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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 10
by | February 28, 2012 | 224 Comments

Deeper into the rabbit hole they go, as the boys start to clean up their act and do as they’re told, to get their music out in the world. But as friction turns to fracture, they start to wonder one by one: At what cost?


The boys win the playground fight to defend Woo-kyung’s honor (it’s literally in a playground, as if the metaphor needed any help). But there’s little time to celebrate their victory, because cops come rolling in. Crapcakes.

Meanwhile Su-ah sits in her emptied rooftop room, huddled with a blanket, and calls Ji-hyuk over and over. There’s a knock at the door and she runs to it, calling, “Ji-hyuk?” But no, it’s Seung-hoon.

He takes her out for coffee, and suggests she come stay at his noona’s officetel like he asked before. But she says she’ll manage somehow. He gets frustrated and asks if she’s just going to sit there and wait for Ji-hyuk.

“He’s the one in your heart, isn’t he?” She looks down and fidgets, but to her credit, she answers yes. I like this girl.

Seung-hoon finally blows up at her for stupidly waiting for Ji-hyuk, for defending him, wondering why he’s letting himself get so angry when she’s nothing to him now. Aw, it’s sad to see this friendship go down, but I’m glad that Seung-hoon found some pride and started to act like a normal person who gets rejected.

Noona chews the boys out for risking it all at such a crucial time, and their manager puts them on lockdown for the foreseeable future. He confiscates their phones, all but Ji-hyuk, who swears he lost his and trudges to his room.

Hyun-soo mumbles under his breath that Ji-hyuk suuuure is acting like a leader. But! It’s not HIS fault! I smell trouble a-brewin’…

Woo-kyung comes to apologize by way of snacks, and everyone but Hyun-soo receives her warmly. Kyung-jong says there’s no one who thinks of them more, and Hyun-soo snaps back, wondering how someone who cares about them so much could call them out to a fight.

It makes her feel terrible and she tries to smooth things over, but Hyun-soo’s in no mood to be civil, and requests that she stop coming by and breaking even more rules for them. The other boys try to talk him off the ledge and finally Ji-hyuk tells him to stop… which is exactly the fight Hyun-soo’s been angling for.

Hyun-soo: “I think that this is exactly the kind of situation a leader should set straight.” Arrrgh, I hate it when you two fight!

He storms out and Woo-kyung awkwardly says she’ll stop coming by for a while. Do-il sighs, the one who’s actually heartbroken over it.

Seung-hoon tells Ye-rim that he has someone in mind for her to do her duet song with, and she asks if he’s done a lot of unrequited loving, since the song isn’t like other duets—the boy’s in love, but the girl isn’t. He just awkwardly changes the subject.

She comes upon Hyun-soo practicing by himself, and gets the typical icy greeting. She promises not to bother him and asks to just watch him play, and he tosses out, “Are you interested in me or something?” totally not expecting her to say yes.

Except she says yes, like it’s totally obvious, throwing him off his game. Heh. He goes back to practicing, and when he looks back up, she’s gone.

He gets an urgent call from Mom that his little sister is back in the hospital, and rushes off. By the time he comes back into the dorm it’s 4am, and Ji-hyuk asks if he was practicing till now. Hyun-soo just walks past him with no answer.

Su-ah lights up when her phone rings, running out of yet another part-time job to answer the call from Ji-hyuk… only it’s the convenience store clerk who found Ji-hyuk’s phone. Way to ruin a girl’s lunch break, dude. She deflates, wondering if something’s wrong.

It’s time for Eye Candy’s debut, idol-style, as the manager carts them around to introduce to music show PDs who make fun of their name and laugh at the idea of selling rock.

To their horror, he has them watch variety shows, and announces that they’ll be guests, and to each prepare something funny. Oh man, I’m having awesome flashbacks to Hwang Tae-kyung and the radish. This is SO not up Eye Candy’s alley. They look back at him like he just said he’s an alien vampire who wears women’s underwear.

They trudge back home, and Ji-hyuk is the first to say aloud, “What are we DOING?” Hyun-soo, ever the realist, reminds them that they made a promise to see it through. The boys wonder if they’ll ever actually get to play onstage, and why putting out a single is such hard work. Ji-hyuk gets up to leave to clear his head, promising not to get into any trouble while he’s out. Hyun-soo glares.

Rock Kim hangs out watching tv in Noona’s office, and asks about “the punks.” She says they’ve quieted down lately, perhaps because they’re kids after all, and got scared straight. Rock Kim: “Quieted down, eh? Well that’s no fun.” Right? Let’s get on that, Rock Kim!

Noona fields a call and groans at the loss of yet another manager who couldn’t take it anymore. HA. I love that no one can handle them. Without a word, Rock Kim picks up his phone and calls someone, “Hey, you just got fired so you have lots of time, right?” Awwwww yeah! Are you calling Teacher Drummer Man?

Ji-hyuk arrives on Su-ah’s rooftop to find all her stuff outside. He checks inside and finds nothing but her blanket, and no Su-ah anywhere. He makes his way over to his own rooftop, wondering where she could have gone, when the lights go on in his room.

He jumps back with a start, “Who’s there, turning lights on in other people’s rooms?” Su-ah opens the door wrapped in his blanket, rubbing her eyes. Aw, it was just a homeless puppy.

He pretends to be all put out by it, as if you’re somehow upset that your girlfriend wants to sleep in your bed? Pfft. She tells him what happened, and that she’s lucky she has a neighbor who’s careless enough to leave his spare key hidden in such obvious places.

They cute-bicker about who’s going to pay rent—she argues that she’s living there, while he argues that it’s still his place—and sit there making googly eyes at each other. She gives him back his phone, which seriously, we’re just going to get surgically attached somewhere.

The next morning, an ominous pair of feet enters the boys’ dorm, surveying the wanton laziness. They fixate on the first target: Ha-jin. A hand creeps up to pat his behind… is this going to a naughty place?

Alas no, but it IS going to an awesome place, because Ha-jin opens his eyes… to this:

Aack! That’s no way to wake up sleeping beauty. One by one, Teacher Kim greets the boys with that look of evil glee, as they jump out of their skin.

They sit slackjawed as Rock Kim explains that Teach is indeed their new manager. They ask if he got fired from school, but he insists it’s just a six-month break, which he’ll spend being their personal manager. More staring.

They argue that “not just anyone” can be a manager, and Rock Kim turns to Teach: “Do they not know we were in a band together?” The boys practically go catatonic.

Cut to: Teach displaying his prowess on the drums, as the boys slowly begin to smile. Aw. I Love. This.

They’re forced to sit there as Teach and Rock Kim take a trip down memory lane, bickering about that girl they both liked, Teach still upset that Rock Kim stole her, and Rock Kim insisting it wouldn’t have happened if Teach had just admitted he liked her from the get-go. Keh.

It turns to talk over the different directions they wanted for the band, and who sold out and who wanted to be treated like a real artist, and ends with the lesson in a nutshell: The things that’ll break up a band? “Money. And girls.”

Rock Kim warns them not to hide things from each other, because these things will eventually tear them apart if they’re not honest. Once they’re alone, Rock Kim tells Teach he did a great job of matching his verbal sparring, and Teach just goes, “Huh?” clearly having meant every word. Ha.

The school buzzes with fangirl activity over Eye Candy. Su-ah carries a bouquet of red roses, giddy with anticipation, (are they for Ji-hyuk?) and even Deo-mi has jumped on the bandwagon, sheep that she is.

Pyo-joo overhears them gushing, and purposely pushes someone right into Su-ah, knocking her and her vase of flowers crashing to the ground. Ugh. You douchecanoe.

But Su-ah’s no damsel in distress, and gets up in his face, telling him to apologize if he did something wrong. Deo-mi sees Seung-hoon watching the whole exchange and runs up, asking him to do something. He averts his gaze.

Pyo-joo snickers that she’s no longer Seung-hoon’s girlfriend, right? He asks if she wants him to introduce her to some guys, basically treating her like a golddigger. She tells him to move, but he grabs her hair and leans in menacingly, “You thought you WERE something, didn’t you? You’re nothing without Seung-hoon, you worthless…”

She finishes the sentence for him with a giant SLAP right across his face. Goddamn that’s so satisfying. DO IT AGAIN!

But he goes livid and pushes her to the ground by her head. What? Did you just fucking push her? *vomit*

He actually goes over there, ready to kick or hit her again, and finally Seung-hoon grabs his arm to stop him, knowing that this is about him, not Su-ah. Pyo-joo happily turns his rage towards Seung-hoon, asking if that girl is worth more to him than his friends, as he hits him over and over.

Not that I’m expecting the psycho’s logic to be, er… logical, but I’m pretty sure Seung-hoon made it clear that he thinks more of cockroaches than his friends, so that’s neither here nor there, Ted Bundy.

Maro finally steps in to break it up, and drags Pyo-joo away. Su-ah tamps down her tears and asks Seung-hoon if he’s okay, but he just coldly turns and walks away from her without a word.

Meanwhile Eye Candy gets ready for their first tv interview, where Noona makes sure they memorize and recite the backstories that she’s created for them. She also announces their first tv performance on a live broadcast this weekend, where they insist that they can perform live.

The tv interview goes terribly awry, or mostly just falls really really flat, because every time the host asks a question, she gets gets a noncommittal “No, not really,” “Yeah, yunno,” from the boys.

I love that when she asks them to name their favorite female idols, they’re like, “Huh? I don’t know,” “Don’t have one,” and Kyung-jong answers, “That rapper… the tiger… his wife…” HA. I’m pretty sure you can’t call dibs on Yoon Mirae and not lose a finger, piano man.

As expected, Hyun-soo is the only one who takes to the interview well, outshining the others. It’s not on purpose, but he’s the only one who takes it seriously and actually plays the game. Noona takes note, and tells Teach that Hyun-soo’s gonna have a full plate of solo activities coming his way. Oh noes, I knew this would happen!

Ha-jin finds Ye-rim in the hallway and thanks her for the free publicity, totally oblivious to her reasons why. He asks if he can take her out for a meal to thank her, with Kyung-jong along, and she agrees since they’re in the same agency family, and because she’s curious about Eye Candy.

Aw, poor Ha-jin, just a stepping stone to get to Hyun-soo. He triumphantly shows off her digits to the rest of the boys, who aren’t surprised in the least.

Su-ah searches the halls for Seung-hoon, worried that his behavior of late is so uncharacteristic. Listen, you just have to let the boy be emo for a while. You can’t be both the girl to reject him AND the friend who picks up the pieces. Doesn’t work that way.

She finally finds him brooding in the spot where he first gave her his song. She tries to wipe the blood from his lip, but he pushes her hand away.

Su-ah: “When I look at you lately, you’re not the Seung-hoon I knew.” He counters, “Where’s the Im Su-ah that I knew?” She says she’s sorry and turns to go, realizing that he doesn’t want her help.

The boys return to the dorm where Teach tosses them a magazine interview about Seung-hoon, where he calls them out by name, saying that Eye Candy isn’t real music, but a happening, basically calling them a gimmick more than a band.

They get all fired up, but Teach asks what they’re planning to do about it, with their empty bravado and thoughtless antics. Hyun-soo’s the only one who admits that he’s right about that—they are here without any inkling of why or a plan for the future.

Noona asks Seung-hoon if he really had to take it that far with the interview, and asks what it is he really wants. Seung-hoon: “To step on them.” Eep, he says it super intensely. Taken aback, she asks if he means it, and he takes it down a notch and lies that he’s kidding.

But he’s not, of course, because his next request is to have Hyun-soo sing the duet with Ye-rim. Pot stirrers. Grar.

The mood is dampened during practice, and Ji-hyuk stops to ask what’s up with everybody. Hyun-soo walks out, and Ha-jin and Kyung-jong go trailing off too. Do-il wonders if things haven’t gotten a little too big for them to control—they started out wanting to show Byung-hee’s music to the world, but are they just going to break up the band in trying to put out a single?

Su-ah packs the shoes she made for Ji-hyuk in excitement for the big day. The boys wait nervously in their dressing room, all guylinered up and ready to go… when Noona comes in to tell them that there was a sudden amp issue and they can’t go live after all. Right. Amp issue. Guh.

Ji-hyuk is not happy about lip-syncing onstage, but Hyun-soo argues that it might be better in the long run, because it’s their first performance—what happens if they make a mistake? Ji-hyuk reminds him the number of times they’ve performed live, but Hyun-soo sees this as a whole new scale. They’re both right, which is always the problem with these two.

Backing up a little to when they arrived, Su-ah waits in the sea of screaming fangirls, and can’t even get close to Ji-hyuk, who walks right by without seeing her. Aw, sadness. But she does manage to catch Teacher Kim’s attention, who tells her that he’s managing the boys while on leave from school.

She asks him to give Ji-hyuk the shoes, which always makes me nervous, messages and presents changing hands and getting lost, but he hands it to Ji-hyuk inside, saying that it’s “From a fan.”

Ji-hyuk opens it up to find a card: “Congratulations on Eye Candy’s first broadcast performance. Go up there and fly. –Su-ah.” He runs outside to see if she’s still out there, but she’s gone.

Minutes before airtime, Teach gets a call to hand over the MR file to the techs… after which he takes out the little USB drive and promptly drops it in the sink. Ha. Whoops. He runs into the dressing room to tell them what happened.

Noona scrambles to try and get another copy, but Ji-hyuk steps up to say that they can do it live. They’re out of options so she okays it, and they take to the stage, passing Seung-hoon and Ye-rim on the way.

Ji-hyuk puts on his new shoes from Su-ah and they start the performance. Su-ah watches the live broadcast from Ji-hyuk’s apartment with a huge smile.

Everything goes smoothly… that is, until Ha-jin’s bass amp goes wonky, throwing them off, and then one of Do-il’s drumsticks goes flying out of his hand. Panic. Mayhem.


Urg, can we please let these guys get through ONE performance without making my heart stop? I swear, I’m prematurely aging. I do think I’m done with this particular plot device though, because there’s only so many times you can dramatically interfere with a performance before I start to call you out for redressing the same plot device a different way. I think we’re mining some really good territory here with the fracturing of the band in the face of success and the idol machine, so I hope the drama can figure out different ways to capture that conflict after this.

I really like the two worlds, so at odds—the carefree boys and their garage band suddenly thrown into the shiny idol factory—and it effectively does break my heart to see them get morphed more and more into some squeaky-clean fashion-rock version of a band. The slow progression, one concession at a time, the questioning of what they’re doing but not enough to stop… it’s a nice buildup towards that moment when they’ll look at themselves and realize it’s not them staring back in the mirror anymore.

It’s a refreshing take on the music industry, because it’s questioning the factory-made process as a catch-all. Obviously that machine exists and it’s the established avenue to fame and fortune. But it’s not the only road, and more importantly, not everyone can or should be conformed in that cookie-cutter mold. I like the extension of our boys as outsiders – in school, in life, in the fringes of society – that carries over into the music world too.

They don’t fit, and that’s what’s problematic—and awesome—about them. Based on what this drama has said about the way of the world in championing characters like Su-ah who don’t fit on either side of the social divide, I trust that we’ll go somewhere great with the boys, in exploring what it means to be a true bohemian, and true to themselves. I just know we’re going to go through a lot of heartache to get to the other side…


224 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jinny

    Ahhh thank you! I’ll always be rooting for Hyun-soo >.<
    asld;fkjasld I hate how they're always awesome during practice but their performances always have a hitch…

    • 1.1 Tally

      LOL, Woo-kyung reminds me of KARA’s Nicole, who is the manager of the FC Men Idol team that has JYJ‘s Yoochun, Junsu and Kim Jae Joong, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong, B2ST‘s Doojoon and Lee Ki Kwang, 2AM’s Changmin, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, model Im Joo Hwan, gagman Park Sung Kwang, and actors Park Gun Hyung, Song Joong Ki, Kim Bum and Lee Wan as members.

      • 1.1.1 whoa

        did i just have a deja vu with this comment

        • MeeisLee

          I was wondering the same thing. But then I went back to check on Ep 9 recap, and the same commentor made the same exact comment on that page too. In fact, one minute (4:14) before this one.

          I don’t see the purpose of doing such though :/.

          On topic, I knew something was bound to happen during the live performance. Sigh, I wonder what will happen next. I think we’ll see an even greater deal of the Hyun Soo clash in the next episode. Maybe some solo activities and jealousy? Looks like it’s about to rain.

  2. kbap

    Thank you! 🙂

    • 2.1 kbap

      Man what a good episode. I love every bit of it, especially when Teacher gives everyone his glare. It cracks me up. What a wonderful way to wake up the sleeping beauty. And I love how the boys, as GF said, are starting to not see themselves anymore, as they’re being changed into what every other idol is – squeaky clean and so…idolized. I like how the Su-ah Ji-hyuk relationship is still going strong though. And woops, my god those boys are stopping my heart with their performances. I hope…someone can smooth it over? (Haha…no.)
      Anyways I hope they stick together though it’s obvious how Hyun-soo is changing. *sob

      • 2.1.1 thekors

        Am I the only who’s *really* buying into Ji Hyuk-Su Ah’s relationship? I mean, on the other hand, I’m also really glad that the whole show is not just about them, but their interactions are something I really look forward to in each episode. So yes, gotta agree with you that I’m glad that their relationship remains strong, although in a typical k-dramas, I could imagine them using every little point of conflict present in this drama and blow it up to something much bigger. Love for Ji Hyuk is given, but although Su Ah may not be the girl with the strongest of character (but that also, gets old already), I like how they’re really honest with each other – e.g. when Ji Hyuk found her in his rooftop room, the way she explains the circumstances that led to it wasn’t done in a guilty, self-pity way. I would imagine that she wouldn’t be as forthright with Seung Hoon out of worry that he would go all heroic and do things his way, in the name of “protecting” her.

        But based on preview of Ep 11, looks like it’ll be tested though. And I suppose it’s based on the typical idol-must-not-date rule. But interestingly, Su Ah seems to be the one holding back and more concerned with Ji Hyuk’s newly-acquired fame.

        • kbap

          I’m also really buying their relationship. Though I’m complaining about the lack of hold-hands-peck-kiss-thing (Yeah, I know from the preview she didn’t want to ’cause he’s a star now, but still) I can’t believe that I completely think that their relationship is genuine and real. Even in City Hunter (please don’t bash me!) I felt that their relationship was a little…off. Though Min-ho’s googly eyes were definitely convincing. And I really can’t believe that this is Jo Boa’s first drama! I was all prepared to hate her…and then she becomes one of the best heroine’s I’ve ever seen. Still like a girl (not excessively manly and badass and then turning into an innocent doe in front of the hero, then melting and becoming not-so-badass and then into a puddle of tears), but also independent and isn’t submissive, and not done in such a unbelievable way. I love this relationship. This show is my crack. I want their relationship to be tested, but I hope they’ll make it safely through the stormy waters, and more cute moments for me to enjoy (and I admit it, replay a million times).

  3. stellar

    thank you!

  4. soserious

    umm… continuity error? the part where the boys are waiting (with full makeup & outfit) in the dressing room then cut to su-ah waiting for them outside with other fans (the boys have regular hair & no makeup), then cut back to the same dressing room with shil-ba giving ji-hyuk the shoes ._. was that order messed up in editing or done on purpose…? bah.

    anyways, i loved this episode… hyun-soo was totally on fire. so messed up what he did to woo-kyung – i mean, it’s her fault they got in trouble but dayum, that was just…cold-hearted… and yeah i’m definitely seeing that division only widening within the group. but why is it that hyun-soo keeps quiet to the group about his family’s problems since there seems to be something wrong with his sister? does he not want to worry them? is he too prideful? is he simply lazy? why hyun-soo why. i only want the boys to be in rainbows and sunshine, but i’m already seeing the dark clouds ahead and it’s worrying me shitless.

    oh and, tsk tsk tsk pyo-joo. didn’t they teach you in pre-school not to hit girls. c’mon now. are you trying to make me hate you more? sigh… on a brighter note, i totally love that shil-ba is their manager now. teehee. plus i totally dig ye-rim’s fowardness in confessing to hyun-soo of her liking him. i sort of ship them already. ha. favorite scene in this episode for me was the interview. ji-hyuk’s half-hearted answers and reactions from HR witch, shil-ba and interviewer…hillarious.

    • 4.1 kbap

      I KNOW. Pyo-joo is such an ass. I swear, chivalry is probably the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard of (besides flower boys and drama, hehehe). I mean, my boyfriend’s sweet and nice, and he’s such a gentleman. And that’s part of the reason why I like him. That’s why I’m even dating him, lol. Besides the fact that he’s hilarious and that we’re sort of like sweethearts (oh, ahah, am I dipping into cheesiness right now? Sorry, but haven’t had a relationship for quite a while now…so I guess I felt the need to brag.) Anyways, Pyo-joo will never get a girlfriend, ever. I believe in guys being nice to girls.

      …but I know you’re going to laugh in my face the day Pyo-joo gets married. Whatever. He’s such a douche bag.

      • 4.1.1 soserious

        hahahhaha well, he is a chaebol after all… or at least extremely wealthy, as far as i’m concerned. but yeah, that was a douchebag move. guys like that in real life are inexcusable worthless human beings. the scene was pretty intense if you ask me.

        feel free to brag. i think it’s a beautiful thing to love someone. lucky you!

        • kbap

          Yeah, I hate un-nice chaebols. Oh wait, does this mean that I’m never going to be a rich married woman? Ahahah. Just kidding. That’s only in dramas, (hopefully). And I agree, those people really deserve worse than any sort of punishment a school could provide. Because naturally grabbing anyone by the head is despicable, and a boy bullying a girl? Yiiikes. And I don’t even know what Su-ah did to make him hate her so much. Unless he’s obsessed with Seun-hoon. Though I prefer not to think about that…(now that’s some bromance I don’t want, lol)

          • kbap

            Oh I forgot to say thank you 🙂 I’m practically swimming in bliss right now. Being in love is a very nice thing…*daydreams about boyfriend and looks like a lovesick(ish) fool

      • 4.1.2 FunnyBunny

        Oh he’ll get married, but it will be to someone just as awful as he is, or worse. You never know, it could be fun watching a 5 foot Korean girl treating Pyo-joo has her bitch.

        • JoAnne

          laughing out loud at 6 am, thank you!

        • ~Feather~

          i hope we can see that in the drama! i would love it!

          they say what goes around, comes around

    • 4.2 78446

      I had wanted Woo-kyung to be told off eventually but I wanted Ji-hyuk to do it. Hyun-soo was NOT the person I wanted to do it, mostly because I know it will be mean and harsh, as only the Ice Prince is capable of. Technically, it was the other friend that called for help, and Woo-kyung felt really bad about their involvement in it. Without delving into the current Wookyung-Jihyuk-Doil love triangle saga, Woo-kyung is and always was, to the rest of the boys, family. You don’t treat family that way.

      • 4.2.1 kewbie

        Exactly. She even got upset with Min Young (the friend who called the boys) for calling them to begin with because she didn’t want to get them in trouble. Even though she’s crushing hard on Ji-hyuk, she still thought of the boys’ best interest at that time. She deserved better from Hyun-soo. Badly done, Ice Prince.

      • 4.2.2 soserious

        exactly, and i kind of love her for that – her unconditional love for the boys and she’s always treated them like family.

        and when woo-kyung said she won’t be around anymore the down look on do-il’s face was kind of heartbreaking.

      • 4.2.3 ianne

        WooKyung got into a fight. Friend calls Eye Candy to Help. Eye Candy helps. Gets in trouble.

        Even though WooKyung didn’t want to call the Eye Candy boys cause she knows they’ll get in trouble, why did she even get into a fight in the first place – again? When she perfectly knows that every time she gets into a fight, the Eye Candy boys will help her out?

        She should have stayed out of trouble if she wanted what’s best for the boys because she knows that no matter what, they’ll come to help her.

        Hyunsoo getting mad at her isn’t really wrong. And the guys who didn’t get mad at her aren’t also wrong. Hyunsoo was angry cause they got into trouble. But he still helped in the fight. He could easily have not gone and helped if WooKyung wasn’t important to him. He’s always just, as girlfriday have said, the realist in the group.

        That’s what’s conflicting about these boys. Even when they have differing opinions, they’re all somehow right.

        • alua

          Agree! Agree! Don’t get into trouble and then go on about how it’s not good for the boys helping her out! Come on.

          She’s grating on my nerves. Totally.

          • JoAnne

            But she didn’t start that fight, those other girls ganged up on her with their boyfriends as a follow-on to the earlier fight. While I agree she bears some responsibility for the situation *in general*, she did nothing on that night to cause problems. She didn’t start the fight, she didn’t call the boys.

            I did love how fast they took off running to protect her, though. Even Hyun Soo, with his cranky realistic career-minded self. And they enjoyed it, too. So he is ‘right’, but doubly unfair in his reaction after the fact. Poor little Ice Puppy, though…I feel for him. He’s in a bad place.

          • alua

            You are right JoAnne! I commented before I had watched the episode, after reading the recaps only.

            She still grates on my nerves though. She was still being clingy, only caring about Ji hyuk the moment he showed up and they were fighting, and physically clinging to him afterwards.

            Did she even notice that the other showed up BEFORE Ji hyuk (indeed, WHO showed up first!)? Or care how they were afterwards?

            But yeah, her friend was the big doofus in this situation.

          • JoAnne

            Alua, I agree, she’s irritating me. Get a CLUE, woman. And what about thanks to the boys who showed up right away? Do Il had to be first on the scene…how ’bout some love for pretty Pantene hair? Ji Hyuk is mi…I mean, he’s Su Ah’s.

        • Cruelsummer

          I agree. Wookyung’s loyalty and assistance to the band should be commended, but the first rule of being a rock star’s girlfriend is to keep your mouth shut.

          If she hadn’t been spouting off at the mouth in the first place, the original fight would not have happened.

          This is another reason why I like Su-ah. She knows how to be discreet and she’s not insecure to the point where she has to go running her mouth any time someone tries to make a claim on her man. She knows that even though girls are circling her man like flies to poo, when it’s all said and done he’ll be at her front door with thirty packs of ramyun tucked into his leather jacket, lol 🙂

          • Maymay

            Haha…I really like your comment about the 30 packs of ramyun tucked inside his jacket. 🙂

            Oh, and don’t forget about the eggs. He was planning on buying the eggs too. I love the way these two flirt using eggs. LOL.

          • JoAnne

            Because ours are not the only ovaries that will explode…

      • 4.2.4 Musings

        The thing that peeved me off was that Hyun soo wasn’t going to help her out if it wasnt for the other guys running off. After so many years of friendship he would have let her deal with it herself which was really dissapointing.

        • kewbie

          You know, I was just thinking about that. Can you imagine if he decided to stay behind after the other guys left to go help her? If he didn’t have conflict before, he certainly would have had it then.

          Also, as a result of their fight, what happened to the guys? They got caught by the police and chewed out by SH’s sister, and they got their cell phones taken away. They weren’t jailed, and she gave them one more chance to straighten up. I would understand Hyun-soo being pissed at Woo-kyung if SH’s sister had kicked them out and terminated their contract right then and there, or if they had gone to jail immediately after the police came, but none of those things happened. They still get to record, perform, etc.

          I say Hyun-soo should be more worried about dealing with his own bandmates than about other things getting in the way of his personal success.

          • JoAnne

            Right, it went as well for them as could be hoped for…but I think Hyun Soo recognizes that they’re only going to be forgiven ‘X’ number of times and then they’re out the door. Speaking from personal experience…I know I’m gonna screw up sometimes. I don’t need someone else screwing up and wasting my get out of jail free cards! I would figure Hyun Soo is thinking along those lines.

        • ianne

          Because you’re going to throw away a good opportunity to help your real family in favor of a friend? If that friend really is your friend, she would understand your situation. I mean, yeah, I’d rather my sister die than my friend get beat up, you know?

          I’m not saying what Hyunsoo could have possibly done was right but he also had his own reasons.

          • Musings

            Saying that he was choosing between helping a friend who was getting beat up at that very moment and letting his sister die is a bit dramatic… She hasn’t died yet so they’ve clearly been managing. It’s just that this opportunity would make it easier for his family. I’m not saying anything about what Wookyung would have thought of him. I’m sure she would have understood. It’s just that he was so quick to NOT want to help her is my issue. How can so many years of friendship have so little effect on him.

        • ianne

          I’m gonna leave my answer to what you posted to my previous comment here.

          Yes, it’s a bit dramatic. Actually, it’s too dramatic of an argument but one can’t deny that that’s the thought process going through his mind at that moment. If they screw this up, most especially because of an outside force that they could have had control over and/or could have avoided, then do you think it would be a good thing for them?

          I don’t see anything wrong with him hesitating to help. He could have easily not gone and helped anyway because the others are already on their way. If he really is selfish and didn’t want trouble, then why not just stay to save his own skin? But still, even though he hesitated, he still went and risked it.

          Which leads me to think that WooKyung isn’t as important to him as she is to the others. To Do-Il, to JiHyuk, for example. They seem to be the closest to her, even to Hajin and to Kyungjong but not to Hyunsoo so much. I mean, I have a group of friends but I’m not close to all of them. I have certain people in that group of friends that I really am closest with. The others, while we do a lot of things together and we spend a lot of time together, I’m not the best of friend with them. And while I value their friendship, I’m not going to throw away my future for someone who should have known better.

          Also, if you noticed, he went when the others went because the others are important to him. They’re doing this as a team. He went not particularly because of WooKyung but because the other guys went and wanted to help.

          But if Hyunsoo really were “throwing away” years of friendship with WooKyung (if there really were even years worth of friendship for him to throw away), I don’t blame him for thinking first like normal people do.

          • JoAnne

            I’d also like to point out the difference between Hyun Soo and Seung Hoon. One boy clearly sees that there’s an opportunity (for the group, but also for himself) and is trying to make it work for the group – not just running off for himself. Meanwhile, Seung Hoon has this whole secret musical life from his ‘band’ and drops them instantly, without a second’s hesitation, when his career takes off.

          • JoAnne

            Oh and to add: why’d he do that, exactly? Timing leads me to believe the whole thing is because he thought it would help him with Su Ah. So he ditched his friends for a girl.

          • Cruelsummer

            Yeah…I think he saw his bandmates as dead weight. He wants to outshine Eye Candy to get Su-ah’s attention. Maybe he still believes that it’s his song and not Ji-Hyuk’s voice that touched Su-ah.

          • JoAnne

            So deluded. Does he not SEE Ji Hyuk? That boy may not have money but he’s got EVERYthing else.

          • musings

            I don’t consider that “normal” though. I might not be closest to someone but if I heard they were in trouble I’d be worried and my first thought would be “what can i do?”. I wouldnt necessarily stick my neck out for them in the end if it would destroy my dream future. I totally see where you’re coming from but what I wanted to see was him being a bit conflicted, you know? And what do you mean known better? They ambushed her that time.

          • kaching

            If he’s been close friends with Jihyuk than surely he would have been hanging out with WK all that time too. It looked like she spent a good deal of time with them in the beginning so there was definitely years of friendship. Can’t say they were especially close though.

  5. Maymay

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  8. 78446

    That’s IT. Pyo-joo needs to die now (along with everyone else in that school apparently, passive elitist bastards just standing around letting shit like that happen *grrr*). Su-ah, honey, I appreciate the effort you took in slapping him, but you should’ve just kicked him in the nuts. Hard. And then have the police haul his ass to juvie.

    Shilba/Silva as manager FTW <3 That evil grin FACE <3

    Wasn't Yoon Mirae a judge in Superstar K 3? Hee. Kim Minseok, you cheeky boy.

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

    • 8.1 kbap

      Haha, yes she should’ve kicked him where it hurts most. That boy deserves to be hauled off to juvie and worse, my god. I don’t even know why he hates her. He just does. How is he not expelled yet?

      • 8.1.1 78446

        Rich and powerful daddy = Untouchable douchebag/scum of the earth

        • kbap

          DAMMIT! Grrr I wish his daddy would lose his power (somehow…?) and let his son get what he really deserves.

    • 8.2 kewbie

      That’s what I’ve been saying about that guy all along: Pyo-joo is poo-poo. Seriously, where were the teachers/principal when he grabbed Su-ah’s hair? He’s like a freaking wife-beater. Sheesh.

      • 8.2.1 78446

        School don’t wanna touch no poo-poo :p Seriously though, that school, for all its supposedly awesome reputation, has a really crappy administration. No wonder Teacher Kim couldn’t fit in.

      • 8.2.2 kewbie

        I watched that part with Poo-poo again. His ass really needs to go to jail. Seriously.

      • 8.2.3 msjoe42

        Pyo-joo has money, can get away with just about anything. If he gets into trouble just call daddy to bail him out.

        Maybe Pyo-joo role model is Boys Before Flowers, Goo Joon Pyo (who is rough and fearless) heir to heir to the Shinhwa conglomerate. Shinhwa High School own by the Shinhwa congomerate … Goo Joon Pyo can kick anybody out because he can. Thus, Pyo-joo thinks he owns the school…can it away with it (ie bullying other students because he can…teachers will not stop him, principal just pretend it did not happen.)

        • A-M

          I totally thought he had a Junpyo swagger in his scene with Su-ah. Not that JP would ever, ever have done what Poo Poo just did.

      • 8.2.4 JoAnne

        Pyo-Joo is poo poo.

        STILL makes me laugh.

    • 8.3 sally_b

      I’d like to see Pyo-joo try to pull that crap in a western High School….his nuts would be hanging on the flagpole within minutes of him just grabbing a girl’s hair…much less shoving her to the ground.

      …and if his rich daddy appeared — he’d get his ass kicked too.

      …thinking to myself…”gurl, hold my hoops, ’cause I’m goin’in hard as a mutha ~!!”

      ಠ_ಠ# ◄—- MAJOR STANK EYE to Pyo-joo.

      • 8.3.1 Cruelsummer

        No kidding. And this has been said a thousand times before, but Doemi SUCKS as a friend.

        If my best girlfriend was being man-handled like that in the halls, I would have jumped on that dudes back and wailed on his stupid head.

        Not to mention all the other students who were just standing around. What a worthless school. *keeps reminding myself that this is just a drama*

        • MJ

          Deo-mi — (Velma Dinkley look alike from the animated TV Series titled A Pup Named Scooby-Doo (1988-1991)). — is afraid of (1) losing her glasses, (2) getting expelled, and (3) does not want to get involved because the fight has nothing to do with her, (4) does not want to get hurt.

          Dem-mi is a passivist.

    • 8.4 redfox

      now that is something I dont want to read, especially on this friendly site. I thought you commentators were different. think how the actor feels when you want his character killed just cause the script tells him he has to play a bad character. It is hard enough as it is, I think, and not everyone is strong enough to carry the burden of an evil character.

      nevertheless, it would have been bye-bye, drama in my country, sexist onscreen violence without anyone stepping in, that would have been the last episode in my land.

      • 8.4.1 Roggy

        We are only complaining about the character, though some people would hate/dislike him naturally for playing a character like that. i think the majority (like me) thinks that he’s a good actor. To get such emotional responses from the audience, thus to make them more invested in continuing to watch the drama, isnt that the purpose?
        Heck, that we care so much, I think that a compliment to the actor who can pull it off.

      • 8.4.2 78446

        It is a figure of speech, meant to convey my seething anger at the character’s ACTIONS and CHARACTERIZATION, and does not in any way reflect my feelings for the actor playing him. It is in fact a testament to how good the actor is at playing the vomit-inducing douchebag (as pointed by the fabulous recap above) that I have an immediate visceral reaction to the things he says and does. In understanding that this is a fictional drama (although I could swear sometimes that I’m watching a reality show) where we tend to live vicariously through the characters, to wish harm on Pyo-joo The Character, not the actor, is an obvious audience response I would think. I’m sure the actor playing him knows that that particular scene was meant to shock and awe the audience at its moral reprehensibility and eliciting the appropriate hateful response at that scene means he did a really good job at it. Otherwise, I (and a lot of the commenters it would seem) wouldn’t have reacted so violently to it.

        • redfox

          I know it is about the character, nevertheless, using the word Kill or die is too much in whatever context . It´ll become a habit, if I can borrow a certain expression from another drama. using such strong words thoughtlessly, do not take it lightly. they have heavy weight. you want to express how the character makes you feel, but in the end the words you use are verbal violence in themselves. I am not critisizing you, it is just that the anonymous internet space tunrs us all into monsters like Pyo-Joo if we dont watch out. like the character uses his fists too lightly, and his hateful words, should we respond the same way.

          thats the reason violent scenes like this get cut or banned here.
          we already have the highest rate of domestic violence after Russia. no need to endorse it with tv

          • 78446

            Ah. I think I understand now. What you’re objecting to is my use of the word “die”, yes? Again, like I said, it’s a figure of speech meant to convey strong emotion but nevertheless, I apologize for the use of the word if it came out too strong. It was a knee-jerk reaction to the actions of a fictional character, but I must a gotten a bit insensitive in my haste.

            However, I cannot promise that I will not continue reacting violently if ever they show scenes of Pyo-joo physically abusing Su-ah (like throwing an eraser at her head, or shoving her by the hair) again. As you aptly pointed out, they should stop showing scenes like that if they want to prevent violent reactions. I can promise to phrase my words in a more “civilized” manner but I will always have to react, because to not object to those actions would just be wrong in itself.

      • 8.4.3 sally_b

        redfox -hello
        I’m presuming that since you replied under my post that your comments are directed at mine…if that’s so, …I can assure you that nothing in my post called for the death of an actor or his role.

        Pyo-joo’s character and my comments are based on what the writer’s have written….lest anyone forget that he was directly responsible for setting up the events which killed the catalyst character –►Byung Hee.

        Pyo-joo is an utterly dispicable excuse for a person (the actor is doing a fine job) and the writer’s *intend* for him to be a ruthless toad. ….so I’m not really certain what you’re getting at (scratches head)…cheers ~

        • kewbie

          Yes, the actor that plays Pyo-joo is so good that everyone wants to hate him. You gotta give him credit for giving the character of Pyo-joo his all.

          Somewhat related: Didn’t the actor who played Pyo-joo also compete in the same reality competition where Yoo Min-kyu/Ha-jin competed in?

          • Nicole

            Yes, they were in the Oh Boy! audition project together. He was one of the few who got a good response from the judges along with Yoo Min Kyu. ^__^

            He is also under the same model management company as Sung Joon.

        • redfox

          oh, no, my comment was directed to another person, sorry, if it confused you!

          words and thoughts influence people… the source and everyone surrounding them. we may shout and grit our teeth watching something on screen, but we still have time to cool down and think how we should phrase our feelings. internet feels instant, but unlike coffee, words dont just dissolve.

          thats what I basically said.

          well, thats said and over with and thank you for listening / reading and understanding.

  9. uden

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  10. 10 Ashley

    Dear Hyun-soo,

    You know how to turn me into a pile of goo with that smile and brotherly love, but I know at the end of the day you could be the one to shatter my heart into a million unfixable pieces. I would love it if you could choose what road you are going to take, so I can just take the hit instead of wincing while I try to prepare myself for the possibilities. If by chance you would like to keep me a very happy girl, I would be perfectly giddy if you rekindle the love with Ji-hyuk and no not betray your boys. Love you and I will be waiting for your reply.

    Ye-rim Hater

    • 10.1 kbap

      Dear Hyun-soo,

      I know you want to strike it big and whatnot, and it must’ve hurt to have your best friend being “stolen” by Byung-hee, but it doesn’t mean that you should lash at your friends (especially Ji-hyuk, he was your best friend after all). And please open up, honey, bottling your emotions will do you no good. One day you’re just gonna blow up and end up somewhere worse. Plus the boys love your sister too, is something you can’t tell them about your family? They’re practically your family anyways (most of them don’t even have a regular family. ex Do-il, Ji-hyuk). I love you, but please don’t leave Eye-Candy for your own path to stardom. After all, if Ha-jin’s on the bass, Kyung-jong on the keyboard, Do-il on the drums, and Ji-hyuk singing, who would play the guitar solo?

      Pyo-joo Hater

      • 10.1.1 soserious


        Funny because I was chanting, “yes…yes…yes…(!)” until i read “love, pyo-joo hater.” idk why i lol’d but i’m still laughing.

        • kbap

          Haha, I hate him so much. I think I mentioned this in every post, but man I mean it!
          Glad you liked it 😉 I wasn’t sure because I apparently have an odd sense of humor (says my friends and family). 😛 But really, Hyun-soo, don’t leave…!

      • 10.1.2 alua

        Amen to that.

    • 10.2 Swye

      Agree with everything you say, but why you hate Ye-rim? :O She’s a sweet-heart. 🙂

      • 10.2.1 Ashley

        I do not hate her, I think she is a sweet heart also. Just jealous she gets him, which is sad because he is fictional. Sometimes I forget this is a show, the boys seem so real to me.

    • 10.3 FunnyBunny

      Dear Hyun-soo,
      You know Noona’s love for you knows no bounds, but please do not test my patience. If you want to “make it big” via selling out your buds just come clean and stop with the glaring and walking away in a huff. I know you feel like the odd man out but that’s know reason to throw your temper as you see fit, mainly because you come off as an asshole and no one wants to be around one.
      Kudos on being professional with the interviews, maybe you could help the other guys too? They might forget what a pain in the ass you’ve been lately.
      Again, Noona loves you lots but you’re alpha male tendencies are working my last nerve, give it a rest ok?

      Love Bunny Noona

      P.S. Could you pass on to Do-il that he deserves better than a girl who blatantly ignores him? oh, and that Noona is 100% available and loves drummers. Thanks!

      • 10.3.1 doremii

        I never really got the feeling that he wants to sell out the rest of the members. He seems to just take this opportunity very seriously, while they don’t, so I think he’s just feeling irritated and is being forced to do things on his own since the rest are just messing around. Even if he had tried to help with the interviews, the other four don’t seem to care enough about it or realize its importance in the long run.

        idk, as much as I want them to preserve their bromance, I’m taking Hyunsoo’s side on this one — the rest aren’t showing any signs of ambition or determination with such a huge opportunity thrown at them. They really need to get their shit together and start figuring out what they want and where they’re going.

        But he definitely could loosen up and be a bit more friendly, especially to Yerim and Wookyung ):

        • FunnyBunny

          hmm this is why I should not type while I’m sleepy. I meant he’d be the sell out, whoops. But I see what you’re saying. damn you reasonable logic…
          I just have this dreaded vision of Hyun-soo getting a solo recoding deal and him leaving the rest of Eye Candy in the dust. While I can understand why he’d do it, I just imagine the hurt and betrayal the other guys would feel. I guess I’m Team Bromance on this one.

          Episode 1 basically spelled out all the boys reasons for doing music. And now they’re being put to the test. I’m pretty sure they never expected to make it big-excluding Hyun-soo- so when it actually happens-and rather quickly might I add-they’re all a little shell shocked.
          Cause who really decides on career in highschool? moreover who really commits to one at that age? Most college students change their major/career choice at least 2-3 times while at school.
          So I can’t really fault the other boys too much for not having a clue most of the time. But I can agree they’re going to have to decide how important music is and if they want to see it through or not. And they’re how old?? Eeee no pressure boys. I can barely commit to what I want for lunch let alone my entire future.

          • doremii

            True, when I was their age I had no motivation or ambition and just sort of cruised through life lol.

            I think it’s more forgivable when you’re just a student studying in school; you don’t really have to commit because there’s still time. But when you start doing something as a job, you’ve already made that decision to be committed and it’s more necessary to stay dedicated (or at least give it your all until you decide it’s not what you want)

            Especially with something as huge as a contract for music, I would expect a bit more serious thought about the future and a more serious attempt when you’re being interviewed on ~*~TV~*~. Not everyone has that nice of a chance. I can’t blame either side for how they feel, but personally I’m feeling more sympathetic towards Hyunsoo’s perspective, as much of an jerk he can be. I might be too cynical/rational in the sense that I can’t truly believe that a high school friendship is deserving of the same importance as a future career even in a drama. ): Best case scenario would be everyone solving their problems and becoming the best band ever, though! Hehe ^^;

          • FunnyBunny

            I wouldn’t say that Eye Candy is ‘just” a high school friendship. To me that’s doing the boys a disservice. Especially for Ji-hyuk, Do-il, and Byung-hee who didn’t have much of a family life, this was their only support system. To them this was essentially their family. Hyun-soo, Ha-jin and Kyung-jong all have supportive families, so the band may not be that important to them. But like Ji-hyuk said in ep 9 without his friends he has nothing, and I believe he means it.
            In all honesty if Hyun-soo did go solo and the other guys decided that a career in music is not for them it wouldn’t be the end of the world for me, as long as they parted ways amicably. Hell, they’d probably be his biggest supporters. But the way things are being set up I don’t see that happening. And it really breaks my heart.

            It’s just my biggest problem with Hyun-soo is that he never TALKS to ANYBODY about ANYTHING. He just bottles it all up and picks fights. So if he actually tells the other boys he wants them to take this seriously or he’s flying solo, fine, they’ve been warned. But he just gets cranky broods and gets frustrated with everyone. He’s just doing a really good job of alienating himself from his friends. But I guess it has to happen, this show wouldn’t be any fun to watch if they all just played nice and every episode ended like a Brady Bunch rerun.
            Ok I’ll stop with the crazy ranting now ^_^

        • ianne

          I’m happy that I wasn’t the only one thinking this! I totally agree with you.

          They started this as wanting to make Byunghee’s music known but after that, what do they want to happen with their life?

          Hyunsoo has the talents and the looks and the motivation. His family needs money. He’s perfectly capable of singing lead. He’s backed by his loving family who believes in his talents and supports his dreams – it would be a shame to let them down.

          He’s not just doing this because it’s fun, he wants this as a career to help his family as well.

      • 10.3.2 JoAnne

        love you, love you, love you

        • IBELIS

          GF thanks for your recap.

          I agree with HS, someone needed to let KW know that her actions when involving them has consequences. Her sole motivation is JH and he has no interest, not even enough to tell her to stop.

          Having good friends is the best but sometimes you have to put your own interest before the group’s.

          I think the group as a whole are fine with just being boy’s from the hood who got a music contract. I think HS saw the contract as his chance to get out of the hood. and have a different life from all the people he has known. The others are fine with how their lives are.

          The arising conflicts are going to make them have to decide just what it is they want. If they are really good friends they will be able to survive all conflicts.

          SH hates them because he saw them as being beneath him and they had the audacity to not care what he thought, not only that they made him see himself through their eyes, and he came up short. Then JH stole what he believed was his.

      • 10.3.3 Arashi_Lover

        wow… Hyun Soo gets a lot of fan letters. LOL

  11. 11 phalrope

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  12. 12 Julie

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    • 12.1 soserious

      good question. usually 2 episodes of moonthatembracedthesun relieves me of two days… which means that we still have 4 days… but that’s better than 6.

    • 12.2 kaitlynms

      after watching this preview I don’t think I can


      • 12.2.1 soserious

        thanks for the warning. i will most definitely not click on the link. ever. ha. it’s going to drive me crazy.

        • Julie

          too late for me, i am right now spiraling down to crazytown ! Hasta la vista sanity !

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        • GiaGia

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  13. 13 Musings

    Thank you!!

    Does SH want to destroy eye candy just because of his Su Ah jealousy? Cause that’s an awful excuse.

    And I wasn’t sure but did Hyun soo see Su Ah when she was part of that fangirl crowd and now kind of has an inkling to the connection between Ji hyuk and her?

    Am I the only one that isn’t worried about Hyun soo going solo? The boys will still have each other and all and it’s not like they want to have a musical career. And I doubt Hyun soo would sabotage the band just to get ahead. It would just be like them growing up and getting different jobs. o.O

    • 13.1 kewbie

      Actually, I’m not worried about HS going solo, because even if he does, something will bring him back to the boys. It’s lonely at the top, as they say, so he’ll figure it out. I have faith in him. I think he’s just interested in doing well because he wants to make a better life for himself and his family. He’ll realize that the boys are his family, too, but not without a bit of tension.

      • 13.1.1 Venus

        HS is not appreciating the guys and their friendship right now, but he sure will later on when he loses them.

        I remember the convo that JH had with Do Il, about how he can’t sing/play if Do Il is not playing the drums, and now that covo really takes another heartbreaking meaning, cause I have a feeling that HS is going to end up feeling very alone, for just a little while.

        • ianne

          I don’t think Hyunsoo is not appreciative of their friendship right now. I think he’s been doing a lot for the guys and yet they always take his efforts for granted, which is what I dislike.

          I guess it’s just a matter of where we grew up in and what principles we grew up with in that we tend to interpret certain things differently.

  14. 14 hanie

    Thanks for the awesome recap, like always. I dreaded this week episodes since it feel like the fraction btw them getting bigger. Hyunsoo is getting angrier at everything and anything, it worries me. He and Jihyuk also need to sit down and have real talk. All those simmering anger need to be address & sort out. I know you suppose to be ice prince and all but talk to them… Hopefully with Silba as their manager, he can help those guys maneuver the shiny idol world. And please, can I get a performance from Eyecandy that is flawless and perfect and drama-free or I need to wait until last episode for that?? Aishh..
    Guess Seunghoon really can’t take rejection that well. But I also think that the fact Eyecandy get all this opportunity irk him so much. Junpyo is a douche and that is all.

    • 14.1 kaitlynms

      I think also Seunghoon doesn’t like the fact that eye candy works toward something and getting it. Seunghoon was always just given everything.

      • 14.1.1 Venus

        SH is just a sour old grape right now, he is plain pitifull at this point, he never had real friends and the girl he likes doesn’t even give the time of day, so of course the dude is messed up.

        However, his competitiveness with JH stems not just cause of SA, but also cause he is jealous of Eye Candy powerful friendship which in returned makes the band unique, however, he knows that the easy way to break JH is breaking what he loves the most, and that is Eye Candy, hence why he is going after HS, the weakest link.

        • kewbie

          Yes, and even SH’s sister can tell that SH recognizes that the Eye Candy boys have something special — they actually have fun when they play, whereas SH is just all technical about his music. They have something with their music that he doesn’t have with his. He’s probably thinking, “If I can’t have it (whatever it is the Eye Candy guys have), no one can.”

  15. 15 nuri

    Please tell me it’s not happening!!
    then, i’m supposed to wait a week to find out?

    Cliffhanger. o. cliffhanger.
    this is the kind of cliffhanger i love to hate.

    Wow. so many issues in the air. This show manage to put an underdog story to a new level. because mostly all the underdog story is only how to get a contract, to get recognize then end of story. this show manage to put a new sets of problems: what happened after they get the contract? (it’s like the after marriage story)

    I loves them.

    also, did anyone else notice the last pictures? Who is the center of attention NOW?
    very interesting!!!

  16. 16 kewbie

    Before I forget, girlfriday, THANK YOU for your recap work, as usual. 🙂

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    • 18.1 SJ

      lol ninja girl. i like this description. haha!

    • 18.2 JoAnne

      Ninja Girl – love it! And really, really liking her voice. What little KPop I know generally doesn’t involve girls or women – I find the estrogen and pop combo just a bit too much for me, but I am LOVING her voice and thankful for the opportunity to hear it.

  19. 19 Sakura

    OH YES. IT’S OUT! *screaming and throwing a party for it* Hahaha.

    Ugh, I wish Woo Kyung just gets the idea that she’s RUINING EVERYTHING for the band. You know, I feel that Hyun Soo is the only one who knows what’s exactly happening but him being Hyun Soo, he doesn’t say much.

  20. 20 soserious

    btw thanks for the recap girlfriday. you know i love you.

  21. 21 Swye

    I am so glad this drama has such fleshed out characters that one can relate to. I am especially happy with the female characters (though they are mostly just in the sidelines); they aren’t some blubbering, idiotic kind-hearted girls like every other rom-com. Su-ah might be sweet and nice, but girl’s got spunk. I love her.

  22. 22 lidy

    i’m going to marathon this once it reaches ep 12. and i hope ji-hyuk leaders up and have a sit down and talk things out after hearing teacher kim and rock kim talking about their lives and the band break up bc of differences in pursuing music. and it looks like the 2 things that split them up is happening to eye candy right now: money and girls. hyun soo wants to become famous and ji-hyuk likes and dating (did they make it official?) su ah, the muse. its going to get nasty when things break out later on

  23. 23 far away

    Thank you so much for the recap 🙂
    I’ve been waiting for it 🙂

    why can’t these boys get one thing right waaaaai? :'(

  24. 24 LadyIgraine

    seriously, watching this episode made me nervous about hyunsoo’s words and actions. i get that he’s only going by the contract rules and all, but its still cold to see how he go about reminding the others about those rules. he also has scenes doing things individually and not letting the other members know firsthand. and what bothered me most is the fact that he’s starting to question jihyuk’s authority as a leader. i understand where he’s coming from, but hyunsoo’s way of dealing with things do make someone feel like an idiot in front of him. the only person i know who can have a one on one argue-convo with him is hajin. but i guess that’s part of his charm, considering how yerim finds that attractive about him. (fine! its overall attractive ^_^)

    btw: here’s a clip of yoo minkyu during his flowerboy casting: oh! boy series casting days. its a clip of him introducing his beautiful girlfriend, who’s a shoe designer. now i get why the writers made his character a playboy, lol. just look at how he fondles over his really petite girlfriend. he said on an interview that he likes petite girls given that he’s 6’3″ in height, he likes his girls small.


    • 24.1 redfox

      awww that is the cutest thing ever! they are so cute together!

    • 24.2 ianne

      JiHyuk also does a lot of solo things on his own that he isn’t telling the other boys. It’s just that we don’t notice because it’s included in the “romance” line of the drama.

      So while Jihyuk goes about with the main lead of the drama and doesn’t tell his friends, Hyunsoo is always away practicing or spending time helping his family.

      And from the start, Hyunsoo’s always been challenging JiHyuk’s leadership.

      • 24.2.1 LadyIgraine

        hmmm…jihyuk’s solo activities is true, but not to a point where it can cause animosity between the members. and like you said, its along the “romance line” that’s why its not something that will interfere with the dynamics of the group. the only thing that would be a problem about jihyuk’s personal drama is the fact that he hasn’t told the boys about suah yet (given the history of her being byunghee’s muse). but i do think the others might have an idea of their relationship already, but rather stay oblivious for jihyuk’s sake.

        and i don’t mean no disrespect to hyunsoo but considering he’s the most fame driven out of the bunch, its understandable that i as a viewer would feel uneasy about him doing company activities on his own (minus his family emergencies). i understand where he’s coming from and i can’t blame him for wanting more for his family, but he shouldn’t forget that they got into that company together. he needs to open up more and have some heart to heart talk with all of them, otherwise its going to come off like he’s excluding himself from the band.

        • thekors

          I see Hyun Soo as being more career-driven rather than fame-driven. He’s taking things seriously cos’ this is his passion, and I sense that he knows he has that filial duty to fulfill. So once the opportunity is present, he might as well use it to turn his ambitions into reality, right?

          I don’t see anything wrong in it, but I have issues with how he’s expressing his disgruntlement. He’s bold and says things as they are, but all he does is pointing out problems, whereas as a close friend to all of them, he should also suggest solutions.

        • ianne

          Because they don’t question him as members and we as viewers, don’t as well.

          I think the drama’s set up that way. JiHyuk’s the leader and the main lead, so most naturally, he should be minding his love interest in the drama as well as doing some secretive things.

          But then, wouldn’t his constant disappearing acts affect the dynamics of the group as well? Where is he when they’re all hanging out? Where is he when they need to be guided and be talked to? Instead of herding his pack of 4, he’s always off doing other things with Suah. When he should be discussing the group’s direction, he’s investing more time in his love career. Which isn’t wrong but just trying to back up my original argument above.

          And yet people point out that Hyunsoo’s always off doing his own thing when he’s just always practicing or is with his family, helping his parents with his sick sister.

          And what about the other guys? We just don’t know what they’re doing because they weren’t shown in the drama but as the little side comments from them implies, Hajin and Kyungjong are together playing and I don’t about Do-Il.

          I’m sure they all have their own alone times. They couldn’t possibly be together 24/7.

          As with not telling the others their problems, JiHyuk, as you have mentioned, still hasn’t told the others about Suah though Hyunsoo already has figured him out. And what’s scaring me about this is how they will find out because as the preview suggests, it wouldn’t be coming directly from JiHyuk himself.

          Now compared to Hyunsoo who isn’t telling the others about his family problems, what is it that they still don’t know, anyway? They already know that his family needs money, as I’m sure they also do, but more so, Hyunsoo, because of his sister. So his sister’s in the hospital again, doesn’t that imply that before this, he already needs the help? If telling the others would help them understand Hyunsoo more and be proactive, then wouldn’t they already have since day one because they already know of Hyunsoo’s situation?

          The problem is because they aren’t taking this seriously. Hyunsoo’s the only one who’s seeing this as an opportunity for a real contract and the others are just treating it as a one time thing.

          Also, shouldn’t the others guys already should have thought of that by themselves? Hyunsoo, their managers, Rocker Kim, Teacher Kim – shouldn’t the guys already have a clue of what they need to do? Sure, they’re still all young but the difference is that the opportunity is already THERE.

          And it’s not like he’s going to be doing solo activities because he’s showing off or was deliberately fishing for his own solo activities while ditching his friends – he earned those solo activities (except for Seunghoon’s “evil plan” of revenge) because he’s been working hard and it’s evident in his actions. Evil Sister sees his efforts and thus want to give him what she thinks is best for him.

          Remember in Episode 7? When they were talking in the courtyard after JiHyuk tore apart his contract? Hajin and Hyunsoo were arguing. Hajin was blaming Hyunsoo that the Evil Sister wasn’t able to see his talent because Hyunsoo messed up the performance (psh, seriously) while Hyunsoo was all, “If only you weren’t in clubs every night and were practicing instead.”

          That’s it. The others aren’t showing what they’ve got and are just cruising along once they got inside. They have no motivation whatsoever. They were practicing hard for the festival. Then they practiced hard to show Evil Sister what they’re made off. But once they got in, what exactly have they been doing?

  25. 25 PurpleLlama

    Thank you for the recap! 😀

    Oh Hyun-soo, poor little misunderstood Hyun-soo. Well, you wouldn’t be so misunderstood if you just communicated, yeesh. Just tell the other guys about your sister, I’m sure they’d understand. They love her too! Maybe if you told them you needed the money, they would work hard to help you and your sister…but of course, this is a drama, and they have to use the whole ‘lack of communication’ plot device.

    Okay, but I suppose he does have a point about Jihyuk’s leadership skills. He does need to step up a little bit and actually guide his bandmates and y’know maybe have a good talk with Hyunsoo before he spontaneously combusts…

    I see the bromance crumbling 🙁 Nooooooo!

    P.S. I’m joining the Pyo-joo anti fanclub. The guy has no redeeming qualities, seriously. And how did people just stand and watch as he abused Su-ah?

    • 25.1 ianne


      Why can’t these freaking drama characters sit down, and just freaking TALK ABOUT THE ISSUE.

      What’s so hard of sitting down and telling other people your problem? Really? Especially to your friends?

      I guess the Korean culture of upholding pride (personal and family) comes into place here?

      • 25.1.1 kewbie

        Don’t they call it “noble idiocy”? Saving other people the pain of knowing the other person’s problem, when that person is clearly suffering. Something like that…right? I guess there wouldn’t be dramas if people told each other how they feel all the time!

      • 25.1.2 LadyIgraine

        hmmm…jihyuk’s solo activities is true, but not to a point where it can cause animosity between the members. and like you said, its along the “romance line” that’s why its not something that will interfere with the dynamics of the group. the only thing that would be a problem about jihyuk’s personal drama is the fact that he hasn’t told the boys about suah yet (given the history of her being byunghee’s muse). but i do think the others might have an idea of their relationship already, but rather stay oblivious for jihyuk’s sake.

        and i don’t mean no disrespect to hyunsoo but considering he’s the most fame driven out of the bunch, its understandable that i as a viewer would feel uneasy about him doing company activities on his own (minus his family emergencies). i understand where he’s coming from and i can’t blame him for wanting more for his family, but he shouldn’t forget that they got into that company together. he needs to open up more and have some heart to heart talk with all of them, otherwise its going to come off like he’s excluding himself from the band.

  26. 26 Ani

    Aaaaaaaaaw, poor Do-il. *hugs him* You’re a soft kitty on the inside aren’t ya? I sure hope the drama allows for him and Wookyung to actually work out.

    Poor Su-ah. I think I have finally warmed to her after the hardships she’s been through. She’s taking a lot on at school and at life, but she seems strong so I’m sure she’ll be fine.

    Eye Candy fighting!

    • 26.1 Ani

      Also, I love how Drummer Teacher and Rock Kim are these bros that are reunited…. and it feels so good. Hahaha. Had to sing the rest of the song.

      And the Yoon Mirae comment was hilarious. Yeah, no one calls dibs on Tiger JK’s wife and gets away with it dude.

    • 26.2 parsifal

      i love do il both as a character and a real eye candy (seriously how can a man be so beautiful:D), i also hope he ends up with the girl he likes

  27. 27 harukikara

    HYUN SOO. HYUN SOO. you are just rocking this thing inside and out. Though he can be quite cold, what i like about him is that he’s rational about all of this and is definitely trying to make the most of it. Though as much as I don’t want him breaking away, I think that him riding solo for a bit will force him to wake up to the fact that he needs his family by his side. Though honestly, i like seeing all the characters develop. And as much as I like Hyunsoo, I look forward to the growing relationship between him and yerim.

    oh my. i have to wait another whole week. D:

  28. 28 redfox

    now I know what picture to use for scaring my guests next Halloween. Cause even though I knew who it was from the feet, that face scared the s*** outta me. my aunt who is visiting, I forgot she was sleeping in the living room, as I went “WAAAAAAAAH!” and she was startled into a raisin.

    ahh I watched the raw so I did not know what they said but translation pretty much is not necessary any more. with so little “action” the drama can give you an exact story just by having the boys sit and stare. it is amazing. it is the best, when you are watching something and it doesnt feel like “written-acted-directed” but “happening”.

    and again, unecessary violence (Pyo-joo) – in my country this drama would be banned based on that, for real. How is it allowed in Korea, to show such a character? The poor guy who has to personize him, I hope he doesnt get mixed up with his character and get cursed at. It is hard being a dirtbag on screen, I am sure. But he is pretty darn convincing….

    Hyun-Soo: the bigger piece of pie you want the deeper you have to cut. He is entitled to try it out, but he has to be careful or he wont get off the wheel, and if it only takes him so far and then the interest dies, like idols are thrown away, he´ll be like his parents.

    a band can try many things. they fall and they rise. CAUSE THEY WRITE NEW SONGS, DUH! What are those guys doing? Cant ride just on Jaywalking, however addictive it is, and it is. They need a whole portfolio to choose from and they need extra if they want those big festival stages. They need lots and lots of demos. just get that single done properly so you can send it to Glastonburys´ Program Manager.

    oh I love this show. so insighful about the music industry.

    • 28.1 JoAnne

      *startled into a raisin*

      what an awesome expression! I have never heard it before. If you don’t mind saying, where are you from Redfox?

      • 28.1.1 redfox

        haha yeah, we actually do say “ehmatas rosinaks” and I direct-translated it. sometimes people say “tegi peaaegu püksi” (almost wet his panst). so thinking how a juicy grape turns into a raisin, it is kind of nicer, right.

        • JoAnne

          LOL that makes perfect sense, Redfox! We say the wet the pants thing but ‘startled into a raisin’ just tickles me to death. I just get this immediate image of a person starting out with a big surprise face then immediately shriveling up into a tiny dried out thing. Seriously makes me laugh hard every time I have the mental image!

  29. 29 redfox

    one other thing no one has mentioned: NOOOOOOO dont straighten Ha-Jin´s hair! It is just his locks now that got straightened up, but leave the character alone! no, no, no, not his locks. waaahaaahaaa *sob* is it a metaphor? I dont want you to straighten him up.

  30. 30 ikachan

    When i read final part, my heart is bursting …
    i want see next eps
    Can’t Waiting….

  31. 31 buttrcup

    ohmylife, kill me now. seriously, these boys just never get a break do they?

    it’s like they’re destined to achieve something big only to have something else exert back. Yuno, Newton’s reaction law. Haa; okay no 😛

    Hyun-Soo annoyed me in this. That’s all I have to say bout him, bc I… nvm. That’s just all.

    Pyo-Joo you siccccck sonofabitccch! How dare you -touch- her; I can’t believe he had the audacity to even go there. GAH! No, don’t kill me now bc I will seriously kill a certain someone called (pyo-joo)

    Seung-Hoon I am so close (you’re point zero zero two percent tolerable now, so don’t do anything you’ll regret. seriously) to de-fanning myself from you and I ALWAYS found you to be the hottest and at times quite endearing (yeah you had your moments here and there) 🙁 /whyyou makemedisappoint?

    Hee, as for Su-Ah and Ji-Hyuk… adorabubble as always.

    Do-il … do I have to repeat myself AGAAAIN?! Gee, I could literally pick up that stick that flung out of your hand and hit on the head with it (a couple of times) just so that you’ll STEP TO THE PLATE!

    Kyung-jong and Ha-Jin = priceless.

    Looooved eet. Thanks for the recap hun (:

  32. 32 kungfupigeon

    Eye Candy reminds me of Short Stack for some random reason…

  33. 33 kit

    I love this.

    I don’t particularly think it’s a ‘new’ take on the industry; we’ve had many dramas calling out the hypocritical, cutthroat, end-all nature of it recently. The hong sisters definitely did it, wild romance more so. And musicians, music etc all point that out. It’s amusing this episode comes out the same day as dumbfoundead made his uhhh … questionable tweets. As disgusted as I am about the way he approached the topic and was quite ridiculous in lumping the idols with the industry machine itself, it’s a point. Oh, and of course, Tiger JK (angry about his wife? kekeke) replied by saying it’s just that it’s not allowed on radio or tv, it does happen.

    I’d like it to happen more though. It’s definitely handled better here than it was on twitter, at least.

    I’m loving the Hyun soo Ji Hyuk relationship because I know in the end we’ll get some crazy sobfest moment between them and it’ll have made everything worth it.

  34. 34 Jaykah

    Ok Hyun Soo you are hot with very sexy glaring eyes and I do get your reasoning for wanting a real future with music and supporting your family but I still can’t help but feel incredibly angry and disappointed every time you drift further from your friends into the shiny idol world. I’m worried sick what’s going to happen, I don’t want to see the boys torn apart and I especially don’t want to see our extremely loyal leader Ji Hyuk upset 🙁

    I also hope Su Ah keeps being the awesome female lead she has been, I totally feel for her but hope she doesn’t misunderstand Ji Hyuk.

    I hope the road isn’t too rocky before we *fingers crossed* get our happily ever after ending.

  35. 35 minnie

    anyone watched the preview of ep 11?

    • 35.1 Carinne

      No I haven’t, why, is it bad? I don’t want to ruin my weekend thinking about a preview. I’ll probably look for it before I watch coming Monday’s episode.

    • 35.2 Cruelsummer

      I think it looks good. But I think he looks good in everything, so feel free to ignore my opinion 🙂

      • 35.2.1 JoAnne

        or out. We hope.

        • JoAnne

          OMG. I just the second realized that in a few years we will have THAT post-army shower scene to look forward to. I’m literally having a hard time breathing.

          • Cruelsummer

            I would be lying if I said that thought hadn’t crossed my mind, haha.

    • 35.3 PurpleLlama

      I love his new hair. It’s just like his old hair, except shorter and sheared around the edges lol.

    • 35.4 redfox

      never mind his hair, look what they did to Ha-Jin. They straightened it!

  36. 36 ianne

    I agree with you guys on PyooJoo. Guy has no redeeming qualities since day one. Like, what good has he ever done, really? At least Maru is an okay guy. The only way I can understand Pyoojoo is if he turns out to be suffering from a traumatic childhood like, maybe, he was adopted and he just found out or his parents just got a divorce or he was physically abused as a kid or something. But other than that, seriously. What, is he a naturally born douche?

    Pyoo-joo, honey, you need to go check yourself in to an Anger Management Course. I know a few people, they’d probably give you a discount seeing as how much you need it.

    And the preview! Ha JIHYUK. See, Hyunsoo knows you. He knows from the start that something’s up between you and Suah. He’s just being a nice friend and not calling you out on it cause y’know, he chose to believe what you said instead of questioning further.

    I think there’s a differing of opinion here about the Hyunsoo Issue.

    I mean, personally, I get where Hyunsoo is coming from. He has his family to support. Not this family, not his friends but his real family. He has a very loving family who supports him and believes in him so much – it would be a shame to let them down. His father and mother knows he’s a talented kid and he himself knows of it. Evil Witch Sister also acknowledges his abilities and sees that he is capable of many things.

    It’s not going to be his fault that people will see his talent because he’s the only one being serious with the promotions. He’s taking this seriously. He’s already thinking about his future and not just the now.

    While I love love love love the bromance between Eye Candy, I hope they’d start thinking about what they want in life given that they already have this HUGE opportunity in front of them. I mean, I get that they were just doing music because they love it and they’re passionate about it but if they’re really serious with their music, they should be taking this opportunity seriously.

    I’m not saying they need to lose who they are to get to the top because I still think they are at their best when playing as the rugged and unkempt Eye Candy. That’s their charm. And I don’t want them to lose it. I believe Rock Kim and Teacher Kim can help them stay true to themselves while being successful.

    It’s just that they need to just get a wake up call. Because right now, they aren’t being serious with this. All they want was for Byunghee’s song to be known and now they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. But if music really is their passion, then they need to man up. Cause I’m wondering what they really want in life right now? After this single, what? Go back to their old life? Aren’t they interested of making a career out of music? So what is Eye Candy to them then? Just this little band that they do with their friends? What?

    And I think if one of them start drifting from the pack, they’d get it.

    Man, it’s going to be a tough ride for these guys. And boy, will it hurt.

  37. 37 ianne

    Also, I hate to be the one to ask this but aren’t some people here being a little bit of a hypocrite?

    Everyone’s all, “Why can’t Hyunsoo be more open to his friends and just tell them his problems.” or “He’s always in his own world, practicing by himself and doing his own thing.”

    But seriously? Haven’t you guys seen any scenes with JiHyuk? He’s also always off on his own world with Suah, and still up to now, hasn’t even told them about her. And as the preview for episode 11 shows, their relationship might turn into a scandal. I’d hate for the Eye Candy boys to find out like this.

    This is what Teacher Kim was telling them about the things that can kill off a band – money and girls.

    • 37.1 harukikara

      the money and girls thing didn’t hit me that way initially, but now thinking back on it, that’s a really cool argument. Though Hyunsoo’s reasoning for the money to support his family is understandable, but I just hope they both eventually open up.

      Either way, this is going to be a bumpy ride. and nerve-wracking bumpy ride.

  38. 38 Carinne

    Love the teacher becoming manager scene. Hilarity!

    I dunno, I feel something is missing and untold about Hyun-soo making him the mystery guy favorite. I am not favoring Ji-hyuk this episode ’cause he’s slacking as leader being too preoccupied with rooftop rendezvous and not being upfront about his position to his bandmates. Call me weird? I don’t blame Hyun-soo reprimanding Woo-kyung to stay away from the band for a while. I think he’s preventing her scorn once Su-ah and Ji-hyuk go public with their relationship. The timing was perfect. Sometimes I see Hyun-soo do subtle things to protect the band which on a daily basis the members take for granted, and we all can agree this band takes many things for granted at this point. I may be wrong, but I have a strong urge pushing those ideals about Hyun-soo.

    • 38.1 Carinne

      One more thing to add, when Ji-hyuk try to play leader asking Hyun-soo where he’d gone till 4am, well, if Ji-hyuk was any good leader then he’d know by now the reason why, meaning he’s suppose to be more caring of the band not the girl at this critical moment in their lives as a group. So Ji-hyuk truly deserves the cold shoulder karma whiplash so to speak for his lame leadership qualities he’s handling. You know, Ji-hyuk is leading 4 guys and I’ll even add a girlfriend to make it a hand-full, not like a general to an army brigade or a President of a nation, so he is just showing poor leadermanship not on top of his game. Who had game? Byung-hee did, but I’m willing to wait for this ugly duckling turn into a swan prince (true leader) Ji-hyuk. Prove it!

      • 38.1.1 Carinne

        Shucks, my grammar this morning. Staying awake for MoonSun’s livestreaming is frying me up.

        if Ji-hyuk was any good leader… meant to say “if Ji-hyuk was a good leader…

        My apologies grammar patrol.

    • 38.2 ianne

      I agree with you. Usually, at this point, whenever I watch a drama, I’m always for the main guy or the charismatic leader but this drama is surprisingly making me dislike the main guy AND the leader.

      JiHyuk just really fails as a leader, I think. What does he even want at this point in his life? He’s always off in his own world with Suah and is neglecting leader duties. That interview was a real disappointment because that was his time to at least show leadership, show the public that this band is amazing without all the idol glitter and yet all he did was mumble and give insufficient answers. Which, in my opinion, only worsened their chance of showing Evil Sister that they can make it without all her stupid rules.

      Thinking back to Episode 3, was Hyunsoo right? Could he have made a better leader than JiHyuk?

      • 38.2.1 kewbie

        What an interesting question. I think Hyun-soo would have been better than Ji-hyuk in some ways, but then he would have started projecting his ambitions onto the other guys, and they might not share the same ambitions. Really, I think Hyun-soo and Ji-hyuk and the rest of the guys need to work together, because many times in the show, both of them are right about certain things, even though their opinions might differ.

        • Venus

          And we are back to the 2 Alpha Males like Jb said in the beginning. HS and JK are similar in so many ways, but yet so different which makes for great conflict.

          I’m not sure if somebody saw the scene when HS came back so late, and JH ask him where he been and HS just gave him the “wtf look” and JH face was so hurt. That caught my attention cause its obvious both have grown apart.

          • PurpleLlama

            Yeah, I saw that. It was a tiny little scene but I feel like it was really important.

      • 38.2.2 alua

        Well, he wasn’t the leader to start with… and maybe his perceived lack of leadership signals that – I mean, he might not actually feel comfortable in that role.

        I think he leads in his own way, one that leaves a lot of freedom for others, because if we think about it Byung-hee was overbearing in a way.

        Because truth be told, I actually don’t get the ‘leader’ thing. Why does there have to be a leader to begin with? They are a band. They should work together, make joint decisions, rather than one person deciding things for everyone and making things happen. I mean, in this case it was actually Ji Hyuk who talked to the noona BUT I thought that was a perfect example when the whole band should have pulled together and decided what to do and how, rather than just saying ‘the leader will fix it’.

        I don’t know, for me band = team. Everyone’s in it together.

        • PurpleLlama

          Well yes, but it is a bit frustrating when the leader of the band can’t even promote their band properly in an interview. As funny as that scene was…it was just plain disrespectful. Hyun-soo was the only one taking the interview seriously, and some people might say, “Ew, he’s molding himself into the world,” but if you think about it, he’s the only one trying to help their band succeed in the cutthroat entertainment industry. He’s tried getting other boys to give in a little bit to the rules so they could succeed, but they rejected it. Hyun-soo isn’t going to just sit back and watch as they fail…he’s got ambition, and he wants to do well, even if it’s just for himself and his family. I feel like many people are quick to blame him, but he’s got good reasons behind his actions.

          • PurpleLlama

            into the idol world* sorry

          • ianne

            Where is the LIKE button when you need it? Can I LIKE this comment a million times?

            It’s not that I want them to become “shiny” idols, I just want them to take action and push themselves. That interview really pissed me off. I wanted to shake some sense into them and yell, “Jihyuk, get your act together!”

            I don’t know but I find it so frustrating that they’re throwing this opportunity away and treating it like a plaything.

            I hope Rocker Kim and Teacher Kim can knock some sense into them.

          • buttrcup

            Ah. I fully love this <3 You literally make me want to take my words back about Hyun-Soo. Although not on the lines of him being a little 'yuno; hotheaded and quick to snap' but he has all the reasons of ambition to further the boys.

            He knows what he's doing. Hee, thanks for that ;D

          • alua

            I haven’t watched that scene (or Ep 10) yet – but, again, I don’t think the onus should all be on Ji-hyuk, ALL of them should take it seriously. I don’t see Hyun-soo as the ‘bad guy’ here and agree with you on that – he knows what he wants and working for it (hopefully without sacrificing his friendship for it, but rather calling the others to task).

            That said, they are 17/18 year-old kids, AND boys to top it off… they have been slacking in school forever, constantly considering to drop out, some lacking parental guidance entirely, so in that sense their laissez-faire attitude doesn’t surprise me at all. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t want to them clean up their act and start having some ambitions. It’s just that it’s a learning process for them.

          • PurpleLlama

            @alua Oh no, I’m not taking sides at all. I agree with you completely, and I can sympathize with all the characters really (well…except Pyo-Joo and maybe Deo Mi). I was just trying to get people to see it from Hyunsoo’s perspective too, because there’s always more than one side to every story, and this drama does a great job at letting you see that. And of course, I’m looking forward to all the characters’ growth. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but hey, that’s life.

  39. 39 JoAnne

    I don’t see Hyun Soo as a bad guy here at all. I see him as a kid taking an opportunity seriously. Just because the others view it as ‘something fun to do with friends’ and not a career doesn’t mean he has to agree. I just hope that he will recognize that some of his negative feelings have nothing to do with the present and accept them for what they are and let them go…because there’s no reason he couldn’t have the career AND the friends, if that’s what he really wants.

  40. 40 momoisluv

    i keep thinking about CN blue while watching this. idk why. its maybe because they started as an indie band like the boys here. and when yong hwa replaced jong hyun as the leader… yeah. eyecandy reminds me a lot of CN blue

    • 40.1 Sumaiya

      It would be highly interesting to know why the switch happened.

    • 40.2 Venus

      ME TOO!!!! glad to know I’m not alone in that comparison.

    • 40.3 JoAnne

      oh I don’t know that story, but I love CNBlue – I know who Yong Hwa is. Jong Hyun is the one with the longish hair? He sings lead a lot of the time too?

      What happened? Didn’t they all start out together? Was Yong Hwa brought in, or did they promote from within for some reason?

    • 40.4 Heather

      I really wanna know this too! I assumed it was because of his age…

      I really hope Yong-hwa isn’t the Hyun-soo of CNBlue!

      Also–there’s been a lot of Dream High 2 bashing in these comment threads–would Dream High 1 be worth watching? If I’m enjoying this show, what else should I be watching to make it through til Monday?

      • 40.4.1 harukikara

        if you haven’t watched Dream High 1, I recommend that you do! For me, the first few episodes seemed a bit long and tedious but it ended up being one of my crack dramas for 2011. lol. at least read the recaps and give it a shot!

      • 40.4.2 JoAnne

        Dream High, yes. Very much yes. First couple episodes are eh but then once Sam Dong is on the scene the show just finds its heart and takes OFF.

        I do like DH2 but it will always suffer in comparison. There is no one like Sam Dong.

  41. 41 VioletSakura

    I honestly, from all of my heart want Eye Candy to succeed! This drama has been feeling my days, so dearly!!! Don’t want to end it ever!!!! But, please, Ji-Hyuk… just go back to school and protect Su-AH (T_T) Though, even being a girl myself, I am in love with Su-Ah’s strong personality, let’s face it, she’s just a girl, who just got pushed to the floor by some freakin bastard!!!! Ji-Hyuk… just beat him up really hard!!!!!! (wow, have I always been this blood-thirsty? actually, no, he just makes me go very-very-very berserk by raising a hand on a girl… bastard…)

  42. 42 Lee

    What is seriously lacking on all fronts is communication they need to talk, hyun soo to the band, seung hoon to su ah, pyo joo to a therapist or something. Only then can people start to deal.

    • 42.1 doremii

      legit burst out loud laughing at “pyo joo to a therapist” lolol

      • 42.1.1 Nida

        OMG!!!! Me too Me tooo!! I did the same thing XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

    • 42.2 redfox

      phhhf yeah. or then pouring all that into music and communicating through songs is ok too instead.

    • 42.3 Liz

      There wouldn’t be any Korean dramas left if the characters actually communicated!

  43. 43 LeiDiAngelo

    the tension between Ji Hyuk and Hyunsoo is killing me . I wish we’ll get a glimpse of how they were back in the days when it was just the two of them :((
    Seriously, that clifffhanger is … GRRR .

  44. 44 minnie

    okay.. now im worried about Ji Hyuk. really.
    he never really acts like a leader and he just do whatever he wanted to do. and that got me worried. sure they’ll make him realise in the end and stands as eye candy’s leader but cant imagine what he will be going through for that changes. *sigh

    i really want monday to come so i can watch this show but i also dont want to see it ends!!

    the preview really makes me worried somehow. and its only episode 10/11 still so many rooms for angst. gah.

  45. 45 RWN23

    It’s weird how I have a huge crush on Hyun Soo & yet when I see L outside the drama I feel nothing.

    • 45.1 ianne

      lol, maybe because you like Hyunsoo’s character as in his personality but not L’s personality?

      L’s pretty good cause I see no trace of him when watching this drama.

      • 45.1.1 PurpleLlama

        I see traces of L sometimes, like his awkward walk and his derpy laugh (although it doesn’t come out that often here). I think of Hyunsoo as the image that Woollim wanted L to have, but he ruined pretty quickly lol. It’s funny because L is actually extremely affectionate in real life.

        • ianne

          Haha, I don’t think he could have easily changed the way he walks nor his laugh anyway.

          Hm, I actually quite agree with the Woollim-Hyunsoo-L comment. Silent Ice Prince. But then just watch any video that isn’t a music video or performance and that illusion is shattered pretty quickly.

  46. 46 Cruelsummer

    Ugh. I feel the need to comment because I really like the show and want to show support, but every time I even try to make an attempt all I can do is smile like an idiot.

    This show makes me feel like a giggling fangirl and that makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m actually rewinding certain parts because so and so made a cute face or Sungjoon sounds really hot when he’s angry. Sad, sad days for this noona.

    Regarding, Ji Hyuk’s leadership. He has his own way of being a leader. Granted it’s not as refined as most, but in the end he gets the job done. I think his problem lies in the fact that he doesn’t really have any goals for himself or the band. He truly only shines as a leader when he’s trying to protect the memory of Byunghee. That’s his only concern.

    Can I just say for the umpteenth time how impressed I am with Sungjoon? From the time I saw the teaser for the show, I just knew he was gonna be awesome. I mean seriously…how can your hair look like that and you still come across as completely engaging? He had a hard edge to him, but the underlying vunerability of a kid just trying to hold everything together. I’m so glad that my initial admiration was justified. I call dibs.

    • 46.1 JoAnne

      Don’t feel bad. Sung Joon DOES sound hot when he’s angry. I watched that a coupla times myself, lady…

    • 46.2 goldenflower

      I too am impressed with Sungjoon. He is owning ‘Ji Hyuk’ and I love his voice.

      I will quote you again because I so agree, “I mean seriously…how can your hair look like that and you still come across as completely engaging? He had a hard edge to him, but the underlying vunerability of a kid just trying to hold everything together. ”

      I know a lot of people aren’t too please with his character lately, but I think its perfect. Dude, they are teenagers. Their initial goal was to make it to the rock festival and so it makes perfect sense they are confused half the time. They are loving it, but as everything coming to them faster and more real, they’re finally digesting everything.

      Also, they have always been the awkward, outcasts, etc. So OF COURSE they would not have been so comfortable during the interview.

      Hands down, this is my favorite drama of the year (its not even over yet)!

    • 46.3 ianne

      I agree. I just hope he’d get some sense of direction with what he wants for Eye Candy. He seems to just decide on the near future but never for the bigger future.

      Right now, a big internal shake up should wake him up.

  47. 47 chopper

    anyone know what’s the background song in the coffee shop when su-ah was talking to seung-hoon? i think i heard it somewhere before but i can’t recall it

  48. 48 Dorotka

    I like how natural the conflicts are. And although I find the idol look over the top, it may be on purpose to show how the showbiz can override you… the questioning “what are we doing?” is quite fitting here…
    Maybe now it’s the time to ask “What do we actually want?”

    PS I like Jaywalking, I really do, but… could we have some other songs as well, please???

    • 48.1 redfox

      yup. Ji-hyuks´ song. Or maybe Do-Il could write something.
      hey every guy should write their own song.

    • 48.2 ianne

      Same here. I love Jaywalking but can we get another song please?

      • 48.2.1 Cruelsummer

        Haha…I feel the same! It’s reminding me of the movie “That Thing You Do..” I swear if I heard that song one more time I was going to throw myself into traffic.

        I can tolerate ‘Jaywalking’ because I love Sungjoon’s voice, but I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.

  49. 49 Gamja on Sofa

    Everyone might hate on me…

    Hyunsoo leaving the band won’t have a big musical impact on a band compared to any of the other members…

    Previously when they were all getting ready for the contest, they were going to give the guitar solo to Jihyuk instead because they felt that Jihyuk was better.

    More than the musical impact, I think that if he were to go off on his own, it would work as a spur to the other members sides.

    It really showed that Jihyuk is a lacking leader, but that all the band members really rely on him.
    Especially when they were talking about having “jaywalking” arranged by the professional,
    And all the boys were “our leader will take care of it”.
    He did take care of it, but I feel that he should have talked to the others more so that they can give their input and not just be blindly following him.

    • 49.1 Venus

      uhhh I like the way you think about HS and him surviving on his own and not needing the band, which actually is true.

      HS is a pretty savy guy. He knows what he wants and got the talent to back it up, and this is the perfect opportunity for him to make it into the big league.

    • 49.2 ianne

      I have thought about this too. I think I commented somewhere before, I don’t know where, that the guys seem to not be as appreciative of Hyunsoo as real friends should be.

      Hyunsoo’s guitar playing isn’t good enough? Oh, just let JiHyuk play the guitar solo then! He’s our mighty leader.

      Hyunsoo’s still hasn’t come to school after they lost the competition even though it wasn’t his fault? Oh, let’s just leave him a little while more and let him wallow in self pity because it really is his fault anyway.

      Hyunsoo wants to sign the contract? Oh, he’s so selfish he only wants the best for himself, ugh, let’s forget about his family who needs the money and his sister, yeah?

      The other three didn’t get offered contracts? Oh, Hyunsoo you ***hole! This is because you messed up the performance that the others couldn’t show off their talent on stage.

      Hyunsoo’s not a good enough friend for you, JiHyuk? Oh, look, Byunghee you’re the best! Be my best friend!

      In the band, Kyungjong has Hajin and JiHyuk had Byunghee which leaves me to think that the two quiet ones, Do-Il and Hyunsoo, probably just take looks at each other across the room with all the madness happening between them but it’s so obvious that Do-Il is still closer to JiHyuk than he is to Hyunsoo which leads me to think, what really is Hyunsoo in the band? A close friend that just happened to be there who can also (yay!) coincidentally play the guitar (because he practiced nonstop to remain friends with JiHyuk). Like, Oh look, JiHyuk’s other friend can also play the guitar, cool! Let’s all be friends and start a band.

      But then I look back at the times that they were together, just as friends, and they seem to genuinely love each other and imagining all that they’ve been through, they most definitely should. But then again…

      So yeah, I’m thinking, if Hyunsoo were to separate from the pack, they wouldn’t really be lacking in the band department. But I wish that if it were to happen, they would get a wake up call and realize that they need to get their act together.

    • 49.3 b.tchgoddess

      My sister is with you. She said, it’s ok if they loss another one. They are too many. Hahah! Such objectivity. But you know, she’s right. Four members are enough in a band. Usually, they are the drummer, the bassist, the lead guitarist, and the rhythm guitarist slash vocalist. Beatles, U2, Bon Jovi, if you wanna go Korean, CNBLUE – they all have four members. But then again, this drama is about band and friendship. So I don’t think they are gonna break up. Maybe they’ll not even go to mainstream to preserve the “band.”

      By the way, nice commentary, GIRLFRIDAY!

  50. 50 marie

    I love this show and what I think wiil be a big factor that affects Ji Hyuk in having no future goals and not being caught up with fame or the media is his family background.

    I am 100% sure that he will have to deal with that issue which will bring on the angst because I don’t believe any of the boys except maybe for Do il knows the whole truth of his situation.

    Why is he living alone?
    Did his mom abandoned him in search of riches and fame?
    The lawyer that visited him in the early episodes said that his siblings was pressuring his mom to give him up legally what’s up with that?
    His mom or family maybe rich but he is an outcast, poor and probably cynical about fame and money due to his family.

    Ji Hyuk shows he is the leader he cares for everyone and puts people first like when he destroyed the contract; made a decision and told the boys that he will get the witch to sign all five members.

    He just needs to deal with his issues first and decide what he actually wants to do in the future then lead the band.

    The next episodes will be angst, angst and more angst I know but Ji Hyuk will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and win at the end with all the band members together. “fingers crossed”

    • 50.1 ianne

      I agree.

      I really want the drama to look more into his family background because I feel that that would at least get me to understand what the heck he is doing with his life like this.

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