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Faith: Episode 16
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A pretty action-packed episode, with one of the most surprising alliances yet. My favorite thing about the new Big Bad in town is that he moves swiftly. There’s no I’ll-get-you-but-maybe-tomorrow-ing for this guy; when he sees his opportunity, he strikes. That means a change of address for many of our characters and a faster-moving story for us, which is a welcome thing. The world was getting awfully predictable, so I hope this upset to balance and order is a sign of better things to come.


Young reels at the choice he faces: save the king, or save his girl. Deok-heung dangles the life-and-death dilemma in front of him, calm as you please. At the same time, Eun-soo slumps over from the poison, and Gongmin gets ushered through the palace by the woodalchi.

Young withdraws his sword and calls out to one of his men, to bring a message to the woodalchi: Take the king and run. There is no holding down the fort, no going down with the house. They run.

And then he sits down next to Deok-heung, now with a smile on his face, “I know it now, exactly what you are.” Deok-heung decides that for the next round of antidote he ought to be spoken to like a proper royal.

Young just keeps going in banmal, sneering that all Deok-heung has is his tongue, and no brains to match. He tsk-tsks that to contend with him, Deok-heung really should’ve stuck to Ki Chul’s side.

His decision: “I’m going to the palace.” Deok-heung looks at him with alarm—but the doctor will die! Young just looks right into his eyes, while calling out to another of his men to take the antidote and go save the doctor, because Deok-heung will be handing it over right away.

Deok-heung scoffs—why would he do that? Young smiles and points out that if something happens to Eun-soo, he has no cards left to play, whether he’s fighting Young or Ki Chul. Ha, the look of OH SHIT that passes across his face is delightful.

I love that Deok-heung thinks he’s got this diabolical plan, but it turns out all it does is show Young exactly what he wants and what he’s capable of… and what his limits are. Young leaves with the offhanded comment that Deok-heung doesn’t have the stones to put his life on the line: “If he doesn’t give you the antidote, kill him.” And he saunters out. Badass.

But once he’s outside, he pauses, not quite as confident as he seemed inside. Deok-heung gives up the antidote with a big ol’ chip on his shoulder and storms out. Only when Young hears the I’ve-got-the-antidote whistle does he let out a sigh of relief and head out as planned.

The palace gets stormed and the woodalchi are spread thin, trying to hold the line. As they fight and lose soldiers and ground, Dae-man arrives to blow the whistle. It’s a code from their leader: RUN.

They switch their strategy and gather around the king to usher him to safety. Eeep! Deok-man gets an arrow in the back, but he gets up and keeps fighting. Don’t die, Deok-man!

Choong-seok tells the king they need to leave, but Gongmin refuses to give up the palace and worse, leave the queen behind. Choong-seok says the message from Young is clear: run away and survive.

Gongmin’s steps are heavy, but he lets the woodalchi lead him away.

The queen is led outside by a few of her guards, led by Lady Choi. But soon they’re outnumbered and the path blocked completely. They draw their swords…

And then Young flies into the fray. Woot! Took you long enough. He slices through them and reaches the queen. She asks after the king, and Young couldn’t find him within the palace walls, so he must’ve been led out.

He says he’ll make a path for them, and apologizes for the lack of propriety… before grabbing Noguk by the wrist and dragging her along as he cuts his way through the wall of enemy soldiers. Ha. I should’ve expected as much from Captain Literal.

And yay for some actual badassery from the woodalchi all around.

Advisor Jo is up in arms that the king and queen got away, and the council asks why they’re being held here all night against their will. Deok-heung arrives and explains to everyone that Advisor Jo sought him out, worried that Gongmin was losing his reason, playing with seals and threatening the delicate balance of the country.

With a little nod from Deok-heung, Advisor Jo follows along and agrees with the account, saying that everything he did is for the good of Goryeo. But then suddenly Deok-heung turns the tables on him and announces that Advisor Jo planned a coup to enthrone Deok-heung, and says it was wrong.

He declares Advisor Jo a traitor… and whirls around to stab him clean through the chest with a sword. Damn. I guess that’s one way to clean up loose ends. Yeesh.

He says he’ll offer up Advisor Jo’s corpse to Ki Chul in an attempt to mend the relationship, and sighs that no matter how bad things got or how scared he was, Gongmin shouldn’t have run away like that. Urg! You opportunistic rat!

He eyes the empty throne with a chilling smile.

Eun-soo wakes up feeling better, and gets up to look for Young. She smiles to hear his voice and peers into the room. He’s addressing the woodalchi – most of them have regrouped here, but the king and the few guarding him are still missing and on the run.

He orders them to spread out and search, and asks Deok-man if he can move. He says it hurts a little, and Young slaps him upside the head, “So then why’d you get hit with an arrow?” Hahaha.

Eun-soo interrupts and Young asks what she’s doing out of bed, and she lies that her back hurt from lying down too long and starts tending to the wounded. He tries to argue, but she doesn’t let him get a word in and beelines for Deok-man. Aw.

Ajusshi comes to tell Young that Deok-heung entered the palace early this morning, and that he was definitely the one who moved the king’s soldiers and attacked Ki Chul’s house. Young guesses that the two will have begun their negotiations by now.

On cue, Ki Chul strolls into the palace, where Deok-heung is already making himself at home. He asks, voice dripping with skepticism, if Advisor Jo was the one who attacked him. Deok-heung doesn’t miss a beat and says the man confessed to his crimes.

Ki Chul screams that his brother was killed, and his possessions went missing—meaning the box of Hwata’s artifacts, though he doesn’t specify. Deok-heung continues to play dumb and says he’ll look through the things that were recovered and try to find what he’s looking for.

Ki Chul purrs, “Do you really want me as an enemy?” Deok-heung smiles, “Enemy? Isn’t this what we planned all along?” Oh now you’re playing the we’re-on-the-same-side card? Your alliances are giving me whiplash.

Ki Chul asks where the doctor is then, since that was his end of the bargain. Deok-heung says she’ll be delivered in a few days, and all he asks in return is that Ki Chul keeps Gongmin out of the palace for good. Gauntlet thrown, eyebrows raised.

Eun-soo tries to monitor her own pulse, but just gets flooded with visions of her dream—the one where Young dies in her arms. He comes by to say that he sent the queen ahead of them and they’ll be leaving soon. Can she walk for a day or so?

But Eun-soo can only focus on one thing, and asks if he found out whether the missing pages of the diary exist. He immediately gets up, realizing that he forgot to ask. What, are you gonna just pop by to ask it now?

She decides she can’t do anything until she figures out if her dreams are real, and asks to go see Ki Chul, or Deok-heung. Young shuts down that idea right away, and asks what happens in the dream that she always wakes up in a cold sweat. She doesn’t answer.

He refuses to let her go see them, but she says that up in heaven there are these things called movies, and you can learn an awful lot of tricks from watching them. She has a plan that she hasn’t used yet.

He counters with his plan—the one where he keeps everyone safe. She raises her hands to frame his face and takes a mental snapshot.

The woodalchi left guarding the king hide out, while leaving a coded trail so the others can find them. Gongmin wonders what kind of king he is, that if he stepped out into the street and told a citizen who he was, they wouldn’t recognize or believe him.

He says that an enemy could be holding a sword to his throat, and even if he declared that he was the king, there would be nothing to prove he was telling the truth, and no reason anyone would believe him.

Gongmin: “Now that I have left the palace, there is nothing to prove that I am king. Perhaps it was not I, but the palace, that was king.”

Deok-heung seems to think so as well. The eunuchs bring him the box he requested, full of Hwata’s artifacts. He opens a smaller box inside to find the diary, and the later pages. They look just like they did in Eun-soo’s vision: “To Eun-soo…”

He opens it up to the first page: “Please let this reach you… Sincerity creates connection, and only memory can make that moment happen.” He leaves it sitting open on the table.

The council refuses to budge until they know what’s going on with the king. The palace is safe now, so why does he not return? Deok-heung says the young king must’ve been traumatized and is too scared to return.

Ki Chul enters with word from the king, and presents Deok-heung with a scroll—a royal decree for Deok-heung to act as interim ruler in his absence, stamped with the royal seal. URG.

The councilmen point out that Gongmin declared his intention to never use that seal again, but Ki Chul says he must’ve changed his mind in the chaos. Besides, either way, the king is the only one with access to the seal, right? Double URG. But even as he plays along, Ki Chul’s THIS SUCKS face is on full display.

Deok-heung smiles, hands the scroll over to the council to read for themselves, and sits his ass down in the throne before they can raise a word of protest. The first thing he does is ask Ki Chul what he would like as compensation for the damages done to his estate.

Eum-ja and Hwasuin start to close in on the king’s location, but thankfully so does Dae-man. He spies Eum-ja trying to use his super-hearing to locate the woodalchi, and so Dae-man runs interference by banging on some drums. HA.

He does this mocking drum dance until Eum-ja can’t take it anymore, and runs after him. I think I love this pairing the most.

The woodalchi sigh in relief, but then the doors slam open… and Young strolls in. Oh phew. They greet their leader with smiles, and Gongmin makes this adorable attempt not to beam at the sight of him.

He asks after the queen, and Young says she’s actually happy about being out of the palace because she doesn’t have to wear that heavy hairpiece, and smiles when Gongmin asks after the doctor’s health.

He says the plan is to have the king’s entourage catch up to the queen’s, while Young hangs back to take care of a few things. He apologizes for causing some trouble with the seal, and Gongmin corrects him that it was a whole LOT of trouble, thankyouverymuch, all with a smirk.

But he adds that there’s no hurry to return to the palace, since being on the outside means he can converse freely with criminals like Young. Heh.

Jang Bin manages to reverse-engineer the poison. He needs more time to figure out the antidote, but at least he knows what it is that’s killing the doctor.

Young takes the bottle of poison with him, with a warning from Jang Bin that it’s a mega-dose. Hm, whatchoo gonna do with that? Something revengey?

At nightfall, he and Eun-soo are the last to head out. He tells her the same—that he’ll remain behind to take care of a few things, but she argues that he’s always doing everything by himself, refusing to trust anyone else.

She’s the one they’re after, but he argues that it’s because of him. I love that Eun-soo doesn’t let that argument fly, and tells him to stop blocking her at every turn. He sends Dae-man and Deok-man ahead so they can argue alone.

Eun-soo says she has to do something, but then collapses. Well now I’m siding with Young. If you can’t even stand, what exactly do you think you’ll do to help? She tries to make light of her situation, even while clutching her aching head.

Young asks how she can speak so cavalierly about dying. Uh… how quickly we forget, Death Wish Boy. Eun-soo just looks up at him and tells him to stop getting mad at her all the time—it’ll become habit, and then once she’s gone, what’ll he do when he has no one to yell at? Aw.

He picks a spot for them to rest a while, and she shivers from the cold. Young scootches closer and puts an arm around her, and she leans on his shoulder with a smile. They have another short argument about going to see Ki Chul, and Eun-soo points out that Young answers every question she asks now. Ha, he really does.

She remembers how he used to ignore almost everything she said when they first met. She sighs as she leans on him, wondering how many times she’s done this that it’s already become habit, and feels comfortable now.

She closes her eyes and tells him to piggyback her if she falls asleep. He just answers her matter-of-factly: “If I piggyback you, I can’t carry my sword, so no.” HA. Take that, dramaland! Clearly she finds his humorlessness adorable, because she just smiles to herself in his arms.

Deok-heung reinforces his guards, lying in wait for Young to attack. But it’s Ki Chul they go to see, Eun-soo having convinced him after all. Ki Chul lights up to see her, and she says she’s here to deal.

She admits to figuring out when the door to heaven opens, and offers to take him. She asks if there were more pages to the diary, and he confirms it. She lies and says the front pages told her when the door opens, but the back pages will tell her how she gets to heaven, and offers to take Ki Chul with her if he gets her the book.

I actually think she should take Ki Chul with her. He beams and practically pants at her like a puppy, asking what she needs him to do. She tells him to retrieve the diary, and asks what the third artifact of Hwata’s is.

Ki Chul: “It cannot be explained in words…” Try! She tells him she needs that too, whatever it is. He agrees, but then stops in his tracks, wondering why they’ve chosen to come to him. For a suspicious evil mastermind, you sure did take your time to ask.

Young tells him the truth—that Eun-soo’s life hangs on by a thread. Ki Chul sees her hands start to cramp up, and panics.

Gongmin finally catches up to Noguk, and finds her carefree and smiling, her hair adorned with flowers like a little girl. It’s so cute how happy he is to see her smiling that way.

He joins her and then calls Choong-seok in to ask about their security here. He says they have fifty woodalchi and have secured this house, and Gongmin tells his eunuch to announce to the public that the king is staying here.

They worry for his safety, but Gongmin says it’s just the opposite: staying in secret leaves him open to attack, while announcing his presence makes it harder to sneak up covertly. He adds that people should know that they can come here if they need something from their king.

Lady Choi pulls Choong-seok aside to ask after Young. He says that Young stayed behind with the doctor and practically winks and nudges: “I’m sure they’re doing well. The two of them… together… um… yeah…”

Deok-heung darts up from his chair: “Who’s coming here? With whom?!”

Enter Ki Chul, Eun-soo, and Young. Eun-soo attacks first, screaming at the bastard who poisoned her, and Young sits her down, asking Ki Chul if he’s got this. Are they buddy cops now? ‘Cause that’s awesome.

Ki Chul asks if Deok-heung dared to poison his doctor, and Deok-heung says she came here on schedule like he said she would, so what’s the problem? Ki Chul sneers and demands the antidote and his chest of artifacts this instant.

Deok-heung asks why he would be so stupid as to hand over all his cards. Then Young can kill him on the spot. Young seems to think that’s the better idea, and just starts attacking the guards, and Ki Chul helps too.

These two fighting on the same side is cracking me up. Young knocks down the guards in no time, and then SLAMS Deok-heung down on the desk by his throat. That’s so satisfying. Do it again!

He says they figured out what the poison is, but not the antidote, and then takes out the little bottle from Jang Bin…

And then he pours the entire bottle down Deok-heung’s throat. Best. Plan. Ever.

Ki Chul arches an eyebrow: “Ehhhhh… are you sure you didn’t you feed him too much?” HAHAHA. I’m dying. Did everybody have their frenemy flakes for breakfast today?

Deok-heung says if he can be alone with Eun-soo, he’ll hand over the antidote. Young just grabs him by the collar again, but Eun-soo leads Deok-heung away with a reassuring nod. Ki Chul blocks Young’s path—they both know he’ll never comply if they’re in the room.

Eun-soo asks for the antidote, and Deok-heung says a healer from heaven should’ve found a cure by now, and calls her a phony just like him. Takes one to know one? But what’s important to him is that Ki Chul believes that the door to heaven is real: “You and I could play with all of Goryeo.”

He asks if she won’t join his side. She says that the last pages to her diary come first. If he hands those over, she’ll join Team Uncle.

With that, he hands over the antidote. She asks why it’s different from the other doses, and he says those were fakes. The poison actually comes and goes in waves, which makes the false doses seem like they’re working. Guh. Can we kill him now?

Eun-soo comes out and tells Young she’s all better now, and leads him away. Ki Chul and Deok-heung watch them leave, and commiserate that to have the doctor, Choi Young must die. Aw, are we back to this alliance again? Boo.

Even worse is Eun-soo’s idea to remain in the palace. Young argues that he went through the trouble of helping her escape, and she wants back in? She says it’s all part of her big plan to Mata-Hari the bastard. Gee, how many ways could this plan go awry?

As Young heads back out, Dae-man wonders why the doctor isn’t going with them, and what she’s thinking. Young sighs that she has no thoughts, and no feelings.

Councilman Lee Saek wanders through town and comes across a bustling house. He stops a man in the street to ask what’s going on in there, and he says there’s a king inside who’ll listen to your problems.

He says it can’t possibly be a real king, but it’s entertaining anyway, and heads out with a laugh. Lee Saek tells himself it couldn’t possibly be… when a woodalchi sidles up next to him and leads him inside.

There, Gongmin and Noguk sit at a table, and people come by to share their problems, like he’s more of a fortuneteller than a king. One such problem—their daughter is too pretty.

Gongmin wonders why that’s a bad thing, but learns that it’s an actual worry for commoners, who fear that their pretty daughters will be taken to Yuan. They actually ask him to make a talisman or something so that her nose grows crooked.

Instead he offers to draw the girl’s portrait, and tells her to look at it when others tell her that her nose is crooked. Lee Saek smiles to watch the king interact with his people.

He and his teacher Lee Je-hyun meet with Young, who asks with a bitter edge in his voice if they’re okay conversing with a fugitive. They admit that they know he was framed, better than anyone. Then why didn’t you stop it, beardo?

He says they know where the king is, noting that he’s created a palace outside the palace. They plan to go see the king and present him with a new royal seal, made by his people. Young smiles and says he’ll like that, and gets up to leave.

But they stop him, and ask that he protect them until they can deliver this seal to the king. Dude. Seriously? You put the man on trial for a crime he didn’t commit, knowing he was being framed, and now you’re asking him for a freaking favor?! He literally facepalms with a long sigh.

Meanwhile, Eun-soo waits with Jang Bin for Deok-heung to hold up his end of the bargain. A eunuch arrives with the message that this is half of what she’s looking for.

She opens it up and finds the letter to herself, just like in her poison-dream-vision. She thinks it’s her writing, but has no memory of writing it.

Her hand trembles as she reads the first page, and then the next, which hopes that this letter has reached her in time, and that she’s reading it together with “that person.”

At the same time, Young prepares Suribang and a dozen woodalchi to guard the councilmen the following morning. He wants to remain under the radar, and says he’ll guard them on the first leg of the journey alone.

Eun-soo freaks out as she reads the pages over and over, not understanding what it means or who they’re from. She ends up sharing a drink with Jang Bin, as she tells him that she’s never really had a “that person” in her life.

No matter how many times she tried to open her heart, it would always get close to someone and then stop, and cool, and stop again. She says it was the same with Young—and not because she knew she’d leave, but because that’s how her heart is.

But she says that sometimes being with him is strangely familiar, and she misses him. “But this person can’t be that person… But when I turn around he’s always there. And he looks at me. And even when I can’t see him, if I ask where he is, he always answers that he’s here…”

She starts to cry and decides she’s drunk. She grabs the pages to talk to whoever wrote them, arguing that she doesn’t know who “that person” is, and stalks off to bed. Jang Bin just quietly puts them back in the box.

And then, as Eun-soo sleeps, some of the passages start to jog memories of actual events, like the night Lady Choi came to her with a request. The diary-writer begs her to listen to the request and go back, so that “that person” can live.

She gets up with a start. And now the passages seem to be referring to today, because it notes that “that child” will break a pot, and she runs over to find Deoki cleaning up a broken pot.

Another clue: the flowers in the window. The words ring in her ears, begging her not to send “that person” away today… because the thing that awaits him is a trap.

Young arrives at the river, and turns at a noise… someone behind him…


It’s looking pretty certain that Future Eun-soo is Hwata, which is where my brain starts to fry when it comes to time travel. So Future Eun-soo presumably has to travel back in time to leave said artifacts for Present Eun-soo. Does that mean the door to heaven opens to the past rather than the future? And if she goes through it in the present, will she just be caught in an endless loop?

Regardless of the past-present-future conundrums, it’s nice to get a twist with Future Eun-soo leaving cryptic messages, and trying to change the course of fate. Perhaps Future Eun-soo already lived through the version where she screws up the way history is supposed to go, and can be a guide for our present-day Eun-soo to get it right. It would be nice if she could hurry a little on the uptake, if that’s the case.

This week’s episodes were a pretty fun reprieve from the usual Good vs. Bad camps, and I especially loved the odd couple combo when Young and Ki Chul found themselves on the same side, if even for a day. I wish the shifting allegiances would’ve stayed murky for a little longer, because the second they got the antidote, everything went right back to zero so quickly I was rather disappointed. But I trust Deok-heung to be a wily bastard at every turn, and I’m sure he’ll find some new way to screw with Ki Chul and Eun-soo. Who knew? The devil you know turns out to be a safe haven.

While Deok-heung is a fantastic villain (and a great foil for Ki Chul), the wishy-washy council drives me up the wall. I suppose they’re better than Advisor Jo who was long-winded AND evil, but mostly they annoy me with their pretenses of looking out for the people, when they seem to be void of common sense. I half-hope they turn out to be evil and behind this latest trap, because then at least they’ve picked a side.

Overall this is a stretch of the story I really like, with the king outside the palace and the enemy sitting on the throne. It gives Gongmin a chance to ask himself the kinds of questions he does in this episode—is the palace what makes a king, or does the king make any place he stays a palace? The fact that he’s forced to ask these questions and figure out how to be a king in the most literal, practical way is great. When you take away all the trappings, all that’s left is the character of a man—so is he a king or was he just a placeholder who already lost his throne? I hope it’ll be a slow journey back, and that when it comes time for him to return, he’ll have earned that seat in a symbolic way, and not just won it back by force.


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      Can someone kindly explain to the slow-minded me, this time loop thing she seems to be in?

      Thank you. 😀

      • 8.1.1 fionnula

        I’ll try to explain it in a few steps.

        1. Since the diary is suspected to be Eunsoo’s that means that at some point in time, she goes back to become Hwata. But since she has no memory of time travelling at all, we suspect that she goes back in time after leaving Young.

        2. There’s a time-travelling passageway, but we don’t know if that will definitely take Eunsoo to the 21st century. So we suspec that when she leaves Goryeo, she will end up travelling to the past and become Hwata. And even if she does leave the past, we don’t know if she’ll ever get back to modern day Seoul. Hence the time loop. She could be forever travelling in time like the Doctor!

        Sorry I had to put in that Doctor reference. 🙂

        • Rashell


          Yeah, I did yell that, but I can’t help it. The time travel bit is so hard to wrap my head around, but that explanation I’m able to grasp.

          So basically even though she goes to the portal next month it doesn’t take her back to her original time for sure. It may actually take her even further back in time. Which is how she becomes Hwata and leaves notes for herself to save Young. SEE!! I can get this!! LOL!

        • Mar

          totally could see Eun-soo working the swager, all hello, I’m The Doctor! love it!

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        well…. it’s just my opinion about all time-travel thing….

        1st, Young took ES to save Queen, then she try so hard to get back to her life (nowadays world). Found what date the gate will open,

        2nd, but unfortunately she missed that time due to unthinkable circumstances, so she have to wait another 67? years more to travel back.

        3rd, During that time, Young end up die / or rather something terrible happened to him so she’s determined to CHANGE what happened to Young by writing letter to herself (like what we saw)

        4th, and she managed to travel back, but 67years seems nothing to todays world, so that she remain young, but UNFORTUNATELY doesnt remember what happened then…

        5th, so the story goes on… Young came and took her back, time travelling again….

        OMG! I can write a short story with my imagination… 😛

      • 8.1.3 Awe

        drinking some poison might help to understand…

        seems to me, the diary reveals that she has time travelled a lot because of all the coordinates and dates and that she wants to steer history on HER course or her idea…oy.

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    On another note, didn’t Eun Soo already said that the diary can’t be older than a 100 yo so how could she have been THE Hwata ? I don’t know what she is exactly, but a reincarnation theory (Boo ! 2) would make much more sense…

    Anyhow, those were my two pences.

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    While watching him as Choi Young, I can’t help but be reminded of LMH as City Hunter so much that I find myself at times literally shaking my head to shake off the memories of LMH as City Hunter. So many of his mannerisms, emoting and voice projections are so like those he displayed as City Hunter. So hard to focus!! Hehehe…

    But that doesn’t mean that Lee Min Ho is not doing a fantastic job as CY here, because he is! And we have a while more to go in this drama and so I am hoping LMH’s portrayal of CY can exorcise my memories of him as CH here. 😉

    • 22.1 Naz

      One of the small characteristics that ties both those characters together is that both in Faith and City Hunter his character was really mature and decisive when it came to anything involving work. However in the personal side of things outside, he’s a total child experiencing things for the first time and more or less being confused while trying to go with the flow. Like when he didn’t really understand the red tags at Nana’s house or the idea of starving. It was odd but so innocent and adorable like in Faith where he gets caught with the flower in the bottle. Those moments made me step back and make me think that he’s really mentally younger than his age when it comes to things outside his job. Sorry for the ramble I love character analysis stuff.

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    Choi Young and Eun Soo’s scenes were poignant and tender…their chemistry is palpable…I think that the “turnaround” came when she fell ill and was bedridden. Sigh….my heart fluttered continuously during their scenes of togetherness. 🙂

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    I really do hope Eun-Soo takes him to the future ~ ~ ~ OH the Faces he will make!! (wanna see that.)

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    Finally, there’s enough warrior action all around on the wide screen to make me happy. Wudalchi power supreme! Even though they have to run with the odds against them, they are hot and handsome warriors and do major damage. No complaints here watching them. Doekman takes an arrow to the shoulder but replies, “I’m just a little sore” when Choi Young asks if he is able to continue on. So brave before his general. Eun Soo is up and around after dose #3 and tends to his arrow wound. Did you see the other Wudalchi guys schooch their stools over to her for exams too? Funny!

    Love the conversations between Eun Soo and Choi Young. Keep ‘em coming and pick up the pace. Liking them together. Mental note: that’s why I watch kdramas.

    And the enemy of the day thing going on, too hilarious.
    To Deok Heung: here, drink this! Oh, btw that was a fake antidote. Here’s the real one. Huh? And, it’s not whose on the throne today, but who will be on the throne tomorrow that is the real question.

    Like you, girlfriday, my head spins with the time travel thing. Has Eun Soo passed this way before? Who do the 3 relics from the past belong to and why are they familiar to Eun Soo? Who’s writing letters to whom and when and for what purpose? Can time travel romance have a happy ending? Cuz I don’t want a sad or unsatisfying ending. Have to wait until next week. *Sigh.

    I do, however, have an idea for a spinoff kdrama called Lady Choi and the Royal Maidens Return. That would be awesome and amazing story, since Lady Choi is the bomb. She really is. I would stand in line for days just to get a walk on part in that drama! Lee Min Ho could do a guest cameo appearance…whaddya think?

    • 31.1 Waca

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    • 35.1 Alison

      Only goes to show that it’s a notch higher than the usual mainstream korean drama. The writing is brilliant, the acting is spot on (not over the top), and story is really for the mature and thinking audience. It’s the same fate as the other independent movies. Really inversely proportional: the higher the intelligence level, the lower the ratings; the lower the intelligence level, the higher the ratings (not always, though, but most of the time. =)

      I hope LMH doesn’t get disheartened by the ratings and instead see the value of Faith as a drama and him as an actor who totally went beyond the norm, making him wise beyond his age and beyond his contemporaries in the showbiz industry. Add to that, he’s got a THAT face (if that’s not enough). Perfection is LMH.

      • 35.1.1 iconoclast

        It’s a bit of a stretch to say that Faith’s low ratings is indicative of quality. The Korean audience is not blind… they see the shoddy editing and directing and say no thanks. I never knew that international fans were so irrationally in love with LMH that they can say his drama is flopping because it’s ‘too good or ‘too intelligent’ for Korean viewers. A flop is a flop and Korean advertisers don’t give a flying flip what people outside Korea/Japan/China think. I know I’ll be eviscerated for this comment but there’s only so much delusion one can take.

        • Phin

          I can’t confirm if the news is true but I heard that Faith has been sold to a lot of countries, for example Japan, China, Thailand and many more (if I’m wrong please correct me 🙂 I agree that the directing is lacking and the fighting scences are substandard, however, at the same time there’re so many good things in this drama. It surely isn’t most people cup of tea. The way the story unfold may be to slow and boring for many viewers but for some viewers including me it gave them time to think and I feel the story invoke so many thoughts. Sometimes I get bored about the political talks but all in all I still enjoy the drama as a whole. IMHO, the rating might not be high but it’s also not far apart from it’s lead on Monday and Tuesday slot so I wouldn’t call it a flop.

          • Annie

            Even the worst Korean dramas are are received better than the local fare in a ton of countries (particularly in Southeast Asia) so the fact that Faith sold its rights abroad is not at all surprising. I shudder to think of the Korean drama that doesn’t get shown abroad while Hallyu is still raging.

            I respect your love for the drama but what I respect even more is that you say it simply suits your taste instead of insulting people who don’t like it. Re: ratings, Oh La La couple shot up to 14.5% last Tuesday so Faith is indeed underperforming compared to the leader but also relative to its production value and marketing.

          • iconoclast

            @ Annie, totally agree. Liking a drama is often a matter of taste rather than intelligence. Take Koala over at Koala’s playground for example. She freely admits that Lie To Me was a nonsensical drama with piss poor ratings for a weekday drama but she frames her interest in terms of taste rather than disappointed viewers somehow missing the point.

          • Phin

            @Annie – Hahaha.. I agree it’s a matter of taste.
            Regarding rating I have seen worse in Monday and Tuesday slot… I watched Bad Guy and the rating was around 4-9 but the leading; King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo is about 38-50 so compare this to Faith… Faith isn’t doing that bad right? 😛

        • dukdam

          I thought it might be worth pointing out that all the advertising slots have been sold out for Faith. The advertisers are canny enough to know that Faith is doing rather well amongst the ‘women in their 30s’ demographic which has the most purchasing power.
          This same audience is going absolutely bonkers over Faith on the DCinside message boards and the writer Song Jin Ah’s website crashed for two consecutive days after this episode due to the number of visitors who had come to download the script.
          So I think it might be fair to say that in this case, the ratings are not necessarily a direct representation of Faith’s popularity amongst Korean viewers, especially the younger viewers that watch online.

          • Kdramas

            I totally agree with you! Faith has been the #1 search topic on Korea’s version of google. It is also very popular on every single website that have message boards or post episodes.

            Therefore, even though the ratings seem low something else is clearly going on, and I think you have pointed out some of it.

          • CallieP

            Dukdam and Kdramas. Thank you so much for your comments. How did you get that information?

            I feel so much better after reading what you wrote. Faith may turn out to be very successful after all if they keep up the pace in the next 8 episodes and don’t let it fizzle out.

            I had been trying to search for information about the low ratings. I had been disappointed that the ratings were so low and felt bad for LMH. I know that he had hoped the the ratings would be high. LMH is really popular in China so when Faith first came out, it was the highest watched drama on China’s web sites like YouKu and Weibo but then I could not find any more information on whether the interest was sustained after the first few episodes.

            Advertising slots are their bread and butter I suppose and without advertising revenues, they could cut the series short but if all the slots have been sold out, that fear is now moot. Maybe they could extend so they can sell more advertising like Golden Time, Dr Jin and Bridal Mask.

            I noticed that Faith is the number 2 on Viki.com after TTBY and Soompi Faith has a very high # of activity and comments. For the international crowd, Faith has been sold to Japan, China and other countries so revenue is also guaranteed there.

            If younger viewers are watching online, and Faith is the #1 search topic on Korea’s google, as well as top on message boards that post episodes , and fans are crashing Song Ji Ah’s web site, then there IS something else going on and ratings is not reflecting the popularity of the drama in Korea. You have given me the best information so far. This is what I was hoping to hear. I am smiling now. Thank you.

            A lot of fans have commented that because of Faith they are learning so much more, science, solar activity, history of Goryeo, the true story of Choi Young and Gong Min, time travel, etc.

            Faith is also one of the few dramas that most of the characters are loved apart from the OTP. GongMin and Noguk, the Wuldalchi guys, DaeMan, Lady Choy, Dr. Jang, Ki Cheoul, Eum Ja, and even the King’s Uncle.

  36. 36 aida

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  37. 37 Sudi

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  38. 38 Midori

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    Anyway, I can’t help but think that Eun Soo is not so much confused as in denial…I mean, you’ve pretty much already said what you really felt about Young and yet you’re not willing to believe he is “that person?”. I go “huh?”. Anyway, she really better step up her game this time…you’ve already seen it in your dream so what are you still doing just standing around? Run! Who ever says that the female leads can’t be the knight in shining armor? Plus, I can’t wait for their romance to progress even further…I mean, they only have a month left! Time’s a ticking!! She’s pretty much the one who’s been wearing the pants in this relationship so why stop now? You’re doing good High Doctor! Keep up the good work! lol

    And lastly, Lady Choi is so bad-ass! She is just so fierce! Love it!!

  39. 39 liz

    Does anybody remember in which episode doeki breaks the pot? Or which episode ES sees the flowers? Or am I confused with what may be future episodes?

    • 39.1 JemLe

      The scenes you’re asking about is what was happening when she woke up realizing what the letter meant. Upon waking up…she saw that Doeki just broke the medicine jar. Then she ran back into the room and noticed the flowers by the window. What she was experiencing right there and then was what was written in the letter. Hope this helps.

  40. 40 swui

    LOVE ES-CY. PLease kiss asap.

  41. 41 jat

    I dont get the time riddle at all..

  42. 42 nade

    maybe…..but i think the rating is low because they just too slow in their love scene. i mean if they (eusoo and choi young) are this romantic why they haven’t have a kiss scene for once (come on….people…. this is already ep 16 are they gonna do it at the last episode??or nothing?). i just hope this couple can be romantic as quenn inhyun couple (kim bong do and choi hee jin)

    • 42.1 skelly

      Asking for another Queen Inhyun couple is practically impossible.

  43. 43 medstudent

    -SIGH-…. the more i watch faith the more i hate the way koreans schedule their dramas… this suspense is killing me!!!! how do i survive the rest of the week not knowing what’s going to happen??? if the king 2 hearts wasn’t finished by the time i got wind of it and watched i might have died

  44. 44 tinkerbelle04

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    Gosh! This drama is insanely awesome. I just loves how Young connect with his Aunt, words and phrase  is it too late for a triangle love? With Jang Bin perhaps  but mostly this episode just so exciting to watch, Lee Minho you are a dear now to me… The dearest of all…

  47. 47 SH

    Re. Time Travel: At this point, we don’t know what it is yet, but there are a few theories floating around the internet.

    Theory 1: Time-slip.

    -A) There was an ES who traveled to Goryeo and lived through this whole scenario, but in the end she couldn’t save CY, so she went back to 2012 and waiting for another chance to come back to Goryeo with the hope of saving him, so that he could live and grow old (like in the history of Korea we know today).

    -B) After she returned to 2012, she waited for the portal to open, but this time, the portal took her to another time period (Don’t know if it was before or after CY’s time). Since there was no CY to the save, ES wrote down in her diary to remind herself to save him and left that diary as a reminder. She also left a few things like those tools and mystery object #3.

    -C) She traveled back to 2012 in an attempt to go back to Goryeo again to save CY. And this is where the story of Faith begins.

    It’s a plausible theory, but it has some holes in it: like how can she forget she has traveled to the past a few times before? And how can she suddenly recover her memories? I’m not too convinced on this time slip theory.

    Theory 2: Time is not linear (something to do with Quantum mechanics physics?)

    -It seems the writer has hinted that time is not linear, events of the past, present or future, can occur in chronological orders, in reversed orders, or simultaneously. A minute can be short, long, or whatever depending on space.

    -Those memories that ES has recovered can be indicative of things happening in her future. The future ES has witnessed what happened to CY, so she writes a note to herself to remind her to save him (future ES probably knows time is not linear?).

    -Writer Song also posted that there is only one ES, and this is her first time travel to the past with CY.

    Again it’s an interesting theory, but some questions remained unanswered: like how about those belongings, and who is Hwata then?

    Notes: These theories are not my original ideas. I got them from soompi. To me, it’s too much trying to figure out time travel theory, and since Writer Song has done an excellent job tying the story together so far, I have faith she’ll clearly explain this mystery to us viewers eventually.

    • 47.1 sparkles

      Maybe the previous time she time traveled alone. But when she went back to the present, something must have happened to her to cause her to lose her memories. The poison must have helped jog her memories eventhough it almost killed her.
      The fortune teller did say that her husband is someone that she met in the past. So, Eun-Soo must had met Young and watched him die (which she saw in her dream). This time, she must have traveled to the time that he was still alive to save him.
      I do wonder about Hwata too. Maybe, Hwata is just a story that was made up and spread in order to get Young or someone to go into the future to find Eun-Soo. I wonder how the PD was tie up this drama so that it will symbolize Faith… and how it is connected to the song “Carry On”? Hmm…..
      Well, just 8 episodes left. I am looking forward to see a nice ending with all of the mysterious solved. I also look forward to seeing the ending with Young and Eun-Soo together no matter which world they live in 🙂

    • 47.2 JJ

      I would like to share my thought since I read the theory of time line .

      I like the B, I think ES went back to 2012 since the fortuneteller told her that she will be gone for a year. Then she got back and tried to find the way back to CY ‘s time. That may explain why ” she can not remember ” and she can not figure it out because it is not happen in her life time yet. It is in her future. Confuse Huh ??

      I think it was too sad sound like she went back way further in prior time of CY’s time. Referring to Ki Chul was saying ” it’s a thousand years” of her Diary (I assumed) and subjects.

      That why she went back to Future again , that could be explain how Hwata knows it called ” Heaven” and knew when to get back to Heaven door.And tried to keep her diary and let her know that she SHOULD hang on to her MAN.

      just my 2 cents

  48. 48 Mystisith

    1 thing I have to say: I loved the action sequence this time, when CY saves the Queen. I was almost dying of frustration and embarrassment with the previous ones…
    Now if we could have a bit of Fantasy (I want to see the magic needles!) and 1 kiss (I’ll take anything) in that Romance drama I will stop ranting.

  49. 49 Jaime

    I think I perfectly understood this Eun soo’s time travel. She probably traveled few times to save Choi Young for his moments of death. Since last time, she could not save him..she went back 100 years earlier than her time with C.Y. to leave a note to herself so that she could save him from dying. Because Eun Soo saved Choi Young, he lived until he became very old (his age in 70’s according to real history). This drama reasoned that E.S. was a part of history.

    • 49.1 sparkles

      I love your explanation!

    • 49.2 200xxx

      wow.. that really makes sense… now my meddled mind can rest. thank you

    • 49.3 Berita

      That sounds very nice! I just hope they get married and live happily ever after…

  50. 50 dany

    thank you !

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