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Lie To Me: Episode 13 Open Thread
by | June 20, 2011 | 152 Comments


Ki-joon ditches his big dinner meeting to take Ah-jung out to “relieve some stress.” Aww, yeah. Oh wait, he means games and street food. I guess that’s fun too.

(Now, there’s the Kang Ji-hwan I miss seeing onscreen! All boyish energy and charm. It’s like he’s flattened out his natural liveliness for this role, when really he’s at his best being totally off-the-wall. See: Coffee House, Hong Gil Dong, Level 7 Civil Servant.)

He buys them ice cream, and shoves hers in her face. Aw man, who totally thought there was gonna be an ice cream kiss here?

Alas, some criminally bad timing is working against them (as is wont to happen in K-dramas), because So-ran sees Yoon-ju’s dour-looking dinner party with Aunt CEO and calls Ah-jung. She’s relieved (for once acting like a friend and not frenemy) when Ah-jung confirms she’s on a date with Ki-joon — just as Yoon-ju’s mother overhears her phone call, and takes the family away, offended.

There are a lot of business dealings in this episode, and the nutshell version is this: Ki-joon tells Aunt he’ll get them back on track with their entry in the Chinese market, but that they’ll do it without Yoon-ju’s stepdad. He’ll appeal to Chen directly and change his mind, and he does, kind of. He drops in on a mahjong game — are we in some mobster movie now? Weird, weird tone all of a sudden — and gets Chen to reconsider his proposal.

There’s a big Korea-China event being planned by Ah-jung’s office, and it’s decided that the attendees will stay at World Hotel. Her co-worker hears her talking to Ki-joon on the phone and assumes that Ki-joon lobbied Ah-jung with some backroom deal to secure this outcome, because to him that makes more sense than that these two are dating. Maybe he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

The Lovelorn Trio — Sang-hee, Yoon-ju, and ajusshi Seok-bong — go on a painting outing by the lake. Sang-hee dramatically sighs that his love always turns into a “crime.”

Yoon-ju says her breakup isn’t his fault, though she used to blame him for it. Now she calls it a test that she and Ki-joon failed, and she says everyone has changed but her. Ergo, now she will change too. Those would be reassuring words…except why does she have evil scary bitchface when she says that? Uh-oh…

Ah-jung totally uses the Korea-China event to call Ki-joon to her office (citing the mistakes in the planning info sent by his side), and takes a hard line against him. Her co-workers are impressed at how assertively she handles him, totally missing the fact that the couple is blatantly flirting right under their noses. Like I said, not exactly a brain trust, these guys.

Both Ah-jung and Ki-joon are working late nights, and he shows up to whisk her away for the night…to a jjimjilbang. She calls Dad to say she’ll be working all night, and he says the same. Naturally, they run into Dad and Ae-kyung, also on their own covert date.

The jjimjilbang holds a soda-drinking contest, which makes Ki-joon comment knowingly to Ah-jung, “Like…cola?” Rawr.

Dad challenges Ki-joon to another drinking contest, ’cause it’s the Korean way. Or maybe it’s just the manly way. Put those things away, boys, you might hurt someone with ’em. (Dad wins this time.)

Ki-joon sends Chen a revised contract to consider, then goes to China — just as the scandal hits the newspapers about him losing out on his entree into the Chinese market due to his lie. Looks like some of Aunt’s board members are taking advantage of Ki-joon’s shaky status to shake him up even more.

Ah-jung feels guilty because the lie was hers, and Yoon-ju lays it on even thicker, telling her that Ki-joon carries lots of baggage, that he’s lost a lot in his life, and that Ah-jung should think of what’s best for him. Aunt CEO calls her in to hammer that nail in deeper, asking her to let go of him.

Ah-jung cries, calls Jae-bum for legal advice, and submits her resignation. She shows up to the hotel where reporters are gathered, identifies herself, and reveals that it was her lie, not Ki-joon’s.


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152 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. dmko

    Love the towel heads, so cute!

    • 1.1 Celexa

      I’m going to need a pimer on head towel knots.
      I’m so tempted to start using the cute princess leia look after showers!

      • 1.1.1 HanKang4ever

        you can actually buy head towels that are knotted already.

        • cookie

          Where? :>

      • 1.1.2 Rina

        Haha…I always wanted to try to do this after seeing it in K-dramas!

    • 1.2 Carinne

      Maybe it’s all the blue in the frames and the lighting ‘cos all I see are cute smurfs. ^ , ^

    • 1.3 Hazel

      watch Lie to Me Episode 13 English Subbed here: http://www.kimchidramas.net/2011/06/lie-to-me-episode-13.html

  2. fofo

    #1 !
    and i dont watch LTM !

    • 2.1 fofo

      OR NOT

      • 2.1.1 Ani

        It’s okay. C’est la vie.

    • 2.2 cookie

      Just for that EPIC FAIL ….. you HAVE to watch LTM ;3
      Or santa won’t give you any presents this year :>

  3. Pika876

    Cannot wait for this one to be subbed.
    Thanks for the Weecap, although i do feel like I am ruining the story for myself sometimes >.<

    I really have no self control </3 -_-''

  4. Cindy

    OK, now on with my rant. This show has gotten so sloppy.. I can’t even express how upset I am. I am actually not picky about dramas. I chose to watch this because it seemed light-hearted, cutesy, and fun but the drama has been getting increasingly boring. They seem to throw in a lot of useless moments, and when I mean useless, I mean it. I’m still unhappy with the whole Sang-hee suddenly developing feelings for Ah-Jung thing… That was too much of a curve ball for me.. Then the revelation of Ki-Joon and Ah-Jung’s true relationship.. The fact that they are not truly married has dragged on for so long.. It took way too long for the others to discover this. As much as I love Kang Ji-hwan and Yoon Eun-hye.. this plot and script of this drama is just dry. I went absolutely INSANE with that kiss in episode 6 but since then, I’ve been painting my nails and texting during the episodes. That is not a good sign!

    • 4.1 diorama

      I know. This is the show that made me drop it despite my adoration of YEH and KJH, individually and together. That is totally an achievement.

      I think it’s the MSOAN syndrome – fantastic cast gets stuck with a crapshoot of a script and I end up banging my head through the wall T.T

      • 4.1.1 ellewu

        i’m with you guys. this is a total waste of good actors, even their chemistry can’t save this show, the writing is just that bad. the “cutesy” was cute and adorable before but now i feel like they’re just milking it too much and it’s not fun to watch anymore ๐Ÿ™

        Cindy i know about the multitasking thing since i did that too with last week’s episodes (don’t think i’ll watch it anymore), i had multiples screens opened up and i was just basically listening to the drama… i knew the drama was a goner when i closed its screen without a second thought in order to watch kitten videos on youtube, lol.

        • asianromance

          Got my gripes abt the show, but I get the impression that their chemistry is the only thing saving the show. without YEH and KJH and their chemistry, this storyline, even with the cute and hot moments, would only have had a fraction of the ratings they now have and a fraction of the fan-following. I’m upset that the drama thinks that it can fool the audience into thinking cute moments = amazing plot, but then who can blame it for milking the cuteness, especially when it switched to a new writer last week, who probably doesn’t know the story and is just trying to help the drama reach its finish line? People, even after recognizing that the plot is shot, are still eating the cute up and that’s the only way to maintain the current audience. If their ratings drop, then the advertisers won’t pay as much.

          I think YEH and KJH’s talents are wasted on the drama and I demand a do-over of the YEH and KJH union in another movie/series. But I do hope that the popularity of the show with a large group of fans watching it online will further increase KJH’s popularity. Sure he’s popular on dramabeans, but I feel like his popularity’s a bit behind elsewhere.

          • Jane

            Ratings already dropped to 7.3%. I hope it’s not worse tomorrow.

        • Aphrodite

          How this is a total waste of good actors? A good actor is a good actor, even if it plays in the worst crap ever.
          (See Hwang Jung Min in ”That fool”).
          This show, no matter how its is negatively critisized, is a huge success among fans.
          And at the end, since KJH and YEH decided to play in that, its not a waste of them, its their personal choice.

          • appie

            You’re clearly twisting asianromance’s post and I think (no, certain) you’re missing the point .__.
            You should re-read the post ^__^

      • 4.1.2 rence

        extremely agree with you, guys…. the story line is getting boring, nowhere to be exact…i think they are just capitalizing on the cutesy moments of the leads which is not good at all…where before i cant start my week not watching LTM even in raw, now, i lost that excitement of watching it already…

        ouch, not a good sign of a good kdrama for me…

        anyway, thanks for the recap

        • reesh

          i second the motion…

    • 4.2 Taber

      What are you ranting about really? so what Sang-hee likes Ah-Jung it not like the script even acknowledge that curve ball that must have hit you in the head. All drama throw in useless stuff sweetie get over it. The plot took as long as any other plot in k-drama (Think) give me a drama with lie as the plot and I give you 8 episode if not more before it been exposure. Painting your nails and texting is more of a personal choice, don’t have any thing to do with the LTM script.

      I think this weekend I have do some research, I will show 20 drama that has lie as a plot that wasn’t exposure till 8 and beyond so ppl can put this dead horse to rest. It don’t make no sense that one comment from a recap have everyone thinking the time frames is not the norm, “thousand” other drama with the same kind of storyline has taking this long if not longer, so let that go.

      SEE: “Coffee House, Hong Gil Dong, Level 7 Civil Servant.”

      I have seen them all and I think LTM character is the best.

      • 4.2.1 Ani

        I think the painting nails and texting is Cindy’s way of saying that the drama is so boring or has gotten to the point that you don’t need to actually watch it while watching it and feel as if you were missing anything, because you’re not. It’s not like Joseon X-Files or a Hong Sister’s drama where you have to pay attention to the smaller things, because there is nothing to be missed. So I think you missed the point of her saying that that’s what’s she does during the drama. In short: You can do your homework while watching this drama because it’s a light drama to the point that you won’t be hanging on it’s every word/action.

        As for kdramas following a formula, yeah, it’s true. And drama’s that revolves around a lie normally reveals around midway through. A current example is the lie in Baby-faced Beauty (one of my current favorites next to Best Love) did the big reveal around episode 10 (11, or 12… I forget which).

        • Aphrodite

          Joeson X-Files is not a rom-com DUHHHHH!!!
          Personally, I am not dissapointed of what I see. This is a purely rom-com, with the typical contract marriage pattern.
          No drama (any sickness), no melodrama, no historical, no scifi (SG), or anything else. PURELY Rom-Com!
          Compared to Best love (which I adore as well), it misses the humorous part, and the drama part, so typically, are not even the same kind.

        • Cindy

          Thanks Ani, you really highlighted what I meant. I did not even have to look up to the screen to see what was occurring, in fact, I don’t even know Korean! It was boring to the point that it seemed like what they were saying does not even matter. I only looked at what they said when there was rather dramatic music or when there was a cutesy scene between Ki-Joon and Ah-Jung.
          I know dramas throw in curve balls but there was no basis for Sang-hee’s attraction. It came out of nowhere. In My Girl, at least it was reasonable that Grandfather would not accept Yoo-Rin because she lied she was the cousin. In Baby-faced Beauty, it wasn’t strange how the President developed feelings for Soo-Young since the activities they did together in prior episodes at least hinted that there was growing attraction between the President and Soo-Young. They didn’t add something this out of line.
          Also, in Baby-faced Beauty, the lie was revealed much earlier and there was now new problems that were realistic. I think that is why its ratings are higher than this drama. It made things more exciting because now the lie is out, and onto the problems between the main couple now as a result of the lie.
          Hey, maybe this is just me. I’m glad you like this drama but I just wanted to put out why I don’t.

      • 4.2.2 Brenda

        i really did like the drama in the beginning but i think the complaint concerning how long it took to reveal the secret is not purely based on how many episodes it took. It just felt long and unecessary/boring, so you can’t really compare it to something like coffee house, the reasonings and assumpions were different as cf was still entertaining to watch despite the lie (and because of it) while lie to me had a really wishy washy reasoning, and didn’t build on it enough or really even need it imo.

        (i hope YEH and KGH get better dramas in the future, it makes me want to rewatch their old dramas which i do love)

      • 4.2.3 laoh

        Coffee Prince’s lie wasn’t revealed til ep 11, although while watching it the first time, I kept cringing saying, “Just tell him already!” but then that would dry up the plot (which it kinda did afterwards).

        So there’s no need to rush revealing the lie in LTM but I just wish there was better plot to carry the story once the lie came out. I really thought LTM was great 1-6, 7-8 was so-so except for that great cola kiss scene, and then it’s been really downhill since. I still watch it and will to the end but it’s too bad it didn’t remain strong.

    • 4.3 Janey-Come-Lately

      OMG….. LTM is the numberrrr ONE spot at mysoju??? And City Hunter trailing at 2? What gives?

      Such a waste of YEH and KJH talents with such poor script. This show thoroughly deserves the weecap which was brilliant btw, hahaha….still giggling over it.

      LTM should be awarded this year’s Tomato Award….anything less is an injustice.

      • 4.3.1 Janey-Come-Lately

        Ooops….the weecap, forgot to mention that it was THAT particular tongue-in-cheek weecap done by someone from the North Pole? Simply love the sarcasm in those terse, succint sentences !! hehe

        I have completely given up watching LTM, and now just resort to reading recaps/weecaps just to know how the silly show will end. Even the two leads’ cuteness is beginning to tire admist all the plot that goes nowhere. AND one could not forget their first kiss which is so00oo full of love, oops i mean, lust. Such a disaster of a show.

      • 4.3.2 jenknight18

        playfull kiss was number one there too.. so yeah… not trust the choice there.. the more cute = the higher the ranking

        • hani

          MSOAN also ranked high

          • t

            Ya! Exactly! I was like..what..o_o

        • Cynthia

          The only country that Playful Kiss WASN’T #1 was Korea – and it was up against some tremendous competition. I think that JB’s comments here about PK were fair – except for her fixation on my husband’s perm… ๐Ÿ™‚ – but I don’t get the comparison of LTM to PK.

          Other than the fact that they can both be labeled rom/coms, it’s comparing apples to oranges. PK was low-key & sweet and well-paced It had a definite storyline that didn’t meander all over hell and gone, confusing viewers with extraneous side stories.

          LTM is a study in deconstruction. It began on solid footing, plot-wise, and then hit the pool of quicksand taking actors and plot development down for the count. It’s apparent that even throwing a rescue rope of new writers into the gloop isn’t helping to save this drama from the massive critique it’s received.

          It’s fine that so many viewers love LTM, but to call it great simply because the two leads are good at making out (and who doesn’t like to see that?) isn’t enough to excuse poor writing. And it’s frustrating to see a fine actor of KGH’s caliber publicly apologizing for the poor ratings – like it was HIS fault in some way. Gah!

          To me, the hallmark of good story-telling brought to the screen is this: If I can be riveted by the plot and not know who any of the actors are (newbies, etc) and still LOVE what I’m seeing, that’s good writing. City Hunter has it. Miss Ripley has it in spades. LTM? Take away the two leads and what’s left? Weak writing.

          • hani

            i agree with you
            WHat really pissed me off about PK was the directing
            The unicorn land opening ten minute sequence was TORTURE.
            Having said that i somehow managed to watch PK till the end and did enjoy it but there was a LOT of fast forwarding involved NGL.
            PK was not a good drama but it wasnt total crap. It just didnt have enough momentum.
            If PK had been 10 episodes it would have been perfect.

          • Aphrodite

            Having seeing Playfull Kiss, and loved it as I love LTM, its surely not the same. To be honest, I found Playfull Kiss was more boring plotwise, and defenately acting-wise.

          • Ace

            I’m one of the few who liked PK especially when I watched it the 2nd time around (it was more funny and entertaining). Maybe because I liked the manga and I hated the Taiwanese version (mostly bec. of Ariel L’s portrayal). Plus I had low expectations going in so Robot boy Seung-Jo grew on me. Supporting cast were wonderful esp. SJ’s mom and last but not least was Jung So-min who’s just simply lovely as Oh Hani.

            Note about ratings: I don’t watch shows based on the ratings or how it ranked in a streaming site. There are a lot of good dramas out there whose ratings have been so low it’s a crime and there have been bad dramas whose ratings were high it’s even more of a crime. Anyway, to use someone else’s words, “commercial” & “overrated” dramas, actors/actresses aren’t my thing. I want something that can stand the test of time and that I can enjoy and appreciate at whatever stage of my life.

    • 4.4 HanKang4ever

      @Jane “Ratings already dropped to 7.3%. I hope itโ€™s not worse tomorrow.”

      Ouch! Is this true? I feel so bad for YEH! MFL, bad as it was, didn’t go this low!

      • 4.4.1 sara

        Yes, its true. the ratings drops further in this episode. i guess korean people know what’s good and bad, they are smart unlike many international viewers. lol what.?

        • Aphrodite

          Thanks for insulting anyone that likes this drama.
          There are something that is called freaking personal taste, and it has nothing to do with being smart or not.

        • nia

          I think the difference ist, that the international viewers (especially those who use mysoju etc.) mostly consist of younger girls. While ratings in Korea show a whole range of viewers agewise and genderwise.
          When I was 14 years old I didn’t care as much for a good plot or clever writing as I do now.

      • 4.4.2 Kiara

        Ouch, Im not a fan of the drama but I love the two main leads and was hoping that the rating will improve because I know that they are doing their best to save this drama. I believe if it werent for them it’ll be even lower.

  5. Eunsoo

    totally agree it started of very well but now…
    I can’t watch it even though I love the actors.

  6. penne

    im so early now…weeeeeeeeeh..so lovin the scenes..ive been laughing and at the same time got so chilled with how so good the cast are at portraying their roles..so filled with love and cuteness..can’t just get enough of YEH and KJH..really really lovin the hot chemistry ever!!!!

  7. sanzo

    How many episodes to go? They can’t possibly drag the ending any longer…

  8. gusya

    Wow…the show is getting so sloooow and some of the scenes are getting sloppy and unnecessary. Love the main couple and thats just about it ^^

  9. notoriousnoona

    JB have I told you how much I love weecaps? I really think you’re on to something and would love to see more! L2M definitely benefits from small doses.

  10. 10 rumba lumba

    is this thing still on? it’s like a mash-up of broken ideas.

  11. 11 NaRRa

    I have to admit that this drama has no plot whatsoever, and even if it had one I’d say its been running in circles for the past 13 episodes BUT that doesn’t mean i don’t like the drama, In fact I love it. The chemistry between the leads is what’s keeping me attached and it adds this very light feeling to the show. I don’t consider this drama bad, cause its not focused on its plot in the first place, but more on the romance and so far its succeeding in that.
    Thank you for the summary ^^

  12. 12 Ahjumma

    It’s just amazing to me that those who have negative feelings about this drama still continue to watch it.

    • 12.1 ruthie

      it just shows how hopeful they are that the new episode will improve…im one of them, this drama started to be really good and promising but halfway thru its starting to get slow and boring but since the lead’s chemistry is off the roof its hard to let it go…i might stick to the very end just for KJW goodies keeehhh!

    • 12.2 Celexa

      And continue to complain about the “ordeal” of watching each and every episode!

      • 12.2.1 appie

        A little tricky since I could say “hey, I’ve stopped watching LTM cos its so shit” then you could say “how could you say that, did you even finish watching the whole thing?” .___.

        I don’t understand why people get riled up if someone gave little criticism, I promise you wouldn’t ask me if I gave posts like “kyaaa I love this” or “he’s hot hot hot.” -___-

    • 12.3 hookedonmonix

      It definitely seems like a no-brainer. However, I have this sort of issue with several shows. I hit a point when I’m angry/disappointed in it but I keep watching. (or at least reading recaps)

      I think that’s because fandom is an investment. it’s an investment of our time and it’s an emotional investment as well. When we invest ourselves in something, we want to see it prosper and we want it to pay off for us. And just because its not paying off, we don’t stop needing that payoff. We keep watching and hoping and groaning as our investment goes down the tube.

      Even though others’ disappointment with something we love is really discouraging, it still (usually) means that they have hope that there’s something to gain by continuing to watch. It’s better than people dropping it completely and not caring enough to give it a second thought. It’s like “they” say: The opposite of love is not hate, it’s apathy.

      • 12.3.1 Sherry VS

        Well-said! I will continue to hope the best is yet to come for this drama since there are only a couple more episodes. I invested too much time in GLORIA and thought I would die waiting for something interesting to happen. I did end up leaving it – and waited til the last episode arrived. And then there are shows like SIGN – which I quite enjoyed- but after reading the recap for the last episode (thank God it was there) I couldn’t watch! At all. Argh. I will continue to remain addicted to the nth degree, but will start really looking at my addiction choices.

    • 12.4 Pat

      first of all i’m happy that JB used a more neutral tone on this weecap – some of the sarcasms in the previous weecaps made me wonder why were the authors continued to mock the show by writing weecaps filled with sarcasms…… i agree with Ahjumma (12) – why contine to watch it if you don’t like it so much? its like continuing to be involved with a person you feel negative toward – and complaining about how much you don’t like her – why not leave the relationship (show) and find another person (show) you like? there are plenty of other fishes in the sea – imho. i like this show alot and i cant wait to watch this ep…….

      • 12.4.1 libra80

        im agree w/ u guys,,,i still love this drama and im gonna watch til the end bcoz for me its so addicting,i dont mind those criticism…arrghhh,blah.blah…pissing me off!!!peace

        • bOOmMERanG

          love your comment….. hahahah!!!!

      • 12.4.2 appie

        Because its not easy to let go of a relationship (show). Especially since we love YEH and KJH. I WILL hope for the best sake of the cast, but I won’t be ignorant towards the criticism. Hookedonmonix said it well.

        • Pat

          maybe its easier for some people to let go a relationship when its not good any more – no offence! ๐Ÿ™‚ anyways what’s interesting is its the same people that continue to watch the show and criticize – and not in a constructive way. ther’s a difference between (constructive) criticism and ranting (btw your not the only one who;s not ignorant towards the “criticism” – you’d have to be almost iliterate to be ignorant if you come on the blog and read the comments……hehe……) just like with people you have to know when to move on from something bad – imho

          • appie

            Not offended, I’m one of those people who can’t let go of a relationship that easily (call me sappy or clingy). I think criticism is criticism, I read posts like “oh god the writing is crap” ..which is true, there’s no other way of saying it. Unless that person is writing troll like comments, that is how constructive it will get, you can’t expect more. Though it is much better than reading CONSTANT posts like “omg he’s hot hot hot” (but for some reason we’re all happy with uninformative posts like that ^__^)

            I can also be illiterate but I still wouldn’t ignore the weakness of the show, nor be ignorant. My “criticism” doesn’t come from reading blog post, rather I’m making up my OWN conclusion by watching it.

            Though I understand people have different approach to relationships, some (like me) see the bad but still want to stay (sort of like abusive relationship ;_;). And there are those stay in a relationship with a blind faith (either its good or bad) ^o^~

    • 12.5 marowe

      I agree with you ahjumma…. you’re so correct..

  13. 13 Rina

    Suuch a bad drama, yet I keep watching it?!? This absurd fascination is beyond me… >__<

  14. 14 Celexa

    I’ve been waiting for this episode! Thanks JB for the weecap! They are such a cute couple and I’m so in love with Kang Ji-hwan!

  15. 15 Linda165

    I think I came to the wrong party…

    I hope no one hits me in the head, but yeah… I’m still loving this show ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 15.1 vegaspink

      I love this show too!!!

      The Ah-Ki moments are just too cute….

    • 15.2 Shelley

      I am with you, since I love YEH and KJH, no matter what. BTW, don’t worry about your head. I can send you a helmet.

      • 15.2.1 b_bell

        yeeeeey! me too, team up with Linda165

        — a helmet’ party—- โ™กโ™ก YEH & KJH โ™กโ™ก

      • 15.2.2 Linda165

        Oh thank God I found my posse!!
        *puts on helmet*
        *sings โ™ช ice cream sarang โ™ช*

        • Cynthia

          You guys are funny! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 15.3 Moozy

      I am in this camp. Agree that the story line for this week suck but I love YEH & KJW. I will wait till the end. Thanks for the weecap

  16. 16 Daniela

    I never understood why Chen wanted to do business with Ki-joon only after he thought that Ah-jung was his wife. Ki-joon work wasn’t enough? Then I’m going to have to be married by the time I start to work. My only explanation about why he didn’t want to do business after he knew the lie it because maybe he though “If he is not honest in this, he is not honest in his work” Maybe. This characters sometimes have strange ways of think.

    Ok she was the one who lied, she started it and along with the little bro (well, she didnt knew what was happening) they lied first to Chen. But Ki-joon lied too. I know his reasons, but HE LIED TOO. He didnt go to chen at that time to say “No, im not married”. He did that after, and the consequences were the same, maybe worse. So Im hoping fo him to say something about it.

    Yay for the fans! I think they like the first part of this episode. I was suffering.

    Thank you for the weecap!

  17. 17 chasen8888

    I have put the show on pause and stuck to recaps for now. I have been reading too many rants and raves about the show, so I am on the fence with this one. I do like the actors mainly because they are the type that because they are so talented tend to have a chemistry with just about anyone. I have seen YEH in XMAN which was good training base for her and showed her talent she is funny and bright and flexible. KJW is the same he is funny, bright, flexible and a hottie to boot. Nice combination. So I will wait a while before actually watching (after all the fog and smoke has cleared up) before I really comment on it.

  18. 18 Omen_Jieun

    Thank you so much, for the weecap..

  19. 19 asianromance

    I wish we can copy and paste all the cute Ah-jung and Ki-joon moments into a storyline that is actually good!

    I can’t decide whether the writers have made the right decision by acknowledging that the plot is pretty much dead and to focus on dishing out cute after cute moment for fanservice or if they should have made the gamble to try harder to improve the storyline and the other characters.

  20. 20 grany

    If they extended the show I am still gonna watch it anyway, that’s how much I love the two leads. I dont even care if they actually have no plot :p
    I just cant stop grinning seeing how AJ and KJ relationship grows. I am content. May be bcoz I watch it with my heart instead of my brain (somehow it stop working where KJ and AJ is in the view).

    Thank you soo much for the weecap..DB you’ve become my breakfast, lunch, diner, even my brunch and snacks..can not live one day without check in ur new post. Thank u for all ur hard work.

  21. 21 almontel

    thanks for the weecap…

    i can’t wait for tomorrow’s ep since KJ will announce to the world that he’s fallen head over heels in love with AJ!!!
    i just don’t know why AJ doesn’t want to reveal their relationship to her co-workers yet like KJ mentioned she ‘flaunted’ the lie to her friends?

    i too was wondering if there was going to be an icecream kiss…too bad..not this time…ha ha ha…
    i was also waiting for a hug or a small kiss at the airport but none came…

  22. 22 abby

    with the annoucement that she made that it’s not KJ faults and blame herself alone and the arrival of KJ I was wondering if this time the news will be good. I can’t really wait the next episode. My heart go thuimp thump thump.

  23. 23 ranee

    LTM is still lots of fun to watch – the chemistry between KJH and YEH and cutesy moments are enough reasons to put my feet up, sip my drink and giggle.

    And that’s why I watch Kdrama’s.

  24. 24 Cynthia

    Let’s not forget that LTM has had the writer(s) replaced since episode 11. Apparently the original writer had “health issues” and had to quit the drama.
    “Health issues” must be the new euphemism for “fired”.

    So, three episodes later and the train is still off the tracks?
    I really feel sorry for all involved in this project – it could have been a delightful watch instead of ending up as the fellow ugly stepsister to MSOAN.

    • 24.1 Janey-Come-Lately

      Haha…. spot on.

      Ugly stepsister to MSOAN….haha again.

      • 24.1.1 appie

        I laughed at that bit too, what a perfect way to say it XD

  25. 25 miniejungle

    this recap is short, sweet and to the point. thanks javabeans!!!

  26. 26 Hiromi

    Are we seriously back at the lie again?

    • 26.1 ck1Oz

      Of course.The ramifications was never dealt with.

      It’s better than forged certificates/sleeping around,evil father or heart surgery or 95 billion won ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 26.1.1 hani

        but Miss Ripley is the most SOLID script i’ve seen in a while in kdrama land. I have never been so on edge when watching a drama, i seriously have no idea what this writer is going to do next,
        Plus its inspired by real life events and deals with a lot of taboo topics.
        Best Love is also well written. I have some problems with how Dokko Jin was made so immature but the Hong Sisters know how to make watching their drama’s enjoyable and i am loving the potato metaphor and the drama in general.
        I am not totally upto date on city hunter but what i have seen i LIKE love. I’m sure its a very good drama, based on what i’ve watched and i’ll be taking it up as soon as i can spare the time.

        For me top three may dramas:
        BestLove/Ripley/City Hunter.
        Solid Acting + Good Plot

        • ck1Oz


          Err…since when have the fans of LTM here said we are fans for the solid plot.

          We are not dumb but that doesn’t precludes us from loving it anyway.

          • hani

            LOL i know LTM fans cant like it because of its “solid” plot

            i simply wrote it because you said it was better than “than forged certificates/sleeping around,evil father or heart surgery or 95 billion won” which are the major plot points of the other may dramas.

        • Aphrodite

          Sorry to ask, but what exactly is the good plot of City hunder?
          Friend kidnaps his dead’s friend son, in order to use him for revenge? And this is NOT nosensial?
          And he wants to take revenge for his father but he doesn’t even have a doubt or condemn the guy that abducted him, and cut him off his mother?

          • appie

            To be fair,(from what I’ve watched) he didn’t know he’s so called father abducted him, and he was told that his biological mother abandoned him. I guess he didn’t want to doubt or condemn his surrogate father since he lost his limb in order to save him.

    • 26.2 bleu

      I think given the show title is Lie to Me, it kinda makes sense that the lie goes in and out or running around in circle as much as the lie pleases ^^

  27. 27 Tara

    When is Yoon Eunhye’s next drama coming? can’t wait for this to end ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. 28 Jan Rey

    I will always love this drama because i love YEH..
    YEH is not a boring ACTRESS, she make me interested in every drama she act.. She make me fall in love again.. That’s why she will always be my favorite actress in this planet ever..

    There4 if you don’t agree with just shut up..

  29. 29 Mei

    THIS DRAMA DOESN’T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE, not that it was very sensible to begin with. And all the couple moments don’t give any giggly and giddy feelings, too. I really can’t see the chemistry and I feel like kang ji-hwan is just waiting for the drama to finish. I can see glimpses of irritation and contempt on his acting, haha.

    another yoon eun-hye drama please, I hope she chooses wisely.

  30. 30 evelia

    Thanks for the mini recap. I still like the show and looking forward to the next episode.

  31. 31 nonski

    YAY! thanks for the weecap!

  32. 32 KANGly

    This episode was just too painful to watch. I don’t see the chemistry that fans of the drama are raving about. In fact, after watching this episode, the comments of the fans sound desperate to me. Its like they are making those positive comments to make people curious about the drama so that those who are not watching it will start watching it.

    Fans of the drama keep saying to just enjoy the drama, don’t over-analyze it since it is a rom-com, etc. etc. etc. That’s what I did, and here is what I saw – 2 actors who are clocking in a performance, who can’t wait for the drama to end so they can move on to other projects and put this nightmare of a drama behind them.

    I feel so bad for everyone involved in this drama because they still have 3 episodes to live with this nightmare.

    • 32.1 Verรณnica

      You know, I think pretty much the same, I don’t see that much of a chemistry between KJW and YEH, it somewhat looks forced. YEH and Gong Yoo back at “Coffee Prince”, now THAT was chemistry. Even with her dressed as a frumpy boy and him all so handsome and cocky, they were made for each other. But I guess having a great script, interesting characters and a generally flawless execution also helped them… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      People can like this drama for whatever reasons they want, that’s up to them and that’s completely fine. But it’s sad to see that there are “lemming-like fans”, so blindly defending what can’t be defended. Where’s the other 98% of their brains?

      • 32.1.1 appie

        I know right? Hot script makes hot couple. I know YEH and KJH trying their best, after all they are awesome actors but the chemistry between YEH and Gong Yoo made MY coffee hot! *A* Oh god I miss that show..

        I understand blind faith, but theres a limit, you can’t defend their blatant weakness, there’s no excuse. Think of it this way, would you still be defending if there was no YEH and KJH? I doubt…
        And still don’t like the only excuse “coz y’know, it’s rom-com”.. like what? Can you put LTM in a same poll with Coffee Prince? No.

  33. 33 suzi q

    Finally! The writers have stopped beating a dead horse and have let go of the LIE with Ah Jung taking the responsibility for it.
    There is only 3 more episodes left, and I hope the writers can make happy endings for the following:
    So-Ran & Jae Bum renew their wedding vows
    Yoon Ju goes to America and gets lost forever
    Sang Hee becomes a famous artist after finding a new love to paint
    Auntie gets the China hotel business with Chen
    Dad gets serious with Ae-Kyung with a coupe rings
    Ah Jung and Ki Joon finally admit they are a couple and elope after sealing it with another Cola Kiss
    Ah,, wishful thinking… I hope all ends well..

  34. 34 caramenilla

    Well, this show maybe boring, but I love KJH anyway ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. 35 alove

    Can someone explain to me why Ki Joon can speak to Chen in Korean and it seems as though Chen understands it?

    …Even though he still replies in Chinese?

    • 35.1 Carinne

      The actor playing Chen is Korean after all. His Chinese seems to get worst towards the end of the series. I barely understood him this time. However, I must say his Chinese was always borderline tolerable, scale tips bad. I know many Koreans in my garment district speaking flawless Chinese and Spanish to say the least.

      I admit, I have that hardship, I learn to listen more quicker than I can speak a foreign language.

    • 35.2 Aphrodite

      Me and one of my besties talk in different languages. I talk Greek and he talks English. We can both understand it very good but we struggle to speak it that easy

  36. 36 why

    Where the Lie to me fangirls have gone? did you switch to other boat? because i see almost 400 comments on City hunter recap and only almost 100 comments on this recap. Please come and show your love for Lie to me, girls!.

    • 36.1 MsYumi

      at ockoalas blog.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 36.2 Ace

      City Hunter rocks!!! One of the 3 awesome May dramas script-wise, acting-wise, directing, OST, etc…(BL & MR included). And it has 20 episodes so I’m so happy!

      • 36.2.1 Aphrodite

        As I also wrote before about City Hunter

        Friend kidnaps his deadโ€™s friend son, in order to use him for revenge? And this is NOT no-sensial?This is a good plot?
        And he wants to take revenge for his father but he doesnโ€™t even have a doubt or condemn the guy that abducted him, and cut him off his mother?
        I quit from the first episode.Even tho Lee Min Ho stars.

    • 36.3 Celexa

      This fan ajumma has decided not to give the unconstructive critics an audience.

      I still anxiously wait to watch each episode. What’s going to happen tonight? Did the Chinese trip go well? Will Ki Joon propose marriage to Ae Jung and shut up the media?

      BTW: I like this drama so much… I watch it raw… watch it subbed and still read wee caps ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. 37 Carinne

    I may just act weird, ‘cos who here like me were jealous of KJH’s mani’s while enjoying his dukbokki street food? I had to pause and stare at his fingers and nails for a while. Purdy!

    No wonder the dude is picky searching for lady luck w/ elegant model-like hands and feet. Hmmm~ sound familiar. Boomerang?

  38. 38 nina

    i so love this drama is so hooottt love the cople i read from mexico we have a fan club for lie to me an city hunter

  39. 39 mas o menos

    I’m still digging the show even though it seems that I’m not using 98% of my brain! It’s a wonder I could even respond here. Hey, we’re all entitled to like/dislike any of these shows– thems the brakes ..you don’t like..don’t watch. Let’s try to minimize the snark here.

  40. 40 LTMloveboat

    wondering why people can’t see their obvious chemistry. Especially the airport scene, it’s a bittersweet parting. The anxiety of separating even in a brief period of moments, wanting to do more than holding hands (like, huggy-huggy-kissy-kissy) and the anticipation of an upcoming reunion..


  41. 41 grasya

    I really loved this show… but I don’t know what’s happening now. How can the writer not know that the story is going to the dogs?

    I’m so happy this is ending next week. It’s so painful to watch KJH waste his time and acting in this one. : (

  42. 42 prettypie

    the best OTP this year!

  43. 43 gingeranna

    I am sorry, I think it’ my fault.
    When I decide to sub a drama in viki before it currently airs because I think it’ll be awesome, it always ends up this way. It was like that with MSOAN too, and another one.
    Now I can’t drop it because I want to finish what I started, so blah.

    • 43.1 Janey-Come-Lately

      You so cute….hehehe. Jinx or no jinx, have to admit you ARE cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. 44 nanaharhar

    same as what my friend told me about MSOAN, watch LTM for the cuteness. Cmon, how can we resist Kang Ji Hwan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. 45 mouldee

    My ears almost bled from the bad chinese the supposedly Chinese Chen was speaking…

  46. 46 sb

    My personal barometer for whether a drama merits the title of “good”:

    “Am I actively looking for other works this actor or actress has been in, as the current project is not enough to satisfy the magnetic draw this actor/actress/character has on me?”

    If the answer is no, then IN MY BOOK, the drama is not good.

    Hell, I’ve even re-watched My Girlfriend is an Agent (which, ironically enough, also stars KJH), after I saw Kim Haneul in the 1N2D Actress Special. And the movie is not that great. I also watched all episodes of Dream because of my then adoration of Kim Bum after Boys Over Flowers. (And those are hours I wish I could have back.)

    But with LTM, I actually want to actively avoid YEH dramas or movies in the future, because I’ve been burned way too many times in a row, having higher and higher expectations with each succeeding work, because probability-wise, since the past few were poor, wasn’t she due for something that would rock my socks off? But alas, that wasn’t and isn’t the case.

    Disclaimer: I was only able to stick with LTM through Episode 6, barely. When the kiss pissed me off and Sang-hee started to annoy me, I knew it was time to get out. And I continued to read the recaps/weecaps for another 3-4 episodes until I realized that even the rubbernecking had run its course.

  47. 47 k-soup

    oh enough with the lies! it’s making me crazy!

    The reason I couldn’t leave this drama is because of Ah Jung and Ki Joon’s irresistible sweetness! โ™ฅ

    Don’t break up please! O.K?

  48. 48 jen

    i’m actually getting so tired of this drama. it feels like “work” to watch each episode.

  49. 49 TinaS

    People, your expectation of this drama is so high. That is why you can’t forgive a light drama. As as saying goes- a person’s meat, is another man’s poison. So ,if LTM is not your kind of drama, welll move on … u don’t have to write those disgusting comments. I make me sick reading your ugly comments.

    • 49.1 at

      well the same thing can apply to you. if it makes you sick reading these “ugly” comments then don’t read it…

    • 49.2 Cynthia

      Let’s interject a little zen calmness here.

      Everyone has an opinion – that’s a given, and JB graciously allows those opinions on this site.

      If you’re looking for a blog that adores LTM, irrespective of its flaws, you’ve come to the wrong place.

      Please remember what the header of this blog site states:

      That means having a critical eye towards the “whole package” of what we’re watching. Taking it apart, examining the positive and negative aspects, having healthy discussions regarding said points, then reassembling the drama and seeing how it stacks up against what we’ve already seen.
      Be it good or bad, quality writing, acting or production/directing – the WHOLE package is what constitutes good viewing. To make a really good kdrama, each aspect must fold into the whole with as few hiccups as possible.

      So, love and defend your dramas, rom/coms etc., just don’t expect people to agree/disagree with you – and don’t get offended with their reactions.
      It’s (generally) not personal – it’s analytical.

      • 49.2.1 appie

        Very well said, I couldn’t agree more.

  50. 50 Christine

    I’ll agree with you TinaS. There are those who hate it and keep on leaving nasty comments, and yet…. they continue watching it.

    Life is truly complicated for some.

    Irregardless, I’m here to continue watching till it ends.

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