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Boys Before Flowers: Episode 16
by | February 24, 2009 | 287 Comments

Thasswhatimtalkinbout. Good episode! The cute is back.

No, it wasn’t the best episode we’ve had, and there were still a few hard-to-buy logic points, but I think there’s a key difference from the frustrating inconsistencies of Episode 15. Episode 16 had points that stretched believability, but at least they worked in context.

See, I’m not against the idea of “check your brain at the door” fun — but even that has fundamental requirements. Like basic logic, continuity, flow.


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Jun-pyo arrives at Ji-hoo’s, making an excuse rather than admit he just wanted/needed the company. He says he only dropped by because Ji-hoo’s house is closest, plus he had fought with Yi-jung in Macau and Woo-bin always has girls hanging around. Ji-hoo points out that Jun-pyo punched him too, so Jun-pyo tells Ji-hoo to hit him and they’ll call it even.

That’s a tacit apology, and Ji-hoo smiles. Jun-pyo asks roundabout-ly how “everyone” is doing. Ji-hoo replies, “If you’re wondering about Jan-di, she’s fine.”

Jun-pyo tries to pretend he didn’t want to know that, changing the topic to demand a birthday present. Ji-hoo hands over the bag Jan-di left behind, inside which Jun-pyo finds a doll with curly hair. It comes with a note from Jan-di: “Gu Jun-pyo, happy birthday. I’ll pray that your birthday isn’t lonely, and full of only happy things.”

(Ji-hoo’s act of friendly loyalty means he has again stepped back to help Jun-pyo and Jan-di. This is what makes him a good friend, but won’t get him the girl in the end, which is something he knows. Thus he broods as he eats his pancakes of sadness.)

At school, Jae-kyung recognizes Jan-di and greets her enthusiastically. She’s going to be enrolling at Shinhwa University and suggests that they be good friends (as “unni-dongsaeng,” or a big-sis-little-sis relationship).

Since she’s Jun-pyo’s fiancée, Jan-di’s less enthused but tries to be polite. When Jae-kyung says she’s here to see somebody, Jan-di guesses that’s Jun-pyo. Speaking of the devil, Jae-kyung spots him walking by with F3 and bounds over to him. Unfazed by his brusque demeanor, she grabs him in a headlock and calls him fiancé.

Jun-pyo breaks free, calling her a crazy monkey (again). Jae-kyung has accepted this engagement thing and intends to see it through, and declares: “I’m going to tame you.”

Jan-di watches quietly from the sidelines. Seeing her expression, Woo-bin approaches to explain that Jun-pyo’s starting at the university with the others. (I really love him for this; he’s a nice guy, and as we’ve seen, he’s always the biggest advocate for friendly harmony.)

Ga-eul hears about the encounter as they work, playing the supportive friend who’s indignant at “that other girl.” But Jan-di has to be honest, saying Jae-kyung is actually a cool person — which is when she shows up.

Jae-kyung cheerfully introduces herself to Ga-eul, looking around and saying their job looks like fun; she’s always wanted to try something like this. She then “borrows” the girls, leaving her bodyguard behind with Master.

Girl-bonding time. This is another thing Jae-kyung has always wanted to try — a day chatting and hanging out with the girls. Asked whether she doesn’t have friends for that, Jae-kyung says brightly, “I have no friends.” She’s moved around so much that she never had the opportunity.

Jae-kyung knows Jan-di is acquainted with Jun-pyo, but not the extent of their relationship, so she asks Jan-di for advice on the type of girls Jun-pyo likes. It’s an awkward question, and Jan-di answers a bit ruefully, “He’s so busy thinking about his own style that I’d bet he wouldn’t even remember what the girl wears.”

Jae-kyung decides, “I like him more and more,” and prods for more details.

Jan-di thinks, then answers that Jun-pyo is super arrogant and acts like he knows everything. Growing wistful, Jan-di starts to get lost in the memory: “If he likes something, he ignores everything else and goes for it all the way, like a bulldozer. He’s really scary when he’s angry, but when he treats you well, he’s tender.”

Jan-di snaps out of it, coming back to the present, and finishes by saying he’s childish and hot-tempered. Pleased with the detailed description, Jae-kyung says, “You know him well. Good, let me ask an official favor. I really want to get along well with him. Be my dating coach.”

Jan-di’s face shows just how much she doesn’t want to agree. Ga-eul, who has been standing by uncomfortably, shoots an upset look Jae-kyung’s way (though the latter doesn’t notice).

At the end of the night, Jae-kyung hands two shopping bags to Ga-eul and Jan-di, announcing that they’re her best friends now — she jokes that those are “bribes.” Ga-eul thinks Jae-kyung’s a little strange, but has to admit somewhat reluctantly, “She’s someone you can’t hate.”

Yi-jung and Woo-bin tease Jun-pyo about Jae-kyung and wonder when he got so chummy with his fiancée, after hearing about her biting his ear (which they point out is Jun-pyo’s “sensitive point”).

However, their initial joshing turns into worry — what if the engagement turns serious? Then Jun-pyo and Jan-di will be over for good. Ji-hoo tells them they can do something about it — are they Casanovas or what?

Jan-di’s family hear about Jun-pyo’s engagement and ask her dejectedly if it’s true. Jan-di confirms it, so they to find out as much as they can about this mystery fiancée who stole Jan-di’s spot as Jun-pyo’s future wife.

Jae-kyung makes an unannounced visit, introducing herself as Jan-di’s new friend. Not knowing that this is Jun-pyo’s fiancée, Jan-di’s parents welcome her to drop by at any time.

When Jae-kyung requests to spend the night, borrowing a tracksuit much like the one Jun-pyo once wore, the family pauses to wonder, “This situation feels familiar.”

Ever eager to try out new things, Jae-kyung enthuses over their impromptu pajama party. She says, “It feels like predestination, meeting you and Gu Jun-pyo in Macau.” She confesses, “I must have liked him from the first time I met him.” She would’ve normally been completely against the engagement, but “the moment I saw his face, my chest tingled. Do you know that feeling? Is there someone you like? A first love?”

At Jan-di’s expression, Jae-kyung guesses there is someone. Jan-di says there’s one person who had an effect on her: “When I looked at him, my mind would go blank.” (By this, she means that everything else goes dull and fades.)

Jae-kyung describes Jun-pyo as wine — the more you drink, it circulates through the blood and brings a tingling, electric feeling all over your body. It occurs to her that Jun-pyo may like somebody, but she figures, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll just have to make him like me now.”

Jun-pyo waits around campus for Jan-di, who’s she’s not happy to see him. She snaps at him when he starts to follow her; he asks why she doesn’t swim anymore. She merely replies, “I quit.”

Jun-pyo feels the need to clarify that the engagement wasn’t his idea; he has nothing to do with it. Jan-di retorts that it has nothing to do with her either, adding sarcastically, “You’ve gotten a lot kinder, to bother explaining that to the stain you want to erase.”

In the distance, Jae-kyung spots them and starts heading over. Jan-di takes advantage of Jun-pyo’s momentary distraction to hurry away, catching Ji-hoo as he’s about to leave. She asks for a ride.

Ji-hoo sees Jun-pyo following behind, assesses the situation, and hands her a helmet just as the other two arrive.

When Ji-hoo is introduced, Jae-kyung says knowingly to Jan-di, “This is him, right? The one you like?” Not registering the tension, Jae-kyung thinks this is great, and suggests that they all go out together. The other three respond immediately, “No.”

Jan-di excuses herself, tells Jae-kyung to have fun with Jun-pyo, and asks Ji-hoo to leave quickly.

Ji-hoo drops Jan-di off at the clinic, where Jan-di has taken on an assistant position. Nothing medical — mostly running errands and cleaning. Ji-hoo offers to help and accompanies her inside — but the instant he sees the doctor, his eyes bulge open in shock. Doctor-Grandpa recognizes Ji-hoo, shouting after him as Ji-hoo rushes out.

Yes, the doctor is Ji-hoo’s grandfather. Also the ex-president. At the restaurant, Master says that it wasn’t that the grandfather wouldn’t see Ji-hoo all these years, but that he couldn’t, and asks Jan-di to help.

Before he can elaborate, visitors stagger inside the restaurant: an exhausted Yi-jung and Woo-bin.

Taking Ji-hoo’s hint to do something about The Pesky Fiancée, they’d both sought to woo her away from Jun-pyo. Yi-jung tried impressing her with his art collection, while Woo-bin “rescued” her from gangsters. But their plan backfires — Jae-kyung is utterly exhausting, which they realize after following her around, eating, drinking, karaoke-ing together.

The plan failed, so they are down to their last resort: to forget about Jae-kyung and focus on getting the Idiot Duo together. (Not my words! Woo-bin calls them that.) For this plan, they require Ga-eul’s help.

First, Ga-eul calls Jan-di to tell her she has a date with Yi-jung. Dreamily mooning over Yi-jung has the intended effect — Jan-di freaks out about Ga-eul’s welfare, because a player like Yi-jung would completely use and abandon her friend.

She resolves to prevent this and calls Ji-hoo, but gets no response. I’m not sure why she doesn’t try Woo-bin next, but she finds him anyway when she bursts into Jun-pyo’s room to plead for his help.

Since this is a part of The Plan, Woo-bin tells her Jun-pyo’s in the next room, but doesn’t bother explaining that Jun-pyo’s getting out of a shower. And it’s a good thing for fans, too, since this leads us to our fanservicey moment of the day: bare-chested Lee Min-ho.

There’s a hilarious moment when Jan-di, all frazzled with worry (and from half-nekkid Jun-pyo), blurts out her concerns. Her words are jumbled up so it comes out like, “Need your help,” “I can’t do it alone,” and “You might have to get physical.”

By the last bit, she means he’d have to fight or use force with Yi-jung, but as she doesn’t explain that, Jun-pyo perks up in interest. Jan-di frets some more: “What if we have to go to a hotel?”

After that misunderstanding is clarified, Woo-bin intentionally plays on Jan-di’s fears about Yi-jung’s ladykiller tendencies, demonstrating Yi-jung’s Five Steps to Seduction on Jan-di in front of a jealous Jun-pyo. (I love jealous Jun-pyo.)

Jun-pyo scoffs because Ga-eul isn’t anything like Yi-jung’s type. However, Woo-bin fans the flames, countering, “No, he said he found her cute.” He wonders how long it’ll take to win over Ga-eul — it might only take one day.

That means Jan-di must stop them from having a successful date at all costs. She busily works out a plan and shares it with Jun-pyo. Woo-bin watches in satisfaction.

Together, Jan-di and Jun-pyo set out to save Ga-eul. Or rather, Jan-di drags along an indifferent Jun-pyo while she spies.

Aware of their audience, Yi-jung and Ga-eul commence their act. (It’s a good thing that Yi-jung and Ga-eul are faking and know that Jan-di’s there, because she is the worst undercover spy ever.) All day, Yi-jung plays the attentive, flirtatious boyfriend. Jan-di grows increasingly worried at the seemingly successful date.

After his unexpected encounter with his grandfather, Ji-hoo visits his parents’ graves, where he says with resignation, “Grandfather must still hate me. Everyone I’ve cared for has left my side. I decided to try living thinking I didn’t need anyone, but I keep wanting more.”

Unbeknownst to Ji-hoo, President Yoon had actually said in a separate scene that the accident had been his fault (not Ji-hoo’s). He says sorrowfully, “I killed them. It’s my fault he was made into an orphan.”

It’s clear that they’ve been kept apart by mutual misunderstanding and grief — and I hope there’s a better reason than both sides simply assuming the worst of themselves.

My first reaction was confusion at seeing Yi-jung leading Ga-eul onto the ice rink in regular shoes, but perhaps this is a result of Kim Bum’s recent accident and foot injury, so this awkwardness gets a pass.

At one point, Jan-di turns away to avoid being seen and stumbles against Jun-pyo. After the initial surprise, Jun-pyo holds her closer to him, until she moves away.

Watching Yi-jung shrug out of his jacket to give to Ga-eul, Jan-di mutters that he’s a total player. Jun-pyo counters, “Then would you prefer Ga-eul freeze to death?”

Noting that Jan-di’s freezing too, Jun-pyo tells her she should worry about herself too, and steps behind her to spread his jacket around her. Which reminds them of the last time he’d done a similar thing, back at the ski lodge.

From the ice, Yi-jung and Ga-eul notice that their plan is working, so Yi-jung brings on the big finish: Fireworks.

Jun-pyo and Jan-di watch the fireworks go off, with his arms still wrapped around her. Jun-pyo gives Yi-jung credit for the impressive display, and asks, “Was it this cool when I did it too?”

Maybe things are getting too personal, because Jan-di pushes Jun-pyo off and steps aside, asking what will come next in Yi-jung’s plan. To her dismay, Jun-pyo indicates a nearby hotel.

Thus they take a room next door to Yi-jung and Ga-eul. Jan-di imagines the worst, not knowing that they’re actually just standing around in the room and waiting to wrap up their plan. She’s a nervous wreck. In contrast, Jun-pyo sits back, impressed with Yi-jung’s romantic prowess.

Jan-di can’t hear anything through the thick walls, so she peers out into the hallway, and gasps. She motions Jun-pyo over to see a room-service cart (loaded with candles, dessert, the works) making its way to Yi-jung’s room.

Determined to put a crimp in their plans, Jan-di instructs Jun-pyo to steal the cart. She pushes him out into the hallway, where he intercepts the employee and pays for the cart. All the while, Yi-jung peers out of the peephole and watches as Jan-di directs the cart into her room instead.

That’s as much as the So-eul couple can do, so they call it a successful night and head out.

Next door, Jan-di and Jun-pyo sit in awkward silence for a few beats, until they both speak at the same time: She says, “Happy birthday” just as he says, “Thanks.”

Jun-pyo thanks Jan-di for the birthday present — it’s the shabbiest present he’s ever received, but he’ll let that slide because it’s the thought that counts. The statement is typical Jun-pyo (a light insult to cover the softer undertone), and Jan-di smiles a bit.

She wishes him happy birthday, and then, “Congratulations on the engagement.” Jun-pyo retorts, “I told you not to bother thinking about that.”

In a faltering tone, Jan-di says that Jae-kyung is a good person. She starts to tear up as she adds, “She really likes you a lot.”

Jun-pyo sighs, “Meddling as usual. Right, you’re not Geum Jan-di unless you’re throwing my insides into turmoil.” He asks, does that mean she’d be fine if he married right away, then?

Jan-di can’t answer that; uncomfortable, she needs some space and changes the subject back to Ga-eul, and steps into the hall to check on the other room.

It’s here that she is found by Madam Kang, who was downstairs in the lobby when an employee informed her that Jun-pyo had taken out a room. Mama Witch confronts Jan-di angrily and heaps abuse on her and her family.

At this point, Jun-pyo comes out looking for Jan-di, and stops short at the sight of his mother.

Madam Kang loses her temper — implying that Jan-di is a desperate slut, she accuses Jan-di of throwing herself at Jun-pyo even though he’s engaged, then raises an arm to strike. She says scathingly, “You ill-bred, audacious girl…!”

Jun-pyo blocks his mother’s arm and yells at her to stop. He repeats in a quieter voice, “Please, stop.”

So she slaps him instead.

Madam Kang orders her men to take Jun-pyo away, and stalks off. In stunned silence, Jun-pyo is escorted down the hall, while Jan-di sinks to the ground, in shock herself.

Down in the lobby, Jun-pyo shoves the men away and reaches for his phone. He hesitates as he starts to write a message to Ji-hoo — to rescue Jan-di, as usual — as though unwilling to step back and let his friend in his place. But he hits send… and then hurls his phone into the ground angrily. It breaks into pieces.

I LOVE THIS POINT. In the past, Jun-pyo had called Ji-hoo to help, to take his place as a friend, and Ji-hoo faithfully came through — not for himself, but for them. Now that Jun-pyo knows Ji-hoo has feelings for Jan-di, and that he himself can’t have her, it kills him to knowingly push the two together. But the alternative is worse — to leave Jan-di without anyone to lean on — so he does it, no matter how much he hates it. LOVE.

But Jan-di leaves before Ji-hoo arrives at the hotel, and when he calls to check up on her, she tells him that she’s fine and at home.

She’s lying, because she’s actually at the empty clinic, which she starts to clean. Ji-hoo, however, knows to find her here and says, “So this has become home to you.”

I really like this scene, which is nearly wordless and has all the more impact for it. Ji-hoo watches Jan-di mopping the floor, with a troubled expression his face (is that an actual flicker of emotion I see?), and steps in front of her to force her to stop. She mops around him, so he steps in front again to make her stop. She turns away, he follows.

It’s not Ji-hoo’s nature to push, so it’s like he’s waiting for her to come to her own breaking point. He grabs the mop and puts it away, and with nothing else to distract her, Jan-di lets her tears fall. He holds her as she cries.

Every time Jun-pyo gets near to his own breaking point (or breaking-free point), he’s rather forcibly reined in by Mommie Dearest, so the next time he crosses paths with Jan-di on campus, he’s back to being cold and distant. F4 walks past Jan-di, and he doesn’t spare her a glance.

Jan-di’s hurt, but doesn’t have time to dwell — her mother calls with dire news. Jan-di can’t understand what the problem is, and asks her mother to explain. Hearing the worry in her voice, Ji-hoo turns back and sees Jan-di rushing away.

When she gets home, the entire place is covered in red stickers, which denote items to be repossessed. Her mother is lying down from the shock as Jan-di’s father tends to her, trying to keep an optimistic face. Their financial woes were bad enough already — they can barely manage to pay off the interest on their loans — but now they have another problem, because a friend used Dad’s name to borrow money (with consent, made before their current troubles).

With both parents sunk in worry, they’ve failed to show up at their janitorial jobs. Jan-di tries to smooth it over with their boss, offering to take their place temporarily until her parents are able to return to work. Thus begins yet another job to add to her list.


Granted, a few moments in this episode required a (sizable) suspension of disbelief. But the reason I was able to enjoy this episode — a lot, actually — is because once I made the leap in accepting the premise, the rest of the episode generally flowed, logically and emotionally.

For instance: I didn’t really buy how frantic Jan-di was to save Ga-eul from Yi-jung. Sure, he’s a notorious playboy, but she also knows him enough to know he’s not evil; he’s not the awful Su-pyo from an earlier episode. I could see her worry, but it wasn’t enough to explain her pushing aside all her issues with Jun-pyo to beg for his help. But once I decided to just accept that as the basis for this storyline, the rest of the events that followed made sense. I’d rather not have to make any logical leaps in the first place, but at least in this case it worked out. (This was not the case in Episode 15, which is why it made me so cranky.)

I like Jae-kyung, although it took me until this episode to decide — I’d been on the fence (despite liking the actress from Day 1). It probably helps that I don’t find her voice annoying, as many of you do. Normally, a girl who wants to fit herself to be a guy’s ideal type indicates a weakness of character, but with Jae-kyung, it doesn’t seem that way. Probably because it’s not so much that she wants to change herself to suit Jun-pyo, but that she strikes me as a blank canvas, which I find really interesting. I don’t mean she’s blank as a person because she obviously has a very strong personality, but it’s more that she’s a newly born animal who’s eager to try anything and everything. She’s willing to try something new — to BE something new — to discover whether it suits her. So she likes Jun-pyo and is trying to see if she can make it work with him; can’t fault her for that.

All the Jun-pyo and Jan-di scenes were a lot of fun. Like I mentioned, I find it a little unbelievable that they work together so soon after all the Angst and Drama, but once you accept that they do, the scenes are really cute to watch. And although it seems like Jun-pyo is still caught in his mother’s snare, I think we start to see that it’s a losing battle for him to be without Jan-di. He does okay when she’s out of sight (thus out of mind), but when he’s within reach of her, it’s all just a matter of time before his real feelings are pushed to the surface. Thank god for meddling friends who keep them within reach of each other, right?

As for the last scene between Ji-hoo and Jan-di, now THAT is something I want to see more of — a complex dynamic expressed in a simple way. Ji-hoo stepping in front of Jan-di to stop her from skirting around her problem. Taking away her (literal) crutch and leaving her standing alone in an empty room, with no facades left to hide behind. Not pushing her too quickly, but waiting for her to confront the truth, forcing for her to face her emotions.

I mean, how freaking beautiful is that? And we did it in one short scene, two actors in an empty room with one prop.

There is no need to get all convoluted and nonsensical with plot twists — i.e., all that wallet ridiculousness from 15, or random characters who do nothing — when such a little exchange can have so much more impact.


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  1. maria

    5 things:

    1) woo bin dancing to TMAX and almosoost paaaradiiise. cute but Wut.In.The.Mother.of.Fanservice.was.that..?

    2)ji hoo telling his parents that he tries not to need anyone but that he keeps getting greedy. someone please tell him and anyone else who believes that shizz that no one should have to live like that. we all deserve to want and need people, and be wanted, needed back. i believe in russian, they call that LOVE, dude.

    3)jun pyo and jan di’s hug at the skating rink. she was awkward, but lee min ho acts it out in such a way that really conveys hows he’s been longing to do that, like when he said what he said in Macau, covering up the words he really wanted to say. i think the *intensity* of the *falshbakk* took him by surprise, but the happiness he feels gratifies him. THIS is where his heart’s home is.

    4) jun pyo (who, PS: was HAWT with his new less curly hair) taking that slap for her. wonderful acting all around. HOLY BEEJEEBUS.

    5) yi jung and ga eul, of course. love how kim bum’s acting is nuanced with the levels of yi jung’s complexities. you know he’s enjoying it as much as her, but always breaking off good moments to press “how successful their acting is going”.

    Sarahbeans, THANK YOU!!! had the crappiest da, and you totally made it better

    • 1.1 anonimous

      I’m English but i still watch this- I’m obsessed it’s amazing!

  2. first

    first! haha

  3. anon

    omg i’ve been refreshing waiting for this recap (:
    thanks btw 😀
    i love this series, esp ji hooo !
    i cant help liking the fiance even though she can get annoying
    shes just going through the process of having a crush !

  4. Orange

    ok seriously.. whoever did this recap, you really shouldnt say any negative comments of your own cuz if this is suppose to be a recap, just tell the plot, no one wants to hear what a boring ep or why its so bad… its good and nice of you to do all of this but please, stop saying omg…this ep is so boring and idiotic

  5. Aye

    I was glad to see some things back to “normal” in this episode; even if it was only for about 15 minutes. It’s always nice to see Jun-pyo, Jan-di, F3, and Ga-eul at happier times (the only people I care to watch really).

    Some people might find the new girl’s character “free-spirited” and “one of a kind.” I just find her really annoying, clueless, and overbearing. She made me go “shut the f*** up” several times. Excuse my french.

  6. javabeans

    #4, This isn’t “supposed” to be anything other than what I decide it to be. It’s your choice to read it or not.

  7. Debbie

    Sarah, I noticed in your twitter that you had to edit your first(?) draft of the recap of this episode. How long was it really???

    One really funny part of the episode for me so when Jae-hyung presented Woo Bin with the chicken feet… Woo Bin extended three fingers of his left hand thus imitating the chicken feet. hahaha

  8. maria

    oh and PS: i don’t think i care for jae kyung at all. i can’t hate her. but i can’t like her.

    and @4…. you are reading somone’s blog. i think she reserves the right to say whatever the hell she wants to say. a lot of us come here precisely because she says it like it is, doesn’t sugarcoat, and doesn’t hold back. the premise of returning here over and over and over is that we accept that. AND LOVE IT.
    but thank you for your opinion.

  9. lisa

    It’s shallow of me, but since Ji Hoo cut his hair off I like him way better. Also I think him and Jan Di are becoming better friends, well the actors anyway, and the chemistry between them is…actually there. Unlike the first 12 episodes lol.

    I also LOVED the phone throwing scene. Gosh. Jun Pyo is so tortured…

    One of my favorite episodes! Actually I was bummed that the Jdrama didn’t include the fake-date-setup plot, it’s always been at the top of my favs from the manga.

  10. 10 hateBOF

    uggh. stupid drama all the way. whoever said this is the best hanadan drama adaptation is seriously deluding himself.

  11. 11 Philippa

    Thanks a bunch!

  12. 12 heesoup

    “pancakes of sadness”…. LMAO

    good to see come of Jan di’s spunk back!

  13. 13 sneee

    thank you so much ♥
    i loved this episode, especially the sorely missed joonpyo-jandi moments. so much love. oh pyo, my heart aches for you.
    and i adore woo bin! he called junpyo-jandi dumb and dumber. so cute xD
    and that last jihoo-jandi scene was something pleasantly surprising. actions speak louder than words indeed.
    can’t wait to see how this develops 🙂

  14. 14 IcanhazJoonPyo?

    I thought today’s episode was the worst out of the season! I am really flabbergasted that you liked it, and even liked it more than ep 15. This episode was so completely filler–there was no development whatsoever, and was basically treading water. Nothing happens at all. And worst, the build up of angst is left completely unaddressed. JP and JD interact like they had minor spat or something and not what the past few episodes were about–and that is a year out of their lives gone, JP engaged, etc., etc..

    Also, there is absolutely ZERO character development when it comes to JD who has pretty much spent the series saying “Sonbae!” “Goo Jun-Pyo!” “deh?” “bo?.

    Oh well, maybe I am losing interest because JD is fallen short of my expectations, I cant muster the strength to bother. I did like ep 15, for what’s worth. Maybe I am just tired.

    By the way, teh extended preview of ep 16 had JP agreeing to date the fiance and there was a scene between the sister and the mother. What happened to those scenes? For some reason, after releasing the extended preview, the pd decided to fil the episode with silliness rather than what logically should have followed–a continued build up of tension or some kind of resolution.

  15. 15 all4movies

    yep, that was a good episode. thanks for the insightful analysis as I’d just as soon sit back and experience it, silliness and all.

    loved the half-nekkid JP scene and Jan Di’s shock. it was very funny.

  16. 16 peony

    I look forward to your recaps more than the actual episodes now. Thanks.

  17. 17 SuMi

    *phew* i was getting paranoid thinking i was prolly the only one who kinda likes the “other woman” =p

    and yes i totally love the part where he slammed his phone on the floor – i could already feel the frustration coming through the screen… AWESOME scene

    i would think jae kyung could open up lots of possibilities in the plot – but having said that, it seems that there’s a thing about staying close to the original storyline, so i guess she won’t be sticking around for too long either?

    OH AND YIJUNG/GA-EUL!! i wish they had more interaction like that!!

    don’t we just love Tuesday eps? =)

  18. 18 sophie

    Thank you for the recap!

  19. 19 Anonymous

    orange, I usually don’t post, but you’ve annoyed me enough that I feel the need to. If javabeans is taking time out of his/her schedule to watch the entire episode and then find screenshots and summarize the episode so thoroughly, I think you should just appreciate that and not complain about how his/her opinion seeps through. If you have complaints, then don’t read the recaps! Your behavior is unbelievably rude to the person who put so much work into this.

  20. 20 Lucille

    Thank you so much for the recap. The thing I love about this adaptation of the manga is that JP and JD really have no reason to like each other. They just do. It’s kinda beautiful. There is nothing special about JD. The only thing special about her is that she is not afraid to be herself. If JP didn’t have his money, there would be nothing special about him either. What real girl would want a guy with that type of attitude? I love the whole idea of unreasonable love. Thanks once again.

  21. 21 Suzy

    Yeah, I was scratching my head at Jandi running to Jun Pyo for help after everything that came before BUT the more Jun Pyo we have the better so no complaints from me. The music didn’t kill me this episode either… ahhh relief. I think I’m finally over episode 11. 🙂

  22. 22 eray

    Again with the WooBin LOVE!!! Is he not the most adorable thing ever! The dancing scene was freaking funny as hell, I don’t care what anybody says. Once again he is such a wonderful character and I’m so glad we are getting more of him. YAY! with ‘the other trio’ (what I call the GaEul/YiJung/WooBin characters. You have JunPyo/JanDi/JiHoo then the other three) I loved lovedloved their scenes together.

    WooBin and YiJung attempted wooing of T’He Pesky Fiancee’ was awesome-sauce! It was better than the Japanese version! They looked so downtrodden that it didn’t work, and GaEul’s look of ‘you morons’ when they told her was hilarious. I have decided that if GaEul and YiJung aren’t together then it MUST be WooBin and GaEul! HUZZAH!

  23. 23 Who Knew

    Wow… recently, I’ve definitely noticed that without Gu Jun Pyo’s character, the entire drama just falls to pieces. I hadn’t really noticed it before… because the series was still a bit fluffy. But now, now that it’s intense, i want to see more of it! I want a happy ending quick, but I’m really really enjoying every bit of angst and drama! Lee Min Ho is amazing!

  24. 24 anna

    sigh… be together faster! i hate to think that when they do, it will be short-lived.

  25. 25 Jenn

    I absolutely love the fiance and her interactions with JP. I was worried at first that I might jump ship but now I realize that I can separate their relationship from the one JP and JD have (Which is still my main ship).

    Am I the only one who believes she’s not as oblivious as she seems? That she knew perfectly well what the guys were trying to do and she was messing with them? Her smug smile at the end when her bodyguard takes over only drove that theory home for me. And the lion comment 😀

    Yet again, LMH acts his ass off. It truly is fascinating to watch him portray this character.
    So many cute funny scenes that weren’t over done (Like the horrible toilet one). And we got some intense emotional ones. I do look forward to scenes between JP and his mother. They always stand out, especially since they’re arguably the best actors on the show.

    “By the way, teh extended preview of ep 16 had JP agreeing to date the fiance and there was a scene between the sister and the mother. What happened to those scenes?”

    That scene between JP’s sister and mother was really interesting. I hope they just left it for next week’s episode since the other one definitely was.

  26. 26 DBSK

    i haven’t seen the episode yet, but for clarification purposes: are they all in the same university now? i thought jandi was still in highschool and the f4 boys had moved on to college, but are they all in college at this point?

    and thanks for the recaps!!~ usually i don’t read them before i’ve watched the episodes, but i haven’t had time (stupid midterms) so it’s such a relief to be caught up this way…

  27. 27 happyswallow

    To Orange –

    dude. this is javabeans’ blog. he/she can write anything she wants. if you don’t want to read a recap with personal notes added to it, then just go away. what a dumb and insensitive message.

    anyway, thanks for the recap. i enjoy reading them, and i enjoy your little notes too. its nice to see how others view this drama, mainly cuz none of my friends are watching this and i can’t really discuss this. >_<

  28. 28 Kdramalovers

    Thanks. I totally agree with you regarding the last scene between JH and JD…it was simple, yet powerful. Thank goodness there were some JunDi moments, I was getting ready to scream at the script writer and the PD….

  29. 29 shin7

    Orange- she kept her opinions away from the recap. That bold word- “comments” indicated where the actual recap ended and her thoughts began. Honestly, I don’t know why you’re upset at that when she was much more critical of other episodes… I know my opinion doesn’t represent others, but I read javabean’s recaps because I WANT to hear if she thought it was boring. She often mentions logical discontinuities I didn’t notice, because I’m more of a casual watcher. So yes, SOME people want to hear it was a boring episode.

    Moving on… I’ve been lurking here for a while and finally decided I should post to thank you for your recaps. I love the HQ screenshots and always enjoy what you have to say. Like I mentioned, sometimes I don’t realize a ridiculous plot device until I read about it from you (I did see the wallet thing, though… I literally went “WTF”) and it’s always great to hear others’ opinions. Thank you for doing these! 😀

  30. 30 Airajuliafor

    Random BBF Question: I know the OST is horrible, but if you had to pick one song from the soundtrack that was, in your opinion, the least horrendous, which one would it be?

    This ep:

    What makes me wonder is… does Jae-kyung really not see what’s goig on between Jan-di and Jun-pyo. You can see it in both of their faces ALL THE TIME. Is she just more ignorant than how I thought? If she is, that’s really bugging the heck out of me. And this is why, even though I liked her in the past episodes… it’s the complete opposite for me compared to you: I liked her, and now she’s borderline between = | and =)….

    “But the reason I was able to enjoy this episode — a lot, actually — is because once I made the leap in accepting the premise, the rest of the episode generally flowed, logically and emotionally. ”
    I have thought of the same thing before, actually. And I think it not only works for the Korean version, but also the manga and the dorama as well. (maybe the Taiwanese one? haven’t actually watched that one yet.) Both have crazy circumstances as well.. And if you think about it, the whole show is built on almost unbelievable situations. I mean, can F4 REALLY exist? Or is there really a school EXACTLY like Shinhwa?

    Thanks, Java. Awesome recap. I enjoyed the ep too. And I hope I’ll enjoy 17 [ even though it’s the Monday episode =/ ]

  31. 31 Chloe

    Hello Java!

    I completely agree with you on this Ep;

    Once you stop paying attention to the overall cohesion of the drama, you can see the little brilliant, cute, touching moments.

    My favorite scene everrr came tonight – when JP debated with himself whether to text Jihoo or not – whether to basically hand over Jandi to Jihoo…..
    and the intensity with which he smashed the cellphone…

    that was super sexy.

    And also – I also fell in love with Jaekyung in this ep. I didn’t want to like her since her first appearance – despite her obvious beauty. But this ep, she just came across as such a carefree, spontaneous, aggressive girl – which I really admire.

    Thanks for the recaps! 😀

  32. 32 ayana

    thanks javabeans.. awesome!!

  33. 33 lovenyc52

    yay! can’t wait to watch this ep.. maybe i’ll actually try to watch it w/o subs first just so i can be sure to catch the emotions playing on their face instead of staring at the bottom of the screen reading the translations haha.

    and #8
    ” @4…. you are reading somone’s blog. i think she reserves the right to say whatever the hell she wants to say. a lot of us come here precisely because she says it like it is, doesn’t sugarcoat, and doesn’t hold back. the premise of returning here over and over and over is that we accept that. AND LOVE IT.”

    i couldn’t have said it better myself. recaps are really only interesting to read when there’s awesome commenting to go along with it

    keep up the wonderful recaps javabeans – you’re an amazing writer and i can’t get enough :o)

  34. 34 deeta

    Sarah, I was wondering, can you tell me the tempura-like food that Jaekyung, Jandi, and Gaeul were eating? I know Soondae, Ttokbogi, and the other one looks like kimbab, but what was the fried, tempura looking dish? It looks good.

  35. 35 butterfly

    #4 – if you don’t like it, you can stop reading. There are many people out there who loves the author’s own comments. Personally, i refresh the page a million times today just to read the recaps.

    and #10 – if you don’t like the show, just don’t watch it. I really think it is a good show.

    Dramabeans, i really love your comments. It is really becoming a habit or more like an addiction to read your recap. Really thanks for writing. By the way, i am very curious. What time do you normally publish the review? The date and time of the post or the comments does not tally that with mine. haha..

    Regarding the episode, i like it a lot. I really miss the Jandi-Jun Pyo moments. They are really cute in this ep. And i really love the glasses that Jandi wore. Super adorable..

  36. 36 jackieee

    Thanks for the recap!! All I can say is… YAY FOR TUESDAYS!!!

    My favorite part is when Jun-pyo thows his cell phone.. all that turmoil… ahh!

  37. 37 Nina

    i thought today’s episode was ridiculously boring. it went nowhere and did not develop the plot in any way – i think the writer is trying to do too much with too little time and it’s somehow come across as shabby.

    with the other two versions i never wanted JiHoo (or lei or rui) to be with JanDi but somehow in this show i don’t think JunPyo is the one for her when JiHoo can understand her and be there for her. it’s as if JunPyo can’t fight for his love while salvaging his company.

    it just seems too like absurd that he said he’ll never leave her and then changes his mind with little plot development (unlike the japanese one with Ken).

    i somehow think they are not doing this one right. even though i watch it, i am not drawn to it

  38. 38 jassarah

    Yay for a typical Tuesday episode. This episode is probably my favorite so far because of the nice display of friendship all around involving F4, Jandi, and Ga Eul. Even the opening Gun Pyo-Ji Hoo scene did a good job of showing how close they really are, with the nuanced interaction. And even though she’s the worst spy ever in the cutest way, Jandi’s concern for Ga Eul was touching. They did a good job of giving Woo Bin some more face time. As you rightfully pointed out, it was great seeing him explain to Jandi that Jun Pyo was back at Shinhwa University. I also thought his mischevious attitude after Jandi walked in on half-naked Gun Pyo was hilarious and reminded me how he’s a valued member of F4. For the requisite “Almost Paradise” playing, I thought it was witty and self-deprecating to have Woo Bin (i.e. real life member of T-Max) dancing and singing along to it. You know it’s a good day when “Almost Paradise” doesn’t make you want to punch something.

    I’m with you on Jae Kyung. At first, I was afraid she’d be too muh-shee-suh and blow Jandi out of the water as a love rival–the multiple languages, the kick assery and martial arts skills, and assertiveness. But she showed a lack of social skills and common sense by not sensing the tension in the Gun Pyo-Jandi-Ji Hoo exchange. This made me both like her but also will make it easier for me to believe Gun Pyo and Jandi are a better match even when Idiot Jandi inevitably will resurface.

    And Sarah, don’t ever pay attention to negative comments. Your site is amazing and although I follow lots of sites, both in Korean and English, about Korean pop culture, yours is the FIRST one I go to each day. Looking forward to next week, where I eagerly await your Monday episode recap (I’ll have alcohol ready) 🙂 But of course, I’ll be checking dramabeans many, many times between now and then.

  39. 39 flooooo

    thanx Javabeans for your recaps
    I was looking for the meaning of JD answer about JK questions

    “Jan-di says there’s one person who had an effect on her: “When I looked at him, my mind would go blank.” (By this, she means that everything else goes dull and fades.)”

    so who is he? If JP, so JP is her first love but I thought it was J…arfff so confusing…I really look everywhere but noone can clarify this for me…

  40. 40 lyn

    “ok seriously.. whoever did this recap, you really shouldnt say any negative comments of your own cuz if this is suppose to be a recap, just tell the plot, no one wants to hear what a boring ep or why its so bad… its good and nice of you to do all of this but please, stop saying omg…this ep is so boring and idiotic”

    Orange, chill. I actually prefer her commentaries. I’ve already seen the episode with subtitles at Viikii and Youtube, I still come here to read Javabean’s take on the episode, it makes it more livelier. She’s just speaking the truth, BOF is a very flawed drama though still very enjoyable.

  41. 41 Nina

    oh btw i wanted to say i agree with all of the people above except 4 because u do AWESOME recaps..sometimes i just read yours if i am not interested in watching the episode cos u do it so well and actually inject some of your own humour into it..makes it sometimes even more lively than the show!
    keep up the great work..ure website is one of my favs!

  42. 42 K4Ice4Thu

    LOL @ your twitter XD
    but anyways, awesome recap as always!
    I also really liked the last scene between JD and JH – a very simple scene yet a very poignant one. Hope there will be more of these coming in the future episodes.
    LMAO ‘pancakes of sadness’

    BTW Sarah, I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the casting of YJ’s first love Cha Eun Jae and his older brother..what are your thoughts on them?

    @ #10 – if you think this is a stupid drama and hate it so much then why are you reading the recap for BOF?

  43. 43 Jo

    Its funny how people think that when Jandi is saying “Mo?” they think she is saying “Bo?” hahhahaha.

  44. 44 Sue

    ditto on that scene with jihoo and jandi!!!!!! might possibly be my favorite scene thus far? minus the awkward full shot of them awkwardly holding on to each other.

    oh, and how uncomfortable was watching woobin dance to almost paradise?

  45. 45 joan

    I love feeling all giggly and warm inside from all the tension and near misses of love in BOF. Makes me 16 years old again. An age were logic and reason doesn’t work. JUST LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

    So before watching BOF try reverting to the time you were all silly and euphoric with love to appreciate and not kill yourself with disbelief. Thats what i do.


  46. 46 elmo

    yay more ga eul and yi jung scenes
    wh ocares aabout everyone else muwahahahaha

  47. 47 BOFfan

    Finally! I thought this episode was really great. The story line flowed well, and there were so many scenes I loved. I know that it gets a little redundant with Jun Pyo calling Jaekyung “monkey,” but I just couldn’t help but giggle each time.

    1. When Jaekyung meets Jihoo, and Jaekyung assumes he is Jandi’s boyfriend, and seeing everyone’s reactions. As Jaekyung is smiling at JiHoo after he introduces him, he comments, “so you know a good looking guy when you see on.” (You got that right)

    2. When Jaekyung goes out with WooBin and YiJung .. I don’t know , but it was just hilarious to me as she is singing karaoke “I want nobody, nobody but you,” and they just look exasperated and when they are forced to eat chicken feet and eventually barf….LOL.

    3. Woo Bin when he is singing his own song in Junpyo’s bedroom and he tells Jandi, ” I told you where he was, not what he was doing.” sly dog

    4. Jandi and Junpyo spying on Yi Jung and Gaeul. Sure it didn’t make much sense that they were following them everywhere without really interfering, but it was fun to watch both couples together….. wishful thinking.

    5.. When Junpyo stops his mom from hitting Jandi and he instead gets slapped in the face. woah!

    6. Jandi and Jihoo scene in the clinic.. Jihoo is so sweet as he keeps stopping in front of Jandi’s mop b/c he wants to console her. drool, drool.

    But what I don’t understand is when Junpyo is giving Jandi the cold shoulder in the end, why are the F3 just walking by and not acknowledging Jandi? They just keep going as if nothing happened. Yi Jung even has a smirk on his face. I guess you have to just accept things as they are in this drama.

  48. 48 Tay

    Simply liked the scenes that includes JP and JD. Today’s episode is so cute when they co-operate to “catch” YJ and GE lol…I can’t wait for next week. I am hating Monday episode more and more lol…

  49. 49 Jam

    Hi Javabeans,
    Found your blog when doing a search for BBF and love your sense of humour. Always wait in anticipation to your recaps to see how u view the latest ep. When watching certain bits of this ep, I’ve found myself actually thinking: Javabeans is going to say something about this or that. how weird is that? LOL.

    I actually like Jae-kyung and think she’s the closest to what I believe is depicted in the manga. As for Yi-jung, I think I’ll be in serious trouble if I go on a fake date with him! Like many others, hope to see something more bet Yi-jung and Ga-eul. Lee Min-ho is terrific! At first, I had reservations about how he was taking the character of Jun-pyo (my fav in the manga) but now I see he is similar and yet refreshing different and what a strong actor! This ep has me laughing over his bakka-ness (loosely translated: stupidity).

    Sigh… another 6 more days to my next fix.

  50. 50 MoMo

    As usual thanks for great recaps for both ep 15 and 16. I agree that JunDI moments were great. They really make up for all the lousy scenes in the previous episodes.

    I like your fair assessment to the fiancee. However, I still find JK annoying. I’ll grant some points for the unique personality but her actions and statements end up looking childish and immature.

    I have read complaints about how Jandi’s character, that she has now become lame and people are calling the PD to bring back the gutsy chick who gives 360-degree sidekicks. With the greatest respect, I believe they totally missed the point. This is a girl who hold three jobs to help her parents, had to give up swimming for an injury that could have been treated if she had the money, in love with the richest man in the country whose mom will not hesitate to throw her and her family out of the universe without batting an eye. She is still the strong girl. If she wasn’t strong, she would have left the town with the two bags of cash earlier.

    Looking forward to the next episodes.

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