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Posters and more stills for Alice in Cheongdam-dong
by | November 26, 2012 | 55 Comments

These additional stills are more of the same, but the bright, vivid posters add a nice dash of color to SBS’s upcoming weekend drama Alice in Cheongdam-dong. The top poster is pretty self-explanatory, featuring our leads in poses and a formation that scream “light, cute rom-com”; that’s Moon Geun-young as the Alice-like lead in the strange world of Cheongdam-dong, Park Shi-hoo as her chaebol prince (maybe-not-so-)charming, Kim Ji-suk as the rival love interest, and So Yi-hyun rounding out the quartet.

The second poster riffs on the drama’s inspiration (Alice in Wonderland), showing our leads peering out of a forest and into a curious new land. This is symbology that’s been hammered into our brains from Day 1; I hope the drama proper manages to work with it in a smart way, rather than continuing with the hammering. (We. Get. It. Really.) The two posters are the work of photographer Y.Zin; the name doesn’t ring a bell with me but he was also the artist behind Padam Padam’s posters, which had a similarly ethereal quality (though that drama was worlds apart from Alice, being starker, grimmer, and more unusual).

Below that we have stills of our leads, separately, and I suppose the main thing I get out of those is the chance to appreciate how nice Park Shi-hoo looks as a sharp businessman. He plays the CEO of a global distribution company while our heroine (of course) is his complete opposite, at the bottom of the career ladder. She’s an aspiring designer who busily applies for every possible position, which explains the stills below of Moon at a recruitment fair with resumรฉ in hand.

I’m still confused about the show (aren’t we all?) but I do like the short running time (it’s a 16-episode miniseries, which seems to be a dying breed) and, of course, the main cast. It’s enough to get me to tune in, but we’ll have to see whether it’s worth sticking around for. Alice in Cheongdam-dong premieres next weekend, on December 1.

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55 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. hq

    id.watch anything park shi hoo is in. excited for release!

    • 1.1 Dorotka

      Me too! Me too!

    • 1.2 Rashell

      That’s me too!!! But I am really hoping for a light, sweet, cute rom/com. I feel like this drama year has been on the grim side, so it would be nice to change it up for the new year!!

      • 1.2.1 cg

        me too ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 1.3 skelly

      I’ll watch just for the suits – whoever his stylist is, she/he has done a fabulous job. The three-piece versions look modern, not dated, a love the crazily-folded handkerchief detail and the paper clip accessory. It reminds me a bit of JDG’s safety pins in AGD, but a paper clip is a lot more useful (for a businessman) and so much less of an affectation. And I wouldn’t have thought it could work so well, but the navy shirt, burgundy tie/handkerchief and gray pinstripe rocks.

      • 1.3.1 Midori

        PSH is totally rocking the pocket handkerchief! Awesome stylist. They needed to hire this person for Full House 2 instead of the crazy bear necklace stylist *shudder*.

        • Farhana

          They also needed to get a different person for hair!

          No Min Woo and Hwang Jang Eum’s hair… both are so atrocious. Whoever thought those were good hairstyles needs to step into 2012 and look around!

      • PSH, why are you so handsome in whatever you wear? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 1.4 Yasmin

      me three! Park Sho Ho <3

      Ive been dying sincing finishing the the princess' man last summer!

    • 1.5 deasy

      me too, I’ll watch everydrama which PSH in it. moreover the leading actrees in here is MGY, cant wait to see them. I just hoping that the drama wont be failed just like mary stayed all night…

  2. oozzeee

    the last pics of MGY looks like it was just lifted from My Little Bride.. Hard to believe she’s older than me..

  3. Jae Shin

    Can’t wait~ ^_^

  4. Yoori

    Is PSH rocking paperclips instead of … safety pins?!
    This is going to be fun!

    • 4.1 Laurita

      haha, I noticed that too. Maybe it’s a new trend (at the beginning chaebols used to have those 1 to 3 pens in their front pocket, did they not?)

  5. nomu nomu nomu

    At this point of time I feel like a parrot because ‘Show’ is not giving me any opportunity to say anything different with the very little promo and very clichรฉ sounding plot ). So, I’ll just bullet-point my parroting

    – Still finding the plot sounding Meh and clichรฉ (empty calories type of fluffy)
    – still love both the leads, MGY and PSH
    – still will check out the first episode, maybe two
    – still will dump it like a bag of rotten tomatoes, if, it proves to be like its promo

    I would prefer to stay for the long haul though, for Alice in Cheongdam-dong. We are over due for a good rom-com these days, and just because it’s a rom-com, doesn’t mean Show can’t have heart or have fresh ideas. There are good rom-com’s that I’d enjoyed and still remember what the story was about because it wasn’t just one of those fluffy cotton candy type that you forget soon right after watching (to borrow javabeans term, the “Sticky Factor” can still be high on a rom-com)

    *hoping for the best for Show*

    • 5.1 katiamon

      i’m with you, the show has a interesting cast but the plot is really flat and the teasers/photos/posters are not catching my attention the way it’s suppose to be.
      i’ll watch the first episodes but if nothing happens i’ll drop it like i did with a couple of dramas this year, maybe i should pray the drama-gods to prove me i’m wrong with this one…

    • I just want a light rom-com these days in the midst of all the makjangs and sageuks that dominate the dramaland, so i’ll gonna watch this drama even if the story is not that great.

      Also, watching Park Si Hoo back on the small screen is enough for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 5.3 reeen

      Try King of Dramas for a good rom-com. Although at the moment there is less rom than com, I think that will change.

  6. kimjisukiloveyou

    I will watch it only for my Kim Ji Suk ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Mystisith

    I am still a bit dubious about this drama but I sure love those posters: I also liked the promo material for Padam, padam. The colors, the Nature themed background.

  8. birdscout

    The poster shots of Kim Ji-suk make him look so greazy. He was so darn sweet in I Need Romance 2012!

  9. pauper

    They need to get better graphic designer because that poster is tragically basic.

  10. 10 kopytko

    I would love to feel sorely tempted to watch this show, but alas! PR team, please stop slacking off and do your job with some heart!

  11. 11 Say

    There are a couple more teasers floating around on youtube as well as a clip released by SBS showing Moon geun young speaking French. See dchb channel on youtube. I think those will shed some light on this show.

  12. 12 Nma

    As much as I love Park Shi Hoo, and as much as I love his dramas…I mean, I’ll basically watch everything thing he features in, I just wish he would act something else other than the rich guy.

    The Princess’s Man was awesome because I totally saw him in a new light. He had so much to work with and it was amazing! I just hope AIC turns out okay…for his sake.

    However, to be fair, I guess the reason he is always typecast is because he does look like a ‘Chaebol Prince’ lol

  13. 13 charlie

    What is UP with PSH and KJS’s suits/outfits in the first poster?! They’re awful lol I can’t say I’m looking forward to this drama since the plot doesn’t sound terribly appealing…

  14. 14 buki

    Doesn’t Park Si Hoo always play chaebol’s heir?

    – How to meet your neighbor
    – Queen of reversal
    – Family’s honor
    And even in other dramas like he’s always a rich dude. He has never been poor oncreen.

    • 14.1 nomu nomu nomu

      to be fair, if we are talking about k-dramaland, more often than not, the male lead is the rich one and the heroine is the poor one. yeah, Cinderella complex never dies out. *sigh*

  15. 15 dulcedeleche

    a;fjkla;lfj;afj;ajfka;jfaja;fj why do I feel like I’ll be very very disappointed?

    PSH has been doing really well lately so I’m worried if he’s going back to his former roles. He’s already done the Cold Chaebol role (as many have mentioned already) that I’m worried if he has anything fresh to bring to the table. His characters in Queen of Reversals & Family Honor & HTMPN were of course slightly different but I don’t want to see any of those characterizations again.

  16. 16 exquisitemelody

    are you planning on recapping? Maybe I’ll decide to follow after what you say about it ๐Ÿ™‚ PSH might be enough to tempt me to watch ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. 17 Roxy

    MGY looks sooo cute in the last pic! Baby faced indeed โ™ฅ

  18. 18 Z

    All that I take away from these stills is that it’s no wonder the heroine isn’t getting any jobs when she shows up to career fairs with one copy of her resume folded over six times.

    • 18.1 afro-kimchi 2


  19. 19 Bashful82

    In the main poster, PSH looks like a Korean Beau Brummell, Regency Dandy extraordinaire.

  20. 20 kakashi

    I vow to watch all of this, even if it is as bad as I’m currently expecting it to be. Brain off, Park Shi-hoo in.

    • 20.1 kakashi

      but please be a little good, drama … pretty please?

  21. 21 JenJen

    Park Shi Hoo looks dapper in a suit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. 22 shwewen

    no matter how cliche,mindless,useless angst and noble idiots this drama gonna throw at me,imma just clench my teeth and bear with it all in the name of PARK SHI HOO. Because of him,made me a blubbering mess after princess man. I hate/love you for that PSH :’)

  23. 23 mary

    Fighting for the drama ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. 24 ilikemangos

    “(itโ€™s a 16-episode miniseries, which seems to be a dying breed)”

    tell me about it.
    totally enjoying KOD and glad it’s also 16 episodes.

  25. 25 Sajen

    Personally I’m hoping that Moon Geun Young has finally picked a good drama and we’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

  26. 26 Tippi

    She looks like a 4 year old! I’m creeped out!!!

    I cant wait to see how they make this work.

  27. 27 Lovebug

    Okay, Love Park Shi-hoo in a suit! (Almost as much as I love him in sunglasses!! Or in a bright yellow vneck sweater, or in ….)

    I do agree that would be interesting to seem him play a non rich guy (techically he was only a chaebol in Perfect neighbors – (annnd I guess Queen of Reversals but he was illegitmate and pretty much my perfect guy evar sigh, Gu Yong shik i still love you!!)

    I wish I could say that as a super PSH fan girl i am really excited about this drama, but i am still majorly perplexed by just about everything regarding it. Still believe in PSH ability to choose! I will watch it to the hopefully not tragic and bitter end!

    Also I will take Kim Jisuk in glasses anytime! Thank you!

    • 27.1 Lilly

      Yes, think of all the lovely recap pictures to look at also.

  28. 28 denise

    In kdrama land there is no poor. You can be homeless and still be decked out in designer clothes. You can travel around with a duffle bag and have a 10 outfit change. heehe =)

    Park Shi Hoo always looks damn good in a suit.

    • 28.1 Lilly

      He is definitely swoon worthy.

  29. 29 anna

    This looks like a very plain drama, like it probably won’t bring anything new or interesting to the table. That’s what it looks like to me right now, but I’ll watch the first episode to see for myself.

  30. 30 ceire

    I’m not gonna lie; I’m totally watching this for PSH.

  31. 31 Abbie

    This looks like it’ll be cute, and I like anything that has a Alice in Wonderland vibe, but I’m not completely sold yet.

  32. 32 satsuki

    oh dear me! Moon Geun Young looks really cute in those stills. Am loving how she’s styled too ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. 33 neener

    Park Shi-hoo in suit!!!! and it has PAPER CLIPS!!! AHAHA JDG in Gentleman’s Dignity had that safety pin HAHA

  34. 34 iloveparksihoo

    Park Si hoo I love you

  35. 35 KC

    Kyaaaaa….Park Shi Hoo!!! OMG!!!! Can’t wait~~~ He’s the only reason I’m watching this. Miss him soooooooo much~~~ Btw he looks really hot in his suit *drools*

  36. 36 bjharm

    The drama with the fashion angle and poor girl with real talent but no luck having to put up with humiliations to get a chance at becoming a designer..sounds rather like Baby faced beauty without the age and lie thing….

  37. 37 Rury dieu

    park shi hoo so handsome!!<3 iam fan park shi hoo.

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