Wan’s, not the blood test. Fingerprints are easier to lift and fake, blood tests not so much… And there does seem to be a particularly telling moment when Seo Yong-Hak believes that his former buddy has ratted him out.

    Anyway. THIS EPISODE WAS SO GOOD! Lots of moments of me biting my knuckles and howling at the screen. Man, Jin-Pyo was EVIL in this episode–but I loved how there’s that extra layer to him at the soldiers’ commemoration ceremony: he’s there as an avenging angel, of course, but as you pointed out, he and the men he lost will never get this ceremony, and so you do feel for him just a little…

    (Though I still think Yoon-Sung is going to have to take down Jin-Pyo at the end, not the President.)

    And how heart-wrenching is Yoon-Sung’s explanation of why he can’t take his revenge in blood? He desperately wants the normal life he never had, and he doesn’t want to turn any more children into screwed-up revenge-tools like him. After all Jin-Pyo has done, he still just wants to go away and live quietly with him — and he’ll fight him all the way, if necessary, in order for them to get that chance of peace at last. Rip my HEART out, why don’t you?!

    (I do love Nana and the conflict Yoon-Sung faces in his love for her, but somehow his conflict with his father is at the emotional heart of this series for me. Family can hurt you like no one else…)

    • 15.1 girlfriday

      Good catch. Letter it is.

    • 15.2 Molly

      Another deja vu moment (seriously, after a certain threshold, all the dramas I’ve read/watched blur together)! This episode of City Hunter totally reminded me of City Hall, Jo Gook tries to get BB to give up his own vendetta, saying that he wants to live happily with his father and give his father a daughter-in-law and family.

      Based on how City Hall ended up, I think that logically Yoon-sung will have to confront his father before the latter goes too far; otherwise, both of them will be ensnared in bloodshed and will never have the normal life that Yoon-sung craves. That connection to humanity just kills me. It’s like Story of a Man plotting plus the Dark Knight cinematography and daddy issues at the core…please don’t throw Gone With the Wind into the mix! Yoon-sung and Nana NEED to be together. I keep reminding myself this is a kdrama – therefore there MUST be a good ending. (banishes all thought of Bad Guy)

      Thanks for the recap, girlfriday! City Hunter is too gripping. I never really thought Lee Min-ho was hot until this…now I even dream about him, ha!

      • 15.2.1 samgetang

        Hi Molly! It did remind me of City Hall as well…you are spot on! 🙂

        As GF said, Yoon Sung’s nightmares give us nightmares. Ooohh!

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    I love Shik-joong and Yoon-sung’s mutual devotion. YS protects SJ and hugs him when he smells like garbage. SJ fusses over YS like a mother hen and feeds him. I like that it is kind of level that way. Sj isn’t just a flat always-ready side kick, but a partner at YS’s shoulder.

    I physically hurt after Yoon-sung left Nana at the apartment.

    • 18.1 Cynthia

      Hah! Not only would I smell his clothing, I’d turn it into a pillow and sleep with it. Forever. Or until I marry him – whichever comes first!

    • 18.2 Molly

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  19. 19 Lidia

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    I’ve been trying to figure out what it is, but I’ve listened to all the songs from OST that have been released with the exception of “Morning Garden,” and none match. So I’m guessing the song is “Morning Garden,” or hasn’t been released yet, or is not going to appear on the OST.

    • 19.1 Cathyrrn

      It’s none of the songs currently in any of the OST’s.
      Morning Garden is the songs where they played when Yoon Sung was playing with the water fountains. It’s played whenever it’s the aftermath of major that gets resolved.

      The closest I find is ‘Glory of the City’ with the deep tubas etc.

      K-drama’s tend to release all their music on their OST’s. I even found out that bad ass-ery song was called ‘Sad Run’ 😛

      • 19.1.1 Lidia

        thanks for replying, Cathyrrn!
        I think I know what song you’re talking about during the fountain scene, so that answers my question about “Morning Garden”!
        I agree, “Glory of the City” does sound similar with the tubas.
        Since you said that k-dramas usually release all their music on their OSTs, I’m assuming that there are probably parts of the OST for City Hunter that are still going to be released then?
        I totally love the one called “Sad Run” too…I think “bad ass-ey” is the perfect way to describe it 🙂

      • 19.1.2 mskololia

        Cathyrrn, thank you for naming the badass song for me.
        “Sad Run”, yay!

    • 19.2 Celexa

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    I thought that it was the fingerprint samples that matched with Senator Lee Kyung-wan and they were just conducting if the two blood samples matched each other.
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    Some shows I could feel that the hour just flew by but nothing much really happened. In this show I keep catching my breath and at the end of the episode I wonder hoe they managed to put so much in the allotted time… So much plot and so much development with the characters…

    Now Nana knows… so glad she knew even before things got messier…

    Dad kinda creeps me out at times and Yoon-sung makes me marvel at his wits to outsmart both Dad and Yong-ju!

    • 25.1 Venus

      Totally agree with u Athena compare to City Hunter is kiddy play…..CH has heart, which is something that was missed in Athena and in Iris (sorry to Iris fan) but is true….City Hunter is in another level….and if the drama can keep up with this much intensity till the end, hands down best drama of the year…..

  26. 26 Aphrodite

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    ANyway, enjoy!
    *kiss was nice

    • 26.1 Aphrodite

      Nosensical. *
      And okay, I haven’t seen the rest, I was informed that he didn’t really learn the whole truth, so I might be wrong.
      Either way, enjoy!
      The feeling of the addiction to a drama, is amazing, so enjoy as much as you can! I see that lots of people agree with you 🙂

      • 26.1.1 Irina

        So you’ve actually never watched it but you’re giving your 2 cents? What does that make you? Go wipe somebody’s a**!

  27. 27 saranga

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    i have to say, Intense Dad cracked me up when yoon-sung bursts into nana’s house, thinking the worst, and Intense Dad is just sitting there sitting there on the sofa, his weapon-cane at his side, and just smiles so genially up at him. that smile, that scene just cracked me up.

    oh, and ex-cop also makes me laugh. he played the youngest child of the main family in “men of the bath house,” or “목욕탕집 남자들,” a famous kim soo-hyun drama from the 90s. he was little bro to kim hee sun’s and bae jong-ok’s characters. it’s hard to keep a straight face watching him act all intense next to Intense Dad (who coincidentally was bae jong-ok’s boyfriend/husband in aforementioned series!) if you remember him from that series…

    thank you for recap! 🙂

    • 27.1 Eleven11

      I’m gonna call him Intense Dad from now on. Fits him to a tee.

    • 27.2 Dayan

      Same with you, after Dream High, I’ve only just found a new crack in City Hunter. I haven’t stalked DB this much and I haven’t been this fangirly since Crack High! As much as I loved 49 Days I couldn’ really consider that a ‘crack’, not sure, maybe because of the life-and-death topic.

      LMH=Lips of Min Hot!

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    Now… on to read…

  29. 29 Cynthia

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    GF, you ROCK!
    Now I can stop butting in on other postings to add my OT comments for CH.
    It’s an illness and I have no shame – and now that I’ve seen ep 10!, I’m in a total love free-fall for LMH.
    I want to cuddle with him and at the same time jump his bones. It’s shameful and yet squeelicious!

    I have no coherent thoughts at this juncture as to the episode – my psyche froze at the kiss. And as we all know, LMH can bring on the kissin’!! GAME OVA!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • 29.1 Venus

      Cynthia, I hear ya loud and clear….

      THAT KISSS is just simply HOT!!! dam LMH where u went to kiss like that really….. I’m sure u aced the Kiss 101 course for dramas with TOP Honors…… **keeps replaying kissing scene**…… 😀 😀

      • 29.1.1 Cynthia

        Okay. I’m back. Just finished reading the wonderful recap – GF, your recapping skills are unparalleled. (I’ve read recaps for years – especially at Television Without Pity (TWOP)- a site that’s pretty much the epitome of recapping heaven. Girl, they’ve got nothing on you. Seriously.)

        Now, as for ep.9 – GF’s Comments at the bottom of the recap sum it up. We’re 1/2 way home (20 eps, right?) and at this pace of plot development one can only hope that the excellence continues. 49 Days did it – I’m rooting for CH to be even better.

        What’s going to be really amazing is seeing how the award shows pan out at the end of the year. It’s one thing to have a season of so-so kdrama with one or two standouts, but this year is just incredible in the quality being shown – with more to come. 2011 will go down in kdrama history.

        My favorite scene in ep.9? The kiss, naturally. But, it’s not just that they kissed (they already did at the nightclub) but the way the director approached it was absolutely spot-on.
        No slow lead-up – just Bang! YS swoops in.
        Darkness with one light (reminding me of the poster where Nana is above in light and he’s floating below in the dark) and most importantly (for me) the fact that it was QUIET. No symphonic, loud crashing music in celebration – just slow and low piano notes. Nothing to distract from the poignancy and emotional depth of the moment.

        I read an interview today in which LMH discussed this scene and was a bit concerned that because of his past friendship with our leading lady (5 years) that the scene would be awkward, but that he’d do his best to convey the emotion needed.
        I can assure him that it wasn’t awkward in the least.

        No spoilers for ep.10 here. Just this: Be ready. 🙂

        • Eleven11

          The thought of watching episode 10 literally sends shivers into my stomach. I’m not kidding.

          Agreed, the kiss was great. The build up, the tone of the conversation, the fact that she actually responded to it instead of just standing there… sigh… and then he just runs off and she has to drink two coffees and probably doesn’t get any sleep.

          The best part for me? That they didn’t show it a hundred times from multiple angles – that stuff actually takes away the magic for me when its overdone. The director in this is really good.

          God I can’t believe how much I am addicted to this, I’m starting to feel like I’m spamming the page. Step awaaaay from the comment button, Eleven11, step away slowly with your hands in the air…

          • Cynthia

            I Know – and I sympathise with the obsession – you are invited to join me and Lina165 on our mutual Walk Of Shame…

            The technical aspects of the kissing scene really were well shot – the one-take, circular camera work, the fact that the director was brave enough to show a REAL kiss (and for the more modest of commenters reading here, cover your eyes for a second, please) – an adult, passionate kiss showing LMH’s mouth open is a rarity in kdramaland.

            (As a funny aside, I was thinking of the first time Kim Hyun Joong (ahem..my husband!) had his first on-screen kiss in BOF and asked the director “Do I put my tongue in her mouth?!” Such an innocent back then. Good thing he’s a fast learner…or maybe LMH gave him “how-to” advice? Hold on, let me ask him..) 🙂

        • Webfoot

          Cynthia wrote:”(As a funny aside, I was thinking of the first time Kim Hyun Joong (ahem..my husband!) had his first on-screen kiss in BOF and asked the director “Do I put my tongue in her mouth?!” Such an innocent back then. Good thing he’s a fast learner…or maybe LMH gave him “how-to” advice? Hold on, let me ask him..) :)”

          Ok complete kdrama noob question from me (and a funny story too):

          1. um, *squirm* in kdrama kisses, do they really tongue kiss? or is it, yunno, just kinda simulated. I’m not asking about those chaste lip-press, no participation type of kisses. I’m asking about Secret Garden types. I don’t understand Korean, so I’m curious as to whether there’s been any statement of what is a kissing standard in k-drama. And what was the answer? Can KHJ?

          2. For those still reading, this bit comes with an over-sharing warning, ok?

          I actually tried to experiment to see if it’s possible (all in the name of kdrama research). So I asked the DH to try smoochie smoochie with no tongue whatsoever. The result was weird mushy gnawing. Maybe it can look good on screen, but it certainly wasn’t anything passionate.

          • Eleven11

            Hahahahahahaha omg you are my hero!!!! I’m sorry for the laughter, I really think that is awesome though. This is a regular conversation for drama watchers, and you actually put some solid research into it! Respect.

            I think the kisses tend to be more chaste the younger the audience that the show is directed at – ie You’re Beautiful, Playful Kiss vs Coffee House (*fans self remembering phone booth scene*), City Hunter et al. Or maybe its just down to directorial style.

            I know the You’re Beautiful crap infuriated the hell out of me, because I was chanting for my kiss and then I was like, “…What. What is this.” If I want to see Barbie and Ken kissing, I’ll get out my toybox. No tongue kisses can be nice irl, sure, but not if they involve simply pressing your face unmovingly against another person’s for five minutes.

            There is NOTHING to fantasise about with those kisses – as you, obviously, have found out. “Weird mushy gnawing.” Hahaha. Champion.

          • Cynthia

            Okay – now I’m laughing, too.
            I asked my hubs (khj) about your question. He just rolled his eyes, shook his head and said he was on his way out to meet some buds for ‘drinky’ time and that he’d demonstrate different kisses to me later. Okay, I can live with that. 🙂

            Anyway, after viewing many a kdrama, this is kinda what I think.
            Eleven11 is right to a large degree – it seems to be fairly dependent on who’s watching. BOF, PK, that ilk – no you-know-what. As a matter of fact, the director of BOF told LMH to keep his mouth CLOSED while kissing and he actually cut one bridge kiss out because it was “too intense”.
            And then you have a director who thought it looked great and gave us that scene from Goong. Tongue for miles.

            I get the feeling that on the whole, the male actors (unless they’re really young/immature) want the steamy kisses. What normal, hot-blooded guy wouldn’t? And yet, with the few exceptions (like YEH) it looks like 99.9% of kdrama female actresses prefer the closed mouth, deer-in-headlights look for their romantic scenes.

            I still think one of the best scenes was in “Lovers” – that was bells & whistles in the bedroom!
            As much as I generally dislike J or T dramas, they do get the ‘sex’ scenes better on film. ISWAK & Mars are good examples.

            BTW – thank your husband for contributing to the cause. It’s appreciated! 🙂

          • Webfoot

            @Eleven11 no offence taken! All in the name of important kdrama research!

            @cynthia My DH did some eye rolling too, but was pretty obliging. 🙂 Nope, not telling him that I spilled the beans online. He’ll be so embarrassed.

            And yeah, I’m all for relative chasteness to heighten the impact of the kissing, but I agree it is so frustrating when “99.9% of kdrama female actresses prefer the closed mouth, deer-in-headlights look for their romantic scenes”

            So from what you guys are saying, there’s probably some agreement beforehand about the degree of kissing that goes on, most likely between the cast members and the director. And there is no ‘k-drama’ standard that tongues are the big no-no, leading to simulated (weird gnawing).

  30. 30 lala

    ah, everything about this drama is PERFECT! Even Goo Hara who plays the annoying president’s daughter.

  31. 31 Sara

    Thanks for the recaps girlfriday….
    I am all giddy watching the latest episodes …so good
    totally onboard the NN-YS romance now….she totally redeem herself in eps 10
    Someone had to shake the evil daddy

  32. 32 Venus

    OMGGGGGGGGG I LUB U GF!!!! just I LUB CH!!!….

    This drama is amazingly good, it makes me feel like i’m dreaming, like YS is the Korean Batman version, like my heart is about to stop at every YS and NN moment, like I’m going crazyyyyyy about CH…..My obsession has grown with each episode, I mean I knew that BL ending was today, but went straight to CH ep 10, I just couldn’t help myself….

    I don’t know how the CH creating team is doing it but, they keep topping each episode..its a thrilling roller coaster ride pack with emotions and action.

    Btw, I love love the scenes with YS and JP the tension you can cut it with a knife, but is sooo good it hurts……

    thanks GF for this wonderful recap…….

  33. 33 eclair

    I’m seriously so in love with this show. so so so so much.

    Lee Min Ho is amazing. Park Min Young too.

    I love the story, the characters, everything. And I love how everything is starting to come together–the stories, the characters, the hidden secrets…

    And…I have to say, I loved how cool Sae Hee was this episode. 🙂

  34. 34 Fanny

    Thank you for the recap! I wasn’t as excited for their kiss in this episode, unlike the ‘sofa’ one last week that literally made me cursing the Dad, lol.

    And Ahjussi 🙁 I am scared with the prospect of him being killed later. PLEASE NOOOO.

    Dad is creepy, but I guess he loves Yoon-sung enough. Just not as much as he loves his revenge though.

  35. 35 Celexa

    “It’s moments like this where I soften a little to Jin-pyo’s pain. His story will never have the neat resolution like this one, with commendations and flowers and rousing speeches. There’s only the death of his brothers, which will never see the light of day.”

    Although I feel Jin-pyo methods are brutal, I feel he is justified. The pigs he is trying to take down are powerful and can easily escape without paying for their sins. In every society… money and power tip the scales of justice. Yoon-Sung’s methods are altruistic and I’m glad he has succeeded, but I certainly don’t condemn his father.

    Soldiers that willingly fight and die for their country deserve their nations respect. These pigs sold them out and covered their existence. Leaving their families behind to suffer the pain of never knowing what happened to their loved one.

    ok… off my soapbox 😀

    • 35.1 Eleven11

      Yeah, his father’s motivations are definitely sympathetic, I mean that’s why we got invested in the first place! But the thing about his character is that its changed so much. He kills innocent people (the cops guarding Lee Kyung-wan at the end of this ep) to get revenge on those who also killed innocent people. As well as financing the whole thing through drug money.

      Jin-pyo may be justified in going after revenge, but his methods are just as bad as those who wronged him. Yoon-sung sees this, which is why he wants to break the cycle and resolve it through justice.

      • 35.1.1 asianromance

        That is what keeps me from feeling too sympathetic for him. I agree with Celexa that in money and power can often buy justice and that the only way to really make sure these men don’t hurt any more people is to kill them off. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to avenge these guys anyways except for Young-ji but that’s because his father is one of them. The one with the sons who tried to evade army duty- yeah can’t imagine those sons wanting vengeance. If YS killed everyone except for Young-ju’s dad, I think he can still live a clean, normal life.

        But yeah, Jin-pyo is leaving a ton of dead bodies in his wake. Couldn’t he have killed those men without killing more innocent people? (and random thought- i wonder if Yoon-sung’s shower gel is paid for with drug money…)

        The straight kill that Jin-pyo likes is too boring. My favorite kind of revenge is the psychological one- like how Jin-pyo appeared to the President at the ceremony in this episode. I hope he does this more with the other members.

        • Eleven11

          Yeah, I like to think that being an MIT means you can afford to buy fancy Chanel shower gel without relying on dad’s drug money.

  36. 36 TiaC

    I just gotta say, while I am finding CH to be a lot of fun and the twists well-executed, I find the good vs. evil conflicts to be somewhat simplistic. Look! These men are BAAAD! One steals from poor kids and the other betrays the troops! But no worries, the City Hunter will protect the interests of the people, even if it means he has to push away his girl! And while the president has not been been turned into such a caricature, I don’t recall seeing him as being anything other than passive and full of regret.

    But that’s just my gripe about an otherwise addicting show (and a gripe colored by the fact that just before this episode I was watching the fantastically flawed and three-dimensional politicians written by Aaron Sorkin).

  37. 37 Kira

    …City Hunter..is my new favorite. OH. MY. GOD. HOLY SHIZZNITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING.XINFINITY
    OH MY FREAKING GOD. Kay, I’m done. =]

  38. 38 Alex

    I’m pretty sure the picture that was dropped was the picture of Yoon Sung’s mum & Jin Pyo, because it had a red backing. Which means Nana is going to see it & probs ask the Ahjumma how come she knows Yoon Sung’s dad & then ask does she know the son as well, and the mum is going to be all SON??!! & then kaboom!! all hell explodes!

    • 38.1 Eleven11

      oh man that makes all kinds of angst-inducing, conflict-driving sense. There’s a permanent squee going on in the back of my mind, thinking about all the possible directions this show can go in.

      I can’t wait for the Mum to be reunited in the show. She’s the most tragic character, for me – she had her life ripped apart and she doesn’t even know why.

    • 38.2 xtooline

      Gaaaahhh! I hope you’re right. That would be an excellent up’d ante…

    • 38.3 beggar1015

      Good call, Alex. I hope you’re right. That would be a terrific twist.

  39. 39 Ojou_Belle

    I am totally in love with this drama. It’s so action packed both literally and in love. I ache for the OTP. I have a feeling they’re not going to end up together and he’s going to just watch over her forever.

    Ahhh! Heartbreak!

  40. 40 Eleven11

    Oh man, its getting so intense! I can’t WAIT for the conflict between Young-Ju and Yoon-sung. Young-Ju seems to be onto him, and with the conflict with Daddy probably going to be centred around Nana’s parents’ accident…I am So. Excited. Seriously.

    I love the way this drama is tying together all the threads for conflict between characters. I’m invested in every one because of the way the characters have been built up around the first two ‘cases’. This third one is going to be GOOD.

    • 40.1 Eleven11

      P.S. I’ve been meaning to say this for a while: Prosecuter Young-Ju is DAMN HOT. I love a man who can track another man that I love. He’s just so upstanding!

      OK, that is all.

  41. 41 mskololia

    Thanks GF. I enjoyed our accounting of this wonderful episode.

  42. 42 Maymay

    “Did my coffee come laced with crack from a drug bust gone wrong?”

    I’m afraid all our coffee are laced with drug. Coffee – make by Nana, Drug – provided by JP. Maybe that’s why YS loves Nana’s coffee so much.

    “God, is there anything hotter than three badass guys outsmarting each other?”

    No, I’m sure there is not, especially when the three badass guys are so hot themselves.

    “Tit for tat. Goddamn, sometimes I love this fucked up family.”

    Me too. If you could beat up my guy, then I could beat up yours too is what I’m thinking.

    “Dude, your nightmares are starting to give ME nightmares.”

    I agree. Why is his nightmares so morbid? It kind of scare me thinking about their future.

    “although in some sense this nice dad act is way creepier”

    Yes, I was so creep out by the smiling JP.

    Anyway, love your recap and will try not to reveal anything from episode 10 because I am deathly afraid of that sword-cane. But you have to watch episode 10 asap because it’s so awesome.

    • 42.1 mskololia

      Yes, spoiling the next episodes for JV and GF is a no-no….

      • 42.1.1 mskololia

        oops! ” for JB and….”

    • 42.2 ryoheitantei

      yeah you’re right maymay…

  43. 43 tomboy26

    Man .. when he kissed her I just squealed like a giddy girl and then I fainted a little because it was so sexy and romantic and just yummy. Damn you Lee Min Ho for making my heart beat that fast … I love it 😀

    This show is the best, I love all aspects of it but mostly his whole evolution as a hero and the consequences that comes with the title. And it’s so sad that the first time he loves he can’t freely because of what might happen to those precious to him. It feels very Batmany and being a girl that loves her comic book heroes, that is a very good thing.

    Awesome recap !! Can’t wait for ep. 10.

  44. 44 Mia

    pi-jyo dad is really scary 🙁 terrifying~ like a boogeyman~

  45. 45 Jomo

    Come on, everyone! We knew this would be good when they cast LMH. He is the glue, here, because he is so believable as the sad son who just wants to be a real boy with a real mom.

    Bat sh7t crazy sort of dad aside, YS wants someone – even us – to love him more than he wants revenge.

    So even pushing his real love aside to protect her almost makes sense for someone with that mindset.

    I felt YS’s panic when he woke up from that nightmare; I needed him to see Nana alive as much as he did. That part was so REAL! He didn’t think about it, he just went. And that kiss came from the purest part of his love for her, and she felt it.

    He may try to back track from that moment, and say the meanie-kabeanie things he said, but Nana knows now.

    He loves her and he loves her.

    The imperfect but attractive Blue House employee who she doesn’t respect professionally, AND the hot, bleeding hero who saved her twice. (Oh, yeah, and who she shot…sorry!)

    There is no way she is going to believe the noble idiot lies EVER!

    Doesn’t YJ have the most earnest face you have ever seen. He really really really wants to catch the bad guys. He really really really does this job with every fibre of his being.

  46. 46 ladida

    Girlfriday, Drama beans: I love you! Great recap, and I’m right there with you about how awesome the show is. Enjoy episode 10!

  47. 47 nonski

    frankly we had our dose of cute and fun and lovey-dovey with Best Love, Lie to Me and Romance Town. but gah! this drama just including Miss Ripley are really something! we got the intensity we needed, the cliffhangers and the anticipations that made us palpitate.

    and truth be told, i initially shun City Hunter and Miss Ripley. I thought this would just be some cutesy coz of Lee Min Hoo but turned out he is not just some cheesy actor. Same goes with Ripley, I decided to follow coz of Chunnie but initially thought it would be up to our sleeves coz of Lee Da Hae, turns out too that think these two dramas will mark more in our hearts and minds than anything else.

    thanks for doing this recap.

  48. 48 Lemon

    I seriously LOLed reading this! It’s my favorite recap ever.

    Best line : Damn that fruity shower gel!

    Yea, never knew it’d be such a big part of the story.

  49. 49 xtooline

    A giant thank you, Girl Friday, for the wonderful and super-fast recap! And for the confirmation that I haven’t totally lost my mind by being so totally psycho/crazy over this show.

    I feel like I have to postpone watching Ep. 10 just because I don’t know how to go almost a whole week until episode 11. What. Will. I. Doo. Well, it will give me time to get a new mouse – I think mine has bitten the dust after watching The Kiss in this episode over and over again. Hawt.

    And LMH’s skid into the room with Badass-step-dad and NaNa was priceless.

    • 49.1 Imp

      If you have the willpower to postpone, do it. I just finished watching and I basically screamed and replayed the last five minutes four times hoping it would magically skip to episode 11.

      • 49.1.1 Irina

        Hahahaha….Imp! I was hoping about that, too! It’s driving me insane thinking that I have to wait 5 more days for another episode. Makes me go crazy. Ahhhh….LMH…you are a SOB for being the most gorgeous man alive. Your sexiness is driving this ahjumma carazzzyyyyy!!!

  50. 50 DQ

    WoooWZA You must loooveeeeeee this drama to recap it the next day.Love your recaps, Love this drama and Greatest Love, thought I have access to subs before your recaps I still read your recaps because not only are you a good writer but you have a great sense humor. I am sure you heard this before but there is something about your writting that gravitates and tunes audiences. You make me smile at my PC thanks. Good Speed 🙂

    I think you should pursue writing books or scripts as a side gig you never know.

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