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Running Man: Episode 137
by | March 24, 2013 | 63 Comments

In a land far away, there once lived three beautiful princesses who were to be married off to the village idiots. But when these idiots are this sweet, earnest, and chivalrous, how can you not love them? There’s much hilarity to be had in this adventure and with so many ex-Monday Couple moments to love in this episode, I can pretty much die happy now.

EPISODE 137. Broadcast on March 17, 2013.

Once upon a time, three pairs of foolish idiots gathered together to hear a royal decree read out by Jo PD. However, these men weren’t happy to be called such a name.

From the land of Dumb and Dumber, Jae-suk gripes that he’s always classified as dumb whenever he stands next to Kwang-soo, who retorts to his brethren: “You think this is because of me? I’m even wearing green because of you!”

Others give a word of caution. Gary whispers, “An idiot gets really upset if you call them dumb!” Haha: “You’re not supposed to tell an ugly person that they’re ugly!” Still others vehemently deny such a ridiculous statement.

But we know that these men fit this role like a glove and to prove it, we see Kwang-soo trying to catch a persimmon hung from his hat.

Meanwhile, King Go addresses his three daughters: the eldest, Noh Sa-yeon aka the Plumpy Princess; the second, Ji-hyo, the Blank Princess; and the maknae, singer and actress UEE (Jeon Woo-chi), the Peaceful Princess.

He points out his daughters’ flaws, like how his eldest’s eating habit has drained the national treasury or of Ji-hyo’s infamous blankness. As for his youngest, her crime is what else – being pretty. Then we get a customary CG flower petal effect as is with all young, pretty guests on this show. King Go: “You take after me.”

The princesses grow upset at the news that they’re to be married off and turn to their unni to plead their cause. But mat-unni’s hearing isn’t what it used to be and she asks back, “What did he just say?”

Nothing will change this decision and the princesses cry on their knees as if the world is crumbling before their eyes. Their only hope to obtain forgiveness, their father tells them, is to train their foolish, idiotic husbands to become the best general in the Running Man Kingdom.

Princess Ji-hyo blames her unni (“If only you didn’t eat so much!”) and Princess Sa-yeon breaks down in tears, “Then what else am I supposed to do when I never feel full?!”

Then the unnis turn to the youngest, complaining that she’s too pretty. Princess UEE answers in a meek voice: “It’s because I don’t take after Father.” King Go chuckles.

Still crying, the princess head out to meet their husbands.

Maybe it’s her competitive spirit or perhaps her biological clock is a-tickin’ as Sa-yeon runs ahead of the others to find her potential teammates. Dumb and Dumber plays games to pass the time and Jae-suk hits Kwang-soo with a plastic mallet at every turn.

This is how Ji-hyo finds the two, who immediately pretend to act cool and stick their hands in their pockets so that she won’t choose them. But how cool can you look with a balding wig and a mustache while striking a model pose? HA.

Jae-suk says that their getups are only for appearances and Kwang-soo pipes that he’s an international student. Which, what?

Then who should come marching up towards them at that every moment than their former teammateΒ Sa-yeon. So they start begging Ji-hyo to stay.

Whens Sa-yeon explains the royal decree that she and her sisters are to be married off, Dumb and Dumber insists that they’re not foolish idiots and that she’s better off finding them ooovvvveerrr there.

After much persuasion and teasing threats (Sa-yeon: “Wanna come with me?”), the princesses move on and Dumb and Dumber breathes a sigh of relief. When they’re out of sight, Jae-suk mentions that whenever there’s a princess or a queen special, somehow Sa-yeon is always involved.

Ji-hyo and Sa-yeon complain about their father (“He always holds the fact I was born as 4.8 kg (more than 10 lbs) against me!”) when they suddenly spot foolish idiots Kookie and Big Nose hyung.

The boys immediately hide behind a tree to avoid notice but Sa-yeon marches up to them anyway and immediately chooses them as her team. Ha, then both Jong-kook and Suk-jin hang onto Ji-hyo crying out, “We’d rather have you instead!” Are you afraid of your betrothed already?

The Dumb and Dumber duo’s faces light up in pure joy – their “UEE, we miss you!” chant has finally come to fruition (like the “Feel! Touch! Cross!”chant, where Yoo + Lee = UEE). What’s even better is that UEE bashfully cries into her robes. “I was looking all over for you!”

They try to act all cool again and Jae-suk smiles that if only they knew UEE would be joining them today, they would have dressed to the nines. “Don’t worry,” he tells her, “We’ll change into suits soon enough.”

Onto today’s mission, which is pretty simple: The teams will face off in various games to obtain princess name tags. The winner of the final mission wins it. To avoid further confusion, we’ll refer to the teams by color: Orange (Sa-yeon, Jong-kook, and Suk-jin), Green (UEE, Jae-suk, and Kwang-soo), and Blue (Ji-hyo, Gary, and Haha).

In the car, UEE steals glances at Kwang-soo and simply unable to hide her giggles at the sight of him. She even points to the camera and says that he looks scary from that angle.

Jae-suk tells Kwang-soo to back off, lest he be hit by one of UEE’s backstrokes because she used to be a swimmer. He even demonstrates it for Kwang-soo and it looks like a backhanded slap.

Pointing to the camera, Jae-suk tells him that it looks like he’s carrying a puppy in the backseat. I can kind of see that, given the floppy haired wig. Finally, Kwang-soo sticks a light under his chin in an attempt to get UEE to giggle, but she whimpers in fear instead.

The teams pull into a spa and everyone agrees with the first mission location at a heated pool. But this show wouldn’t be Running Man without a catch and Jong-kook hollers: “This pool has water cannons!”

All the women have to do is dig into their fountains of knowledge to answer trivia questions. However, if they answer incorrectly, their teammates will be shot with a jet of water.

Needless to say, the foolish idiots are NOT happy about this. Haha complains, “We’ve got Mung Ji-hyo!”

Haha shouldn’t be that worried that their team is at a disadvantage since all the ladies blank at the first question about soccer. The boys all yell out, freezing in the night air (it’s an outdoor heated pool), but when Ji-hyo rises to answer, Haha screams, “Don’t!” while Gary prepares himself for the inevitable.

Woah, that is one powerful stream of water and it knocks both Gary and Haha off the beam. I’d say that’s a worse but far more hilarious than the puff of air you get on Strong Heart. And ooh, Ji-hyo – look who’s enjoying her teammates’ punishment a little too much.

Gary tries to mouth the answer to Ji-hyo but gets caught and he’s hit with another blast of water. There’s no holding back, is there?

It’s clear that none of the women know the answer. So round and round they go as the men are sent into the water until Sa-yeon gets the answer right. Too bad she admits that Suk-jin fed her the answer and the boys get hit with another blast.

But to everyone’s amazement (and mine), Jong-kook manages to hang on. This feat earns him a brand new nickname: Kookminator.

The second question has the ladies just as stumped and in the back, Suk-jin yells out a clue: “Eternal!” (for soccer player-now-coach Hong Myung-bo aka the Eternal Libero) Then Sa-yeon runs up to answer in English: “Forever!” Yeahh, that’s wrong.

I love it how the foolish idiots in the background grow more frustrated by the minute. If they all know the answer, then what’s the use of going through training? Touche.

Not only do some of these answers like “Forever field!” and “Felice!” crack. me. up. I am loving these new chants, especially: “Mung! Ji! Munngg~” HAHAHAHA.

I can’t help but think that the staff purposely chose sports trivia questions so that we can see the boys fall into the water at least once. I mean, let’s face it – it is freakin’ hilarious.

UEE’s answer “buzzer beat” is nearly right (it’s buzzer beater) but all of the women’s answers has me in a fit of laughter. See: Buzzer beast, last chance, and buzzer bead. And my personal favorite: Buzzer beacher.

I can’t even count how many times the boys have fallen off of their beams before Jae-suk finally yells: “Save us!” Every team as a point and the women complain that they’d rather answer questions about a different topic.

Then Gary complains for the ladies to hurry up but he takes it right back when Ji-hyo compliments him, saying that he looks good in his damp state. Mmhm.

Mr. PD changes up the rules, giving the boys a chance to answer. Thinking that it will be another sports questions, the boys shout their confidence in their expertise. Then the question is about shoes. HA.

Now it’s the women’s turn to sigh with disappointment as the boys yell out anything and everything they know about shoes. Her blood boiling, Sa-yeon finally yells out the answer (wedge heels) and Suk-jin yells back in defense, “I’ve never heard such a thing in my life!” Priorities.

Jae-suk: “To us, everything is ‘shoes’!” UEE: “To us, everything is ‘soccer’.”

The Green Team answers another two questions correctly and in the car, UEE praises her teammates. When Kwang-soo asks her to be more specific, she names Jae-suk as the more impressive one.

UEE evades the question on whether she’s taken or not (hm) but sidesteps it well enough by asking if Jae-suk is trying to set her up with Kwang-soo. So Kwang-soo admits that most people don’t get his charm upon first impression. Jae-suk emphatically agrees with that statement.

In her car, Sa-yeong teaches her teammates about pedicures, joking that her toenails are so large that you could paint landscapes on them. Then she adds that make-up costs her a lot money too because she has a wide face. Do we consider these running jokes about her weight and femininity offensive if she’s the one saying them?

At Itaewon, Jae-suk runs into a familiar face (a pie-shop owner) before receiving his mission. As a part of their training, the foolish idiots will be split up and need to complete both missions in order to continue.

We check in at one restaurant where the boys will have to squat five times with their princesses and then try to limbo. No offense but you’ve got Haha here who can barely lift someone once.

Out of concern, Sa-yeon asks how much Suk-jin weighs nowadays and at his answer, she replies, “Yeah, I’m not that much different.” He tries to hoist her up but drops her a second later. Jae-suk steps in, to save face but can barely lift her up once. Oh boy.

At the other restaurant, the boys’ faces redden at the mission: a Pepero game. UEE is so flustered that she honestly blurts that she’s nervous. Kwang-soo face flushes a deeper red and Gary brings him back to Earth: “She’s not that kind of nervous!”

But UEE steels herself to give it a go and she’s the one coming towards him. Kwang-soo so nervous that he breaks it off first, both times and she asks the staff innocently: “What happens if the entire Pepero stick is gone?” Um, well…

You would think that Haha would be fine carrying Ji-hyo, that is until we hear a *crack*. Did… his back just give out? Then he yells to the camera, “[Byul, his wife] I’m sorry!”

We watch Suk-jin suffer through another round and in a behind-the-scenes moment, Sa-yeon challenges Suk-jin to arm wrestle. And she wins. Well, that explains it.

Both Sa-yeon and Ji-hyo hop over to the other restaurant and Sa-yeon admits that just the thought of the Pepero game makes her heart flutter. In order to make this game quick and painless, both Jong-kook and Sa-yeon go all in.

The remaining piece is pretty short… and then Kwang-soo crushes it under his foot. Uh oh.

Then comes the pinnacle of my Running Man experience: the ex-Monday Couple and the Pepero game. Gary admits that he’s nervous and he asks, “Are you gonna close your eyes? You’re not going to tilt your head, right?”

They start and Gary bites closer and closer. He touches Ji-hyo’s head to steady himself but she freaks out and breaks free first. His reaction is the same as mine: “WHY?!”

Meanwhile, the princesses-less restaurant chat about Suk-jin’s loss against Sa-yeon. Suk-jin’s all, Yeah, you enjoyed how I lost on purpose there? and the others remind him that he lost a little too naturally back then.

Jong-kook and Sa-yeon pass the Pepero game easily (with a remainder of 1 cm! Woah!) and before they leave, she gives the others a word of advice: “It’s better off if you don’t have any feelings towards each other. You guys can’t do it because you do!” HA.

The ex-Monday Couple give it another try and this time, they inch closer and closer together. Omo, omo. And if I tell you that their lips touched, their lips touched, okay?! La la la la.

They pass, but that doesn’t deter Gary to add: “We’d like to try to go for 7mm!”

The Green Team finally succeeds and Kwang-soo arrives to the other location grinning ear to ear. But that smile is about to fade when Kwang-soo lifts UEE and his expression tenses. Is she heavy? Is he weak? Question of the hour.

Kwang-soo grits through it and squats anyway. Then there’s the whole limbo part which is another hurdle. He tries to crawl under the bar, moving barely an inch per minute. This height is already an obstacle itself and I totally understand why he takes a break every few seconds.

He fails just short of the end and then his legs buckle under him. Poor guy.

The lifting part is no issue for the Kookminator but then he struggles through the limbo. Omg, if Jong-kook can’t do it, then who can?!

Gary steps up to carry Ji-hyo and he whisks her off her feet with ease. Everyone watches, their eyes riveted as he easily completes the mission and raises his arms in victory. Daebak.

Everyone heads out to the final mission location: a boxing ring. Here, the foolish idiots are blindfolded as they piggyback the princesses, who try to tear off each other’s name tags. The Green and Orange teams face off for the first round.

They circle around each other, reaching for each other’s backs as the boys blindly run around. Sa-yeon falls off of Suk-jin’s back and after another teaching point provided by Coach Kookie, they go back in the ring.

But Suk-jin spins around, unable to get a grasp of his surroundings and UEE tears off Sa-yeon’s name tag, who in turn grabs Suk-jin’s hair. OW.

Before the following round, Jong-kook shoots daggers in Kwang-soo’s direction. Kwang-soo tries to kick him when Jong-kook has his blindfold on but that tactic works against him and Jong-kook wrestles him to the ground, blindfold and all.

Astounded, Haha wonders if they’ll ever be able to beat Spartakooks, to which Jae-suk pipes that he’s waiting for Jong-kook’s 70th birthday. Caption: He might still have muscles then…

The round starts and this time, the ladies are more in sync with their partners. But then they both grab each other’s name tags simultaneously… and UEE wins it.

The team rev up for the final round and Haha gives the ex-Monday Couple a pep talk: “After this season, [you guys]’ll get married!” In the other corner, Jae-suk tells UEE that all they need is the gold. Aww, no loveline for you, Kwang-soo.

Ji-hyo instructs Gary to step forward so that she can give Kwang-soo a little slap. Then they crank up the match and the ladies face-off. Ji-hyo holds onto UEE’s sleeve but she’s pulled off and yells at Gary to drop her. So he does. Ouch.

When she gets back on, Ji-hyo grabs the Giraffe’s hair, who in turn bites her. Both ladies back off for a moment until they both grab each other’s sleeves and name tags. Then Ji-hyo rips UEE’s name tag, winning the first of three final rounds.

Ji-hyo wastes no time to grab UEE’s sleeve but the boys end up circling around to avoid getting caught. Then Ji-hyo has the name tag in her hand just before she tumbles to the ground.

It isn’t long before Ji-hyo is ready to battle again and then both ladies have a hold of each other’s name tags once more. They both tug with all their might… and UEE lifts her arm, Ji-hyo’s name tag in her hand.

UEE wins a pair of gold rings as her prize. Placing one on her finger, Mr. PD lets her choose who get to have the other. She chooses Kwang-soo. Aw.

Our child narrator reads that they lived happily… until they broke up. “Mom!” she cries, “This book is weird!”


63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jel

    Kookminator was so hilarious. LOL

  2. Unnursvana

    I really enjoyed this episode. It kinda made my heart flutter a bit with that pepero kiss game ^_^ the water spraying game was hilarious as well.

    Also I would love it if Kwangsoo and Uee would one day do a rom-com or something together, they look really sweet together.

  3. noernov

    Monday couple revive πŸ˜€

  4. YBisTOP


  5. Nokcha

    This was hilarious! Noh Sa Yeon is so much fun to watch and Gary and Jihyo were especially great this episode. The beginning with each of the grooms out dumbing each other was so funny.

    • 5.1 apple

      I really love Noh Sa yeon. She is so funny and the Running Men adore her so.

      And Monday Couple *sigh* I love them, as a Couple or not, I don’t care, they are great nonetheless.

      • 5.1.1 bd

        NSY is a riot and she certainly deserves to be back for very Queen/Princess-themed RM ep.

        The flashbacks of the previous ep where YJS and Kwang-soo had to arm chair carry NSY and their reaction to the thought of being paired up w/ NSY were hilarious.

  6. fyEk

    i think this episode is one of the best from the recent ones.. i was laughing out so hard and loud.. monday couple ftw!

    • 6.1 misskania

      I did not laugh at all, in the beginning, but when they start the pool quiz, I cannot refrain myself from laughing out loud. It was so clueless and funny, and the face of Noh Sa Yeon when she said “Felice” and how the orange guys are sprayed with water is hillarious.

  7. hannah

    There were so many great things about this episode from squeeing over the ex-Monday couple to laughing at Kwang Soo trying to eat the persimmon. The beginning section for Jae Suk and Kwang Soo was classic vaudville, I loved it! As for Gary and Ji Hyo – “I can pretty much die happy now”, sums it up well.

    • 7.1 Lilian

      OOh..I loved the Dumb and Dumber too! So funny to see them with tucked in shirts doing the funny dance XD

  8. dls

    This ep is so funny, the water canon session is hilarious
    and the highlight:
    Ex-Monday Couple…. waaah really… they are a good match… too bad Ji Hyo is taken

  9. indian_monsoon

    Is it just me or did Kwangsoo look really handsome in this episode? Of course, I love the monday couple moments, but KS looked really goodlooking. He and UEE were adorable! New ship!!

    • 9.1 ana

      I was JUST thinking the same thing! He made my heart flutter! ^^

    • 9.2 Laica

      They ARE adorable. I’d like to see them do a rom-com together, they have chemistry. It’s too bad Kwang-soo probably wouldn’t be considered for a leading man role because he’s not conventionally handsome. He’s actually a decent actor and he’s hilarious – and he has a lot of charisma.

  10. 10 divaz_sha

    kiss kiss kiss

    • 10.1 Hari

      Yes! Jjang!! Funny episode, but I both cringe & laugh at the NSY jokes. Love the ex-Monday Couple! I do worry about injuries…these dudes are always carrying somebody.

  11. 11 melo.boy

    that pepero stick game is so romantic!!!!

  12. 12 Jam

    Monday Couple Jjang!!

  13. 13 Lilian

    This episode was better than the previous. Thanks to the Monday Couple…but it still trails far behind the Jackie Chang and Siwon episode in terms of laughter imho =)

    So looking forward to the next episode with my fav two young actors! Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin!

    • 13.1 Laica

      Me too! School 2013 OTP <3

    • 13.2 TS

      I KNOW!!! Woobie My Wuv, run like a man, arahsoh? (Anyone got a better spelling, tell me.) has it up, but am going to bed with jetlag, so will have to kiss Woobie’s picture before sleeping for sweet dreams…

      Loved Noh Sa Yeon. Im planning to look out for her in others. And the characterization s for Song JiHo (blank) and UEE (pretty) were so funny.

  14. 14 Laica

    Loved this episode. Hilarious concept, and so well suited for the cast.

    This was totally the Monday Couple’s episode. So many awesome moments. <3 I think *I* was even blushing during the pepero game. "Omo, omo" is right!

    Agree with you on all the jokes about Noh Sa-yeon's weight. She takes them cheerfully and even makes them herself, but there's no telling whether she really doesn't mind, or whether she knows she has to act like she doesn't if she wants to be a comedian. Somehow I suspect it's the latter. Sadly, it's the nature of the entertainment industry (Korean and otherwise) to put so much focus on appearance.

    Thanks for the witty recap, gorgeous gummi! πŸ™‚

    • 14.1 KimYoonmi

      Ji Hyo was also made fun for her weight too… ^^;; But she’s shown that it’s mostly muscle.

      They also make jokes about other factors as well. Ji Hyo, herself, says that’s only when the camera is on, but off camera they don’t make such jokes… (Strong Heart). Apparently Yoo Jae Seok made that rule.

      • 14.1.1 bd

        Ms, Mong – while petite, packs some weight not only due to having a toned physique – she also has a rear and other womanly attributes and isn’t a stick on stick-legs like some other female celebs.

    • 14.2 μ •λ‚¨

      I always consider it more of a self deprecating sense of humor and a bit of cultural dissonance as comments about weight in Korea can be said in a manner in which when it is translated to English sounds rude but it’s hard to find a 1:1 equivalent.

      • 14.2.1 bd

        Have to keep in mind that Korea is quite different when it comes to joking about weight, looks, height and other personal attributes (such as age or lack of physical strength or coordination).

        Koreans are much more upfront about these things and have no issue w/ regard to asking personal info. of another.

        On X-Man, fellow cast members and guests would constantly rag on Kang Ho-dong about his size/weight and eating habits and was constantly compared to a pig (YEH would also get dinged about her appetite).

        And then you had MC Mong and all the monkey jokes.

        And on RM, Gary would often be called “ugly” (not sure if that’s the most accurate translation), including by Ji-hyo, but usually they use the euphemism of looking like a “commoner.”

        YJS and Kwang-soo would also be referred to as “ugly” tho the Giraffe doesn’t really fit that description.

  15. 15 onyxx

    a rollicking episode that kept me giggling… not great, but definitely a huge improvement from the last one.

  16. 16 Cheliwel

    I really loved this episode! It was simple but exceptionally hilarious! I must say Gary looked really handsome when his hair was slicked back and wet.

    So many Monday couple moments. Is it fair to say they’re no longer the ex Monday couple? They seem to be back since the Asian tour episodes.

  17. 17 junibacken

    I LOLed so hard at this episode. Hilarious!
    And all of the (ex)Monday Couple moments. Get married already you guys! xD

  18. 18 KimYoonmi

    Monday Couple~~~ <3 Jang i da!!! Jinjja! OMO!!! Made my heart beat so fast….

    *coughs at fan girl inside me.*

    I was laughing hard at the water game a lot. I wondered if it was supposed to be a slight pun…. Ondal and Ondol??? I may be imagining things though…

  19. 19 myungsoohyungsik

    Great episode.
    A lot of LOL moments!

  20. 20 noonajumma

    This was a GREAT episode! I was laughing my head off and kinda peed my pants a bit. Kwang-soo is HYSTERICAL. The Ex-Monday Couple… *sigh*

  21. 21 meanrice

    I wondered about the fat jokes too. Injust watched the 1n2d episode with jang mi ran and i was like ummm i hope shes ok with this.

    Other than that, Monday Couple Jjang! Hope they dont overdo it until we get sick of it.

    Kwang Soo has made my heart flutter for YEARS! loved him and uee, so sweet.

    I kind of like the fool pairings here. I think suk jin and jong kook should always be paired together since they are the opposite ends of the strength spectrum, and intensity spectrum. KJK cares about winning, JSJ cares about body gags and surviving. I smell a comedy gold minewith this pairing.

  22. 22 MariD

    I been wondering about why they been having soo many ex Monday couple momments.. Not that I mind, I find Gary the most adorable when paired with Jin-hyo. I loved this episode, the endless giggles I got watching the stick game.
    I’m extra excited for today’s episode, mad Mireu!! I’m still stuck in his white Christmas charecter that love)

  23. 23 JC

    Loved this episode!
    Running Man can even make a quiz game utterly hilarious.

  24. 24 LadyK

    This episode had me laughing so hard. The water cannon game was hilarious. The Ex-Monday couple was just too cute,. So was the Kookinator.

    By the way, did anyone notice who the little narrator was? She is the little girl who played the reincarnated Arang in the final episode of Arang and the Magistrate.

    • 24.1 latteholic

      Yes she is. Her name is Park Min-ha, you should watch the recent Happy Together episode. She’s so cute there. She also guested in Strong Heart, about 3-4 episodes before the final one (if I’m not mistaken). And I think she recited her lines from Arang and the Magistrate in both shows (I remember she did in Strong Heart, that’s how I realized that she’s the little girl from Arang πŸ™‚ )

      • 24.1.1 Rovi

        Oh yeah, I remember her! She guested in HT and even danced Sistar’s “Loving You”…I didn’t know she was reincarnated!Arang…XD

  25. 25 Elia

    I laughed so hard o every Kwang Soo moment… It supposes to be Monday Couple fan service episode, but he steals the show… πŸ˜€

  26. 26 latteholic

    I loved this episode and the ex-Monday Couple moment!
    I’m still confused on why Uee won the final round though, I thought it was supposed to be a draw?

    • 26.1 kpshyazn

      It was 1 – 1 when UEE won the last round, so it became 2 – 1. The 2nd part of the match got cut; only match 1 and 3 made it on air.

      • 26.1.1 latteholic

        Thank you! πŸ™‚

      • 26.1.2 sp

        Is that so? I thought it was because UE had an extra nametag that she won during the quiz while Jihyo only had one.

  27. 27 JenJen

    Did anyone else notice how, in the ex-Monday Couple limbo, UEE starts off sitting to the left of SaYeon (next to SukJin) then, during her “wow!” reaction shot and everything after Gary+JiHyo make it to the other side of the limbo, UEE is suddenly sitting to the right of SaYeon (next to JaeSuk) as if she’d been sitting there the whole time? For some reason that felt oddly edited because SaYeon and UEE looked like they were chillaxin’ the whole time.

  28. 28 Betty

    This episode was really cute… at least the second half…
    At first I found it really boring and when I was about to give up it delivered and I laughed so hard, so I don’t regret it. The scene with Sa Yeon pulling Big nose hair had me rolling on the floor with laughter lol

    I didnt like the fat jokes either… annoying and not really my taste, plus even if the person being made fun of laugh most of the time it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt their feelings but since this is television they have to put up with it and act as if it’s ok.

  29. 29 bd

    The funniest bits for me included YJS and the Giraffe once again being “Dumb and Dumber” and this time trying to act all cool when Ms. Mong approached them, then totally reverse course when they saw NSY and harkened back to the time when they had to arm-chair carry NSY.

    YJS really can’t blame the Giraffe for the “Dumb and Dumber” moniker since he’s the common thread with it was previously used on “Family Outing” with Daesung.

    The quiz game with the water cannon as penalty was a complete hoot. Numerous times where I was literally rolling on the ground – from Ji-hyo enjoying the punishment of her own teammates a little to much to NSY’s teammates trembling and then increasingly becoming agitated as NSY kept throwing out wrong answers.

    The funniest part to the Pepero game was when Kwang-soo crushed the tiny piece that KJK and NSY had chewed down, forcing them to do it again.

    Maybe it’s an act, but gotta think that Kwang-soo doesn’t have much experience in the dating dept. b/c he is so nervous/red-faced anytime he has to do something (or when simply paired up) w/ an attractive female guest.

    Have to give Kwang-soo props for being able to carry UEE and do the limbo despite his height and her weight (she’s not one of those petite female stars); the Giraffe is not as weak as he sometimes makes himself out to be.

    The Giraffe deserved getting the gold ring from UEE since he earned it.

    Anyway, have now seen UEE a few times on variety shows and she’s fine (doesn’t stand out b/c isn’t a total bore either) – don’t agree w/ her being as pretty as it is made out to be (also applies to a no. of other actresses/idols) but can see how she got to be known for her “honey thighs” (she actually has some shaoe to her legs and doesn’t have “stick legs.”).

    And despite all the jokes about NSY’s weight/appetite – she looked good, having lost some weight since her last appearance.

  30. 30 Melly

    Gummimochi can I ask why you said this:

    “UEE evades the question on whether she’s taken or not (hm)”

    Just curious as to why you would put the “hm” there! πŸ™‚

    • 30.1 gummimochi

      Sorry I’m getting so back to you so late Melly!

      Idols tend to skirt questions about their current relationship statuses on variety and talk shows so you never really know if they’re dating or not. There have been, of course, exceptions and some idols have publicly made their relationship known. Take for instance Jong-hyun from SHINee and Shin Se-kyung (they broke up) and Junhyung from B2ST and Hara from KARA (they broke up too).

      It’s always a juicy topic but expect that you’ll almost never get a straight answer. πŸ™‚

  31. 31 tieuyeunu

    i don’t understand. if Jihyo ripped UEE’s name tag twice out of 3, why didn’t she win?

    or is that a mistake?

  32. 32 swui

    Hilarious episode. I laugh so much at the water cannon quiz game and the pepero game was really so sweet. Nice to see Kwang soo stepping up when it matters…Jihyo and Gary is totally jjang! But I didn’t understand why Jihyo lost too…probably one round was edited out due to time constraint….

  33. 33 NieZa

    monday couple jjangg!!!! love gary & jihyo!!

  34. 34 Mia

    I love this ep! No Sa-yeon is awesome!
    And i don’t care what others say, i love Monday Couple’s chemistry!

    • 34.1 TS

      We’re they actually a couple?

      • 34.1.1 Hari

        In earlier shows, Ji-hyo & Gary paired alot, Gary flirted, others teased that they should date. They became the show’s romantic pairing; producers promoted this “love connection”, but its only for the show, not real life. RM usually filmed on Monday’s, so they were a couple 1 day a week. Then entertainment new reports that Ji-hyo was dating, so they became “ex Monday Couple”. This is my understanding. πŸ™‚

  35. 35 Running Man Fan

    Love Kookminator!!! He is super cute and handsome!!!! love the Monday Couple.. The classic moment when their lips touched !!! Kwang Soo and his silly antics… He deserved to be taught a lesson for provoking Jong Kook… Look at Jong Kook, he is so dashing when he did the boxing with Gary.. Fan girl mode..

  36. 36 Running Man Fan

    Love Kookminator!!! He is super cute and handsome!!!! love the Monday Couple.. The classic moment when their lips touched !!! Kwang Soo and his silly antics… He deserved to be taught a lesson for provoking Jong Kook… Look at Jong Kook, he is so dashing when he did the boxing with Gary.. Fan girl mode..

  37. 37 Gina

    Just wondering though, I did end up watching the episode and the last part really confused me, why did Uee win when it was tied 1:1??

    • 37.1 Micky

      Bef. the final round (UEE & JS VS. JH & Haha), there’s a caption ” 2 round of the final round is 1:1 due to the winning of green team”.
      That mean JH & Gary lost to UEE & JS after beating UEE & KS the 1st round.

      I wonder if KJK’ll be at age 70, cause his body was suffered quite a lot. In this Ep he’s shown his back-pain in the background, and his head & left cheek must hurt while crashing against KS in the boxing game. You can see after his round, Gary & Haha had to wear headguard.

      Poor him, I wish him the best & having his love one very soon.

  38. 38 Lady Seoul

    Great Monday Couple episode filled with hilarity! Only wished Miss Mong would have won. I’m glad the Ahjumma picked the commander. Give poor Jae suk a rest. haha

  39. 39 cinthy

    I wanted Monday Couple to win!!!!!!! kookminator awesome!!

  40. 40 Running Man

    Best episode of 2013! Funny as hell, especially when Kwang Soo was acting as a fool! Loved the chemistry between Kwang Soo and Uee… very cute. It looks like the producers are trying to push for the whole “Monday Couple” thing in this episode which is cool, though the knowledge that Miss Ji Hyo is still dating makes it a little hard to get into the whole love line again (though I know a lot of fans miss it).

    Anyway, glad that Kwang Soo got another episode with the spotlight on him. And even better was the fact he and Jae Suk were in the same team. They’re definitely my favorite running men casts on the show!

    Lots of love from Australia πŸ™‚

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