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Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 11
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Another tag-team recap! With the uproar regarding this drama dominating headlines for the past several days, girlfriday and I thought to both weigh in on all the insanity. Only, this episode actually isn’t that insane, considering the circumstances. It’s chock-full of meta commentary, though, with references to killer shooting schedules, overworked stars, and diva attitudes. Some of it’s surely intentional, but even more of it (seemingly) the result of crazy coincidence.


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So Myung-wol and Kang-woo go off-script, ending in teary goodbye. Only, it turns out that the blank didn’t injure her after all; it was just that she and Kang-woo were so caught up in their real emotions that they ad-libbed in the death scene that way. Um, okay. That’s a letdown. I like our idea better.

In-ah gives Myung-wol crap for ad-libbing, saying that rookies like her ought to stick to the script. But just as soon as she says that, the director declares that he and the writer have decided to keep the scene as is, finding it more emotional and real, and commends Myung-wol on her ad-lib.

Myung-wol has been in listless spirits since the shoot ended, and winds up at the Han River, where Ryu finds her, because even in North Korea you know that that’s the best place to brood. Must’ve been a detail she picked up in all her Hallyu contraband crackdowns.

She’s so tired she rests her head on his shoulder and asks him to allow it for a moment. Aw, poor emotionally repressed Ryu and his sad consolation hug.

Spy Mom and Dad are giddy to hear about the fantastic reception to Myung-wol’s exit scene, until Dae-kang tells them that the ad-lib means her character chose love over duty. Gulp. The spies are not blind to the meta of this scene, and Hee-bok asks what happened to the other North Korean spies. Dae-kang cheerily mimes a massacre, saying they died up front, of course.

After sending Myung-wol along, Ryu broods at the river and receives a text from her asking if she must continue the mission. He texts back that she ought to rest and adds, “Reality is different from acting. For us, there is no beautiful ending. The only choices we can make are to succeed in our mission, or die with honor.”

He concludes by saying that he will let her actions slide today, but not in the future — then, it will be betrayal.

Kang-woo drives off, apparently having gotten a haircut in the time between leaving set and getting in his car. He’s upset at his own emotional reaction during the shoot, and although he hasn’t completely accepted that he’s in love with Myung-wol, he knows things can’t continue thusly.

He calls In-ah to break up with her, pointing out that they both know his heart isn’t in it. He asks her to beat him till she’s satisfied, but to end things between them.

In-ah answers that she doesn’t care, that it doesn’t matter if he likes her or not: “Just use me.” She won’t accept his decision, but he tells her he’s going to go public. He’ll take all the heat, so she won’t be harmed.

Surely there’s a meta wink built into this conversation:

Hee-bok: “Will it really be okay? Surely she won’t give up her mission.”
Ok-soon: “No way. She came all the way to the South Korean entertainment industry for the mission. Would she give up so easily?”
Hee-bok: “Right?”
Ok-soon: “Let’s not worry needlessly, and focus on our duty.”

With that, they bust out their laptops and get ready to plaster the Shiri 2 message boards. Ha, I love that somebody’s mission involves killing and/or marrying a famous public figure, while somebody else’s mission is to write internet comments.

Chairman Joo finds In-ah crying at home, and she sobs that she can’t break up with Kang-woo. So he calls Kang-woo for a talking-to, and throws his liquor in his face when Kang-woo tells him that he broke up with In-ah because he doesn’t love her.

Despite Joo’s threatening tone, Kang-woo is unwavering, so the chairman takes a different tack and threatens to mess with Myung-wol’s career. If Kang-woo wants what’s best for her, he’ll keep that in mind.

At home, Myung-wol apologizes for her ad-lib. Kang-woo starts to speak up, but remembers the chairman’s threat against her and stops himself.

Myung-wol’s death scene receives such overall interest from the public that viewers demand that she be brought back. Even the writer admits that she felt it was a waste to lose her after that moving scene.

The producers put their heads together to try to find a way to make it happen, rejecting the initial suggestion that Kang-woo wakes up with Myung-wol safe and sound because it was just a dream. Or that In-ah jealously reinvents herself to look like Myung-wol. HA. You totally know these were the cast-offs from the producers’ scrambled emergency meetings.

President Kyung is pleased with the massive interest, as Myung-wol is poised for stardom. Of course, now that means In-ah’s camp might kick up a fuss, since they won’t be pleased that her planned storyline will be pushed aside by the newcomer. (Ha, shades of East of Eden…)

In-ah’s alarmed to hear what the writers have come up with: Myung-wol barely survives, but has amnesia and forgets all about her love, and sets out to kill Kang-woo. She’s so upset that she fires her stylist/assistant (who was, admittedly, dumb enough to say she joined Myung-wol’s fan club after the episode aired).

In-ah storms off muttering, “This is ridiculous! Is television a joke? How can you change the plot midway through?!” Har har. Is this episode a big ol’ therapy session for the writers?

Peevishly, she calls her grandfather to whine, but Kang-woo intercepts her and concedes: He’ll do things In-ah’s way, if she leaves Myung-wol alone.

In-ah can’t believe he’s still acting in Myung-wol’s interest, and points out that things don’t add up about her. She mentions the lookalike in his Singapore Showcase footage and starts to go off on a tirade, but Kang-woo throws In-ah’s own words back at her, reminding her that she’d said none of that other stuff mattered as long as he was with her.

Fine. She concedes. But he has to cut ties with Myung-wol entirely, and he answers that he was planning just that.

Myung-wol is thrilled to hear that she’s staying on for the drama, and President Kyung says that they’ll have to draw up contracts right away. She’ll provide a car for her use, at which point Kang-woo appears to chime in — with In-ah on his arm — to request that Myung-wol get a new home, too.

President Kyung agrees, since there’s an empty apartment that’s ready for immediate use. Myung-wol agrees to move out by the end of the day, and Kang-woo tells himself that this is all for the best.

Ryu follows up on the old article mentioning the ancient books, which includes a report about an accident. He tracks down an eyewitness, who remembers the day clearly and describes seeing a man being chased, who was then hit by a black car. He’d told this to the police, but they’d cleared away the accident site and ruled it a simple hit and run.

It’s not a whole lot to go on, but Ryu gets to work scouring databases for original police reports, and finds the crucial clue: In the victim’s pocket was a note bearing the word “Goblin.”

Kang-woo and In-ah go on a date to a cafe, obliging the fans who watch them from outside the window. In-ah’s in her element, loving the attention and telling him to work in a little fanservice. Kang-woo offers up a sickly smile, going along uneasily.

When he arrives home that night, he finds memories of Myung-wol all around, like the game she played and the milk she drank. Frustrated, he tells himself to stop thinking of her but loses that battle by heading to the company-furnished apartment, stopping short of ringing the doorbell.

New promos are shot, replacing In-ah with Myung-wol as the primary actress, and Myung-wol is crowned the newest “CF Queen.” In-ah stews in her jealousy.

At Spy Central, Hee-bok asks Ryu what the higher-ups think of Myung-wol’s new entertainment gig, and he replies, “They’re plenty confused…but right now there’s no other way, so they’re going to wait and see.” Haha, I do love the way this episode is sneaking in all sorts of meta. He adds, “But there are suspicions that she may have other intentions.” Such as defecting to the South.

[…and the baton is passed! Girlfriday, taking over…]

In-ah hazes Myung-wol any way she can, throwing around her sunbae weight to make her life on set as uncomfortable as she can. When Kang-woo tries to intervene with a simple, “Can’t you think of what it was like for you as a newbie?” she flips out and demands that the PD kick the rookie out of the stars’ dressing room.

The PD tries to talk her down, so she asks Kang-woo pointedly whether he agrees with her. Kang-woo sighs, looking over at Myung-wol. He tamps down his real feelings and coldly says that In-ah is right. After all, stars have their levels, and someone like Myung-wol who rose to fame overnight with no effort might get a big head and think she’s more than she is. Ouch.

It has the desired effect and Myung-wol apologizes and gets up to leave, spilling her makeup box in the process. It clearly pains Kang-woo more than anyone, and he has to turn away from her to keep his distance.

Myung-wol goes outside to put her makeup on in the hallway, and shrinks in embarrassment at the passersby, gaping at her. Aw, she looks so lonely sitting out there.

But then Ryu shows up, folding screen in hand, and puts it up around her to give her some privacy. Aw, so sweet. He says in his matter-of-fact way that he hasn’t been able to find a door yet (ha) so then he stands guard with his back to her, to fill in as the human door. Gah, you’re killing me.

Myung-wol looks up at her human door and smiles. Kang-woo comes out to check on her and sees everything, as he and Ryu have a silent stare-off.

Ryu reports to Chairman Joo about his investigation, having come to the conclusion that it was no accidental hit-and-run, but a murder. He asks if he recognizes the name Goblin, and clocks Chairman Joo’s nervous reaction, spilling his coffee.

He says that there’s only one clue that remains from the scene of the crime: the victim had a piece of paper with “Goblin” written on it. So it’s looking more and more like the hit-and-run victim is Kang-woo’s father, and explains why he’s been searching for the Goblin his whole life.

It’s seeming likely that the Goblin might be Chairman Joo after all, though he doesn’t give away anything other than nerves at hearing the name.

Myung-wol and Kang-woo do a photo shoot and the photographer tells them to look longingly at each other like lovers who can’t be together. Ha. They wrap and In-ah shows up to be the buzzing fly that she is and claim Kang-woo for a date.

Myung-wol is so exhausted from her tight schedule that she starts to get woozy on her way off the set, and accidentally spills something on In-ah’s dress. The princess freaks out and raises her hand for a slap, and Myung-wol blocks it.

She finally stands up for herself, saying that she’ll replace the clothes if necessary, but she isn’t someone to be treated this way. That just ignites In-ah’s fury all the more, and Kang-woo steps in to squelch the impending disaster.

He grabs Myung-wol’s hand away and gives her a lecture about professionalism, saying that she’s not the only one who’s tired and working late nights. Oof. It’s a little too meta, really, in light of what’s going on in the real drama outside the drama. Is it life imitating art, imitating life, imitating art?

He gets carried away (like going too far to try and cover up his bleeding heart) and demands that she get down on her knees and apologize to In-ah. Even In-ah thinks that’s too much, and that’s saying something.

She drags Kang-woo away, leaving Myung-wol reeling from his harsh words.

At the same time, Ryu stops by her apartment with a bag full of food, and in true Daddy Long Legs fashion, just leaves it hanging on the door. He thinks to himself, “Please, Comrade Myung-wol, become strong. And don’t show any more tears.” He leaves his handkerchief behind. Aw.

But just as he turns to leave, he sees her collapse at the end of the hallway.

Kang-woo ends up wracked with guilt over his blow-up, and ditches In-ah. He rushes over to Myung-wol, running like a madman. See, this is what happens when you overreact.

He runs up to her door, but finds Ryu walking out. He demands to know what he’s doing there, and Ryu tells him that she’s sick. He blocks Kang-woo from going in. “Don’t bother her anymore. Don’t you know why she’s like this?”

Kang-woo still refuses to back down, thinking that it’s all the more reason for him to go in there, if he’s the source of her pain. But Ryu counters it’s the reason he can’t let him pass.

Ryu tells him that the best thing for Myung-wol right now is to stay away, and tells him to go in if he likes. Well that pretty much seals it. Kang-woo just crouches outside her door, berating himself but unable to go any closer.

He apologizes over and over, and says that he can’t stand to watch any more of her suffering.

In-ah arrives outside Myung-wol’s building, having guessed this is where he fled to, and Dae-kang gives chase. They run up and find him crouched like that in front of Myung-wol’s door, and he essentially gets caught red-handed in his true feelings.

He tries to stop In-ah, but she glares at him angrily, “I won’t ever forgive the two of you.” It’s not really news to her, since she knew all of this from the get-go and claimed not to care, but it’s probably another thing to be confronted with it so head-on.

The next morning Kang-woo finds that Myung-wol has been effectively wiped out from showbiz, having been cut from the drama and all her CFs in one blow. His agent confirms that it was Chairman Joo’s doing, and she wonders what Myung-wol must’ve done to get on his bad side.

He storms over to confront Chairman Joo about his petty maneuver, and demands he put everything back. Chairman Joo simply threatens to bring Kang-woo down with her unless he backs down, asking if he wants his true backstory revealed.

Kang-woo tells him to do as he likes, since it can’t stay hidden forever. Chairman Joo can’t believe he’s willing to go down in flames along with Myung-wol, and dangles the final piece of bait he has: a cushy Hollywood movie-album combo deal. He tells Kang-woo to choose wisely.

Myung-wol hears about Kang-woo’s career hanging in the balance because of her, and her agent asks her to talk Kang-woo out of making a career-ending mistake. In-ah tells her to just disappear, since Kang-woo isn’t likely to back down, and her grandfather will crush him otherwise.

Kang-woo holes away and drinks, and his agency worries that he might not show for his showcase the next day, where the Hollywood agent is set to appear.

Meanwhile Myung-wol ponders her decision as she watches her spy parents from a distance. Stick around for her mission and her comrades, or disappear to protect Kang-woo? She takes out Ryu’s handkerchief and holds on for dear life, trying not to show tears.

Kang-woo stumbles home drunk, and Ryu is waiting for him outside. Aw, did you wait all night so you could see him? He asks Kang-woo how long he’s going to be like this, because he’s just making things harder on Myung-wol.

Kang-woo takes issue with Ryu defending her, even saying her name, and takes a big swing with his fist. He’s totally drunk so it has no chance of landing, of course, and Ryu blocks it with his hand, like Hulk-to-Smurf. It’s pretty funny, if not for Kang-woo’s bleeding heart.

He lands on the ground and Ryu tells him to start being honest with himself about what he really wants. Kang-woo: “What about you? Are you honest? You want Han Myung-wol too!”

Ryu answers, “Everyone’s method of love is different.” Kang-woo asks why he’s even saying any of this to him. Ryu: “Because there’s nothing I can do for her. But you can.”

He ponders the major decision in front of him, and the next day, preparations for the showcase begin on faith that he’ll show up.

Meanwhile Ryu tasks Hee-bok with a side mission, to find someone called the Goblin. Hee-bok immediately perks up at the name, and tells him that Kang-woo came looking for the Goblin too. The dots, they are a-connectin’.

Ok-soon interrupts them with news of her own: Myung-wol left her a text saying “Sorry,” and now she can’t find her anywhere. Ryu runs over to her apartment and finds a note addressed to him, apologizing for betraying country and comrades, and promising to accept her due punishment.

Everyone bites their nails as they wait, and finally Kang-woo appears for his concert. The press goes in for a live interview on his way into the venue, as scheduled. He doesn’t give the usual response though, and says he wants to share something precious to him.

He takes out his baseball and shows it on camera, saying that it was a gift from his father. He confesses that his dad isn’t a doctor, and he’s not the perfect boy next door, as his image would have them believe.

He tells them that he’s an orphan, and that everything about his past has been fabricated, along with his current relationship with In-ah. He says he longer wants to hide behind lies.

Shaking, he takes off his sunglasses and looks straight into the camera.

Kang-woo: And moreover, I don’t want to lie to my heart anymore. Han Myung-wol-sshi, are you watching? Han Myung-wol-sshi … Han Myung-wol-sshi … Han Myung-wol-sshi … Han Myung-wol-sshi! I love you.



Aw, a love confession! And in an all-or-nothing way too, just outing everything about his past, the fake relationship with In-ah, AND his feelings for Myung-wol all in one blow. No need for three separate press conferences when the reason for them all is one and the same.

It’s surprisingly a much more coherent episode than I expected. They made great use of Kang-woo’s angst and his attempts to stay away from Myung-wol as a way to cover up for the fact that she wasn’t there for a lot of the scenes. So her absence becomes his futile attempt to keep his distance, all the while obsessing over her even more. Gotta say, it’s a nice recovery without jumping any sharks.

This drama’s always been meta-on-meta, and I like that they don’t shy away from pointing out the real scandal surrounding its production. Rather than try to cover it up, they call attention to it in the fictional world. Interestingly, some of those plot points were even shot before the production crisis, but they’ve chosen to heighten the conflict rather than hide it. I think it’s a clever way to not let the scandal steal the show, and a good source for some much-needed laughter too.


Who would’ve thought this episode would be as…normal as it was? In fact, I wonder if viewers watching this episode down the line, out of context of the current news cycle, will even notice a difference. The tone, the acting, and the general feel of the episode was pretty consistent with prior ones. (Eric’s haircut aside.)

Then again, they had shot a good amount of scenes with Han Ye-seul, so they were able to complete the story that they’d intended without too many changes to the original idea. (I’d read the written preview for Episode 11 when it was released last week, and it pretty much described what we saw.) Now, I bet Episode 12 would have been crazy if it had to air this week, but with Han back in Korea, it’s looking likelier that she’ll rejoin the production and we’ll get the story we would have gotten had she not left.

I think this episode almost becomes an entirely different beast when you watch it through the lens of the current context, because it’s then that certain lines of dialogue and statements pop out. Such as when Kang-woo berates Myung-wol for not acting like a professional, or when she’s overworked and the photographer comments that these schedules are so killer that it’s almost a problem to be too successful in this industry.

I bet there’s a whole separate argument in there somewhere, about the value of an artistic form when removed from its context, and whether it’s more complete when standing on its own or if the context is as much a part of the story as the artwork itself. I totally don’t have an answer to that, but it’s something worth pondering.


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        Reading this felt like someone was simultaneously slapping my face and shrieking in my ear.

        Truly unpleasant.

        Instead of screaming on the internet, you might want to check this site out.


      • 1.2.4 Aidan

        calm down

        • Aidan

          that was meant for Amg1..not you tomo, totally agree with you

          • geWi

            LOL. what a nutcase.

      • 1.2.5 sok

        Amg1 is mad because SHE doesn’t get #1 spot, meh

    • 1.3 chichaloca

      episode 11 was good for me..
      this is what i found on kbs website.http://english.kbs.co.kr/Entertain/EntertainmentNews/view.html?No=7882

      so what is true?she return or not…kbs said today on kbs world that they will replace new actress…cry inside:(

      • 1.3.1 Ani

        I… wow. Worst news to read in the morning. So, changing the actress (if an understudy/replacement is found), while keeping the same original story? Or at least that’s what I got from that. And after such a good episode – good in that it stayed the course – too. *sigh* I’m going to wait and see what happens.

        • Ani

          Wait…. So what’s this here about everything being alright now all about?

          Please no more changes. We just had Kang-woo finally CONFESS his feelings. And although I’ve been rooting Ryu, I still think this is something happy happening to Myung-wol and just sudden changes in the person portraying her will just be weird.

  2. Dee


  3. stars4u

    with all the ruckus going on with this drama I suddenly see Han Ye-seul instead of Myong-wol while watching the episode…

    • 3.1 Dodo

      I wasn’t expecting this recap… or that an ep 11 would air!
      thanks for the recap javabeans.
      That was exactly what I thought when I watched the raw. And I have to say I loved the confession but I feel bad for ryu after seeing him talk to the door. For me that scen was so sad and I relly wanted to give him a hug.

    • 3.2 alexe

      Same here . Both Eric and HYS look exhausted , with bags under their eyes .
      Episode was pushing through the story and a lot of meta-fun .
      Thanks for your fast recap always enjoyable .

  4. Yer Vang

    After all the drama, Thanks for the recap. I’m glad that they “figured” something out.

    • 4.1 Yer Vang

      After all the commotion, I see this drama differently. Idk if its just me or what?

      • 4.1.1 Chocobo

        Same. I agree with GF and JB that were I watching this series years later without the context of the outside world, I probably wouldn’t notice this episode as particularly unusual.

        In fact, even with the context, until the comments really pointed it out, I didn’t really notice how deftly they worked around the absence of the main actress. Smart of them to focus on Eric and his turmoil to keep him in the spotlight so we don’t notice that Han’s not there.

        It’s really amazing how context influences how you see art. Take DaVinci, for example. Really talented, of course, but without knowing the context, it might not seem that super special. But if you see a slideshow of what other people were doing as painters during his time, and then end with one of his paintings, it totally blows you out of the water, how different and out of the blue his artwork was.

        The same goes for other artists — knowing Van Gogh’s stays in mental hospitals and long bouts of horrible depression lend a certain disturbing quality to his paintings of simple flowers or landscapes, which you might have otherwise missed. Or at least, not known exactly why a pot of sunflowers seemed so unsettling to look at.

        So absolutely, context influences our perception — and isn’t that what art is all about?

        • msim

          Love your post, Chocobo!

          Context can be necessary: for the work of Louise Bourgeois but unnecessary for the work of Anselm Kiefer or Jung Eun Park.

          This blog really stands apart:
          “…the value of an artistic form when removed from its context, and whether it’s more complete when standing on its own or if the context is as much a part of the story as the artwork itself.” javabeans

          In this case, Myung-wol the Spy, context really adds an extra spice to the mix – almost a parallel dimension.

      • 4.1.2 Ani

        Same here. The whole time Kang-woo was looking broody and trying to be indifferent towards Myung-wool, and even though I know these scenes were before Han left SK, it just seems as if Eric is actually channeling real feelings of indifference. At least from the screenshots that’s how it seems. He looks like he, dare I say it…. really doesn’t like her. Geez, how farfetched is that?

        • Shiku

          It may not be far-fetched. Probably he was just frustrated at everything then chanelled it towards her

      • 4.1.3 alesandra

        Me too. I m not that much into the drama anymore but rather the individual actors. Hope this phenomena will soon disappear from me n enjoy the real drama instead.

  5. myweithisway

    Seriously WOW.

    Also Ryu: swoon

    • 5.1 melonhead

      I know. I’m such a sucker for silent protective types. Plus, he’s so damn hot. 😀

      • 5.1.1 Momo

        I wish everyone is like that behind the scenes too.

  6. adverseffects

    I can’t seem to separate the reality from the fiction, watching this episode. And I guess the pointed commentary on real-life production conditions doesn’t help much in that respect.

    I’m happy that Han Ye-seul is reconsidering her stance and has decided to come back. We’ll have to see how the chemistry falters as a result, or if the actors manage to put everything aside.

    Regardless, the episode came together pretty cohesively despite the chaos behind the scenes. It was, as you guys mentioned, pretty consistent with the rest of the drama thus far, which is a relief.

  7. The Real CZ

    This episode turned out way better than I expected.

  8. yuuko

    Thank you so much for fast recap. I am looking forward to read next episode’s recap soon.

  9. IzOcha

    Thanks much for the recap! So glad the story worked itself out. I’ve been concerned/ afraid to watch. Will watch with glee, now. Seems typical of the pace of the show, up and down. Let’s hope they can work kookiness back in… GF, JB, I hope Ryu and Kang woo can still absurdly walk off into the fog together by the end, too…

  10. 10 snow

    ahhh so meta, but what an episode. and what a love confession! go kang-woo! sorry ryu, am forever on team kang-woo!

    that said, wouldn’t mind some kang-woo & ryu bromance. when can we get TWO nekkid shower scenes simultaneously?

    • 10.1 Jess

      OMG. I think my head would explode from the sheer sexiness of a dual nekkid brooding shower scene. Serious nosebleed material. 😀

      But who am I kidding, I’d totally risk it for a scene like that! 😉

  11. 11 cv

    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

  12. 12 QQ

    Woah! a part of me can’t help thinking that the whole conflict (outside the drama) is just their way of promoting this drama. esp since the the conflict occurs right after they shot these scenes and at the end, all the casts and staffs would screaming ‘APRIL FOOL’ (except that it’s not the 1st April).

    • 12.1 QQ

      Ah! Actually i have another theory. Could it be that Han Ye Seul is too into character that she felt that she needed to run away?

      • 12.1.1 zgznoona

        I thought that while I was watching the episode yesterday
        I thought that maybe she had already her own complains, but the theme going through this episode probably fueled her sentiment and make her act the way she did

  13. 13 Cynthia

    Haven’t seen this episode yet, but with this post and all of the stills culled from the show, it’s really apparent just how exhausted HYS is from these pics.
    Girl is looking like 10 miles of bad road – she really needed a pretend coma after her shoot-off scene.

  14. 14 ck1Oz

    Thanks for the recap.I wasn’t even expecting an ep 11 to be done.

    It’s very exhausting even being a viewer for this drama.I didn’t want to wade into the whole debate but now that she is booked to come back tomorrow;it is exactly the same situation they had last week.You know when Eric tweeted he just received the script.Then the shoot has 3 days to produce 2 episodes.How is this even rectifying the situation about exhausting live shooting?

    Yes yes I know I will be told off about the whole Korean live shooting system.I know all that but isn’t this what caused the whole blow up this week-the whole late script for last week.Yes I also know about her 5 day working request.If anyone wants to tell me off please give new substantiated facts.I have actually read all the statements issued from the TV station,the production team,her agency and her.Plus Eric.

    Sigh.Poor poor everyone.No one is a winner in this situation not even the viewer.

    • 14.1 Shiku

      I wonder how many takes they do in order to finish 2 episodes in 3 days? 1 take, 5 takes?

  15. 15 Team Ryu

    Ah. The drama within a drama.

    Oh if only it could all end with Ryu getting his girl…

    • 15.1 MJP

      I think they are teasing us! 🙂

    • 15.2 tinnybo

      Just read the recap and i have to give it to the writers, they seem to have pulled it together because i liked what i read (giving more credit to JB and GF for the awesome commentary)

      How do i join “Team Ryu”. I know Ryu has feelings for Myung, but he has chosen Country over girl. Can he get his own drama like a second part to this? I am rooting more for the second lead, sorry.

      • 15.2.1 MJP


        That is a wonderful idea! Making a spinoff of Ryu into his own show!!!!!

  16. 16 Aliiiiiiiice

    I kept cringing whilst reading the recaps, waiting for the other shoe to drop like in Mary Stayed Out All Night — but IT DIDN’T. Very pleased and very surprised. And to hear that Han Ye Sul is flying back is like the icing on the cake. Miracles CAN and DO happen!

    She was brave to leave and even braver to return. Hopefully the work situation works out. One can only hope.

    • 16.1 Fabmari


      Han Ye Sul, Hwaiting!!!

  17. 17 LadyF

    fuh!!! (wiping drops from my forehead)..i was so scared that they could not finish this epi..JB and GF were right.. they had turn the drama as if nothing had happened and actually put the real-scenarion-thing into the drama..this is out of the topic but erm, i know i’m not an expert but erm..i think eric’s makeup is to showy? i can see the difference from his neck and face so clearly..hehehe..or maybe it’s the lighting? anyhow, eric oppa, u still have my support. any Ryu..owh poor ryu..i just hope he has a good ending..he sooo sweeett…my heart melt seeing his every action towards MW..and thanks again for the recap JB and GF!!! Will still supporting this drama no matter what!!! whatever the problems are, i hope they can settle it and run the drama smoothly…fighting guys!!!

  18. 18 KDrama Fan

    Did HYS take the fall to cover up Eric’s haircut blooper and create more interest in the show?

    All wild thoughts aside I thought MWTS’s last episodes would have got much higher ratings due to all the press but it doesn’t look to be so.

    @MWTS crew:’Fighting!’

  19. 19 eva

    if this whole meta within meta issue is true… as in to what you commented – meant to comment on the current issues revolving around the production.. i kinda can understand why that pissed Han Ye Seul off? (though that still does not justify the fact that she flew off the LA in the midst of production). Its like the lines were meant to be said, literally in her face.

    I read somewhere though, that she complained of being ostracized by the crew members etc. I mean, as an actress being ostracized because of her character in the drama, and on top of that being ostracized apparently because she made demands… could have been her last straw. plus, filming till 5am and expected to report at 7am that morning, thats too much isnt it?

    nonetheless, i really liked this drama. I feel bad for a fact that Han Ye Seul’s name would be smeared forever by this incident. Imagine her determination to actually have the courage to just leave it all behind (as irresponsible as it is.. [i wouldnt choose to think of her as being ‘childish’ per say, she clearly was aware of the consequences. perhaps more impulsive than childish.)

    imagine the stress levels to get back on set with the crew that you left.. the humiliation you need to deal with (if it isnt already tough enough from the beginning) but oh well, im just glad that she is back.

    KBS, deal with her after SMW is over ok?

    • 19.1 Caitlyn

      I know, can you imagine what it is like on set today? If she was being ostracised already, it’s going to be worse now. I think she handled it badly but she was clearly mentally and physically exhausted and I accept their explanation that she wasn’t thinking clearly. I think she went home, had a chat and cry with her mum, and then felt a bit better after that.

      But I think she plans on retiring after this anyway, so she probably doesn’t care about her future career and reputation.

      • 19.1.1 suitfetish

        My guess is the only way to actually get a weekend off was to spend it on a jet to LAX and back. Which, BTW, can’t be actually that restful*, but whatever. She seems to have been on the verge of a breakdown.

        I don’t buy the idea that she was actually escaping the production seriously, the articles I read saying stuff like that sounded like People articles all attributed to “sources say”…

        *I’ve made the Japan-LAX flight 3 times. It’s arduous. At least you’re not being yelled at, though?

        • Caitlyn

          I know! The Seoul/LAX flight is only a couple of hours less than the Sydney/LAX flight, and that’s not fun! But then, I’m assuming she was in first class, and those seats are pretty comfy (from what I see as I walk past them to the economy section). She probably just slept the entire time.

          • suitfetish

            I think it’s actually physically draining to get so high in the air and be in that recycled air after a couple of hours. (Does first class have extra air filters? :investigate:) It always feels supergross, even more than being cramped in one spot for hours upon hours….

            Anyway. I’m glad someone else knows what I mean here. XD

        • 3pleX

          how desperately tired (physically/emotionally/mentally) she must have been for her to think/feel that the only place she could get that much needed rest would be if she rides that jet from seoul to lax and back….

          • suitfetish

            I also am wondering if she had a strong reason to push for only five days a week. Behaving like this when she had to know it would blow up makes me wonder if before she ever started filming she was worried about her own well-being.

            I don’t want to start any rumors, I know nothing, but some people have to try and work around their limits, if they have anxiety disorders or fragile emotional states.

            She may be being a diva, or she may be working around something like that.

    • 19.2 Shiku

      I never really considered that the words were being said to her face and being ostracized. It can push someone over the edge. I was to harsh in earlier posts
      *eats humble pie*

  20. 20 Z

    Why does Ryu have to be so gorgeous and manly? I want to root for Kang Woo and when Ryu is not on screen I’m totally rooting for kang Woo. But then he shows up with a folding screen and stands there being a big strong human door and you’re like “Just run away with him already!”

    THEORY: Is it possible that all the lines about “professionalism” and everybody being tired were purposely written in even before the scandal in response to the concerns Han Ye Seul had been raising. Like, she was complaining about the schedule so they lecture her character about it in order to make a point. That would explain why she felt so ostracized on set… to have her concerns undermined both on and off camera, I could see why that would make her want to quit. Just a theory… It’s just a bit too coincidental, all the meta in scenes that were shot before the funk even hit the fan.

    • 20.1 myweithisway

      Your theory’s pretty interesting…I also think it’s too much of a coincidence that so much meta elements were shot before she left.

    • 20.2 Molly

      I was wondering the same thing too – it seems almost intentionally demeaning to make her have to be part of the scenes where Myung-wol is getting criticized for her “lack of professionalism” if that were the case.

    • 20.3 asianromance

      Your theory– i was wondering abt that too because in the scene, Myung-wol is an amateur actress who doesn’t know people and the whole thing is like the writers and pd implying that HYS is acting like an ignorant amateur. I hope she shot that scene before she went AWOL.. I can’t imagine being able to get through a scene like that after returning to the set.

      • 20.3.1 snow

        yep, she shot these before she left for LA. she’s scheduled to be back soon.

    • 20.4 rich

      I thought of the same thing as well. 🙁 If this is the real reason why she left, it’s very heartbreaking. 🙁

      • 20.4.1 am

        my heart will break with you.

  21. 21 L

    Now Kang woo can end his career in the South and move to the North.

    It’s going to be pretty awkward when HYS returns…

  22. 22 popcorn

    So, she is back to film? That’s good to hear. At least, she will finish the drama like she should for if not, everyone’s work up to this point is nullified.

    I haven’t really followed this series. I wonder if I should. Maybe I will wait until it ends to see if it’s worth the time…

    Thanks for the recap!

  23. 23 YBisTOP

    Did she come back to shoot the rest of the drama? Or did she shoot this episode first and fled to LA? I’m still disappointed at Han Ye Seul! She ruined the almost perfect drama!! TT.TT I hope she comes back soon and apolgize to everyone about her sudden fled..

    Thank you for the recap! 🙂

    • 23.1 Amg1

      @YBisTOP… Dude!!!! I am so disappointing in you for being so blank, blank, blankety, blank, get off your self-righteous bum, and stop complaining about Han Ye Seul, at least she has a life, but who in the hell do you thing you are to pretend to be disappointing on her?

      One more ‘Idiotic’ troll, to put up in this blog, If you want to continue bitching about her go to “AllKPOP” those Idiots over there do not have a life other than complaint, fangirl, and spread vitriol all the time!!!! People like you are not welcome here!!!!!!!!!!

      • 23.1.1 popcorn

        Please don’t attack others. YBisTOP just wants to voice out his/her complaints without flaming anyone. You, on the other hand, flames him/her. If you say this person doesn’t have the right to be here, are you sure you have the right to tell her that? Shouldn’t the owner of this website has her own say in this matter?

        • Amg1

          Please read my other post!!!!!!! You seem to be also a ‘Newbie,” around here!!!!!

          Please follow protocol, and post your comment related to the topic ay hand, in this case Episode 11 recap, JB and GF already have posted 3 more sentry dealing with the drama debacle, if you want to complain go there or go to the “OPEN THREAD,” otherwise you you guys are being disrespectful of the people who are interested in Episode 11, and not about all the other bullshit going around.

          In this Blog there are times for “fangirl, complaint, and being dumb, and stupid,” but above all we ‘Old Timers,” try to follow protocol and do it in the appropriate place…

          I am sorry for being harsh, all I am asking is to please be sensitive to others and follow protocol…. : 0 }

          • Amg1

            * Edit* “at hand.”

          • popcorn

            Your other post was written after my post was written. Thus I wouldn’t have known what you wanted to say regarding this matter until now. As far as on topic goes, my posts usually pertain to the drama. I was just trying to help out YBisTOP since I felt that it was unfair for you to dictate whether he/she has the right to come here.

            I’m not a newbie. I don’t see the point of explaining to you how long I have been here. Usually I wouldn’t but I felt that you relied too much on the fact that you are a “veteran” at this site. If you think that all your posts really signify that you are indeed an “old timer” here – and that is definitely how old timers really act around here – I rather wouldn’t be an old timer.

            Just to stick to protocol: I like this episode. The flow is good.

      • 23.1.2 JiHwan

        @Amg1, Okay… so you’re a a “veteran” here. Congrats. You must be really proud considering you’ve posted it about twenty times now. Do you want a pat on the back? Just because you’re not a “newbie” here doesn’t mean you have any right to say whether or not someone is welcome here. I don’t see you paying for this domain. Relax. There’s no need to freak out every time someone mentions HYS.

        • Yoonsy

          Agreed 100%…what can I say..I love the way you congratulated him/her…there is no productive comment coming from him/her regarding ep11 except bashing other commentators about being idiotic..sorry..

          Btw, Ep 11 flow as if nothing happened to the drama production..so its good..hopefully it can maintain the pace.

      • 23.1.3 maria

        Amg1, i hate seeing that your fight for protocol has made you forget your usual good manners. the sentiment is good, but you’re striking pre-emptively and quite intensely.. and i just feel that you could still express the same thought, but in less hurtful words.

        the “newbie” thing is what gets my goat. 4 or 5 years ago, if someone has called me an idiot on here just because i expressed an opinion as a newb, i’d have scurried away and never returned, and i never would’ve known how awesome life is on this blog. please, don’t ostracize people and steal that chance from them.

      • 23.1.4 Vasou

        Can’t you just calm a bit?
        You are not the only ”veteran” here. I follow Dramabeans for years, although I don’t comment often. So what? Am I previleged or something?
        If there is a problem, I think GF and JB will answer in person, and in a polite way, unlike you.
        Calling someone a troll and idiot, is disrespectful.

      • 23.1.5 Rae

        cool story bro..

        I don’t usually respond to users directly, but you’re really pissing me off. It’s okay to get annoyed or upset at what other people write, but that doesn’t give you any right to insult them. Don’t even complain that I’m not “following protocol” by not writing something related to the topic, because obviously you aren’t either–otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this in the first place.

        In case you haven’t noticed, you’re the only one here bitching and whining. Are you LOOKING for a fight? Because it seems like you’re reading through every single comment on here, and if it mentions HYS leaving, you go on a rant. So take your own advice and stop complaining.

        “at least she has a life” <–apparently YOU don't have a life since obviously your so-called life consists of posting these ridiculous, offensive, and unnecessary comments. People like YOU who disrespect others are not welcome here. Next time, don't waste other people's time by posting up sh!t. So either calm the F down or GTFO.

      • 23.1.6 YBisTOP

        Excuse me, Amg1, but who are you to tell me what to say and what not to say? I believe I have the rights just like everyone else in here, to write about how I think of this matter. As long as the people who owns this site don’t stop me from writing, what you called “bitching” comments, then I won’t stop at all. I don’t need a person as disrespectful as you to tell me to stop. Therefore, you can rest your speech because no body cares about what you write at this point.

        Also, what rights do you have to call a stranger an idiot? Seems to me, YOUR the idiot one..talking about going to Allkpop to complain there. HAH, your so full of shit. Your the one who does not belong on this site, trying to kick people out just because they only stated whats on their mind. HAH.

      • 23.1.7 s.h.

        not taking sides. just want to make an observation. i think this post was written by someone posing as Amg1 to get others riled up and not by the same person who wrote the first 5 entries under the pen name “Amg1”.

        the style of writing on the 6rd and 7th entries by “Amg1” is different from the first 5. in addition, these latter two entries have sloppy grammar and many typos.

        but who knows… i could be wrong. oh wait… if the emails submitted for the entries don’t match, this is likely correct. guess only jb and gf would know.

        sorry this is off topic for this thread.

        • s.h.

          hehe. actually i recant my previous post- the amg1 posts do all look fairly similar.

    • 23.2 asianromance

      this drama was never perfect (enjoyable, yes, but messy as they went into live shoots) and she did return and apologized, according to reps. Though the apology part sort of makes me sick because isn’t that just the life of a k-celeb- always apologizing for something as if they bear the entire burden when I’m sure others can share the blame too.

      • 23.2.1 anais


        I like this drama, but it’s far from perfect. While I’m sure there are others who really love this show, it’s quite a stretch to call it near perfect. For me, until now, it was HYS and Eric who made the show watchable. Today, rather than all the meta, I kept wondering how to reframe this or that shot to make it more interesting, to give it more depth. Eric being broody fell very flat, but his less-than-stellar acting certainly wasn’t helped by those static, pedestrian shots.

        As for the meta, this episode suggested that this story could have been told without HYS having to be in 90% of the scenes. Actually developing some of the sideline stories seems to have made for a more compelling narrative. Why didn’t the writers do that before all this went down?

        Overall, while it would have been nice to have had better camera work, I still liked seeing more of Eric and Ryu. The back and forth between the two men. I wish it had come a bit sooner so that the dynamic could have had more depth.

        Overall, I’m pleased. I wish HYS, Eric, and everyone on the set the best as they move forward. Most of all, I really, really found the dynamic between HYS and Eric very endearing and hope that that dynamic is salvageable.

        Thanks, JB and GF, for a great recap.

    • 23.3 mandelbrotr

      YbisTOP, I think they used the footage already shot of HYS to complete this episode. That makes this episode impressive. The production team worked with what they had.

  24. 24 Caitlyn

    I wasn’t sure what this episode would be like, so I thought i’d read the recap first. I’m glad it seems to have turned out okay, and next weeks episodes should be fine as well, if she’s back now.

    I can’t believe he’s declared his love, I wonder what’s going to happen now. From the North Korean point of view, MyungWol is totally a superspy, she should get a promotion for having KangWoo declare his love publicly like that. But what is she going to do about her actual mission to move him to North Korea? I just don’t know.

  25. 25 babyfat

    so glad and super happy that my favorite drama is slowly get back to the right path after all the chaos this past week – A big fan of Eric and a new fan of Han , i hope things work out for all party – after this is entertainment and i love both of their works – it the Shinwa prince first project back from the services so I want to be Eric’s best and so far he’s doing a fine job – and Ryu ( Lee Jin Wook) is a beautiful man – i still can’t believe you have two of Kdrama’s best men to be in one drama

  26. 26 chaloner

    Would be awesome if Jeon Ji-Hyun comes in and takes over the lead actress rule. hehe

    • 26.1 altins

      Like this….lol…
      Too bad Jeon Ji-Hyun “rarely” choose drama project…

  27. 27 chaloner

    oops i ment ROLE**

  28. 28 Bluefyre

    Agree with JB & GF ^^

    Though the only thing that really stood out to me (besides the meta) was “OMG! I have the same laptop as Heebok!” 😀

  29. 29 laya

    Thanks for the recap! Whew.

  30. 30 prd2bflpno95

    i watched the episode raw and just like as u said, it didnt really seem like they had a hole issue outside the drama. i was really surprised to see it go through normally. the writers fixed it well!!

  31. 31 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap, javabeans and girlfriday!

    “Who would’ve thought this episode would be as…normal as it was? “—> I know, right!

    Finally more info abt the goblin and the books. But still wondering if the South Korean agents storyline is coming back…

    I was hating on KangWoo this entire episode but his confession turned things around– NOW I’m curious to see if he’s going to finally be nicer to Myung-wol instead of pulling that i-am-bothered-by-my-feelings-for-you-and-it’s-your-fault-so-I’m-going-to-be-mean-to-you schtick that I’m so tired of.

    But still on team Ryu!

    loved the meta in this episode, though like commenter #20, Z had theorized, that some of these digs abt professionalism may have been written in as a sort of reprimand while she was protesting her schedule but before she went AWOL

  32. 32 Dhea rey

    thanks for the recap.although there was chaos behind the scenes but the ep was perfect in my opinion..I heard HYS will return because if he does not return what the play will run better without him…^^

  33. 33 joon

    Thank God for Scent of a Woman to keep me sane with all the drama going on with Spy Myeongwol!

    I was ready to ditch this drama but now I am surely getting my closure. The meta references scattered throughout this must have been terribly painful on HYS part. She has a very outspoken-act-before-I-think personality (just like Myeongwol)
    so I wasn’t totally surprised she flipped and walked out.

    Enjoyed this episode very much though. It’s definitely not as crazy (I totally preferred all the optional storylines that we all prepared) but its a nice way to transition HYS back.

  34. 34 serra

    seems to me HYS was practicing Method Acting… That would explain her actions… haha!!

  35. 35 Milaiski

    I feel so bad for Ryu! What does he have to be a Korean general?? Waaah.

  36. 36 Ace

    I loved this episode. Kang-woo was an a** but made up for it with his declaration. Live on TV. Woo-hoo!

    Han Ye-seul, 화이팅!

  37. 37 J

    Ryu steals the show. RYUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

    I hope Myung Wol doesn’t choose love over her comrades, because her comrades are just like her family. 🙁

    • 37.1 am

      I’m with you! He’s like my Shinwoo 2.0. He’s a great guy and it makes me question why anyone would really fall for someone like Kang Woo.

      I’m officially in love with Ryu. I really liked him from the beginning but this episode just…I ship him so darn hard with MW! Just go back to NK and flourish your relationship! /delusional fan hahaha

  38. 38 suitfetish

    Now I want both Eric and Han Ye Seul to have cameos as themselves….

    • 38.1 suitfetish

      Oh also, someone mentioned this in the last MWS post, but the Rocket Ship Eric trip has now been explained by the teaser for the girl-group he’s debuting…but HAS it?

      So weird. XD Ahhh, girl-group K-pop.

      I just hope that the strained connections with everyone on set doesn’t sink this show. ERIC, CHANNEL THAT.

      …when we have the big North Korean Spy reveal, that will be just about perfect, but hold off until then, ‘k?

  39. 39 ingridine

    thanks for the recap !
    At firts it was difficult to come back to the drama after the mess …and the first scene is not helping ! ?? where is kang ho ? it’s all ? he’s in LA ? XDDD
    but like you said …it was coherent after all !

    I really like the hotel scene …and cute Eric behind the door!
    and of course Love declaration !
    i’m still hoping for cute romantic scenes in the future …

  40. 40 Ani

    And the show… carries on.

  41. 41 Opal

    I am not rooting for KW at all regardless his confession whatsoever. I can’t accept his past attitude for MW and he SLAPPED her for a very lame or no reason. He hasn’t done significant enough (imo) for MW.

    KW is my first hatred lead male in K-drama.

    • 41.1 msim

      Mine, too. I despise his attitude – it’s over-the-top mean.
      He’s the jerkiest jerk being an orphan, having to struggle to make it should make me nicer and more compassionate.

      This drama keeps making him torture our little spy and then, once in a blue moon, he throws love-crumbs.

      I have one word to say: Ryu.

      • 41.1.1 msim

        oops! “should make him” obviously not me.

  42. 42 Shel

    Watched it raw and figured out about 1/2 of it, which surprised me since so much of it is dialogue. But, I appreciate the fast recap so I could find out how close I was.

    As you said, this episode was amazingly normal. But, knowing that she filmed all of her parts before she took off actually makes it kind of creepy. Especially the speech she gets from KangWoo about professionalism.

    As others have said, I wanted to whap KangWoo up the side of the head for most of the episode, but he finally figured it out. Lucky for him, eh? And poor Ryu, so stinkin’ cute and I have a feeling he’s not gonna get the girl. At least not that one…

    I’m glad they’ve seemingly got it back on track. From personal experience I know that sleep deprivation can cause one to make decisions without really thinking them through. I’ve done some pretty dumb things when I was so tired that I just didn’t want to think about it anymore. Some people can handle that kind of mental/physical stress, but most people can’t. That’s why sleep deprivation is used as a torture device. It’s like a mental illness, and I’m not sure anyone can be held accountable when they’re in that state. I hope that she got some rest and that they can work something out so the rest of the series goes smoothly.

    Thanks again, JB and GF for the fast recap!

  43. 43 Lizzie

    No wonder after she filmed her last scenes she didn’t want to come back! Besides her coflict with the PD, the writter too get this issue and put in the drama, no problem, but the lines that kw said to MW was OUCH. The writters were a bit cruel, no wonder after all the long hours filming, after all the hard work she had to do, she still had to have this thrown at her face while she filmed too? Like the writers were making fun of her and her situation, not fair.

    • 43.1 Madita

      Agree with you…if the situation was like that. And it seems that it was like that. Didn’t HYS said before that she was “ostracised” on the set 🙁

      Now, someone wrote above that HYS is somekind like the character MWS, like “acting-before-thinking”.
      Cant blame her, its such a total normal human character-attribute I’ve seen in so many people around me, like family members or friends.And even I act sometimes so badly, that afterwards I could die. But doesnt that makes us all the perfect un-perfect humans we are…?
      So K-Drama stars are not any gods or even perfect people as we like to think of them, too.

      Well, first I was some kinde of apalled, horrified and very much disappointed when the news about HYS doing appeared in the net. But it never went so far to blame HYS.

      Just thought immediately…OMG what made her run-off in such a way even considering it will be the END of her acting-career, because she is normally a very career-ambitious person. There must have been something going on very very awfully on the set….so I sad to myself poor girl HYS, I hope you will endure all the blame, accusations, bashings awaiting you in your future-life with strength for this act you did. How will you get old happily ?

      I mean how many of us would like to quit our job because we are so what of pissed off things happening at work for different reasons. May it be of over-working and not getting appropiately paid or getting any recognition for our hard work, or because of the mobbing by our bosses or colleauges – or even our relationships…Just quitting, packing our stuff and saying when leaving “areviderci amigo, see you in hell”

      In my eyes What HYS did was a kind of defiance and panicky and some kind of brave reaction to the working-circumstances in the KDrama production world.

      This again made me ask the first time, if there arent any kind of labor-union for actors and set-workers in South Korea ?
      Honestly, I have gotten the impression that Live-production in Korea is like ancient slave-work in modern times. Sleepless working – its not something everybody can handle. In my youth I could go 3-4 days without sleep. Now in my 30’s when I am just get strongly overtired I get really sick. So sick to the point of heavy dizzyness and nausease which let me feel I could faint and vomit . As someone said above in his/her comment. Sleep-deprivation is still a common-method of pyhsical an mental torture.

      HYS insurgency was right. Maybe it makes her look an unprofessional or spoilt. But at least she pointed out to something what is wrong in the K-Drama production world, that needs to be corrected asap. She was totally brave to do what she did and I am sure a lot of famous and un-famous K-actors secretly congratulated her but are themselves not brave enough to show any symphaty. I cant believe that they prefer themselves Live-production.

      I dont, because cant follow the K-press about this. But shouldnt this be an opportunity for all K-Dramaworld members to discuss the negative aspects of the K-Drama production system and innitiate some improvings for better working conditions for actors and set-crews instead of bashing on HYS ?

      Well, again I am still a little bit shocked what happened to this Drama and in common in the K-Drama world. I enjoy, no absolutely love K-Dramas. But learning about how they produce this dramas, I am a little bit putt-off now of K-Dramas. This is “nearly” like buying products from third world countries, produced by children…Unfair working-conditions.
      Yes I know it sounds very harsh, but as I said I am still a little bit shocked what happened. Maybe also because I like HYS since Fantasy Couple very much, and feel sorry for her.

      Did she make a mistake is all the time I am asking me.
      I am between the lines. Saying Yes and No.
      Yes, someone had to do something like that long time ago.
      No, because she could have started a campain outside of the drama set to point to the bad working-conditions.
      Then again yes, because if she would have done it without harming the drama-production, she would have damaged her career anyway….

      Well this was my 2 cent of this case (like this phrase I learned here at DB’s)

      Thanks to DB recapping Episode 11 I will watch it, as it calmed my shock a little bit.

      I hope HYS will endure the rest of the shooting with strenght and dignity as it will be very harsh for her. So there is also no need for any extended Episodes. Just finish it decently.

      Fighting HYS

      And why do they work stupidly with such an over-tight shooting-schedule. Okey HYS run away because she was pissed-off. But what if an accident happens to an actor, what if some unforseen negative event happens on the set or sth else …what then about live-production ?

  44. 44 sarang

    Can we just let bygones be bygones and talk about the drama itself not the drama out of it? I’ve been following SMW for the whole series and I can honestly say it’s one my favorites so far this year. I could care less if the plot is redundant, this drama never fails to make me laugh, I’ve enjoyed every second of it. It’s one of those dramas that I’d instantly put on my to rewatch list. As for this episode I’m so happy that KW finally confessed. I want lovey dovey KW in the next couple of episodes please, no more mean guy or angst please please please! And poor Ryu, him being the window protecting her broke my heart :,(. I’m still Team Eric though LOL.

    • 44.1 anais

      Unfortunately, I think there will be heck of a lot more angsty Kangwoo in the upcoming episode since, within the narrative itself, his love has gone AWOL to protect him. It’ll probably be his redemption episode, trying to find her and fight for them.

      Which will be good. Because it’ll provide an opportunity for catharsis, to let go of all the negative emotions that resulted this past week. There will be confusion, panic, frustration, desperation, anger, a sense of betrayal, but hopefully after the negative emotions get their release, love, compassion (maybe even empathy), and most of all understanding. The next episode could be – from a Method acting standpoint – epic.

      Here’s hoping for the best.

  45. 45 AuntieMame

    My disadvantage in not understanding Korean actually forces me to pay closer attention to the visual, in order to get clues on what is going on.

    And, the scenes that were obviously filmed before the current fiasco really do attest to the stress on the cast. They all had dark circles/bags under their eyes, which the pancake make-up couldn’t cover up. So, it appears that the allegation of a ‘killer’ schedule is most likely accurate.

    Also, the allegation that the scripts are being issued piecemeal seems likely, too. As with some other comment, I also wondered about the lack of progress in the storyline, which would indicate that the writer either hadn’t worked out how to move the story along or the production company was ordering re-writes of the story/script, in the attempt to boost ratings.

    And, when In-ah said, “This is ridiculous! Is television a joke? How can you change the plot midway through?!”, she was probably right on target because as other comments have noted, ‘What happened to the So. Korean spy group that was tailing Kang Woo and was already interested in Myung Wol? What happened to that storyline? Obviously, the plot was changed. And, with the changes occurring, it’s obvious that the scripts would be late.

    Well, kudos for the production team being able to overcome a monumental hurdle because ep. 11 wasn’t bad at all, given the circumstances.

    BTW, it’s not possible that they are all in cahoots to generate this controversy just to boost their ratings, right? Since HYS was going to retire and get marry anyway, she didn’t care about her future in the industry and played the role of the ‘bad’ guy. ???

    • 45.1 snow

      even if they did, i don’t think they’d go this far. if this were han ye seul’s last drama, she’d want to go out on a good note and not ruin her career like this.

      • 45.1.1 AuntieMame

        Nah, they’ll just write a scenario that forgives and forgets and wish her well in her married life.

        Given the wackiness of this drama, I wouldn’t totally dismiss the wacky possibility that they would do this. LOL! (The smiley icon with its eyes going round and round is need here.)

  46. 46 diablita

    i am glad that am reading recaps instead of watching the drama. =)

  47. 47 Stephanie

    That’s it! Koreans are GENIUSES. Unless the whole flying to LA thing was just for show.

  48. 48 Atsirk

    Hope she gets to film it all in time for the next episode. You owe me one, Han Ye-seul sshi 😀

    SMY hwaiting!!!

  49. 49 starfield

    Thanks JB & GF for the recap, the comment about artwork’s relationship with its context is very interesting also =)

    I like that the final final frame of this episode was Myung-wol, it’s like they are waiting for her to come back. I wonder if the dialogues about professionalism, rookie star, disrespect for writer/director were the production’s side’s mean attempt to mock HYS (of course not about her flee to LA which took place after shooting these scenes, but about her rumored “attitudes” at the set), hopefully not.

    Whatever the case, the killer-schedule bit actually made her case even more sympathetic for me. MW was just like a robot carrying out one task after another, and when she was supposed to portray emotions (during the photo shoot with KW), it was evident that all she felt then was exhaustion.

    What is the meaning of watching shows in which the actors and actresses don’t feel an inch of emotion that is supposed to be conveyed to us viewers? I remember Hyun Bin saying that during the several famous romantic scenes between himself & and the lead female in Secret Garden, all he and she really felt was physical illness and sleepiness. Ha.

    But I digress.

    This episode feels very different from the previous 10 in that it’s very *real*. And I don’t mean real only because of the professionalism-and-what-not arc, but the way the leads carried themselves. Especially Eric and Ye Seul… they were so… “subtle” with their expressions and their tone, that there almost was no dramatic flair in some of their scenes. Which felt kind of strange but, the realness also made KW’s confession in the end better for me. It wasn’t a very passionate confession, but it felt very sincere =)

    The characters that I love to see the most atm are Dae Kang & manager Kyung, they are the only “normal” pple left that aren’t either lovesick or fearing mission failure/death =P And compare their pinkish and full cheeks to the pale, sunken cheeks of Eric and Ye Seul! Eric and Ye Seul look in bad enough shape to play characters that are terminally ill -___-;;;

    Finally I hope HYS/MW will come back in the next episode as a fighter and the show gets out of the depressing mode and gets back to the fun, upbeat zone =D Maybe this whole HYS fleeing debacle would actually provide a needed pause for the show to retool & restart ^^

      • 49.1.1 anais

        If this was indeed written by HYS’s stylist on SMY, that person is never working in the industry again, in which case the story would have been much more effective to release via actual news outlets. (I suppose there’s always the possibility that any such attempt may not have been feasible and that the internet may have been the only recourse.)

      • 49.1.2 MeeisLee

        What kind of tweet is that long O,o?!

        And I think maybe her stylist was tired of the unruly comments from the public and felt the need to defend her? Dunno. Well, the latest post on her arrival back to Korea so far has mostly civil comments. I’m already off topic so to connect to the post above, I guess we will be seeing how that confession plays out (sorta connects right?). I wonder how the chemistry will go for future episodes. I wasn’t planning on dropping the drama, so I’m really curious. Episode 11 didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would be. And there’s still Ryu, yay.

    • 49.2 am

      very well said…this is probably the most REAL acting I’ve seen in anything kdrama. haha! as if there were no pretenses in the actors. Stress was very noticeable with everyone: skin condition, dark circles, the prominent cheek bones…there’s so much stress going on the production that the cameras magnify.

  50. 50 chuachumill

    or was it just for the rating??hahahaha..i dun give a damn about all the rants..she might have her reasons..i love the show…love the cast toooo!!im no longer heartbroken..todays recaps…really make my dayy!!!!!!hwaiting show..i hope they overcome it all!!all shud ends well…fingers cross!!!

    • 50.1 furansizuka


    • 50.2 maria

      nope. nope.. i’m holding out judgment and going to be neutral…. because Goo Ae Jung has shown me the light!!! speculation creates so much unnecessary pain for everyone involved. it benefits a few and also tears down some people… i don’t know if satisfying my curiosity through blind theories is worth it! 😀 hahahaha! 😀 all i can give are wishes and support that they continue production. FULL STEAM AHEAD! crossing fingers for SMW!!!! FIGHTING!

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