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That Winter, The Wind Blows: Episode 11
by | March 16, 2013 | 138 Comments

When money won’t do, our hero is asked to trade days of his life for love, whether it’s his second true love or his ever-loyal BFF. The tables have turned regarding Young’s desire to live, which of course ends up being counterintuitive to Soo’s desire to live (even though he SO was there first). But if you’re ever caught wondering exactly how long Soo has left to live, worry no more! Chances are, you’ll be reminded in the next scene. And the next. Tick tock.


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Soo asks Young one more time if she wants to live, knowing that she does even though she’s too afraid to admit it. “No, I don’t want to live,” she says, and Soo takes that as his cue to leave. Is he trying to snap her out of it by threatening to abandon her?

Secretary Wang has been listening outside the door, and Young tries to beg her help to stop Soo. Hah. As if.

Young follows after Soo, pitifully crying out “Oppa, don’t leave!” as he drives away. She flashes back to crying that same thing as a child when her mother and brother left her behind. Gah, must this show make me shed tears so early in?

She stands there crying, which makes it weird to say that this is the Young I like best – stripped of all her pretenses and vulnerable, as opposed to cold and shut-off. (Even though it’s a semi-viable defense mechanism.)

As she starts shuffling back to the house, Soo returns. “Get in.”

And then… Secretary Wang opens the car door for Young, urging her to do the same. Whoa. We know she hates Soo, so is this really just a genuine act of love for Young? I’m so confused.

Soo drags Young out of the car, coldly rebuffing any of her attempts to get closer to him as he snaps a few photos to mark the day he abandoned her, if she can ever learn to see later on. “And even if you’re still blind, don’t forget. I abandoned you.”

Trying to describe this next scene is proving difficult because there are SO many layers to every word, so since I can’t just quote the entire dialogue exchange (even though it’s a good one), I’ll just try to describe the underlying feels.

Soo is trying to snap Young out of her fear of trying (to live), but he’s also trying to save himself and his heart, not just his life. She talks so easily about dying when he’ll be the one left behind missing her, and he tells her that if she cared about him, she wouldn’t think of leaving so easily. So he’s basically telling her that he can’t keep up this charade until her last dying day because it’ll hurt too much for him once she’s gone.

While he speaks, Young continuously tries to seek a hug, seeming so much like a frightened child. Soo is acting the part of the older brother by not giving in to her as he keeps pushing her away, his emotions overflowing as he tells her why he has to protect himself: “Because I have to live. Even without you.” Those words seem to break his heart. He doesn’t WANT to live without her.

“Even without you, I have to live in this disgusting world!” He tries pushing her away again but Young persists, and Soo finally gives in, because he’s a big ol’ softie. Even though he still refuses to sleep with her until she wants to live. This is seriously tough love at its worst.

Young wanders outside into the snow once he’s gone, and Soo finds what she left behind on his morning jog – a little snowman, and the words “I want to live” crudely etched into the snow.

Aww, so cute, the snowman with the abnormally large nose is supposed to be him, with its tall body and all. He remembers how she mapped out his face and height with tears in his eyes. He’s so happy. Gah. It’d be easier to write without a veil of TEARS.

Young stands at her open window with the glass bell chiming, and Secretary Wang sees Soo staring longingly at her from below. Through her orphanage hunt, she now knows for a fact that Soo isn’t the real Oh Soo, but she doesn’t mention it. For now, anyway.

Lawyer Jang has found out the same, and Mi-ra overhears the truth. For the moment he wants to keep things under wraps because he knows how much Young has opened up to Soo.

Meanwhile, Jin-sung and Hee-sun are at a loss once they realize that they won’t get any money from blackmailing Myung-ho, which only makes matters worse because Jin-sung has to pay back the man who paid for his sister’s car accident.

Hee-sun seems to have an inkling that the man behind it is Moo-chul, but she doesn’t get to tell Soo before Moo-chul calls him with a change of heart: His sister will perform Young’s surgery.

Soo couldn’t be more elated as he tells Young the news before he runs off, grinning like a lunatic.

Secretary Wang finds Soo’s real record from his real orphanage, and matches a chest scar seen in his childhood photo to one she’d noticed on him recently. Now she knows without a doubt that our Soo is a fraud. (I have to admit, when she was really shocked at first my mind jumped to “Birth secret!” False alarm.)

In order to repay Moo-chul for getting his doctor noona signed on, Soo has to sacrifice five days off his Debt Deadline. Now he has nineteen left, and the fact that he’s fine with that (because he loves Young) bothers Moo-chul: “Don’t you feel sorry to Hee-joo?” Soo: “No. Not at all.”

Moo-chul fights back that he’d feel sorry to Hee-joo if he loved anyone other than her, but the guilt trip doesn’t affect Soo anymore. He’s made peace with it. The only thing he feels sorry for is that he couldn’t wish her farewell when she died. Even when Moo-chul brings up the baby, Soo calmly replies that he’s been sorry. He’s always been sorry.

“I’m sure Hee-joo understands,” Soo says. “She was like that, always ready to understand us. That’s the kind of person we loved. Don’t make her into an unforgiving person like you.” BOOM.

Hee-sun gets the truth out of Jin-sung’s sister and her cohort, finding out that they’ve been more or less sponsored by Moo-chul while believing that the debt would go to Soo and not Jin-sung. Of course, since Jin-sung can’t pay the debt, Moo-chul was counting on Soo to take it on.

And what does he want instead of payment? Time. More specifically, he tells Soo that he can pay off Jin-sung’s debt if he shaves off another five days, which brings our final count to two weeks. He also advises Soo to stop hanging around his besties lest they get pulled into his mess by Boss Man.

Hee-sun tries to talk Soo out of it by claiming that they’re digging up dirt to use on Secretary Wang, though it doesn’t faze him. He considers the five days a small price to pay for Jin-sung’s safety.

She calls Jin-sung in a fit of worry to tell him that Soo’s thinking of dying, and it’s because of him (mostly his debt).

Moo-chul explains to his worried minion that he’s not afraid of the repercussions he’d face if he offed Soo without getting Boss Man’s money back because he has stomach cancer and only two months left. (We knew he was dying before, but not from what.)

He doesn’t get to finish listing his two regrets in life when Jin-sung comes barreling at him for a fight, demanding to know why his debt got transferred to his hyung. “If you want to kill Oh Soo, kill me too. Kill me too!” Jin-sung screams. Aww. Love.

But Jin-sung can’t win against Moo-chul and gets beaten bloody. Moo-chul tells him to just take care of his parents and move to the countryside: “Loyalty is something you should show to your parents first.” So why is he so loyal to someone like Soo?

Jin-sung is down but not out, and he rushes Moo-chul to get in a few good blows before he’s knocked down again. Each punch Moo-chul gives back seems so much worse than the last. Eek, stop hurting him!

Moo-chul goes to his sister to treat his fight wounds, and to ask her to operate on Young. Soo’s act of supplication seems to have affected him, since he remembers Soo doing the same way back when, when he asked Moo-chul to step back from Hee-joo because he loved her.

“I found out yesterday why Hee-joo chose Soo over me,” he tells his sister. “Even if I die, I can’t let go of my ego. Whether it’s for love, my parents, you, or even in front of death. I can never degrade myself.” But, Soo can throw down his pride, whereas Moo-chul let the love of his life go without protest for his pride, and he clearly regrets it to this day.

“Like you said, I’m getting punished by karma,” he adds wryly. But he wants his sister to at least try with Young, even though she thinks it’s a hopeless case. “Abandoning your parents and siblings so you could live… you did well. If you stayed and lived with us, you would have ended up like me.”

Secretary Wang and Lawyer Jang have called Soo to come home so that they can reveal the truth once and for all. He ignores Jin-sung’s calls, even though his bloody-and-bruised friend still clings to the hope that they can get Wang for embezzlement because her siblings own properties that couldn’t be afforded with her salary.

The friend they’ve been using to do their snooping tells Jin-sung that maybe they should just stay out of Soo’s affairs from now on. “Even if I have to go into the depths of hell with him, I will,” Jin-sung replies. “I’ll show you what true loyalty is.”

Lawyer Jang and Secretary Wang hesitate to tell Young the truth, but she speaks before they get a word out: “I want to get surgery.” She explains that it’s all because of Oppa, which knocks the wind out of their sails. If they want her to go through with it, they can’t tell her the truth now.

Secretary Wang makes the executive decision not to confront Soo about it either, and when asked why, she explains, “That boy loves Young. I think he has for a while. I overheard their conversation yesterday, and he was genuinely worried about Young.”

But it’s not like she’s letting him off the hook per se, since she believes that karma will leave Soo penniless for fooling Young, and in that case, he won’t be able to escape the debt collectors. So… she knows he’s probably going to die, then. And she’s okay with that.

Soo and Young share an adorable day together building snowman likenesses of each other, but it turns into a snowball fight when Soo gets offended at how big of an, uh, nose she puts on his snowman.

And d’aww – he keeps acting like she hits him even when she misses, which is just… agh. Too cute. As they roll around in the snow laughing and playing, we hear Soo in voiceover:

“For the first time, I was as joyful as a child. I wasn’t scared of Moo-chul’s knife, either. For the first time, I didn’t consider my thirty years of life as being unfair. For the first time, it felt like the world was fair. I don’t want to forget being with Young in this moment, so when I take Moo-chul’s knife, I should never feel that it’s unfair. I remind myself of that hundreds and thousands of times, but there are still moments when I’m afraid. Then I’ll think of this again. Up to this moment today, being endlessly afraid of death… Young, who is in front of me… I will never think of my life as unfair. Right now, I’m happy. That’s enough.”

Later on, as Young cuddles with Soo in bed (I know, only in this drama), she talks about what she’ll do when she can see again, but more than anything, she wants to see his face. I love that she keeps chattering without realizing that Soo’s been asleep the whole time. Hah.

Young is content to tuck him in until she accidentally brushes his face, and the touch has an effect on her. She hesitates before feeling the bridge of his nise, his cheeks, his lips, and then abruptly pulls away. Ohhhh, NOW she’s the uncomfortable one?

She even moves to sleep on the floor, unable to sleep with Soo without a care anymore. Hopefully this is because she knows somewhere, deep down, that Soo isn’t her brother. Otherwise things just got squicky again.

Boss Man gives So-ra a one-way ticket to Switzerland, revealing that he knew all along that she was the one who stole the money, though he blamed Soo anyway out of jealousy. But, if she ever wants to get the money back she has to leave, otherwise she stays and dies with Soo.

To make matters worse (for her), Secretary Wang sends a “let’s not meet again” text because she knows who Soo is, and doesn’t need her anymore. So So-ra responds in her usual rational matter by calling Young to meet in order to tell her everything. (She introduces herself as Soo’s girlfriend and leaves out the part about being certifiable.)

Soo asks Young why she slept on the floor the next morning, and Young stutters that she was feeling uncomfortable, adding that they should sleep separately from now on. He blinks, totally confused by her sudden change in attitude.

“Oppa, do you have a girlfriend?” she asks. Soo has no idea what she’s talking about, but when she continues to ask him about it in the car he finally wonders if she’s being jealous. “Why would there be any jealousy in a sibling relationship?” Young asks blankly. “You’re my brother, you’re not a man to me.”

I love that Soo’s all, Yeah, it WOULD be weird if there was jealousy between siblings. Haha… yeah it would be. It sure would be. Hah…

Only, he gets jealous when Young tells him Myung-ho will be picking her up. (Which is fine for him because he knows she isn’t her sister. But what does she believe?) Either way, this car ride is awkward nation.

While Young has her meeting with So-ra, Soo hears some bad news from Doctor Noona Sun-hee: Young’s tumor is inoperable, there’s no chance to save her, and like any good doctor would say, there’s no use in even trying.

Soo cries alone in the hallway, but we don’t ever see his face – only his hunched shoulders. And the sound. Oof.

So-ra texts Soo the exact message she plans to send to Young (full of The Truth) if he doesn’t leave the country with her in three days. She’s looking right at Young in the coffee shop as she tells Soo: “If you had a conscience, you wouldn’t mess with a girl like her.”

Soo’s face remains unchanged. Is this threat not working on him anymore?

Young’s thoughts are only of Soo as she spends an afternoon with Myung-ho, and I’m not sure if she’s confiding in him or just voicing her thought process when she asks whether a sister shouldn’t feel jealous when it comes to her brother.

Myung-ho brings up his old girlfriend as being all in the past, and claims to be sincere about Young now. Even his parents changed their minds about her when they met her. I almost want to believe he’s being sincere until he brings up how he’ll lead PL Group, which is iffy territory.

Either way, he gets a taste of his own medicine when he realizes that Young wasn’t listening to anything he said, being too preoccupied with Soo. Hah.

Soo visits Jin-sung’s parents, who lovingly treat him like their own despite the things he’s done. Jin-sung’s dad knows something is wrong with Soo, since he’s only missed his surrogate family enough to visit them three times in life – the first was when Hee-joo died. Tears well up in Soo’s eyes when he denies anything being wrong.

Jin-sung comes home with bruises and cuts all over his face, and angrily confronts Soo when he doesn’t even ask about where he got them. He asks his hyung if he really doesn’t want to live, even though Soo is trying to distance himself in order to keep Jin-sung safe. That’s the reason why he saw Mom and Dad today – to say goodbye.

“What if I say I can’t do that?” Jin-sung asks, so Soo replies by punching him in the face. Dude. I know you think this is for his own good, Soo, but you seriously do not deserve him.

Jin-sung can’t even stay mad, and calls out “Hyung! Hyung!” as Soo leaves.

Soo hears the glass bell when he gets home, only to realize that Young has attached the string tied to it to her wrist like he once did. He sits on the edge of her bed while she sleeps, thinking of Sun-hee’s incredibly bleak prognosis. There’s no hope.

Tears fall as he slowly leans over, his lips only inches away from hers. Omo.

But this time isn’t a fake out, since he finally goes in for a real kiss, his own lips and body trembling with barely-contained sobs.

And then… Young’s eyes open.

Oh. Holy. Crap.


So the question of the day is: Does Young know Soo isn’t her real brother?

This has yet to be properly sorted out in the series, so I’ve been mostly approaching the question with a wait-and-see attitude because I’ve been caught giving characters way too much credit before. It wasn’t so much of an issue before since she explained her child-like mentality in seeing her oppa as just an oppa, but things took a turn this episode when she seemed keenly aware of the fact that oppa is a man.

That means what Young’s perception of Soo is a bit more important now, because romance on Soo’s side was understandable – he was playing the part of her brother, but knew that he wasn’t. If Young is now experiencing romantic feelings for a guy she considers her real brother, then things just got officially weird.

The B-side to that, then, is whether she knows (or suspects) Soo isn’t her brother. She’s certainly had plenty of chances to doubt, plenty of hints to think on, and that whole conversation with Secretary Wang where Not-Mommy Dearest flat-out said that she was sure the other Oh Soo was her real brother. We haven’t heard about Young’s search for the missing Oh Soo since then, which makes me wonder if somewhere in this timeframe she’s had her doubts and put them to rest under a big ol’ blanket of denial. As in, she has a pretty good idea, but she tries to convince herself otherwise. And sometimes it doesn’t work, ergo the uncomfortable bed scene. But, that’s really all conjecture at this point so I’m nervous and excited to see her reaction to the big reveal.

I realized this episode how appreciative I am that Soo is such a mature character, especially considering that he’s really one of the few in a drama industry filled with manchildren or the dreaded opposite, the chado-nam (cold city man). He’s not a type, he’s an adult who we’ve seen grow and change over the course of the (admittedly short-seeming) past eleven episodes. Imagine that.

His response to Moo-chul’s guilt-trip attempt literally left me kind of speechless, because it was such a leveled, thought-out reply, seeming to come from a man who’s had a very long time to go through every emotion possible relating to that one horrible time in his life. And it came from someone who’s LEARNED from his experiences, enough to realize that sometimes you just gotta move on. Moo-chul would like to think Soo’s “moved on” because he’s selfish and unfeeling, unable to really grasp that he’s moved on because that’s how life goes sometimes. (Though it was nice to see Moo-chul realize that he hates in Soo all the qualities he himself doesn’t possess but wishes he did, even though it didn’t make a dent in his desire to see Soo dead. Does stomach cancer give one the right to be a douchelord?)

A lot of these revelations are really simple when you get down to it, but I find myself hard-pressed to remember another instance (though I’m sure they exist, my short term memory is so-so) where a character has truly digested the idea that life goes on, enough to put it into words and use it as legitimate advice rather than lip service. Same goes for Young in her “It’s okay to not be okay” speech. I just hope everyone remembers their own advice when le shit hits le fan.


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  1. joy

    thank you heads! loved this episode too!

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Hello Joy, I am just going to tag here…

      I TOTALLY loved this ep. as well. So well acted and I loved it when Soo took Young out (on top of the city or what looked like it) and confronted her and challenged her. That scene was so heart wrenching (sp?), so well acted. I loved how we could see Soo struggle to push Young away, struggle to keep his feelings in check, and yet he knew that he would miss her terribly, it was basically too late for his feelings to be ignored (by him). I just love his interactions with Young and how revealing they are. Love, love, love how he gave in in the end, we all knew it would eventually come to that.

      Heads, thank you for explaining it the way you did (that scene), you nailed it and you made clear what was going on.

      I loved this ep. as a whole, so I won’t comment on every single scene. I do wanna say that I love the scene where they are in bed together (they look so good) and I love how this drama does skinship (there is a lot of it), the innuendos that are quite suggestive and yet, they were able to withhold the kiss till ep. 11-12. Let’s see what happens next.
      Also, could someone please tell the writer of 7L how skinship is done? I am OK if there is not a lot of kissing (I know I must be in the minority), but writers can be creative with skinship, and Kdramas usually do well in that area, imho. OK I know, wrong recap to address that. I just wanted to mention it. I am looking forward to seeing how Young acts and reacts around Soo when it comes to skinship from now on, based on her reaction when she touched him in bed. And I loved Soo’s reaction the next morning, they are so used to sleeping with each other that the opposite doesn’t feel normal (yay for platonic sleepovers (sp?)!!!!)

      Lastly (but not least), I LOVED the kiss in the end, I thought it was hot and very in touch with the whole feel of the drama and the characters. I love this drama partly because it shows that there are many ways to do skinship, many ways to what constitutes a kiss and yet make them look and feel sensual and like the characters had been yearning and longing for it (the kiss). So when it happens, the viewer (I) feel(s) elated, because the build-up has been well done all along.

      Thank you so much Heads for the recap, it must be satisfying to recap a drama you are enjoying.

      Question: Per Viki’s translation, Soo tells Young in the car that Young is his only girlfriend. He says “I only have you” when she was pestering him. Was that correct, or was he 1/2 joking or… I am asking because he is still using the pretense that he is her brother, right? So what did he exactly mean when he said that? Because we know that it is not something a brother should tell his sister, right? Thank you to anyone who answers.

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to make this a long post, I couldn’t help it. And may I just say, dramas like this one are the reason why I keep falling in love with Kdramas and coming back for more, even when I want to stop or take a break. So thanks again, for recapping and sharing in this experience with us. I LOVE analyzing dramas πŸ™‚ (as evidenced by my long posts), I think I could do it until the cows come home πŸ™‚

      Also, I LOVE that Cary Grant kind of look JIS has, and he even wears pants with suspenders (I hope that is what they are called). That whole look works for him, and he pulls it off well. He has that old American actor air and look going for him (his face, his body, etc… There is something there that reminds me of old American movies. I think the cinematography has something to do with it as well.) OK, Rave Over, for now… πŸ™‚

      • 1.1.1 joy

        that’s okay Ivoire. I enjoy reading your analysis. i totally agree with you that it’s drAmas like these and beanies like you that make me seek out kdramas again and again. Long live Dramabeans!!! πŸ™‚

        • Ivoire


          When I talked about the OST, this has been one of my favorite songs at the moment, I have had it on repeat for the last two days. Again, for a better effect, I listen to it with headphones. I watched the three episodes of “Music and Lyrics” with Kim So-eun and Junho (from 2PM) and in watching it, I came to understand better (and thus appreciate better now) the thinking, work, and details that go into creating an OST, not only the instruments and the melody, but also the writing (lyrics) part of it. I was sooo interesting to see the BTS of how things got done, and the writer’s block that songwriters can experience (and how they might find their inspiration).

          Also, KSE and Junho are soooo cute in it, it is beyond words. He really liked her, wanted to date her and he kept hinting at it, but I think she must have been cautious about dating someone who is an idol and also maybe a celebrity, I am not sure. In any case, she was reserved when it came to possibly dating him in the end (she didn’t say yes), but she was appropriately affectionate during the 3 episodes and she appreciated what he did for her, and how he was there for her. It was so cute to see Junho try to impress her and her not really getting it. Why so cute you two?!!!!! Another Rave Over πŸ™‚

          Anyway, all of that to say that I don’t look at songwriting and songs making the same way since I have watched those 3 episodes, and I appreciate OSTs even more.

          Here is one of the songs I love in this drama:


          • joy

            Ivoire, i know what you mean. I love this song too. I downloaded this song the moment I heard it. It’s in my iphone, my ipod, my ipad, my laptop, and in my head. Can’t seem to get it out of my head. It makes me admire kdrama OST songwriters deeply. πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire


            LOL at how much you love that song (you have downloaded it to every technological device you have), but I am SOOOO happy someone LOVES that song as much as I do. When I found it on YT, I couldn’t help but listen to it again and again again… I downloaded it on my computer, because that is the only device I have, so far. I have told people I know who love Kdramas about this song, and even to my sister who lives in France (she doesn’t watch Kdramas… yet, but knows I love them. Also, she thinks I am the best ambassador for Kdramas, because we never have a conversation on the phone without me mentioning Kdramas or Korean celebs or something related to Korea πŸ™‚ ). I told her I would email her the YT video of the song).

            The first time I listened to this song, I cried, I was not sure why. I understood better Soo’s yearning and longing to finally have someone (like Young) in his life that he could love and be loved by and live happily and make her happy, as if he could show his former girlfriend that he had learned from his past mistakes (not valuing her and causing her accident and subsequent death and that of the baby). At least, that was how I saw it. And I knew that (or I felt at least) that down deep inside, Young had the same yearning. They just had to find a way to each other within the mess surrounding them (and created in part by Soo).

            I thought the singer did an amazing job conveying those emotions and I was reminded of Junho, when he was directing the singer for the OST they were recording, on how he should breathe and where and that was how I learned that those things are important and why. I can hear the emotions in the rendition of this song, and I can hear where the singer breathes and it makes a difference. I also learned that the songwriter and the people recording the song have to be knowledgeable about the theme of the drama and the theme of the scenes the song will be used for. Anyway, I am digressing, somehow, I get the feeling you won’t mind :-).

            It is soooo nice to be able to spazz, fangirl, get excited about a drama, a song, a scene with people who understand and can appreciate it. I am glad I can go on and on and on about it here. Also, thank you, btw, for your compliment earlier (about beanies like me that make you appreciate the comments in the recaps πŸ™‚ ).

            There is an instrumental piece in the OST I also absolutely LOVE, and I haven’t looked for it yet. I also know that I am getting the OST CD of this drama when it comes out. I am hoping it will be just one CD (it is cheaper then).

            Another long comment, Happy reading :-). Also, did you see the videos someone posted in the comments’ section of episode 10? There are like 10 or so videos, I clicked on one, and I was reminded again of how beautiful this drama is, and then I had to stop and save that for later, so I can do other things πŸ™‚

            Question: do you know who the singer is for this song whose link I posted? I am not sure yet who it is… This song brings me to my knees, I always feel like stopping everything I do, to listen to it intently πŸ™‚ ((I don’t, but I feel like it). And like you, I have that song in my head as well.

            Also, since I have been raving about Junho and “Music and Lyrics”, here is the song they created for the drama “Feast of the Gods.” I haven’t seen the drama, I just know of this song. It is also a very good song, I don’t know if you know of it… and I discovered Lee Jung that way.


          • Zsa

            This man ‘the one’ is a singer n vocal trainer known for his soulful renditions….that’s why the song I just,,,,I can’t even,,,you should check out his version of the ever famous ‘that man’ from sega,,,,I almost forgot to breathe,,,he sang it live and it’s on YouTube…..maybe someone can kindly post the link here…I dunno how todo it…

          • Ivoire

            Also Joy, I think Soo wants to redeem himself, and sacrificing for Young and giving her hope is a way to do that, just my 2 cents…

          • Ivoire


            Thank you so much!!! I will look for it. What is interesting is that the song made me think of SeGa (that man) and I went and listened to HB’s version of it, but his voice is not as good at “The One,” of course. The melody reminds me of “That Man,” and they have some similarities, imho.
            I did see “The One,” but I didn’t know what to make of that name. Thank you again for answering my question. If you ever find the link, please post it. Thanks!!!!

            This singer kills me when he sings, he is soooooo gifted and so talented and soooooooo good!!!!!! Rave Over πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            Zsa, I found the YT video:


            Thanks again…

      • 1.1.2 Ivoire

        Joy, thank you for letting me attach my comment to yours πŸ™‚

        My feels (for my feelings), as people say these days and yes, long live Dramabeans where we can rave, rant and share how we feel about Kdramas and our favorite characters in them, as well as the actors, actresses and all the people involved in making Kdramas.

        I forgot to add that I absolutely LOVE the OST for this drama. The OTP song and the instrumental pieces. They are so creative when it comes to music and they have amazing singers. I love listening to their songs with headphones, to get the full effect of the voice (the way it is modulated, the way they breathe while they are singing etc… to show the emotions) and to get the full effect of the instruments, sooooo good, period!!!!!

        Thank you for liking my post. I won’t feel bad about writing so much then :-). I might write more later…

      • 1.1.3 kaye

        Cary Grant-esque indeed! Now i remember Philadelphia days.

      • 1.1.4 altair

        If there was ever a Korean Cary Grant, that would be Jo In sung.

      • 1.1.5 dumzkeeee

        I love the Cary Grant look, too! And, yes, the whole cinematography for TWtWB is awesome, very classic. This is one thing I appreciate in this drama, aside from the intense acting, four-dimensional characters and heartwrenching scenes. πŸ˜€

        I totally understand just how you couldn’t help raving on. I’m glad, too, that amidst the eye-rolling, not-so-logical dramas out there, we still get to watch dramas like TWtWB that really get in to you, heart and mind. πŸ˜‰

        As usual, Great job, HeadsNo2!

      • 1.1.6 Ivoire

        Kaye, Altair and dumzkeeee,

        Thank you so much for your comments, I appreciate them. There are a few things I would like to say, and I will be back later to respond, maybe towards the end of the day, DB time. Please check back later or tomorrow, if you remember :-)…

        • Ivoire

          Hello Kaye, Altair and dumzkeeee,

          I am back. I totally agree with all that you have said and Dumzkeeee, I think that besides the cinematography (which is classic), that old air is also given by the house, which happens to be big, has long drapes (or curtains), and we see a lot of fabric in the rooms (the comforter, etc…). It is the kind of home wealthy people had in the past (I am sure some people still do nowadays but somehow, I couldn’t help but think about the movie “Gone with the Wind” when I saw that house).

          The other thing I find interesting are the colors used, which are more pastel in a colorful way and not flashy bright, at least not for the leads. And that old American movies feel is added by JIS’s wardrobe, which also looks classic.

          Thank you for understanding Dumkeeee why I kept raving about this drama. The OST adds to that feeling. It is so well done, so fitting for this drama and it is another element that sucks me in.

          • Redskirt

            I just have to tack on that I’m thrilled I’m not the only one sensing an old-school American actor vibe from JIS… except I can’t help thinking of Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. It’s in the way Jo In Sung holds his head and knits his brow and all that paaaaaain that can seep from a simple look in his eyes.

            And then he turns around and can go all badass (also like Bogie). JIS is better looking than Bogie, but I think they both span the bridge between romantic hearthrob and tough guy very well.

          • skelly

            I agree with Redskirt. JIS is not suave enough, not self-assured and confident enough to remind me of Cary Grant. He reminds me much more of Bogart – in his slurry way of talking, in his look of someone who may not be from the wrong side of the tracks, necessarily, but has possibly spent some ‘quality time’ there. He also has the Bogart dichotomy – tough and vulnerable, sometimes at the same moment, and with a face that allows all of his inner emotions to flicker across it.

          • Redskirt

            Yes! Skelly you said it exactly πŸ™‚

      • 1.1.7 Zsa

        The girlfriend qs…at that time he meant right now there’s no woman around me but you…..young uses yeoja…meaning woman so not specifically girlfriend tho she meant it as such…

        • Ivoire

          Oh I see, thanks Zsa!

      • 1.1.8 pogo

        I remember an early recap saying Jo In-sung uses his height and his physicality really well here, and it’s true – he owns the screen whenever he’s on. Some people just have a knack for it, or develop one I guess.

        (and his wardrobe is fantastic. Super spiffy and classic without ever dipping into parody territory, and it suits his character to a T – in fact, all the characters’ wardrobes are reflective of their personalities and tastes, from Soo and Young’s tailored stuff in subtle colours to Jin-sung’s leather jackets and hardware to Hee-sun’s colourful jackets, beanies and sweaters – the only misstep they made was with Secy. Wang’s ridiculous puffed sleeves last ep/)

        And I think the OTP has just grabbed me right back into really caring about them again, when it was easy to stay detached before. Also, the fierceness of Jin-sung’s loyalty to Soo is touching, Kim Bum played that Moo-chul beatdown scene perfectly.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Pogo,

          So Jo In-sung is interesting to me because the only drama I have ever seen him in was “Spring Days, ” (2005) and I have not seen him in anything else, yet. He looks different here from those days in that drama. He is more elongated (even his face), slimmer and he has a different air about him in this drama. I don’t know if you ever saw that drama, you would know what I am referring to and talking about. He also seemed greener then, he probably was.

          I do understand that actors and actresses grow, mature, change and I am not complaining. I have just found his change here interesting and I agree with you, it works to his advantage and he knows how to use it and he does it well. I also really love his wardrobe and the the wardrobe of the rest of the cast. There is a lot of attention to details here, and it shows and that’s great!

          • kaye

            Spring days drama didn’t serve him well though IMO. He really got a break in Bali but then it was the movie A Dirty Carnival(2006) when he was really recognized as an actor and followed by A Frozen Flower (2008) which is his last piece before going to the army. TWTWB is his first work after 5 years and he didn’t disappoint so I’m looking forward to his future projects (which I believe he will focus on films than in dramas).

          • kdj

            ah, A Frozen Flower… i was pretty shocked to watch this one…

          • Ivoire

            Thanks Kaye, I will be back later to respond…

          • pogo

            Ivoire – the only other thing I’ve seen him in is Madeline (2003), and I totally see what you mean about the change in his appearance – he was sweet back then (and so adorable with blonde hair ugh) but totally a boy, which is natural considering he couldn’t have been more than 20 or 21 at the time.

            But post-army JIS……WHOA. Military service and the added gravitas afterwards do wonders for the sex appeal (and in some cases, acting abilities) of some men – JIS is the most recent but the last was Lee Jun-ki in Arang (adorable elf prince pre-army, smoking-hot MAN once he was out, unf)

          • Love this drama

            I last saw him only in What Happen in Bali/Memories in Bali and he really did lose a lot of weight. His face isn’t roundish anymore like it was in Bali, but more structured and bony.

          • kaye

            @Pogo JIS came back from the army earlier than LJK but he took a long break and just do CFs. I think he started to lose his baby fats in ADC (that I highly recommend if you don’t mind gangster movies, he got the best actor award in this film) and really became a man in AFF (a movie that should be viewed with open-mindedness). I actually just researched a bit on him before watching this series and he made me a fan when I watched his last 2 movies.

          • Ivoire

            Hello guys, I kind of skimmed your comments. I will be back later to respond. If you remember, please check back much later or tomorrow.

          • Ivoire

            Hey Kaye,

            I am back, for a few minutes. As I mentioned earlier, I have not yet watch the other works of JIS, so unlike you, I do not have much to compare with. I can only go (for now) with what I have seen him, so far. And I remember spring Days, and how different he looked in it. Granted, that drama was 7 or 8 years ago, and he did look different, he was also dressed differently etc… I would say however, that having watched that drama, I appreciate the growth and the changes JIS has gone through more, as reflected in this drama. I think that was one of the points I was trying to make.

            Thank you for mentioning his other works. I am glad that he could take 5 years off of making any dramas or movies. It looks like that must have served him well, again evidenced by his acting in this drama. I was rewatching the end of episode 11, and was still taken by how emotive he is, not only with his face, but his whole body. He tells us with the way he walks, slumps over, how his character feels, it is palpable. I loved how he looked like for example, when he went back home and went to Young’s room. We see him from the back and he looks resigned to what is to come: Young’s possible death (maybe), the fact that she might be inoperable (I still have a tiny hope), the fact that he had just pushed JS away (to protect him), his own death, etc… Soo looked like he had the world on his shoulders.

            And I rewatched the kiss (I wanted to listen to the song, someone here brought my attention to it), and I realized (or at least it felt to me) that Soo was kissing her goodbye. It was as if he was preparing himself to let her go, because things look so bleak: she might die, he might die (again, I still have hope that he won’t) and there might not (or might) be a happily ever after for them. It was as if he was finally allowing himself to act on his feelings, for once. Not that he has not, in the past, but this time, with the kiss, it was different. The kiss to me felt bittersweet and sad, and tender. Soo communicated a lot with that simple kiss, imho.

          • Ivoire

            @ Pogo,

            Thank you for your insight, I have not (yet) seen JIS in anything going far back at 2003, so I trust and believe what you said. I wholeheartedly agree with you that JIS has a lot of gravitas here. Leads are considered to carry the show (to an extent) and he does here, and he does it well. The camera seems to love him, and that is an added bonus, that he knows how to work with the camera, the way he is filmed, if you see what I mean. I am late to this party, I have only watched a few episodes here and there, so I will have to marathon this drama to catch up, however, I have been drawn to how his expressions are caught on camera, his face, the way he turns when he does, the way he moves, reacts, etc… even the tone of his voice, in the different scenes, based on what is going on, is spot on. I have mentioned it before, and I will say it again, there is a great attention to details and it shows (and I appreciate it).

            I also agree with you that JIS has a lot of sex appeal here and I like how it is: subtle, sensual (appealing to the senses), flowing and not loud, in your face kind of of sex appeal. It is there, and one can see and feel it, however it is not overly raw sexuality, which I find fitting for this drama. I hope I am making sense. I know what I am trying to say, I am just not sure as to whether it is fully coming across and whether I am saying it accurately.

            And I agree with Love this drama about this “His face isn’t roundish anymore like it was in Bali, but more structured and bony,” because that was my 1st thought when I saw him (again comparing to his Spring Days days). I thought, “Wow, he looks different, not only his face, but his whole body and the way he is carrying himself in this drama.”

            I am really glad for JIS, and for the rest of the cast. It is soooo nice when you are watching actors and actresses who find their groove and rhythm in a drama and manage to make their character their own. It adds to the viewing experience, and adds to the pleasure and satisfaction of the actor/actress, I would imagine.

            And once again, the OST for this drama rocks, I just wanted to say that. Kudos to the people behind this drama who work so hard.

          • pogo

            Hey Ivoire – I totally agree with you on the nature of JIS’s sex appeal here, it comes from his portrayal of Soo and the intensity he brings to the character as much as the more physical aspect of it – a scene where his face is in close-up is as riveting as a shirtless scene from another actor would have been. Not that I don’t love both kinds, but I love that it’s so perfectly in keeping with his character.

            and you make complete sense, btw, thank you for having this crazy long conversation!

      • 1.1.9 Sandy

        I totally agree with the old American actor air part! I stumbled upon that gif of Marlon Brando back in his glory days and thought I was seeing JIS rolling eyes. The expression was so similar!!


        • Ivoire

          Hello Sandy,

          You see it right? It is sooooo there. Thank you so much for the gif and you are right, I thought of JIS right away! Both of their faces are long, their expressions are similar, etc… I am so glad I mentioned that about JIS here, who is doing an amazing job in this drama, of course.

          Another thing I personally like about those old American actors was the way they acted, the way they spoke, moved, glanced, etc… There was a feel to all of that and I get some of that from JIS. He has made his character his own in this drama (and he is no clone), to his credit, however, I get a little bit of that feel.

          Thanks again for sharing that gif. It helped in driving the point home and in showing what we have been talking about.

    • 1.2 JO

      I really don’t think “does Young know Soo is not her brother” is a question even right now. I highly doubt it (and I kinda have previews to support me). She knows she is attracted to him though..

  2. ilikemangos

    Ahh. The feeeels~
    I was waiting for this moment in TWTWB. I loved lots of things in this episode, some of them were:
    -Soo not taking young’s bs. I love how he isn’t going to put up with young’s excuses, tell it like it is!
    -Young choosing to sleep on the floor/display jealously (Signs that she is totally starting to see him as a man. )
    -Finally, the kiss!

    And what happened to all our villains in this show? They’re getting into nice/genuine/misunderstood territory.

  3. snow_white


  4. Mimi

    This episode was awesome. So much depth and so much wisedom regarding life.
    This is the episode Youngie realizes her attraction to her brother in a romantic way. It will be interesting to see if episode 12 Soo will clearly spell out the fact that he is not her real brother and see how the romance progress going forward.
    What I like about Soo is he is so frank about everything. A man true to himself and his feeling.
    Once again thumbs up to Jo In Song & Song Hye Kyo’s acting.

  5. ly22

    I love how the story developed, thanks for your recaps HeadsNo2

  6. roake

    This episode was pretty awesome for me.
    Soo’s emotions, both happiness and anguish, were always portrayed well. Young finally won me over in this episode when she kept calling after her oppa as he left. The flashback, the tears, the vulnerable sadness.

    My heart broke.

  7. ilikemangos

    i also love soo’s maturity level. really, all the speeches he made in this episode to multiple people is really a lesson to learn about life.
    He’s much more than your typical cold city man.
    there’s alot of depth to his character, and i’m finding him really interesting to watch, along with jo in sung’s spectacular portrayal.
    Despite the flaws in this show you can’t deny how fully fleshed out the characters are. It’s enough to keep you coming back for more.

    • 7.1 picklemonster

      I agree. Noh Hee Kyung has created such a raw, heroic, and emotionally mature character; much like Boong-Do in QIHM and Kang-To in Gaksital. It really is rare to find such characters in dramaland. T^T

      Even Song Hye Gyo admitted in an interview that she developed a crush on Jo In Sung’s character, Oh Soo, because he was so charming when she watched their scenes from the monitor. <3

    • 7.2 pogo

      Oh, absolutely. Soo’s always had my attention, but now he has my heart (and Young’s, too, in the not-my-oppa sense)

      We’re just hitting the part of the drama where the poo is about to hit the fan, and I personally can’t wait.

      • 7.2.1 JO

        not only to soo but to moo chul. He is absolutely one of the most riveting and perhaps, understandable villains out there. I understand his pain, his choices, his fixation on Soo. I love how balanced he is and how chilly he can be while simultaneously gaining our understanding and sympathy even. In the last episode I felt bad for Soo who was getting beat up, but also for Moo Chul because you can just tell he is hurting so much inside as well.
        so good!

  8. fuwaaaaa

    thank you so much. i just watched it and reading this again, my insides are all messed up especially because of soo. this man’s sincerity and caring side despite being a conman and all… i crey i crey

  9. KDrama Fan

    Thanks Heads for the recap.

    Oh Soo’s kiss was killer.

    I appreciate the story and other characters but Oh Soo is the one I watch for:)

    • 9.1 skelly

      I was surprised, when I saw the clip of the final kiss, because (based on the comments in soompi) I thought it would be really passionate, and it was but not sexual passion. He has just acknowledged to himself that she is dying, he will lose her, for real, and when he kisses her he is crying because it is the end. I saw this as a farewell kiss, a sorrowful acknowledgement of the hopelessness of his love and the helplessness of his situation. And I don’t see how she could miss the fact that this kiss is mixed with a lot of tears. I thought it was so well done, a very atypical “first kiss.”

      • 9.1.1 thil28

        so true, absolutely what i got from the scene too. he was crying his heart out, i wonder how she will respond, or maybe she’ll do a fake out?

        but seriously, such a great episode! well, another great episode with superb acting from JIS especially, all his scenes were raw and intense and touching. love the whole team, from direction to lighting, PERFECT!!! lost count of the times i teared up from sadness, joy and a mix of both…

  10. 10 dadidam

    Thank you Head. I’ve really enjoyed reading this recap of yours. Really insightful. Thanks again!

  11. 11 Ryan

    Soo isn’t growing that much. If he were, he would have confronted Moo-Chul, would say “No” on the days swap, insist on the right thing, fighting for every day he has. He would tell Moo-Chul not to be so cruel and do the right thing as part of the end-of-life realization.

    Instead, he gives in and submits too easily. He must know he’s not fighting for just himself, but for TIME with HER. Wimp!

    There have been many reasons for her to know it all a ruse — the voice, the vibes — even if there are many things that clouded her perception. She just wants to relive and compensate her guilt vis-Γ -vis the real brother. It will be personally interesting for me to see how this nagging suspicion that she knows is worked out in the script in terms of credibility. Would be VERY strange that she couldn’t detect the exact same voice on two supposedly different persons.

    • 11.1 picklemonster

      Hmm, I understand what you’re saying. But if Soo had really went against Moo Chul’s offer by saying “No”, Moo Chul will simply refuse to let his sister operate on Young. Moo Chul is still holding onto a very bitter grudge against Soo, so I doubt Soo would be able to convince him to “do the right thing”. During the basketball scene in Ep. 11, Soo actually did try to persuade Moo Chul to let things go by telling him to save Young. That did work, but Moo Chul is still not “mature” enough to let things go. Even though he chose to help save Young, there’s no way he would consider saving Soo as well. And Soo knows this, so he’s just taking what he can get at the moment. If it means sacrificing a few days he has to live in exchange for saving Young, he would do it, even if that’s not the ideal plan he had in mind. But it is the BEST possible offer he could get out of Moo Chul. =)

    • 11.2 redfox

      he is tired of struggling to live when it gave him nothing, now he feels fulfillment without struggling, and he doesnt want to go back to always just fighting for survival. he doesnt want to fight to live any more.

  12. 12 redfox

    when a person you trust leaves or turns their back on you it leaves a terrible scar. I can totally understand why Jin Sungs parents still welcome Soo after what he did and why Jin Sung is so loyal. Soo is family. and the reason he can leave and they can stay loyal, is that he is originally without any family. It isnΒ΄t naturally planted into him. But they know and need no reasons.
    I wish more people in the world would treat the neglected and miserable like that. There are so many abandoned souls who are completely alone. More people on the planet then ever but everybody struggles alone. and most people just pass by and dismiss. even if it is their job to care – like doctors, teachers, lawyers. there is no intricate obligation to care for he other person. what is our duty in front of another Individual. should we encourage them to overcome and live? is it our responsibility?

    what I find tragic is – a situation like SooΒ΄s. threats to his life. and yet people like sec. Wang decide to dismiss it. wow. cruelty. evil. I know she is no Pope, but canΒ΄t she try be human? the society is excused because they dont know. but they dont even look.

    it was the same for Young though before Soo. Nobody cared. Nobody LOOKED or LISTENED. she was just floating through the ocean of that scary life alone.

  13. 13 J Wong

    OMG!!! Great episode. Jo In Song is so awesome in this series.

    Why isn’t it Wednesday yet?

  14. 14 applepie

    thanks for the recap, been refreshing this webbie for updates πŸ™‚

    i really love this show alot, the actors, storyline etc.. it just captures us.

    that part where Soo was telling Young off, made tears linger in my eyes. It’s like.. how much he wants her to have that will to live on. and then again, when doc noona said that wasn’t any chance of survival… awwww… the heart breaks

    my guess is that prob Young all along knows that Soo isn’t her real brother. remember that she touched his hand before (where the scar was on the right), the friend at the cafe thinks it’s on the left, and how could Young, the sister not know where the scar would be?

    however, i would then not know the way Young acts (IF she does know Soo’s not the real bro), perhaps playing along with Soo?

    i’m confused. hah

    • 14.1 JO

      Its a detail one can forget, I think it’s believable. Like I know my brother has a scar on his finger, but I forget which finger or which hand.
      It makes sense. . . it’s not like she could look at a picture to reference it.

  15. 15 tika

    I doubted her acting before. but i was wrong. SHK is awesomeee

  16. 16 jomo

    She KNOWS, heads! She knows.
    It is GAME ONE, everyone.

    Squick be gone.

  17. 17 kaye

    Heads: A lot of these revelations are really simple when you get down to it, but I find myself hard-pressed to remember another instance (though I’m sure they exist, my short term memory is so-so) where a character has truly digested the idea that life goes on, enough to put it into words and use it as legitimate advice rather than lip service. Same goes for Young in her β€œIt’s okay to not be okay” speech. I just hope everyone remembers their own advice when le shit hits le fan.

    Quoted you here for I have a problem with that also. OS giving advices when he’s not doing anything about his problem (he has 14 days to live). He looks like he’s just submitting to everything Moochul demands. I will still give him a benefit of the doubt (that he may just be preoccupied of OY’s concerns) because I still have faith in his character that he is a persistent and smart individual that while he looks after OY, he’s doing something for himself too.

    • 17.1 skelly

      Of course he is sacrificing himself to Moochul’s demands for the sake of those he loves; that is the whole point. Soo has finally found a way to put meaning into his life, and that is in caring and protecting and seeing to the future happiness of those that he loves. Even though this may mean his death, he doesn’t care because he at last can see a reason for his existence.

      • 17.1.1 kaye

        I get your point skelly and I totally understand his heroic deed, my response in heads comment is we see a lot of characters (in previous dramas) who preaches a lot to everyone else but those are just lip service and they don’t put into actions. In this episode, OS did it and I think they showed it in purpose but knowing his persevering character, he will not just sit down and do nothing with his last 14 days and that, I will look forward on the next episodes.

  18. 18 tiny

    i’m so antsy for the next week’s episodes. the previews! Gaaaah

  19. 19 Grace

    I just want to sleep till Thursday morning (when subs are finally available) for Ep12!!!

    Oh Soo in that last scene was just wow! I can totally feel his emotions and confusion and all.

    Omo, Jo In Sung is my new obsession!!

  20. 20 Mar

    Thank for the recap! Yeah I’m right there with you, the second snowman nose looked liked a penis. They didn’t even try to vague that up. Next thing you know Young is going to say what a big nose and big feet you have oppa.

    I said this on last episode- I can buy that Young would want desperately to believe her long lost brother came home, but I can no longer buy into Young as an innocent. She emotionally manipulates and she’s provocative with her “brother. There is no way I can buy into her being confused about whether its okay to have the hots for her “brother,” and if the fauxcest kicks up a notch and/or the reveal comes, she cannot play the I was seduced card. She’s not a 12 year old that’s been raised by wolves.

    Just loving Jo In Sung period, and in his quirky grandpa suspenders and long sweaters and coats. What are the odds his wardrobe trousers came in too short so someone said hey use suspenders it will make it look like it’s on purpose lol

    Secretary Wang, they are still holding the cards on her, WOW, go writer.

    Kim Bum as much as I love him as the BFF, I want to see him in another charmer role ala The Woman That Still Wants to Marry. He deserves a lead. I love that guy.

    And is it me or is this show the poster child that illustrates how confusing it would be to call the guy you are crushing on Oppa? And then your brother walk in and you call him Oppa too. Whoa. I still struggle with that. Not coming down on K culture, just recognizing that it’s something I struggle with understanding in day to day application.

    The medical stuff still confuses me-so I thought the blindness was not caused by the tumor, but now it is? and how can you have a brain tumor for over 20 years? Just go with it right? πŸ˜‰

    I’m still not seeing this come out with a happy ever after or a happy as we can be. Soo wants to live and Young wants to die. Oh noes, that doesn’t bode well cue the tragedy score. Young’s going to end up with Soo’s corneas or some shit and it will end with her and Jin Sung and Hee sun visiting Hee Joo and Soo’s trees and we will all be nutso. I really hope that imagined scenario is totally wrong lol.

    • 20.1 pogo

      What are the odds his wardrobe trousers came in too short so someone said hey use suspenders it will make it look like it’s on purpose lol

      omg I would LOVE IT if this was the case

    • 20.2 kaye

      i’m ROMBLMAO at your comment hihi.

      I think something is lost in translation about the medical stuff thingy. The facts so far is that she had her tumor removed back then and it relapses. The doctor noona will have a purpose then, as we saw her reviewing the MRI scans of OY and it will be a misdiagnosis (this plot is actually in the original jdrama so we can’t escape from it).

      I also hope that your imagined scenario is totally wrong cause i’ll really go nuts and go to the boondocks if that happens. What’s keeping me hoping for a grand ending is my trust on the writer lol.

  21. 21 kdwkyah

    eek, so well done- this whole show! the directing, the cinematography and the acting…also, this was the best cliffhanger yet :))) i feel that this drama is taking the story in a different direction compared to the movie, but what kind of direction?!?! so excited for the end of this drama~

  22. 22 dewaanifordrama

    It was such a great episode! It will be interesting to see where the show goes with Oh Soo and Oh Young’s relationship. I just hope that we can keep the maturity we have seen so far, and not devolve into pointless noble idiocy.

    I’ve also been rather nervous about birth secrets, and I think I might throw something at the screen if a birth secret derails the storyline, though if they can work it in well, I might desist from throwing things.

    While I love every scene with Oh Soo and Oh Young and their palpable chemistry, one of my favourite scenes this episode was Moo Chul’s chat with his noona. That he can see the admirable traits in Oh Soo, is I hope a good sign that he might show some leniency.

    All in all, this show has done a good job at making me feel invested and wondering what will happen next. I don’t feel that anything is super obvious, like how I really don’t know what Oh Young thinks or feels, or if she really suspects he’s not her oppa. Let’s hope the writer pulls everything nicely together as we head for the home stretch.

  23. 23 risa

    Does she…or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

    Thanks for another great recap, Heads. LOL @ “She introduces herself as Soo’s girlfriend and leaves out the part about being certifiable.” Btw, I wondered if Young recognized So Ra’s voice in the cafe.

    What happens next week will determine how much therapy I need.

  24. 24 dany

    Omo, omo, this episode is a must -see. Well, the entire series is. Thank you for the recap.

  25. 25 Vix

    “when le shit hits le fan”

  26. 26 Eli

    Thanks, Heads for the recap.

    This episode is beyond awesome! So many emotional scenes. I said this before and I am happy to say this again, I LOVE Soo! I am in awe with this fictional character. I don’t think he change that much or that it short seeming. I don’t know. I can’t really explain it.

    Despite everything he’s done, I can’t bring myself to hate him. Maybe because I don’t have to second guessed him, he is such an open book. Now secretary Wang, well I am sure it will be easier for me to read braille than to read her. Seriously, what’s her deal??! It was fun at the beginning to try to make sense of her but it’s already pass half way. It’s no longer fun. That car scene when Wang open the car door for Young, the look on Soo’s face? It’s mine as well.

    That uphill scene? Gah, I can’t even. I love it. My most favorite scene in this episode. The feelings! It was like bared open.

    Love this episode. Love this drama and its awesomeness. Please be good till the end. Though this seems unlikely(for now), leave Soo and Young alone, Fate! Don’t mess around with their life and heart!

    Thanks again Heads for taking time to recap this drama.

  27. 27 Tiff

    hehe been waiting for your recap for this ep!! im like one of those weird ppl.. who like to save the episodes.. bc knowing i’ll finish our weekly dose of two eps too fast.. and then have to agonizingly wait for the next 7 days…. HAHA.. so in order to stay sane i like to read your recaps xD so that at least im kept in the loop yet still know i havent seen the real deal in action hahaha.. sorry if i sound like a complete maniac. but yes. my love for this drama is too overwhelming heheheheee thank you so much for this recap if i havent already said so haha

  28. 28 loveky

    The ending of this episode!!!! <3 I always have a feeling OY knows but denies it to keep him by her side. Like in the kmovie "More than Blue" where the second half of the movie was told by the female lead and her thoughts on the male's lead and how she knew of his illness but pretended she didn't because he didn't want her to know. I keep thinking that's what this drama is going for. But idk. Maybe I just want it that way LOL because OY AND OS ! OMG SHK and JIS are so perfect together!!!

  29. 29 sally_b

    HeadsNo2 — I LOVE the way you write. (in case I haven’t said lately)

    You’re the Bomb. ❀ ~ ~ ~ (´Ρ` )

    • 29.1 Mystisith

      I’m with you. Big fan of her style here! πŸ™‚

    • 29.2 Anduril

      Agree. Thanks so much for recapping. I read another recap and it felt like they were just jogging along the timeline. The little comments on the important moments are what I really connect to. “Yes! I feel that way too about that event.”

  30. 30 Bubble teaaaaa

    I still think secretary wang is soo’s birth mother.

  31. 31 anonymous

    SHG is a very beautiful actress but somehow I feel her acting lacking.Her face doesn’t show different aspect of emotions.

    • 31.1 O2 Couple is love

      I think SHK ‘s acting is outstanding in this drama . I didn’t see anything wrong or lacking in her acting .

    • 31.2 pogo

      After watching Park Min Young, Han Ga In and the like, I will never say another bad word about SHG’s acting – she wasn’t great earlier, but then and now, I’ve never felt the lack of soul in her acting that I do with HGI and PMY and so many others.

      • 31.2.1 skelly

        Totally agree. I actually think she is keeping good pace with JIS – not an easy thing to do! – and is doing a fabulous job with her facial expressions; she can be ‘blank’ but you know there is a lot bubbling just under the surface, instead of just wearing a pleasant mask like a lot of actresses (and I agree with your examples!)

    • 31.3 Mystisith

      I know what you want to say. It’s frustrating for us viewers cause we can’t connect with her: She’s just a doll face on every frame. Sad thing about this: In real life, blind people tend to be like that. When you can’t see facial expressions, you lose the ability and the habit to use them yourself.

      • 31.3.1 buorin

        That’s probably the reason why I sometimes forget that she’s playing a blind girl.

        Never thought of that, if you can’t see facial expressions isn’t it hard to make one yourself?

        I don’t think she’s blank. It’s hard to act as a blind person and still emote real emotions.

        I have always think of SHK as just a really pretty actress, not a good one or a great one, just pretty and cute. Now, I can see that all the years put into acting aren’t wasted. :”>

    • 31.4 ilikemangos

      Are you kidding?
      I think she’s pretty good considering she’s going up against jo in sung.
      She’s blind — she’s supposed to have a “blank” expression. But for someone who’s supposed to be blind, she’s really nailing the emotional and intense scenes like no other. I came into this show thinking it’d be hard for her to emote since she’s a blind person but I am pleasantly surprised. I didn’t know she was capable of displaying such emotions — i’ve only ever watched Autumn in my heart from her, and that was such a long time ago.
      Personally, actors and actresses who have to already spill so much tears and emotion on the first word they hear, “action”, is pretty impressive to me. Watch some of the bts for her.

  32. 32 John

    HeadsNo2 ~

    Thanks for the recap.

    I think Young has known for a while that Soo isn’t her brother.

    Can’t wait to see her reaction to his kiss.

  33. 33 Makhi

    one more time,thanks a lot
    can’t wait to read ep 12 πŸ™‚

  34. 34 dramaqueen

    OS crying after hearing it from doctor noona just broke my heart.And OY feeling curious about OS in bed and being uncomfortable about it just made my day.Finally we can get to see some growth in her to look at him as a Man and not her brother

    Those two deserve to live happily ever after and create a cute little family of their own.Their kids sure would be pretty looking.They never had family so they definately deserve that. πŸ™‚

    • 34.1 skelly

      JIS is very good at acting with his body – I like how you never saw his face after he heard the bad news – just his shaking hand on the wall, and his hunched-over, defeated looking back. I didn’t even hear the sobs (I was busy losing the sound wars with everyone else in my family doing something in the same room) but you knew exactly what his face would look like, and that he was crying his heart out.

  35. 35 maakopla

    The two latest episodes really picked it up. Now I am all hyped again^^ Can’t wait to see what happens next. And I really don’t want this to be a sad ending but it really seems like this can’t end well. my guess is that Yongie is going to survive somehow but Soo dies, since he is a man who wants to live and she is the woman who wants to die.

    If Yongie dies and Soo lives it’s going to be disappointing for me. I mean, then what? Yongie learns to appreciate her life and finally wants to live on but then she has to die? Soo loses two women he loved the most and continues to live now heartbroke and alone but at least he learns how to get over the loss. I kinda see point in all this but it’s still disappointing. So I hope not.

    There is also a possibility they will die along somewhere while listening to the sound of snow. But this would be the ultimate disappointment.

    • 35.1 blabla100

      “my guess is that Yongie is going to survive somehow but Soo dies, since he is a man who wants to live and she is the woman who wants to die”

      My thoughts exactly!

      • 35.1.1 blabla100

        edit: “There is also a possibility they will die along somewhere while listening to the sound of snow. But this would be the ultimate disappointment”

        Id rather have this kind of ending rather than one gets to live, while the other one gets to die πŸ˜€

    • 35.2 ilikemangos

      Totally agree! For someone who has only ever wanted to die and lived a life in solitude i would really want for noh hee kyung to send a message out there. That not everything is hopeless. the point of young to start off so low is so that through this whole process young will come out wanting to actually live. and to fight for her life. That’s what matters, otherwise if she dies then everything she went through with soo would be for nothing.
      And I hope soo is able to finally find a reason to actually live, considering he has none. That can be rather dangerous, going through life day-by-day without a reason to live and anything to fight for. You need that.

  36. 36 hiba

    omg i cant control my tears just thinking what soo was feeling , omg that last scene it had me crumbling and sobbing like a child , not the kiss but behined what he is feeling and the idea of him risking it ALL just to kss her !! looove this drama

  37. 37 SandrOu

    “things just got officially weird” Yep

  38. 38 ksyj2009

    I think deep down inside Young knows that Soo isn’t her real brother, she just finally found a brother figure in Soo that’s why she’s kind of in denial hehe! Remember the episode when Young recognized his voice as the man he was talking to the day she was looking for her brother? Young also knows that there’s another Oh Soo…..there are lots of hints already but Young doesn’t want to deal with the real identity of So because I think she’s falling for him already πŸ˜€ and he doesn’t want to lose him.

    About Secretary Wang, I think she’s Oh Soo”s mom πŸ˜€
    Getting really exciting! I love this drama!
    And finally that kiss!! I’m dying! but Noh Hee-kyeong is a bit conservative this time hehe! It’s about to end and we’re only getting a kiss hehehe! On Worlds Within there are tons Haha!

  39. 39 joy

    Ivoire, I hope you’ve seen this. It was The One’sinterview at Arirang today a year ago I think. Very talented yet very humble person.


    btw, this drama like that of Padam Padam is about redemption and of second chances. and with that I agree with your 2 cents…that Soo wants to redeem himself not only for Hee-joo and their baby’s death, but also for the real brother’s death. Both accidents, both not his fault but maybe he can’t help feel that he had a part in it.

    • 39.1 Ivoire

      Hello Joy,

      I just happened to scroll down now and saw that you had a comment for me. Thank you, I appreciate it, and I love what you had to say. Thank you also for your link, I will have to look at it later. I think I have a little bit of a different view than you do about the accidents (to an extent). I will be back later to respond. Thank you again for posting another comment, I kept checking under my comments to see if you had responded, I am glad you did. Next time (if there is a next time), please be kind enough to leave me a one line comment to let me know that you have a comment for me at #…(39 in this case). I hope what I just wrote made sense. I will find your comment faster that way because I will know where to look for it.

    • 39.2 Ivoire

      Joy, I couldn’t open the link (YT) you gave me. This was the response I got when I tried:

      The address wasn’t understood
      Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because the protocol (rtsp) isn’t associated with any program.
      You might need to install other software to open this address.

      If you can help or have suggestions, please advise. Thanks!

      And this was the web address I was taken to, from the image on YT (I hope I am making sense). I got to the image and Arirang YT video by clicking on the link you posted here:


      • 39.2.1 Joy

        Hi, Ivoire,

        that’s odd. i tried that link several times both in my ipad and in the laptop to make sure it works because i didn’t want to be embarassed if it didn’t. maybe i did something wrong then.

        plus, you’ll have to forgive me if I didn’t leave a one line comment because truth be told, I don’t know how. πŸ™‚ I couldn’t find the reply section anymore in the upper section so i figured it probably had space limitations. I must admit I usually just lurk reading your comments and analysis, And these past comments were sort of my first time longer than three word comments.

        anyway if link doesn’t work maybe you can try googling at you tube with the words Vocal trainers for K-pop stars. hth.


        • Ivoire

          Hello Joy,

          Sorry for the late response. There is this thing called “life” you know, that sometimes gets in the way :-). Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. I was able to find a YT video of the interview and watch it. I think I googled The One and that video/link showed up. I am glad I found that video, because I shared your link with a friend of mine via email, and she couldn’t open it either. All is well that ends well, however.

          You know regarding your post being so low, I don’t really mind. It is just that I don’t always read the posts written all the way down, because they are so many of them (to read) and that takes time. If I had done that this time around, I would have missed your post, that was my main point. I am glad I scrolled down and saw your post. And I was glad you responded because when I didn’t see your port up there, I was bummed, thinking that you didn’t answer or write a comment :-).

          I loved this: “I must admit I usually just lurk reading your comments and analysis, And these past comments were sort of my first time longer than three word comments.” The part about you reading my comments and analysis AND the part about you writing more than three lines made my day (yeah, I guess I can be that easy). Please, feel free to continue to do that :-)… Question: does “hth” mean/stand for “hope that helps?”

          Thank you again for your response…

          • Joy

            Hi Ivoire,

            yeap, heard about that thing called life. it happens. πŸ™‚

            I just came from reading the comments on episode 13 and i found myself looking out for your name because i wanted your take on the debate going on over there. πŸ™‚ I am also beginning to understand about post being so low there might not be time to read all. I guess this is where the ipad comes in handy because i can touch scroll as fast as i can. (Ivoire, Ivoire where art thy name?)

            and yes, hth means hope that help. πŸ™‚

            now I have a question for you, if I may. How does one pronounce your name? and how come your name is in gold text while mine is in blue?

            and oh, am looking forward to reading your comment about episode 13 on episode 13. TIA (thanks in advance) πŸ™‚


          • Joy

            sorry, i meant hope that helps. πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            ****SPOILER ALERT**** This response has some SPOILERS, starting on the 2nd paragraph. Please DO NOT READ this whole comment if you do not wish to be spoiled about episode 13. I am sorry to have done that, it is just that by now, most readers of this blog would have moved on to the next episodes.

            Hello Joy,

            I am soooooo glad you saw my comment here, because tbh (to be honest πŸ™‚ ), I was concerned that you wouldn’t think about checking here, to see if I had answered your post (btw, I wrote “port” in my last comment/post, but I actually meant “post,” sorry about that). FYI (I am sure you know what that one means πŸ™‚ ) I am known (those who have read enough of my comments on recaps and on OT (Open Thread) when I was actively participating there (and boy, was I active and present there) for being one who always answers to comments, until there is nothing more or left to say, or until the other person stops responding/commenting.
            That comment is just to let you know that if you and I are writing to each other here, you can count on me answering, even if it’s a week or more later. I don’t personally mind, especially if I want to know what the person thought. I love ongoing conversations, and DB does not limit the number of comments (just check some of the recaps for City Hunter, Big [last episode], and especially some of the recaps for The King2Hearts), so I know/think that he would be OK if we continued our conversation. I am just letting you know.

            Joy, I saw that you posted your comment at 3:46am (which is also my time, because I live in Northern CA) and I was cooking and cleaning the kitchen, and doing the dishes until 2:30am, so when I came to my room, I was exhausted. I read the recap, saw some of the comments and realized that some were already duking it out. I basically agree with Heads about the kiss. Personally, I cringed when I saw it (I didn’t know what to expect, the preview to me was misleading because OS looked like he was kissing her, but tenderly) and I don’t know if you saw my comment (attached to the 1st comment). I will write more about it, and I have a question for one of the commenters. I won’t say much there, mostly because many people have said what I think and feel, so I don’t feel that I might add something new to the conversation and those who have a different opinion are adamant about theirs as well and some of the reactions seem to be very heartfelt and sanguine.

            I originally was not going to say anything, because the tone of the debate going on there was just like “Oh WOW!!!!! Let me step back and take this in,” for me. However, I think that it is good, people write for various reasons, some about how they feel, some from a personal experience, some are more interested in an intellectual debate and can be detached, etc… I could follow Heads (and understand what she was saying), and from her comment at the very top, before her recap, I had an inkling she might have felt the way I did when I saw the forced kiss and hug.

            I can tell you what I thought (in more details, because I didn’t share all of it there) and we can continue that conversation there, at page 2 or 3 (wherever the conversation is at now). I was going to suggest here, but I just realized it would spoil the people reading this recap’s comments.

          • Ivoire


            I am sorry, I didn’t mean to post right away. I was going to proof read my comment, however, I am functioning on 1 hour of sleep (literally) and I just had a tall mug of some delicious ginger tea, which is making me sleepy :-). I clicked on submit when my eyelids closed for a moment (I really did). I am going to quickly add my comment (another one) on episode 13, and I might be back tonight (my time, which is DB posted time) and then I might not have my computer tomorrow (Sunday) until Monday or longer (I need a new cable cord, and something in my computer needs to be fixed). So please look for me and please let me know what you thought as well. I would be interested in what you thought. Have you posted there (ep.13) already?

            If you want to communicate by email, we could do that as well. We don’t have too, it is just an option. I hope you have been well.
            P.S.: I have gotten to know some people here on a more personal level, and we have communicated that way (by email). The exchanges were more of a 2 way street then, with no one else butting in. Just a thought, and FYI, I am not an ax murderer πŸ™‚

          • Ivoire

            Hello Joy,

            I also wanted to say “Thank You” for asking me for my opinion about what happened in episode 13, as that made me think and realize that I actually have a lot of thoughts about it. Please let me know if you would still be interested in finding out what those thoughts are. I would write them on the episode 13 recap page.

            As I mentioned, I might not have my computer for a few days, so I might be offline then. I will check back to see if you have responded. Have a wonderful week, if you read this message.

          • Joy

            Thanks for responding, Ivoire. Have been refreshing recap 13 though waiting to read your thoughts. Am sorry you won’t have your computer for the next few days but am willing to wait till you’re back logged on. I saw a warning from Javabeans there though about ad hominem arguments. That’s the first time I’ve seen that kind of warning, which makes me think the rarity of it just confirms my perception that this is the website to go to for intelligent comments, arguments and counter arguments on that thing we all love –kdrama. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

            Have a great weekend too!


  40. 40 Lilian

    This drama’s OST is just plain daebak! Every song is so touching. The latest by Taeyeon is plain awesome. The lyrics are so apt for the drama.

  41. 41 icareay

    HeadsNo2, thanks for the recap…enjoyed your writing as much as the drama itself.

  42. 42 Mystisith

    I’m clearly more invested in the male characters in that drama.
    One moment I think than everyone will survive and it will be a happy end and the next I’m thinking than MC will save Youngie’s life but won’t be able to forgive OS: I can totally see MC dying & tell OS “but I’m taking you with me so we can apologize together to the woman we let down.” WO-AH.
    I liked this episode much more than the previous ones. Really, that pill thing couldn’t pass into my throat…
    I agree with those who think than OY knows than OS is not her oppa but her OPPA. Big denial here cause of course everything will be much more complicated for her and more dangerous for her heart. Lost cause since her attraction to him is becoming obvious. Maybe the snowman nose was a kind of Freudian slip?
    I love when the writer uses that theme in the dialogues: What is fair in life, what is not? Can fairness be quantified? Also, it’s true than the antidote for the fear of death is being happy: When you have reached that balance in life where only the here and now counts. Past is gone, future is far, why worry about things you can’t control?

  43. 43 BluPerry

    Thank you for the recap HeadNo2…really enjoyed your writing. Absolutely awesome episode and an equally awesome recap.

    I hope very much that the titbits for a sad ending that is dished out in this episode is just a set up for a big surprise …happy ending.

    Please don’t take the route where Soo dies and Young joins him and her brother in the hereafter.

    But, I am counting on Noh Hee Kyeong’s skill as a dramatist and hope they follow kaye’s lead that ” it will be a misdiagnosis (this plot is actually in the original jdrama so we can’t escape from it).”

    I also hope that my” imagined scenario is totally wrong” cause I, too, am hoping for a “grand ending.”

  44. 44 blkasian

    Young is a smart intuitive individual. I think she has figured out that Soo is not her brother. She enjoys the skinship because these feelings are knew to her having not experienced them with her fiance. Okay folks pls don’t let this love pass on to the here after …..I love this drama. Subbers thank you for all you continue to do.

  45. 45 Fun-lugha

    Speaking of heart wrenching OSTs there’s one where a guy with a deep tone just hums in this tearful way and I just open the floodgates no matter what scene is showing! Any ideas?

    • 45.1 Mystisith

      Are you talking about the tune we hear for the kiss scene in that episode? It sounds a bit like one of the songs of the Gladiator OST.

      • 45.1.1 fun-lugha

        Yeahs that’s the one, lemmie youtube if its the gladiators one, thanks.

    • 45.2 Ivoire

      Hello guys, could either one of you post the YT link of the song or instrumental piece if you find it please? (the one you are referring to) Thanks!

  46. 46 Jale

    First off thanks for doing this recap and it’s nice to find a blog with fellow viewers. Here’s my take on a few things. First Sec Wang is NOT Soo’s mom nor Young’s either. I wish people would stop thinking that.

    When SW encouraged Young to get in the car with Soo, she had overheard their conversation and realize that Soo was trying to get though to her to want to live. In that regard, she trusts him.

    Soo put things into perspective for Young about the effects her death would have on him and how she can so selfishly think so carelessly about wanting to die.

    By now Soo has decided to sacrifice his life for those he loves, and now, he is prepared to die. I think his words and actions got through to Moo Chul. Soo has matured over the past couple of months. He’s learned a lot from Young and is now able to find peace for his past way of life. Being betrayed by Jin Sa Ra who framed him sending him to prison, he’s finally has had enough of that life.

    Now that he realizes Young has no chance of survival from her brain tumor and he has only two weeks left before Moo Chul comes to kill him, he’s probably going to have to come clean with Young about him not being her brother and hope she can forgive him in time before he or she dies.

    I suspect that Moo Chul won’t want to kill Soo. He’s seen the change in him and knows he doesn’t really owes that money. I think he gave him three months to see what he would do with his time. (If someone told you you have three months to live or come up with a large sum of money and they think you are trash any way, how would you spend those days) I think the time from Moo Chul was a test. Another reason he followed him around to see what he does. Seeing he’s dying and he doesn’t give a Rip about president Kim, I don’t think he’ll follow through. I think Kim will look for someone else to kill Soo.

    As for SW not caring about Soo after she’s figured out who he really is and know he’s in love with Young, she claims karma will catch up with him. But she’s mistaken. Karma will catch up with her. She must be aware that Young is close to Soo and if anything happens to him she’ll be affected too. If Soo is going to be the reason Young wants to live now and that gets taken away from her, SW will regret her careless attitude about Soo because Young will lose the will to live and just die. She needs Young in her life to have meaning and she will lose that.

    If anyone has seen the movie this series is based on, you’ll know in the end they both die. But their love for each other will have them meet I the afterlife and there they will be together. My guess is the writer will create a beautiful ending that would make us sad and cry a lot, but will be at peace that they at least found the love they’ve been yearning for while they were alive.

    • 46.1 Jale

      One more thing! When Soo was talking to Moo Chul and he said the only thing he regrets about Hee Joo is that when she was dying he didn’t just bid her farewell, rest in peace and then “let her go”. Instead he lived his life anyway he wanted to with reckless abandonment and used his guilt for her death to justify his lifestyle. That’s what he is sorry for.

      As for the baby, he truly regrets his reaction. But she would have understood and forgiven him had she lived. She’s that kind of person and Moo Chul is an unforgiving, grudge holding person who shouldn’t assumed Hee Joo would have been that shallow. That’s what Soo was telling Moo Chul.

    • 46.2 spoilerphobe

      We don’t know if NHK’s version will have a similar ending, but it might– I really, really did not want to know how the movie ended. In the future, can you please preface any big spoilers like that with a nice big “SPOILER ALERT:”? DB is one of the few sites that is usually safe for spoilerphobes, probably because jb is also spoilerphobic. Many thanks.

      • 46.2.1 Jale

        My apologies. I’ve read a lot of references on here about the movie and assumed most viewers knew. I’ll be more careful in the future.

    • 46.3 ilikemangos

      ” First Sec Wang is NOT Soo’s mom nor Young’s either. I wish people would stop thinking that. ”

      THANK YOU.
      Honestly, i don’t get where people are getting these birth secret vibes. well. it’s a melo, but we’ve had enough of the makjang. don’t jinx it!
      Noh Hee Kyung already has half of the characters on this show on the death list. I doubt she needs to add in a birth secret to prove her point.

      • 46.3.1 Fangy


        Sec Wang can’t be Young’s mother unless both Young and her real brother are her children. Remember their DNA tests showed that they are full siblings?

        And JIS’s real mother knows who he is. She went to visit him once so she knew which orphanage he was from and his name. If Sec Wang is his mother, how could she not know Oh Soo?

  47. 47 shelhass

    This episode was just so great, full of layered displays of affection it me gave me the chills.

    Now I’m officially wanting a Happy Ending. This for sure is gonna break my heart.

    Thanks Heads!

  48. 48 Jale

    I don’t think Young totally knows Soo is not her brother. She has suspicions and sometimes doubt, but to her there’s more convincing evidence that he is, than not. You have to admit, he always treated her like a sibling, even when she was told he’s after her money. It’s only us – the audience-who sees that he feels differently about her.

    I have to say I’m confused about her. In episode 9, which is difficult for me to watch as often as others, because it was such a 180 from just a few hours earlier, she was greatly suspicious because of the medicine and being told he was in her room and tried to access her safe. Then she wanted to find out about the other Soo; therefore the trip to the club. Now it seems that quest is all gone and she’s back to fully trusting him as her brother again.

    Did the hospital comfort squash all that? Will her suspicion come back when she wonders about the kiss on the lips? Can’t wait for the next five episodes to find out.

  49. 49 kim jong in

    during the kissing scene soo,s emotion are amazing………………….

  50. 50 Compass Wise

    Screenshots for sharing purposes only:
    Episode 1: https://vimeo.com/60000090
    Episode 2: https://vimeo.com/60174345
    Episode 3: https://vimeo.com/60332977
    Episode 4: https://vimeo.com/60710258
    Episode 5: https://vimeo.com/60838908
    Episode 6.1: https://vimeo.com/60893706
    Episode 6.2: https://vimeo.com/60901072
    Episode 7: https://vimeo.com/60950269
    Episode 8: https://vimeo.com/61452690
    Episode 9: https://vimeo.com/61533902
    Episode 10: https://vimeo.com/61813881
    Episode 11 (new): https://vimeo.com/61375080
    O2 couple: https://vimeo.com/61640320

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