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Name That Drama: Kidnapping, drugs, and identical twins
by | March 24, 2013 | 101 Comments

Lots more Name that Drama ahead!

I initially conceived this idea to help identify Korean dramas specifically, since that’s what we do on this here site. But it makes sense that fans of Korean dramas are fans of dramas, period, and so there’s been a bit of crossover between countries, and we have some more of that in this edition.

  1. I’m giving this drama the side-eye. Angela asks:

    So, I watched this drama when I was really young. (I want to say 8 or so? I’m 17 now). All I remember was that the main guy was the main girl’s proctologist. There was one scene where they were playing a game of go-stop and it was getting really intense. He was supposed to give her a “love slap” (hit as hard as you love her) and he ended up grabbing her wrist (of course) and hauling her outside to have another yelling match. The last scene of the drama was her going for an exam, specifically requesting a different proctologist, but he came in anyway and…yeah. She was in a lot of pain. It was a very strange drama.

    …I’ll say.

  2. vix:

    I remember that this was a fairly old (perhaps early 2000’s?) drama with lots and lots of episodes. The drama was centered around three brother’s lifestyle after a big fire killed their family and money, thus forcing them to start from scratch. I think the oldest brother already had a wife, and the youngest (or maybe 2nd) went on to become an actor. I believe that the actor brother met one of his childhood crushes while acting. Another hilarious segment I remember is that during a kiss scene in the elevator, the brother actor ate onions on purpose to gross out the actress. THANKS Dramabeans Community!


  3. I’m expecting ennofahey’s drama to ring some bells if you watch Drama Specials, since it’s pretty recent:

    Recently, I watched a KBS Drama Special but I don’t know what the title is. They didn’t put the title in my channel info (I was watching from a pay-channel or pay-tv). It’s about a woman that married an older rich man and that woman had a daughter named Rina. Rina attends Hana Kindergarten. The school was having a theater or a performance about The Beauty and The Beast. Rina didn’t get the part of the beauty but instead it turned out to be Yerin, Rina’s rival (I think). Rina’s mom tried to consult with the principal, so that Rina could get the beauty part, by giving the principal flat shoes. -__-

    Because Rina’s mom is married to an older rich man she can get whatever she wants with money. But unfortunately, her secret came out. She was actually an escort and she was lying to all the moms in the kindergarten that she graduated from Ewha University majoring in dance. And cut to the ending, after the performance ends, some kids are missing. It’s Yerin, Dohun & other kids. But when Yerin’s mom finds a tiger mask on the floor she gets a message from an unknown number telling her that she has to regret joining her kids into Hana Kindergarten.

    I’ve been searching on the internet but I didn’t find it anywhere, but this KBS Drama Special aired early this year I think. If anyone knows about please let me know. Thank you so much!


  4. I’m pretty sure this next one isn’t Korean, but let’s throw it out there:

    It was about 3 girls/women. There was the sweet, good girl, the rebellious girl, and the mature girl. All of them were related… I think the good girl and the rebellious girl were sisters because they lived together and the mature one might have been their cousin. Their mom/grandma gave them each a necklace that come from a set; a moon, a sun, and a star.

    The rebellious girl was constantly fighting with 3 guys. The first was her boyfriend that she caught cheating on her (she promptly punched him or hit him with her bag) and kept coming back. The 2nd was this DJ at a club she always went to, who picked up girls by going up behind them and putting a set of headphones over their ears and then dancing with them. The 3rd guy was this sweet guy (he was kind of chubby and wore glasses) that she met when her mom forced her to go to a dating event. A huge fight broke out because the dude in charge paired up this pretty girl with a cute guy and the dude standing next to her wasn’t happy about that (he was like, “Nuh uh, she’s mine!”) and punched him. Everyone started fighting so the 3rd guy quickly waved down a taxi and got the rebellious girl and her mom out of there.

    The rebellious girl liked swimming and was always at this outdoor community pool swimming. Her story ends with her turning around when she was walking home after swimming and yelling at whoever was following her to come out and it turns out this OTHER guy had a huge crush on her too and was following her and hiding behind trees whenever she turned around.

    The sweet girl has this friend who was a taxi driver and he was always there for her, driving her around to places, talking with her when she was upset. She accidentally gets pregnant and he drives her to get an abortion and stays with her when she cries about it afterwards.

    She also had a friend who was still in school and this kid pretended to like her. When she was over at his place (and made him dinner and they were dancing) and he kissed her, it turned out their entire class was standing at the doorway watching, because he called them over and was actually playing with her feelings. So the good girl meets him at a cafe to yell at him. (Where he sees how pretty she is and falls for her.)

    As for the mature girl, she had some important job and liked this guy who had the same job. One time, I think they slept together or something and she snuck out in the morning and left her necklace behind on the pillow on purpose to let him know he was with her (I think he was drunk or something). They end up married in the end.

    Sorry I wrote so much but I figured, the more information I gave, the easier it would be to identify it.


  5. Another non-Korean show, asked by dramagurll:

    This drama was on a DVD when I was a child, and I’ve been trying to figure out what it was for ages. Hopefully, someone else will be able to figure it out! I only remember the scene when the main character guy and the second lead guy were fighting over a girl. The girl didn’t want either of them to be hurt, so she jumped into the middle of it and got killed (presumably). The main lead runs up to her and realizes that she’s dead, and I think he tries to kill himself too (or the other guy tried to kill him. The main lead then falls into a river, and someone finds him on the shore. I’m pretty sure this drama was Chinese.

    Another scene I remember is of a woman who etches a few Chinese characters onto her stomach with a knife, though I’m not sure if this was a separate drama or part of the one I mentioned above.

    Thanks for you guys’ help!


  6. More non-Korean dramas. Rara’s looking for a historical show and a Taiwanese one:

    1. My mom really wants to know this drama, but she doesn’t remember a lot about it. She says it’s a historical drama, about a girl who wants to marry her lover, but her parents forced her to marry the king and she gets pregnant with her lover’s child and was forced to abandon the child. Many years later the child enters the palace and works as her servant? And then there’s a scene when the girl finally realizes that the servant is her daughter/son (my mom doesn’t remember) and met him/her secretly and the king caught her and the king cut off her finger, one finger every time she was caught visiting her son/daughter.

    2. And there this drama I watch when I was a child, I want to rewatch it but don’t remember the name. It’s a Taiwanese drama I think? About identical twin sisters separated at birth, one became successful careerwoman and the other one works a lot of part-time jobs and helps her mother sell some kind of food. One day the rich twin gets into an accident (a setup by her fiance?) and everyone believes her to be dead but actually she’s alive and gets complete face surgery by the doctor who finds her and makes her look like his dead daughter. Then the fiance spots the poor twin and asks her to lie to tell people that she’s the rich twin, and if I’m not wrong they fall in love (the fiance and the rich twin never really loved each other). There is one scene I remember that the rich twin was on a bridge and everyone is telling her not to jump.

    Please help me I really want to watch this again >_<


  7. Well, that’s one ironic theme song…

    I’m asking this for my friend, but she’s not quite sure which one is it: Korean or Chinese. It’s around late 1990.

    A drama or movie (she believes it’s a drama) about a woman who loves her lover so much until one day he betrayed her. He gave her a doll (teddy bear?) as his token of affection before she went by plane. She then got arrested at the airport because that doll contained heroin. It became clear then that he manipulated her as a courier for drugs dealer. She got jailed for years. After released, she took revenge on him. She could do more, to the point to kill him, but she finally let him go to jail. The theme song is “Love Me Tender.”

    Thank you so much for helping. I tried to search on the internet, but to no success till now.


  8. Michelle’s drama:

    The drama I’m trying to recall is a bit older – maybe late 1990’s early 2000 (probably a Japanese or Korean drama). I remember the drama artwork had something to do with an angel/devil concept to represent both the female leads. I think maybe even the drama title might have something to do with angel/devil?

    I remember the drama had an All About Eve vibe – two females battling it out type of concept. The drama started off when both the leads were young – the protagonist was a chubby girl, A, who came from a loving family and she had a crush on her childhood friend/next door neighbor. Along comes the second female lead, B, who was pretty and charming and I think she came to live with the family acting as a “cousin.” Initially, the two girls bonded, but B always plotted against A behind her back but pretended to be her friend. However, nobody doubted B’s sweet demure and she was sweet to everyone on the surface. B also knew about A’s crush on her childhood friend/next door neighbor, so she decided to charm the guy and succeeded, breaking A’s heart. Over time, the family started to fall apart due to B and the mother became suspicious and tried to go back to B’s supposed hometown to question things. While she was waiting at the train tracks, B snuck up behind the mother and shoved her over just as the train was arriving. It was ruled as a suicide and B revealed her true colors to the family during after the mourning. A fell into despair and contemplated suicide by walking onto the train tracks but a third figure, guy C jumps out and saves her. He is revealed to be a doctor (plastic surgeon, maybe? I can’t quite recall) and he helps A find the will to live again and she works hard to lose weight and get revenge on B.

    I also think during this period, she locks herself up in the doctor’s office and the rest of the world doesn’t know about her whereabouts? When she reemerges, she’s a different person altogether and by then B works at a modeling agency (I think) and A also joins and the two pretty much battle it out in the modeling world. I recall that B didn’t recognize A when they first crossed paths, but slowly begins to notice when A starts to become more successful…

    I don’t remember much about what happens after, but I remember B had a really sad backstory – abuse as a child? I also think it had something to do with A’s father, which was why B showed up, pretending to be a “cousin” in order to seek revenge on the family.

    Hope someone recalls this drama! Thanks!


  9. Annnnd back to Korea for 1critic’s drama:

    Been looking for this drama since mid-90s when I saw it in Arirang TV. The only thing I can remember is…

    • Multi-generational involving two best friends in a love triangle with a girl.
    • Set in the Korean War.
    • The girl married the gentler, kinder guy (Guy 1).
    • In the aftermath of war, the alpha couple fell into debt and poverty while the other guy (Guy 2) was promoted, became wealthy and got married.
    • Years later, their kids (boy and girl) grew up together and fell in love. Guy 1’s wife absolutely opposed the relationship, citing unknown reasons.
    • In the last episode (I think), it’s revealed that the two kids are actually half siblings (girl was fathered by Guy 2) and they end their lives, Romeo and Juliet style, inside a church.

    Please help?



101 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. chane

    OMG!! I’m also looking for #3 I saw it on KBS World recently and I don’t know the title because it wasn’t translated, I’ve been searching for it since then!!!

    • 1.1 subject

      well, I have no clue about the drama, but you can check this list, it might help (you just have to dig a little more).

    • 1.2 supah

      The Drama Special was Their Special Day with Song Seon-mi as the leading lady. πŸ™‚

      • 1.2.1 Monch

        Yes i was about to say that! πŸ˜€

        • Monch

          #3 Their Special Day

      • 1.2.2 chane

        That’s it, that’s the one, thank you so much everyone, I highly appreciate it!!:)

    • 1.3 Monica Devi

      me too!! someone please answer it!!

  2. AnneAkemi

    I love this thread! I’m not 100% sure, but drama 8 sounds alot like the 1999 Japanese drama “Koi no Kiseki” with Kanno Miho.


    • 2.1 swui

      Yes I agree. It is most definitely Kanno Miho’s earlier drama “Koi no Kiseki”. I remember the story quite well and everything she listed matches what I remember of the story. Kanno Miho plays the evil cousin. It’s one of my earliest jdoramas and I was in awe/ fearful of Miho’s character.

  3. dramalover03

    Rara’s Taiwanese drama should be 100% Senorita with Joe Chen playing the twins. actually haven’t seen this drama, but i recently read its synopsis because i was looking up some of her past dramas (loved her in fated to love you and prince who turns into a frog)

    • 3.1 mooses

      yup, it’s definitely 100% Senorita.

    • 3.2 scircus

      Same thought.

    • 3.3 junibacken

      I remember this drama (and loved it!), but I didn’t know the title is Senorita because it was dubbed and the title was translated too πŸ˜€

    • 3.4 Sunshine

      lol this was about the only one i figure out from the list too!! haha i wonder does it have eng sub now? i know back then it was hard to find taiwanese drama with eng sub but there so many subgroups out there now…does anyone know?

    • 3.5 shepo

      ah,,the twins have same habit to blow their bangs when they are sighing…right???…the drama used Lene Marlin – Disguise as one of the OST??

  4. Rini

    I have one drama i’d like to know the name of, can someone help me out too? Here is the story:

    It was aired in arirang in 2002-2003ish, the story is: two neighbors, one family has 2 daughters and they are rich, the other family has 2 sons and third son died mysteriously and are middle class. The leads are the older son and older daughter who work for a company designing underwear. They fall in love, the guy kisses her in rain when she refuses to get into his umbrella. The younger son also loves the girl, but moves on to another girl who is pregnant with her ex boyfriends baby. The older sons name is joon jae, younger sons name is hyun jae.. any ideas ? Thank you!

    • 4.1 Monch

      I don’t know if this will help you but here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arirang_(TV_network) you can find almost at the end of the article a list of dramas thar aired in Arirang, there aren’t all linked but if you looked in google for the tittle in each you can find more about the series, hope it helps

      • 4.1.1 Kiara

        Thank you :).

    • 4.2 Hii

      Only You? maybee.

  5. Steph

    I have no clue, but I’m looking forward to our geniuses here figuring these out because they all sound interesting.

  6. Selena

    Rara’s second one is definitely 100% Senorita. Here’s the detailed sypnosis: http://www.spcnet.tv/Taiwanese-Dramas/Twin-Sisters-100-Seorita-review-r656.html#.UU9nPleweSp

  7. Hell0kittyangel

    #6 question 2 is 100% seΓ±orita ….or at least I am pretty sure πŸ™‚

  8. Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I love this game but I’m terrible at it … sure I’ve seen #7 but can’t remember the name either.

    • 8.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Googling led me to “KBS Drama City Love Me Tender” with Jo In Sung. 2001. I have no idea if this is it.

  9. momosan

    #3 – sounds like Their Perfect Day – κ·Έλ…€λ“€μ˜ μ™„λ²½ν•œ ν•˜λ£¨ – 4 episodes?

    • 9.1 Dewo

      Agree with you Momosan. Number 3 is Their Perfect Day

  10. 10 Willow

    I think #1 is The Woman Who Wants to Marry (2004), with Yoon Joon Sang as the proctologist and and Myung Sae Bin as his patient/love interest (I think she was some sort of anchorwoman?).
    I remember that last scene too! And I remember other bits and pieces of it..I think I liked it hahaha

    • 10.1 Willow

      ^Oops YOO Joon Sang, not Yoon!

    • 10.2 Dewo

      I don’t think it is. In TWWSWTM, the proctologist is a guy, while in #1 the proctologist is a girl. And there’s no go stop playing.

      • 10.2.1 muffin

        No, in #1 the proctologist is the guys, but I have no idea if it’s the right drama.

        • Monch

          Maybe just maybe could be My Adorable Kim Sam Soon ??? it kind of fits right?

        • myweithisway

          Definitely not TWWSWTM (The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry), that one’s very recent but Willow is talking about TWWWTM which is a different, earlier drama so maybe Willow has it right.

          • Willow

            Yep, I realize now that I maybe should have mentioned that the more recent one is a sequel (?) to the 2004 drama. πŸ™‚

  11. 11 Suzy

    Yep, #3 is Their Perfect Day (aka The Perfect Day of the Ladies), a KBS Drama Special series.

  12. 12 Lime9

    I think #7 might be atv drama “cruel lover” with kwong wah

    • 12.1 Winna

      Ah, that’s right! I watched it years ago, it was a Cantonese drama. In the end, the guy got executed and he sang Love Me Tender, right?

      • 12.1.1 lime9

        he was executed in the end but don’t remember if he actually sang the song before his death.

        • appreciate

          Thank you, I think that drama is A Cruel Lover indeed.
          I’ve checked the MVs at dailymotion and there’s a part where it showed that he sang Love Me Tender.
          I’ve told my friend already, she’s so relieved to finally able to know its title.
          For that whole day, she kept singing Love Me Tender ^_^
          Thanks to all of you…

  13. 13 Anvesha

    I also recently (last week, I think) watched #3 On KBS World.. But no name.. I am hoping to catch the next episodes when it airs.. Let’s see..

  14. 14 karen

    guyss can you help me too?

    it’s a older drama and it’s about a big(fat/larger/bigger) baker who ends up signing up for a fake dating contract with her boss. and she starts liking him, but his ex girlfriend shows up from the us. and he’s mad cuz she left him after a car crash, but it turned out she had cancer. they make up and the baker is sad, but in the end the guy falls for her.

    one memorable scene was when she threw a whole cake on his face or when she drunk kisses the boss and he kisses back or when the guy is so obsessed he thinks a pig is talking or when she cries in the mens bathroom thinking it female or when she tries speaking English with this super hot american korean or when they go on a date and do cute stuff or when he tries to stop her from changing her name with gangsters

    i know this isn’t a lot of information, but can you please help? πŸ˜‰ LOL

    • 14.1 Cielo009

      I think it’s My Name is Kim Sam Soon/My Lovely Sam Soon.

    • 14.2 Stacy

      My Name is Kim Sam Soon

    • 14.3 ryoko

      That sounds like the seminal Korean drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon or My Lovely Sam Soon, with Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah.

    • 14.4 JS


      My lovely Sam Soon.

      • 14.4.1 Monch

        Exactly my thought, with the first two sentences, My name is Kim Sam Soon πŸ˜›

    • 14.5 Gelee

      If I am not wrong, I think you are looking: My Lovely Sam Soon. You can watch it on DramaFever:


    • 14.6 Sams

      I think Dramabeans did a recap….

    • 14.7 Mashimomo

      Easily My Name is Kim Sam Soon/My Lovely Sam Soon (Talking pigs, car crash, ex GF coming back from the States, DANIEL HENNEY). This is the easiest one that I know out of all the name that dramas πŸ™‚ There is a recap of the series here in DB.

    • 14.8 ocean

      May not know those other dramas, but this one is easy πŸ™‚ One of my all time favorites,
      My Name Is Kim Sam Soon!

  15. 15 Riri

    Karen’s drama is My Lovely Kim Sam-soon.

    And #6 is 100% Senorita, I think. πŸ˜€

  16. 16 dramaonly

    I can think of kbs drama resurrection, With uhm tae woong and hanjimin main role… i really recommend it tho its old drama its worthwhile

  17. 17 dramaonly

    Yes its my name is kim sam soon and one that i recommended above is called λΆ€ν™œ which was aired same time as my name is sam soon λ‚΄ 이름은 κΉ€μ‚Όμˆœ

  18. 18 Kanpekilove

    I think #6 is 100% Senorita with Joe Cheng and Wallace Hua as part of the cast.

  19. 19 Kanpekilove

    I think #4 is a Taiwanese or Chinese drama called The Blessed Family (also named The Sun, Moon, and Star) with Kristy Yang as one of the leads.

    • 19.1 Audrey

      You are right. That drama is called The Blessed Family.
      You can google it using the chinese title 情牽ζ—₯月星.
      I watched it a long time ago with Vietnamese Dub, and I really liked the oldest sister played by Jacqueline Wu, and Alex Fong Chung Sun was really handsome in this drama.

  20. 20 latteholic

    I think Rara’s first drama is Xue Ke (Snow Crystal), one of Qiong Yao’s classic Taiwanese drama. However, I don’t think the main character married a king though, more like a son of a noble family, but I remember that she got her finger cut off and everything else seems to fit…

    • 20.1 lovedramas

      Yes, I agree with you. I don’t remember the king part either in that drama, but I watched soo soo long ago and I was young them.

    • 20.2 lunchboxthermos

      my first thought was Xue Ke as well (with Cecelia Liu), but the description mentioned having to “cut off a finger everytime she went to visit her child”…i’m pretty sure only ONE of her fingers was cut off.

  21. 21 irene

    I know the drama #7,but w forgot the title too..I watched it when I was little because it was my mom favourite drama..I think the location is thailand,because I remember the temple,so I can’t put if it is chinese or else.I remember later the girl is executed,but not died,because a general falls in love with her and then marry her,so she seek revenge with her old lover..the guy framed the girl because he wants to marry a very rich girl..I remember the tragic ending,the rich girl died because her husband killed her,the general suicide, the guy caught by police and executed,and the girl died eating poison while wearing their old lover necklace..hope it will help

    • 21.1 appreciate

      It’s A Cruel Lover, an ATV’s 1994 drama starred Kwong Wa.
      You’re right, it was shot in Hong Kong and Thailand.

  22. 22 missaisohee

    kidnapping, drugs and identical twins..? sounds a lot like KBS Drama Special Season 3: Sirius..
    but i know it’s not Sirius, you won’t put it here because you know about Sirius more than i do..

    about no 3..
    KBS Drama Special earlier this year is only Sirius..
    maybe it was a re-run..

    sorry, not helping ^^

  23. 23 varms

    I think Rara’s 2nd Taiwanese drama might be 100% senorita. Watched it with my sis…

  24. 24 egatekeeperu

    Rara’s drama if I’m not mistaking is 100% Senorita. Love Love Love the drama. The lead actress is amazing. Love Joe Chen in in love with a rich girl and fated to love you

  25. 25 Shikurai17

    Number 2 from Vix sounds a lot like the kdrama Foolish Princes. It’s actually has 4 brothers, who lost their company after their father died. I remember a similar scene, but it was garlic. The 2nd actor brother didn’t get along with his costar at first, so he ate a lot of garlic right before a kiss scene. πŸ™‚


  26. 26 Miky

    The 3 i think it’s this one http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Their_Perfect_Day

  27. 27 EC

    I have one, I’m hoping you all can help me with.

    It’s a Korean drama that aired in the summer of 2008 I think on a cable channel? Or maybe it was a late night drama?

    The premise follows this high school girl (I think her name was Hyejin?) who initially cons men into eating at a high end restaurant, essentially forcing the man to pay for the date; the restaurant owner is in on the scheme and pays her a cut for the business.
    She has another high school friend and the two of them are picked on by the iljinn of the school. The friend is seeing an older guy, and ends up pregnant with his baby. Friend gets kicked out of her own house when her parents find out she’s preggers. The iljinn girl also gets pregnant and the two pregnant high school girls end up chatting online, not knowing each others’ identities and then become friends.
    The girls also somehow befriend a woman who works at one of those massage parlour type places and I think ends up living with her. Meanwhile the massage parlour woman has a friend that also works at the massage parlour who ends up killing herself due to depression? (I think?)
    The overall story depicts the trials and tribulations of their lives…

    Hope someone can help. Thanks!

    • 27.1 scircus

      Not sure since I haven’t watched it, but it could be Little Mom Scandal?

      • 27.1.1 bernie

        yea, its little mom scandal for sureeee

      • 27.1.2 EC


      • 27.1.3 EC

        Thank you!

    • 27.2 myweithisway

      Yep, definitely Little Mom Scandal (both seasons)

      • 27.2.1 EC


    • 27.3 Babs

      Little Mom Scandal and there are two seasons!

      • 27.3.1 EC

        Thank you!

  28. 28 MsSampong

    Anyone know anybody who is recapping 100 years inheritance?

  29. 29 mimimao

    EC your drama is ‘little mom scandal’ starring hwang jung-eum of ‘incarnation of money’ and ‘can you hear my heart’.

    • 29.1 EC

      Thank you!

  30. 30 dramaonly

    The twin one is what i mentioned to be kbs drama resurrection didn’t specify

  31. 31 eevee

    I love these threads! First just reading about all these crazy plots and then reading about yall drama-lovers figuring them out. hehe

  32. 32 snow_white

    I am not able to answer either of them πŸ˜‰

  33. 33 marie

    2: i guess it’s funny princes or foolish princes

    brothers by Jo Min KI, Hu Joon Ho, stepmom by Choi Myung Gil, one loveintrest by Kim Ji Soo

  34. 34 Christine

    For 6., the second drama about the identical twins is called 100% SeΓ±orita, the main actress is called Chen Qiao En
    Good luck with the other one!

  35. 35 JADE

    #9 sounds a lot like All About Eve with Jang Dong Gun…

  36. 36 Mariah

    Karen, your drama is Kim Sam Soon/My name is Kim Sam Soon with Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah as leads.

  37. 37 meanrice

    Somebody, put me out of my misery! Ive seen #4 too but i cant think of the name either. I anticipate that my entire Monday will be spent thinking about this.

  38. 38 maldita

    I got one! This drama aired in TvN in my cable a year ago, a drama from the late 90s, judging by their clothes and cellphones. It’s a family drama centered on 3 sisters names Sena, Jina, and Yuna, and the new stepmother they hate is played by Kim Haesook, or at least looks like her. And that’s all I remember. It bugs me that the only thing I remember from it are the sisters’ names.

    • 38.1 suzelle

      I think the drama you’re looking for is Because I Love You (1997). Here’s the link: http://asianwiki.com/Because_I_Love_You

      but it’s not aired on cable, instead it’s SBS drama πŸ™‚

      • 38.1.1 maldita

        OMG thank you so much!!! πŸ˜€

        And yeah, I think the TvN in my cable just randomly aired it or something. I remember Arirang in my cable also randomly airing Lovers in Paris a while back.

  39. 39 Kristen

    #7, I am on the lookout for this drama myself. I believe it’s TVB. I remember the actress is really pretty. Main actor is in one of “Tieu Ngao Giang Ho” remake. I have to do some more digging to get his name, then maybe his bio will reveal name of this drama.

    • 39.1 appreciate

      It’s A Cruel Lover, an ATV 1994 drama starred Kwong Wa πŸ™‚

  40. 40 Saturtledaisy

    I’ve got a drama I’ve been looking for, but I haven’t been able to find it. It’s a drama I watched on Chinese television a awhile back (4-8 years ago, I really don’t remember clearly). I watched it in Mandarin, but I don’t remember if it was dubbed (I don’t think so…). I don’t remember the plot clearly, but I remember a couple of things:

    1. It was a historical drama.

    2. The female protagonist was a poor girl. I think she sold stuff at a market. Somehow a lot of rich people (from the court?) seemed to hate her. I remember that she ran off to live in the mountains for a while (maybe she was chased out to hide or something?), discovered something and ended up coming back to the city and invented (?) stinky tofu. They made a big deal about how it smelled bad but tasted great.

    3. I think she was in love with some kind of prince, or maybe she had a birth secret herself (princess?) There was something with royalty either way.

    I wish I remembered more… Can anyone help me…?

  41. 41 krzfrk

    hi! ive been looking for an asian drama (mostlikely its korean but im not sure).. okay, lets get into the details:

    1. there are two man, they were friends, the first one is an athletic type of a guy, while the second one is a office worker type kind of guy.

    2. they always compete with each other, (like sprinting) but in the end, they are always tie

    3. they are both inlove with the same girl

    4. the first guy had a job as a stunt man in the showbiz industry, and had an accident where he had both leg amputated

    5. the guy was so depressed and sad, but eventually, he coped up because the girl he wanted loves him back even though he has both leg amputated..

    Thanks in advance! please help me.

    • 41.1 amzy

      not sure if this one is right but sound like a korean movie, Almost Love.
      Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Ha Neul and Lee Sang Woo[the sporty guy] is in it.

  42. 42 lily

    the 4th one is The Sun, Moon and Star in chinese its called
    情牽ζ—₯月星 it has kristy yang and Jacklyn Wu in it….i saw it real young as a kid the character kristy plays was the one that had an abortion

  43. 43 amber

    7 maybe briget jones diary?

  44. 44 ann

    #6 2nd one is 100% seniorita — one of the best taiwanese dramas i’ve watched πŸ™‚

  45. 45 kazel

    omg thanks guys! i’ve been trying to find kdrama #3 for really long time hahahaha. and it’s also not published anywhere tho. kdrama daebak! ~ hehe kamsahamnida! xx

  46. 46 kazel

    btw do you guys know when ” their perfect day ” show is airing on tv? which day & time? thamks in advance! πŸ™‚

  47. 47 kazel

    and is it still airing on tv? LOL. sorry im not really updated. xx

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