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Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 13
by | August 23, 2011 | 302 Comments

This show makes my blood boil. It’s not necessarily always a bad thing, since it means I’m that invested in the characters. But when they do stupid, assy things, it makes me tear my hair out. Once in love, Kang-woo is the bleeding heart kind of hero, which means that the brokenhearted version of him is a dark and twisted black hole of pain. It’s bad. Like Spike without a soul kind of bad. There’s gonna be some swearing in this recap… Er, more swearing than usual.


Kang-woo sees Myung-wol sneak in and take the goddamn book of mystical secrets, breaking his heart into little bits all over that diamond ring in his hand. Worst timing ever for a B&E.

He does the scariest thing – okay maybe only for me because my dad used to do this when I tried to sneak in and out of the house – he sits on the couch in the dark and flips on the lights just as she’s about to walk out.

She quickly puts the book behind her back and makes up an excuse about having to run off and see her parents, as his heart sinks further to catch her knee-deep in lies. She manages to get out, and stops to look at the book regretfully.

At the same time, Kang-woo sits and stares at the ring, twisting the knife in his own heart. Then he gets up and suddenly reaches under the piano… where he’s stashed the REAL book! Ooooh, smartypants. No wait, that means she’s got the wrong book! How will she rescue Ryu now? Aaaargh, I’m so torn.

He talks to it as if wanting it to answer back, “She must have a reason. There must be a reason…” Aw, he wants to trust her. His desperation, his desire to cling to his trust – it totally makes up for the assy denial earlier.

Myung-wol brings the book to Chairman Joo, asking why he’s so interested in these books, and if he has anything to do with Kang-woo’s father’s death. He turns the same question on her, wondering why she and Ryu are after the same books, and who they really are.

He snidely congratulates her friendship with Ryu, saying that it must be something special if she’s willing to betray the man she loves. Ouch. That stabs her right where it hurts. He digs a little further, adding that poor Kang-woo knows nothing and trusts her completely.

She gives up the book after asking for his word to hand over Ryu, and he thankfully doesn’t have an expert on hand to tell him that it’s a fake. Only once outside, he tells his minions to kill Ryu anyway since they confiscated the two books he had, and no longer need him.

Myung-wol waits and follows them to Ryu. Wait, so then why did she do the exchange in the first place? What did she gain from that? Sigh. I suppose I should just be thankful she only gave up the dummy book in the useless exchange in which she gained nothing. Bah.

The minions move Ryu outside (because killing him in the basement isn’t public enough) and In-ah happens upon the scene. He manages to hulk out of his ropes and grab her as a hostage.

He whispers, “I’m sorry. And thank you,” before flinging her at the baddies and running off. They give chase, but Myung-wol arrives on her bike to speed him away to safety.

Chairman Joo declares that having the books is not enough. Ryu knows too much, and needs to be found and killed. Again.

Meanwhile In-ah is all spun around from her hostage moment, only she’s mostly attracted, not scared. Ha. She admits that Ryu was pretty badass, and then catches herself and tries to snap out of it.

Myung-wol brings Ryu to her apartment and he tries to leave, not wanting to put her in more danger. But she tells him that he’s in no condition to move, and the other agents know nothing of this mission, which means it’s safest to stay with her.

She puts his arm around her and they walk in, which is the scene that Kang-woo watches from his car across the street. Oh dear, oh dear. That looks bad from far away. His eyes narrow, “For that guy? Lying to me… for him?”

Upstairs, Myung-wol treats Ryu’s wounds and frets over his condition. He tries to push her hand away because it clearly breaks his heart to even be near her, and he apologizes for bringing her into this mess.

She tells him that he’s being ridiculous, since to her he’s not only a comrade, but family. She says that after her father died, he became just like a father to her. He sighs as he repeats her words: “Like family… A father… That’s what I am to you.”

AW. It’s so heartbreaking when he says it, the same words, but from him, meaning: so I will never be the man you love.

She tries to pretend not to understand his meaning, rambling on about how much she respects him, and he raises his hand slowly up to her face. She dodges away from it before it gets too awkward, and leaves him hanging.

Just then, Kang-woo calls, wanting to know where she went, and she tells him that it was getting too late so she just came home. He tells her that’s great, since he’s just outside her door. Uh-oh.

Panic sets in as Kang-woo starts pounding on the door and shouting for her to open up. She comes to the door and he storms past her, looking for signs of Ryu. He’s hiding in the closet, which Kang-woo can probably guess, but he doesn’t search the place or anything.

He notes some bloody bandages sticking out of a drawer though, which lines up with Ryu’s limping walk up to the apartment. I’m really curious how all of this adds up in Kang-woo’s head.

Myung-wol tries to convince him to go out for something to eat, but he grabs her in a sudden hug. He tells her that he wants to stay here. Oh. Oh no. Are you doing this for Ryu’s benefit?

He pushes her up against the wall and tells her that he’s not leaving tonight, making his intentions clear. She tries to squirm free but he slams her up against the wall, pinning her hands up above her. Aaaaaugh, no Kang-woo, no!

He gets increasingly leery and threatening, and she finally has to push him off violently to get him to stop. And then he gets totally hurt at her rejection, as if he wasn’t just being completely egregiously WRONG just now.

What’s crazy about this whole ugly thing is that he’s doing it calculatingly to get a reaction out of her and Ryu, only he takes her rejection seriously. He’s acting a part, and yet he’s taking her rejection to heart because he can’t separate the two.

It’s as twisted as it sounds. It’s intentional, which both makes his actions better AND worse, because he’s setting himself up for a confirmation that she doesn’t love him, and never did. Because attacking a girl is really the best way to test that?

She chases him downstairs and asks him not to misunderstand. He asks if she has anything she wants to tell him. Caught off guard, she shakes her head and he sneers, almost at himself for trusting her, and at her for confirming his suspicions. Go catch him! Tell him the truth! Graaaaaaar.

He comes home to his big romantic proposal setting, now just a cruel reminder of his broken heart. He throws the ring, screaming, “What is he? What is he to you?!” Ugh, I do feel bad for him that he’s so twisted around that he can’t see straight. But what happened to that trust you were clinging to? Couldn’t it have lasted a little longer, to keep you from going straight back to assyville?

Hee-bok and Ok-soon hear of Dae-kang’s night spent begrudgingly setting the stage for Kang-woo’s proposal, and they get all excited at the thought of finally returning to their homeland, preparing speeches and souvenirs.

But Dae-kang kills their short-lived joy with news that he just spent the morning cleaning up the whole thing since the proposal’s been scrapped. They stare dumbfounded. Yeah, a lot can happen in a night.

Kang-woo picks Myung-wol up in the morning, pretending that everything is fine. See, this is why you’re all bitter and angry and inappropriately violent. Just confront her already. Repression leads to heart attacks and jackass behavior. She notes his coldness and asks if he’s still mad, which he denies. Guh.

He asks if she had someone over last night, and she says no. He asks if she noticed anyone coming or going in his house, since that book he told her about has gone missing. She says no. What’s with the constantly trying to trap her in lies but secretly hoping she doesn’t lie?

His agent tells him that he’s got a good shot at reviving his career even without Chairman Joo’s backing, and is surprised at his nonchalant attitude, half-listening and telling her to pick his next project for him.

He tells Myung-wol he wants to be alone and leaves without her, and she in turn ends up as distracted as he is, knowing that something is clearly amiss. For a spy you really lack some basic reasoning skills. Those questions in the car aren’t a dead giveaway?

Kang-woo calls In-ah out for coffee, and she feigns being so put out by it, then hilariously follows it up with a request for a date. He asks her about Ryu, and she asks if he died.

For some crazy reason, he doesn’t press her on her reason for asking if he DIED, and wonders how he came to work for Chairman Joo. She doesn’t know either, but does remember that the first time she met Ryu wasn’t when he came to work for Grandpa; it was in Singapore.

The dots, they are a-connectin’!

He asks if it seemed like Ryu and Myung-wol knew each other back then, and she doesn’t think so. But she does know that Ryu is interested in that musty old book that Kang-woo bought at auction.

She wonders again if that’s why he’s having trouble with Grandpa, but brushes it off as an afterthought. She lights up thinking that something’s finally causing a rift between Kang-woo and Myung-wol, happy that he’s at last beginning to suspect her.

Kang-woo rushes home to go through the other versions of the Singapore showcase footage. He finally comes across one camera angle that catches both Ryu and Myung-wol together in the audience.

He freezes it in shock. “Then the two of you… for the book… was it like that?”

Aw, you can’t argue that it’s not true, but it’s not the whole truth.

Ryu wakes up in Myung-wol’s apartment, where she’s watching over him. He can tell something’s weighing on her, and asks if it’s because of the book, if she really feels that badly about betraying Kang-woo.

Myung-wol: He’s the person who accepted all of me. So much has happened, and yet he trusted me and accepted me in the end. When I think about that person being disappointed in me, and hurting because of me…
Ryu: I think he must be happy. Because he has someone who worries for him like that.

Kang-woo calls her over and she gets up to go, and Ryu grabs her arm. “Do you have to go?” AW.

Kang-woo waits on edge, and receives a text that she can’t come now and she’ll be by in the morning. Oh, I didn’t expect her to actually stay. Damn. Kang-woo stews, declaring that he was going to give her one last chance to explain, but she’s chosen to close that door.

Well, no, stupid. YOU are the one who’s arbitrarily deciding when to open and close that door, while she has no idea what you’re thinking. He tortures himself some more, staring at the freezeframe of the two of them in Singapore.

Ok-soon worries at her spy daughter’s condition and asks her if anything’s changed with Kang-woo. She can’t divulge anything about the books, so she just says that maybe she’s projecting the weirdness. Ok-soon tells her about the almost-proposal, and suggests that she change up her look today.

Meanwhile Kang-woo tasks Dae-kang with something new – spying on Myung-wol’s parents and reporting back with what they talk about. I guess it’s a good thing that Dae-kang is less than perceptive?

Myung-wol arrives in a new dress, and Kang-woo tellingly puts his sunglasses on as soon as she walks in. And on with the sunglasses, he puts on the happy boyfriend act, walking hand-in-hand and buying her a separate cell phone just for his calls.

He pours on the gifts and puts on a big show for the public, which gets her feeling guilty of course. She tells him that she’s sorry, just in general, and he tells her to enjoy it all, since there’s no telling how long it’ll last. Yikes. That’s not ominous or anything.

In-ah continues to obsess over the headlines about the happy couple, and attempts to convince her assistant to come back to the fold. She gets soundly rejected, which is neither here nor there, but satisfying to watch.

Dae-kang begins his spy mission, and when he overhears Hee-bok talk about orders from above, he wonders what “above” could mean… and decides on Heaven. Pfffft.

He wonders if Hee-bok is talking about death, and then comes across a suitcase. He finds pictures of North Korea (for a trip, he assumes), a radio, and even a GUN, and he laughs at Hee-bok for keeping toy guns like a big kid. Sigh. Oh, simple obtuse Dae-kang.

Ryu is well enough to get out of bed, and angsts over a photo of Myung-wol by her bed. He hears someone breaking in and hides, and avoids being caught by Chairman Joo’s thugs, by hiding behind a door, but whatever.

He listens until they leave and opens the door to step out, running right into Kang-woo. Whoops.

He asks Myung-wol to pick up some dinner on her way over, and she arrives at Kang-woo’s house with dinner in hand, and finds him sitting on the couch… with Ryu. Uh…

Kang-woo plays dumb and says he invited Ryu to dinner since he’s been looking out for her, and says he thought she’d be happy about it since they’re friends. Well, you totally win Passive Aggressive Boyfriend of the Year.

They sit down to the most awkward dinner possible, and Kang-woo makes sure to hold her hand and act sweet, all the while asking pointed questions like when they first met.

He basically sounds like a crazy jealous boyfriend, which isn’t really untrue either, because as much as he’s feeling betrayed and duped, he’s still rabidly jealous that whatever the truth is, it has to do with this other guy.

Ryu asks if he’s jealous or worried, and challenges Kang-woo’s trust in Myung-wol. Kang-woo gets defensive and puts his arm around her to stake his claim in this increasingly ridiculous pissing contest, until she finally stands up to try and leave.

Kang-woo stops her and yells at her to stay, barking a command at her like a dog. Ryu gets fired up and tells him to stop, and the two are basically inches away from fists flying. Myung-wol tells them to stop and Ryu makes his exit.

She asks Kang-woo why he’s doing this, and he blows up at her words, “Reason? You’re asking me the reason I’m doing this?”

He storms upstairs, muttering to himself, “Do you really not know the reason?” At the same time, Ryu walks out and screams in frustration.

Chairman Joo finds that the book is a fake, and decides that they needn’t look for Ryu any longer, since they have a card to play.

Dae-kang reports on his big spy mission, and Kang-woo asks if there isn’t anything he found out about Myung-wol. Dae-kang complains that there’s nothing TO find, since it’s not like there are any pictures, any albums, any remnants of her childhood.

It dawns on Kang-woo that he never did get a straight story out of them about their family background, and decides to stop in for a visit. He asks the parents for a baby picture of Myung-wol, and Mom has to lie quickly that her birth father ran a bar and did nothing but drink and wreak havoc, and one day he lit the place on fire and everything burned.

While the story is plausible, there’s one major hitch: Myung-wol once told Kang-woo that her father was a soldier. He asks about it, and Mom sticks with her story that he was no soldier, just a drunk.

Kang-woo leaves more confused than ever. “The more I dig, there’s nothing that isn’t weird…” He decides to hire someone to run a background check.

He spends the afternoon feeding his angst with scotch, and In-ah shows up hoping to have him confirm that he finally suspects Myung-wol. She guesses correctly that he’s upset because things are going well between Myung-wol and Ryu.

Being In-ah, of course, means that this is all about her and if that’s going well, it means Kang-woo should come back to her. He tells her to buzz off, and she pouts that all she wishes is that he’d understand her heart a little.

Kang-woo: “I would like to know another person’s feelings. I want to live as that person’s heart, just for one day.” Aw, he heard you, but yours isn’t the heart he wants to understand.

Myung-wol waits outside Kang-woo’s place, calling him over and over. Someone walks up and surprises her…

Ryu begins a one-man plan to infiltrate Chairman Joo’s fortress and reclaim the books, only he gets interrupted by a message that Joo is holding Myung-wol captive. Ryu comes guns a-blazin’, but Myung-wol isn’t there, and Chairman Joo offers him a deal – the real version of the book in exchange for their freedom from him for good.

He tells Ryu that he knows about their true identities and will go public with his knowledge if he doesn’t bring him the real book.

But it turns out that he doesn’t have Myung-wol after all, because it was Kang-woo who arrived at the house first. She brings him inside, stumbling around like a drunk mess, and he calls out her name over and over.

“Do you love me?” She tells him that he knows she does. But he asks over and over, saying that he doesn’t know. Tears swirl around in his eyes as he hits rock bottom. He takes off his jacket.

“You love me?” He pulls her down onto the bed and hovers above her. “Then show me how much you love me.”


Myung-wol: Why are you doing this? You’re drunk.
Kang-woo: Why? You said you loved me. You said you loved me, so then why not? Why not?!
Myung-wol: Can’t you trust me?
Kang-woo: That’s right. I can’t. I can’t trust you. You said you loved me, so then why…? You say you love me, but why…? Why are you making it so difficult for me?
Myung-wol: What do I have to do to make you trust me? If I do this, will you trust me?

She starts to unbutton her blouse. Okay, here’s your moment, Kang-woo. You can turn this around. Get off of her. Get the fuck off, RIGHT NOW.

Kang-woo: “Show me your heart.” And he leans in for a kiss. Oh, HELL NO.

Oh gross. I don’t know who to be madder at right now. What the fuck is she doing? Aaaaaaaaargh. What, is she gonna sleep with him to convince him of her love? And don’t even get me started on Kang-woo. What’re you, gonna screw the doubt out of your brain? Aaaaaaaaaaack.

What the hell is wrong with you people?! Why are you turning sexy fun times into a sick and twisted abyss of emotional vengeance? Gah.

After they sleep together, Kang-woo holds her, whispering to himself: “I don’t know what I’m doing right now. I don’t know why I’m doing this to you. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry.” He closes his eyes.

Myung-wol opens her eyes, having heard his words. She thinks to herself: “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

And this is the moment that Ryu chooses to break into Kang-woo’s place, looking for the book. He opens the door and comes upon what looks like a happy vignette and crumples to the ground in agony.

In the morning, Kang-woo watches Myung-wol sleep, and when she wakes up he teases her about snoring, drooling, and grinding her teeth. Wait, what’s with the happy? Did you people bump your heads together and lose your memories?

He tells her to stay in bed while he gets the mail and coffee, but as soon as he walks out, Ryu enters, having waited all night for Kang-woo to leave. She sits up in shock.

Kang-woo gets a phone call from the guy who did the background check on Myung-wol, and says that he sent the results by mail. He looks down and sees it in his hand with the morning mail.

He ponders it, and then decides all that matters is her heart, and throws it in the trash without opening it.

He heads toward the bedroom, but then stops short when he sees her standing upstairs, talking to Ryu. He hears Ryu say that the book she brought was a fake, and she tells him to leave before Kang-woo gets back.

He runs out to his car, stunned to realize that she’s still lying, and been lying this whole time. He drives away and she runs out after him.

Ryu finds the real book and takes it with him. She hesitates, and he cuts her off, telling her that he has no time for her feelings anymore, and storms out.

Myung-wol heads home in a daze, and then gets a call from Ok-soon, asking if something’s going wrong with Kang-woo. She says that Dae-kang confessed to being tasked with spying on her, and that Kang-woo recently hired a professional to run a background check on her.

Her lightbulb finally goes off, realizing that Kang-woo’s suspicious questions lately weren’t all random. For an undercover agent, you really are strangely trusting. She realizes that the last thing Kang-woo did before driving off was get the mail.

She rushes back to his house and rifles through the mail. She opens up the trash can where he had thrown away the file… but it’s empty.

His voice calls out behind her: “You must be looking for this.” He holds up the papers in his trembling hand, that show her records as being falsified.

Kang-woo: “You certainly fooled me well, all this time. Everything, all of it… was a lie. What’s the truth? You! Who are you? Tell me. Please, tell me. TELL ME!”


I really didn’t expect this show to go so dark. The thing is, I want to hope that the show is not stupid enough to treat their sleeping together like that as any kind of good situation – Kang-woo is clearly drunk, and totally fucked up, and making stupid choices – he acknowledges it’s something to be sorry for right away. When the scene at night was followed up with apologies, albeit to themselves, I felt like the treatment of it stayed firmly in Mistake Territory (as in: I was wrong for doing this).

BUT… the morning after? Why are they all happy and shit? Like they forgot how totally twisted their night was? Please don’t tell me I’m supposed to read that as: it doesn’t matter why, but now that we’ve slept together it’s all roses?

And don’t even get me started on Myung-wol actually agreeing to sleep with him to “prove her love.” *VOMIT* What the fuck is that about? Sex proves a lot of things, like which organs are in working order, but it does not prove love. Certainly not in the way Kang-woo wants, for her to sex the doubt out of him. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.

My only consolation is that he discovers right away that it doesn’t work that way. And in the end it backfires on him completely – now it’s worse, and his black hole of despair is actually deeper than it was before. Now it’s turned into: “she slept with me to convince me that she loved me…to keep her cover” which is just a self-fulfilling prophecy of badness.

It’s pretty much the trajectory of Kang-woo’s entire spiral of doom in this episode. Everything ends up being the darker version of what it could have been because he twists it to prove that his worst fears are true. I’ll at least give Show props for showing a clear trajectory for Kang-woo into a hell of his own making, and for Eric’s portrayal of it. Sigh. I really hope this is rock bottom. Because if there’s another bottom under THIS bottom, I don’t know if I can take it, Show. I’d normally follow that up with advice on how to fix it, but I’m way too pissed at you right now. Go stand in the corner until Monday.


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  1. Abbie


    • 1.1 blueskymaiden

      Well, I like this twist – they are adults not adolescents so let’s get real – adults do have sex and not always at the opportune time and not always for the right reasons. I like that they are not thinking straight – it makes it unpredictable – which I am loving. People do not always think or act normally while in the throws of love. As much as I love Kang-woo, I am definitely feeling Ryu’s pain even more. I am happy with a bit of darkness – as long as there is not a 49-Days ending in store for us.

      • 1.1.1 les

        couldn’t agree with you more (consentings adults have sex…) and i am giggling at the thought that most people commenting only have sex when they are in LOVE. random thought, in the movie, riding in cars with boys: “my daughter is a whore” LOL THANK YOU for the recaps you save me from boredom and expand my box every week!

      • 1.1.2 a_fan

        Couldn’t agree more. It was just sex anyway. It wasn’t rape, so what’s the big deal. In that exchange, it was Myung Wol who gained more albeit only until the end of the episode. I don’t see anything wrong for a woman to use or succumb to sex to appease her lover.

        • msim

          I’m all for sex and think our naughty spy should date (and have sex) with both to make an enlightened choice.

          Not to appease, use or succumb – that’s Harlequin Romance (or Boons and Mills) novel talk. It veers into a 1950’s cliché of women being incapable of desire.

          Emotional blackmail (if you really love me you would sleep with me) is so sad and pathetic – and used in every bad relationship.

          How about wanting sex for fun, pleasure and sport? Rawr! Much healthier.

          • AigooAddict

            Dude, yeah, emotional blackmail… and it worked on her–WTF!! I would have felt so much better about it had they did it when they were in their rosy period but to share a first time in such a dark situation–WTF
            And Kang Woo I wish was better then that… it was selfish of him and a result of his own insecurities. I–and I bet all of us know people in twisted relationships like that and no one comes out of it for the better.
            When I saw them in bed I literally gasped LOL!–Poor RYUUUUUUUUUUUUU–my heart bleeds for you.
            And did anyone else laugh when KW throws the ring screaming? It looked like the ring hit the camera person.

          • a_fan

            Outside K dramaland, women use sex to control their mates. And enjoy the sex too!

            I’m not saying that what Kang Woo did is right but what does a guy do when he suspects that he is being played? Myung Wol is guilty, so she gives in. She doesn’t confess her guilt but consents to sex instead. And ENJOYS it too I bet!

            In this power exchange between Kang Woo and Myung Wol, who won? It was Myung Wol as Kang Woo was happy afterwards. Myung Wol is still using Kang Woo. She’s in love with him too but the upper hand is still being dealt by Myung Wol.

          • a_fan

            Don’t forget. Myung Wol is still a spy, like Matahari.

          • hahahaha

            I think at first, he was testing that will she push him away (like in her house when Ryu was hiding in the closet), and didn’t actually plan to do anything. But when she said that if she does it, will he believe she loves him? and starts to take off her shirt. IT WAS HER IDEA!Then there’s a clear PAUSE BEFORE HE SAYS: Show me you heart. Like he’s thinking should they really do it. And they kiss softly and carefully, not forsingly and angry.

            And afterwards thei’r happy ’cause it’s sex. With a person they love. It’s like at night they cleared all their misunderstandings and trusted each other again. They BOTH had given everything to each other.

            And you gotta remeber that she had given a really deep thought earlyer about sleeping with him, in an earlyer episode. She had even thrown him in the bed and jumped on him, so it wasn’t like the firs time they tought about it.

            And about the emotional blackmai… I agree a little, but they BOTH were desperate, when their feelings and all was messed up. And the HALLYU STAR KW had thrown his career/life away for her, and then he easn’t sure if she loves him at all. How would taht make you feel? You destroy your dreams for moneone, but you foud out that all he/she had done, was lie.

            I’m really sad for Ryu, but I hope he finds happiness with In ah. BTW in my motherlanguage, if you swap Inah to inha, it means discusting…. I laughed so hard when I realized that… xD


    Thankyou! (:

    • 2.1 Amg1

      Dear GF!!!! Thank you for your hard work!!!!

      I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am as pissed off as you that I could not finish episode 13, what Kang-woo did was nothing short of “Consensual Rape,” I do hope that woman do not take his side and condone what he did, that was beyond fucked up IMHO.

      Thank you for telling it like it is, I am so happy when you go all “Feminist,” all my respects for standing for what its right, I have found a whole new respect for you!!!!!!!!

      Girlfriday FTW! Bitches!!!!!!!

      • 2.1.1 snow

        er what the hell is “consensual rape”?

        • Amg1

          When I used the words “consensual rape” I used them in the context of “COERCE” transitive verb
          1: to restrain or dominate by force <religion in the past has tried to coerce the irreligious
          2: to compel to an act or choice 
          3: to achieve by force or threat 

          “coercion” noun
          1.the act of coercing; use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance.
          2.force or the power to use force in gaining compliance, as by a government or police force.

          If some one stops you in the street, and uses physical force in order to rob you, and you agree to give your purse away, even tough you agreed, still is a robbery!!!!

          Thus even when she agree to have sex, she was “COERCE” that’s why I called it “consensual rape.”

          • snow

            so by your logic, she was coerced into having sex. how is that consensual again?

          • Amg1

            “If some one stops you in the street, and uses physical force in order to rob you, and you agree (CONSENT) to give your purse away, even tough you agreed, still is a robbery!!!!

            To “Consent” or to “Agree” is the same thing, not because you consent means that is the right or lawful thing to do!!!!

            And if you cannot see the difference, than there is nothing I can do to make you see it otherwise. By the way I stand by my original post

          • trixicopper

            I don’t mean to start an argument but the idea that rape is by any definition “consensual” is so far off base I don’t even know where to begin.

          • Amg1

            If a guy uses physical force, and uses a knife to a persons throat, and if the victims “consents,” in order to save her life, even when she consent is still a rape.

            The problem that we have here is one of semantics, I have never said that rape was Lawful, and in your post you are implying to that effect, If I consent to give my wallet to a robber, who has a gun in order to protect my life, the fact that I consent does not mean that I was “happy, glad, or that I enjoy it, or that I asked for it, I did it in order to protect my life and my well being, and that is the crux of the matter, and again if you cannot see the difference than is not my fault, and clearly show that you do not understand the meaning of “coercion”!!!!

          • snow

            the issue i have here is your use of “consensual”. you seem to assume that giving “consent” under duress necessitates the use of the word “consensual”. i’m sure we are all aware that in your examples, when you “consent” under coercive circumstances, that is not consent.

            so again, back to my question: what the hell is “consensual rape”?

            while i appreciate that you don’t agree with kang-woo’s actions (i don’t either), i don’t think you quite get what “consensual rape” is either.

          • mnstpdu08

            You forgot to define rape ….

            1. the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
            2. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

            Thus, your argument is contradictory. You can’t have consent in rape, when rape in itself is coercion.

            Perhaps you’re focusing on “compel” in your definition of “consensual rape”? If so, you’re only compelled to have sex, not for someone to rape you.

            Except in obvious cases, what constitute rape is blurry, so you should be careful on how you use it. Furthermore, rape usually go unreported, so don’t try to justify it. If you’re calling it rape, then just call it rape, not “consensual rape.”

            I don’t think rape can ever be as simple as your robbery example. I understand that it’s an example but think twice about your example. Rape is about power used to deprive people of their dignity. [just think of rape as a weapon of war] Can a robbery deprive someone their dignity? I don’t think so, unless you’re egotistical.


            I wonder if you can call it date rape? It’s a tricky one. I’m surprised that given all the “banning” they still let this one slip through. It’s quite interesting; it must say something about the hidden norms.

          • Amg1


            from all the people that responded to my post you are the only one that see’s the correlation,”I wonder if you can call it date rape? It’s a tricky one.”

            The problem that the courts have, and I am speaking about US law in here, in order for a man to be charge with “rape” the woman has to clearly repeal the mans advances by saying no, or by asking for help in time of distress.
            Clearly many defense lawyers have used that argument all the time by asking the victim: “Did you agree (consent) to have sex with the accused, or at any moment did you opposed the sexual exchange?” And if the victim said she did not than we have a problem.
            Date rape, being rape by a husband, and being coerced into having sex, IMHO fall in the category of what I called consensual rape, and again by “consensual” I do not mean to deny all the horrors, and brutality that rape produces!!!!

      • 2.1.2 Qd

        I totally agree with you AMG1! It’s really scary that people don’t see what the issue is. That’s the very reason I feel strongly that media have a responsibility to their viewers what crosses the line! Thank you for your definition and for putting clearly what is crossing the line! It’s also so unnecessary whoever wrote this in. So so unnecessary! Shame on you, show!

        • kytes

          i think why they wrote this in (though unnecessary) is because she was naive and didn’t know a lot about being in love and stuff like that.

          Sorry, but that’s reality in the real world where lots of naive girls get conned in bed.

      • 2.1.3 Alvina

        Honestly, I feel bad for both of them in that particular scene. Both of them were emotionally vulnerable and both of them ended up doing actions that, ultimately, they did not regret the next morning as most people might.

        I think, in their minds, by having sex, they were solving a problem. Kang-woo sees that her agreeing to sex equates with being able to trust her again and love her. And Myung-wol sees it as an easy way to absolve her of guilt and to prove her love to Kang-woo despite the goings on of the drama.

        By making Myung-wol the victim here, I think we’re doing a great disservice to her character. I mean, she’s not physically weaker to Kang-woo (not at all!) and she can possibly be THAT naive as to not know the implications of sex. And, while Kang-woo being drunk does not excuse his actions, I think it would have been honorable of Myung-wol to exercise a bit more restraint.

        It just shows that both of them are emotionally weak.

        BOTH of them are as much victims to their emotions as they are aggressors.

        • Vanessa

          I totally agree with you!

        • Do-ra-ma

          THIS. You summed up my feelings.

        • ajewell

          Thank you! I really do think this whole issue is getting blown way out of proportion, so you summed up my feelings perfectly.

        • rendezvous

          A+. Thank you. I couldn’t coherently lay out my thoughts as well as you did so I wish I could rep this as much as I can. 🙂

        • DramaQueen

          The thing is, people in drama make mistakes and make horrible decisions just like in real life. Why should we expect dramas to represent the ideal that we want in life? That will be boring.

          So yes, what KW did was beyond the pale and jerk-like, and MW consenting to the whole thing is not good either. But they are flawed human beings who make bad decisions.

          At least KW admits that it was a mistake, and so does MW. They didn’t gloss over that. I kinda admire the producers for going down this route, for allowing the characters to be this flawed. Just my 2 cents.

          • aX

            “They are flawed human beings wo makes bad decisions.”

            I couldn’t have said it better myself. As much as I hated the scene and her actually agreeing to sleep with him to ‘prove’ her love, I agree with your statement. Then again, I am not okay with the whole situation either. I watched it and I was like WTF IS HE DOING?! WTF IS SHE DOING?! WTF JUST HAPPENED? Then the next morning completely threw me off a bit, too.

            Both agreed that it was a mistake, but they weren’t going to cry about it like WHYYY GOD WHYYY?!

        • KAH

          I agree 100%. There were two people involved in the decision, not just Kang-woo. And Myung-wol has demonstrated throughout the rest of the series that she doesn’t just let things happen to her.

          Besides, they even pointed out that one of Myung-wol’s major flaws is that she acts before she thinks. I think Kang-woo has shown this flaw in previous episodes as well, and maybe this is another reason why they match as a couple?

          • star

            I liked the episode. I wasn’t too angry at the sex scene. Yes, it would be much more beautiful to see when it’s all love and fun sexy times but that’s not always the way in reality, is it?

            Yeah, it wasn’t the best thing to do but I believed it could happen in such a situation. I think its quite realistic really. He was selfish in his reasoning and he was drunk. Did you see that man’s pain. Poor Kang woo.

            She on the other hand could have stopped him at anytime but decided to make him and herself feel better. I don’t think it’s too unrealistic really. There was no coersion whats so ever in my opinion.

            I finally have to say, Eric does intense and disturbed like no body else. I loved his acting on this episode. He does so good as the dark and moody and hurt type.

        • Aime

          @Alvina, I could not agree more with your post. I don’t quite like that scene but I agree that Myung-wol is very much physically capable of defensing herself from the drunken Kang-woo if she wanted to. Did she go along cause of her mission or because she also want to prove she also loves him? I can’t really tell.

          In this episode, I’m getting frustrated with Ryu making no revelation with his feeling for Myung-wol while giving out all ‘I’m-interested-in-you’ signals. Can he at least man enough to fess up to her for once rather than it came from In-ah?

          I just hope Ryu won’t really meant “I’ll never forgive you” if in the end, Myung-wol chooses Kang-woo over helping out with the book mission since she betrayed her love and stole Kang-woo’s book to save Ryu’s life.

          emotionally, I personally love the ending scene of ep.13 most since there’s so much anguished, hurt, feeling betrayal from Kang-woo and the guilt on Myung-wol’s face. My heart aches for him. Eric did very good job there.

          I really hope this will be the bottom pitch of the darkness. I’m not shy from controversial scenes and angst but it doesn’t quite suit the cute & funny vibe this drama started out with. Oh well, should I be surprised, it’s K-dramas we’re watching here

  3. betchay

    YipEE… thanks

  4. Celexa

    Must Not Read!! I have to watch this episode first… my broken heart can’t take the pain just suffered!

  5. FathuPixy

    unnie.. thank you!

  6. lollypowee

    I can’t stand Kang Woo having his heart broken TT.

    Thanks for the recaps.. i hope everything will go back to the happy funny things.

    BTW, Eric is really good. Agree? I love him a lot! keke~

    • 6.1 eh

      I can’t stand Ryu getting HIS heart broken. And if you notice, unlike Kang woo, Ryu doesn’t get rape-y when *he’s* heartbroken.

      Seriously, KW is pretty much the WORST lead I’ve seen in a long time.

      I mean, really? Is this kind of behavior generally acceptable? Is this the Twilight effect or something?

      • 6.1.1 Opal

        I absolutely agreee. I may be a minory of being an anti KW (sorry for those who love him), he is an abuser and yaakkss.

        The most hatred lead male I have ever felt…, poor Eric why he gets a character like this?.

      • 6.1.2 panda_cakes

        Y’all obviously didn’t see Que Sera Sera…now THAT was one twisted leading character. Oh and Eric was the male lead in that one too, hehehe. Of course, that was a very twisted drama, from the get-go. But still…

        Anyway, I’m just hoping we get off this dark path soon. Because, it’s just doesn’t suit this drama.

        • Josina

          I’m not even bothering to watch this mess any more, but that’s what I thought when reading the recap, Panda_cakes – Eric’s role in Que Sera Sera: equally twisted etc.

          I guess it’s familiar territory for him.

        • eh


          If I’d known the show would devolve into RAPE, I’d have stayed away. I seriously can’t believe people are sympathizing with and empathizing with and CONDONING Kang woo’s actions.

          This kind of attitude is what greatly contributes to the current rape culture and it’s disconcerting to see HOW MANY women are on the man’s side.

          (There is literally some lady on tumblr talking about Eric being the “most drool-worthy RAPIST” in kdramaland and how she wants to be raped by him “also”. You guys, seriously. Look at your life; look at your choices.)

          • atashiwaame

            Thank you for this post! You should read Natasha Walters “Living Dolls – The Return of Sexism”! Many women are afraid to be seen as “unsexy feminists” if they oppose certain visions of women in the media, which is really sad if you think about what our mothers and grandmothers fought for in the 60s and 70s… I find this drama to be a crazy mess right now and I have actually no idea how they will find a good ending for this… 🙁

          • les

            my Mother taught me to be true to myself…go down the path that allows me to find out who that is: mistakes are essential. She learned this from her mother and one day I will teach my daughters…

            I would dishonor her if allowed my society/peers/religion to define me as a woman. life is AWEsome and at the end it’s just you and god (whatever your version of him is, or NOT) so whatever feminism.

        • tweetiepie

          LOL that is exactly what I was thinking is Eric getting type-cast? Maybe its cause he is so dam good at portraying these deep dark characters that he gets these parts. On the ‘rape’ well I get the anger cause it looks the the drama is condoning the act and this may influence people who watch it, but I don’t get the vitriol over it as it portrays what happens in adults real lives. We don’t have to like or condone it, but its life.

      • 6.1.3 AigooAddict


  7. jekjek

    OMG! thank you for the recap… i could not control myself.. i watched this episode with “watchable” subtitles… and because of that, im kinda didnt understand the actual conversation in the end.. but i knew how angry KW was.. thank you..

  8. Well-wisher

    Don’t worry, girlfriday. I myself let out a string of gasp-inducing profanity throughout the episode. The thing is, in our country (the Philippines), the if-you-love-me-then-prove-it-to-me-by-giving-me-your-body has been the subject of so many scenarios in movies and dramas here. Naive and impulsive woman-baby that she is, she instantly gave in. So yeah, it’s still a WTF moment for us girls who know better. Tsk.

    • 8.1 kUE

      preach it girl…

    • 8.2 panda_cakes

      In Latin America too! You see it in novelas/dramas all the time! But attitudes have started to change…

      I’m glad to see there’s a lot of smart ladies out there who see the “proof of love” for what it really is…a load of BS

    • 8.3 Chocobo

      UGH! I’m disgusted. My Name is Kim Samsoon, which in general I like, lost me a bit when Hyun Bin’s character slaps his ex-girlfriend. This is thousands of times worse!

      I could understand if this was a plot point in a dark melodrama, which tend to portray real emotional and physical consequences, but this was supposed to be a wacky comedy! What are they thinking? Romantic comedy heroes don’t do these things — it isn’t compelling, it’s just gross and creepy, and now I don’t like the character.

      NOT COOL, SHOW. I’m just going to squeeze my eyes shut for the rest of this show and wait for the next series. One of the benefits of one-season series, I guess.

    • 8.4 msim

      Yep, one of the oldest trick, and saddest trick.

      If MW had sex because she was all hot and bothered: I would shout “hoorray!” but really that moment encapsulate everything that is wrong with this show.
      Show has turned from wacky crazy fun to aggressive macho downer.
      It’s like a really bad date gone wrong.
      So many possibilities, so many errors.

      Ryu, I’m counting on you.

  9. RachelontheRamble

    GF, your comments at the end were totally spot on! the last line totally wins the prize for best response to a show on db ever!!!

    • 9.1 am

      Last line could’ve been the only comment and I would still applaud with a standing ovation.

  10. 10 estel

    ~insert knife into heart~

    This is as twisted as Que Sera Sera was, only this is way worse because it’s supposed to be a wacky romcom, not melo like QSS was. I hope whatever Eric does next is better written.

    • 10.1 panda_cakes

      I just hope whatever Eric does next…his character doesn’t turn creepy and dark again. I mean he’s great at it…but I hate having to hate his characters, or get incredibly frustrated with them…

  11. 11 Aliiiiiiiiiiice

    Why does Kang Woo’s maniacal sex scene remind me of THAT SCENE w/ the same actor (Eric) in Que Sera Sera?

    Oh, WE all know what scene I’m talking about: http://www.dramabeans.com/2007/04/que-sera-sera-the-big-scene/

    I find it bizarre and uncanny and stranger still.

    And if you bring the meta into all of this, trusting Han Ye Sul/Myung Wol to stay loyal to the production/set-up, it’s kinda frakked up.

    I mean, she literally apologized on her hands and knees once she got back to the set: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/08/eric-and-han-ye-seul-reconcile-during-lunch-break-after-spy-myung-wol-filming

    …must she also have her character sexually debased/humiliated in order to prove her love/loyalty to Kangwoo/SMW?

    Am I the only one who sees this as kinda messed up?

    • 11.1 ..t

      you’re reading into it too much *facepalm*
      and kneeling isnt as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be
      and it wasnt Hands and knees
      it was knees.
      I dont think the crew would have taken her back otherwise from the tone of their statements

      Also, considering Kang Woo is going through the betrayal stage i expected angst (i didnt want what i got/didnt expect the que sera sera-ness )its too much to link it to the off screen drama
      i think the crew would want to minimize any rumors not and not add fuel to the fire.

    • 11.2 mormonoid

      you’re just taking it bigtime. have you heard of the word ‘coincidence’? if you haven’t, have you been living under the rock? it may be true that there are similiraties in some situations but that doesn’t mean anything, i believe. now if it happens five times or more, i’ll doubt it already. so keep it cool. don’t think too much baby. focus on how beautiful this drama is and don’t drag any other situations in. coz it’s out of topic. got it?

    • 11.3 bunnyferfer

      and yes. i believe yu’re the only one who sees it’s kinda messed up. coz if there’s any other people who think like you do. thei’r might be messed up like yours too. haha.

    • 11.4 asianromance

      you may be reading too much into this… In korea, willingly going on your hands and knees to apologize isn’t so much a form of debasement as it is an expression of deep, sincere apology I don’t think her character was sexually debased/humiliated since she did end up a willing participant (unless you’re the type to believe that people who have sex before marriage is are debased, etc.). I don’t think that sex scene was done on purpose to humiliate HYS- it’s just part of the narrative- and a poorly written one at that.

    • 11.5 ionizable

      i don’t think that the sex scene was intentionally written to degrade han yeseul, but i am getting uncomfortable vibes from eric. it’s probably just a personal thing, but he’s so good at playing the quietly violent bastard that it gives me the creeps, especially since this is a character type he’s played in the past before with the same creepy intensity.

      i’m not usually impressed by kdrama lead males anymore, but kangwoo is bottoming out my list right now. i sincerely hope romcom male leads improve from here on out, because i’ll probably need to swear off them for good otherwise.

      • 11.5.1 limewireless

        It only goes to show that Eric is a good actor he can portray any role even if it’s as a bastard or whatever. He may not have that superdrama actor caliber like others but he’s going there. The fact that he was able to convice us that he can be as a$sh0le in his role meanas that he can act well. I don’t think it has something to do with his character as a person so please don’t think too much. Just think of him as KW now in his drama. His real life is totally different.

        • caramelfrappe

          rofl.. eric fan over here. but i do agree. it’s getting better. his acting skills are really fascinating. i watched some of his dramas in the past and i think the only role similar was this one and the one in Queserasera. But other than that, i thought his roles were adorable. like the one in Super Rookie. He was very funny. Not a scene with violence against women.

      • 11.5.2 ..t

        you should acquiant yourself with Eric’s 4D quirky weirdo adorableness
        Eric, TOP,Jaejoong should start the 4D club.

      • 11.5.3 xexeny

        That’s just Eric playing the role well.I’ve been following Eric’s career for about 8 yrs now,his real-life persona is so far away from those characters.Which probably contributes a lot to his ability to bringing to life those kind of characters,because it is PURELY acting and throwing yourself into being somebody else that you’re just completely not.

        KW the character is really something,but I hope you won’t let those sentiments you have for the character mars Eric in your eyes.Well,watching Super Rookie can be a good de-sensitizing therapy lol.You’d be surprised at what a likeable,adorkable dude he was in that one.

        • Aliiiiiiiiiiice

          Wow, all y’all above are a trip!

          Let’s not mistake fan-love for idiocy. (It happens to the best of us — myself included!)

          I think anyone following the show can agree that this most recent episode has taken a DRASTIC tonal shift. Also, that it’s bizarre and uncanny (if we were to lightly delve into synchromysticism) that the same actor (Eric) is used in a different show to perform a rare act, indeed, in the world of network Korean dramas — be the leading man who physically overpowers a woman in bed because his character is having a rough time of dealing w/ “unrequitedness” and to have the gal respond to the situation by requiting his feelings.

          When, in any situation, is it not messed up when a man tells a woman, “Hey, if you really love me, you’re gonna have to have sex with me to prove it.”?

          And when I’m referring to fan idiocy I mean to mix up the character and the actor and the script writers together in terms of responsibility all the time. More often than not, people say, “You’re looking too much into it” as a defense mechanism against having to look at someone they like/love/idolize in a potentially bad light.

          This is not about blaming the “Show” or the actor (isn’t it JUST bizarre???) — it’s about adding an opinion of critique to the mix.

          I love BSG as much as the next chick, but I still think the whole Starbuck-Destiny plot line was stupid and pointless and a waste of the viewers time. Did that stop me from going to a Bear McCreary concert? Absolutely not.

          What we know is that there were reports that Han Ye Sul felt ostracized and singled out by the production — the episode in which she went AWOL allows for the viewers to see why she got that funny little idea in her head. And this episode is no better.

          The ethics behind the scene was messed up. Am I demanding for a protest? No. It was stupid and frakked up. Also, knowing that the leading actress felt ostracized on the set w/ the PD and script material, it IS interesting — is it not? — that in the episode that takes a drastic tonal shift that her character is debased and then asked to smile about it the morning after.

          Is the entire episode geared towards punishing Han Ye Sul? Probably not. Korean productions are so incredibly messy, sloppy, harried (I should know! Koreans are really bad!!) and pushy that it was probably a mess and mix of multiple things: ratings, sudden turns in plot lines to respond to public sentiment/higher ups, tight schedule and, yes, unconscious or not — to send out a message.

          Anyway, at the end of the day, if I see something that my gut tells me is messed up, I’d rather be accused of looking too much into it than to not have looked into it at all.

          • Cynthia

            Aliiiiice@ – Excellent, level-headed post to a challenging topic.

          • msim

            Aliiiice, I think your opinion is sound. Your theory is one of many possibilities. I don’t know what is going on with the production team of this series but something is amiss.

            I did feel some post of the Members of the Congregation of Eric were a bit eery. We do not know the real personalities of these actors and actresses – all we do is project what we want to see.
            What I know is: I don’t care for despicable fictional jerks intimidating women on my tv screen.

    • 11.6 Amg1

      @Aliiiiiiiiiiice!!!! Girl I am a Guy and I do see things the same way you do!!!!! I think the rape scene was beyond fucked up, Why go that way? Seriously? There was no need to go that route even just for shock value, or to increase ratings, I do hope that is just all coincidental, other wise the writer and PD totally screw this one up royally!!!!!!

      • 11.6.1 Aliiiiiiiiiiice

        @Amg1 — good to hear that SOMEONE doesn’t think I’m paranoid! Really, sometimes it’s hard to separate the shadow side of fan-love from a valid comment. 🙂

        And you know what? It shouldn’t matter if you’re a guy or not, but it actually gives me some hope to hear that you are and that you thought this was messed up. I’ve had friends and have been in similar situations (so perhaps I am projecting) and just remember just feeling so resentful and angry towards the guys who just didn’t think they did anything wrong, alcohol or not. Also, feeling a little debased or ashamed to have invited a messed up situation to happen.

        It really isn’t a fair or right situation when someone has power over you, knows it, and uses it to either humiliate you or get what they so desperately want and can’t get when they’re on even and equal playing fields.

    • 11.7 momosa

      I stopped watching QSS after the Big Scene (I was stunned, to be exact, to have watched such realistic violent scene, then aghast that it was forgiven…like within 10mins!).

      It’s not logical that he agreed to a similar scene again, I don’t suppose he doesn’t know the kind of reactions the Big Scene has produced.

      So you are not the only one who thought of the mess!

  12. 12 Isabelle

    I really like Ryu, please do not hurt him. please pretty please.

    Also, i do not know what happened btwn KW and MW, but it seems like there is a hurry in the plot line and it seems to have leaped a little faster than before episodes. chuaaa.

    The other thing i like is, the action has slightly improved as the spectrum of emotions seem to be little wider for all the characters.

    Still feel both the north korean spies should end up together.

  13. 13 Michelle

    Wow! this is my first time commenting on your recaps. I completely bow down to you for what you do out of your own time, out of your own love of kdrama and nothing else, to help us other poor saps who do not understand the language.
    I love how you ended this recap with “go stand in the corner til Monday.”
    As you said, both knew it was wrong to sleep with each other under those circumstances. But I think the PDs didn’t want it to be dark (notice the music in the background) or wanted to cause anger. I think they wanted us to understand the extent of desperation and anxiety of a man who loves so much that he’s completely terrified of losing her, and another who is torn between her duty to her country and her faith towards her love. I see that scene with a lot of love and sadness.
    As for the morning after. She’s offered all of herself to him, and he’s apologised (which she heard), perhaps that’s why they’re happy.

    • 13.1 sobohomom

      MW may be motivated by love of country, but I think that the greater incentive is her fear of the ramifications of not following orders. She and her comrades have been threatened with execution and the destruction of their families in NK if she’s fails in her mission.

  14. 14 rendezvous

    The whole time I was like, “Why is Tae-joo comin’ out of Kang-woo?” First that pin-MW-to-the-wall scene and then that sex scene. Wow.

    • 14.1 D

      yup, total dejavu.. espcially since i dearly love QSS

    • 14.2 yuu

      O_O I was totally thinking the same thing!

  15. 15 yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    Now along with Yeon-Jae impending demise on SOAW

    I can worry about Kang Woo and Myung-wol blowing each other’s brains out, or both Kang Woo and Myung-wol blowing Myung-wol’s brain out.

    The feel of episode 12 (and from your recap 13) seems very different than before and I can’t help thinking that the backstage contretemps might have contributed to that.

    I feel bad for the actor playing Ryu. After the report of his interview that went poorly, I noticed that he seems to be acting alone, literally. There are so many scene then he is by himself accompanied by a voice over–I don’t know why but I feel bad for the actor specifically, not the character per se.

    • 15.1 millaredwitch

      Lee Dong Wook does seems like he’s acting all alone… its a pity that his character is so twisted that i can’t seem to see a happy ending for him… unless you counted ended up with the witchy In-Ah is a blessed that is~~~

      LDW in real life is such a quirk… love his 4th dimensional character which is so obvious when he came to Family Outing back in 2008… ahh~~~ please dramagods, shed some mercy for his character….please~~~~

      • 15.1.1 xexeny

        you’re talking about Lee JIN Wook right?Choi Ryu?I think you just didn’t realize you were using a wrong name..perhaps because of SOAW? 🙂

    • 15.2 Celexa

      Yumi… which interview? do you have a link to the interview? what went wrong?

  16. 16 d

    yay!! thanks for the recap. it helps me to understand the harder korean parts. but yeah, DARK STUFF. eric really portrayed the dark-side, i’m an asshole only because i’m so heartbroken, thing well.

  17. 17 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, GF.

    As of this episode, I am firmly convinced that this script is suffering from Bi-Polar Disease – either that, or the writing staff has been on one, long binge since HYS flew the coop for lala land.

    I’m all for inventive story lines – as long as they make some kind of sense for the evolution of the characters and push the plot forward.

    At this point. Eric’s character needs a big horse pill of mood relaxer. Maybe it’d help his mood swings and keep his libido in check.
    Too bad there isn’t a pill to give him a moral compass.

  18. 18 snow

    i must be the only one, but i’m liking kang-woo’s self-destructiveness. he’s so eaten up with jealousy and doubt that it drives him crazy, and i kinda like that the drama went to the dark side like that.

    i hope myung-wol finally puts up a good fight, for herself. she’s been letting kang-woo and now ryu push her around. girl needs to stand up for herself, her love and her country.

  19. 19 Yer Vang

    Thanks for the recap.

  20. 20 nixxochick

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    It’s such an angst ARGHHHHHHHHHH ep

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    Poor Myungwol. I feel so sad for her. The drama got so twisted that she has to sacrifice herself to save the situation. Both men are now pissed off with her and she has to deal with it on her own. Hope her parents will comfort her and provide encouragement to ease her misery. I don’t know what is wrong with these 2 men. Their jealousy and rage are making them to think with their hearts rather than their brains.

    Good acting by all main actors in this episode.

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    I can’t believe I’m still following the same Myung Wol the Spy series I watched a few weeks ago. WTF is going on here?! Stop borrowing things from Que Sera Sera and then effing it all up!

    I had trouble really liking Kang Woo throughout the series and only liked him during his big public confession- but now this has sent him entirely into unlikable territory. I know he is hurt, but even hurt people can still act like human beings. He an awful mix of creepy and crazy now! I can see him ending like Jo In Sung’s character in the ending of What happened in Bali. I’m even starting to like In-ah more than him.

    And I hate it when people try to use sex to prove love (if you love and trust me, have sex with me and the other , i had great sex with you, I must really love and trust you). So upset! And I agree with your cursing!

    Need to watch Eric in Super Rookie to cleanse myself.

    • 25.1 eh


      You know there’s a problem when one likes *IN AH* more than Kang woo in any given episode.

    • 25.2 caramelfrappe

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    • 25.3 Alvina

      Lol. Honestly, the sex thing is pretty serious but I think it’s getting a tad overblown in this case.

      Was he being an ass, YES! Absolutely. No gentleman would EVER go to those lengths to prove ANYTHING.
      I’m not a fan of that scene at all.

      But, if anything, I feel pity for this character. Perhaps that wasnt the purpose of the scene, but that’s what I felt.

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      And to think I loved this drama so much in the beginning. *sigh*

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    And I agree, I didn’t expect it to turn this dark..but somehow, I like it.

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    I can’t look at KW like he’s just another crazy jealous male lead in a K-drama because he’s not,he has like all these reasons that actually makes it possible to be THAT crazy!I know I would’ve probably acted crazier.It’s like walking out on a tightrope,wearing a blindfold over your eyes WITH your hands tight together behind your back!He loves her, and he wants to think that he believes she loves him too but he doesn’t even have solid ground to stand on as he kept getting burned over and over again!And in his own sick tormented ways,the way he KEPT giving her openings to say something again and again,I was like screaming at MW to take it.Because I know disaster was impending the more she didn’t say anything.

    I was so mad at the writers for having MW being so completely oblivious to everything,like seriously?Oh MW,what’s with the denseness?And when KW was brokenly asking MW whether she loves him,I knew that was it.To have KW reduced to this pathetic,self-questioning,foolish man who’s like only a shadow of his real self,being so vulnerable and COMPLETELY void of any pride left to ask the question ,I knew the last straw was going to be just around the corner.

    • 31.1 trixicopper

      You said many of the things that I was thinking. Only a whole lot better. 🙂

    • 31.2 SED606

      I totally agree!

      KW isn’t some would-be rapist, rather he is desperately trying to fool himself and ignore all the obvious (and humiliating) lies he’s been told by MW. I don’t see him trying to coerce MW into sex, but instead he is basically begging MW to convince him she loves him when deep down he knows she’s lying to him. First he asks with words (do you love me?) but she’s not exactly forthcoming or convincing. Secondly, he asks with actions, demanding to know why she loves him and questioning why she doesn’t want physical intimacy if she truly loves him. It’s not the healthiest approach to working out trust issues, but KW is well past the point of being able to make reasonable decisions.

      MW on the other hand is certainly confused and conflicted, but she’s not crazy like KW. It’s MW that consents to have sex knowing that that her whole relationship with him is a house of cards. They are both actively participating in trying to delude themselves and eachother by sleeping together. It happens all the time in real life, and it never ends well.

      It also makes perfect sense to me that both of them would wake up happy and ready to act like nothing bad happened. It’s actually pretty easy to convince yourself that everything is happy shiny rainbows if you want it bad enough and both parties are willing to participate in the lie.

      • 31.2.1 stee

        I had the same thoughts.

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    • 32.1 laya

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  33. 33 myweithisway

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    I hate KW right now but MW pisses me off just as much, you’re a North Korean trained agent who can kickass but you let yourself fall into a situation like that?

  34. 34 starfield

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    I spent the episode feeling simultaneously bad and annoyed at almost everyone except for Dae-kang, who along with In-Ah was the only one that provided comedy =P Seriously couldn’t stand Ryu, who has made zero progress in terms of dealing with his feelings for MW constructively. Either confess or accept the fact that she’s in love with someone else already, ARGH. And MW, gosh woman! Has she spent even just a minute on pondering how exactly is she going to lure KW to the North? I mean, sooner or later she’ll have to tell him a version of truth, or half-truth-half-lie, or a complete lie… whatever! I legit can’t believe that she (more like, the writer) hasn’t given this any thought, resulting in her being completely vulnerable when her cover was being blown ^^;;;

    The book/spy plots have so far underwhelmed me. Hmmm, did they completely rewrite this arc for some reason? When the NIS folks were still around, I had thought the spy part of the story would be totally awesome…? Anyway.

    Loved Eric’s acting in ep. 12 and 13 though. Loved it in prior episodes too but he really nailed the heartbroken scenes. I was surprised that after the drama-outside-drama, Eric and Ye Seul still have such awesome onscreen chemistry. I sincerely, SINCERELY hope though, that ep. 13 is the absolute rock bottom and we don’t fall some more in ep. 14, otherwise I’m gonna snap and start shipping Dae-kang/Myung-wol… Hey! Actually, they *are* really cute together. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmm.

    • 34.1 xexeny

      I KNOW!I am so impressed by the level of chemistry they STILL have,I guess if the chemistry’s there then it’s just there,regardless.If you noticed during the first half of the drama they totally had the comedic chemistry going on really well too,and now that we’re in the melodramatic-angsty half of the drama I am just as amazed at how wonderful their chemistry is for the dark tones of the drama.It’s like Eric and HYS have chemistry for both genres: rom-com or melodramas,which is very unique.Good casting.

      I have a feeling this ep is THE rock bottom.For the next episodes I’m anticipating the re-appearance of NSA and N.Korea HQ,plus a lot of action scenes from both KW and all the spies.AND I’m thinking that DaeKang and InAh are totally going to be the comic reliefs for the drama.

      • 34.1.1 kUE

        OMO you remember them too lol I was like does anyone else remember the NSA … cause I haven’t seen them in a while. I thought they probably just drop that story arch because there was too much going on in one drama.

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    I miss the wackiness of this drama. :'(

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    Love the “stand in the corner” comment….put the silly Show into time out for a week and hope it learns to behave.

    • 36.1 kUE

      I know….

    • 36.2 Shel

      OH….and this is a minor thing, considering this episode. But what’s up with the short shorts and ankle boots that she wears ALL the time? Makes her legs look like bird legs…totally not flattering. I thought she looked cute in the barbed wire dress….although barbed wire is a little weird…maybe a not-so-subtle hint that she’s from the north?? They should put her dresses more, or at least cute shorts instead of ugly cutoffs and baggy tshirts.

  37. 37 Maddy

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  38. 38 Negar

    I’ve really enjoyed this episode; Eric plays twisted characters masterfully. However I truly miss General Kim and the Pyongyang assembly!

    • 38.1 Jomo

      General Kim (Kim Ha Kyoon IRL) is busy on Protect the Boss being Ji Heon’s father’s hilarious secretary.

  39. 39 EVIAN42

    Yay! while im watching the episode 13. I hope the last episode will become a good ending! hahahah

  40. 40 Nars

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    • 40.1 Aime

      not ‘always’ really. I guess you haven’t watched Super Rookie, Korea Secret Agent? Eric plays super adorable good guy rolls there, specially Super Rookie. Fire Bird is also a good drama too

  41. 41 sarang

    So much angst in this episode! Got frustrated just reading the recap. Kang Woo is such an ASS like major ASSHOLE but at the same time I feel sorry for him because it’s all due to a misunderstanding. I wonder where the next couple of episodes will go, hopefully misunderstandings will be cleared and we get more lovey dovey Woo-Wol.

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    It was painful reading the spoilers yesterday and even more painful to read the recap.I can’t take this and Scent ep 10 all in days.I need some Protect The Boss to take away the blues.

  43. 43 Kazama

    I really can’t understand this, making love w/o love, it’s only having sex,…..

    Is northern Korean spy really this dumb?
    Can’t they make up more reasonable act….I’m dumb as they r to watch it >_<


    mixed of feeling. i’m really mad with the whole main character in this episode except for In Ah. i’m glad she’s being funny in this episode.
    but, wth with the other main character? Ryu just annoyed me with his secret feelings for MW, MW just pissed me off. She’s really clueless! and Kangwoo, wth is that? no need for that to prove your love. he’s totally drunk and his jelousy just make it worst. but, in the end i’m feeling hurt for him too. He sacrifice the whole thing he got to be MW, but in the end what he got only betrayal *sigh* too much angst to handle.
    you’re right gf.show,go stand at the corner until monday!

    i need my Eric 4Dness+shinhwa pills right now.

  45. 45 kUE

    Omo…!! SHIT JUST GOT SUPER REAL! I totally agree with you girlfriday that sex does not equal love..omg! What kind of ASSHOLE would have the balls to make such a statement like this “If you love me than have sex with me to prove it..WTF!” i can’t believe that scene was even necessary but I sort of get why they would put that scene there. Fear, Jealousy, and betrayal by someone you love—hurts like a bitch. Seriously lets be honestly with ourselves, there is a little crazy Kang-woo in all of us. But that doesn’t justify the drunken hate sex or whatever that scene was. omg..After reading this I am not sure I even have the heart to watch this episode—-Time for comic relief PLEASE!!This reminds me of how Hamlet drove Ophelia literally crazy–yet he claimed to loved her so much. Guys are stupid. Yet, here I am feeling so sad for this jerk–oh how you Kdrama tease my moral compass!

  46. 46 Noelle

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  47. 47 prd2bflpno95

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  48. 48 anna

    They remind me of teenagers, if you love me then you would have sexy time with me.. or else I’m breaking up with you. And she’s stupid enough to fall for it. Although in this situation, KW does love her and isn’t just using those words to get her to have sex with him, the way he does it is still pretty douchey.

    It’s perfectly normal for two people who love each other to have sex, but to use love as an excuse to force the other to have sex with you is so wrong.

  49. 49 Ani

    *scratches head* Not going to lie. That was messed up shit right there Kang-woo. What the hell?! And Myung-wol!!! You didn’t have to do it. Really, you didn’t. I have officially jumped ship to Ryu’s side. I’m no longer struggling between the two. RYu was winning before, but this just pushed me to go all the way. X/

  50. 50 Opal

    Go stand in the corner until Monday…..huahahha GF I love that !!!. The writers deserves a big spank for it.

    I stop watching this drama after KW slapped MW and not even apologized… but following the recap only to learn about Ryu. I have erased KW the abuser from the list.

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